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Comic-Con: Disney XD Sets 'Milo Murphy's Law' and 'Phineas and Ferb' Crossover (Exclusive)
The episode will premiere in 2018.

Phineas and Ferb continue to deliver on their promise to do it all.

Announced today at San Diego Comic Con, Disney XD’s Milo Murphy’s Law will be getting well-known guests in 2018 with a Phineas & Ferb crossover special episode. 

In the exclusive article, linked at the top, THR reported: 

“We’ve always known that Milo lived just a couple neighborhoods away from Phineas and Ferb,” Povenmire and Marsh said in a joint statement. “We’ve planted lots of clues and Easter eggs in this first season, so a lot of fans have figured it out. But what they don’t know is that the story arc of Milo Murphy’s Law has been designed from the very beginning to lead us to a big crossover with all the Phineas and Ferb characters. It’s planned for early in the second season and we can’t wait for the fans to see these two worlds collide.”

The crossover will also include Candance, Isabella, Baljeet, Buford, Doofenshmirtz and Perry the Platypus.

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- Courtney ( @harmonicacave )

Okay I know we’re all very against Derek and Stiles ever breaking up, but hear me out: The Philadelphia Story AU, because there’s nothing I love more than assholes who realize they actually really love being assholes to each other, and find everyone else who can’t keep up with the assholeishness very boring.

And frankly, the lack of Sterek fic based on old screwball comedies is a tragic crime against humanity. I’m filing an official complaint.


The Hales are the obscenely wealthy family of socialites, and Derek is known publicly as the trouble child in the family after his explosive divorce from Stiles Stilinski, the scrappy son of the well-liked sheriff, known to be something of a smart-mouthed asshole. Pretty much all of the time. He’s prickly, most try to avoid him.

They had a fiery romance full of snarking and barbs that cut far too deep, got married on a whim (to many raised eyebrows among the wealthy elites in town) and fought constantly until the day they divorced and parted for good. In the end, Stiles didn’t even want to settle anything through a lawyer, he just took his clothes, signed the papers with a not-so-passive aggressive flourish, and left in a huff.

In the two years since, Derek has been working hard to fix his reputation for the sake of his family, who all got dragged into his fairly public drama. He’s got a nice job at the family company, he’s engaged to a nice woman named Jennifer, he’s got a nice car instead of the Camaro Stiles convinced him to buy so they could have sex in the back seat, and his life is just nice.

And he’s happy, as long as he doesn’t think about it too deeply, because when that happens, he realizes he’s bored. But then Jennifer comes home and smiles at him, and he’s just happy and calm.

They work well together for a number of reasons; he hates putting in time at the social clubs, Jennifer loves it and she’s good at it, and she knows he hates it so she handles it for him as much as possible. She loves remodeling, he likes to build things and spend time in his woodshop, finding ways to make her grand ideas come together–they’re a fun challenge. He likes quiet nights in, she’s a book critic and has no trouble spending hours in silence as she takes notes on her latest review.

It’s infinitely more peaceful than his previous marriage, in which Stiles went to social clubs solely to mock them and take subtle digs at other members, fidgeted and made noise when Derek was trying to read until he eventually dragged him out to a bar, and complained about all the sawdust and constant renovations throughout the house and why are there no stairs today, Derek, I need to get to work.

But best of all: Jennifer is handling all of the wedding planning, dealing with his family, friends, all of the social and decorating aspects. All Derek has to do is show up and say I do.

(So, again, the exact opposite of his last wedding: eloping at the courthouse then both of them getting blackout drunk at a bar, and Stiles waking up with an untreated broken foot that needed surgery to correct.)

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Fairy Tail Chapter 545 Review

Okay guys. Here it is. After 11 years the story of Fairy Tail finally comes to a close. So let’s dive into Chapter 545 “Irreplaceable Friends”

We open  at a big fancy party thrown in Lucy’s honor for her best selling book, “The Adventure of Iris”. Honestly… Good to know Lucy gets a successful career in her ending.

and we now get the cover page…

It’s a little crowded, and I think there has been better shots of all of Fairy Tail together, but nostalgia is really kicking in.

The next few pages is just shots of FT being FT.

So Lucy begins to narrate some things that have happened in the last year. First about her book and then…

Oh god. Not you. Yes, Anna gets to live in this time period, with no consequences and not even a meaningful conversation with Lucy. To top it off, she’s now a teacher. Yeah, seeing as how all of Anna’s “intellect“ just kept making things worse and worse, I don’t think those kids are in for a good academic future.

Seems like Levy is pregnant. Cool. Not that this isn’t bad, but after the whole Bradman thing, this was kinda obvious.

We then cut to other guilds. Like Lamia scale and we find out that Chelia…

Are you fucking kidding me? I guess this war really did have no lasting consequences for our heroes!

This is the last of Sabertooth. Which I swear is just a copied image from the Avatar arc when the “Tora Tora eating festival” was introduced.

I guess Ichiya is Blue Pegasus’s master now? Well he did survive a suicide trip pushing Acnologia into a portal, guess he earned this title.

Wow this arc has done well at stripping away Kagura’s dignity. From getting striped by Dimaria, to giving Jellal CPR shirtless, to being given a magic induced orgasm, and now she’s a model. Okay there’s nothing wrong with being a model, but this is Kagura. Stoic, Badass Swordswoman,  I didn’t see becoming a magazine model as a future for her character. She doesn’t even seem to like this! Actually wait! The caption says that Mermaid Heel’s girls all became models… Wow, way to treat the female only guild.

We cut to the party where…

Oh god, Gildarts no… Also Juvia, I know you spent time with Gray and developed the striping habbit, but you usually did it in combat… I don’t get why you’re doing it now.

Gray drags off Juvia and begins to lecture her on her scar…

So they’re canon… I think? Kinda… Sorta… No well explained… Hey wait! I just realized that this whole big plot point about how Gray will give Juvia an answer and keep her from being left hanging, doesn’t end in a straight answer, but a maybe?! AKA still left hanging! Dude, grow a spine and say it!

Wait… what’s this…

I love this scene! Mashima you glorious bastard~

We then cut to see that King Toma has abdicated, making Hisui queen. Yeah… Hisui… She totally earned it… What have you even done?Well she does make peace with Alvarez. Which is most likely going through a civil war to determine who is now the ruling body given the emperor and most of his top men are dead.

But Hisui also pardons Crime Sociere…

Y’know her telling them to live, would be a bit more powerful, if she interacted with Erza and not Lucy.

Yeah now the most controversial part of the chapter…

Erza and Jellal don’t get together. In fact, they don’t even talk. Y’know I did a brief post on my thoughts about this and I still stand by, Mashima is under no obligation to get them together, but he does at least owe them a conversation. At least. Because when you tease something like that, you really can’t leave open ended. If they aren’t going to get together you should at least give them a conversation that at least leads to them making the decision not to get together.

(Also Erza’s hair was that gorgeous without brushing it?!)

And Makarov can’t walk anymore… Oh god it must hard for him to make it through each day now, old, numerous heart attacks, lost the ability to walk. At this point just mercy kill him. Wait, he’ll probably live through that too.

Oh yeah and the other controversial scene…

Yup. Mavis and Zeref have been reincarnated and are now destined to fall in love again… Oh god… Why? You concluded their story! The whole journey of them as a couple had a great ending. Granted I felt it was weighed down by the Alvarez arc really dropping the ball with the whole relationship thing, before their conclusion. So this really feels like it ruins that big curse breaking moment, because they actually don’t escape their eternal cycle. Instead of being immortal they’re just reincarnated. Also one month is a short time for these reincarnations to be born and then make it to their teenage years

We get a montage shot of FT acting like FT and…

Wow… A ship with no canon interaction gets acanon ending. Mashima, you glorious bastard…

We cut to the next day in Lucy’s home, where… (For old time’s sake)

Natsu is in her living room. Appears she passed out after getting drunk, and brought her home.

And then this scene.

I know there are some upset that Natsu and Lucy didn’t get together, but this scene is really heartfelt. Regardless of the quality of every arc in question, I genuinely feel that these are two people who’ve been through thick and thin.

So they run off on another adventure… But not just on any adventure…

A 100 year quest.

So we close out on another montage showing off FT.

Umm looks like Fairies don’t have tails…

Anyway that is the conclusion, and after 11 long years the stories of Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Happy, and Carla, come to an end, but the adventure of Fairy Tail lives on…

Post Chapter Follow Up: I’m going to start with the negatives only because I want to end on a positive note.

The biggest issue with this conclusion, is a lot of the individual ends feel iffy… Weather they don’t seem to fit the character like Kagura, or give a level of finality to their story like Jellal, or even acknowledge there has been a change to get us to this point like sabertooth. It really hurts because these are the last time we’ll see these characters and leaving them off with those conclusions is bitter sweet.

Let’s also talk about the controversial stuff. The biggest is the ambiguity. The “story” has to end without the story ending, thus it doesn’t go against a never ending adventure. There are things I think you can leave ambiguous, like Natsu and Lucy going off on an adventure, or what happens to all of the guilds as a whole. But there are some stuff that really you can’t do given the time spent on it. As I said, I am fine with Mashima not making pairs canon. Afterall, he isn’t under obligation to, just because the ships have large fanbases. That said he needs to at least give a straight answer. WIth all the time spent, you need to show us how you come to the end for these pairs and why that might not get together.

Another thing that really hurts is the Zeref and Mavis thing… Why? It’s not a bad scene, but it’s bad because it really ruins their already good conclusion. Doesn’t destroy it, but does make it a lot lesser.

So with all that said… Lets get to the positives,. First of all, I really do want to give Hiro Mashima for attempting something different for his conclusion than the typical shounen ending. I do think it is muddled a bit in execution, but this could’ve very well been just a repeat of Rave’s ending. I’m glad he ended it, his own way.

Another thing is the FT hijicks. I know a lot of the cast of FT didn’t do much this final arc, but it’s so nice to see them all get to show of their personalities one more time before the curtain draws to a close.

And finally, that moment with Natsu and Lucy. I know people are upset that the two are not together as lovers, but that doesn’t take away this really is two characters that share a genuine bond. Maybe not romantic, but it really feels like a finale for these two.

So this is the last time I’m going to do this for FT…

Final Verdict: 5/10

  • It’s too ambiguous
  • It does have some head scratching edings for characters
  • It has very sweet moments of characterization
  • Reminds of the jiy these characters brought me.

Before we go,This is it, this is the last review for a chapter of Fairy Tail I’m going to ever write. It’s been an honor and pleasure bringing you a review week to week. I wouldn’t be anything without this series, I could’ve never made my blog what it is without this series help, and all of your help dear readers. We had a lot of fun. Sure, at times it wasn’t always good, we had ups and we had downs, but that was what Fairy Tail was, a ride. And it’s a ride I don’t regret getting on. I hope it left everyone with some good memories. So till we see each other again, stay gold!

Three quarters of dream, one of reality

Warning: hand jobs

We all know because of whom I wrote this. And we all know because of which song. The problem is I heard the story and wrote this thing before checking the lyrics, so it doesn’t really match. And I wrote it, checked lyrics, decided to rewrite this, but in the end – I just like it so I didn’t, so there you go.

“I can’t believe you dragged me out there for our date. We don’t get many of those, you know?” Jongdae was reeling. In his mind – rightfully so. Their schedules never matched. And when he said never he meant never. In his line of work he didn’t get a lot of free time, and to make matter worse she was a student, working late gastro shifts on top of that.

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The best of the Gajevy moments from the last chapter😍. Im so happy with where Levy and Gajeel ended up. As we all know… all too often shipping two characters in a story ends in heartbreak, disappointment, or a sense of loss, after all, authors can’t make everybody happy.

But we Gajevy lovers were truly fortunate to have a ship that sailed strong and true to the very end. I do hope Mashima will give us some glimpses into Gajevy’s future every so often. After all…there’s a certain set of twins we’re waiting on 😝…but even if he doesn’t…we have so much great content already that I feel content. 😌

Gajevy for the Win! ❤️

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Starz does not have a clue! Fans don't read the books and watch the show for Claire and Frank.😬 We love Claire and Jamie! They need to stop the love triangle shit and actually get to know the story that they are promoting!!!!! That icy road is coming for the abusive, controlling and racist Frank!

Careful anon, if you complain about Fronk you’re a bad fan who must be kicked out of the fandom!!!! But on a serious note, I hope this is the last year where we have to see Tobias at events. No hate to him at all because he’s a great guy and actor but I’m completely over his characters. Time to move on Ron. 

Let your tears come.  Let them water your soul ; Manga edition

When it comes to the Tragedy as a genre I’ve seen lots of people who think it works only in the anime format. WRONG!!! Mangas can literally rip your heart out the same way an anime can. Actually there has been several manga that menaged to make me cry way more than the anime adaption

Those are some of my favorites :)


Gosh this was the first manga that managed to make me cry. Even though we all know the real tragedy is the damn hiatus the manga is in

Hotarubi no mori E

This will break your heart the same way the movie did, expecially if you read it while listening the anime soundtrack. Also the other 3 stories the manga contain are just as beautiful.


Gosh this was so touching

Hoshi wa Akatsuki no Kage

This mangaka is a goddess, not only her stories are so original and touching, but the art is just way too beautiful in my opinion


Another little masterpice from the same mangaka

Visukiisu no Akai Ningyou

The story is so fucked up and great at the same time. Definitly amust read

Kon no Ki Konoha 

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this is gonna sound really stupid and obvious but reading your comic made me realize I didnt have to listen to todd howard and take everything in game as law. like I could make my own story and change it how I wanted and it really helped me improve my sosu's story and give her a better characterization that made much more sense for her. so thanks for helping me break free of todds restrictive canon 🙌

That doesn’t sound stupid at all!!! It means so much to me to hear that my comic could help you with your own project <3 We all know the canon FO4 story and I didn’t know if a lot of the changes I made would be taken well…I wanted to preserve the universe but change enough that Cass felt like someone different and could forge a path that was in the same setting but totally different. Being given the role of the doting parent who used to have a spouse and a child and be a soldier/lawyer was a bit more than what other fallout games had given us and can feel a bit limiting. 

It’s so much nicer to be able to work with the world and stage that Bethesda gave us and really explore it on our own terms <3 I’m glad to hear about people taking the canon and doing something different with it ^^ Its great!

Thanks for letting me know I made an impact. It’s honestly is why I keep going.

DCEU fans should expect a more kid-friendly Shazam movie, since the protagonist is by design just a kid. It is extremely unlikely that that movie would delve into deeper themes.

However, we should NOT be surprised if the movie turned out to be more serious than some people originally gave it credit for. because keep in mind WB is the studio that made the beloved HP series, a world of magic with kid protagonist Harry Potter who happens to be around Billy Batson’s age. and we all know the HP franchise was never afraid to showcase darker story elements when needed. Chances are, the Shazam movie is going to be closer in tone to the earlier installments of the HP franchise, rather than share any similarity with the flippant atrocity that is current disney/mcu.

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I'm so deep into your stories so much that when Naruto came on Toonami and the episode was centered/starting with Naruto I was like, "Where the fuck is Sakura? What is this? Why's it all about Naru-oh wait."

I know the show is called Naruto, but can we not focus it 110% on the little shit blond messiah brat and actually develop some other characters? No? Yeah, didn’t think so.  

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I know your pain, dear anon. Naruto is such a huge part of my life, but not cannon Naruto, fandom Naruto. I’ll be salty forever. 

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I don't know if this story is entertaining enough to be a good offering, but we once had a client with a terribly fly blown rabbit that we were *sure* was a goner. All the details are straight up gross, but let's just say the owner loved him (it was very fast and not very obvious until we shaved him): we cleaned him up and she brought him a big bowl of his favourite food every day and it still makes me smile that he made a full recovery.

Ow, I hate maggot cases so much. There is just something so wrong about animals with an infestation.

I’m glad the bunny pulled through.

Podcsat update~

Hey guys!

We are all so sorry about the delay’s in podcasts.

@catacombsaint and @silverthurible have been busy romancing, and making us all gag about it. (Parents are gross.)

@existential-error our poor sweet paparoni had an intense surgery recently, and she needs the time off for a bit.

We’ll hopefully have something recorded next weekend for y’all.

If you wouldn’t mind, we ask that you flood @existential-error‘s inbox with love, and support in her trying times.

Thank you so much!

P.S. Do you want your concert story read out loud in the podcast? Send us an ask and I’ll make sure to get it in there!

We love you all! Except you.. you know who you are. >> (JK it’s no one, or is it?)

-Sister Envy

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I think they are casting bluesey first. they are casting gansey, & when they are done w that they gonna cast blue and use the actor to test the chemistry. After that, they gonna move over to pynch - i think.

I think that sounds like a solid plan and makes sense. They definitely need chemistry and the right vibe. And the books follow their story closest so it makes sense that they would cast them in the very beginning and build around that. At least, that’s how I’d do it. But I have no knowledge on how these things are actually done!

I’m excited and nervous to see who they cast. It all feels so real now that we know they have had at least one audition! I wasn’t expecting auditions to start so soon, but I’m not gonna complain!

chiimei  asked:

Hi hi, I read that you're done with your exams. I hope you passed all of them! :3 I also want to say your drawings are so adorable and your writing is wonderful! I like how you describe the situations and feelings, it really take me into the story. Also I was SUPERRRRR happy to know you love Detective Conan too! I don't many people who likes that as well. I hope you would have a wonderful day and good luck with answering the asks, Lai! :3 👍

Hi, hi, chiimei~ I HOPE SO TOO! I’m actually bad at studying, so… we really can only hope. ; w; And thank you so much for the compliments, aaaaa! I still feel like I’m lacking in some departments in regards to my writing, but your comment really makes me feel like I’m at least improving. It’s very inspiring, yaaasss! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

And AYYY, IKR. That show has been around since I was a kid, so I kinda grew up with it. I haven’t seen it in a while now, I actually kinda miss it. That was a great show, it should be more popular… >w> I do know a lot of people who like the show irl though, since it was pretty much a popular show in my childhood, dubbed in my language and everything.

I’m still working on a lot of other asks (I saved the ones with requests), so your well wishes are very appreciated~ I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY TOO! Thanks for popping in~ Take care!~`;:゛;`;・(°ε° )


Azure: “Durian, it was all just a dream.  There’s no way you went to that place and met that girl.  Please tell me you realize that it wasn’t reality.  Please tell me you aren’t focusing on a dream again after coming so far.”

Durian: “Azure, I’m telling you it’s not a dream.  I was there, you saw the contraption outside, how could i have made that up?”

Azure; “I can’t believe this….after all this time together you’re pushing me away.”

Durian: “I’m just trying to be honest with you.”

Azure; “Listen I don’t know what’s going on with you right now, but I thought we had a great thing going.  Working towards maybe having a future together, but if your scared of that, don’t make up stories to get out of this relationship.  If your’e going to be honest with me, then actually be honest with me.”

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Y'know what. If we wanna get real technical every fictional chr EVER is an OC to its original creator. Undertale. Harry Potter. All those chrs were original ideas to the creator. Some OCs don't even belong to a fandom or big story. They're just a fun idea the creator came up with. That anon can take their cringe and shove it up their ass. That anon makes me CRINGE because they're an asshole. They're the one that's cringy. ~Chamomile☕️

Not exactly how I would word it, but I got the idea haha. Honestly the whole “cringe” culture is so detrimental to children’s imagination. Let kids have fun with their eye color changing, rainbow hair colored OC because why not? Why shouldn’t a character have fricken pink eyes that make everyone falls in love with them? No shouldn’t a character have every power in the world? Sure, their story probably isn’t going to published into a New York Best Seller, but the important thing is that they are practicing and having fun. 

I use to have this OC whom I love dearly because without her, I probably wouldn’t have become the writer I am today. Sure, I’m not the best right now, but I could be a lot worse. I remember, I created Luna in 7th grade and she was the living human embodiment of the moon. She had curly auburn hair that she dyed black, then back to her natural hair again just because she wanted to and her irises were deep purple and in the shape of a crescent moon. She fell in love with the living embodiment of the sun and together, they had crazy adventures like defeating an ancient spirit that kidnapped Luna because she was a reincarnation of his past lover or saving Ethan, the sun, from an evil version of himself. I had the best time of my life writing those stories and if I read them now, I would laugh at how ridiculous and over the top it is, but I don’t regret creating them. 

The point is, OCs are just a way to express oneself and it shouldn’t be looked down upon. Let people have fun and do what they want if they’re not hurting anyone. 


We know it’s been too long since the last time we updated with any original content and both of us can only be grateful for all of you who are sticking to our AU regardless - currently the two of us are burdened by personal difficulties, that hopefully it won’t take long before they will be lifted. For the meantime, we can only thank you for your patience.

We would also like to let you know that we do have our story planned out, various routes in fact. All will be presented at due time.

On a positive note, @notsoclosetnerd is celebrating their birthday tomorrow, 22nd July. Please, make sure to show them some love. ;)

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There are spoilers on the Outlander/Sam Heughan tag. We all know how the story is but it’s not the same to read all the scenes before seeing them.

Amazing, isn’t it? Now, we can’t see if there are new pics being posted because their tag is full of spoilers.

Six word story challenge

Hey everyone!

It’s no secret that life can be stressful. We all have our struggles, which can make it difficult to kick back and relax. Alternatively, in an effort to be more positive, I want to focus on the calmness and serenity life has to offer. So, tell me, what is your source of peace? Where do you find your comfort? Who do you keep in your company when you’re looking for an escape from the pains and strains of life?

This week’s theme: serenity

As always, I want to know about your experiences. This blog is for you just as much as it is for me, and I want you all to be a part of it. Remember that submissions must be six words and stick to the weekly theme, but don’t let that make you feel limited with your stories. Use the tag #sixwordstorychallenge when you submit your stories to @sixwordssayitall.

Vault Builders (Planescape)

When the Emerald Spire first came out, the vault builders didn’t grab my attention. Sure, they were bug-like elementals from the Plane of Earth, but they didn’t feel like they had substance to them. In short, they lacked purpose other than as a plot mechanic to justify the superdungeon. Suffice to say, Vault of the Onyx Citadel has rectified that issue.

If there’s one thing that Paizo has demonstrated they have mastered over the years, it’s playing the long game, and welding story arcs together. When we finally learn more about the xiomorns, the race the vault builders are one-half of; it turns out that they have literary precedents in the works of H.P. Lovecraft of all things. In Paizo’s universe, the xiomorns are the race that the Yithians are going to mind swap and take over in the future. The xiomorns know this through oracles. For millennia, they have been obsessively creating new life all over the planes in an attempt to avert their destiny at the appendages of the Great Race. Now, the vault builders have spades of motivation, as well as context for their role in the wider multiverse.

When transplanting the vault builders to Planescape, I would make their home plane the Quasielemental Plane of Mineral. Mineral doesn’t have much in the way of inhabitants already, and thematically they match one another since all xiomorns can slowly crystallize their enemies. This placement also leaves the Dao and/or Shaitans in control of the Plane of Earth.

Of course, it would be negligent not to mention how vault builders can act as walking plot hooks. If you want to set an adventure on a plane that is inhospitable, you can always set it inside one of the vaults that a vault builder created. It’s not too much of a stretch to suggest that the vault builders would’ve worked to find a way to make these chambers more hospitable to mortal life. Once you start doing that, you can always play with lots of different types of precursor race tropes, which are always fun. That said, do not take off a vault builder in a vault it created, as they are unkillable inside them.

  • The most exotic of the vault builder’s creations is located on the Demiplane of Time. The aptly named Vault of Time grew around a temporal anomaly, added by the master chronologist xiomorn, Zatsus the Determined. Because of its unique origins, the chronology of the Vault of Time is warped. Everyone enters the vault at the exact same temporal moment, when Zatsus first entered their creation. Time continues to pass at the same relative rate for each person regardless of whether they are inside or outside the vault, so come back to the vault after being away for two years, and two years will have passed for you on the inside. This temporal blending allows one to meet figures from both the past and the future and, if one is lucky, to learn chronomancy from Zatsus the Determined theirself.  
  • A lone vault builder, Zkta'in, can found in Sigil or more precisely in UnderSigil. Zkta'in acts as an information broker, buying and selling bits of obscure and strange lore. Zkta'in also posts bounties on Yithians and their body parts, hoping to gain insights into the bodies they currently inhabit. Zkta'in pays anyone who fulfils these contracts not in gold, but in magical items grown from the very bones of Sigil herself.
  • Earth elementals of all stripes have conferred for the last 100 years at Amberbrand Grot on the Quasielemental Plane of Mineral and the xiomorn are no exception. Represented by Negotiator Dalsk, the xiomorn continually seek allies against the Great Race of Yith and other ancient terrors that make even the most elder of elementals shudder. So far, the century-long moot has produced few takers, but Negotiator Dalsk didn’t earn their name for nothing. Dalsk is finally willing to bring out their bargaining chip to sweeten the pot: the use of a pristine vault seed.

Notes: Amberbrand Grot was originally from the book, Planes of Power. As originally written it was located  on the Plane of Earth, but I’ve moved it to Mineral becuase it is so appropriate for Mineral.

The Dark Eras 2 Kickstarter continues! With 14.5 days remaining, $43,319 have been raised, which funds the project, and $1,681 remain until the Pirates Era gets added to the main book. There are going to be fewer eras in Dark Eras 2, but here’s the catch.  We have confirmation that each era will be longer than in the original book. I’m estimating that Dark Eras 2 will be between 400-600 pages long