and by this scene i was sobbing


Did you happen to rifle through my duffel bag and scarf down a couple of yellow pills with tigers on ‘em?

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Hi this is your casual reminder that you’re absolutely fantastic!! I love you and I love your art so much!! Your style is beautiful, your scenes are stunning, and your character designs are amazingggg!!! Did I mention you’re a wonderful person too??? How??? Anyways, I wish you all the happiness because you deserve only good things 💜 ~ Archer ‘non

*sobbing* this is so nice, thank you so much!! ❤ ❤ 

it honestly means so so much to me that Rebecca is borderline. i have never seen it represented in tv, much less in an accurate and sympathetic way. Plus it talked about the stigmatization and i was sobbing all through that scene it made me so happy. 

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i realise its been a little while since you wrote it lmao but i think i must have reread touch enough times now its probably in double digits i love it too much. i was wondering if you'd ever consider writing more for it? especially levs pov, i can just imagine him falling in love with yaku while listening to his vb tapes aghhh i love this fic a whole lot, so i figured id ask. your writing is so fucking nice jesus

“so fucking nice” this phrasing hgbsjghbj—thank you so much. I had a wonderful time writing Touch. I don’t think I’d write more for it in any structured way, but maybe a Lev PoV ficlet isn’t out of the question… 🤔 Even though my Lev home situation is totally canon divergent now! //sobs

So, uh, maybe! If you see me taking prompts in the future (this usually means I’m bored & want attention) you could just ignore whatever number list there is and send me a scene you’d like to see from the fic, or something. No guarantees, but if requesters do the think-work (like you just did: “a scene of Lev listening to the tapes”) I’m much more likely to write their requests! Doesn’t even have to be while I’m taking prompts if you want to send me an ask of what you want sometime—I might eventually get to it. Thank you for liking my fic that much! And for this message 😊

(for yakulevsters reading: Touch is here)

mike wheeler, who’s head over heels in love with el

mike wheeler, who radioed everyday for 353 days

mike wheeler, who hated a girl because el was gone

mike wheeler, who went to the snowball with el

mike wheeler, who never really was the same after she disappeared

if the best thing he ever did was ask will byers to be his friend?

just imagine what that means he feels for will

so a traveling shakespeare troupe came to my school today and performed romeo and juliet and it was just so good and

-the actor playing romeo was hella short and the actor playing benvolio was hella tall. at several points he just picked romeo up and moved him around the stage/out of his way.

-when the nurse delivered juliet’s letter they played it up like she was flirting with mercutio but mercutio just looked at her, wrapped his arm around benvolio, and more or less gave her an expression that said “i’m gay”

-when mercutio and benvolio were making fun of romeo for being Heterosexual™ (aka for loving juliet), benvolio picked him up and mercutio gave him a purple nurple

-juliet wore no shoes throughout the entire show except during the wedding when she wore these giant sparkly pink pumps with platform heels

-when mercutio gave the queen mab speech they had benvolio stand behind him and click castanets and go “ooooooooh” every time he dropped a dramatic line

-they had friar lawerance and the nurse say the prologue and the end lines and like…..that changed the impact of the lines and their character significantly. i’ve made a post or two about this before but i personally interpret romeo and juliet as a story about two kids too afraid to come to their parents with a problem because they’re afraid of repercussions. but what about the adults in their life that DID try to help with them with their problems, but still ended up failing them? let’s just say it hit hard and was very telling when the friar and the nurse choked out the last lines of the play while sobbing.

-whenever there was a fight scene, mercutio and benvolio were constantly trying to keep romeo away from the action, as if he was their younger brother who they didn’t want to get hurt in a brawl. during mercutio’s fight with tybalt, benvolio was shielding romeo with his body and physically picked him up and held him back at times. that really changed the dynamic of the three of them and made it even funnier when ben and merc were teasing romeo about his crush on juliet.

-romeo killed paris by hitting him on the head with a flashlight

-the apothecary that sold romeo poison was dressed up as your typical TV drug dealer and he acted like one as well

-while benvolio more or less disappears from the written play after romeo is banished, they kept him around this time and he followed romeo around to make sure he was okay but didn’t say anything. it was implied he didn’t talk because he was still grieving mercutio. (he also wasn’t there when romeo killed himself)

-i was watching it with a bunch of freshmen who hadn’t read the play before but when juliet killed herself nearly half the room started screaming because they were so shocked

honestly this cast was just so good. i’ve also seen them perform julius caesar set in a modern politician’s world and m*cbeth in a post-apocalyptic setting. i absolutely loved this production and i hope i can see more of their work soon


Thinking you can’t do it yourself is one thing, but having someone else tell you that you can’t is irritating. —09.27; Happy Birthday Tsukishima Kei


Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.


Out of all the scenes in the finale this one is the one that got me the most, along with the scene where we weren’t sure if Mack was going to wake up. Henry’s acting was phenomenal, Elena doesn’t even say a word but you can see everything that she is feeling. Natalia was just amazing. And Jordan’s acting was just so heartbreaking. Thank you, Jordan for giving us Hope. I don’t think I’ll ever be okay again.


“Do you really think I might be her?”
“I WANT to believe you’re the little girl I saw once so many years ago.”

(Please don’t ask me about bootlegs or tweet these gifs to the actors.)

you know what makes me mad? the death of my precious son, remus john lupin, was entirely unnecessary. like jkr claims it was to emphasize the “orphans of war” with teddy, but that point doesn’t need to be emphasized because the entire series was about an orphan of a war. and yes, there are orphans of every war, but that point is just as easily made by simply saying something like “harry saw one of his classmates knelt down next to the body of their mom/dad”. and yes, his death is also meant to break off the last tie harry had with his parents bUT YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO DO THAT. but what makes me the most angry isn’t the fact that he died. it’s the fact that he wasn’t even given a good death scene: a death scene that is heart wrenching and makes the reader cry for an extended amount of time. like trust me, i wanted to cry over his death, i really did, because if one person deserves my tears, it is remus john lupin, but i couldn’t bring myself to cry over one measly line that simply says something along the lines of “lupin and tonks were laying there among the others who had died”. and then we don’t even get harry’s emotions, like we do with sirius’s death, to make it really hit home. it’s unjust.

all im saying is that if remus john lupin had to die, he deserved a good death scene that makes us sob and makes our heart breaks not only for the loss of one of our favorite characters but also for harry for losing yet another person who is so important to him, and we get neither of those.