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[Part 2/3] Continuation of the Reiner x Geek!Connie au (x)

Still can’t believe that I actually did part 2 and it’s not even finished. Part 3 is still in a VERY slow process. Haha. ha. 

Eren: *watching Levi*


Eren: Jean what the fuck?!

Connie: Bet you love him don`t you Eren~

Jean: Yeah, whatcha staring for?

Eren: He was doing a maneuver, I had to!

Jean: You were watching awful hard Jaeger!

Eren: S-so?

Connie: So, it means you love the captain!

Eren: No it doesn`t!

Jean: Yeah-huh

Connie: Kissy kissy~

Levi: What`s going on here?

Jean and Connie: Nothing sir.

Eren: *sighs in relief*

Connie: Eren just wants to marry you.

Armin: Hey who do you guys ship me with?

Jean: You and Eren are so fucking gay always staring at each other like who the hell does that

Connie: lol u and eren are so gay

Sasha: Eren, duh

Krista: Yeah, you and Eren seem like me and Ymir, it’s really cute!

Levi: I don’t mean to butt in but you and Jaeger seem pretty close

Mikasa: What the heck guys they’re like brothers like my two best friends would be in a relationship

Eren: What the hell Armin we made out last night

Armin: EREN!!!!!!!

The Top 10 Graduates Contrasting Theory

The alternate Volume 21 cover gives me the creeps…I mean, look at this:

Half face is with flesh. The other half only consisted of skull.

Only Mikasa and Eren are on the side with flesh, while Jean, Connie, Sasha and Historia on the side with skull.

I’m not sure if Isayama is doing his tricks of implication again. I have horrible thoughts about some 104th trainees will not make their way to the end of the series.

au where mikasa is the hufflepuff seeker and sasha is her prankster & gryffindor beater girlfriend and they make out a lot and make fun of & fiercely defend eren and armin and connie and marco and eventually jean (by eventually i mean late 2nd year/early 3rd year, also if u think eremin and jeanmarco are not involved then u are mistaken. and if u are sad that springles isn’t involved too well. so am i. multishipping is the hard life TM.)

it’s been 3 years. they killed the titans in a guillotine. none of ‘em are left. they wiped ‘em out.

this means that connie’s mom is dead.

i’m a little bitter about this because i felt so sure she was some kind of a plot point, or would be. and maybe she was, but isayama dropped the thread when something else came to mind. i’m annoyed it was ignored though, and wonder if the series will even cover it in hindsight. the problem is, she would have died in the 9-month timeskip, not the 3-year one. i doubt it gets covered at all, let alone as anything more than in a sad little passing mention. unfortunate. it could have had a really big emotional impact on the story. like eren was uncomfortable killing all the other titans, knowing they used to be human, but then here’s a friend of his and his mom, and she has to die, they can’t risk leaving her alive, and there’s just so much good material there

i guess that leaves it up to the artists and writers to cover.

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Eren: Whoever was stupid enough to do such a thing would instantly regret it, and I mean instantly. He wouldn’t hesitate to just punch the guy who dare to insult his girlfriend. If it was a girl he wouldn’t hit her but his glare and harsh tone would pack quite the punch. Even if Eren knows his girlfriend can handle things like this on her own he cant help but jump to their aid, I can see Eren cheering his girlfriend on if she stepped up and threw a few punches herself. Honestly though depending on the situation his actions would change. If his girlfriend could care less about what the person said then he would just shoot them a glare and move on, if she was the type to not fight back he would stand up for her and solve the problem. If she was the type to handle it on her own he would let her, he knows his girlfriend and knows what she would want him to do. God forbid she start crying cuz Eren would snap, and trust me ya don’t wanna make a titan shifter snap.

Armin: He’s not the type to fight….at least not with fists. Armin would fight with words not harsh insults but lectures that force the person who insulted his girlfriend to rethink their entire life choices. He’s the type to use his brain in any situation, even if this is the last situation you’d think rational thinking would go down in. You’d think a boyfriend would beat up anyone who insults his girlfriend but no not Armin. I can see him dating someone similar to him they probably aren’t to big on fighting with people either so Armin’s method would be better for them.

Jean: This young man would have the mouth of a sailor, spouting cuss words and insults nonstop with no mess ups. The person wouldn’t be able to get a word in, though if it was a girl he probably would hold back a bit but you get the picture. Jean isn’t all that fond of getting into fights, Eren is just a special case. He’s a lover not a fighter, but he isn’t afraid to smack someone upside the head for insulting his girl.

Marco: Like Armin, Marco avoids violence and prefers to settle things with words. Though I don’t think anyone really would insult his girlfriend since she is probably on the same heavenly being scale as Marco. Though I’m sure there are some people who could still find a reason to be rude. Marco would make the insult-er feel bad with his words even though they are delivered in a calm collected matter. 

Reiner: Honestly he wouldn’t need to do much, other then walk up behind his girlfriend with an angry face and whoever said the insult would run for the hills. Reiner is a big guy and you don’t mess with a big guy. Even if Reiner really is just a big dorky teddy bear he still looks the part of a rough and tough bad ass. He is a tough badass as well as a teddy bear, don’t be fooled by the bara.

Bertholdt: Similar to Reiner he wouldn’t need to do much at all, He’s the biggest guy in the 104th. Even though he’s a gentle giant he still has the build of a guy you don’t mess with. Bertl would get pretty angry with the person who dare hurt his girlfriend’s feelings, though I’m not to sure he really knows how to express that anger so he would probably be frustrated with himself later on.

Connie: I have a hard time seeing Connie starting a fight with someone so he may not do anything at first. He would get revenge by playing a ton of pranks on the insult-er, each time leaving a note with a single letter. After all the pranks are finished the letters would spell out “APOLOGIZE TO ____ NOW OR THE PRANKS WILL GO ON FOR ETERNITY” Connie wouldn’t let up until he got the person to apologize, even if the instructor catches him and he gets in trouble afterwords he wouldn’t care.

Levi: To be honest nobody would dare insult his girlfriend, they would all know she was captain Levi’s girlfriend. But on the off chance someone did insult her Levi wouldn’t hesitate to lay the smackith down on their candy ass. If it was another woman that insulted her all he would really need to do is glare at her, his face is scary enough to make someone piss themselves.

Erwin: Whoever he dates would be respected by almost all so again they probably wouldn’t get insulted, at least not insulted and know about him. But if it did happen Erwin would probably punish the person. he wouldn’t fight with them or insult them back he would make them do so much paperwork that their fingers turn blue. Or he may make them clean the horse stables with a tiny garden shovel rather then the normal ones. Either way the insult-er would beg Erwin’s girlfriend for forgiveness.

Mike: Once again Mike is a big and respected man so anyone he dates would probably not be insulted. I can see him picking someone up by their shirt and tossing them in a pond, he has a no shit attitude so he wouldn’t waste the time to fight them or start an insult war. 

Moblit: Since he is used to dealing with Hanji he probably knows how to avoid fighting in situations. So he would be very professional with the person he insulted his girlfriend. He is a respectable and intelligent person so he would use words to settle any conflicts with the insult-er. Though if he is pushed he is more then willing to fight but he would avoid it if he could.

anonymous asked:

How do you think kids would react to high technology? I don't mean the things we have today but some fututre sci-fi stuff - artificial intelligence, space ships, holograms, advanced medicine, robots instead of workers, BB-8 like droids helping and being friends with people ect. What would scare and intrigue them the most? This blog is awesome btw :^)

My friend, you have waited so long, and I am so sorry about that, and I sincerely hope that this makes up for it. 

Eren would really enjoy high technology, finding is absolutely fascinating and mind-blowing that humans were able to advance this far. He’d be most intrigued by hover crafts, space ships, and other forms of transportation, mostly for the thrill of it. He would be put off by Artificial Intelligence, though; he just generally wouldn’t trust computers over humans, fearing a technology take over.

Mikasa would find everything to be really cool and she would love to learn all about the new technology, and she’d also just be naturally adept at using it (mostly because she actually reads directions/listens to tutorials.) Her favorite type of things would be ID technologies like retina scanners or finger print locks, mostly because she finds it fascinating that they can catalogue such small things about people that are so personal to them. She would question teleportation devices, though, not quite trusting the technology there. 

Armin would be so amazed by everything, just so astounded by mankind’s capacity for creation. And you can bet he’d be one of the ones in the labs trying to invent new things too! He would be the most intrigued by robotics, especially humanoid androids or robots, but really any kind of robot he’s down for. Like Mikasa, he’s be most wary of teleportation, mostly because it’s a tricky science and he’s just worried that something could go horribly, irreversibly wrong. 

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German lesson with Springles! (from an actual German person)

Connie Springer springt (Connie Springer jumps)                           Springer can be translated as “jumper” (as in: the person that jumps). Springer is also the German title for the knight in a game of chess. 
A stand-by man is also referred to as a Springer in German.

Sasha Braus braust (Sasha Braus rushes)                                       Sasha’s surname Braus originates from the German saying “In saus und braus leben” , which means “to live it up”/”In the lap of luxury”.
brausen is a German verb that can be translated to rushing, but is more of an oldfashioned word. 

Part two: Eren & MikasaPart three: Reiner, Jean & Christa

I’m not a linguist, I am merely sharing my own, unprofessional, cultural knowledge.

Armin Arlert Intensified Audition Blues Track 2

From SnK Gag Drama CD - アルミン・アルレルト怒涛のオーディション・ブルーストラック2

Characters: Armin, Eren, Mikasa, Connie, Jean & Erwin

Please expect a lot of EreMin here

Intro by Armin:

-Survey Legion is the organization of man-kind’s last hope and their specialty in eliminating titans made them the man-kind’s strongest military force.

Eren (E): Oi x3 Armin, take it easy, what did you mean just now?

Armin (A): No, I won’t take it easy this time, Eren, I’ve already decided

E: But, if you don’t deliver the toast speech, the party cannot be started

A: But it is impossible for me! I am sorry to everyone but I can’t let this one pass

E: You’ve been doing well so far!! Why are you saying such things at this moment?!

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Survey Corps! Levi and Hanji are dating! Responses?

May contain spoilers for recent manga chapters. 

 Armin: Called it.

 Erwin: Called it.

 Moblit: Called it.

 Eren: … I feel like I’ve missed so much.

 Historia: I mean, they did spend a lot of time together when trying to save us from miscellaneous bad guys

 Jean: And I’m sure torturing a man by pulling out his nails one by one is a very bonding experience.

 Eren: Well, they do have a similar sense of humor.

 Armin: They were lucky to find each other in this world otherwise so full of  people who don’t appreciate jokes about shit.

 Mikasa: And Hanji can actually stand her ground against him.

 Mikasa: Unlike some.


 Eren:… that came out so wrong can I take it back please

 Petra: This is all irrelevant though! Squad leader Hanji and Captain Levi would  never date! Isn’t it against military regulations to date when you’re in the army?

 Auruo: … I feel like you of all people should not be pressing that point.

 Erwin: Where would they even go on dates though

 Erwin: I would consider ordering someone to follow them somehow but I value  the lives of my subordinates

 Moblit: *muffled laughing*

 Auruo: Why are you laughing

 Moblit: Can you imagine all the innuenduous jokes Hanji’s going to be making  after they… you know

 Erwin: That nickname she calls him all the time just took on such a sinister  tone

 Armin: Although I suppose only those two will know whether she calls him  'shorty’ sarcastically or not henceforth



 Hanji: It’s natural, youngsters! 


 Hanji: In fact, we should be having this talk with all of you soon anyway…  Levi?

 Levi: No.

 Levi: Everybody stop discussing this before I am forced to either give you a  lifetime’s worth of chores or execute some serious physical violence or go  insane

 Petra:… He’s a keeper, Hanji.

 Hanji: Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Yeah.

two things about chapter 74...

y’all are worried about death flags on Erwin or Levi etc. but I can’t stop thinking about Connie and how he’s finally facing who destroyed his village and the set-up for this encounter was there the whole time

I mean, these panels speak for themselves:

Moving to another point, those belt things everyone is using on their arms kind of resemble that special gear that Kenny and the Central MP used

Could they have adapted it into the 3DMG? (Althought it didn’t seem to have any different purpose other than replace the blades for guns…) idk