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Does you voice hurt after voicing Jeff? Your poor thing :,(

Yes, I lose my voice completely for a day or so after shooting as Jeff. These days I not only have to perform in his correct voice to get his mannerisms right, I also have to dub over that footage. The last two Jeff videos were dubbed because I had the mic settings too loud when shooting and since then I’ve actually gotten rid of Jeff’s lips in his design (set of false teeth over my lips meaning I now can not correctly pronunciate as Jeff) which means he’ll always have to be dubbed again. So now I deal with twice the feeling of razor blades scraping down the back of my throat! XD

In response to some anons last night… People on this site trip over each other talking about diversity, but the things I found in my inbox were ridiculously intolerant. Couple of things under the cut.

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I have a question and I hope it isn't rude.. I don't understand binary and non-binary gender? If I've upset or offended anyone, I deeply apologize, I just really want to understand it all.

Hey there! That isn’t a rude question at all. So, binary genders are two opposite ends of the spectrum, male and female. If you identify completely as either of these you identify with a binary gender. (That can mean you’re did or trans). But, there is whole lot of middle and outside of those two. These genders are non-binary. I look at gender as a light switch. A normal light switch has two options- on and off. That is a binary as is boy and girl. Gender really is a spectrum, so it’s more like a light switch with the slide dimmer thing. That has an on, and off, and a whole in between. That is the most basic description I can give. Here are some videos further explaining things

If you have more questions feel free to ask!


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The video wasn't made by him. Maybe he gave the last ok, but I highly doubt he spent the time is needed to find all these articles. Maybe he said the idea he wanted in the lyric video, and his team contacted a professional journalists or any other person to help them to find articles. Considering the bad situation you think he has, I'm surprised you think he could make this video. It's like always: the things you like, are his choices, and the things you don't, are his devil team choices.

This video was made by a professional. They knew what they were doing. The edits are too good, too slick and fast to be done on the fly by someone who does not do video editing work on the regular.

It’s simplistic, though, to say that Louis had no input. Do you mean he didn’t glance through the articles in the background, and that they aren’t relevant to his interests or concerns? That’s possible, of course. But in the realm of possibilities between “he did it all” and “he didn’t do any of it and doesn’t care about any of it,” could the truth be somewhere in between?

And if that’s the case, why accuse a blog of something that you clearly know, in your heart, is not true? A blog that has published contradictory evidence and doubt, and has expressed skepticism?

Open your eyes. Don’t view things from other people’s point of view, including mine.

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honestly DmC has a ton of problems and the backlash is justified, but it's getting kind of tiring seeing people shit on others for enjoying it (not referring to you, just seen this happening a lot lately). if it's some journo trying to be like "DmC was good! fuck you, like it!" then i get yelling at them, but i've seen people who just said "i liked DmC even though other people didn't" and getting yelled at and insulted. like, let people like things, aint you ever liked anything unpopular before

yeah but they only say it to be contrarian from what i’ve seen, like on fucking videos or posts about the problems presented in DmC

or just use it to insult classic DMC fans

I saw a post today where a guy that makes vidya gifs smugly declare in essence how proud he was to piss off “DMC crybabies” by giffing the MVCI Donte costume and my eyes rolled so hard they fell out of my head, do you know what I mean?

and I only ever bring up fucking DmC if someone reminds me of it or I see a reference to it on my twitter timeline or my tumblr dashboard

it inevitably got fucking brought up cause DmC Dante is the premium Wave 1 costume for Dante in MVCI, despite a lot of Capcom fans and DMC fans specifically requesting that Capcom NOT do that

you have high profile youtubers and streamers like Maximillian, Lyhero (who mains Dante on his MVC3 team), and The Gaming Brit all express displeasure at this

and every time someone gets smarmy about it or tries to argue about it with a DMC fan, it’s like poking a wound with a stick

they keep calling DMC fans crybabies but they can’t get over people calling their bad game a bad game.

I had a long talk with someone about Payday 2 recently and honestly? It’s a pretty fucking bad game.

Sometimes I’ll even go back to Skyrim and you can know damn well how I feel about that and Bethesda in general, even heavily modded.

But I don’t spend all fucking day fighting people online about it.

Just fucking live with it, ffs.

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One last thing - I also thought that this lyric video managed to repair some of the damages inflicted on the larries in Louis' fandom since bbgate started and the bears disappeared. Since then it has been relentless stunting with the baby, two gfs and a babymama, larry denial, chav image, you name it. All very heavy handed. Sony are not subtle with their stunts. Look at H's promo I mean, they mean well and they fuck up. And that video is all about subtlety and detail.

Yeah I cant disagree with any of that anon. The video is very subtle and clever and the last time we saw anything like it, it was furry and had a small furry companion. But whats going on behind the scenes now is no easier to work out than it was when the bears were active. It just feels a bit… scarier.

Just Like You isn’t a song that a capricious star wrote because he wants to complain about fame and how he can’t live a life that can be considered entirely notmal. It’s more than that, it’s honest, it’s vulnerable and you can get it even if you’re not Louis’ fan. And if you can’t, there’s the lyric video that shows important issues and different aspects of our world.
I understand that this part of the fandom can see things not everyone can see, but I also know people outside the fandom got the hints.

So yeah, Louis’ position helps him, gives him some advantages and comforts not everyone can have and he said it himself. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t suffer, that doesn’t mean he can’t write about things that make him suffer. Because he sufferes and suffered. Because he’s human. And he’s just like us.

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tommotopdollar tumblr com/post/166539749293/larents-as-a-design-student-i-get-like-1283784 tbh i can confirm that this DOES happen. What r ur thoughts? Also the person who rbd this is a non larrie louie who dislikes larries too but then again she n her mutuals have been indirecting u n ur mutuals too. U can look thru her blog lol

Hey, guess what, I have an actual degree in digital design and I’m here to tell you that sometimes I do things for the ~aesthetic and sometimes I do things because they are meaningful. If asked why there is print about eczema and neighbor dogs barking in the video what do you think their meaning is?

I would also like you to know that I am crushed, CRUSHED!!! that nonlarries (“nonlarries”) who truck with conspiracy theorists (don’t think I don’t see them reblogging from the likes of realwonder and others who believe Louis is contractually forced to fake having a son, like, I can read, you know) are indirecting me! But I would REALLY like to know why #LouisIsWokeAF isn’t WW Twitter trending right now for his hard hitting political commentary, because this needs to be reported on, and take prominence, and Louis needs to be asked about his thoughts on the HW story and BLM in some way that extends beyond newspaper clippings, since he obviously has passionate thoughts about them. So how do we make this happen anon? How. If only there were a way.

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i know this is late but i think my favorite dnp video of all time is their 13th sims episode called "extreme makeover dils home edition" bc i love dan and phil, i love the sims and i love building houses in the sims and they're so domestic in this and i'm just ASKSJWJWIEJ and i also looove their keep talking and nobody explodes videos bc they're just the cutest thing

YES THAT SIMS VIDEO IS MY FAVE TOO!!!! And isn’t that the one where phil says “if I had a house, I would just make every window glass” and dan just looks at him, and then phil realizes what he said lol like dan doesn’t even have to SAY anything ugh

And I was waiting for someone to say those videos!!!!! I rewatch them literally all the time because they sound like a married couple throughout the entire thing just fighting over what Phil’s descriptions even mean or where the heck the page is in the booklet lol those are such good videos


OK CONCERNING THE WHOLE HEADCANON THING IM WRITING THAT PPL KEEP ASKING ME ABT, i was talking to @chompiee abt a ~love confession~ and then @cryptidsp00n abt the aftermath of said confession concerning them kissing

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Okay @ everyone saying they miss the old taylor, she’s still our taylor guys. She’s still the same woman who baked cookies for us and invited us into her homes and posts videos of her cats and interacts with us like we’re her best friends on a daily basis. Don’t mistake her cutting herself off from the media outlets who continue to bash her every year for cutting herself off from us, because that’s the complete opposite of what’s happening. If anything our relationship with her has grown so much closer, I mean she’s not on any other social media except for Tumblr where she can see us supporting her and loving her and making things fun again. This new era isn’t the start of a new taylor who is cold and cuts herself off from anyone and hates her fans, this is the era of her standing up for herself and fighting back harder than she ever has before against the people who have constantly tried to take her down. Please know the difference.


I think I can deal with it, but I kept going through it. Until one day only a few years ago, I thought I cannot deal with it. This is holding me back in life. This is not how I’m supposed to be and I want to overcome it. So I looked back at my life, at the things that may have made me this way that I could change the baggage that I was holding on to and said, “I don’t need you anymore!

It’s so important to know you should be happy and proud of who you are. (x)

I really respect Louis for having the lyric video stand for something bigger than him. He’s not just saying that he’s famous so he looks like he has an extravagant lifestyle all the time when in reality he hurts just like us. He’s pointing out that the whole industry is full of hurt people.

Actresses are being sexually harrassed and assaulted, people of color are not given roles they deserve, non cis het people are being hurt for who they are, musicians are in contracts that overwork them their entire lives, etc. All of these things are talked about in the lyric video, and all of these people look as though they have amazing, lavish lifestyles like Louis.

This video is so big and I am so proud and thankful for Louis for having such an amazing lyric video like this. Words can barely describe how much this lyric video means.

language learning made easy

I’ve summarized professor  Alexander Arguelles’ video, because I think this is crucial for language learning. 

There is no magic trick that will help you become fluent in 1 month, but there are very effective approaches to learning a new language and if you combine them, you will surely become fluent.

If you’re learning a new language, the most important thing you need to consider is – what type of language learner are you? 

1. If you:

  • have a more deductive approach, which means that you’re better at listening to and observing the language first and learning through that, rather than starting with plain grammar points from a textbook
  • have a fair degree of intuition
  • like to observe a phenomenon
  • feel somewhat comfortable with ambiguity for a while, until things become clear
  • are someone who can feel comfortable being corrected when they realize they were wrong, rather than getting confused and frustrated because they went down an initial path that turned out not to be correct (so you actually learn from being corrected and you don’t get confused by it)

then, these manuals are best suited for you: the Assimil Language Series, the Linguaphone Series, the Cortina Methods.

2. If you:

  • have a desire to have things explained to you beforehand in a nice and clear way
  • have a logical and analytical mind (which is usually the product of education in general)
  • have a need for a systematic approach (basically if you’re most comfortable with a book which is going to introduce the grammar according to an agreed set of methods or an organized plan)

then, you should try out some of these manuals: the Hugo Series, the Made Simple Series, the Teach Yourself Series, the Buske Series


  • the most important part are the patterns of a language
  • no matter what type of language learner you are, I think it’s really clever to incorporate this method into you learning. 
  • a language is actually made up of patterns which constantly repeat themselves and that is THE KEY TO FLUENCY
  • repeating the patterns over and over again, until they become natural, until you no longer have to conjugate the verbs in your head before speaking
  • when you become really good with patterns, your sentences will come out naturally, and patterns are what will get you to fluency

I’ve provided the links, where you will find a review of the books, so that you can have an idea of what they look like. You can find most of these on amazon.

There is also an amazing blog on here, which provides free books, and I think that you can find half of these series for free there.  @lovelybluepanda