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Marichat May Day 10: “What If?”

“Your turn,” Marinette said as she took another macaron from the plate.

Chat Noir tapped his chin thoughtfully. “Hmm, okay, what if you found out I’m actually Chloe Bourgeois when I’m not transformed?”

Marinette sputtered on the water she had been sipping. “Are you saying you are?!”

“Tsk, tsk, Princess, you know that’s not how we play this game,” he winked.

“Fine. If I found out you were actually Chloe, I probably wouldn’t be that attracted to you anymore.”

Chat Noir’s eyes widened. “A-atrracted to me?”

“Tsk, tsk, kitty,” Marinette smirked. “My turn. Let’s see…what if I told you I’ve drawn you on more than one occasion?”

“Is it because you’re attracted to me?” he beamed.

“More that I seem to have a weakness for blonde hair and green eyes. I wouldn’t take it personally.”

“What other blonde haired, green-eyed foes must I defeat to win your affections?”

Marinette tapped his nose playfully. “That’s not a ‘what if’ question.”

“Fine,” Chat Noir huffed. “What if you were to tell me who else holds your heart, Princess?”

“I don’t think that really counts.”

“I used ‘what if’. That’s literally the only rule of this game.”

Marinette shifted uneasily. “Maybe we shouldn’t play anymore.”

“Sorry,” he ducked his head sheepishly. “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“It’s not you, Chat…it’s just…I have this stupid crush on a guy that I don’t actually think anything will happen with but I can’t seem to let it go. It’s annoying and embarrassing and I would feel stupid telling you that he’s the one who ‘holds my heart’, as you put it, because he’s completely oblivious to the fact.”

Chat Noir leaned in, tucking Marinette’s hair behind her ear. “Then he’s an idiot.”

“He’s not,” she argued.

“What if I told you you’re beautiful?”


“And smart and talented and funny and–” Chat Noir’s words were cut off by Marinette’s lips pressing against his. The kiss was short and sweet and both teens were blushing by the time they pulled apart.

“What if we did that again?” Chat Noir smiled, leaning forward. 

Day number 160!

I know it’s today!

Double Trouble: Pep Talk

Hello lovelies! I’ve been getting some messages requesting more Shawn and Jo so I decided to write some more about them and their twins Raul and Lori. This takes place somewhat in the future… hope you enjoy! xo

“Mommy, Mrs. Johnson said the family tree project has to be done until Tuesday!” Raul is looking up at Jo with his big green eyes, blinking hopefully while Jo is frowning, looking at their huge calendar in the kitchen where they would jot down all the appointments and birthdays.

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Hate You (Wonho)

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Chapter 2

Previously: |Chapter 1|


Wonho x Reader

Genre: Romance

“Well, you’re no ray of sunshine to be with either,” Wonho grumbled. Instantly, rage flowed through me. Maybe I wasn't a ‘ray of sunshine’ to him because he was constantly rude to me. Constantly irritating me. Who does he think he is?

I stomped past the shelving unit on my way to him. He’d decided to stretch out on the love seat. Selfish bastard. “Excuse me?” I waited for his reply while he leaned his head back against the wall, but all he did was close his eyes and laugh. Nothing angered me more. ”Why are you ignoring me,” I demanded.

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19: “Did you do that for me?”

The skateboard slipped out from under Craig’s feet for at least the third time that afternoon, and he huffed a long string of curse words under his breath. Clyde stuck a hand out, helping him up. He swatted his friend’s hand away, not in the mood to feel like a charity case. From a few feet away Tweek let out a sharp whine, clutching at his hair.

“Craig?” He called, concern lacing his voice. “Are you alright?”

Craig flashed his boyfriend a thumbs up, thankful that he hadn’t opened any new wounds during the fall. His knees were already stained with dry blood from his previous falls, and the whole thing was just generally kind of gross. Ugh.

“Craig, you don’t have to do this.” Clyde reminded him in a whisper. “Tweek is already dating you, dude. You don’t have to impress him.”

“Yeah!” Token agreed. “We all know the kid adores you.”

Craig sighed. It wasn’t that he wasn’t secure in his relationship, because he and Tweek had been going strong for almost five years now. It was just that…Tweek was incredible. He could act, he could sing, he could play the goddamn piano. Craig spent so much of his time in awe of his boyfriend, and he just wanted to be on the other side of that for once. Maybe the skateboard just wasn’t his thing.

“Besides, dude.” Clyde added. “You really suck at this.”

Craig groaned. He knew this, too. Fuck! He was making himself look like a complete idiot.

“Craig?” Tweek cried again, looking about ready to succumb to heat exhaustion. “Can we go now?”

“Yes!” Clyde answered for him, pumping a half hearted fist into the air. “Clyde out!”

“Don’t say that.” Token muttered as all three boys began strolling toward Tweek. Craig clutched the skateboard under his arm, making a mental note to return it to his sister later.

“Craig!” Tweek scolded as soon as they were close enough for him to see the extent of his boyfriend’s injuries. “Why didn’t you say something about those cuts? They could get infected! I’m doing first aid.”

“You do that.” Clyde said disinterestedly. “Me and Token are gonna go get lunch.”

“Did I agree to that?” Token said as Clyde began tugging him away by the sleeve. They walked a few steps before Clyde stopped, seeming to remember something.

“Tweek, I hope you appreciate this shit. Because it was really depressing to watch my boy Craig fail so hard.”

Tweek raised an eyebrow, ignoring the was Craig was shaking his head and indicating that Clyde should shut up.

“What do you mean?”

“I hope you appreciate how hard Craig tries to impress you!” Clyde explained as though the answer was obvious.

Tweek’s eyes brightened as he looked to his boyfriend for confirmation. Craig was groaning and trying to fight off the pink in his cheeks, which was confirmation enough.

“Oh!” Clyde said in realization. “Right. Okay. So, we’re gonna go!”

He walked away with Token following close behind, neither of them wanting to endure Craig’s wrath or relationship issues.

“Is that true?” Tweek asked, staring fondly.

Craig just groaned again, and this time the sound was even more guttural.

“Shut up.” He said, turning away sheepishly.

“Craig!” Tweek said more seriously. “Did you do that for me?”

“Yes. Okay? I know it’s stupid. If you weren’t so fucking talented I wouldn’t have felt the need to do something stupid like this, but here we are!”

He flinched, waiting for Tweek to laugh at him.

“That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.” Tweek said. And even though he was giggling, it was anything but mean. “You’re adorable. And stupid. I’d love you even if you couldn’t skateboard.”

“Cool.” Craig said, smiling now. “I love you too.”

“And that’s good.” Tweek continued. “Because you really can’t skateboard at all.”

“Oh, fuck off!”

Tweek collapsed into more giddy laughter, burying his grin into Craig’s shoulder. Craig pressed a brief kiss onto Tweek’s messy hair, setting down the skateboard to wrap an arm around his waist.

Au where machi and paku want to have a baby together but they also want one of the troupe men to be the ‘father’ so they spend a week picking out the most desirable features from each until they have their man

this talk about weki meki is starting to get annoying. you people were complaining about i-teen girls, now the group name, too. please explain to me what exactly is “stupid” about those names? they’re different and recognizable. that is the point of a name. just because you do not like it doesn’t mean that it is stupid or that they should change it. besides, the name does not define weme, their talent nor the fact that they deserve attention just like any other “non-stupidly” named girl group. get over it………

Lmfao why is it always “mean coldhearted oblivious Enjolras finally realizes that beautiful, amazing, misunderstood, talented R is super good at everything in this world and apologizes for being the actual biggest asshole on the planet” and not “complicated, canon-compliant, actually-sort-of-a-fuckboy R realizes that his crush is more than just a pretty face and maybe he should stop interrupting his meetings and obstructing his cause” ????

Oh and why is it always that Enjolras is wrong and naive and stupid in his arguments, and R is all smart and cool and he steps in to play devil’s advocate about a subject he’s not educated in and fuckin SCHOOLS the leader of a revolution who spends his whole life studying this stuff?


Enjolras isn’t stupid!!! And he’s not mean!!! He has every right to turn R down in canon (which I think is why everyone thinks he’s an asshole)?????? And he has talents and stuff, like he’s a complex character too. UGH I’m sick of some of these tropessssss

(I have a long post in mind about how people think R is entitled to Enjo’s love, but that’s for when I’m less annoyed and more eloquent)


Here it is the long ‘tie’ awaited story! I really really hope you guys like it because I hyped it up so darn much! It was fun receiving all your guesses! Anyway here it is guys!

The female MC, Jang, winked at him and he knew it was time for the prank his company had told him about.

“So Jungkook, we hear that you have the most talented voice.” Jang smiled at him.

“That’s right! He’s also called the golden maknae,” The male MC, Kwon, added, “I would expect you to go solo any day now!”

“Actually, I do have a special announcement to make,” Jungkook stood up and pretended to look nervous, “More of a confession, um, I was approached by another company, they offered me a solo album but the catch was I would have to leave BigHit and no longer be a member of Bangtan.”

There was a deafening silence across the room as the members looked stunned, their mouths had all dropped in shock.

“Wow, congratulations,” Jang smiled, “What a bombshell!”

“What do you mean you’re leaving?” Jin sputtered, “You can’t just leave Kookie, you belong with us!”

“I can’t believe this,” Hoseok choked out, “This isn’t happening.”

“Jungkook, I thought you were happy with us.” Namjoon said tightly.

“I have another announcement too,” Jungkook looked forlorn, “It’s a hidden camera.”

Again the room was quiet in stunned silence.

“Surprise! In celebration of BTS’s huge success we set up a hidden camera!” Kwon laughed.

Confetti fell from the ceiling and a cake that read ‘Congratulations BTS!’ was brought out.

All of the members looked relieved, Taehyung proceeded to lay on the floor and Namjoon screeched in anguish at being tricked. Jungkook smiled and wrapped an arm around Jimin, although Jimin smiled back, it was tight and it didn’t reach his eyes. The members behaved cheerily and with laughter but Jungkook could tell they were acting. Jungkook spent the rest of the interview with a pit forming into his stomach.

“Alright everyone, thank you so much for watching!” Jang concluded and the cameras were turned off. The six members who had been tricked rushed off set, with Jungkook rushing to catch up. When he stood alongside them they turned and ignored him.

“Hyungs? Hyungs, are you mad?” Jungkook called out to them worriedly.

“Mad? Are we mad?” Jimin’s shoulders hunched over, “I can’t even begin to describe my feelings toward you right now.”

“Did you ever even stop to consider how awful we would feel?” Hoseok asked with his eyes still teary.

“I thought it was okay,” Jungkook said with a guilty look on his face, “Hyungs, I’m so sorry.”

“Well it wasn’t okay, it was a total disaster!” Yoongi glared, “Why did you do that!”

“But the MC’s told me it didn’t count because it was a variety joke,” Jungkook sniffled, “Please I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

“God Jungkook, you’re just,” Namjoon threw his hands in the air, “You’re just so stupid!”

Jungkook felt his lip tremble and tears spring in his eyes. He quickly rushed past them and out the door so they wouldn’t see his tears.


“Anyone want to go get him?” Taehyung asked gesturing to the empty seat at the table.

It was dinnertime and Jungkook was the only one not present at the table, after arriving home he had gone to his room and gone out since.

“He’ll eat when he’s hungry.” Yoongi replied gruffly.

“Did something happen between you guys?” Manager asked, helping himself to a portion of the food.

“Yeah. That stupid prank.” Hoseok scowled.

“Why the hell are you mad about that?” Manager scoffed, “It was a variety joke, everyone liked it. People are commenting about how close you guys are and how good of an actor Jungkook is.”

“He shouldn’t have done that!” Jimin retorted, “My heart was in my stomach, I almost broke down. What if one of us had?”

“You were supposed to feel that way.” Manager reasoned.

“Well that’s a terrible feeling to have!” Namjoon growled, “Jungkook should have said no, he should have used proper judgement! That prank was childish.”

“Oh really?” Manager intoned, “GOT7 had one, Super Junior has done several, and even Girls Generation has done them. I thought seasoned and popular idols like you would realize that hidden cameras like this happen all the time.”

“But it’s different.” Jimin protested.

“I even recall Namjoon being pranked once by Bang PD himself during your reality show,” Manager continued, ignoring Jimin, “And I remember, when you were rookies, you all pranked Jungkook remember? We all scolded him so hard he cried.”

“Those were all different situations!” Yoongi scowled, he didn’t like others challenging his feelings.

“When those pranks were over, everyone laughed, smiled, got closer and appreciated each other more. You lot turned resentful and nasty.” Manager said, “Was it because he’s the maknae and he isn’t allowed to do the things a hyung would do, is that it? Do you believe yourselves to be more superior to those younger that you all felt you guys were made a fool of when you were tricked?”

Nobody said anything, the members were in varying states of shame and anger rolling through their bodies.

“Or maybe you realized how important Jungkook is to the group and you got scared of what was in store for Bangtan’s future if he did leave.” Manager proposed, “Or you could have gotten jealous of Jungkook’s talent and possible future and directed the anger you had about your own shortcomings on him.”

The members put down their food and dropped their heads in shame. Taehyung thought about all the mischief Jungkook and him had gotten into together. Jimin recalled of all the times they had joked around and ogling over Jungkook’s cuteness. Namjoon reflected on how they had gotten closer by becoming roommates and how much Jungkook admired him. Yoongi brooded over how hard Jungkook had been working on composing and how he managed to make everyone smile with his jokes and lighten the mood with his mischievous nature. Hoseok was reminded of all the hard work Jungkook put into dancing and how shy Jungkook was when he joined the company and how much he had grown. Finally, Jin thought about his favorite dongsaeng, how he would help with the cooking and refuse to teach Jin the dance but would end up helping anyway.

“All I know is that Jungkook has been in his room for over six hours,” Manager finished, “And the other manager is in there trying to convince him to come out.”

“I guess we messed up?” Taehyung said meekly.

The members got up from there seats and trooped over to Namjoon and Jungkook’s shared room. Namjoon stopped once he arrived at the closed door and hesitantly raised his hand to knock.

“Why are you going to knock?” Yoongi asked, “It’s your room.”

“Oh, yeah.” Namjoon opened the door.

The other manager was standing on the bunk bed ladder talking to a lump on the top bunk. The lump was presumably Jungkook. The manager glanced over at the other members and smiled before whispering to the lump and giving it one last pat before climbing off the ladder and leaving the room.

“Um Kookie?” Jin called quietly, “Can we talk?”

The lump shifted again and sniffled, “No thanks.” Jungkook whispered his voice hoarse.

“Kookie, please come out.” Jimin pleaded and climbed up the ladder, “At least come down to Namjoon-hyung’s bed so we can see you a little better.”

Jungkook was stubborn but eventually he moved from the top bunk to the bottom, but he was still wrapped up in a blanket. Other than a tuft of hair his body was completely hidden from the world.

“Jungkook, listen, our feelings were hurt when you said you were leaving,” Hoseok began, “We’re sorry that we yelled at you for it. We know it was just a joke and you didn’t mean any harm by it.”

Jungkook didn’t move from the blanket fort. Jin and Jimin began patting and hugging him through the blanket but Taehyung was getting impatient. He knew that Jungkook’s feelings were hurt but they had been hurt too so they shouldn’t have to been begging on their knees for forgiveness.

“C’mon, seriously Jungkook?” Taehyung sighed, “Stop taking advantage of us, please just come out of there.”

“I’m not taking advantage of anyone,” Jungkook snapped, “You don’t have to be here, and I didn’t want you trying to talk to me anyway.”

“Jungkook, watch your attitude.” Namjoon warned. When Jungkook was disrespectful when he was being mischievous it was all in good fun but this would not be tolerated.

Before an allout fight started, Jin tried a more gentle approach.

“Jungkook, is there something else bothering you?” Jin asked, “It’s hard to talk to you when I can’t see your face.”

Jungkook reluctantly pulled the cover off of his face. He glanced at his hyungs and felt the hurt bubble up again. He needed to rationally explain why he was agitated so they would take him seriously and respect him.

“You called me stupid.” Jungkook stated quietly.

“What are you talking about?” Hoseok asked, “I don’t understand why that upset you.”

“Hush, he’s sensitive.” Jimin defended.

“Teenagers.” Yoongi muttered under his breath.

Jungkook felt his emotions flare; this wasn’t about him being young. How dare they chalk up his feelings to be the result of that and dismiss them as nothing important. He felt tears slip out again and he turned his head so his hyungs wouldn’t see them. He tried to will them back but they weren’t going to stop.

“Jungkook?” Jin questioned again.

“You were…” Jungkook choked out, “the only ones… who had never called me s-stupid.”

Jungkook’s chest heaved and he began to cry harder.

“Everyone always calls me stupid. I know I am stupid but that doesn’t mean people should tell me that.” Jungkook went on, “I spent most of my life given up and believing that I am too stupid to accomplish anything. When we talk about what we would have been if we hadn’t been idols you guys had other options; I didn’t. Being an idol was my only hope of making something of myself. The talents you praise me for only help me as an idol; they are useless for anything else. With you guys around, you made me feel like I was worth something. I was finally proving everyone wrong. I was lying to myself; you think that I’m stupid just like everyone else; you’re all just too nice to have said it before.”

Jungkook bit his lip until it drew blood and grabbed a strand of hair on the side of his head and pulled. He wanted his hyungs to go away and let him wallow in his misery alone. He should have known better.

A strong hand grabbed his and gently removed it from his hair. He felt the bed dip slightly and two hands pulled him into their lap. He felt the bed shake again as other people got on it.

“Jungkook, nobody thinks of you like that,” Jin, who was revealed to be holding him, said, “Nobody, I promise you. You are so important to us and we would never ever believe that.”

“Jungkook, why would you think about yourself like that!” Hoseok exclaimed, “You don’t let people control you. You show all of those people who said that to you that they were wrong. Tell them they missed something great by not believing in you.”

“Have you been feeling like this for along time?” Namjoon asked.

“I’ve always felt like this.” Jungkook shrugged, wiping his eyes, “It’s just how it is.”

“I wish you would have told me,” Namjoon sighed, “You should never feel this way and well, we could have helped you, especially Yoongi, Hoseok, and I since we were often told that we shouldn’t be idols.”

“I don’t think you’re stupid, the hyungs don’t think you’re stupid, and the fans don’t think you are stupid either,” Jimin stated, who had also started to cry, “Those are the ones who matter.”

“No more self destructive shit.” Yoongi simply stated, “You aren’t stupid.”

As he stopped crying, Jungkook became more aware that he was in Jin’s lap and he tried to wiggle out but Jin just held him tighter. Giving up with a huff, he relaxed and laid his head on Jin’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry we made you feel that way Jungkook,” Taehyung apologized, “And I’m sorry we called you stupid.”

“It’s okay, hyung.” Jungkook said, “You guys have made me feel a lot better than I have for a long time.”

As the members began to leave the room, Taehyung and Jimin set up the game controller to play video games. Jungkook didn’t move from Jin’s lap so he decided to play too.

“We’re playing Mario super maker.” Jin demanded.

“Hyung, no let’s play Halo,” Jimin whined.

“Please please please please!” Taehyung joined in.

“Oh, alright!” Jin complained, “You guys give me gray hairs.”

“Well you all ready have wrinkles!” Namjoon called out.

“Excuse me!”


Andrew: “What’s on your mind?”

Jacob: “It’s stupid, I know, but I don’t know if I should break up with Sandra or not.”

Andrew: “It’s not stupid, breaking up isn’t easy. Why are you thinking of breaking up?”

Jacob: “She’s just, well I don’t think we are good together. I mean she’s nice, and interesting, but I don’t feel like I can be me around her.”

Andrew: “Okay, that’s a major problem right there.”

Jacob: “But I do love her, I know that I don’t always act like it, but I do. She’s smart, and talented, and really pretty too.”

Andrew: “Jake, look, if you aren’t you around her that’s enough reason to break up. You want her to love you for you, and not for how you act around her.”

Jacob: “Yeah, I guess.”

Andrew: “Come on, bring it in.”

Jacob: “Thanks for talking with me, it helped.”

Andrew: “Of course, you can always come to me.”

Jacob: “Why are you being all mushy?”

Andrew: “Because I can be, I am your dad after all.”

Ok it’s 2016 can these stupid ankah hotep misogyny memes die already. All four of these ladies are talented. These memes are so stupid and calculated. Like black women arent stupid,we see what point your trying to get across. I mean you would never see a meme like this placing Niki with Lauryn and Bey with Erykah and asking you to choose which album you should buy.

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For the ship thing! (Feel free to do from any book) I’m a bisexual girl, Short long brown hair and green eyes. My style is more chic but kinda edgy. I love makeup even though I’m not very good at it. I love theater and I tell terrible puns all time. Straight A student who just can’t not care about things! (basically I’m a worrier) Random fact: My most useless talent is that I can sneak Mean Girls quotes and stupid vine references into any conversation!

Hey Anon! So I only did it for the character I ship you with the most in all the Choices universe, so only one book. Hope you don’t mind it!

I Ship You With…

B E C C A    D A V E N P O R T

External image

(faceclaim: Scarlett Leithold)

• OK but you have NO IDEA how much I ship you with Becca. Maybe it’s the Mean Girls vibe idk.

• For some stupid reason you can’t even recall, you ended up running to enter the Kappa sorority. You had NO IDEA what you were doing there, and by the looks of it, so did Becca. She eyed up and down and tried to decide whether you were “Kappa material”. Turned out you weren’t Kappa material after all, but you definitely were “I need to get her number” material.

• You shared your first kiss during a Kappa party, ironically. You, again, didn’t know what you were doing there, just that Becca had mysteriously invited you in spite of your total failure when running. However, you spent a very good night and couldn’t understand why Becca had such an awful reputation among Hartfeld students. She really was a funny, ambitions woman and your liking of her sparked into something more when she accidentally quoted a stupid Vine when one of the sisters came to tell her the jocks were trashing the bedrooms. Eyes wide open, you asked in disbelief “did you just quote a Vine in an actual conversation?” and she’d briefly get flustered before shaking her head and answering “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “Hey, it’s okay, I do that a lot too. I find it pretty funny.” She looked at you and whispered “wow, amazing, I have something in common with the castaway”, but the smile on her lips in clear, and even clearer when you lean in to kiss her.

• Your favorite activity would be either R I D I C U L O U S L Y awful rap battles and/or dad jokes battles (as in, each one makes a dad joke and if you make the other laugh you win a point)

• either chick flicks marathons, Mean Girls on top of the list of course is that even a question. In the end, you’re able to recite the entire script without any mistakes because of the amount of times you’ve seen it. And you still laugh at the same old jokes every time, it must be sorcery.

• On Wednesdays you wear pink

• Doing the Jingle Bell rock dance in front of a midly horrified, midly fascinated Professor Vasquez

• She’d help you with your makeup right before a party or any formal event in which you’d come out of the bathroom, and Becca would observe you and shake her head “Oh, sweetie, this is not how it’s done.” Then she’d just push you back into the bathroom and apply your makeup like a GODDAMN PRO

• (I mean, just before putting the makeup on, there would be a lot of making out involved, but I’m not supposed to say this)

• She’d also totally love your fashion sense sooo… S H O P P I N G D A T E S !!!

• Secretly buying matching outfits/jewelry because you’re THAT cute (and whipped)

• She would be a little jealous of your grades - it was silly, really, but she felt like she would feel happier if she were a straight-A student just like you, like it would give her a sense of accomplishment. After reassuring her by telling her it’s just “circled, red letters on paper”, she wouldn’t let it go, so you sighed and started tutoring her and planning study dates with her at the coffee shop. It ended up being much more fun than you expected.

• She would also push you to audition for James’s play, knowing how much you love theater, and also because she desperately wants to see you act onstage with a refined Victorian dress. Much to your surprise, you’re accepted and get one of the first roles, and on D-day, Becca is in the front row, cheering loudly for you and making faces to distract you. You pretend like you don’t see them so you won’t get out of character, but you’re very intrigued by this side of Becca’s personality that you never had imagined.

• And there’s much more to come along the way.

want to request a ship?

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I just read your post about you getting rude messages and it made me so mad. I found your blog not that long ago, but let me tell you this: 'Levels' is amazing. I really love Baekhyun, and I love reading good Baek fics. I'm always re-reading 'Levels'. I'm so sick of cowards who have nothing better to do than get on Tumblr and be rude to perfectly lovely writers. Hating on someone's work is stupid enough, but hating on someone as kind, talented and modest as you? Stupid. Ignore them. Ily ♡♡♡

Thank you so much for this sweet message, definitely what I needed to see when I woke up. And I’m thrilled that someone likes ‘Levels’ so much, it was probably my favorite piece for write so far. I didn’t even hesitate while writing it, I got it all done in a day and I was so proud of myself haha. Thank you for thinking that I am a lovely writer, that means the world to me. And I don’t get why people have to be rude either, like it’s pointless, and what good comes from saying things like that to someone? I’ll try my best to ignore them in the future. Again, thank you for this ❤️

Harry Imagine: Irreplaceable

Requested by Daria 

you searched the world for something else to make you feel like what we had…

After a year of not hearing anything from Harry, you knew it was time to move on, and your friends helped you along the way by setting you up with some double dates with several of their friends.

Unfortunately, the guys were too nice, too boring, too serious or too self absorbed to the point that you started thinking if Harry was the one and if you had missed the chance and no one could ever compare to him.

On the other side of the world, although the situation was drastically different, the reasons were quite the same for Harry.

Events after events and parties with people he barely knew led to a particularly lonely life. He kept thinking about calling you, writing you a letter, but instead, he did what he knew best, what he had learned to do to cope with the pain of having left you not by choice, but to assure that you could have someone deserving of you and better for you than him; he’d go on dates with any girl that showed interest and forget about them by the next date, stopping the relationship before it could even develop because all it took for you and Harry was one date to fall in love.


One day, you were shoe shopping with one of your friends when glancing at a store, through the glass window, you saw Harry. It didn’t seem possible but it was him. 

“Oh! Let’s go in here, there’s like a 30% sale on heels.” Your friend basically dragged you into the same store. You wanted to say hi, but didn’t want to barge in his life if he had moved on. You also didn’t know if you could bear hearing about his love life without feeling like the air had been sucked right out of you.

You tried hiding behind the stacks of shoes boxes but your clumsy friend accidentally knocked three boxes down, causing not only a mess but everyone in the store to stare.


You laughed and helped her stack them back up. 

Harry meanwhile, recognized that laugh, the laugh that pulled at his heart and let him know that everything was okay because you were happy.


You looked up and saw Harry staring at you incredulously.

“Oh hey, Harry.” 

“Hi,” his voice was so low, dreamlike, “Umm let me help you,”

you smiled as Harry started stacking up boxes. When everything was organized your friend spoke, “I think I saw a blue pair of heels, I’ll find you later,” she winked and disappeared, leaving the two of you to talk.

“You look…. You look amazing,” Harry complimented you but you didn’t think you could take it.

“You don’t have to do this, I’m glad you’re okay but I don’t think we can have a conversation.”

“Why?” he had no clue.

“Because I’m still not over you and I’m not sure if I hate you, like you or love you,” you breathed deeply, “You just left Harry, even though you knew you loved me. All this time I’ve been dating worse versions of you. Not one of them came close to you and I’m sure it wasn’t their fault, it was mine. I can’t and won’t like anyone that doesn’t have your stupid grin and your stupid talent in flipping pancakes midair and that stupid ring,” you pointed at the ring he never took off. 

Harry was rocking back and forth, still taking in all that you said.

“I left to give you a chance to have somebody who wouldn’t have such a long distance job but I didn’t know about all this…. I thought you moved on. I mean, I haven’t but I thought you did,” he took a step closer, “I’ve tried replacing you, but you can’t replace a diamond with a rock.” 

“What now, Harry?”

“Pick up where we left off? I’ll give you time if that’s what you need, but I’d like to start again.”

You looked into his pearly green eyes and knew it was time to resume your life.

“I need you, not time.” 

He smiled widely and lifted you up spinning you around and knocking the boxes back down, with the store clerk glaring at the two of you.

“Let’s get out.”  you nodded and darted out of the store, without a pair of shoes but with something much more valuable.

Unfollow Me, Trump Fans

Donald Trump has the uneducated white vote locked down. It’s fascinating to me when folks look at poor whites with no high school degree and condescendingly assume they’re too stupid to know better than to hate others.

Uneducated doesn’t mean stupid. Poor doesn’t mean dumb. Some of the smartest and most talented people on this planet don’t have a degree and don’t come from money. Give credit where credit is due: With all the evidence in the world to counteract racist bullshit, anyone who still subscribes to that garbage is a WILLFULLY IGNORANT asshole.

If you’re a Trump supporter, please unfriend me or unfollow me on any social media and block me now before I do it to you first. Save me the time and effort. I don’t care if we’re related or we had fun in middle school. Go the fuck away. If you need anything in an emergency you can call on me and I will help as best I can, but otherwise go away. I’m not talking to Republicans in general; I’m talking to the Branch Davidian Kool-Aid Kult Kidz Who Looove Trump.

It isn’t about us disagreeing about birth control, abortion, labor laws, any of that shit. I love debates and I love ending a rousing argument with a good handshake. Some of my Republican friends and family have challenged me, educated me, pissed me off, delighted me, loved me and saved my life.
That’s because at base we are humans who love each other and want to figure shit out. We disagree and get heated at times but when push comes to shove we want to do good in this world.

You Trump people aren’t like the folks I just described. You may think you’re kind and good and you’ve had struggles in your day, but there were some very sweet Nazis who’d visit their neighbors in the hospital and deliver soup in between shifts at the ol’ concentration camp, so forgive me if I don’t care that you ran a great bake sale at your church. I might love you enough to save your life but I don’t like or respect you enough to deal with you online. I’m too busy to teach you how to be human. 

I’m sure your children are wonderful but I don’t need to see updates on them online because I will just feel sorry for them. Eventually I will probably be the cool person they run to when you kick them out for being gay or dating someone of another color or religion. I will take them in happily. But I don’t need to deal with you in the meantime.

Go. Away.

anonymous asked:

I started liking bts because of their music back in 2013. dark&wild was okay I guess. but like.. pink albums? what's with the hiphop? I know tastes/styles change but seriously.. all the pink hair and make up, I'm going crazy it looks so damn stupid

To make myself clear, I do not, in any way, consider them a hip-hop group. As a musician, they are very pop to me but that doesn’t take away from the meaning and catchiness of their songs. Before anyone kills me for saying this, Namjoon and Yoongi themselves have stated that they no longer confine themselves to a certain genre and that they are focusing on just making music that they like. However, “stupid” is a bit harsh and being in an idol group doesn’t take away from how talented Namjoon and Yoongi (even Hoseok) are as rappers, even if it may not show much due to the company’s decisions. Musicians change with time and whether or not you like the change is all up to you and your opinions. Personally, I’m loving this new direction since I’m pretty open to different musical styles - I also appreciate that they produce/write their own songs.