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I Don’t Think Jacob’s Captors Let Him Go By Accident

by reddit user nowwegotcha

Jacob became one popular dude during my sophomore year of high school, two years ago. In the middle of the year, he just showed up. His family had moved him away from their old home, but his reputation somehow got loose in the hallways.

At the age of twelve, Jacob had been kidnapped from his home in the middle of the night. His parents had been apparently drugged by an unknown person, and their son had been stolen. No one even called the police until the parents woke up. No witnesses, fingerprints, ransom notes, nothing.

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This one is coming out of left-field but uh

I legit think the “Queen of Junkertown” could be the next hero.

Not only that - 

I legit think she could be the next support hero.

A lot of people picked up on the very obvious empty throne (meaning they can keep her design a secret for a later reveal), and the also obvious weapons hanging around.

But a lot of people missed the bright yellow objects attached to the weapons.

Overwatch is super heavily color-coded/color-motifed.  Yes, yes, “blue = good,” “red = enemy,” but beyond that, each character in their standard design kinda shows you their personality traits.  Each character usually has a very distinct 1-3 colors that stand out and makes them immediately distinguishable.

Similarly, there are few extra colors that tell the player or a teammate what is happening.  These are:

  • Green = speed (Lúcio’s speedboost, but also the jump pads, friendly Genji’s ult)
  • Light blue/glowing blue = photo-based shields (Reinhardt, Orisa, Winston, friendly Zarya, Symmetra’s shields)
  • Purple = chaotic, “debuff” (Zenyatta discord orb, Sombra hacking, Widowmaker venom mine, Ana damage shot, enemy Ana biotic grenade)
  • Yellow = healing and/or bonus armor (Mercy, Ana, Zenyatta harmony orb, Lúcio healing, Soldier: 76 biotic field, Roadhog breather, Torbjörn’s armor, D.Va’s armor, etc)

This is not a comprehensive list by any means, but basically, the majority of the time, when you see yellow in Overwatch, that’s a healing-related ability, item, or object.

If the Queen of Junkertown is going to be a playable character, it’s likely those weapons “heal” somehow, while still providing her with offensive capabilities.

I’ve never considered it before but like.

The UA teachers knew about All Might’s true form before it was revealed to the public, right?

But they don’t know about One For All (except for Recovery Girl and principal Nedzu).

So like. When Cementoss saved All Might’s secret from getting out to Kirishima at the end of the USJ invasion, and he saw how unbothered All Might was about Izuku knowing his true form and how Izuku didn’t seem all too surprised by it, he must have realized that Izuku knew about All Might’s true form already.

And I mean, he must have wondered why Izuku, specifically, was the only student to know about All Might’s secret.

Put that together with the similarity in their quirks, and Aizawa’s observation on the first day of school about All Might picking favourites, there’s one obvious conclusion the teachers must have come to.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is, the UA teachers all totally think that Izuku is All Might’s illegitimate child.


Lena catches Supergirl crying, and they have a much deserved talk.

“Supergirl?” Lena’s brows furrow as she sees the hero on the balcony of Cat Grant’s old office – well, her new office. Even though Lena is confused, her tone is still bright when she asks, “What are you doing here?” But the smile she has on her lips disappears as she walks closer and sees the hero quickly wiping her tears away. “Supergirl…is everything okay?”

“Y-Yeah…” Kara laughs a little awkwardly, wondering why she didn’t hear Lena approaching her. “It’s nothing, Ms. Luthor… I-I’ll get out of your way–”

But before she can move, Kara feels Lena’s hand on her shoulder, “Hey,” Lena says softly, “It’s okay, you can stay here… And I’m here if you need to talk.”

It is strange for Lena to see the girl of steel crying, but it is a good reminder that even the strongest beings in the world have a softer side; that they too feel the weight of the world, and sometimes they crumble under it.

Kara stares out over the city, unmoving. Tears stream down her cheeks as she tries to organize her thoughts, as she tries to make sense over the past few weeks. “I love this balcony…” she starts, her voice barely above a whisper. “I got some of the best advice from Ms. Grant standing right here while we looked over the city…”

Lena lets go of Supergirl’s shoulder, and silently leans against the railing to admire the view as well; maybe she would be able to see the city through Supergirl’s eyes.

“I miss her, you know? Miss Grant… But she had to leave… They all do…” Kara shakes her head; anger bubbling up inside her chest, and she does her best to push it down.

They?” Lena asks softly. “Who are they?”

“My parents, Krypton, my aunt, Kal-El, Miss Grant, Mon-El! They all left! And I'm… And I’m still here…alone.”

Lena doesn’t flinch when Kara’s voice rises through the sentence, but her heart breaks when the hero finishes voicing her thoughts in a broken whisper. If it were Kara, if it were her best friend saying such things to her, Lena would hug her without hesitation; but this isn’t Kara, this is Supergirl, so Lena tentatively places a hand on her arm. “I’m sorry.” It’s all she can muster, because what can Lena say to someone who’s lost her entire planet? “I…We, humans, will never understand how big of a loss you suffered… I might be saying too much, but I have a feeling not even Superman understands it, right? Since he came to Earth as a baby?”

Kara cries quietly, placing one hand on top of Lena’s, and she nods at her friend’s question. “I was supposed to raise him, you know? We were supposed to arrive on Earth at the same time, and I was supposed to raise him, teaching him everything about our planet, about our family… But my pod, it got knocked out off course, and I got stuck in the Phantom Zone for twenty-four years… While I was asleep in that cold nothingness, he was here learning how to be more of a human than Kryptonian… And when I finally arrived, he didn’t need me anymore, he was already Earth’s hero and he couldn’t look after me…”

“Wait.” Lena raises her eyebrow, and Kara notices how the grip on her arm tightens. “You’re telling me he abandoned you?”

“It’s not–” Kara sighs, she doesn’t want to have this argument with Lena too, Alex already gives her enough of a hard time over it. “He didn’t know me, I was a stranger to him, and he has two lives he needs to juggle. I understand why he did what he did… Sometimes– Sometimes I think it was a blessing, honestly, because I don’t know if I would have been able to take it trying to teach my only living relative about our culture, and seeing him not being interested in it. At least my foster family wanted to learn everything about me…”

Lena feels Supergirl’s reluctance on the subject, so Lena files that bit of information for the next time Superman tries to act like he has the moral high ground over her.

“You’ve never told me anything about your foster family.” Lena says instead, smiling softly at Supergirl. “Do you have foster siblings?”

That makes Kara smile; she can’t help herself, Alex always brings out the best in her. “Yes, I do.”

Raising her eyebrow again, Lena decides to try her luck, “How many?? One, two, three??”

Chuckling, Kara shakes her head. “I can’t tell you that, Miss Luthor.”

“Lena, please. I thought after the airplane incident you’d keep calling me by my first name.” She says, grinning.

“Lena.” Kara nods. “Sorry.”

“That’s okay.” With a little smirk, Lena teases, “One day you’ll trust me enough to tell me more about yourself.”

Kara frowns and turns to Lena. “It’s not about trust, Lena.” There’s such sincerity in those blue eyes that it steals Lena’s breath away. “Because I already trust you, more than you’ll ever know, to be honest…”

“Then…why?” Lena manages to speak even though she seems to be getting lost in Kara’s eyes.

“Because…” Kara feels a wave of guilt washing over her, and she forces herself to look back at the city. “Because I’m selfish.”

Lena blinks a few times, thoroughly confused as to why Supergirl would say something like that. “W-What do you mean?” She asks, going back to leaning against the railing; only this time her shoulder is brushing against Supergirl’s as they stand closer than before.

“I… I need to keep my two lives apart…” Kara starts, trying to figure out how she can explain this to Lena without defeating the purpose of keeping her identity a secret. “You… you mean so much to me, Lena… You’ve helped me more than you realize… and I need to keep things the way they are…or…or…” The idea of not having Lena as a friend to just Kara Danvers fills Kara with anxiety. “Or I fear something inside me will break.”

Lena looks at Supergirl with confusion clear in her eyes, and Kara braces herself for the obvious questions Lena surely is thinking about, but they never come. Slowly, the furrow of her brows disappears, and instead of looking confused, Lena smiles softly at Kara, and nods. “You mean a lot to me too.” Lena says, gently bumping her shoulder to Kara’s. “And I understand… I mean, I don’t, not really, but this has been working for us and if it means that much to you, then I’m okay keeping things as they are.”

Before Lena knows what hit her, she finds herself enveloped in strong arms. “Thank you, Lena.” The words are whispered against her neck, making Lena shiver.

“You’re welcome.” Lena sighs the words, bringing her arms up to hug Supergirl back. Something about the hug feels oddly familiar, which goes along with Lena’s theory that she knows Supergirl’s secret identity, but now that she knows for a fact that Supergirl needs her two personas to be apart, Lena will make a conscious effort not to think about it too much.

The hug goes on for longer than either of them intended to, and to Lena’s surprise, when Supergirl pulls back, she’s crying again.

“I…” Lena trails off, fidgeting with her fingers. “I’m sorry for being responsible for sending Mon-El away. I didn’t mean to make one more person leave you.”

Kara shakes her head, “You were only helping me. And it was my decision to push the button, Lena, not yours. I’m sorry Edge used that to make you believe you had hurt those kids.”

Lena gives Supergirl an appreciative little smile. “It’s okay. I’m just glad I have Kara and Sam as my friends… they wouldn’t give up on me even when I had already given up on myself.”

“Remind me to send them a gift basket then.” Kara chuckles, drying her tears.

Lena shakes her head good-naturedly. “Can I ask you a question?” She asks; her features turning more serious. At Supergirl’s nod, Lena continues, “Who is Mon-El to you? He was important enough to be on your list earlier, but he’s Kara’s boyfriend…”

“Oh…um…” Kara swallows hard.

“Because I really like you, but Kara comes first, and if he was cheating on her with you…”

“Oh, no! No! Nothing like that!” Kara rushes to appease Lena, although her heart melts a little at the way Lena stands up for Kara Danvers. “He-He’s just a friend… A good friend…a friend who knows my planet…who knows about my customs and traditions… He’s the closest thing to a Kryptonian friend I have…”

“Oh…” Lena nods, worrying her bottom lip. “I promise one day L-Corp will find a way to clean the lead off the air so he can come back, Supergirl.“

Smiling even though there’s a knot in her throat, Kara says, "About that… Four hundred years from now, L-Corp will find the cure for it.” At Lena’s inquisitive look, Kara explains, “Mon-El… He traveled back in time… He’s back, and thanks to your company he can breathe our air again.”

Lena is speechless. There’s so much going on in her mind, that she can’t help but laugh in disbelief. “Y-You’re telling me that I did it?? Th-That I managed to keep on the right path??? That L-Corp will continue to do good long after I’m gone?!?!”

Kara smiles softly at Lena’s enthusiasm, and nods. “I had no doubt about that.”

“This is crazy!” Lena laughs again, shaking her head. “But wait, you said her traveled back in time? How long has it been for him?”

Kara turns her gaze to the city bellow them once more. “Seven years… He’s married now… I’m sure he’ll try to go back to his timeline soon…”

“Wow… Um…” Lena frowns. “I think I should call Kara.”

“No!” Supergirl rushes to say. “Sh-She’s okay. I mean, she’s dealing with it. Her sister is there for her.”

Worrying her lip again, Lena nods, and silence sets between them.

“I know I’ll never understand what you’ve been through,” Lena starts without looking at Supergirl. “As I said before, no human truly can, but…in a way, I understand. When I lost my mom…I lost everything; I lost her, my house, my friends… Everything I knew…gone, and suddenly I was with this knew family who might as well have been from a different planet.”

Kara turns her head just slightly so she can discreetly watch Lena as she speaks. It’s during moments like this that Kara remembers how young Lena actually is, and how much she’s been through.

“I don’t remember much about my mom, and I never knew anything about my father, well, at least not until Lillian decided to tell me Lionel was my real dad to try and get something from me.” Lena scoffs, shaking her head. “My dad is now gone, Lillian has tried to kill me many times, and I watched the only person who truly loved me turn into a monster.” Suddenly Lena has an urge to drink something strong, but she forces herself to stay still. “And once again, the life I knew was taken from me. No one wanted to be associated with me anymore… the friends I thought I had, left me; the man I loved couldn’t understand why I needed to move here.” Sighing, Lena rubs her temples and a practiced smile appears on her lips. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to turn this into a Lena Luthor pity party. All I’m trying to say is, even though no one on Earth can understand the scale of what you’ve lost, some of us can still understand what it feels like to lose everything and having to start over.” Placing her hand on Supergirl’s arm once more, Lena says, “Just know that you’re not alone. I’m here for you, and if you ever want to teach me anything from your culture, I’d be more than willing to learn.”

Kara can’t stop her tears, but she’s smiling brightly again. “Thank you, Lena.” And as a word crosses her mind, Kara’s smile turns into a full-on grin. “How about we start with the word ‘mbysh’?”

Lena returns the smile, glad that she was seemingly able to comfort the hero. She tentatively repeats the word, making Kara giggle. “Hey! Don’t laugh at me!” Lena laughs along with Supergirl.

“I’m not laughing at you! I promise!” Kara snorts out a laugh. “You just sound very cute! Come on, try again.” She says, repeating the word for Lena.

Lena can feel her cheeks burning at the compliment, but she repeats the word after Supergirl, earning an excited squeak. “Better?” She asks.

“Yes! It was perfect!” Kara beams.

“Good!” Lena says proudly. “But what does it mean?”

Kara tilts her head to the side for a moment, smiling softly at Lena, before leaning in and kissing Lena’s cheek. “Friend. It means friend.”

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IDK if you saw the post about how, before the Death Star plans were captured, the asset Bail was sending was *Leia herself* to Obi-Wan. But I'd like an AU based on that. No Death Star Plans, only a 19-year-old-girl strong in the Force, trying to beat the Empire.

She didn’t—

Luke cocked his head, watching the girl in white move through the marketplace. He couldn’t figure out what it was about her, why one minute he had been engrossed in Waing’s new shipment of power converters and the next he was staring at her, totally unable to tear his eyes away. He wasn’t entirely sure how he’d gone from one to the other, except he had, and now he was watching her. It was important he watch her, he knew it was important, though he couldn’t figure out how he knew that, or why.

It wasn’t that she stood out—sure, no one wore robes of that clean white, not unless they had a lot of slaves or droids to do the laundry for them, and yeah, she was the sort of pale you generally only saw in traders, who spent more time in artificial grav than sunslight. But she could be a water merchant’s daughter slumming it in Toshe, or an off-worlder, taking in the sights. (Not that they had many sights to see in Toshe, Luke thought with a snort.) And nobody else seemed to notice her; she stopped at Kinqua’s stall and dipped her fingers into the bowl Kinqua left out for tasting, and lifted it to her lips, licked the droplets away.

Luke had seen Kinqua casually lop off a child’s hand for that.

Skywalker,” Waing said, startling Luke out of his thoughts. “You made a decision? Or are you just going to keep feeling up my tech until it agrees to go home with you?”

“Cool your drives, Waing,” Luke said mildly, but he was still staring at the girl in white. She had two droids trundling after her, he realized belatedly—an astromech and a protocol droid, though he couldn’t make out what they were saying at this distance. Their lights were flashing, though, and he wished he could read visual binary.

“Oh, I see,” Waing said after a minute, and Luke could hear them smirking. “My tech isn’t all you’re hoping to take back to the Whitesun-Lars homestead.”

Luke felt his face go hot, and he forced himself to look back at Waing. They were smirking. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said coolly, but he couldn’t focus on the power converters anymore. The girl in white, had she—

“Pardon me.”

This close it was abundantly obvious that she wasn’t from Tatooine—no one from this planet carried that air of interestingness with them, like they had a secret that might change the whole course of your life. She must be an off-worlder. “I’m looking for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Do you know where I might find him? I was told he lives near here—”

“Old Ben?” Luke cut in, before Waing could answer. “Do you mean Old Ben?”

The girl in white looked at him for a long moment, and Luke felt the back of his neck heating up. “I don’t know,” she finally said. “Is he near here?”

“Oh, sure,” Luke laughed, more out of relief than anything else. “Old Ben’s just a few klicks from here, he lives near the western gorge—I could take you, if you want,” Luke said quickly, because she looked increasingly put-out, and he felt something in his chest twinge in answer to it.

But she shook her head. “Thank you for the offer, but this is a personal matter.”

“It’ll cost you serious credits if you charter a speeder,” Luke said. “I’m headed that way anyway, let me take you. And your droids. Really,” he said, because she still looked uncertain. “It’s no trouble.”

She looked at him for a long moment, and her dark eyes were very serious. (He liked her eyes, for no particular reason he could figure out.) “My name is Leia,” she finally said, sticking her hand out. 

“Luke,” Luke laughed, taking it and shaking it. It was cool and smooth, and if he’d needed any confirmation she was from off-world, that was it. “Skywalker. My uncle owns a moisture farm in the eastern hemisphere.”

“I’m—not from around here,” she said, and Luke almost laughed because—well, obviously.

“Consider yourself lucky,” Luke said, and something of her tiredness and tightness (why did he know she was tired, down to her bones?) eased. She smiled back, a small smile. Luke counted it as a victory.

“I am C-3PO,” the protocol droid cut in, sticking his head between them as though it would stop them from looking at one another. He was burnished gold, and in the high sunslight it hurt to look at him. “And this is my companion, R2-D2.”

The astromech whistled a greeting, and Luke laughed. “Pleasure to meet—all of you. My speeder’s docked by the Ithorian, if you want…?”

“Hey, Skywalker, aren’t you going to buy anything?” Waing interrupted, and Luke winced, barely managing to tear his eyes away from Leia, who was still smiling, very slightly.

“Sorry, uh—maybe next week?” Luke offered lamely, but he was already ushering Leia and her droids away, and he could hear her laugh, very softly. (His chest fell too full, hearing it.)

It felt strange, formal and right, to help her into the speeder. Her hand in his was a kind of symmetry, inexplicable, the way he knew how a speeder was supposed to fit together, how a full tank of moisture sounded when you rapped it with a knuckle. Organic and totally without reason, their hands fitting together. She still hadn’t told him her surname, if she had a surname. Where she was from. What she was doing here. What her droids were doing here.

Luke couldn’t help but trust her utterly. Otherwise, why did her hand feel like that, resting in his?

What do you need to see Old Ben for?” Luke shouted over the rush of air around the speeder.

I told you,” Leia shouted back. The white hood she wore had fallen back, and her hair was dark. Even carefully styled, those loops over her ears, strands came loose, whipping around her face. “It’s personal!”

They stopped at the farm first, just to refuel and drop off the handful of things Luke did buy—rations, holonews downloads, some sucrose-candies for Aunt Beru. But when they touched down, Owen went white beneath his sunsburn, staring at Leia like she was a creature from another galaxy. “Your Highness,” he breathed, and Luke had to correct him, just an off-worlder looking for Old Ben; don’t pay her any mind. Look, Uncle Owen, I brought you your Almanac—

Leia was silent; picking at a loose thread in her white, white robes.

(Afterwards, she was silent, her arms crossed over her waist. They sped across the desert, which was gathering dark by the armful. “Sorry,” Luke said, trying to keep himself from shivering, “I know it gets cold at night.”

“It’s all right,” Leia said. “On—my planet, it snowed. We had mountains, and we would build whole castles out if it, out of snow. It was beautiful.”

“I’d like to see snow,” Luke said, but he thought it was lost in the sound of the speeder, because she didn’t reply.)

By the time they reached Old Ben’s place, it was dark enough for a lamp to be burning, the light spilling beneath the door and out the window. Luke watched as Leia knocked on the daub doorframe, shivering.

Still, it was worth staying just to watch the flicker of Old Ben’s expression from surprise to shock when he greeted her. He called her by a name that was definitely not ‘leia’ and Luke watched her shoulders hitch. “No,” Leia said finally. “I am Leia Organa, Princess of Alderaan. I am the daughter of Queen Breha Organa and Viceroy Bail Organa, and I am—I am here to beg your aid for the rebellion.”

Luke wasn’t so surprised that he didn’t notice Ben’s eyes cut to him, and then away.

“Princess,” Ben said finally, with an awful heaviness. Luke had brought him ration packs and listened to his stories he had never sounded like that before, like it was something awful and deep beyond saying. “If they sent you to find me, they must be very desperate.”

“No,” she said quickly, and Luke knew she was lying. “No, but—we need Jedi. We cannot go forward, we cannot fight, if the Force is not with us.”

This time, Old Ben’s stare lingered on Leia, then on Luke. He seemed to be making up his mind about something, though Luke couldn’t say what. Old Ben had always struck him as a sort of harmless religious sort; in another world he might have been a Jedi like in the stories, but instead he was a desert madman, talking to the air and clutching at a bit of carbon tubing like it was a lightsaber.

There was nothing harmless about the way he was looking at them now.

“I’ve been happy here,” Old Ben muttered, quietly, like an apology.

“Fine,” Leia said, almost a snarl. Luke could only see her in silhouette, against the light from Old Ben’s hut. He thought suddenly of a predator, something that could leap on the unsuspecting. “But no one ever promised us happiness.”

Luke could see Old Ben’s throat work. “Come in,” he said at last. His gaze darted to Luke, and Luke caught his breath. “What I have to say is—for both of you, now.”

Luke shut off the speeder.

(He had followed Leia into Old Ben’s hut, and didn’t come out the same man. No, not the same man at all.)

Secret Sign Language MasterPost

This is for @zenlikejen. 

Disclaimer: I don’t own all of these gifs (only some) so credit to the original owners of those i don’t own.

Okay so it has been clear from the start that some certain members from the band One Direction have gone to the great lengths (and most kind lengths) of leaning sign language. These two members are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson and despite them using their new talent as a way to communicate to the deaf fans, they also have mostly used it to communicate with each other, and each other only.  

We firstly have this:

Here we clearly see Louis gives a small thumbs up before tapping his chest multiple times with his left hand at which Harry doesn’t notice properly at first. Also Louis realizes he is tapping with his wrong hand for what he is trying to say so therefore corrects himself by switching to his right hand and this time Harry sees; like so: 

When Louis taps his chest, in sign language it means ‘Mine’, so basically he is telling Harry that he is his and Harry replies with a small thumbs up, a common thing which I will talk about further down in the post. 

Louis also glances at Harry here and touches his chest, a year later and they still communicate through signing, Louis again telling Harry that he is his. 

Harry here signs to Louis something along the lines of ‘Later we talk, before kissing’ but the second part can also mean ‘I want the truth’ as its unsure if he touches his lip or chin.

And Louis replies back with this: 

Which would make Harry saying ‘Later we talk before kissing’ more reliable due to Louis’ answer. 

Still complete cuties here.

Again during an interview, Louis seems to rub his hands together which research says could mean the letter ‘H’. In this case, H for Harry; or H was also a nickname that Louis could have had for Harry.

He then taps his chest twice again (meaning ‘Mine’) except he uses his fist more which may take away its meaning, but they could of changed it up more so that the signing was more personal to each other. 

Now during one of their songs on the TMH tour, Louis and Harry were stood next to each other on the stage. Louis glances at Harry for a moment to get his attention before crossing his fingers and then placing his hand back onto his microphone stand, fingers still crossed. 

Now some say that this means ‘Hope’ however others say because of how Louis did it, it means ‘Forever’ so I guess its your own choice to decide which one you want it to mean. 

Then we have this:

Now everyone knows that in sign language this sign with another person means ‘Lover’/ ‘Make Love’.

So really there is nothing much to say about this apart from the fact that it is adorable as fuck and the most cliche thing that a pair of platonic best friends could do together. 

No we are on to the famous ‘Thumbs up’ sign that they both constantly used to give each other on stage, during interviews and at any moment they were happy, having fun or in each others company. Now I researched this and found that it meant different to what the ‘Lovers’ sign that’s above. Many use the thumbs up sign as a way of saying good or as a positive attitude towards things like ‘I am good’ or ‘This is fun’ etc; except it also has another meaning. More discreetly, this sign can mean ‘I love you’ or ‘Love’ but is different from ‘Lover’ and ‘Make love’ so the two signs should not get mixed up. 

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Bangtan ships:
  • Namjin: The pillars of bangtan. Parents. Can they be more obvious? Even my dog ships them. Hard.
  • Jikook: Popular as fuck. hate-love relationship. no words needed. please stop touching each other’s diddly dong in public omg.
  • Yoonmin: Tsundere yoongi–angel jimin. Yoongi gulping whenever jimin do something. Them being different only when with each other; in a good way iykwim.
  • 95z/Vmin: Same age, thus comfortable. Picks on each other a lot. Keep each other’s secrets. By secrets i mean nudes.  
  • Vkook: Beautiful. Ships themselves. Everyone’s relationship goals. The amount of eye-fuck is–someone get them a room.
  • Minjoon: Compliments. Namjoon is so soft for jimin. Is the most similar personality-wise. Understands each other deeply. Height difference tho.
  • Namkook: jk’s idol crush: gd, iu, justin bieber sunbaenim, rap monster. Leader x youngest, respects each other. Tall and Taller.
  • Kookwhirt: Looks exceptionally good with each other. Cannot be separated. “jk pls avoid bringing white shirt” “o_O”
  • Horehead: hoseok x forehead. Everyone ships them. Except themselves apparently. Been too long since last time seen in public. Need to comeback asap.
  • Jinstick: Not lipstick. jin x his chopstick. “there are 7 million chopsticks in the world but i choose u” Aiming to taste millions of cuisine together. Nobody knows about them before they make it public on a tvshow.
  • Mintan: Jimin: /does anything/; bangtan: fffuckkckK so. fuckinG. cuTE. “JIMINNN” “OoooO, JiMiinNN”. Hugs & Cuddles.
  • Bangmi: Supports and love each other. Real. The amount of belief and trust. Bangmi vs the world. My longest army ever. “ARRMMYYYYYYYYYY”
Finally Happy || Will Byers Imagine

Originally posted by dailystrangerthings

Request: Can you please with cherry on top write a imagine of Will Byers hopelessly in love with Reader because she’s basically the only girl who treats him not like a freak. But, he’s too shy to confess to her so he ends up slipping Love notes in her locker until one day she ends up getting annoyed because she knows it’s him and she gives him a kiss??? I tried, I am not sure if the scenario is good, if not you can change it all that maters is a Will Byers Imagine. Lol thank you!

A/n: i finished Season 2 in one day and holy shit its so fucking goodd. Please send in some Stranger Things request. Btw i hope you like this, please let me know!

(And sorry if it suckss, i wrote this at 2.30 and i didn’t proofread it)

You were glad that for once everything was back to normal. Will was back, the demogorgon was gone and for that moment you were happy. When Will was taken by that monster you couldn’t function properly. Your best friend was gone and who knows if he was safe or not. You couldn’t live with yourself if he died. You just couldn’t. 

You shook that thought out of your head and tried paying attention to the teacher but you couldn’t. Kids around you would snicker and point at Will saying mean shit about him. And that pissed you off. You wanted to punch anyone who talks crap about Will.

“God what the hell happened to zombie boy. Gross.” The girl behinds you giggle along with her friends. You rolled your eyes trying so hard not to curse at them. “Just look at him, coming from the dead messed him up.” The girl sneered, “he’s always messed up anyways.” 

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I saw some people talking about the “Stiles comes back from college hot” trope, and it reminded me that I needed to make a seperate post for this fic!

Inspired by this post. (On AO3)

He’d been hoping for a reaction.

If he was being honest, he’d actually been anticipating a reaction.

While he’d been away at school, he’d started meeting people and making new friends. Some of those friends had turned out to be fitness guys, who loved running and working out. Stiles had ended up accompanying them on numerous gym trips, until eventually he liked it enough to just go, with or without them. He’d liked the feeling of being stronger, being able to trust his body to do what he wanted.

He’d become more confident with his looks, and started accepting invitations to parties. He’d started buying better-fitting clothes to show off his physique, and felt incredibly flattered when he was flirted with often. He’d kissed a lot of people, talked to a lot more, learned as much as he could, and even hooked up a few times.

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The first few times Lena makes Kara try terribly healthy food, Kara shoves it down, pretending to like it.

The next few times, Kara superspeed-slam-dunks the food into the trash when Lena isn’t looking. Or, alternatively, she burns it with heat vision and sends it back to the waiter. (Once, she froze it with freeze breath on the way to her mouth in a fit of panic about how gross it looked, but the confused and exasperated look on the waiter’s face made Kara vow to never do that again.)

Finally, after Lena confesses that she’s happy she gets to share so much of herself with someone who has so much in common with her, Kara feels so guilty about lying that she likes the same things as her that she tells Lena she’s been keeping a secret.

“Kara, dear… I know.”

“You know?”

“I mean. It’s kind of obvious. Well, not at first. But after a while, with a secret that big, you start to slip up.”

“Uh- Well, I never though it was that big of a secret.”

“It’s… kind of big, Kara. I mean, it’s a part of who you are.”

“I wouldn’t consider disliking healthy food to be that big a part of who I am…?”

“Disliking- Oh. No, Kara, I was talking about the real secret between us.”

“Oh… So…?”

“It’s okay. You can say it.”

“This is about… me being Supergirl?”



What? You’re Supergirl? I thought you were telling me you’re bisexual!”

“Oh. Well. I’m that too?“

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Themes of secrecy in Reputation

Anyone who’s remotely paying attention knows that Reputation is absolutely brimming with references to secrets, duality, double meanings and private revelations. The album explores these ideas from a lot of different perspectives, and I thought it would be useful to get some analysis in one place. Let’s take it song by song, shall we? 

  • “…Ready For It?” – This song has obvious public/private parallels that I’ve written about before, with the verses tracking Taylor’s dark public bearding and the choruses tracking her light, airy private loves. (ht @bikertaylor for being the first to point out to me that the verses and choruses seemed to be tracking two different ideas.) The theme of secrecy that I’m interested in exploring here, though, is even more personal: When Taylor writes, “In the middle of the night, in my dreams, I know I’m gonna be with you, so I take my time,” she’s writing about a hope so dear to her heart that it’s buried in her subconscious, bubbling to the surface only in her dreams. (Of course, a dream can also reference a wish or a fantasy, but I think the literal meaning is interesting here and shouldn’t be overlooked.) If you read this song as a conflict between Taylor and her own inner desires, fighting to break free, the music video can be read more literally as well: This song is about a fight Taylor’s having with herself. The battle rages within her own heart, and the “you” in the title might refer to us (her fans, the world) being ready for her to reveal her secrets – but it might also refer to whether Taylor herself is ready. 
  • “Endgame” – The line that piques my interest here is, “I bury hatchets, but I keep maps of where I put ‘em.” The first reading here is about her seeming apologies for her public dramas, a joke that she forgives but doesn’t forget. Many of those dramas, though, concern heartbreaks and bearding narratives – and I’m really interested in the idea that each of these might be considered a hatchet, a weapon, an instrument of pain but also a tool of survival. She buries these hatchets one by one, but she doesn’t forget them, and they become a map of her psyche,
  • “I Did Something Bad” – The line that sticks out here is, “For every lie I tell them, they tell me three.” A lie is of course one kind of secret, and it’s telling that Taylor and her “boyfriends” so regularly keep secrets from one another. Additionally, I like the way “every lie I tell them” might connote that she’s telling the same lie over and over – namely, the lie about the true nature of her feelings and their relationship.
  • “Don’t Blame Me” – This song is absolutely rife with themes of darkness, secrets, and hidden truths, and I love how these references are overlaid with religious iconography: “the darkest little paradise,” “halo hiding my obsession,” “I would fall from grace just to touch your face.” This song is also a continuation of Taylor reckoning with her own desires: “Lord save me, my drug is my baby, I’ll be usin’ for the rest of my life” isn’t a lyric about wanting to return to her past self, the one who plays by the rules; this is a plea to find acceptance for who she is and who she intends to be for the rest of her life. That’s why this song makes more sense as an LGBTQ narrative than, for example, a song about pre-marital sex – once you get married, you would return to the “halo” state of playing by the rules, but if your “baby” is a queer relationship, you can’t play by the rules without changing who you are. That’s why Taylor’s name is whatever you decide, and that’s how she changed from an existence that was poisonous to herself and others into a daisy, a symbol of innocence. She’s using words associated with nature (and therefore associated with paganism and lesbianism) to redefine the traditional religious ideas of innocence and sin, darkness and light.
  • “Delicate” –  This is a song about a literal secret relationship (or the beginning of one), so of course I’m more interested here in the metaphorical lines, namely “Is it chill that you’re in my head?” and “Are you ever dreaming of me?” In this song, the first on the album that seems grounded in specific details of Taylor’s current relationship, Taylor is creating a distinction between the secrets she keeps from the public (that the relationship exists at all) and the secrets she keeps from her lover and even herself. 
  • “Look What You Made Me Do” – Hear me out on this: What if LWYMMD is a song (at least partially) about bearding? Read this way, we can see that Taylor hates being made to play the role of the fool who can’t make a relationship work, that she had to get smarter and harder in order to protect her real relationships, that she accepts her role as an actress pretending to be someone she’s not. Many critics and listeners have commented that the chorus leaves them cold – without a melody, without emotion, without the payoff promised by the rising action of the pre-chorus. But if Taylor is telling us that “what we made her do” is live a fake life pretending to be someone she’s not, it makes perfect sense that the chorus would feel lifeless and robotic. The fact that it’s a sample of “I’m Too Sexy” could also be a clever nod to the fact that the performance she’s giving is as a conventionally acceptable, heterosexual being appropriate for consumption by mass audiences. 
  • “So It Goes…” – Now we come to the part (i.e. the majority) of the album where secrets are no longer subtext; they are straight up text. The brilliant lyrics about magicians and illusionists show us that the secrets Taylor is keeping are now public – she is being honest with herself and her partner. No longer is she in her head and her dreams: “I know what you know, we can feel it.” This song marks a transition in the album, away from Taylor reckoning with her own secrets and toward her reckoning with how to keep those secrets away from prying eyes.
  • “Gorgeous” – Our explicit secret here (“you touching my hand in a darkened room”) leads to an opportunity for Taylor to confront her own emotions about having to keep this relationship secret: She uses the words “furious,” “hurts,” “hate,” “sad,” and “mad” – not exactly the kind of language one typically uses to talk about the excitement of meeting a new love. These negative words are juxtaposed against a joyous beat and melody (typical Swiftian genius), but we shouldn’t overlook the fact that Taylor’s circumstances are clearly making her feel horribly upset. Is she upset by meeting a new person? That doesn’t make a lot of sense – it’s much more likely she’s upset that she can’t be with that person in public.
  • “Getaway Car” – I like reading this song as an accurate retelling of her switching beards from CH to TH. “A circus ain’t a love story” is a great way to think about the media circus surrounding all of Taylor’s het relationships, and the narrative of she and TH being criminals fits with them perpetrating duplicity and lies. (More secrets!) Once we get to the outro, though, we see the true emotions behind this lighthearted heist: She was crying and dying in that car. If she didn’t have feelings for TH, as this song would suggest, and if she was ready as hell to leave her ex, why was she so upset – if not for the deeper secret she was keeping?
  • “King Of My Heart” – “Your love is a secret I’m hoping, dreaming, dying to keep. Change my priorities, the taste of your lips is my idea of luxury.” Here we see the unity of Taylor’s inner hopes (her dreams) with her outer identity: She has found the solution to her secrecy problem – glass closeting. She changes her “priorities” to her “friendships,” and is then able to bring the person who rules the kingdom inside her room out into public. 
  • “Dancing With Our Hands Tied” – This is where we get into the dark side of glass closeting, namely kissgate. This song is all about secrecy: “I loved you in secret,” “picture of your face in an invisible locket,” “I’d kiss you as the lights went out.” All those golden secrets Taylor and her partner keep tarnish and revert to poison when brought to the light of day. The “sacred oasis” of Taylor’s relationship is subjected to biblical plagues – fire, avalanche, flood – when they dance in public. Their only option is to go back into hiding.
  • “Dress” – And, as it turns out, keeping secrets can be hella sexy! This feels like a yin/yang pair to DWOHT, the ecstasy of getting away from public toxicity and back to a golden secret paradise. But though their kingdom is small and secret, Taylor takes care to note its permanence with lyrics like “a golden tattoo,” “carve your name into my bedpost,” and “inescapable.” If a “beard” is the woman a man wears to seem straight, then it only makes sense that a queer woman would wear a “dress.” In that reading, J*e is actually Taylor’s “dress” – the costume Taylor bought to show a good public face, while in private she removes her armor and becomes her true, permanent self with the person she loves.
  • “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” – Here again, I’ve got a suspicion that Taylor is writing about more than her public feuds. “I’m shaking my head and locking the gates” feels like the same retreat into private described in DWOHT and Dress. What if – in addition to the obvious narrative – this song is also discussing why Taylor can’t have the life she wants in public, and we (her fans, the media, etc.) can’t have the true details about her life that we crave?
  • “Call It What You Want” – Taylor taketh away but then, oh then, Taylor giveth. Because this is the moment where she lifts the curtain and lets us spend time with her in her golden oasis, behind her crumbled castle walls, her guard evaporated. She’s got her code here (het pronouns), but otherwise her secrets are all gone. I’ve written before about the language she uses in the chorus to reinforce the idea that her relationship is a secret escape, but the beauty of this song is that she invites us to run away with her – if we’re willing to see the truth. Karlie what you want to; her name is whatever we decide.
  • “New Year’s Day” – A circus ain’t a love story, but this song is – literally! “Don’t read the last page” means that Taylor already knows the ending: she’s going to stay with her partner for the whole long road. In private moments cleaning up the apartment after a party, squeezing hands in the back of a taxi, recognizing each other’s laughs, they have found comfort, longevity, and lasting love in their secret world. They will hold on to each other, and despite the deep fears that the world would divide them, their joy and their memories see them through. 

This album is one long rumination on secrecy and how it affects us – the secrets we keep from ourselves, from our lovers, and from the strangers who think they know who we truly are. In the introduction to Reputation, Taylor writes very explicitly about this idea – but in her lyrics, she gives us an intimate view into her own emotional process in grappling with the secrets that have dominated her life. The album charts a beautiful progression from Taylor coming to terms with her own secrets, finding someone else to share those secrets with, and, finally, finding a comfortable and happy way to live with those secrets despite the public and the media bearing down on her from every angle. In refusing to give interviews during this era, she is living the solution she has shown us on this album. 

To state the obvious, Taylor’s het relationships are public by definition, charted in press releases and pap walks. It just doesn’t make sense to me that she would write an entire album about the idea of secrecy unless her life were riddled with secrets. Taken with the specific ways Taylor uses gendered language on this album, it seems abundantly clear to me exactly what secrets she’s keeping.

I have OCD. 

It doesn’t rule my life, but it used to. Knowing that I have the capacity for that kind of thought is exactly why it doesn’t rule my life like it used to. I’m perfectly aware that I’m going to have that capacity forever, as studies have shown that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is genetic (if you have a parent with OCD, as I do, you have a fifty-fifty chance) and is caused by abnormal brain circuitry, which means you’re stuck with it. And I am okay with that. I’ll survive. Recently, readers have asked me a lot how I learned to control it, so this is my story.*

*with the obvious warning that I am not a therapist and you are not me and I am not you and this is just my story your mileage may vary.

I was an anxious child. OCD and anxiety play very well together, and back then, I didn’t really know what was happening. I was a twitchy creature of secret rituals.

The first thing that helped me was when I realized that my obsessions weren’t normal. Not everyone felt this way. And not all thoughts had to feel this way, either. 

The second thing that helped me was realizing that OCD didn’t really look the way it looked on television. Obsession could be about germs or cracks in the sidewalk, but really, it turns out that I can obsess about all kinds of things.

The third thing that helped me was figuring out that my compulsions weren’t always straightforward. Sometimes they were directly related to the obsession:

Tags in shirts —–> change clothing eleven times a day

tweets —–> refresh the screen every twelve seconds

Others, not so much:

Dying before making a mark —-> replacing all other activities like eating and sleeping with research, acquisition, and practicing of a new musical instrument

Datsuns —-> i don’t even know how i ended up with a datsun but i resent that entire chapter of my life

When my OCD was in control of me, it changed the way I looked at the world. Example. Here is life:

Life is always full of both bad and good things. Also trees. There will always be disasters and miracles happening in tandem. Mental illness changes the way you see it, though. For instance, a depressed person:

A content person:

The good or bad things don’t go away. You just point your gaze in a different direction. You are able to minimize some things and expand on others. When I got obsessive thoughts, they shifted my gaze onto something and held it there. It didn’t have to be something huge. It could have been about if my hair was dirty, or if I had said a prayer correctly, or if I had the precise same amount of air in each of my car’s tires.

In my head, the thought, whatever it was, became all encompassing. 

It didn’t matter what else I tried to do, my mind would return to it. It became everything, my whole world, looped again and again and again.

I don’t even know if those are what lady bugs look like. I guess that’s okay. It’s a metaphor. They are only what I imagine ladybugs to look like, and my obsessive thoughts are not real thoughts, either. They aren’t really me. They are something my brain does to process stress and uncertainty and decision-making.***

***this took me a long time to figure out. More in a bit.

My personal breakthrough came when I decided that I would give myself rules. I was a champion with rules. I was a champion with rituals. I was a champion with things that involved numbers and counting and generally being compulsive. So my rule was that if I caught myself thinking about something obsessively, the timer began.

I would tell myself I could obsess for a certain number of minutes, and then I had to do something else until a designated time when I was allowed to obsess over it again. I could obsess for ten minutes. Then I had to put it down completely for thirty minutes. Then I could have another ten minutes. Then I had to put it down for two hours. Then I could have another ten minutes. I wasn’t allowed to act on any of the thoughts, either. 

I told myself a rule was a rule. I couldn’t cheat on the time. And when I put it down, I had to really mean that I was putting it down. Did I want to be free or not? 

And it began to work. I began to be able to reward myself with less and less obsessing time.

And then the really amazing thing happened, the thing that changed my life. Once I had spent enough time disciplining my obsessive thoughts, I realized … they weren’t really my thoughts. They were markedly different in character from my ordinary thoughts. The further I got from them, the more I realized that they were mental illness, not me, and moreover, that I could be free of them if I wanted to be. All I had to do was identify a thought as obsessive when it first appeared:

And then give it the time it deserved:

And I got better and better at it. I still sometimes have to give myself three minutes, especially when under stress. I still have to sometimes remove myself from a physical location to give myself those three minutes. And sometimes I still end up with a Datsun. But mostly, I just live my life, and it’s invisible.

So much of it is knowing that it’s the place your brain goes to under stress. Knowing that you can be out from under it. Knowing that ladybugs don’t really look like that. I just googled them and it turns out they have an entire additional segment in front of that black bit where the head goes which means I just drew an entire flock of headless ladybugs. 

Well, all the better reason to avoid them.

Confident - Peter Parker Imagine

 iii)     You’ve liked me for ages and were really obvious about it and I didn’t like all the attention but now you’re over me I really miss it and fuck I think I like you too? From @nerds-are-cool ‘s prompt list

A/N-I’ve been wanting to write a Peter Parker imagine for a while now, and this seemed to fit so well for an angst fic with him! Sorry in advance lol

I didn’t love my ending so I might end up redoing it

Message me if you want a version with different pronouns!

Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

It was no secret that you were infatuated with Peter Parker. I mean, you weren’t exactly trying to be subtle. If anything, you were making it as obvious as possible without actually saying anything, knowing he would never make a move without encouragement. To you it was about more than getting a reaction from him. You wanted a relationship with the most caring boy you knew.

You were so sure that Peter would eventually be interested in you if you were flirtatious enough that you spent every moment in your shared chemistry class hitting on him. Peter had a type, and that type was you. Funny, passionate, friendly, just, nerdy, with a deep love of science. The two of you were partners for your labs, and he ignored every single one of your advances, no matter how charming. 

“How’s it going, hot stuff?” He walked into the lab third period late, already rolling his eyes at your not-so-subtle more-than-friendliness. “Y/N, I’m not in the mood today, so can you please lay off?” he retorted. You took a longer look at him, and his eyes were tinged with red, a thick stripe of dark pigment underneath. Cheeks slightly sunken in, lip pulled anxiously between his teeth, arms tightly wound around his books. He seemed much harsher than his usual sweet self, so he really must have been having a bad day. 

Concerned, you reply kindly, “Oh? Is there anything I can do to help you feel better? I know-” he was quick to snap, with words crafted carefully yet swiftly, intended to burn. “I said not now, Y/N! What are you gonna say? That going to dinner with you would help? God, don’t you have anything else to do with your time than waste mine? It’s not my fault you don’t have any friends to pester, so stop punishing me for it! I’m not interested in you! God, you’re pathetic.” 

Even Peter seemed shocked at his outburst, but made no effort to apologize for his words, turning instead to organize his notes. It seemed like the whole classes eyes held their gaze on you for much longer than a glance. Your heart was pounding in your ears as the whispers from your peers started, first a bash at his rudeness, then at you for being so persistent. Hurt, you took his cruel hint. Grabbing your books, you move to sit with Michelle, who was without a partner for the day. All she offered you was a small smile, and a comforting shoulder bump, knowing all you wanted right now was to be alone.

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Someone Else // Jaeden Lieberher Imagine


PART 2 !!

It was a Friday night and you invited Wyatt and Jaeden over for a gaming marathon. You ordered a pizza in preparation for a long night and went downstairs to retrieve it while the boys set up chairs around your TV. You were juggling a large pizza, two big bottles of soda and your wallet as you walked up the stairs back into your game room. Just as you were a step from the door, you dropped your wallet and change went everywhere.

“Shit shit” you say setting down everything and putting all the change back into your wallet. As you pick it up you hear the boys arguing from behind you door,

“No offense…but she’s crazy” you hear Wyatt whisper on the other side of the door. You nearly stop yourself from ease dropping, but you were just too curious.

“Well can you blame her? Everyone makes these edits and photoshopped pictures of me and Y/N kissing all the time. It’s no wonder she’s so jealous” Jaeden says

Oh dear…Jaeden’s girlfriend..

She ALWAYS got in fights with him whenever he hung out with you. She just didn’t trust him and especially didn’t trust you. But, you and Jaeden have been friends WAY longer than those two have dated and he cared too much about your friendship to just let it go. So, whenever he hung out with you or acknowledged you at all he just took the earful from his girlfriend and dealt with it.

“Okay I guess I can see where she’s coming from” Wyatt says

“Thank you”

“I’d be upset too if the person I was dating was in love with someone else”

Oh damn…now I REALLY shouldn’t be listening…oh well

“I don’t…I’m not..what are you talking about”

“You really think your fans just made up your secret love for Y/N…it’s kind of obvious. I mean c'mon the way you look at her, the way you talk to her, the fact that you laugh at all of her cheesy jokes and that’s just half of the-”

“Wyatt if I was in love with Y/N I wouldn’t have another girlfriend now would I?” Jaeden says interrupting him

“Jaeden. You’re my best friend. But I can tell you’re only dating another chick because you don’t want to admit you’re in love with Y/N and have her not say it back”

Well…I’m having a stroke..

“Honey what are you doing on the floor?!” Your mom walks up behind you very loudly asking.

“MOM SSHH” you yell back at her holding your finger up to your mouth. The boys hear all the commotion and open the door seeing you kneeling on the floor surrounded by your spilled change.

“Pizza’s here”


You three had been playing games for five hours and Jaeden hadn’t said a word. You and Wyatt talked to each other the whole time until he had to go home. It was just you and Jaeden playing without saying a single word to one another. Finally several more hours had passed and Jaeden paused the game,

“I should go home” he said breaking hours of silence.

“Uhm okay” you say. He didn’t have his license yet so you had to drive him home. You two get in the car and turn on the radio playing whatever you could to make it less awkward.

You reach his house and park your car out in front of it. He unbuckles his seat belt and opens the door taking one step out of the door,

“I heard every word” you say. He stops in his tracks with just one foot out the door,

“I hope Wyatt was right..because I love you too”

Midnight Meetings

Warnings: Language, blood mention

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 2.3k

You knew it wouldn’t be easy.  From the moment you found out that your best friend moonlighted as a superhero, battling bad guys that ranged from petty thieves to super villains, you knew there would never be a moment that you weren’t worried about Peter Parker.  While all of Queens heralded him as their hero, their savior, their Spider-Man, you knew the truth.  Behind that man was a teenage boy, who was a lot more fragile than he liked to believe.

“Y/N,” He would laugh when you tried to make him see your point of view. “I can stop a bus with my bare hands.  I’m fine, really!”

Fine, Peter would say, with a shake of his head and a quick squeeze of your hand.  But no matter how many times Peter insisted he could handle the role of Spider-Man, he couldn’t stop your worrying.  

It was that worrying, now, that kept you awake in the early mornings of a Friday night. Despite the week seeming to have dragged on, with two projects, an oral test in Spanish, and a novel study due, you couldn’t calm your nerves or your mind enough to drift off to sleep.  You turned over again in bed, pulling your blankets tight to your chin, then pushing them off altogether.  With a frustrated sigh, you gave up on sleep, and instead walked over to your window, pushing it open.  You sat at the window bench, staring out into the Queens skyline.  At any other time, the illuminated buildings against the dark, starry sky would have seemed beautiful to you, but at the moment, all you could think about was whether or not Peter was safe.

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SHINee as fiances

Onew:  Jinki would be the dorkiest fiance ever, never once shutting up about your future wedding day……even if you decided on a long engagement lol. He’d make it obvious that he couldn’t wait for you to officially call him your husband and do all the gross cute stuff that married people do. I mean I know ‘fiance’ sounds fancy and all, but you’d really give him butterflies whenever you referred to him as your husband.

Jonghyun:  tbh I feel like he’d wanna keep the news of your engagement a secret for a lil while. He just couldn’t get used to the idea that you actually said yes…….that you’re actually going to spend the rest of your life w/ him………..that he gets to call you his forever. Picks up your left hand and kisses your knuckles, smiling at the sight of the shineey ring on your finger.

Key:  he’d stress about the wedding day more than you, so you’d need to remind him often that he shouldn’t go crazy about the whole thing and just enjoy spending time w/ you, his fiance. Spends time talking about the future and smiling really happily at the thought of even starting a family in just a few short years.

Minho:  more than anything, I feel like he’d be relieved that ever since you permanently started wearing your engagement ring, no one’s really been flirting w/ you or chatting you up- not that he ever complained bc he’s your knight in shineeing armor. Typical, traditional, lovey dovey fiance who’d do anything to make you smile for the rest of your life.

Taemin:  oh my god he’s so embarrassingly cheesy and goes over the top while planning dates and everything now “I just want you to be even more happy than we were just dating :)” bb boy pls. Kinda gets shy when you ask him about the future, bc he’d say he isn’t really thinking about all that….that he’s more concerned w/ the present and spending all the time he can by your side.

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Dear Internet: We have a confession to make.

The person reblogging this post has been taking part in an elaborate prank. We’ve kept it going for a long time now, but April Fools’ Day just seems like the right time to come clean.

There is no Sherlock fandom.

That’s right. For the past five years, the thing that you thought was a fandom was actually a carefully-coordinated parody of a fandom.

I know, I know—as soon as you hear the truth, it’s OBVIOUS, right? I mean, who in their right minds would wait this long or care this much about a TV series that doesn’t even have ten episodes? Nobody!

Thanks so much to the thousands of volunteers who helped pull this off, and those of you who kept the secret this whole time. Now that the final stats are in, I can reveal you even spelled “Cumberbatch” correctly 81% of the time, which is 46% higher than the global average! Way to commit to the part!

And of course I should give a special shout-out to some of the teams who really went the extra mile: everyone on the ship war squad, Morgan and the rest of the crew who programmed and maintained the fic-generating bot, the subliminal-messaging geniuses behind “Believe in Sherlock,” and those of you who came to the flash mobs during filming and managed to convince the mainstream media this was all real. You guys were the heart and soul of this completely artificial construct, and I hope to pretend to care about something with you again in the future.

In related news, we’ll be having a gently-used scarves sale next week. Hope you like blue ones!

Prince! Park Jihoon

[credit to eyes nose lips on twitter] also should i make pt 2 because i like this ending but should i make another one where they get together???

lets get this show on the road people + with a photo of park jihoon gracing us also LMAO I NEVER POST AT THIS TIME BUT YKNOW SOMEONE REQUESTED A PRINCE JIHOON AU AND I WANTED TO WRITE IT BEFORE THE IDEA I HAD WENT AWAY 

  • you all know the famous dance group Wanna One right?
  • yeah that one with all the very handsome boys that mostly hide behind a face mask but dance so well that everyone knows that are handsome 
  • don’t question just go with the flow HFJLDS 
  • well anyways in your kingdom you are really just a simple girl who happens to LOVE anything musical
  • sadly your genes made you a not so musical girl so you were satisfied with just being someone who loved flowers 
  • but anyways 
  • there were rumors about some princes from different kingdoms secretly being in the group
  • like a bunch of girls around your age would always gush about the supposed princes in the dance group 
  • which one of them was rumored to be Park Jihoon the prince of your kingdom which no one believed 
  • because tbh whenever the girls tried to convince everyone they always end their argument with 
  • “honestly I’m not even sure if it’s Prince Jihoon but that guy that looks like him is so handsome so it must be him!”
  • when they said that you literally rolled your eyes to the back of your head in annoyance like how could someone be that ignorant 
  • also like Prince Jihoon was always in the public eye so it would be impossible for him to be able to sneak and dance with a group around places.

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they don’t know about us (draco malfoy)

another angst story!

pair: draco malfoy x reader

lowercase intended

song that this is based on: they don’t know about us by one direction (i’m feeling nostalgic stop)

requests are open <3

warning: swearing


who would’ve thought a ravenclaw and a slytherin would be the perfect match for each other?

you and draco could be awarded the world’s best couple in ten seconds.

if only the world knew about it.

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