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10.13.17 - Blackhawks vs Wild: Jonathan Toews attempts a spinorama, trips over Brandon Saad, does a spinning tortoise move

“You seem very put together and secure in one self so I’m going to ask you this, and I would prefer it wasn’t publicly posted. Even if you don’t respond, that’s okay, but at this point I feel like I would appreciate a wiser person’s perspective. My boyfriend and I broke up, which may sound petty, but the shitty way I feel is not. It was because he was too overwhelmed to put effort into it. What would you suggest is the best way to move on from said breakup? HOW DO YOU PURGE YOURSELF OF EMOTION”

I asked this reader for permission to pull her question out of my askbox and answer it publicly because it seemed like it might be useful to more than one person considering becoming an emotional robot.

Dear Unnamed Reader,

First: you’re not going to like my advice.

Second: you don’t have to take it. I’m really only adequately equipped to give advice on how to be more like me, and trust me, sources are widely divided on whether this is a good thing. 

Third: I don’t think your turmoil is petty. One thousand ships have been launched in the name of a bad break-up.

Fourth: You ask me how to purge yourself of emotion. I reckon this must mean I don’t look like a hot mess on the internet, which is good to know. But I assure you that when something pings my emotional radar, I feel all feelings at level 11. Example? This morning, I gave Lover a ride to an errand. We took my old Camaro. On the interstate ramp, I put the car through its paces and experienced the burst of joy that comes in third gear at 4400 rpm. Once the car had settled, I realized Lover was staring at me. “God,” he said, “can you be any more happy?” No. No, in fact, I couldn’t. Emotions are binary in Maggie Stiefvater. You should have seen me when I first heard Two Door Cinema Club’s “Sun.” I almost died from happiness. 

But that also means my negative emotions are dialed to 11. I don’t often get upset — I’ve just become so unreasonably plucky that I assume all woes are transient, so whatevs. Because of my outsized belief in my ability to problem-solve, I really only get upset when I feel powerless. 2015 turned out to be the year of powerlessness: terrible things happening to friends, to my family, in the world. I finally broke last weekend over a comparatively tiny thing —a news article printed stuff about me that was so hilariously not true that I thought no one would believe it, particularly as the truth was still perfectly findable. But they did. And I couldn’t do a thing about it without stirring things up more and getting yet more messages telling me how glad they were to see me shot down from my Raven Cycle induced high blah blah etc. A minuscule thing — but yet more powerlessness after a year of epic powerlessness. I proceeded to launch 1,000 emotional ships. Work ground to a halt. I listened to Kygo’s remix of Matt Corby’s “Brother” 62 times in a row without pause. I sat under my office desk, only emerging to give in to to my OCD, which demanded, among other things, 17 clothing changes in 8 hours because SEAMS GOD THE SEAMS WHY. I blew a deadline. I flew to Colorado. I exceeded the speed limit in a rental Nissan that was not meant to exceed the speed limit. I blew another deadline. I paced until I couldn’t feel my knees. I thought about how I’d ruled out self-harm as an option a decade ago. I returned home. I sat on the shower floor for a very long time. I failed to sleep. I could have pretended that I wasn’t hurting, but — 

Fifth: you cannot cut out the sad emotions without cutting out the happy ones. 

Sixth: I am a disgustingly happy person. I fucking love life. The number of things in life that please me daily continues to astonish me, considering how terrible the world is. But I’m a happy person because I’m also sometimes a wretchedly sad person or terribly angry person. If you want to live life turned up all the way, you have to be open to the possibility of both joy or despair. 

Seventh: which brings me to the advice you’re not going to like: being miserable right now is not a bad thing. What you’re feeling is a valid response to a situation that you feel powerless in. It’s horrible. But you feeling genuine pain now means that you can — and will — feel genuine happiness at some point. Agony and joy come from the same place: being emotionally invested in your own life. 

Eighth: The way back to happiness is getting out of the cycle of powerlessness — basically, finding a place you can have agency again. Your misery is going to want you to find a way to be powerful in your current miserable situation. If you’re anything like me, you’ve rehearsed a few thousand options in your head. Calling him and winning him back. Making him feel as sad as you. Sending ugly greeting cards to his mother. Anything that would make you feel like you’re not completely helpless. But you need to find something else that you can be the boss of. Remind yourself of the things that make you feel like a badass. It doesn’t matter how silly or stupid they are. It can be as difficult as a project that you think will change the world, or as easy as playing a song that always gets you high. Do that.

Ninth: Do not listen to Kygo’s remix of “Brother.” It will not cheer you up.

Tenth: There is no tenth, but I really wanted one. So eat more leafy green vegetables.




i like seeing you laugh

please tell me i’m not the only person in the world still thinking about passe på meg. i think of it as their little private i love you scene.

Isak and Even are two teenage boys. they don’t often sit down to discuss the intricacies of their relationship, they don’t verbalise every feeling. they don’t verbalise it, but we are shown it. when they hang out in mekke øl and hjernen er alene, their conversation is sometimes inaudible because the focus is not on what they’re saying but instead on how they make each other feel. they make each other laugh. they make each other laugh a lot. they make each other shine. maybe their jokes are hilarious, or maybe their jokes are terribly unfunny, it doesn’t matter, because dating someone who makes you laugh doesn’t mean you need to date a comedian, it means dating someone with whom you vibe so well that their mere presence relaxes you, being with them makes you laugh. we see that a lot with Isak and Even. good vibes and good laughs. how being around each other is effortless because they can just be.

so when Isak touches Even’s lower lip and says i like seeing you laugh, it’s a casual remark, but it’s also this this intimate, honest confession, because that’s how they make each other feel, they make each other laugh. and he likes it. he doesn’t have a word for it yet, but he knows the feeling’s good. they’re good. you don’t always need to say i love you. sometimes making them laugh is better. when the night is dark and heavy, sometimes laughter is the only way out.

so that’s the i love you of a boy who is young and learning and figuring things out.

i was there to meet you, on the other hand. it should be this dramatic moment, a plot twist, a huge revelation, a guarded secret that Even has kept inside all this time, finally ready to let it unravel. and yet it’s anything but. it’s a nonchalant statement, it’s a how was school we’re running out of toilet paper it’s pretty windy today by the way i was there to meet you. Even’s kept it a secret for so long because it’s not a secret. he says it like he’s stating the obvious, because to him it is the most obvious thing, nothing has ever been more clear to him. the possibility of him having been there for any other reason is nonexistent, and it’s ridiculous that anyone would think otherwise, especially Isak. but i saw you on the first day of school is different. it’s more quiet, half a whisper. Even becomes gentle and pensive, like he remembers something, remembers that first day of school. because this is the part that is not obvious to him. this part where he is lying in bed with the boy he saw on the very first day of school, wearing his clothes, wearing his smell, wearing his kindness and his patience and his understanding. this the part that is maybe a dream.

and my favourite part? it’s Isak’s little ‘oh’. that’s literally all he says. he doesn’t ask Even to elaborate, doesn’t ask any questions, where exactly did you see me, what was i doing, what did you think, what, when, why why why. just oh. and then he smiles. because he believes it. he accepts it. two weeks ago he was ready to believe that everything was a lie because what would someone like Even ever see in a boy like him. now he knows better. he believes it, he accepts it, and he relishes it. and then they smile at each other, because that’s how they make each other feel. they make each other laugh and smile. and it’s good. whatever this is, it’s good. it’s good, yeah.

Thoughts on Nursey’s Parents

So a while ago in the stream chat, the “Nursey has two moms” headcanon came up, and N was like, “That’s wild. I mean, it’s always been that Nursey’s dad is white and his mom is black, but okay.” (That’s paraphrased.) And obviously his parents have never appeared or even really been mentioned in canon, so headcanon away with the 2-4 moms, etc., but I’ve been thinking about how the more canon-based version of his family could give us the character we see enter Samwell as a frog.

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*outside of a bar*

Bill: *drunk and giggling* O-okay, I’ll-I’ll-I’ll *wheezing from laughter* I’ll call him.

Bill: *fumbling to dial Stan’s number*

Richie: Okay, when he answers you’ve gotta say something mean Bill.

Mike: This is a terrible idea.

Ben: *laughing and tipsy* shhhhh, Mike! It’s gonna be hilarious

Stan: *groggy and quiet* hello? Bill?

Bill: pfffft, haha.

Stan: Bill, what’s going on? It’s three in the morning?

Bill: I know, I’m supposed to insult you, hahahaha

Richie: Don’t tell him that! Just do it!

Bill: Stan you’re gay!

Stan: Bill I came out two months ago.

Ben: *falling over with laughter* Say something else!

Bill: Stan you-your-!

Mike: I’m so sorry Stan


Richie: *facepalming*




Stan: … Bill, um, what?

Bill: I thi-ink of-of you like Rich-Richie thinks of Eddie. Li-like real-really gay.

Mike: Oh dear. Bill give me your phone, you’re cut off.

Bill: Mike-mikey noooo. I’m-I’m te-te-telling Stan tha-that I’m in lo-o-ove with him.

*at Stan’s house*

Stan: *is having a heart attack*

Eddie: *wakes up* Stan what’s going on?

Bev: Bill just got done telling the class that he’s gayly in love with Stan

Stan: *still having a heart attack*

Eddie: cool *goes back to sleep*

*outside of a bar*

Bill: *has been drunkenly lamenting to Mike about how beautiful Stan is and what he’d like to do to him*

Richie: *covering his ears* LALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU

Ben: *peeing on a tree*

Mike: Goddamnit. I’m friends with fucking animals.

In retrospect, Critical Role is pretty much all of my favorite things in one package, so it’s no surprise I got into it the way I did. Like, here’s a story that’s entirely based on a rejection of the grimdark fantasy tropes, that’s about hope in terrible times and love and rebellion and the family you make for yourself, that’s about well-meaning fuck-ups finding strength in each other and doing amazing things. It’s got the hilarious behind-the-scenes cast stuff built into the structure of the show. It’s got three female leads with deep and varied and complex motivations who’re allowed to be angry or upset or happy without getting punished by the narrative. It doesn’t give in for long to the temptation of lazy storytelling or characterization; assumptions get flipped on a regular basis. The most important-to-the-story and fan-adored recurring NPCs are a gay sorcerer, a bisexual wizard, and her paladin girlfriend. And the fanbase volunteers to do amazing stuff like calculate running statistics throughout the show or transcribe whole dang episodes just to make the show deeper and more accessible and more fun for a wider audience. 

It’s not perfect, but it’s improving steadily, and there are 265 hours of just straight-up gameplay to watch, with another four hours or so every single week. It’s absurd. What a cool thing that exists.

anonymous asked:

Hey :) Do you've got any domestic Thiam headcanons?

Theo cannot cook for shit at first. When he first moves into the Dunbar residence he starts three fires trying to cook himself ramen. Liam thinks it hilarious, Theo thinks it’s pretty fair considering he hasn’t had an oven in ten years.  

Liams pretty terrible too. it’s not that he’s bad, I mean, it’s edible but not exactly delicious. Mrs Geyer and Dr Geyer teach Theo to cook. they don’t really mean to but once Theo settles in a bit more he hangs out in the kitchen a lot. It started because he needed somewhere to study where Liam wouldn’t just barge in and start talking to him and he realised that Mrs Geyer would tell Liam off if she caught Liam trying to talk to him while he worked so he just started sitting with them while they prepared dinner. then started helping. He’s still not great but it’s more slightly tastier than the stuff Liam makes so they’re both happy with it.

Liam rolls his eyes at Theo wearing his clothes all the time and will half-heartedly complain but he really loves seeing Theo in his stuff. Liam mainly wears Theo’s clothes when he’s away, he’ll find a hoodie and pull it on, burying his nose in the collar as he mopes around the house.

Sex everywhere. No room is safe. No surface is clean, if someone went in there house with a UV light it would light up like a pervy Christmas tree.

They both hate waking up and will lie there awake and cuddle in the grumpiest manner imaginable for a good half hour before they finally move.

Theo does most of the cleaning. Liam’s not dirty but he’s just..not as used to picking up after himself. At times Theo wonders if Liam even knows you’re meant to clean the oven or wash the bath. Liam’s idea of tidying seems to be throwing everything into the laundry basket, hoovering and shoving the crap he doesn’t know what to do with in a draw or beneath his bed.

Theo has a bad habit of neglecting things like the need to sleep until he finally just crashes on the closest available surface. Theo can sleep anywhere. Like, at all. Liam’s found him asleep in the shower leaning his head against the wall. He’s tripped over him when he’s fallen asleep on the floor a few times too. Liam doesn’t exactly give Theo a bedtime when he realises but he does lure Theo into bed and then curl around him like an octopus to force him to stay there. Most of the time it works and Theo will fall asleep, sometimes it doesn’t and Liam will wake up to Theo staring at the ceiling mind miles away as thoughts flicker behind his eyes.

They’re honestly such soft assholes when they’re alone. Not in words, they’re still snarky but they touch constantly. Theo will settle his head on Liam’s lap as he plays the newest single player video game. Liam will drop his head on Theo’s chest and pick at Theo’s shirt as they talk about their days.
Theo hooks his chin over Liam’s shoulder and hugs him from behind as they wait for their food to cook.

They’re both comfortable sitting for hours in silence, doing their own thing, if that thing doesn’t involve Theo trying to study but there are also countless nights where they’ll talk until sunrise, voices raspy with sleep as Theo plays with Liam’s fingers. 

After they say it Liam gets into the habit of saying ‘i love you’ every time Theo goes out or vice versa, Theo starts doing it too after a while. Even after arguments, when one of thems storming out fuming they’ll spit out a bitter “i love you” as the door slams closed. they both know all too well how quickly things change and don’t want to risk anything happening to the other without them knowing that even if they’re an asshole they love them.


As someone who specializes in jackass characters (i.e. evil, bad, morally corrupt, etc.) I’ve been meaning to make this guide for all my fellow roleplayers trying their hand at harvesting their evil seedlings. I hope you enjoy my guide and it helps you. If it doesn’t, though, at least you laughed due to my hilarious commentary.

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moodboard by my loves @jeons-jalebi and @igot7bangtanbaes

This one is for you Shan @kpopfanfictrash. Here’s to wrecking biases, BBH style.

“Just leave. Leave now and don’t look back. There’s nothing left for you here”.

You breathe deeply, tears stinging your eyes as he stares back with a similar sentiment. You’re lying through your teeth of course. Here is where you are and here is where he belongs.

He must know this too because before you can turn to leave, he grabs your wrist and pulls you into him. He only lets you savor the anticipation brought on by the proximity his body to yours for a brief moment. “How can you say that? You’re here and that’s always been more than enough for me”.

Hands sliding through your hair he brings you closer. Without another moment wasted on falsities and facades, he kisses you. He kisses you as if it’s the one thing he was made to do.

You sigh, body softening in his grip as your lips meet his. This is everything you’ve ever wanted, he is all that you need…

and then..


A voice rings out and you pull away, head still spinning from that kiss. You turn immediately to face the source.

“This is wrong. It’s all wrong. Y/N, you look like you’re in pain up there. This is the most pivotal scene of the show!”.

Baekhyun treads up the stair to the stage, arms crossed over his body and cursing the theatre gods under his breath while he approaches you.

“This is the moment that the main characters finally get to taste happiness and you couldn’t look less interested,” he huffs. His brow furrows in disappointment and it’s all you can do not to throw your arms in the air and walk out.

You’ve been here for hours. And not that you mind kissing Jongin over and over again, who could really? But you’re exhausted and nothing you do seems to please your director.

You were warned he was hard to work with. He’s brilliant and young and talented beyond his years, but he’s a perfectionist and has no problem letting his cast know the full extent of his genius at any given moment. To put it kindly, he was intimidating.

And now you are the focus of his displeasure.

“It felt like she was pretty interested to me”. Jongin looks at you, a small smirk forming on his lips and you can’t hide the excitement that illuminates your face.

Since auditions, You and Jongin have shared this incredible chemistry. He’s basically a  flawless individual; lips full, skin soft, eyes brooding, body strong and beautiful. Not to mention a smile that blinds. Sharing a stage with him, kissing him, it fills you with an immense energy and wanting every time.

You think he feels the same. He’s always saying things like that, flirting with you after rehearsals and god, when he kisses you the way he does, it’s hard to believe it’s just for the show. But still, he’s yet to ask you out.

Baekhyun interrupts your little moment with a chuckle, rubbing his temples in frustration. “Jongin. Go home, get some rest. You’re excused for the night. Y/N… Stay”.

Jongin shoots you a look that tells you he’s sorry for bailing and you you reply with an accepting nod. Although you hate to see him leave, your sole focus is on the deep pit in your stomach.

Baekhyun is disappointed with you and now there’s going to be no one around to help soften the blow.

“Goodnight,” Jongin calls out, slinging his bag over his shoulder as he exits the theatre. Now all that’s left is you, Baekhyun and the bright lights that illuminate the stage.


Baekhyun motions you towards the set furniture at the back of the stage. First curtain goes up in three days and nearly everything is in place to make it a roaring success. Everything except this scene.

Opting for the lounger, you sit. You exhale softly as to hide your worry. You can’t let Baekhyun know the kind of power he holds over you. The will to please him is something you can’t quite comprehend yourself. You’ve been in plenty of shows with plenty of talented directors but something about him makes you want to be your best self. He brings out a nervousness in you that wills you to be great.

You tense when he chooses to sit beside you. The fit is snug but he doesn’t seem to mind. Immediately he puts down his script and turns to face you.

Your pulse quickens as you take in his boyish good looks. Were he not so talented at his current profession, he would make for a phenomenal stage presence. His face was meant to be seen and admired by the masses. And yet, he opts for a life just outside the limelight.

“What’s holding you back?”.
His voice his calm. More so than you expect and it’s then that you feel yourself ease up, even if only for a moment. “How do you mean?”.

“Fuck. Is Jongin a terrible kisser? Is his breath bad? Do I need to say something to him?”.

Without warning, laughter erupts from deep in your gut. It’s booming and hearty and pulls the corner of Baekhyun’s lips up into a smile that mirrors your own. Jongin is none of those things. The thought alone is hilarious in nature. If he is anything, it is sickeningly perfect by all accounts.

“There. That’s the first time you’ve loosened up all night. Why am I not getting this from you in this scene? I know you’ve got the talent. I want everyone in the audience to see that too”.

Baekhyun looks at you with a sincerity so deep that it almost hurts. It’s like he sees everything in you wish you could find in yourself. Your greatest fear is that you won’t live up to the expectations you’ve held for yourself all your life. Not only in acting, but in every facet of it up to this point. But Baekhyun sees what you want to see. He sees it and the look in his eye shows you a glimpse of it too.

Suddenly, you’re speechless. You want to thank him, apologize, do anything at all except sit there next to him with your mouth agape like a fool.

“Why don’t we try running through it together. And this time, Y/N, just relax”.

When he smiles, your heart races. Run the scene… this scene with him? The director? It would be a lie to say you hadn’t thought about kissing him more than a few times. He’s absolutely breathtaking. But to actually do it? The thought made your stomach flutter.

“You… Me?”.

Your jumbled thoughts surmount to the silliest half sentence any child could throw together and instantly you want to slap yourself.

Again Baekhyun laughs only this time his hand finds your knee to give your a reassuring touch. And then, it’s as if lightning strikes.

“Yes… Me… You,” he teases. “Let’s start”.

You nod and he removes his hand along with the intense sensation that accompanied it. Whatever it was, you’ve never felt anything quite like it.

Clearing your throat, you begin. “Just leave. Leave now and don’t look back. There’s nothing left for you here”.

For whatever reason, the words flow from your lips with a naturality that you hadn’t yet attained until now. You actually feel the pain your character is experiencing and it’s crushing. You feel it in every inch of you, filling you with a despair that rang through in your expression.

Baekhyun sees it too and he fights the proud smile that threatens to cross his lips as he continues on with the scene. He reaches out, gently threading his hand through your locks to bring you into him.

Forehead resting against yours he breathes, never breaking eye contact except to stare down at your lips. Again, his touch is shocking and thrilling all at once. More than anything, you want more.

“How can you say that? You’re here and that’s always been more than enough for me”. He quotes softly. He swallows, seeming to be equally affected by the closeness as you and briefly, you forget that this is just a scene in a play. For a moment, he’s just a man confessing his deepest feelings and you’re just a woman wanting him too.

When he kisses you, it’s as if everything else around you disappears. The scene calls for a kiss, one brief kiss and then a longing stare into your partner’s eyes as the curtain drops. But this, this kind of kiss calls for more.

Baekhyun feels it to because just then he opens his mouth and wraps his free arm around you to move you even closer. You mirror him, parting your lips to welcome a deeper, more intimate contact, nearly gasping when his tongue finds yours.

Heavy breathing and curious hands ensue as you and Baekhyun give yourselves over to the scene. “Y/N,” he pants when he pulls back. He’s stroking your side with his knuckles, trying to apologize and steady his breathing all at once.

When you kiss him again, he’s equal parts surprised and ecstatic. He welcomes it, pulling your body closer to bring you on his lap.

From there it’s a haze. Baekhyun’s lips are on your neck, his hands on your hips as you press as close as humanly possible. You hardly recall how he got you out of your clothes and vice versa, but when he flips you onto your back and hovers above you, you can’t find it in yourself to care.

Baekhyun takes his time, kissing down your body, humming in approval as you writhe beneath him in bliss. You call his name, wanton and airily when he finds your nipple, licking and sucking the soft flesh there. All the while his hand continues south, tracing a path down your stomach and rendering you immobile from desire.
He removes his mouth to look up at you, eyes full of a white hot want, asking permission before removing your final piece of clothing.


Hearing you say his name like that is all he needs to slip his finger below the waistband and slide the lace down the length of your legs.

Eyes trained on your center, he groans at the sight of you wet and willing to take everything he has to give. “God, you’re so beautiful”.

Before you can respond he wraps his arms around your thighs and dips his head between them. Surely if anyone were to come into the theatre at this moment, they’d get a show they weren’t  expecting but for now, the thought doesn’t seem to matter.

You almost can’t bear the feel of his mouth against you. The build up itself has been so satisfying that as soon as his tongue darts out to taste, you nearly lose it.

Baekhyun moves languidly, tongue circling every which way to have you completely coming undone. When he finds your clit, your shudder, hands finding his hair to tug him up. You want to come, but not like this. Not when there’s still so much more you need from him.

“I want you,” you beckon.

Baekhyun doesn’t need to be asked twice and within a moment’s notice he’s between your thighs. He coats himself with your essence, teasing your entrance as he kisses you with a hunger that makes you weak.

Impatiently, you buck your hips forward, moaning into his mouth in the hopes that he’ll put you out of of this euphoric misery and take you already.

When he eases into you, you break away. A noise you aren’t quite sure is human leaves your lips when he hikes your thigh up and around his hip and pushes deeper to fill you.

“Oh fuck,” he swears when you bring your other leg up and force him even closer. He stills briefly, attempting to compose himself before pulling back. When he sinks into you again, it’s faster, more calculated and utterly mind boggling.

He bends to trap your lips with his, tongue exploring as his hips begin their beautiful assault against you. With each stroke, you find your mind fogging and body screaming with absolute bliss.

Baekhyun is everything and everywhere all at once and it now makes sense to you why the scene never worked before. Everything that held you back evaporated the moment Baekhyun touched you and now, as he fucks into you with a blinding passion, you know he really does make you better. He completes you in a way you never knew you needed.

Just as you’re on the precipice of your high, Baekhyun slips a hand between you, stroking your pearl to leave you cursing and calling his name as you come.

Nails in his back and eyes screwed shut, you let the spine tingling release wash over you like a warm wave. When he finishes behind you, you accept the weight of his chest against yours, each of you struggling to collect yourselves after such a feeling.

You lay like that for a few moments; Baekhyun kissing along the top of your shoulder, whispering soft praises against your skin. When he retracts and nestles beside you, he smiles. The kind of smile that tells you he’s just as high as you are right now.

There’s something here, an undeniable spark that’s sure to burn for quite some time after this encounter. Even though neither of you say it, the understanding is there. You are his and he is yours. Maybe it had been that way all along. Maybe the wanting you felt up on that stage was for him all this time.

When Baekhyun speaks, it’s softly. He pushes the matted hair from your face and brushes his thumb along the glistening skin of your cheek.

“I want you this way always. Magnificent, free and fantastically mine”.



This is going to be long. I need to vent and grieve…

Chester Bennington has died.

I feel like I have lost someone who loved me when I was very young. Who reached out to my small lonely child self, with his pretty voice, nice face and sad songs and told me that he was my friend.


Chester’s death is layered with so much heartbreak, there are so many levels to how horribly sad the whole situation is. I felt like I was unable to grieve properly because I found out while I was staying in a travellers hostel in Portugal and I was crammed in with a lot of strangers. I’m home now and cried a lot while drawing this. 

When I first saw that Chester and Mike were guests on Good Mythical Morning, I put off watching it, not sure why. I think because I knew watching them would stir up a lot of very old emotions about the band that I wasn’t ready to feel again. That night he died, I was lying in a three tiered bunkbed, surrounded by nine sleeping girls from all over the world. I watched the GMM episodes, I stopped and started about four times before I actually played them through to the end.

And something surprising happened, I laughed, like, out loud. It was so funny, I had to put a hand over my mouth to shut up.  It was fun and so silly and goofy, they were having such a good time singing stupid parody songs of their own music, singing about Cheetos and Pot Noodles. They were so funny. And happy? Sure, it was sad of course, but more so it was just nice. I think it is so important to …how do I say this, remember the stuff thats considered un-important? This was a silly, goofy family friendly YouTube breakfast show, but I felt the grief being healed from my body. 

Chester killed himself. He did. It happened. He felt such terrible anguish in one small moment that he couldn’t see any other way out, it happened, it shouldn’t of happened, so much should not have happened, but it did. But that does not mean that the happiness and joy he experienced in his life, those moments, were in anyway false, or untrue, or changed in anyway by what happened. 

Life is full of sad moments and happy moments. The good moments don’t fix or prevent the bad moments, and the bad does not ruin the happy times, or make them un-important or of no value.  These things don’t cancel each other out, that’s just the way it is. So when someone dies in a terrible, devastating way, still, try to celebrate life. Chester, like many others, had hard experiences in his life, he may have had a bad beginning and a bad end, but this does not mean he had a tragic life, or one without happiness. 

Remember the good, goofy, silly and fun moments, the important moments, that’s what I want to do. This was a clever, creative, hardworking, hilarious, empathetic, talented artist. So here’s to you, my friend. From the first time I stumbled upon you singing on some giant tower on TV, with no knowledge of who you were, what your name was, what the band was, or the name of the song. To the last, when you sang a song about Global Warming and flaming hot Cheetos while pretending to play an untuned bass with Mike rapping in between trying not to laugh.

Good Mythical Morning spent the last year making me feel safe and not alone in the adult world. A lifetime ago, Chester Bennington, my first ever crush, made me feel like someone loved me. I will never forget you.


Who Should You Fight: KBTBB Edition

Eisuke Ichinomiya: It depends on the situation. He has a lot of resources to take you out, but if it’s just hand-to-hand combat? You might be able to win. He’d probably break a nail or something. Only fight Eisuke in certain scenarios.

Soryu Oh: What the fuck dude. He’s a mobster, he can wipe you off the face of the Earth. Not only does he always have a gun on him, but have you seen how hard and high he can kick? Do not fight Soryu.

Mitsunari Baba: Baba’s definitely more of a guy to slip away from a confrontation if it might lead to an actual fight, so he probably doesn’t have a ton of experience. He’s also got a thing about not hurting girls, so he wouldn’t fight back much. You can fight Baba.

Ota Kisaki: He’s a pretty boy and super thin, you can take him. Plus he’s always treating you like a dog, so you’re bound to snap sometime. He’s more about speed than strength anyway. Fight Ota.

Mamoru Kishi: Don’t let his slacker attitude fool you, this guy is a beast when it comes down to the wire. He fought a ton of cult members that held you hostage with like a stick, the dude can go rogue. Plus he’s a cop, he’s fought plenty of times. Don’t fight Mamoru. 

Luke Foster: I guess you could fight him, but why would you want to? He is a confused space cadet that loves kitties. Yeah he’s hella strong when he’s all post-surgery tired, but 90% of the time he’s chill. If you go for it, you’ll have Eisuke and Soryu coming after you too. I don’t advise fighting Luke.

Rhion Hatter: What is wrong with you? He is so Pure™  and innocent and small. Does not have a bad bone in his body. If you feel the urge to fight him, look at your life choices. Why 

Shuichi Hishikura: Dude’s smart and cunning, but looks can be deceiving. He’s stronger than he looks. Being best friends with Hikaru for so long means he’s picked up quite a few moves along the way. It would be a close fight and I think he could likely win. You probably should’t fight Shuichi.

Hikaru Aihara: He’s a former assassin, this is a terrible idea. Don’t let his youthful look glaze over the fact that the man is capable of killing anyone in his path. Plus he’s young so he’s got a lot of stamina. It’s your funeral if you fight him lmao

Game of Thrones: Season 7, “Dragonstone“ Review!


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My father and I are finally caught up with all Game of Thrones seasons leading up to this and we are ready for Season 7! Here are –

My Top 10 Thoughts on Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 1:

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10. Oh SNAP! So, Arya chooses to put on Walder Frey’s face…let’s hope she disinfected that first before putting it on…

In any case, she basically slaughters House Frey single-handedly. So, is Arya taking the place of Lady Stoneheart from the books? I’m down with that…although, girl, maybe you shouldn’t have revealed that you could wear people’s faces in front of those daughters of Frey’s. Eh? Still, that line:

“Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe.”

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9. Anyone else getting serious Hidalgo vibes from the horde of White Walkers approaching through the snow?

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Oh yeah, and White Walker giants may be the most terrifying thing ever.

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8. So, Sansa and Jon have fundamental differences on leadership. Sansa has the vengeful, but popular choice. Jon Snow, of course, is as stubbornly old school as possible…please, please, let Sansa and Jon get along. That means stay out, Baelish! But we all know that won’t happen. Ugh.

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7. Ahh, the finally awaited reunion of Cersei and Jaime. Damn, the tension is cutting. Cersei is clearly sliding off the deep end without her children to take root to. Jaime is clearly panicking because he thinks they’re going to lose…and it does look like a losing side, BUT then, Cersei says, “Do you think I listened to my father for 40 years and learned nothing?”

And then…

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6. Euron Greyjoy showed up! And, uhm, oh snap, is Jaime getting tossed aside for Euron? Clearly, Euron is unhinged…he’s hilarious, but so zany for Game of Thrones! I can definitely see Cersei ending up, even though she rejected his proposal, changing her mind and jumping alongside the crazy boat ride that is Euron. And if so, uhm. Uhm. Is there hope for my BrienneXJaime ship?

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5. The adventures of poor Samwise Gamg– I mean, poor Sam. Man, can we all agree that Sam’s job is basically what we all experience starting out at the bottom of the workforce ladder? We think it’s going to be all magical–

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–and then we get to a very terrible routine –

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–but then, Sam makes a Maester friend while dissecting a corpse; a friend that raises existential questions about the end of life and days…and then Sam steals that friend’s keys, and we’re left wondering what will happen.

Sam’s life’s the most complex right now, basically.

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4. Sansa and Brienne are ladies with one-sided douche lords stalking them…Brienne is trying to have that heart-to-heart with Sansa, like, “Gurl, let that messed up man go…you can do better!” I really hope Brienne gets Sansa to see eye-to-eye with her.

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3. So, Ed Sheeran cameos as a soldier…I’ll be honest, when Arya rides up and hears singing, I was really hoping that it was Gendry singing. I mean, we’d all like it to be that much of a dream scenario. Of course, it’s just some soldiers who share their wine and meat with Arya, and laugh at her notion that she’s going to kill the Queen. Oh boys, you have NO idea who you’re messing with!

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2. At first, we see The Hound and the Band of Brothers riding to a snowy hut to take shelter from the snow…The Hound doesn’t seem to notice, at first, but isn’t that the SAME house where The Hound stabbed the father and left him and the daughter to die? It was shown in the flashbacks…so I’m guessing that’s it! Creepy circling back around, that’s for sure!

Creepier still, is that The Hound can see into the fire! He sees things in the fire…does this make him special? In any case, it seems to make him more compassionate, because he seems to remember the family. He goes out at night and buries them in the snow. He even says a few words…is this really our Hound?!

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1. JORAHHHH….Jorah, Jorah, Jorah the Explorah! He’s at the Citadel…with Sam, so clearly, as long as he stays sane long enough, he can fill Sam in on information about Dragonstone, Danaerys, and hopefully get the Dragon Glass from there to Jon Snow…perhaps this is how Jon’s going to end up meeting Danaerys?

In any case, Dany’s finally home, after six full seasons, she’s back to her birthplace, with her Dragons, and army, and a full season of events yet to unfold!

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Overall, a great start to the season! Arya’s story line is still the most sporadic and weak for me, but now that she has the Frey’s out of the way, that will hopefully open her story line up for more fun and shenanigans as she makes her way to King’s Landing!

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alright so i know i ought to take a break for the sake of my own health at this point (and by health i mean skincare cause yall give me acne) but i’m terrible at shutting up. so one last thing:

the fact that the majority of you seem to think that me speaking out against the bullshit and micro-aggressive behavior black girls like me have to face in this fandom is simply more ammo to ‘defend yourself against’ in this stupid ship war is truly hilarious, but also infuriating.

me saying that kallura is not the worst thing in the world is me defending ALLURA, my favorite character in this show, first and foremost.

princess allura is a black girl character unlike one i have ever seen in mainstream media before.

~ i go into detail about that here and this same topic was even discussed in a ‘black girl nerds’ article here 

but anyone who knows me, and follows my other sideblog fuckin knows that i’d been hoping to see keith and lance be happy boyfriends in a wholesome and romantic relationship on screen since before this fandom could decide on a ship name for them. i’m fuckin GAY, you weirdos. no duh i understand how groundbreaking klance being canon would be. it’d mean the sun and the moon to non-straight people of color everywhere, including my own damn self.

but the fact is that this fandom took the wonderful concept that is “klance” and perverted it and toxified it AND have been using faux progressive arguments to use this ship as a reason to shit on allura — who again, is a character that means a lot to black and brown girls in this fandom for myriads of reasons. so yes, fuck all of you from the bottom of my gay black girl heart 💞 !!

and i don’t speak for any other black girl but myself, so if you’re mad about this perspective take it up with me, you cowards. don’t bother any other black girls in this fandom, my inbox is open.

kallura may never be canon. who fuckin knows. who fuckin cares. neither will some of the few truly wholesome ships in this hell fandom like hunk x keith or hunk x lance or nyma x shay. does it really fuckin matter? as long as the ship isn’t normalizing abuse or pedophilia, let people ship what they want. god.

and no, kallura is not toxic, you guys can’t even decide why you hate it. and that’s exactly what this post is about.

i defend kallura occasionally on this blog solely because this is an ALLURA BLOG. and kallura is the one ship involving allura that actually has some potential to happen on screen. if you want to reduce everything i say as me participating in your dumbass ship war, then go ahead. i couldn’t spare one fuck.

anyway. popular anti-kallura arguments and my response to them all under the cut. all in one tidy text post for easy consumption — screencaps included cause i’m a perfectionist and i want all my posts to look nice ^^

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So probably I have too much time on my hands atm, but I need to talk about this scene for a quick minute:

[.gif by carolpeleiter]

A thing is that I happen to think it’s one of the most underrated Caryl scenes that exists.

The backdrop to what’s happening here is so important, because for all of us who ship it like Fedex, it’s easy to get lost in the shippy perfection of this episode and forget where the ep fits into the larger context of the show.

Carol has been banished by Rick, spent three and a half minutes thinking maybe life could be “normal” for a second, found Lizzie standing over Mika’s dead body, shot Lizzie, and offered her own life to Tyreese as atonement for killing Karen and David (not to mention killing a bunch more people in order to save all of Team Family at Terminus).

Daryl has watched Hershel be murdered, thought he and Beth were safe for three and a half minutes, hung out with the nighmarish Claimers, offered up his own life to save Rick, Michonne, and Carl, and been about thirty seconds away from having his throat slashed so he could watch his own life bleed away in a trough.

They’ve had a rough couple of weeks.

But then we get the quiet of this ep, and the entire episode takes place pretty much in two layers. First, there’s the obvious action – the plot. But beneath that surface so many currents are flowing, both Carol and Daryl simmering with emotions they’re not yet willing to directly address.

This tiny scene functions at face value as some amusing banter, a way to lighten the tone of what in so many ways is a deeply somber, sad episode. (Every time I watch it I pretty much want to marry Bear McCreary, omg the music.) Daryl hilariously mocks the painting, and Carol – most likely just to be contrary, although perhaps she merely has interesting taste in art – insists that she likes it.

And that’s where level two comes in. When he says “Stop” in response to her insistence that she actually appreciates the painting, she replies with, “I’m serious. You don’t know me.” She only uses those four words, but what she really means is:

“You have no idea about the terrible things I’ve done. If you knew the choices I’ve made – if you could see everything – you’d probably be running away at top speed, because at this point even I can’t be sure I’m not a monster who deserves to burn in hell forever.”

Without missing a beat, Daryl responds with, “Yep, you keep tellin’ yourself that.” But what he really means is:

“I’m fully aware by now that I don’t know the whole story of what happened while we were separated. But I know your heart inside and out, and no matter what you think you’ve done – no matter what kind of horrifying punishment you think you deserve for your imaginary sins – there is nothing in this entire universe that could make me love you any less.”

And she smiles. An absolutely for real smile.

Because although she’s not even close to forgiving herself, there is some kind of bone-deep comfort in Daryl’s words, in the knowledge that he will always believe in her, even when she’s lost all faith and ability to believe in herself.

She can’t love herself in this moment, but this tiny exchange shows her that he unquestionably still can

And idk, to me it’s just everything.


UNKNOWN’S ROUTE - Mystic Messenger Christmas DLC

Just sharing how I got Unknown/Saeran’s ending in the Christmas DLC
I’ve read somewhere that you have to miss all the chats in Day 1 to get the Saeran ending. I tried that twice, it didn’t work. This, however, really works.

1. Get Seven’s route.
- this means you have to get as many hearts from him as possible. If he’s a participant in a chat, it’s easy to get hearts from him. Just choose the troll and hilarious answers and it usually gains a heart from him lol. HE ALSO DOESN’T LIKE CHRISTMAS. He has a terrible past about it or something. So if the chat comes to a point where you have to choose about how u feel about xmas, choose the option that says you’d rather be alone or something like that. The emo one will give hearts from Seven lol.
- if he’s not a participant in the chat, just try to distribute the hearts equally to the other RFA members. You’ll get hearts from Zen if u choose the romantic answers and compliment him (of course). You’ll get Jaehee hearts if you choose answers that tells her not to work too hard and get some rest. Yoosung hearts - Rika obviously lolol. And Jumin hearts - if u try to be as business-like and reasonable with the answers.

2. On day 2 aka Christmas day, you’ll know ur on the right path if you receive a text from Unknown asking you where the event is going to be.
- Tip: save your game before you answer his text about the date and/or location of the event. (see second picture)

3. If Unknown asks you for some information about the event, give him the information he’s asking for. This will lead him to text you more.

4. If he continues to text you and you continue to reply truthfully to his texts, you’re going to get his ending!

On the other hand, if you did not answer his texts asking for information about the event on Day 2/Christmas Day, you’ll get Seven’s route. (This is why i advise to save before answering - see tip above - so you can get Seven’s route without having to go through Day 1 again)

I just want to say thank you to you all for over 300 followers!!!  Tbh I never thought this would happen from just a few silly trimberly doodles, but honestly it’s been a real motivator for me lately and having people comment on and like my art has just made me feel so much better about my art skills.  Thank you all!!!!

Special thanks to some people I think are cool:

@somebody-elsee (thank you for such nice tags on my art), @helb0w (u a pretty cool nerd), @never-forget-viva-la-pluto (dude I miss u), @trmberly (ur tags r really relatable and hilarious I stg), @valkurion-transverse (a wonderful writer and all around swell gal), @flawedvictori (u were like my first friend on here and honestly ur support means a lot to me), @hatsune-miku-was-here (thnks for dragging me back into vocaloid hell), @the-effin-mitchell (ur super duper cool and so are your fanfics), and @ivebeenexposed (I talked to u like,,, once but I still think ur cool sooooo)

(if I forgot anyone I’m sorry!  I’ll do a proper friend post thing one day… just not rn cause I’m tired lol

anonymous asked:

i really like hearing you be bitter about comics bc its. hard for me to get into them so it's like? bypassing all the bs and just quietly not really not knowing whats going on and going "well that sounds really cool gad dang" bc that sounds like the typical experience with none of the heartbreak

it’s funny because i’m always warning people that i don’t really read many comics and i’m actually a terrible comics fan who doesn’t know shit about shit, but then someone (by someone i mean @elvensemi) will say something about the x-men and i’ll go on a tear for like an hour summarizing five years of comics in order to explain why gambit successfully seducing an energy being who used to work at a gas station is simultaneously hilarious and completely unnecessary because he never should have been dropped in the arctic to die in the first place

“i don’t actually read that many comics, idk if i’d call myself a comics fan per se” - me, the person whose grandpa owned a comic shop, who read through at least ten boxes worth of comics in middle school and has over a thousand comics on comixology and has written 200k of comic fanfic

I see a lot of pro-Snape defending him against anti-Snape by listing all the good things he did and by explaining why he turned out to be who he is. And it’s fine thumbs up for you guys! But…Am I the only one who absolutly LOVES Snape BECAUSE he’s an asshole and BECAUSE he terrifies kids and BECAUSE he’s an amazing ball of sarcasm? Yes he’s a terrible teacher but…his sense of irony is hilarious? He bullies Neville and of course I don’t support this kind of behavior irl but in fiction it’s very VERY fun to read/see? I don’t get why it should be forbidden to like a character BECAUSE he’s a despicable human being. Me loving a character does not mean that I’d support his actions irl… Why do a lot of of anti-Snape seem to fail to get that? (I’m not bashing on anti-Snape, you guys are free to dislike any character you want, but most of the anti-Snape arguments I see are bs)