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Mod, is it me or does Norman look more intimating or "mean looking" with short hair?? But with his hair long, he looks like a sweet puppy dog.🐶 Maybe I associate the short hair with S1&2 Daryl & he was angry, outspoken & yes, mean back then. He called Carol a 'stupid bitch' & yelled at her. He called Lori 'Olive Oyl' & yelled at her too. Hell, he yelled at everyone! Now Daryl is nice, loving, gentle, quiet & the long hair suits him. Short hair Daryl is no longer that guy so he can't cut it.

Now you’ve done it anon, your trying to make me choose 😢. Now that I’ve lurking on the internet looking at pictures, your kind of on to something anon. Short haired Murphy McManus is all kinds of sweet and huggable.

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The Swimsuit Double-Standard

I need some assistance here.

So me and my mom just got back from our local recreational park. She went to the swim center, as she does about four days a week, and I ventured off to look at the dog park and to battle the nearby pokemon gyms.

I returned to the swim center a half hour later, as had been agreed upon, to find my mother talking on the phone at the front desk, reduced to tears and seething with anger.

She had gone into the lap lanes as she usually did. She enjoys swimming, as she has a bad knee, and it is one of the few forms of exercise in which she can exclusively use her arms.

A little while later one of the female life guards came over and very politely asked her to confirm that she was in a swimsuit. Keep in mind, that this

is what my mom was wearing at the pool. I was with her when she bought that swimsuit. The both of us are G-cup (if you think that’s too much information, get over it) and beyond, so finding one piece suits is difficult or extremely expensive. And because of the size the swimsuit needs to be more like a bra, because it functions in essentially the same ways. As for board shorts, they’re swim trunks, and clearly don’t show too much skin.

The lifeguard assures my mom she was just making sure, and then walked away just as politely as she had approached.

Then, a few minutes later, comes the swim center manager. Herb Poe. 

He proceeds to be very condescending and imperious, asking my mother, again, if she is in fact wearing a swimsuit, how she can prove it, how does he know that she isn’t lying, all while looking her up and down like something in a bakery window. At this point my mom was humiliated. She gives up on swimming laps now and walks to the life guard office and asks if anyone wants to check the tag on her swimsuit.

And they laugh at her. She goes to the front desk and the woman there laughs at her as well. When she decides to call their supervisor, she discovers HERB POE IS THE MANAGER they try to hide her behind the desk and she refused. 

That was when I got back. I am furious. It took everything in me not to jump the woman behind the desk, who clearly couldn’t care less what was happening.

There are, everyday, men, young and old, who come to the pool in speedos that leave far too little to the imagination, and this old fart has the audacity to single my mother out. It’s clear enough what happened here.

So if any of my followers want to help here is the number to the center itself:

(240) 777-4995

And here is the number of the Parks Department Director:

 Gabriel Albornoz:    240-777-6800

Call the center. Ask them about swimsuit standards. There are no rules against two piece swimsuits, so ask them how they are going to guarantee that the life guard manager isn’t going to look at them like a piece of meat and kick them out . This goes for guys too. Be ridiculous. “Well ma’am my one piece swimsuit does show my arms, so how will he know that it is actually a swimsuit.” “But how will can the manager be sure that I’m not wearing shorts instead of trunks?” Inundate them. Waste their time.

And please, call the Director and make them aware of what is happening there. Ask them how the double standard is permission to harrass women. Ask them why they aren’t doing anything to stop it. Make sure they can’t ignore this. 

Please reblog this and spread the word. 

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hey this is kinda a stupid question but what does the 6v6 mean when ppl talk about taemin? thank you :)

So shinee used to have emoticons associated with them, and Honestly, I don’t know the origin of these.. but that fans have used them for a long time because it looks like them ^^

They were

Onew ^▽^ 

Jonghyun ㅎㅅㅎ little puppy dog

Key `ㅂ´ mostly when he talks :p

Minho ㅍ_ㅍ 

And Taemin was ^^;; because.. I mean..

But then when he debuted people started using 6v6 instead, because it fits him more now. 

Which I agree~

it’s definitely in the eyes..

So anyway, they told Taemin about it during fansigning’s this time around, and so he wrote it on one of his albums!

And then they even made it for his birthday!

And yes ^^ That is the story of the emoticons!

Please feel free to add anything to this if I got it wrong~

I think this is one of the most important scenes on the anime. 

It’s not like Nana was going to see that thing written on the wall, it’s not like the opinion of random people would bother her anyway and it’s not like someone is watching and Hachi does it so ‘she can look cool’. 

She just stopped, ran to get spray, erased those words with a fierce look and wrote her own feelings there. Her expression while doing it and how calm she looks after she is done kills me every time.   

After 40 episodes, after all they went through, Hachi’s feelings didn’t change at all. 

Hachi was more than an inmature, superficial and selfish character. Yeah, she was an imature, superficial and selfish character that loved Nana with all her heart. Hachiko the loyal dog!

This anime/manga show one of the greates friendship between girls and I’m so happy at how they animated this scene. 

for me, I’ve learned, happiness does not stay. it comes in moments. it comes when my best friend is showing me her new outfit. it comes when my other best friend says something so funny I laugh myself to tears. it comes when I level up on my favorite game. when I see a dog running along the beach. when I’m with my friends and I look around to see each of them smiling. happiness does not last for me, but it comes in small moments that keep me going.

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Hello! How about some headcanons for McCree, Genji, Lucio and Soldier 76 where their s/o went out to buy a milk and came back with a stray dog?

((tHAbK You for this))
He’s so very excited! He loves dogs so much
He’ll forget about the milk and instead pay attention to the dog, taking note on if the dog had fleas or ticks
Brings out food for the dog if it seems hungry and pets it constantly
Genuinely considering keeping the dog; if his s/o wanted to keep them, it’d be a done deal. He doesn’t really look up how to take care of dogs, he thinks it’s an easy job, but he does take them to the vet immediately
He’ll ask his s/o if they got the milk before addressing the situation of the dog
Hesitant about going to the dog first; he doesn’t want to scare the dog or for the dog to attack him
When the dog just borks and wags it’s tail at him, he’ll just go for it and pet the dog, sitting down next to it and allowing it on his lap
If his s/o wants to keep the dog, he’ll be happy to oblige; he’ll look up how to take care of dogs and always relays the info back to his s/o
Star eyes and talks so excitedly “Babe!!! You have a dog!!!!”
He doesn’t even remember the milk, he’s all over the dog, petting and letting it crawl all over him
Asks his s/o if they were planing on keeping the dog, cause he sure wants to
When suggesting names, he’ll just start beat boxing, saying that that would be the dogs name
Asks about the milk situation and then kinda just stands at the door, looking at the dog
He doesn’t go to the dog but he does pet them when it walked over to him, kneeling next to the dog
If his s/o wants to keep the dog, they’d have to persuade him, but it wouldn’t take much
Looks up how to take care of the dog and the breed, then takes them to the vet. Probably wants to name the dog some generic name

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HI! I was wondering if you could pretty please update the yoga tag if you get some time? Thank you for everything you do!

ive got the campfire song from spongebob in my head

Does Yoga Always Look So Sexual? by 42hrb (1/1 | 1,207 | NC17)

Derek finds Stiles doing morning yoga and likes what he sees.

Downward Facing Wolf by pinkypromises (1/1 | 2,360 | PG13)

Derek gets into yoga. Stiles doesn’t think his life could get any worse.
Five times Stiles is unprepared for Derek’s Downward Facing Dog.

Bend It Like Stilinski by squarephoenix (1/1 | 1,902 | PG13)

Tired of constantly tripping and face-planting, Stiles takes Derek’s offer to join his weekly yoga class with heated results.

Not the flawless one, I’ve never been by Marishna (1/1 | 1,300 | PG13)

He went to the spare room to grab the vacuum and glanced out the window as he walked by.

And promptly stopped and stared.

His new neighbour was hot.

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ok but yamaguchi is really hecking photogenic and it pisses tsukki off bc yams looks even more PERFECT in every picture and how dare he look so good like who does he think he is?! tsukki thinks well damn it isnt possible for yamaguchi to be even more beautiful than he already is. he is proven wrong when he takes a picture of yams holding a dog

honestly he is even when the photo is caught off guard he still looks really good

b.a.p zelo x dog walker au
  • ok so imagine this
  • youre walking down the street tryna get to your mailbox or sth and you got your keys in your hand
  • chillin
  • throwing and catching your keys cause ur Cool Shit™
  • then you drop them
  • go to pick them up but when you look back up you come face to face with this tiny little ball of FLUFF with eyes
  • no thats not junhong just wait
  • you follow the lil pup’s leash up to the hand of his owner
  • then your eyes make their way up from the hand to the face and wow
    that was a long look how tall is this guy
  • you finally stand up cause u realize u’ve been staring at this random guy from the ground w his dog smelling your face
  • and wow why is he still so tall
  • “sry!!! sry sry sry im sorry omg he’s just a pup did he bite u???”
  • the big pup picks up the lil pup and holds him close
  • meanwhile ur still in shock cause wow Cute Tall Boy
  • but also why does Cute Tall Boy have such a smol pup something doesnt add up
  • hes still asking if youre ok and finally ur like “I LOVE DOGS DONT WORRY” but like a lot more excited than u should be bc its not just the dog that u like wink wonk ;);););)
  • u kinda gesture to the lil pup and the big pup nods and hes like “yeye pet him!!!! careful tho he bites omg”
  • you start petting the lil pup and he nibbles your hand a bit but it just tickles and u kinda giggle
  • you look up at Cute Tall Boy and oh man he’s staring r i g h t a t m e
  • Cute Tall Boy becomes Nervous Tall Boy and looks everywhere he can except you
  • i mean u saw him lookin @ u so ur basically doing the exact same thing now
  • you do that cheesy thing where u both look at each other from like the cORNERS OF UR EYES
  • he kinda giggles and ur like alright sold
  • u realize that u have basically learned nothing abt each other in this span of 3 minutes of admiring lil pup (and big pup) so you finally ask “whats his name”
  • he responds “junhong” and ur like “omg thats cute hi junhong”
  • then Cute Tall Boy responds “hi” and then realizes what have i done
  • you look up at him all confused bc theres no way in hell ur looking d o w n
  • “omg dont worry!!!!!! both cute names!!!!! hi mochii!!!” u start petting lil pup mochii
  • then u look up again and cause ur so good with the boyz
  • “hi junhong” hold out ur hand like its a business meeting “nice to meet you I’m _____”
  • Nervous Tall Junhong shakes your hand and smiles the most innocent and awkward smile you’ve ever seen
  • u realize that ur keys are still in your other hand and ur like “oh ya mailbox”
  • junhong speaks up right as you start to inch around him eXTREMELY SLOWLY cause u know this boy needs time to prepare himself to SPEAK
  • “wait you live around here??”
  • “ye”
  • “me too”
  • and the rest is history sry this was so gross omg follow 4 more fluff

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"you found my lost dog thank you so so much" royai AU?

“I honestly can’t thank you enough,” Riza said with a sigh, gripping her wiggling puppy closer to herself to prevent another escape attempt. “I just moved in and wasn’t able to go a proper perimeter check of the fencing.”

“It’s no problem,” the man, Roy, said with a shrug. “But just in case,” he added, fishing into his pocket and then pulling out a business card, “Here’s my number, just in case you ever need anyone to help look for him if he does it again.”

Brad Simpson Imagine

Today had been a lazy day. You had just been watching Netflix and lounging around the house on your day off. You were expecting a delivery and you had to wait to make sure they receive their pavement before you go anywhere. Finally, at about three o’clock in the afternoon there was a knock at the front door. You pause the show you had been watching and answer the front door. 

A young woman is standing there with a box, “Delivery for Y/N?” 

“Yes that’s me, thank you so much” You smile and take the box from her, “I hope the payment is all in order?”

The delivery lady nods, “Yup you’re all good”

Something catches your eye behind her and you look around her. There is a dog walking across your front lawn and up to your front door. The lady realises you’re looking behind her, and she turns to see what you’re looking at, “Does he belong to you?” she asks. 

You shake your head, “No, hopefully he’s a friendly dog. I have one in the backyard that won’t like him very much if he tries to bite me”. 

The delivery lady laughs, “Well I might just leave you with that. Have a good afternoon”

You wave at her, “Yeah you too”. You step out of your doorway and close the door behind you, leaving it unlocked. The dog has come right up to you and has started licking your foot. “Huh, so you’re a friendly puppy then?” The dog wags its tail and looks up at you. “Who do you belong to buddy?”. You check the dog’s collar for a name tag or a number to call. Nothing. He didn’t appear to be leaving you anytime soon and you couldn’t bear the idea of abandoning him where he could be hit by a car. There was only one thing left to do. 

“Alright buddy, let’s take you to the vet” You asked the dog to sit (which he did) and wait whilst you grabbed your phone, shoes, and house keys. Luckily, you could walk to the vet from your house, and it should only take about 25 minutes to get there. You lock the front door and start walking with the dog. He didn’t have a lead and you didn’t have time to find one, so you were just hoping he would respond to voice commands. Turns out he could. When you inevitably encountered other dogs along the way, you just had to call “Come on buddy let’s keep going!” and the dog would continue to walk along with you. 

You weren’t going to lie, your heart jumped a little when there was an ‘almost-incident’ with a school bus. Luckily, the bus saw the dog and slowed down. You gave the driver a quick wave and you both continued on your way. Twenty minutes and several more close calls later, you were almost at the vet. Quite honestly, you were relieved you had made it this far. That was until the dog decided to run into the front yard of someone’s house. 

“Buddy come on, we’re almost there don’t stop now!” You sigh and walk into the front yard slightly. You were hoping no one was home. “Come on Buddy let’s go!” You pat your leg and whistle at the dog.

He wouldn’t leave. 

You paused and thought that maybe this was where the dog lived. You started to walk towards the dog when the front door opened. Oh great, someone was home after all. You looked at the person and saw it was a young guy with brown curly hair and brown eyes. Eyes that were looking at you. And then they were looking at the dog. Clearly the dog didn’t belong to him. And of course, being the friendly dog that he was, the dog went straight up to the young guy. Okay, that was enough. 

You walked further into the front yard, “Come on buddy, leave him alone we’re nearly there” The dog wouldn’t leave him alone, and the guy bent down to pat him on the head, “I am so sorry, I don’t know who he belongs to. I’m just trying to get him to the vet”

He looks up at you and frowns slightly, “Why are you going to the vet though?”

You walk up to the both of them and pat the dog, “There was no name or contact number on the collar, I was hoping that he was micro-chipped. The vet should be able to pull up contact details from that” The guy nodded and started to pick up the dog. “Um, what are you doing?” 

He lifts the dog and stands up straight. His biceps don’t escape your attention. “I’m going to help you get this guy back to his owners”

“Oh, well that’s very nice of you. Thanks.”

He attempts to shrug, “It’s no problem. Besides, I know how freaked out I would be if my dog were missing”

You both start to walk in the direction of the vets. It should only be about 5 minutes away. “Thank you again for doing this, we’ve had a few close calls already on our way over”. 

He looks over to you, “Don’t worry about it, honestly. I’m Brad by the way”


Brad smiles at you, “I would shake your hand or something but mine are kind of full right now” he looks down to the dog. 

You laugh and pat the dog, “Maybe later then”

“So how far did you walk with this guy?”

“We’ve been walking for about 20 minutes” You can see the vet up ahead in front of you, “I really hope he’s micro-chipped”

Brad nods, “Yeah me too” You walk into the vets. Okay here goes nothing. The receptionist smiles at the two of you. 

“Do you two have an appointment?” You and Brad look at each other and back to the receptionist.

“No, we’re hoping you could help us though” Brad says.

“I found this dog wandering the streets. There are no tags or contact numbers on him, but I’m hoping he’s micro-chipped” You explain as Brad stands next to you. 

The receptionist nods, “Yeah sure honey, no worries. If the both of you could take a seat, I’ll grab the scanner”

You and Brad sit on the sofa around the corner while you wait. Brad scratches behind the dog’s ears. You sigh and pat the dog as well, “I really hope we can find his owners”

Brad smiles, “Well I think that he’s lucky he found a good person to get him here” You look at each other and pause. Then you smile at Brad.

“Looks like he found two of them” You smile at each other. You could feel the tension build. The air around the two of you almost felt electric. 

“Okay, I found the scanner!”

You and Brad jump slightly at the receptionist. I guess you were both caught in the moment. The receptionist moves the scanner around the dog’s neck. You cross your fingers and hold your breath. Why was it taking so long to find it? Maybe he didn’t have one? What were you going to do then? Brad must have felt the worry radiating off you, and he placed a comforting hand on your back. The scanner beeped. 

“Ah, there it is! Let me just check the database to find the owner’s contact details” 

You both let out a sigh of relief. Brad moves his hand back to the dog, “See, nothing to worry about!” 

You smile and roll your eyes, “Oh come on, like you weren’t worried for a second there”

“Pffft, no way. I was confident the whole time” Brad smirks at you. Okay he’s adorable. 

“Mmhmm sure. Whatever you say, Brad”

The receptionist comes back around the corner with a vet, “Alright the owner will be around in 10 minutes, we can hold the dog here until they arrive”

Brad passes the dog over to the vet. “Thank you so much!” You say to the ladies as you walk out of the clinic. You and Brad start walking back.

You laugh as you start to notice Brad’s jacket. Brad looks at you, “What?”

You shake your head, “It’s just your jacket is covered in dog hair”

Brad looks down and starts brushing the hair off of his jacket, “You should see what Jesse does to my stuff sometimes” he laughs. 

“Jesse?” You ask.

“My dog. She’s a golden retriever and I love her”

“Oh man, I love golden retrievers!” 

“Really? You aren’t just saying that?”

You nod. “It’s true, I’ve wanted one for ages”

You both stop as you realise you’ve reached Brad’s house. You smile at him, “Again, thank you so much for your help”

Brad sticks his hand out. You look at him quizzically. He grins at you, “Hey, you said later we could shake hands. This is later”

You laugh and shake his hand.

“I don’t know if this is a stupid idea or whatever, but is there a chance I can get your number?” You’re surprised, but pleased that he asked. 

You shrug, “I suppose that would be okay. I mean, you did help me save a dog” You exchange numbers. “I better start heading back”

Brad gives you a small smile, “Yeah okay”

“So are you going to actually text me?”

His smile gets wider, “I’ll have to think about if I want to see you again”

You smirk back at him, “Well I won’t wait around forever. Nice meeting you Brad” you start to walk away. You’re a couple of houses down when your phone chimes. It was a message. From Brad.

Turns out there wasn’t anything to think about. Friday?” You smile and turn around. Brad is standing on the edge of his front lawn looking at you and holding his phone. You grin at him, turn around, and keep walking. You type a reply on your phone. 

Friday it is”

I guess it wasn’t just a lazy day at home. 


Phew, there we go! Sorry for the delay, it’s been hectic around here. Hope you enjoyed it! As usual, feel free to send in requests for new people or any ideas you may have. 

I hope you’re having a wonderful day


- A.J

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Frank and Hazel.

  • HaDrinks all of the coffee
    • Hazel drinks all the coffee but she makes another pot with a cute note on it 
  • Brings up adopting a pet
    • Frank does. It’ll be more like one day they’ll be walking around town and then he’ll hear like a litter of kittens meow-ing and he’ll give his best puppy dog eyes (might actually turn into a puppy) and of course hazel’s gonna give because they’re both sweethearts
  • Kills the bugs
    • Frank does because even if hazel doesn’t say it gets she a little creeped out by itty bitty bugs so he kills them for her aw cute bf
  • Cooks the meals
    • They both do! They take turns aw how cute and domestic
  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should
    • Hazel already has the christmas sweaters ready. 
  • Initiates the couple selfies
    • Hazel but it ends up weird looking bc hazel is smol and frank is tol
  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries
    • They don’t forget and they both have something sappy extra cheese gift prepared and they’re gonna be embarassed about it but in a good way and it will be so cute
  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping
    • Hazel Levesque because they did not have this back in the 90′s and she must know what this future aged junk food tastes like!
  • Nicknames the other
    • Hazel will give Frank some cute old timey nickname because she’s not caught up on the new slang
✧・゚: moodboards :・゚✧

anyway, i’m bored and i want to do moodboards!!

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  • tell me about things you’re passionate about or tell me about your aesthetic! do you love plants? space? do you love cats/dogs? what does you dog look like? do you have any special physical features like curly hair, glasses or freckles? what’s your hogwarts house? what is your name? stuff like that is what i will use to create these moodboards, and try to write down as much as you can please! (you can tell me all this in the tags or you can message me!)
  • i will try to do as many as i can! i don’t know how long this will take, so have patience :>
  • thevoidishere

So. Does it always fallow after a hot day with a storm here or what? I was rather hoping for just some hot day in the summer then raining cats and dogs “ 

Give him a hot muggy day any time then one having it look like the heavens ripped open and have so much rain coming down it’s making the whole ocean blush. Oliver glances back up towards the sky before looking back down towards the person next to him. Maybe they live around here to give him some answers on the weather for later.