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Evidence that Caryl may already (sort of?) be a couple in/by 8.01

This is of course just a theory I love to think about. And by “couple” I mean that perhaps they kissed/almost kissed/had an important moment in 8.01 (that took place before the shots from the trailer that I’m referencing), i.e. maybe they had a talk about Daryl’s lie and feelings were made known in some way and now it’s different between them. Maybe it’s just me and my shipper delusions, but I got a different vibe from the shots of them in the trailer (I know they’re two second shots but still), like something has shifted between them.

Exhibit A:

I feel like they are really highlighting how worried Carol is about Daryl in these shots. They share a longing, lingering look, and why? Why emphasize this, in the trailer no less? Why are we being shown that Carol is worried about Daryl specifically? Much like why were we shown Daryl giving someone who wanted to hurt Carol such an OTT threat if Carol isn’t the most important person to Daryl? It doesn’t really make sense if they’re just supposed to be platonic friends.

Exhibit B:

The drawing clearly resembles a Cherokee rose, to me at least. Now this one may be a stretch but if we’re supposed to be under the impression that Carol’s thinking about Lizzie, the drawing could have easily been different since Lizzie’s yellow flowers looked nothing like Cherokee roses. 

Again, this is another thing that makes me believe Daryl’s on Carol’s mind. It seems that she is very concerned, very worried about him. And sitting right beside Carol we have someone who is canonically Daryl’s platonic friend, and Tara does not appear to be nearly as contemplative and worried as Carol looks. So clearly Daryl’s platonic friend’s concern for him isn’t focused on very much. Yet Carol’s is. Hmm  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Exhibit C:

(gif by @theotherfangirlblr)

Carol is walking to Daryl and Daryl is angling his body at her. Looks like Morgan’s just returning from some kind of mission and is about to say something. And Carol is stepping toward Daryl. To stand beside him. The shot is cut off while Carol is still walking, so it looks like she’s planning on standing very close to Daryl. Why? #justnewlywedthings

hi I’m Tove and I play the ukulele every single day and now I decided to put this video here *gasps* might’ve been a bad decision, who knows.

I apologize for the audio quality! It was really good from the start but then when I edited the video it became really bad? Idk how to fix it soz

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(also I know I can’t sing for shit I just like playing mah uke okay)

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Is there any explanation or popular theory in why Dave's Bro (aka beta's Dirk splinter) went so bad? Like AR makes sense, being depraved of a sense of self and turned into an AI and a "second rate Dirk" (a la Davesprite) made him bitter, and BGDirk is a mix between Dirk and Hal in the eyes of Jake, but why did the Beta iteration of Dirk turn out to be probably the most toxic of all?

it’s sort of a mix of stuff. I pretty much think the biggest contributing factor to AR’s descent is the absence of his connections to the other Alphas, and I think that’s true of Bro as well.

I mean that’s pretty much explicit. All four of the Beta guardians are unsatisfied, unhappy, or a wreck in some way, and the unifying thread between them is the lack of the others. 
This is particularly pronounced for Bro, who is not just barely-functional like Mom and Grandpa are, but profoundly destructive to others and himself when lacking their companionship.

This isn’t JUST about Jake, I could say things as relevant about the ways Dirk needs Roxy and Jane, but I wanna keep this short and you all know what I’m about so let’s use Jake as an example. 

Dirk explicitly fears his own potential for darkness and hates himself for it and the reason he falls for Jake in the first place is because of Jake’s *faith* in him, in his kindness and caring and potential to do good. 

Dirk is drawn to Jake because Jake sees the value in him and sees the good in him and Jake being able to do that makes it easier for Dirk to see it in himself, too. So without that influence in his life at *ALL*, even less than what AR got? 

It’s easy for me to see how Bro would fall apart to the degree he does. For the most part, that’s all there is to say on the matter. 




but. let me complicate the narrative for you a little. 

I used to be firmly of the opinion that Bro’s actions had nothing to do with Lil Cal and were all on Bro, and the latter’s still true. However, @jadedresearcher kinda turned my world around when they pointed out a simple fact: 

There are explicit, demonstrable influences that Lil Cal exerts on Bro, in terms of his personality growth at least. Namely, Bro and Dirk have a divergent interest.

Namely, the SAW-inspired snuff film/”I want to play a Game” stuff. Bro expresses an interest in it, but Dirk really never so much as mentions it. The Jigsaw aesthetic is Caliborn’s thing exclusively, and the only real narrative explanation it has in the story is Lil Cal acting as a transmitter for the interest. 

So having this in mind I think there is an extent to which Cal’s influence can be implicated in Bro’s descent. Not that it excuses any of his assholery. 

Lastly, here’s a bit of rarely indulged speculation:

We do already know Grandpa raised Mom, suggesting Grandpa may have raised Bro as well. Hell, Hiveswap even has a blurry as hell picture that may be of Bro facepalming that i can’t for the life of me find right now so i guess ill just post it later who cares, the point is

if it’s true Grandpa remembers the Alphas in some way, or if it’s true *Bro* does– given that he’s a Heart player, that seems plausible too–those could also be factors that isolated Bro and made him vulnerable to Cal’s influence?

That is, of course, purely speculative. It’s just one of many potential questions I’m excited to see if Hiveswap will explore. 

Retro Food: Gelatin and Aspic

Okay, so I’ve briefly gone over some of the basics of why 40s/50s food is the way it is. Very, very briefly. I’ll try to get more into things as we go.

I’m going to start getting into food now.

Now, I’m just going to give a brief warning, judging by people’s reactions to aspic, some of the pictures might gross you out. I’ll try to tag these posts as ‘retro food’ and ‘gross food’, though and… well, we’ll get into the nature of aspic in a moment.

I’m going to refer to gelatin as ‘jell-o’ or ‘jello’ a lot, because that’s the brand that was really exploding at the time, but we need to have a quick look at what gelatin is.

Gelatin is an animal byproduct that comes from the proteins of animal bones, skin, and connecting tissue. By boiling the hell out of those things, you separate the elastic proteins from them. Why am I mentioning this? Mainly because aspic tends to be seen as the weird outlier of ‘meat jello’ while ‘sweet jello’ is seen as the norm. The truth is, aspic came first in cooking and adding sugar and fruit flavour is newer. And while aspic has mostly gone extinct as a cooking choice in America, other places in the world still serve it (like Russia with it’s holodets).

Shown here: Holodets garnished with a shutterstock logo

That out of the way, let’s talk about the history of jello, because it spans back farther than just the 40s.

You know how you can buy Jello packets for like 50 cents at your local supermarket? Well, back in the day, the Victorian day, gelatin was considered a luxury item reserved for royalty and the very wealthy. That’s because gelatin was sold in sheets, and the preparation of gelatin was super difficult (they didn’t have fridges, so… y’know. Lil hard to get it to set). With time and the miracles of technology, gelatin became more available to the common man. The common man who recently became able to afford fridges.

Shown Here: Pork cutlets in aspic. Amazing. I can’t decide what to comment on, the amazing prospect of eating perfectly dome shaped food or that it looks like catfood suspended in a paperweight.

There’s two big things about gelatin. The first being it still had that lingering aura of being a luxury item. It was cheaper at this point, but being able to make it also meant that you had a fridge. It also meant you were able to afford expensive gelatin molds. Because yeah, those weren’t cheap either.

The secondary thing is, thanks to the war, people were huge on making food last as long possible. And gelatin was actually really good at that- anything you put into jello became encased in a protective jello shield. And since it takes quite awhile for gelatin to ‘go bad’, it helped preserve foods from bacteria for longer than they otherwise would have lasted. So you could nosh on your jello atrocity for longer than you would have otherwise. Yaay.

So those two things in mind, gelatin became pretty damn popular. Aspic has always been around, but it became easier to make, so you see aspic dishes as commonly as jello dishes. Knox and Jell-o were two big names in gelatin at the time, and are still around today.

What’s not around today, however, is some of the savory flavours of Jell-o.

So, naturally, you put a fish in it.

Vegetable, celery, tomato, and ‘italian’ flavored jellos are a thing that once existed but no longer do. Sadly, recipes that called for these gelatins can no longer be made. It also means that when you see green jello being used in a dish, it’s not necessarily lime! It could be vegetable or celery flavoured instead, which might make the flavour profile slightly less horrifying. It could also, in fact, actually be lime anyway.

It’s lime! Why.

Learning about retro gelatin food also drove me to learn what the exact definition of ‘salad’ was, because boy, none of this stuff looked like salad to me. Turns out salad basically means ‘mix of cold stuff’. Soooo… okay. Sure. It’s salad and everything I thought I knew in my life is a lie, but okay.

That’s all for this section, enjoy this collection of pictures of gelatin foods.


The famous ‘perfection salad’!

Look there’s a recipe so you can make this at home.

… why is it always lime?

Leaky Photos (drip)

“I’m (NOT) fixing a hole where the rain REYLO gets in
And stops my mind from wandering
Where it will go

And it really doesn’t matter if I’m wrong
I’m right
Where I belong I’m right
Where I belong”
- The Beatles

AHHHHHHHHH…….CAPE. It’s like patch-work?? Is it made up of dozens of old Vader capes?? Oh, Ren, that’s so sweet, you’ve been sewing, again! And going through grandpa’s stuff.

I guess I should have got more upset about this the other day:

But with the helmet on, IMO, the cape just looks natural on Kylo Ren. I mean I did see this in the tabloids at Captain McHusbandMan’s office….they said Ren maxed out his First Order credit card on his new look, but its just a rumor.

Henceforth known as Pouty Ren. No, seriously. The *sad* puppy face is back in FULL FORCE.

I’m sure he just needs a walk. Maybe a red frisbee. He’ll be much happier in his new home once Rey chooses him from the First Order puppy adopt-a-thon.

Yeah, Rey, I agree, we’re really reaching with the puppy adoption. I know Snoke has a microchip under Ren’s skin in case he gets lost…so that’d just be a big puppy ownership battle. See it alot on Judge Judy.

And, that’s ok, Snoke. We all got old school photos we’re NOT proud of. But people keep tagging us on Facebook…argh. I traced my medical degree off Captain McHusbandMan’s, but I think Snoke has had some serious trach work in the past. He also cancelled all his derm appointments. Not smart.

In her off time, Phasma loves spear fishing. Best.hobby.ever.

I’m thinking chess pieces. Snoke’s pawns.

Finn, honey, I know you love Poe’s jacket, but it really needs to be dry cleaned.

Lukey Pooh just wants a hug. No Jedi. Just hugs.

And, apparently, he really, really missed Yoda’s snakes, so he whittled up a snake cane. He probably threatened poor Ben with it as a kid. That, or he’s Moses now.

Return or reborn?

This was Jack’s twitter bio a few days ago. Now, if you look at Jack’s tumblr description right now, you’ll see return. However, in the post he made, in Anti’s writing, the letters spell out reborn. (Ready Exuberant Bring Our Ritual Nobody). Notice how he says OUR ritual. OUR ritual? Does that mean Dark and Anti? Jack was in L.A recently for D23 and I think Mark stayed for longer… Does this mean that they were filming a video for Halloween? Jack dying his hair dark green is still very suspicious and I wouldn’t say it’s a coincidence that all of this Anti stuff is going on at the exact same time… Currently, Jack’s bio on twitter is “s̠̲͚̓ͫ̒̓ͯ̾ͣ͘͟ͅu͒ͣͬͪ͏̘͈̮̣̘͟͞ŗ̷̭̣̜̠̦̹̍ͧ̏p̶͎̱̳͒ͭ̓ͯ͋̈́͛͒̇̀͟r̗̜̹̲͔̪̰̈́̏ͥ̄ͤ̽̿̕͞i͍͚̫̦͇͎ͦ̈́s͐ͥ̊͋ͭ͏͖͚̣e̙̹͉̞̱̞͇͒ͪͪ͆ͧ̇ͯ͊͒ͅ “ , which I think means that he will be coming soon, when we least expect it. Maybe he will be here sooner than we think. 

No more really strange titles, but here are a few that are a little strange…

Jack-   LIVE.DIE.REPEAT - (Life goes on)

Jack-   WE GOT SO CLOSE - (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds)

Mark-   SAVE YOURSELF… - (Peridium)

There are a few debatable ones, but those are kinda the main ones. So, in conclusion, it’s matter of time before Jack and Mark reveal their secrets and I think that we are all so excited for Halloween! It will be so fun to see what they’ve been hiding up their sleeves. But we might just have to wait and see what happens… :)

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You're one of my favorite tumblr users because you're so chill and helpful and overall you seem like a really nice person IRL and I wish I knew you in person because I'd like to be your real-life friend. ^_^ I mean, I know friendship transcends geographical stuff but yeah! Have you been focusing on any particular magickal projects lately?

Awe, I’d love to be your friend! I like to think I’m nice in real life but I can’t really be the judge of that. Thank you though, sweetheart.💖 As for magical projects, I’m working on a post for a spell bottle I made, I’m hoping to make a new witches ladder, and set up some shelves for my jars of herbs and crystals! Thanks for asking. 

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so they'll make this season all about Jeller then...

probably, who knows? season 2 ended in a big cliffhanger that left us all with our jaws on the floor because jeller was married and because they were apart for at least a year so obviously the writers would want to put us all in context by telling us under what kind of circumstances they wed and what made Jane leave her home, family and job, so obviously we’ll see a lot of jeller stuff floating around the episodes as flashbacks until their untold story is completely told 

but I doubt that it’s going to be all about jeller… I mean, we’ve seen jeller before in the show and we’ve seen that they give the fandom small but significant moments in which their relationship was able to develop but they never made Blindspot all about jeller, you know what I mean? For me jeller has always been a thing that had to happen because all shows need romance and yes, Weller had this attraction toward Jane because she’s beautiful and she reminded him of Taylor, but that relationship also told a story, it helped Jane figure out she had a place in the world and people who cared about her while all the action and tattoo-solving stuff happened at the same time 

I see it this way

  • Season 1 was about Jane’s story 
  • Season 2 was about Roman’s
  • and Season 3 is about Jeller 

not like those were the main plot of each season, not at all, but they had to focus the storyline on something and this season is about accustoming the viewer to a new world where 2 years had passed since the last time we saw the team and to a new dynamic where now the boss is dating the victim of his case, you know?

so it’s time for us to play with a whole new tangram lol

god its funny i was (and still kinda am lol) such a sensitive kid like srsly super minor things that happened were psychologically damaging its ridiculous

idk How i survived thiz far in my life considering how stuff like finding a picture on google images of pikachu with ms paint blood and a black eye with the caption “die you pikachu” actually made me have an intense emotional breakdown at age 8

i always think im a wimp but i mean its good to know im stronger than little kid me was! i got sent pictures of actual mutilated bodies a couple months ago and it was uh pretty scarring but i was just kinda like “yikes :/ real mature” where that pikachu image is still in my brain as the most cruel disturbing thing ive ever seen. how did i make it this far xD

Hey everyone! Im considering deleting this blog because I made it for myself and the thought that someone could find my blog and it would inspire them to try to starve themselves scares me a lot. most of the posts i make are for myself but the end up getting 100+ notes and are tagged as thinspo and sometimes people will add stuff saying how inspired they are because of my posts. I think its the responsible thing to do since im gaining ~100 followers a day, meaning that so many more people might be opened up to this destructive way of living (but not truly living).


“Welcome to Blue Lion!”

Tho there are already million bakery AUs, I too had to make one where Keith is a tired college student™ who stumbles into an old but cozy bakery/cafe and meets the bubbly baker~

Also this was the first time I created the setting on Sims 4 and used it as base bg. Much more easier than building on Google SketchUp :’)


My parents taught me never to judge others based on whom they love, what color their skin is, or their religion. Why make life miserable for someone when you could be using your energy for good? 


I may surprise you, pixie boots. 



[Insp] from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Original here

so um changkyun spilled some good stuff today at melon radio. He said when he went outside to get some air at the post concert party mx and starship were having he saw wonho and kihyun hugging while crying.

when kihyun told wonho ‘good work’ both started tearing up and was hugging by THEMSELVES  and changkyun saw them IM CRYING 

Shout out to the dumb boys who yanked my scarf off in the hallways and then laughed when I dropped all my books. Shout out to the guy who thought it was funny to go behind me during class and pull my bra strap to hear it snap then got defensive when I brought my fist out. Shout out to the guys who would say ‘that shit around your head is ugly you think you’re pretty?’ ‘let’s get married so I can see ur hair’ shout out to you because I love wearing hijab 100000x more because of you jerks