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Ok so what if aliens don’t have a concept of hiccups? like they understand laughter, but they don’t have diaphrams so they’ve never experienced a diaphram spasm from laughing too much. and then they witness a human hiccuping? but not one of those squeaky ones, i mean the huge, heaving, gasping ones. the ones that take all of the air out of you and make you cry, but you can’t stop because the hiccups themselves make you laugh. and the alien flips the crap out because oh my lord Zarp’s tenticles the human is dying!!! but then are confused because the other humans aren’t doing anything? the hiccups are making them laugh harder? 

just a thought i had, feel free to add on if you like!


Gonna need extra help on making bills this month - I’ll need $300 in the next week so I’m opening ink sketch commissions.
They’re done quickly on 5x8" sketch paper, usually have them done within 2 days of payment depending on queue and communication with the client.
$30 for a single figure on each page. Add +$10 for shipping if you would like the original drawing.
These are all for personal use, meaning, you won’t be reproducing it as shirts, stickers, band logos, whatever.
Additionally I am selling originals. All above images (except the skeleton knight) are for sale. Several other pictures in my blog are also available.
Any questions or to claim a commission or original drawing can be emailed to morgangrobles at gmail dot com.
Please reblog. Thanks for your time.

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Pepper, can I make a post about Cassis in Undertale Amino Brazil? Please!

Heck yeah you can! But, I suggest to waaaait a little (Maybe until next week?) cuz I’m making some random facts about all my children (Except Blueprint) so you guys can now them better while you wait for their “Let’s meet” and will add them to my queue. So, if you want to have more info, just wait!

I mean, I bet chu guys didn’t know Cass also has those holes in his hands 9v9)

An Explanation

This is my attempt to clarify what this blog is and in what context you should view it, taking into account criticisms I’ve received in the past.

It is no mistake that many of you assume I’m a dickish, 20-something philosophy major dude when really I’m a teenage girl. If you spend time learning and/or even just talking about philosophy, you run into quite a few of them, so I’ve tried to blog as a characterized version of the group. (Additionally, a lot fewer people call you stuff like “stupid cunt” when they think you’re a bro-y dude.)

This whole blog can in some ways be seen as my own silly little referendum on philosophy in general–I find philosophy has many valuable elements, but its elitism is detrimental to its own cause and I think a little light hearted mud-slinging is good for the conversation, especially with the devisiveness of modern academia.

In regard to the posts I reblog, I use a program called Queue+ (if you wanted to know where the proceeds from my t-shirt sales go, they allow me to use the full version). It maintains the level of content my followers have reacted best to without my having to be constantly online, however, if you have any experience with the extension you’ll know that in mass queuing it’s easy to add posts to your queue that have a message you don’t intend. It’s then very difficult to weed all those posts out when your queue is 2000+ posts long. So in the case that posts like this get reblogged, I try to delete them as soon as possible (it’s easiest if someone lets me know ;D). On the other hand, I have also been scolded for cracking jokes about ideas my followers hold in high esteem, and I need you all to know this–just because I mock it here does not mean I do not value it, just that even the greatest ideas sometimes need to be poked fun at.

I try not to get involved with the discourse and clapback culture as I generally find it totally unconstructive and leading to a sort of public shaming Jon Ronson has written a very good book about. But, if I have reacted in such an immature way to one of your posts and some of my followers have given you trouble about it contact me. I will do what I can to end it. I don’t condone the sort of harassment that I know I could in a moment of weakness incite here.

Some have questioned my stance on mental health issues in the past, which I assume has to do with my tendency to occasionally reblog self-deprecating, nihilist type memes. Here it is important to remember the commonplace nature of memes like this in the memeing community, taking into account the commonality of mental illness amongst the bloggers. I, for example, suffer from depression and an anxiety disorder that manifests itself largely in obsessive compulsive tendencies (my maintainance of this blog included), but am currently at a pretty good place thanks to getting on the right meds and a lot of time spent in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. If you are in a bad place I encourage you to seek such treatments out. At the same time, to me, as to many others with whom I’ve spoken, “nihilist memes” expressing and finding the melodramatics in our own negative thoughts can be very cathartic.

On the topic of tagging, perhaps the most divisive of the issues discussed here, it is true that I do not tag much. I tag my original posts topically, but following in the footsteps of the booty diaries I keep most of my reblogs unmarked. This arises partially from the technical difficulty of tagging posts I have mass queued, but in an even greater way it arises from my own discomfort with the issue in general. My rationale is essentially this: I reblog neither graphic imagery nor extremely hateful language–the kind of things that would require a warning before appearing on the evening news–so if my regular feed of posts is not appealing to you, then you should turn it all down. My unfiltered quality is one of my strongest characteristics in real life and I would like to continue that avant garde style on my blog. For whatever it’s worth, it’s important to me; and necessary to this feeling authentically mine.

Beyond me, there are more individuals who contribute somewhat sparingly to this blog. They–and the subtle distance I put between this blog and my actual self–are the reason I will sometimes use the pronoun “we” to refer to the creators of this blog.

Which brings me to the main point of this blog, fun.
It’s fun to take long respected material and combine it with contemporary jokes not just my teachers will understand. It’s fun to mock the annoying bros I know irl while also having an opportunity to be “just one of the guys” for once. It’s fun to invest so much effort and time into something that feels so mine and to have other people enjoy it.

Thanks, @fuliajulia


hallo. so. ive been extremely lacking of photos of murdoc, not to mention their note count has slowly diminished. until we get another music video that i can use for the blog, im gonna leave on a hiatus. nothing bad, just until then i wont be posting anything on here. sorry. 

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Why do you always tag with 'I owe queue so much' ? What does this mean ? (Yeah, I'm not from an English-speaking country)

dhdjfjfjdkkwiekwjw posts with this tag come from my queue (in case you don’t know/don’t use it, it’s a feature on tumblr where you basically add posts to a list and the queue will automatically reblog them for you throughout the day).

I don’t always use it it just seems like I do sometimes since I’m not always on so almost of the posts are coming from the queue, like when I’m at work and such

As for the tag itself it’s referencing John’s line in the Reichenbach Fall when he says “I was so alone and I owe you so much”

attention artists of tumblr

I’ve been seeing a lot of those posts around recently that say “reblogs help an artist gain more exposure”, and that’s absolutely right. the more I read about it, the surer I am about my decision.

I will not be liking any more art - simply reblogging.

there won’t be a change to my blog. i’m not going to spam you with art. i’m just going through all of my likes and un-liking the pieces of art I previously liked, only to add them to my queue.

why am I letting you know this? well, there’s some art here that has very few notes on it, and the artist would notice a change. i’m telling you that just because I un-liked it, it doesn’t mean that I dislike it. I still love the art. don’t worry friend. <3

also because reblogging art does so. much. more. for the artist than a simple like. it lets so many more people see it. it does so much more for the artist. I love the artists of tumblr and I will do anything I can to support them, as much as I can.

this has been an announcement ty for reading :D

Things I as an ELP fan pledge to do

There’s a lot of love and goodness on this site in regards to the ELP fandom. But I would like us to be a model fandom. Someone critic once said the only ones stupider than the band themselves were the fans. Let’s prove them wrong on both counts. Therefore: 

  •  I will do my best to remain respectful in my comments about all three’s looks. Greg Lake has been dragged for his appearance or objectified ENOUGH.
    • That is not to say that being attracted to them is wrong. It’s wonderful to be and is quite understandable. But if there’s something I would feel uncomfortable saying in the presence of Aaron Emerson, Damon Emerson, Mari Kawaguchi, Elinor Lund, Regina Lake, Natasha Lake, or Carissa Palmer, I will keep it somewhat private.
    • If I do in fact have the urge to share something NSFW or even suspect looking, I will tag it as such. I am not asking for a fandom purge here, because that would be wrong, many of us on this site are adults, and this is not 1620s New England. But I will tag it appropriately. 
  • I will not send other fans anon hate. I will not send them public hate. If I disagree, which some of us will at some point because we are only human, I will remain respectful. This goes for all fandoms and all issues. 
    •  I will not ever suggest someone commit an act of violence against themselves. This goes for all fandoms. This goes for all issues. We lost one of our brightest stars in part perhaps to this. Whenever I see ELP fans taking part in this behavior it makes me ill. We ought to do better.
  • I will quote my sources and cite them. If there is a rumor I will try to link it to the source. There are enough lies out there about each of them. I won’t be part of the problem. 
  • I will be receptive to the ideas and opinions of others. Should I disagree, I will discuss with them in a civil manner. 
  • I will not knowingly perpetuate falsehoods and work toward contributing to a more complete and truthful picture.
  •  I will ask for permission if I know a source of a photo/fanart/anything. If someone comes to me claiming something I have posted is theirs, I will not be an asshole. I will apologize and give them credit, or else remove it.
  • Teasing is fine. Teasing is fun. Mean-spirited teasing is not. 
  • Most importantly, if I dislike something someone in the band wrote/said/did, I will be mature about it. They too are only human, and I can think of examples from all three. But again, I will be mature about my disagreements. I will not use language I would’ve used in a fight on the playground in elementary school.

Feel free to reblog this, and add to it as you will. 

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((I love it how you add souce to all the pictures. How do you do it?

Mod: It’s pretty simple really. What you do is go to Google images

And you’ll see this

You click that little camera and you’ll see this

Once that comes up, just copy paste the URL or upload the image from the other tab you see there. Soon enough, you’ll find the source.

Let me find an example

See how this is unsourced?

Just right click on it and click on “Copy image URL”

Once you do that, go back to here and paste

Then click “Search by image” and you’ll see something like this

Sometimes you’ll see something automatically put into the search bar, but that’s ok. But sometimes it’s completely irrelevant to the image, so you can take out part of it or just retype it and press enter and everything will be fine.

See? Just fine. Now to try and find the image. Most images are from deviantart, so stick to that first before going to pixiv or tumblr. Weheartit, polyvore, pinterest, imgur, and instagram are not sources (sometimes instagram but most of the time they’re just screenshots that have been filtered).

And there ya go! See, it was on the first page too. Sometimes it’s a few pages down, but most of the time it’s within the first three.

Then you go to the image that’s there. After making sure that’s the picture, and that it’s one that the person actually made (on occasion people on deviantart just upload art that isn’t theirs. I’ve encountered that a few times. Just inform the original artist and report the art thief). Once all is good, copy one of two links. The one at the top in the URL bar, or the one that you see beneath the details of the image that goes along the lines of “——-“

Then you go back to the unsourced art (I tend to save them in my drafts in case I make a mistake). Highlight “Source” and then click on that insert link button (it looks kinda like an 8 or infinity sign)

Paste the link and then press “insert link.” I generally check off the little box to be considerate to other users in case they were checking out something on their blog.

Once you see that’s underlined and that those two little icons are glowing, all is well. That means the link was included.

Then you can chose whether or not to save the draft or post it or add to queue or anything else. I post tend to post after I source, but everyone is different, so do whatever floats your boat.

TADA!~ It has been done. You can even ask the person to source it, but they generally don’t do it. And if you ever see your own art put up, just go to and you can report the person for putting up your work without the source. Tumblr will also take it down along with all the reblogs.

The process is actually really quick, like 30 seconds to a minute or so, the tutorial just took a while to make.

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.


I mean, barely - but oh well…

For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently in my last year of high school. So in three months, I will be done with school forever. I can’t wait.

Which means two things;

1. After three months I will have so much time to post things and keep this blog active and updated 

Originally posted by myelvandar

2. I will continue to hardly post anything until those three months are over… 

Originally posted by sonkitty

So until my final exams are completed, I’ll try and add a bunch of things to my queue once a week but if that doesn’t happen then I am really sorry about that :(

ANNNNDDDD to help me help you guys, if any of you have any pieces of art/posts/literally anything Avatar: the Last Airbender related that you want more exposure for - send them my way! I am more than happy to reblog your content! You can either directly message me a link or you can also email me at :)

Just thought you amazing people should know that I do still love this blog and all of you ♥

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More fics with Theo and Fred plsss love your blog ❤️💖

Hermione x Theo is one of my favourite pairings! I love Fred, too, so rest assured there are plenty of fics with them in my queue, and I’ll be sure to add some more in soon! In the mean time, if you haven’t already, you can just search up the character in my blog search bar, since I tag all my fics with their pairings and some basic themes, and look through the ones I have already posted :)

14 Ways to Annoy Your Barista
  • 1. Grab cups/lids/straws off the espresso bar. Stop. Those are NOT for you. I will not be afraid to tell you that you cannot take them.
  • 2. "Oh, I wanted that iced. You can just pour it over ice." NO. Specify at the register. I cannot pour hot milk over ice- hello, health code violations!
  • 3. Asking for cups of ice/utenstils/bags/etc at the bar. I have a queue of drinks and I'm in a rhythm making drinks. Don't you DARE roll your eyes when I ask you to wait. I will get it for you- as soon as I'm done pouring a cappuccino.
  • 4. Come behind the bar/counter. For some reason, people at my store LOVE to come around the edge of the counter, and grab everything from straws to CUPS OF ICE for themsleves. Stop it. What makes you think it's okay to stick you nasty hands in an ice bin? I will not hesitate to lecture you like a child.
  • 5. "Well, Starbucks does it for me!" This is NOT Starbucks. Do you see green aprons or sirens anywhere? I don't think so. No, I cannot alter your breakfast sandwich- it's a health code violation. I don't care if Starbucks does it for you. No amount of tantrums or "well they did it for me last time I was here!" will persuade me.
  • 6. Bringing dogs inside. If it's not a service dog, out. I am not letting my café get shut down, because Fido can't wait outside. No, you cannot hold him. No, you cannot order coffee and we'll bring it to you outside. And if you ask me if we can "pretend he's a service dog" I will ask you to leave.
  • 7. Cups of ice water. We keep complimentary water with cups out at the end of our bar for a reason. We have better things to do, instead of getting you a large cup of ice water.
  • 8. "Oh, I'll have my usual!" We see, on average, over 400 people a day. I remember, tops, less than a quarter of them. Nine times out of ten, we don't know your usual order. Don't get pissy because your favorite barista isn't working, and you can't remember your damn order. You're an adult- act like it.
  • 9. Add modifications at the bar. If you ask for extra shots/syrup/whipped cream/etc. at the bar, I WILL charge you. This is not free, and asking at the bar doesn't mean you'll get free modifications. I will make you walk of shame back to the queue, to pay for your modifications. You wanted an extra shot, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle? That's over $2 in modifications. You're paying for it.
  • 10. "I want...."/"Give me....". Excuse me? Were you born in a barn? Use your manners- please and thank you. Basic courtesy here, folks. This goes hand in hand with people who respond to."Good morning! How are you?" with "Small coffee".
  • 11. Coming up to the counter on your cell phone. Firstly- don't you DARE hold your finger up to tell me to wait. YOU joined the queue, you order when you're at the register. Common courtesy, folks- mute your call or get off you're phone when you're ordering please!
  • 12. Throwing your money/card on the counter. Excuse you, my hand was less than six inches above the counter. Was that really necessary? I will take my time counting your changing, and facing aaaaalll your bills. You are welcome.
  • 13. Paying with exact change. This isn't a big deal- until there's a line to the door, and you're digging pennies out of the bottom of your purse. You are holding up the queue. And you are the type of person who usually doesn't tip.
  • 14. People who don't tip. Food service? You better tip. Drip brew or hot tea, it's not a big deal if you don't tip. But if you have a large order, or a drink (drinks!) with multiple modifications, you better tip for your extra shot, extra hot soy latte with no foam and two and a half equals.
Mod Post

Originally posted by quandtaspasdeviesociale

My roommate decided to let me have his older laptop when he got a Mac. Which means I can finally take the blog off of it’s annoying hiatus and get posts churned out again! 

My old one sadly got to the point that typing anything at all would freeze it up, so doing lengthy posts just wasn’t a possibility for me anymore. I’m also going to start doing posts on a Queue which means I’ll have to add them to the Masterpost later, a bit of an unfortunate downside but it works out a little easier than having to make sure I hover on the blog 24/7

OOC: I’m working on drafts, but I am putting them in the queue because they’re really starting to pile up and this will give me some time to get through them. In the mean time though, I’ve been rereading H.arry P.otter and I’ve been kinda wanting to add S.everus S.nape to my blog. Yes? No?