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Why do the lines mostly come from Tony? we never know what Steve is thinking, it felt like Tony cares more than Steve do, while "till the end of line" was said from both side

well not necessarily. the ‘you gave me a home’ arguably tHE most significant line you could use to sum them up comes from steve. the entire quote: 

“mr. stark, when i woke up in this era, i had no one, nothing, you gave me a purpose, somewhere to belong… you gave me a home.”

it’s true that as a general thing tony is more the big long speeches guy but of the three other quotes from that answer, it was in the context of tony mourning steve post-civil war. bc u asked me for something that was ‘equal to’ that quote, and i assumed you meant something tragic and epic. 

and ofc they do have those moments but the thing abt stevetony is that they’re not just tragedy and they’re not just heartbreak. the huge otp-worthy status of them doesn’t just come from one great line or one great speech. they’re about the quiet moments in between, the moments of normalcy and everyday life out of the suits when they’re not fighting aliens or villains or the government. they’re about yeARS of trust and friendship and the profound comfort they found in each other that comes to mean the same for them as ‘home’.

they’re about tony knowing steve’s favorite kind of bagel, and sparring in the training room and steve taking tony’s ‘oh i play lots of tennis’ excuse at face value, they’re about tony walking into the room saying ‘good morning beloved’ and steve not batting an eye. they’re about being referred to as mom and dad of the team to their faces by everyone that knows them. they’re the couple that stands off at the side of the room having an argument where a collection of marvel’s most prominent heroes from the avengers, the x-men and the fantastic four look on, making various comments like ‘they love each other’ and ‘they’re the backbone of the avengers’.

they’re about steve believing in tony, believing in him when he needed him most in his struggle for sobriety, standing by him when he was humiliated in front of the UN for being made to seem drunk. about steve fighting for tony’s reputation when people badmouth him because they don’t know know the real him, and not just the person he pretends to be in front of the cameras. they don’t know as steve does how brave and wonderful and kind this man can be. steve acknowledging tony’s resourcefulness when he tells him he needs tony stark’s genius rather than iron man’s strength at a given moment. steve being eternally grateful to tony for opening his home and his life to the avengers and to steve. and tony who never hesITATEs to jump to do something for steve, whether it’s making him a new shield or giving presents in the form of state-of-the-art everything or just spending time with him and growing to become one of the closest friends he’s ever had. and tony’s undying faith in steve the person, not just the shield and the superhero. tony who hangs around after meetings in their early days as avengers just to talk to steve because he likes spending time with him. who takes him to the smithsonian and shows him the future and tells him how grateful he is to have him in the 21st century. tony who fills the rooms of his houses with things that remind him of steve, whose best example of a hero and a good man will always be steve. 

not to mention the number of times tony has sacrificed himself for steve, stopping his heart, giving him cpr and exposing himself to toxic chemicals to save steve’s life. the number of times both of them have had to watch the other die, once or twice in their arms. but they’re always looking out for each other and always worrying about each other, not just on the battlefield with life-threatening injuries but about normal things, like how their day was, or how their latest relationship is going or how they’re handling the stress of multitasking and juggling their responsibilities on the team or with SHIELD or with tony’s companies.

it’s about the way they balance out each other’s flaws because desPITE what hickman would have you believe these two are capable of reconciling in the middle of their differences and becoming stronger for it. it’s about them constantly being shown standing at each other’s sides, as a deliberate move by writers in every avengers run since the 1960′s. whenever a main team line-up has been announced, it’s these two standing at the forefront of the group. 

and yeah, all of this could be encompassed in those four words ‘you gave me a home’ but it’s also sO mUCH mORE than that. i love otp tags as much as the next person but i’m not really thAT interested in summing them in x words or less (esp for a point of comparison to another ship) because wh y would you want to encompass five decades of history and love and tragedy in a mere handful of words.

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Okay but colombus "found" america by accident. Don't blame it on him. Blame it on the spanish (and german) crown, hernan cortez, carlos i and philip iv. It just makes more sense that way

[re: this post]

Uh sorry, but no. To put it mildly, Christopher Columbus was a monstrous human being. He personally had Native people’s hands cut off for “disobeying” him (or just to “send a message”), and he thought that stealing from Natives & enslaving them was a cool idea. Not to mention, he and his crew raped Native American women and children. Christoper Columbus wasn’t some innocent bystander. He was a very enthusiastic participant in establishing the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

So Idk what else to tell you. I mean yeah, ofc we should also blame  governments involved in colonizing and exploiting Native peoples, but Columbus doesn’t get a special exemption. There’s more than enough blame to place squarely on him. (read up)