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Hi , could you do Sebastian and Claud reacting to a very cuddly s/o? Like, their s/o likes to almost always be touching in some way. Love you and your blog dear.😊

Aww thank you so much im being a crappy Admin atm but thats because im tired and dont want to get admins helping ~Admin B


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- He thinks its pretty cute but he isnt too bothered he understands sometimes that it may be a detachment thing but he may get slightly annoyed if your stopping him from working for it.


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- He kind of acts like its normal just like he does with anything Alois does i mean if he decided to be in a relationship with you i was for a reason so putting up with the rest of whatever you have to offer is just what he does.

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what are ur headcanons for things ryouta, anghel, and sakuya would like to do with their s/o? like when they hang out/go on a date? (im not sure if u have a character limit?) (also i mean the human... versions? lol) ur blog seems so great so far! <3

Hey! This was a fun request to write, thanks for asking it. For the character limit (by which I assume you mean the amount of characters I’ll write for at a time) I don’t have one! Feel free to ask for as many characters as you want. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog! (I hope this is the kind of thing you wanted by the way) -Admin Tohri



 -To be honest, he’s pretty easy-going

-He’ll go wherever you want to really

-But if you absolutely insist that he picks he’ll choose something nice and quiet like the park

-You normally end up buying ice-cream

-If he’s not being as awkward, you sometimes share it

-He does a lot of blushing at first

-But he gets more and more confident

-Ryouta is the type of person to give you lots of cheek and forehead kisses

-He also loves hand-holding


 -Dates with Anghel are more sudden and random and they might not always be technically classed as dates

-They normally happen because of him dragging you out on another crazy adventure

-If you ask him out it normally ends in him going pink, saying some nonsense and jumping out of the nearest window

-So you’ve resigned yourself to these spontaneous outings

-They’re fun though

-There’s normally a lot of running

-And Anghel’s mostly incoherent yelling

-Your favourite ‘date’ was when he walked you back to your house, face slightly red

-He mumbled something about evil demons and held your hand

-When he went to leave you quickly kissed him on the cheek and he froze, face bright red

-Then he ran that awkward baby


 -He’s more likely to choose where you go

-You normally end up going to museums or art exhibitions or the like

-More cultured places

-But sometimes you’ll go to the music room at school or something and he’ll play piano for you

-Sometimes he’ll teach you different songs on different instruments

-And sometimes, if he doesn’t know how to play an instrument that you do, you get to teach him

-He’s actually fairly affectionate, once he stops being aggressively tsundere

-He’ll do really cute things, like kissing your hands (and sometimes fingertips)

-And giving you flowers

Reaction: Catching them watching porn


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i swear it wasn’t porn– i mean i didn’t even– i mean–”

Hanbin would totally loose his cool and just toss his laptop to the side, making lame excuse about the whole matter. He’d be way too embarrassed to actually admit what he was doing. Just from the look of his face, it’d be completely obvious that he watched porn and he’d know that as well so after stuttering for a while he’d just shut up and look at you with his red cheeks.


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it’s nothing bad– i mean every guy does that so please don’t be mad” *plays cute*

Jinhwan would also be embarrassed but tell you the truth and be honest about it. It’s not a secret that it’s pretty normal that quite a lot of people watch porn so he’d just brush it off with a sheepish smile and hope that you understand (of course with a little bit of cuteness). If you don’t like it, he’d of course apologize and not do it again (in front of you at least).


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babe i swear i was thinking of us while watching this”

Bobby would think it’s funny and even ask you if you wanna join him watching. He’d also be embarrassed but it wouldn’t be such a big deal in the end and he’d just laugh it off. He rather makes fun or makes a big joke out of it all so it wouldn’t seem like he did something really bad (which he really didn’t)


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what is this?? omg i don’t even know how this came up”

Junhoe would play the i-am-pretending-to-not-know-anything part. He’d be wayyyyyy to embarrassed to even admit that he watched it intentionally and pretend that he doesn’t know anything till the end, even if you tell him you know, he’d keep saying he has no idea and lock himself in the bathroom afterwards so you can just forget this whole matter.

- moyo

when you be sw trash lately
  • friend: my gosh, why are you drawing so much Star Wars stuff?
  • My thoughts : cuz I must placate the almighty force God! And these peeps just to perfect not to draw I mean c'mon.... Daisy Ridley is my life now! Ughhhhh Han why?!??
  • why emo son? Why!?!? Storm pilot is just too cute to be real. John boyega is me. I am John boyega. We are one...*contiuous ramblings about Matt the radar technician and how he is pretty much my aesthetic*
  • actually said: cuz I can't wait for episode VIII.

Text post got me thinking. Now, I want a world, or whatever, where the female “bikini armor” really is as strong as normal. Protects with magic or something, I don’t much care. And pretty much every woman wears them. I mean, same protection, but loads less weight? Sign me up! And then over the bikini armor, you wear whatever you want. Cute sundress? Fully protected. Tee and jeans? Fully protected. Leather armor? Double protected? Idk. 

Just a verse full of ladies in bikinis with normal clothes on top, so you never know who is a secret badass. It’d be great.