and by stupid i mean stupid talented

Au where machi and paku want to have a baby together but they also want one of the troupe men to be the ‘father’ so they spend a week picking out the most desirable features from each until they have their man

Ok it’s 2016 can these stupid ankah hotep misogyny memes die already. All four of these ladies are talented. These memes are so stupid and calculated. Like black women arent stupid,we see what point your trying to get across. I mean you would never see a meme like this placing Niki with Lauryn and Bey with Erykah and asking you to choose which album you should buy.

Unfollow Me, Trump Fans

Donald Trump has the uneducated white vote locked down. It’s fascinating to me when folks look at poor whites with no high school degree and condescendingly assume they’re too stupid to know better than to hate others.

Uneducated doesn’t mean stupid. Poor doesn’t mean dumb. Some of the smartest and most talented people on this planet don’t have a degree and don’t come from money. Give credit where credit is due: With all the evidence in the world to counteract racist bullshit, anyone who still subscribes to that garbage is a WILLFULLY IGNORANT asshole.

If you’re a Trump supporter, please unfriend me or unfollow me on any social media and block me now before I do it to you first. Save me the time and effort. I don’t care if we’re related or we had fun in middle school. Go the fuck away. If you need anything in an emergency you can call on me and I will help as best I can, but otherwise go away. I’m not talking to Republicans in general; I’m talking to the Branch Davidian Kool-Aid Kult Kidz Who Looove Trump.

It isn’t about us disagreeing about birth control, abortion, labor laws, any of that shit. I love debates and I love ending a rousing argument with a good handshake. Some of my Republican friends and family have challenged me, educated me, pissed me off, delighted me, loved me and saved my life.
That’s because at base we are humans who love each other and want to figure shit out. We disagree and get heated at times but when push comes to shove we want to do good in this world.

You Trump people aren’t like the folks I just described. You may think you’re kind and good and you’ve had struggles in your day, but there were some very sweet Nazis who’d visit their neighbors in the hospital and deliver soup in between shifts at the ol’ concentration camp, so forgive me if I don’t care that you ran a great bake sale at your church. I might love you enough to save your life but I don’t like or respect you enough to deal with you online. I’m too busy to teach you how to be human. 

I’m sure your children are wonderful but I don’t need to see updates on them online because I will just feel sorry for them. Eventually I will probably be the cool person they run to when you kick them out for being gay or dating someone of another color or religion. I will take them in happily. But I don’t need to deal with you in the meantime.

Go. Away.