and by this i mean connie springer


[Part 2/3] Continuation of the Reiner x Geek!Connie au (x)

Still can’t believe that I actually did part 2 and it’s not even finished. Part 3 is still in a VERY slow process. Haha. ha. 

if they didn’t know winter training was going to be this tough,  then that means this is their first winter as trainees.

these are 12/13 year olds right here

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>What I say:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>What I mean:</b> why are there dinosaurs in the new opening of Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan? Where did they come from? Are they some kind of metaphor? Will they go in battle riding dinosaurs now? Are they related to Zeke? His new pets maybe? Or have I started watching Jurassic park without noticing? What is gOING ON?<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

okay i got this ask like ages ago but i loved it so much i just hoarded it until now so to anon: im sorry i mean youve probably forgotten that you even sent me this but thank you so much for sending it

(also special thanks to @writers-haven for helping me figure all this out! i lov u)

Armin: Hey who do you guys ship me with?

Jean: You and Eren are so fucking gay always staring at each other like who the hell does that

Connie: lol u and eren are so gay

Sasha: Eren, duh

Krista: Yeah, you and Eren seem like me and Ymir, it’s really cute!

Levi: I don’t mean to butt in but you and Jaeger seem pretty close

Mikasa: What the heck guys they’re like brothers like my two best friends would be in a relationship

Eren: What the hell Armin we made out last night

Armin: EREN!!!!!!!

“You. Me. Mikasa. Diary. Roadtrip.” After a nervous breakdown at his own graduation party, Armin has decided to avoid rehab and go on a road trip, by Eren’s suggestion, to get to the roots of the question that ruined him.”

CH 17 | The Effects Of Age, Insomnia, & Alcohol

Summary: Levi, slow and drinking, drags Armin into the Jaegermobile. Armin’s night, as a result, becomes a rather significant one.

Excerpt: He gave me a doubtful look. “Do you really? Do you think about how many years you probably have to live, or your friends? How you’ll go out? How you want to go? Whether you’re scared of it, or scared of everything before? What the hell it all means?”

“……Sometimes,” was all I could say in response.

Eren: *watching Levi*


Eren: Jean what the fuck?!

Connie: Bet you love him don`t you Eren~

Jean: Yeah, whatcha staring for?

Eren: He was doing a maneuver, I had to!

Jean: You were watching awful hard Jaeger!

Eren: S-so?

Connie: So, it means you love the captain!

Eren: No it doesn`t!

Jean: Yeah-huh

Connie: Kissy kissy~

Levi: What`s going on here?

Jean and Connie: Nothing sir.

Eren: *sighs in relief*

Connie: Eren just wants to marry you.

considering that there’s a good deal of titans that crawl… is that a pun i see?

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY THIS MADE ME! Also if you understand what this shot means in relation to the rest of the season I respect you.

The Top 10 Graduates Contrasting Theory

The alternate Volume 21 cover gives me the creeps…I mean, look at this:

Half face is with flesh. The other half only consisted of skull.

Only Mikasa and Eren are on the side with flesh, while Jean, Connie, Sasha and Historia on the side with skull.

I’m not sure if Isayama is doing his tricks of implication again. I have horrible thoughts about some 104th trainees will not make their way to the end of the series.