and by unexpected i mean completely expected

Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Fifteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

Odin stared at the bed in front of him and the small being that inhabited it. He had gone to the mines, he had seen the terribly under cared for of the realm, but he had seen nothing like the creature in front of him. He went to Alfheim when it was revealed there was a terrible famine on the outskirts of the land, an island whose only method to the mainland was by sea travel, but a winter of storms meant none could travel, by the end of it, most everyone had perished from lack of food. The King of Alfheim had called on him to go with him to the island, the starved were deceased with more flesh than the small woman in front of him, somehow clasping to life in the bed. “Her family have all perished?”

“Immediate only, her aunt and uncle are the reason she is as she is now apparently,” Frigga answered from beside him, looking at the girl also.

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anonymous asked:

so you're analytical and very good when it comes to talking about jerza, what do you think erza means when she says it's complicated? I can understand they can't just act like they were when they were children all of a sudden, but for years many people in the fqndom discussed how afree jellal was redeemed he would be by her side. Now that he's free, now that she can see him whenever she wants, 2 people who have been in love for nearly 20 years, I expected them to marry pretty quickly?

Thank you! 

I believe it has more to do with Jellal. Taking this into an analytical route, I don’t think it’s completely unexpected considering that Jellal just went through the biggest change of his life, going from being a fugitive for years to finally being pardoned.

It makes sense for him to need more time than the others to adjust. Jellal’s concept of living has really changed over the years, and it was never perfected. Everything that happened during his first seven years living life as a fugitive with Ultear and Meredy is still unknown, but after seeing him reunite with Erza on the beach, we at least know how Jellal had felt about Crime Sorciere and how depressed and confused he had been the whole time. That’s seven years wanting to believe he was doing the right thing while struggling with the idea of his own existence. The three of them set the goal to work towards being redeemed, but to Jellal it wasn’t so much of a reason to live yet. Before Erza slapped the shit out of him and gave him something to wholeheartedly continue his journey for (translation: her), that goal of theirs was more empty and felt more like an excuse to him than a proper reason. Jellal never quite thought he would ever get to the point of being redeemed, not even when this last arc concluded. But what matters from that encounter is that she gave him an incentive to start hoping, even if it still felt far-fetched, that he would.

And in the final chapter, he did get pardoned. 

And not one of them expected it. It’s unreal. Consider how Jellal’s certainty of his own role changes over time. These changes occur in multiple places, a significant point being his introduction into the war against Zeref and Acnologia, but his development then still did not seem quite whole. Choosing to fight from a different place isn’t the same as accepting oneself, which was what he needed to do for the full development of his character. In the war, Jellal’s focus wasn’t so much getting his sins redeemed or earning forgiveness either - it was defeating Zeref and protecting Erza. If I had to make any judgement, getting redeemed was the least of his priorities, despite it being one of CS’s core principles. As seen in the fight against Neinhart, Neinhart still managed to faze Jellal for a brief moment by taunting something along the lines of “are you sure you want to kill Simon again?”, despite already knowing that the Simon they were seeing was merely an illusion, indicating his existing hesitations. Throughout the arc, Mashima also makes the point of emphasizing how much of a motivation Erza is to Jellal, which again feeds into the idea that Erza is Jellal’s main reason for even trying. So, there’s no bullshit regarding how much he loves her. He does, and all we needed was a big enough battle for him to accept himself so he could stop holding back.

But that’s the thing. We never got to see him accept himself. 

There’s a lot for him to consider. By expecting him to finally act on his feelings once the arc ended, we anticipated a fight big enough to alter his mindset enough to do so first. Unfortunately, Jellal never received such a fight in the last arc. His fights merely reinforced his ideals and left room for his character to grow, so it appears that day of full acceptance will come at a much slower crawl instead and we won’t be there to see it. Accepting oneself requires more than just accepting what’s in front of you. Jellal’s final line in the series is “live…” and he has an expression as if he still doesn’t know what that really means yet. By being granted freedom, Jellal has a new opportunity to go and figure it out. He had a proper reason to start truly hoping that the future would one day accept him and his guild back into society, but he probably never thought about what would actually happen if he had enough good graces to ever reach that point of getting forgiven, no less by the Queen of Fiore herself. 

Personally, I always thought that Jellal would need time to adjust and get to know Erza better before officially becoming her lover. There’s years worth of emotional and mental pain built up inside of him, and I’m not surprised that Hisui’s words would take longer for him to absorb than anybody else. That being said, I didn’t expect for a year to pass and them to not be in a relationship yet. I didn’t expect the 100 year quest. It sucks because I really wanted them to have just one panel together, and they didn’t even need to be married. But I’ll be positive here and tell everyone that there’s no reason to believe that they won’t be together. 

Because Erza loves Jellal and he loves her. Those factors of time and distance have always been very important to their relationship. As a fandom, we all expected Jellal to accept himself right after the war, but that just didn’t happen in front of us. Erza understands Jellal and is giving him the time that he needs to settle down and really find his way back into society. He doesn’t seem ready. We don’t know where he is, but just because they weren’t at that party together doesn’t mean they’re not communicating. And although Team Natsu is taking a 100 year quest, it doesn’t mean they won’t ever see each other again. They’re just not together… YET. 

As frustrated as I am…I’d like to take the time and appreciate that panel of Erza brushing her hair and it being implied that she was brushing her hair for him. Our girl’s just patiently waiting for him.  

That’s a sign of hope. “It’s complicated”, but it’s really not. 

being taegi

Am I the only person who thinks that Suga is 99,9999% when Tae shows him affection completely overwhelmed with the situation and seems like totally done, because how can someone be this ridiculously touchy and needy?

Something I realized about taegi is; Suga being to 99,999% done when Tae shows him affection? - At this point I have to say he generally isn’t a person who appreciates skinship that much, but there are still occasions Min Yoongi gets uncomfortably close to some of his group mates! So when he can get close to them without having a heart-attack or getting all tense, why does Tae seem to be able to make Yoongi get all tense and stiff?

I really tried to find this one fancam (but obviously Internet is a bitch and lost it) in which (I do not remember it exactly, still what Suga did is engraved in my mind for all eternity) they are on stage and Tae is just being himself showering Yoongi with love and then Yoongi does the unexpected and touches Kim Taehyung in the face like WTF!? - Suga that is not you! - I mean even Taehyung looks like completely surprised. He did not expect that, not even the whole fandom.


It is sad that moment is like so beautiful and no one noticed it! Why did you not notice it?

Next thing: Taehyung loves being around people, like it is his life devotation to be all over someone just casually hugging, cuddling or being close, arms touching.

That is so freaking normal! He is well-known for that in BTS. He is a member of the touchy squad alongside Jimin and Hoseok after all, so please. However, the way he touches a certain guy is so much different from the way he touches his closest friends.

Before writing this I checked a couple of videos from other V couples and came to the conclusion that Taehyung indeed seems to have a different realtionship to Yoongi.

It is a casual manner when he wraps an arm around Hoseok, they laugh and seem to be on the same level (yes, he respects the other but they seem to be close and relaxed) Tae knows that Hoseok would not reject him. Jimin and Tae are both born in 1995 which makes them share the equal age, they fight, but are also even closer than Hoseok and Tae are. It is so naturally when they are affectionated with each other, it would be weird if you would question it. Taehyung has no shame about showering Jimin with love and he knows the other wouldn’t look at it as a weird habit or would push him away or be bothered by it, because they are the same. Jungkook and Tae are a lighter version of V and Jimin, but once again Tae can be all lovey dovey, because again Jungkook is not shoving him away.

They all share a care-free and natural Taehyung spending time with his friends.

When we now look at the way Tae almost tentatively gives Yoongi his affection he seems compared to the other couples kind of shy about it. Not because he has a super crush on Yoongi (I am not sure though), but because he respects the older a lot and sees him as an idol, an istance he can take seriously. He knows himself that Suga is straightforward and even though he might get hurt by the his hyungs rather non-interested behaviour he still gives him love. Yet he seems so overly enjoyed when Suga asks him something or basically talks to him.

I actually had a pretty example for the last part, but the videos I had got all lost and since I am on vacation I have no possibility to find them, which is sad.

He loves all of his members, but yet Min Yoongi seems to have a different place in his heart. He respects all of his members, but he even said himself that Suga is so cool and that he would switch with him.

End of the analysis would be: Taehyung worshiping Yoongi like a younger brother does his older brother, following him around wanting to be the first one he calls when he has worries or troubles. He wants that Yoongi likes him as much as he does him. Because who does not want to be liked by your idol.

It also may be that Yoongi is a special person for Taehyung, because he always is there for him. When he is tongue-tied, when he seems down. Suga probably is the person who is the most content with Tae’s voice. Whenever he is singing he has a smile on his face satisfied and at peace. And it is known-fact that Tae has the best and most parts in Suga’s own compositions.

They have no overly affectionated and totally obvious moments, but rather cute and honest moments which makes this ship so special in my eyes. Because even though Suga seems ‘cold’ and Tae seems like a fool they both understand and care for each other more than we would expect them to. Subtle little smiles and I mean Suga laughing at Tae’s stupid remarks is a sign for me.

Besides, it always seems like Tae is admiring Suga, but never forget that Min Yoongi himself said that he envies Taehyung’s carefree and non-worried way of living.

I did not find the video, but the picture of that exact moment I was mentioning.

First and Last Lines


First- “So Ferb, what do you wanna do today?”

Last- “Yes, yes we do.”


First- “They’re the only mammals to lay eggs.”

Last- “I hope that doesn’t mean six more weeks of Nullville.”


First- “I’m in charge, right? You did tell them I’m in charge?”

Last- “Actually, I think my dream was inside Perry’s dream.”


First- “Hey Candace, is Phineas…home?”

Last- “What was your favorite thing we built?”


First- “Out of my way, Dinnerbell.”

Last- “My mind is blown.”


First- “Excuse me, but why are you not studying?”

Last- “That was an eventful summer.”


First- “Ah, Perry the Platypus, what an unexpected surprise. And by unexpected I mean COMPLETELY EXPECTED.”

Last- “Oh, but it was fun though.”

Voltron: Legendary Defender Next Generation [VLD fic series]

This is a series that @88madison88 and I have been working on.

You right there, what is your story? How do you see the world? Have you ever been in love? Broken? Well, there are two stories that might help-
In the first tale, follow Pidge’s secret and the ultimate choice that could change her life forever.
Then in the second tale follow up with the old paladins as they step down to let the new generation shine, but not everything goes as planned

(if you want to know, more under the cut)

 You can find the entire series here on ao3 

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