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wheel of time + @wolfpupy tweets
  • rand al'thor: life is about the journey not the destination, forget about the impact and just enjoy hurtling on fire in a downward trajectory
  • matrim cauthon: if you take a second to think about it, that's one second you have completely wasted
  • perrin aybara: if you underestimate a wolfs ability to wield a weapon just because of a lack of thumbs you will get what you deserve in the end.
  • egwene al'vere: things are going really well for me now that i've changed the meaning of really well to the opposite of what it means in my head.
  • min farshaw: looks like things are always happening once again
  • nynaeve al'meara: i won't do what i'm told, it involves listening to what people tell me
  • moiraine damodred: i did the best i could with the resources i was given, which was nothing
  • faile bashere: stop being so defensive i am just trying to hit you with weapons
  • tuon athaem al'paendrag: who would have thought that 10, 20, even 30 seconds later that the thing you said would still not matter to me, yes time is a cruel mistress
  • elayne trakand: i'm not going to claim that i know everything, i am simply going to act like it
  • aviendha: blood is just nature's red water that flys out when you make a mistake. relax and enjoy the experience for once
  • the dark one: when the sun goes out, the air turns to fire, and the streets run red with blood, i am probably to blame for it
  • asmodean: where people like you see a problem i see opportunity to create worse problems
  • aginor: back in the frankenstein times you could make a monster whenever you wanted, these days you have to have a license or something i guess
  • lanfear: when you get your revenge on someone always immediately hit them with a second revenge, undercuts any counter-revenge or betrayal they have
  • graendal: everyone who died and was killed on my quest to get really good hair and fashion deserved it and i dont care
  • ishamael/moridin: instead of spending all your time trying to make things better and failing you can cut out the middleman and just make things worse
  • the forsaken, generally: i don't want to throw anyone under the bus here unless they are my enemy or betrayer or if it will help me get where i'm going faster

Headcanon that tsukishima falls asleep whenever nothing’s happening. So not during class, games, practice, or anything but whenever there’s a free moment, he sleeps. I mean, he’s always asleep on the bus and there was that time he slept literally on the floor as they waited to play a match. I feel like he just will randomly nap. Like one day the first years are all gathered at someone’s house for a study session and the second they decide to take a 20 min break, tsukishima’s on the floor and napping. Yamaguchi will go out with him to eat and in the time it takes yamaguchi to get his food, tsukishima will have laid his head down on the table for a nap. Luckily, he’s a relatively light sleeper and takes being woken up graciously. But yeah, it’s baffling to people. It’s almost cute too. Which is just all the more baffling.

Domestic yoonmin

Hi. I’m so inactive these days but never think I’m not updated with my royal ship anymore. Random thoughts, here’s a short list to point few of domestic yoonmin.

1. Yoongi once (hmm🤔) stayed up all night talking with jimin about things. I’ve never heard yoongi lose sleep over something that isn’t music.

2. Remember when yoonmin spent chuseok together like bruh jimin traveled hours from busan to daegu when he could’ve stayed home with his family. They rarely get breaks and they see each other in the dorm 24/7 so…

3. Remember when jimin sent yoongi’s mother a bouquet of flower for the opening of yoongi’s family restaurant in daegu. Such a sweet soul I’m emo.

4. Jimin saying yoongi is a great cook and yoongi saying he cooked for jimin sometimes (hmm🤔) and the members seem to not know about this like did he only cook for jimin I wanna know.

5. Did yoongi just named jimin’s dish “min’s potato” I mean if ain’t that husband then idk what. Yoongi called jimin “min” my yoonmin soul is soaring high.

6. The legendary “you know” “I know” on yoongi’s birthday. The biggest mystery in kpop okay I wanna know too 👀

7. Bangtan’s 3rd anniversary when yoongi said he’ll gonna get all the answers right about jimin if he did it. I am clenching real hard.


Namjoon as the most loyal yoonmin fanclub president: when yoongi picks jimin at LTE speed to get him into his team at RUN BTS 2017 ep.20 and says “as expected” I LOVE MY FELLOW YOONMIN STAN BYE


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NCT Boyfriend!Series [Boyfriend!Renjun]

*lowercase and under cut x*

boyfriend!nct series masterlist

  • at first renjun would be kinda shy w you
  • like he didn’t really wanna mess anything up so for the first few months of dating it was kinda awkward
  • by awkward i mean he’d literally be like “ok what now” after asking you out..he’D BE CONFUSED LIKE IT FELT THE SAME AS BEING UR FRIEND
  • so gradually he would start initiating stuff like holding ur hand and cuddling
  • but like w hand holding he’d sometimes just get the urge to grab ur hand but if ur around the dreamies and ur watching movies, he’d prob grab a blanket and ‘pretend’ ur sharing it but use it as an excuse to hold ur hand lol
  • ok so one day he’s at school and u come in late bc u overslept/was sick last night but either way u werent in the mood 
  • and hIS HEAD WOULD SNAP WHEN U SIT DOWN!! he’d be like “omg y/n r u okay??? why didn’t u tell me!! i was worried” 
  • so he would forge a note from ur parents giving u an excuse to skip class and slides it under ur book so u can leave class and when u do he’d come out 3 mins later saying he said he needs the bathroom
  • and then u would vent to him about why u were in a bad mood and he’d feel soOOO bad and he wouldnt know what to do so he would just snake his arms around ur waist and hold u close
  • but bare in mind this is like the first proper/public time he initiated skinship 
  • so u guys were just hugging…in the hallway…for a few mins
  • and he pulls away and is like “i love you so much y/n” and would peck ur lips and you would be like “more than moomin?” with a goofy smile on ur face
  • which was a mistake

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Zach Dempsey x Reader | Paradise

A/N: As requested by Anon. Hope you all enjoy it ! One more imagine request to go. I’m currently not taking any requests until I finish write mid term finals. Be sure to like and follow for more. Feedback is always appreciated. Much love .xx

Warning: minor sexual content

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Here I was, living life in paradise with my boyfriend Zach Dempsey. We were currently spending spring break together in Malé, Maldives. It was quite the dream to be on a beautiful island with a hot boyfriend. You must be wondering how it all started off, well, here goes the story.

It all started about 2 years ago, I was an average student, I did well in all my subjects except for Biology. Science wasn’t my favourite subject then again, that was until my Biology teacher had assigned Zach to tutor me. It felt weird at first that a jock was coming over to my place or I was going over to his for our 2 hour tuition session.

I wasn’t used to this kind of thing, that is being around someone who is known to be popular. I’m a quiet person until you get to know me then only do I reveal my bubbly side. I never spoke to guys in a hurry at school other than Clay since he was the first one who wasn’t a pervert. My thoughts about Zach changed after seeing him for 5 sessions. He was really helpful, he knew his stuff and well, in a way I’m sure you would all agree that when you have a hot person around you it’s good motivation.

That 5th session of seeing him changed everything. We had just finished and as I was packing away my stuff I could feel his stare on me but chose to ignore it. “Thanks again Zach” I said. I stood up throwing my bag on my shoulder and walked to his door. He followed close behind me “Anytime” he said and walked me out. I was just leaving “Bye” I waved him off. “Wait” he stopped me. “What’s wrong ?” I asked. He placed his lips on mine which I hadn’t seen coming, after taking in what was going on, it didn’t take me long to kiss back. It felt good. “I’ve always wanted to do that” he said when we stopped to take a breath. That was the start to Zach and I’s relationship.

I thought for a change that Zach and I should go some place different this year for spring break. We’re always at home or doing the usual movie dates but this time our 2 year anniversary was around the corner. I thought we might as well do something exciting and different for a change. I told Zach about my idea which he was perfectly fine with just the 2 of us going, we had agreed on going to Maldives.

My parents were fine with me going since they trust Zach and they like him too. Zach’s mom didn’t have a problem either since she knew he was going with me and not with bad company.

I’m glad packing for me wasn’t that hard because all I needed was a few t-shirts, shorts, a dress, bikinis and swimsuits with just 3 pairs of shoes. I had packed at least 2 days before so over time I remember what last minute items to put into my bag.

We waved off our parents one last time then went through security and passport control. Zach and I weren’t in the mood to eat so we just decided to wait at the gate. It only started boarding an hour later. The line to board wasn’t that bad since it moved fast, Zach had a window seat as I sat in the middle. When they had announced that the flight would take off shortly, the joy had come to me because their was a vacant seat next to me which means more sleep. After we had taken off I picked up both armrests and laid my head on Zach’s lap - growing up, I could never sleep the night before a flight I guess because of the adrenaline rush - the flight was 20 hrs and 30 mins anyway so I should get more than enough rest.

Finally landing in Maldives, we took a boat to our resort, then after reaching we had checked in and might I say this place was absolutely breathtaking. I don’t feel like leaving here. Zach and I left our luggage as it was, we took a walk to the beach which was literally less than 10m away from our room. We just stood where the singers were and admired the view and surroundings. Clear water and white sand, can this get any better ?

“Okay we can’t afford to waste anymore time, I’m going to change” I blurted and started walking back to our room. “I’ll meet up with you in a few” he said. I tossed my suitcase on our bed and pulled out the first bikini I could find. It was a classic black bikini with a few cut outs on either side of the underwear. I discarded my clothes and had on my bikini bottom and top. Just tying off my bikini top, I couldn’t get the back straps to tie. “Woah baby girl. Are we celebrating our honeymoon later ?” He whistled and walked up behind me, he moved my hair onto my shoulder and tied off my back. “You wish” I turned to give him a quick kiss on his cheek. “Ready ?” I asked looking him up and down. All he had to do was take off his shirt. So simple.

We walked back hand in hand, I took a few steps onto the wet sand to see how cold it is and to my luck the temperature wasn’t bad at all. I then jogged until the water had reached my hips, “Are you getting in or what ?” I asked him. He grinned and took slow steps, when he was at arms length away from me I started splashing the water at him. I knew then I had to run for my life. He literally caught me just when I could turn to run “Theirs no running away from me now” he said and threw me over his shoulder. “Zach pit me down” I whined and started kicking my legs and hitting his back with my fists. “Nah I rather have you dangling like this” he laughed “Of course you do, you’re enjoying the view aren’t you ?” I rolled my eyes.

The next thing I was in contact with the water, Zach had thrown me in. I ran my fingers through my hair to move it away from the face “How dare you ?” I murmured, I was freezing. “What was that ?” He cupped his hand around his ear pretending he didn’t hear me. Haha really funny. The boy thought its going down tonight, well it would’ve if he hadn’t done this. Payback time is on. I was hoping to just relax but thanks to Zach my plans are now all ruined. “You think this is funny ?” I raised an eyebrow and walked passed him to our room. He followed close behind me “Yeah I do actually” he said and started laughing again.

I went to our outdoor shower and ran the water, standing underneath it with my back facing Zach. I slowly loosened the strings of my bikini, I started with my top by loosening my neck and then mid back. My hands trailed down to my bottoms and pulling both strings at the same time leaving the bikini to fall off. Now stood in front of Zach was a naked (Y/N). I felt his stare on my ass “Oh I see where this is going” he smirked. With the water still running over me, I cupped my breasts and turned to face Zach. His jaw dropped. “Look all you want baby because you can see but you can’t touch” I said, then squeezed my breasts and leaving them free. My hands trailed down to my core and slowly back up to my breasts.

I closed the tap and ran my hands through my hair, grabbing the near by towel to cover my self, I stood in front of a horny Zach “Happy Early Anniversary babe ” I said and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“Frienemies” to Lovers pt.6 [FINALE]

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“You should go see him!”  Jungkook suggests.

“He’s always with Mina and at a club. From the time I saw Yoongi, I’m sure he wouldn’t go to the same club twice. But what do I know?” You shrugged.

“Let’s distract Mina and then keep Yoongi in the dorms while you come by.” Namjoon said.

“Sounds like some plan. But who will distract her?” Slowly, everyone turned their heads to a certain mochi. He looked behind himself, thinking someone was behind him but then…

“WHY ME?!”

“She clearly likes you more than Yoongi hyung.” Tae answered.

“Besides she would never suspect it. You’re too soft and pudgy to her.”

“PUDGY! I’m not pudgy!”

“You’re a mochi!” You said with a slight laugh.

“So will you do it?”

“Fine. Only for Yoongi hyung and y/n noona.”

“Thanks Jimin ah.” You smiled as he pouted you, still mad about being the one to distract Mina.

“Now with the plan…”

-time skip-

“Yoongi, you need to come over!” Jin told Yoongi as they were on a phone call. The club music echoed through the phone, nearly giving the elder a headache. But yours and Yoongi’s relationship was at stake and it his job as your best friend to make you happy no matter what. “Jungkook is hurt! You need to come!” Jungkook screamed in the background as if he was in pain and he was. Namjoon broke a vase and Jungkook accidentally stepped his foot in the glass.

“Ah!! Hyung! Help!” He groaned in pain as TaeHyung went to help Jungkook out.

“Why me?”

“Are you really not gonna here for your members when they’re hurt?!”


“Yoongi! Just come now. I’m your hyung, you should be listening to me!”

“I’m coming in five.” Yoongi ended the call as you were nervous.

“What am I gonna even say?!” You ruffled your hair in frustration. “Aish!”

“You’ll be fine. He’ll come back for you.” Knocks were heard as Jimin opened the door.

“Hyung!” He felt like throwing up after seeing her. “N-Noona!” He urged out before swallowing hardly.

“Hey Jimin.~” Mina cuddled up Jimin as Yoongi went to find the maknae, ignoring the two.

“Where is he?”

“Now!” Namjoon called out as Jimin pulled Mina out of the dorms and Jin dragged Yoongi to Yoongi’s room aka where you were. He pushed Yoongi in the room, Yoongi almost falling on top of you, and he locked the door. Yoongi soon realized what happened and when to go open the door.

“Open the fucking door!”

“Doesn’t this seem familiar?” You asked him as he turns around, seeing you. You were just in sweatpants and a hoodie like he was.

“What do you want?” He asked coldly.

“Do you remember when at the club…you talked to me and called me your girlfriend?” He blushed but looked away. You definitely noticed it. “So you do?”

“Yeah. So what?”

“Do you miss me?” You asked slowly. “Why do you hate me?”

“What have I done to you to get hated on!? Tell me!” Oh how the tables have turned. Your anger started to build up and you just couldn’t keep it down. “What makes you hate me?! Why! Tell me Min Yoongi!! Why am I so unlikable to you!!?” He listened to it all as he looks as the anger in your eyes.

“Why do you hate me?” You started to break down, kneeling on the ground and crying. He moved down to your height and hugged you. You gladly took the hug.

“I don’t hate you. It’s just before you came along, I had all m’ feelings set out for me. I loved Mina so much and when you came around, I started getting confused. I didn’t know who I liked anymore. So, I started hating you and hoped m’ feelings for you would go away, but you lived with us and I saw how nice you were with your good taste in music and always caring for everyone. You almost were similar to me in some ways too. M’ just confused about m'self, you know?” He spoke with his Daegu dialect as you pulled apart from him. You both sat on the floor, facing each other. You grabbed his hand as he intertwines it with yours.

“I’m sorry I made you feel that way.” You voiced out. “I guess it wouldn’t help if I said I still like you.”

“What about if we make a deal?” You raised an eyebrow.

“What kind of deal?”

“Are you two okay now?” Jin asked.

“Yeah, let us out.” Jin opened the door, showing you and Yoongi looking the same from when you came in.

“So…” Jin trailed off.

“So…?” Yoongi repeated.

“What happened?”

“Nothing really, we just settled as friends.”

“OH COME ON! Two hours wasted on Mina for nothing?!” Jimin said, not caring about Mina being right next to him.

“Wasted?!” Mina glared at him.

“What really happened?”

“I told we’re just friends now.” You shrugged.

“It’s gotta be more than that.”

“Fine, you caught me.” TaeHyung leaned in to listen. “We…”

“…DIDN’T DO JACK SHIT!” You screamed in his ear.

“OW! Noona! That hurt!”

“Stop getting up in my case and then you won’t get hurt.” You patted his ear as he pouted at you.

“So I guess it’s all good?” Hoseok asked Yoongi.“

"Yeah it’s fine now.” Yoongi went up to Mina as she started to whine to Yoongi. “Mina.”

“Yes oppa?”

“Let’s break up.”

Cue series of burns and maknae line’s screams of happiness.

“You actually broke up with her.” You smiled as you and Yoongi were at the balcony of your house.

“Well, I’m not gonna go travel at like 20 more clubs.”

“Now shall we start over?”

“What do you mean?”

“It was part of the deal, Yoongi.”

“I didn’t know what you meant by start over.”

“I mean let’s let bygones be bygones and click the restart button on this relationship. Start anew.” You tilted his head at him as you question him. “What about it?”

“Sure why not?” He stuck his hand out. “Let’s start with how we met.”

“Okay.” You shook his hand, “I’m l/n y/n!”

“That’s a pretty name. I’m Min Yoongi.” He pulled his hand back with a gummy smile. “Wanna go for a coffee sometime?”

“I’d love to!”


It’s finished! WOW! Which member should I do next? I was thinking Hobi because I haven’t done much with him or maybe I should do Jin..? Something with soulmate AU or what about fanboy BTS and idol Reader?

I hope you had a good day. Bye sweeties!

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I didn’t know how to properly give credit to this but I’ve been looking for a comparison bc I just realized the parallels.
I also read underneath in some of the comments the mention of Beverly buying tampons. With the whole sink incident, wouldn’t it make sense that something big she’s afraid of would be blood? In the book blood came out of her fortune cookie. Beverly is scared of blood and Bill must’ve dreamt it or something to foreshadow this happening to Beverly

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Hello Jakei, we have a question. You were working on a 20 minutes episode of Underverse and it took you so long. Wouldn't it be better if you'd cut your project in shorter Videos like you did before? I mean, they had a duration of 4-10 min. Wouldn't it be easier and less stressful for you? I'm just wondering. (Btw, greetings from germany. We love your work ♡ )

I thought about make just “animated shorts” when I started Underverse, and that was very stressful, because people literally filled my videos with comments like “Too short make a 1 hour movie” “I don’t like it, too short animation blahblahblah” and the rushing was pretty intense. Also if I cut them, the feelings wouldn’t be the same. If the episodes has 10 minutes, it will be 10 minutes, if the next episode has 30 minutes, it will be 30 minutes then.

I can’t calculate a specific duration, but at least I can control it with the script and storyboard

Pro tip: if someone comes to visit you and you offer them food and they refuse, please don’t insist. I know you mean well, and if someone refuses, they don’t do it to offend you, they might just not want to eat, for whatever reason. I just had someone offer me food for 20 mins straight, and by the end I felt like shit, because I just didn’t feel like eating, but they kept insisting. Please please don’t do this. Accept their refusal and move on. Thank you.

contains massive CA:CW spoilers 

Before I start, I want to clarify that it is perfectly okay to hate a character just by not to sympathize with him. You look at the character and just go like “meh” or “whatevs” and continue with your life without trying to justify what don’t need justification.
That being said: What the hell are these “reasons” that tony stark haters are using to explain why we all should hate tony after civil war?

1- He took a child (Peter) for a dangerous fight - First of all: He did not lead the boy to a dangerous fight, he did not think it would be dangerous and yet explained that his only task was to keep himself away and launch web and when in fact the fight became dangerous he sent peter back home

2- He considers bucky dangerous. - You know who else considers bucky dangerous: All #teamironman members. I do not see anyone hating Natasha or Rhodes because of that or even Sam Wilson who also thinks it, but helps Steve anyway. Sharon Carter also thinks it but she is hated for other unjustified reasons. You know who else thinks that Bucky is dangerous? Bucky Barnes. And that’s why he asks to be frozen again until he ceases to be a danger to society. (Oh my god. I love him, he did not deserve it)

3- His violent reaction to seeing the parents’ murder at the hands of the Winter Soldier - You know who else had a violent reaction to seeing his father being killed by the “winter soldier”? T'Challa. And we all understand his actions because we had about two hours of film to watch the changes in his thinking. Tony had like 20 min and that was his initial response (and it was more about the anger he felt at Rogers have hidden the truth from him than anything else).

4 - Being a stucky shipper - bitch me too the fuck. Guess what: just bc you love bucky does not mean you have to hate Tony. i myself am a stony shipper too. i’m such a mess but it does not matter now. They are different characters and although Cap / Bucky / Tony are forever connected to each other, you do not need to hate one to love the other.

5 - Too much tony in a cap movie -  Boy let me start to explain you about what CIVIL WAR is about

I dedicate this salty post to the people who have the audacity to reblog my tony/ stony/ stucky/ cacw edits to talk shit about tony in the tags. bitch you come into mY HOUSE

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cecil good drawer!!!!!!! am salamander but new to drawing. does cecil have any tips for drawing amphibifriends with human hands?

look at reference pictures! cecil collect hundreds of photo that are pretty and nice, and have them next to them when drawing. look at shapes that are common, look at your favourite soft boys. What appealing about them? what shape do you love? a soft round belly? a pudgy wrist? How does that feature look, how big is it compared to other shapes around it. A pudgy wrist will have a small hand, a soft belly might have some little roll or skin folds. 
Look at basic shape first (frog is round mostly but come in narrow where a tail would be, salamander is made of same soft round shapes but longer.) then add smaller shapes (limbs, eyes) then detail (hands, patterns, bumples)

start big, then do detail. do not start with detail. move towards smaller and smaller shapes. If you start with detail you will get lost.

But!! most important advise is this:
everything you draw is wonderful. keep doing a drawing. draw all the time, draw on everything. when u are learning, maybe 90% of what you draw you won’t like. But if you do 100 drawings then that mean that you have TEN WHOLE DRAWING YOU DO.
ten whole drawing you love that you DIDNT have before!
the more you draw the more higher that number is. you start getting more out of your 100 that you like. 15, 20, 50. always drawing. 

Everything you draw is good if you have done it. If it’s not perfect? that ok! if you not like it say “i will give myself another 5 mins but after that i will leave him”. If it not working, move on. draw a new one. If that not working, give 5 mins to work on it some more, then move on. Biggest mistake is to stuck on a one drawing you dont like for hours and hours and hours. better to do 20 sketches you dont like and then work for hours on the one you happy with out of them.

the secret no one tell you is that everyone draw things they dont like. all the time. But you don’t see the ones they throw away. it make it look like the artists you love only do good things bc we only want to show you the ones we love. but everyone mistakes, everyone always learning. any drawing you do is good because you done it, and having an imperfect drawing in your sketchbook is still better than having NO drawings in your sketchbook

So draw draw draw! and then pls show a cecil i love seeing all the arts!

Sep 3, 2017

Today im going to start but for real. I have always wanted to lose weight and tried a lot of different things but they never worked. Maybe because i couldn’t stay fuccus. Like sometimes i would have 3 days eating good stuff and doing exercise and then the nect day i would binge. But that stops today. Im not going to have more than 250kcal per day and im going to run everyday. First im going to just run and then after half an hour running im gonna do HIIT witch means running 20 seconds as fast as you can and then resting like a min. And you repeat it a few times. People told me that helps a lot so im gonna try it. I have a goal and I’ll achieve it!! I really really want to have the body that i want before i turn 18. Im tired of being the fat one in the group. Tired of going to a store and choose always the biggest size. Tired of loving the beach and not be able to go cuz im so ashamed of my body that i can’t wear a bikini without feeling that everyone around me is judging my body and how fat i am. And its so frustrating not liking the way i look . It feels like im a prisoner in my own body . But that’s going to change. All of that is going to be gone for good. Its a promise… and if someone out there thinks similar , that wants to lose weight but need support, you can always talk to me and we’ll support each other. You’re not alone ❤️

Friends who become coworkers suck

Today sucked. I got to work as normal at 10 normally my manger or senior coworker opens and all the setup is done, bread cooked, cookies cooked, an prep on food started. On sundays openers go in at eight and open at nine. Thats a whole hour of uninterrupted work time, an even after we open on sundays we don’t get more then five customers till after 11. Somehow though when my friend had to open today I get in at ten an almost nothing is done and they’ve barely started counting the money for the day meaning they waited till I got there to even open. The only thing done was the line was filled. That means they wasted 3 hours of work on their phone. When I check the oven area all of the bread is in the proofing oven obviously all placed at the same time. Thats 12-14 pans of bread that need to go in the oven at once. Our oven only holds 6 pans… Bread is suppose to be placeed in proofer oven for 72 mins with bread pans placed in every 20-30 so there is a time gap. Then while im trying to save our bread thier like so put this many of this cookie on a pan an this many of this one an so on. An before I checked on the bread I was seeing what we had in stock what needed to be prepared an how much was needed of everything. We had 8 of about 15 things that needed to be prepared before 3. So I said to them we don’t need all 6 pans of cookies because only two of them aren’t full we only need 3 pans a dozen an a half of each. They pretty much refused to listen an made more cookies then could fit in the trays an forced them in said trays which causes cookies to break an any cookie that breaks has to be put in the waste area because we no longer even have an employee discount much less a meal an we aren’t allowed to eat a perfectly good cookie but have to instead throw away a cookie only because its broke. Then when I started prep they sprayed the dishes not washed. Then after an hour of busting my ass to try an catch up before lunch rush our first customer comes in. Only its not a customer but someone they’re giving free food to this is something I don’t know intill after this. Right behind the man my friend jumps on, which should have given me a heads up cause they always drag their feet, is a woman and her daughter/niece/teenager who I grab because the sooner the customer is handled the sooner prep can be done. Unfortunately the woman gets 4 footlong sandwiches. As i start to cut her fourth one my friend is handing that first man his sandwich. I assumed he paid and went back to my customer and started thier last sandwich just as I place the last piece of meat on it the door dings. I look up to great another customer just to see both my friend an that man halfway down the parking lot. I get over it because I have a job to do an go to ask the woman what kind of cheese I should put on her fourth sandwich she interrupts me an says she would like another one the sameway. I do so smilingly grab the first 2 out of the toaster an place the second two in the toaster then immediately start the fifth footlong. As soon as I fold the bread open the bell rings a man comes in behind him is a family of six. I finish her order fast got her rung up then went to the man who precedes to have me cut him bread then change his mind as to what kind he wants 3 times i finally get it in the toaster then jump to the family of six who want 10 sandwiches 4 6" the rest footlongs, the bell rings one more time its a crowd of 10-12 people amongst them two of my regulars who came directly after the family. The toaster goes off after I get 3 footlongs cut while greating a crowd, I jump to it the man is now on his phone talking to someone I practically had to demand his attention mean while another group has come in an my line is now out the door with at the very least is 25 customers in line. When i finally get mister phonecall out I bust ass an get on through the order of ten starting my regulars a the two customers behind them. All this an runing to an from the cooler, registrar, an sink in between. When i finally get to the last group of customers a group of seven old ladies only are left in line when my friend comes trailing behind two more customers. My friend mozies thier way into the back an then drags thier feet only to jump on the people im working with an tries to shoo me to the register. I hand off the ham and proceed to fill the rest of the meat and get the next orders form the men and then one more group comes in. Its handled fast if sloppily on my coworkers part after we get them all taken care of we clean up the front an go in the back. I wash my hands and start prep because were out of things on the line and have no stock anymore. My coworker grabs the sprayer then thier cell rings an proceeds to walk off an have a conversation for ten minutes. I was mad so I started working harder on the prep when they lent against the table an straight up smelt of weed. Theres a whole conversation here between us when they pretty much ask me why im mad that they had only been gone a few minutes. I almost fucking cried then told told them that they had actually left for 48 minutes right when lunch began. They got pissed, i then said i just want to get this shit done so i can leave at 3 then they were like im not because i cant do anything right im just a fuck up. Then im like dude. We are at work that means we work not just pay attention to my phone all day. Bottom line somehow they got to leave early after skipping an jagginoff. Im so 😖.

Timed Prompt (20 min)

  • Prompt: Photo (below)

He kicks his feet up with is phone in his palms as he watches a video on youtube. He chuckles. Amateurs. The short videos online are filled with overly exaggerated motions and expressions, and Kyungsoo knows he could do better. The short film he’s currently watching was uploaded moments ago by the aspiring actor Baekhyun who is also his rival within their university. He couldn’t stand the guy but always finds himself watching the new releases on Baekhyun’s channel.

He sneers, lips quirking into an expression of disgust. Ugh. This movie makes him feel as though he’s losing brain cells, so he switches to something else. As he does so, the door to his dorm room swings open with a loud bang, and he startles.

“Chanyeol, what the fuck dude?!” He swings his feet onto the ground.

“Yea yea, it’s not like you were doing anything,” Chanyeol strolls further inside and sits on Kyungsoo’s bed.

“It’s common courtesy to knock you ass. Next time, I’m locking my door,”

“Why isn’t it already locked?” Chanyeol asks with an eyebrow raised.

“Because most people around here know how to knock.”

The other chuckles, “I just think you forgot. Your mind is everywhere…How’s the filming coming along? Did you get the part you wanted?”

Kyungsoo’s face turns grave as he thinks back to the day of his audition.

He entered the facility with high hopes and a smile. The preparation needed for such a role took him weeks upon weeks until he felt satisfied with the results. He knew every line, even the parts for the other roles. There was no way he wouldn’t succeed in gaining the part as the lead protagonist of an upcoming film. However, there was competition. Not only did Baekhyun show up with his overly cocky grin, but so did Jongin.

Now Jongin, Kyungsoo would attest, had more talent than the blabber mouth youtuber. But Kyungsoo would never admit that. Jongin sprouted from nowhere and took the film industry by surprise. Kyungsoo surely hadn’t heard of him before, but the young man knew how to work a room. As they entered the interviewing process, he noticed Jongin’s charming smile and easy going nature. Wherever Jongin walked it felt like light followed behind and his steps blossomed flowers underneath his feet. He was a pretty boy with all the right social skills and body language. The women were smitten instantly, and so were a few men, including himself.

Kyungsoo was certain that the role was his, but when Jongin showed, his confidence began to waver. Rightfully so, as Jongin stole his aspiring role.

“No, Chanyeol. I didn’t get it.” Kyungsoo flops back into his chair with a sigh. Chanyeol frowns.

“Hey, you’ll get it the next time…” he thinks for a moment before a smile stretches his cheeks, “I know they’re showing your favorite movie in the university theater. Should we go?” he suggests, and Kyungsoo turns his head slightly. The actor’s eyes examine the ceiling as an amused smile creeps onto his face.

“Alright, fine.” Kyungsoo says as he shakes his head.

While walking out of his dorm, Kyungsoo abruptly collides into someone who sends him staggering back into Chanyeol behind him.

“The fuck man? Watch whe-” His voice trails off when he sees that Jongin is standing in front of him, “Jongin?” the name leaves his lips without his knowledge.

“I’m so sorry,” Jongin bows, his cheeks flaring a brilliant shade of pink, “I-I was actually looking for you…” he brushes his nape.

“Me?” Kyungsoo asks.

At this point, Chanyeol walks around his figure to leave the actor behind. He shoots Kyungsoo a ‘call me’ with a wiggle of his fingers in a phone like gesture near his ear. Kyungsoo darts knives with his eyes at Chanyeol for leaving him alone with the very person who stole his shine, his everything, his pride and joy, his role.

Yet, the way Jongin appears is different. Almost seemingly shy, and this is quite surprising.

“Yes, you,” Jongin chuckles a bit, cheeks glowing even more now, “I was wondering if… if…” he tapers off, rubbing his palms together with uncertainty in his gaze.

“If?” Kyungsoo says, he really doesn’t want to speak with this guy.

“If maybe…you would like to go out sometime?…I mean if you want…” Kyungsoo doesn’t think he’s heard correctly and blinks, flabbergasted….

Roman Bürki deserves the world he was the only player that went from the top to the bottom which means he was greeting all the fans. He was so kind it was really a pleasure to meet him also he really cares about his fans I have to say that after today seeing how he tried to give the fans some love back and unlike others who went away after like 5 mins he stayed for like 20 mins and that is why i love him even more now bc he’s such an amazing person