and by reasons i mean cheese

Things I've heard my (cis/het) brother say while he's been in college for the last year:

-(Heard over the phone) “I don’t care WHAT is in your pants or what you identify as, GET THE FUCKING PISS OFF THE TOILET SEAT
- “I don’t get why some men like to call themselves straight and then say they’d never date a Trans woman because honestly if you’re willing to exclude an entire subsection of women based on something so stupid you’re probably not worth their time anyways”
-“I don’t know why some guys worry about gay men in the locker rooms because if I was a gay guy, even I wouldn’t date me. I’ve been wearing the same shirt for three days.“
-(Over spring break) “How the fuck do you make Kraft mac&cheese”
-“What do you mean it’s written on the box– WAIT SHIT IT IS”
-“I hit on a lesbian two weeks ago in the SU without knowing it and I still feel bad about it”
-“I honestly think I’d prefer living with a (Trans) person at this point because if they’re even as half as cool as you then it’s got to be better than living with two 19 year old boys who have fucking competitions of who can piss farther on the ceiling
-“For some reason even in college guys don’t seem to get that the only reason I get so many girls’ numbers is because I treat them like I would treat anyone else”
-“No seriously they think you have to act uninterested or like a dick for some reason”
-“No I don’t know why they think hitting on a lesbian is anything but a lot of secondhand embarrassment for the rest of us”
-“My roommate came into the room looking really dejected and when I asked why he said that he spent hours talking to this girl just to find out that she had a boyfriend the whole time and didn’t say anything” (And after me asking why it mattered) “I dunno, apparently he doesn’t understand the concept of friends”
-(After me saying I don’t get heterosexuals sometimes) “Even I don’t understand straight guys little dude, and I am one”

Imagine Jeff being scared to take your virginity

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WARNINGS: Fluff, light smut

Jeff Atkins x reader

A/N (I can take any request from anything you guys want, message me, lmk!)

“Hey babe!”

Jeff kisses me as I opened the door for him to my house. My parents are out of town and I promised him l’ll help him study for his midterm. Not that my parents would care, they practically love him since we’ve been dating.

“Hey hot stuff, you can just through your stuff in my room while I get us something to eat”

As he jogs upstairs I quickly fix my hair and adjust my pajama shorts. I usually don’t care how I look around my boyfriend, but we’ve been dating for 5 months now and hasn’t even mentioned the thought of having sex with me. I pick up some chips and go upstairs where he is already laying out his textbooks.

“So we can start with World War 1 then go from there” he says as he’s looking at his book.

“Yeah sure, we can probably get through a few wars tonight.”

I jump on the bed and lay close to him. He looks up at me and smiles.

“You seem like your in a good mood, what’s up?”

“I can’t be happy to see my boyfriend?”

“You see me everyday baby”

“So you aren’t happy to see me” I fake pout.

“Shut up babe, you know I am.” He says as he pecks my lips.

“Yeah yeah” I smile. “let’s start with studying before we get tired”

“So that is what started the war?”

“Yes, but don’t forget how long the world ended”

“Yeah it lasted for 4 years.”

“Good, I’m actually a pretty good teacher”

“Your alright”

“Shut up” I laugh as I lightly punch him in the arm.

He laughs as he looks down at me. He glances down at my lips then quickly averts back to my eyes. I do the same, but make it known I’m looking at his beautiful lips. 

“Okay” he coughs. “at this rate we can g-”

I cut Jeff off by grabbing his face and smashing my lips on his. He seemed surprised at first then slowly closed his eyes. I slowly moved my hands around his neck as he put his on my leg and waist. As he deepened the kiss, he swung one of my legs on the other side of him so that I was now cradling him. As the kiss got more intense, I felt him moan against my lips. I needed air so I took that chance to take my shirt and bra off. His eyes were intensely locked on my chest and I couldn’t help but flush.

“You’re so beautiful y/n”

With that Jeff swung us over and pulled off his shirt. He went to my neck and chest and started planting soft kisses. As I slid my hands up and down his bare back, he started sucking harshly on my sweet spot. His hands started roaming my bare chest as he lightly squeezed. 

“Jeeeff” I moaned.

He looked down at me biting his lip as I started tugging his pants down. He threw them off and went back to kissing me. He kissed me so slow and passionately and I loved it. I started to kiss his neck and lightly grabbed him through his underwear feeling how extremely hard he was. he groaned at my touch and that made me crazy. I just wanted him already. I needed him.

“Jeff” I asked in between our kisses as he went back to my neck.

“Yes princess”

“Do you have a…you know….a-a” I slightly moaned.

“A…a condom?” 

“Yes” I said kind of embarrassed. 

He then stopped and slowly got off of me. Confused I sat up and pulled the sheets up to cover myself. 

“Did I say something wrong?” 

His back was faced towards me as he slouched over the edge of my bed.

“No, I’m sorry I just can’t do this right now” 

I’d be lying if I say that didn’t kind of hurt coming from him. I mean I thought it but I didn’t think he’d say it.

“You don’t want to have sex with me” my voice cracking as I put back on my shirt.

He snaps his head around and climbs back on the bed grabbing my hand.

“No no, god no, that’s not even close trust me.”

“Then why? I don’t understand” I look down.

He grabs my face and sighs.

“I’m scared okay”

“Scared?” I say kind of amused.

“Yes, don’t laugh, I’m the scared one. I’m scared to take something so precious from you. Scared to let you down after and I’m scared that you’ll regret it.”

He lets go of my face and focuses his gaze to the wall to hide his embarrassment. It’s now my turn to grab his face.

“Jeffrey, you don’t get it do you? you’re the precious one to me. I want you to be the one to take it because I love you”

He looks up at me and cheeses.

“I love you more princess.”

“So what does this mean now?”

“Well right now, nothing cause I have to go the bathroom to handle a little mess in my pants cause of you”

I try to hold in my laugh as he runs to the bathroom in my room 

“Sorry babe!”

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how do you think things would be different if Hillary was elected and Democrats were in power at least in the Senate?

Let’s see now. There’d be no Muslim ban. There’d still be protections in place for Trans kids in schools. There’d be no bullshit bills promoting discrimination in the name of “religious freedom”. People wouldn’t be scared about having their healthcare taken away. We wouldn’t be dismantling environmental regulations or threatening to get rid of the EPA and the NEA. There’d still be regulations in place that make sure Wall Street doesn’t tank the global economy AGAIN. We wouldn’t have a president who bitches about wasteful spending before pissing away millions bolstering his own private country club, or having a spouse living in a completely different city because she can’t stand to be around such an abusive individual. We wouldn’t have white nationalists working at the highest levels of our government. We wouldn’t have a White House that’s threatening war against news outlets because they report facts that are unflattering. We wouldn’t have a president who’s blatantly pissing on the Emoluments Clause or any of the other laws put in place to prevent conflicts of interest. TWe wouldn’t have an Executive Branch that could potentially have multiple illicit and/or treasonous ties to the Russian government. And before you start trying to argue that that last point is fake, realize that this could all be cleared up with an independent investigation, something that Clinton never fought during any of the multiple attempts they made to assassinate her career. But Trumpty Dumpty & Co don’t want that to happen for some reason (I wonder why). Oh, and let’s not forget that the Trump administration has more leaks than a ship made of Swiss cheese, because even their own staff are concerned at the colossally shitty job they’re doing. Shit, even Dubya, the man who lied to send us into Iraq, thinks this man is shady, AND THEYRE SUPPOSED TO BE ON THE SAME SIDE. Both of these men secured the Presidency after losing the popular vote, by the way.

But by all means, try to sit there and explain to me why Hillary and her people would have been “just as bad”. Go ahead. I fucking dare you.

Pizza Emoji Review

A beautifully detailed slice, cheese shows tomato sauce underneath so we know there is indeed tomato sauce under it, but it is still cheesy enough without overdoing it! And damnit, I don’t even like pepperoni but those look tasty enough. Crust could use some work tho, looks store bought but can’t blame for that, not everybody has time to bake home-made dough 8/10

Bolder than the classic pepperoni pizza, this time with what I think it’s salami and olives, but the rest, eeeeh i don’t like that gradient on the cheese and the crust looks like cardboard 4/10

A traitor, this pizza will get your hands dirty, look at that narrow crust and the dripping cheese, there’s no way you’re not gonna use a napkin after handling it 2/10 proceed with caution

This pizza feels weird. The cheese is pale, the pepperoni looks more like wax seals and the extra toppings look like creepy crawlies. The crust is the only good thing but still 0/10 are you sure you wanna eat that

It looks like Samsung tried to reform itself. It has done its best (look at those red borders! that’s tomato sauce!), but there’s still a long way to go. Pepperoni doesn’t look like pepperoni with those highlights, and the crust looks like a smooth churro and it kinda makes the pizza look like a pie. But still 6/10 for effort

For some reason, US people complain that Domino’s puts very few toppings on their pizzas, but I had Domino’s and that never happened. I guess this is how an US pizza looks like. 2/10 for misguided minimalism also what the hell those green rhombuses are

A big slice that feeds you for the whole morning. It means good, but the lack of details on the crust makes it look unappetizing, and the cheese isn’t as well detailed as Apples, so it looks like some sort of fungal infection. At least they got creative with the pepperoni disposition 6/10 it isn’t pretty but it tries its best

A dazzling pizza with weird gleaming pepperonis, but look at that cheese! Smooth, melted, bubbly, but won’t drip and leave you gross like Microsoft’s! And tomato sauce confirmed! The crust also looks nice enough. 8/10 would order again

Its assymetry is more apparent than the others and makes it feel that there’s something off with this pizza. Also narrow crust syndrome. 3/10 not bad but not the best pizza in town, lacks personality

Twitter’s little cousin. I have a feelings that it’s made with cheap ingredients. 2/10

LG went for Messenger’s look, but it doesn’t quite fit it. 4/10

That’s it. That’s the one. How can you say no to a whole pizza? 10/10



Welcome to my commission listing, where I offer myself up to be your art slave and you choose what you want me to do. I’m open to drawing things from any fandom, though if it’s not on my ‘current/past fandoms’ list in my tumblr description then chances are I won’t be familiar with the show - meaning y’all’re gonna have to walk me through it if you don’t want me tripping up on the little details.

Basically I’m opening commissions for one major reason: I’m broker than Brokeback Mountain. My wallet begs for me to put something in it while I keep trying to houdini stuff out of it and that’s just landing me in a big mess of ‘how the heck am I gonna pay my bills and eat at the same time??’.

I don’t wanna live on bread and cheese. Cry.


I generally get commissions done within two weeks of recieving them, but if you need it sooner give me a date and I’ll do what I can to meet it. (Feel free to bribe me to jump ahead in the cue if you need it within the week - I’m happy to work on a short deadline if need be.)

Contact me via PM or at :)

More Worst Cooks Quotes

“My love life is a lot like my food life; it’s nonexistent. So I need to learn how to cook and I need a husband, immediately.” 

*to Anne Burrell* “Can I touch your hair?” 

“Eat pizza? Yes. Make pizza? Hello no.” 

*smashing garlic* “That’s for not going out with me in High School!” 

“The cows make the cheese! Cows make cheese, ya’llllllll!!!!!” 

“I forgot to skin the eggplant.” 

“Making grilled cheese is harder than it looks.” 

“I’m the black Bobby Flay.” 

“I feel horrible for this chicken. I mean, I know I don’t know it’s name and we’re not friends and we haven’t played uno, or something, together but it kinda creeps me out a little bit.” 

“Cooking from scratch is definitely a lot of work…. for no reason. That’s why we have stores!” 

“A rectangle has 4 sides…. right?”

*about a police officer* “I thought he was going to be a stripper.” “Well it would have been better than this.”

“I love baking. I could see myself baking. Waking up at 3 o’clock in the morning to roll out some dough.” 

“Thomas Edison probably felt great all the time, and I’m starting to feel like Thomas Edison.”

Lance and Shiro in a fight
  • Lance: Well you ain't getting this Mclain tonight
  • Shiro: No worries the only "Mc" I actually want and I'm not getting is Mac n' Cheese
  • Lance: gasp
  • Shiro:
  • Lance: *slightly teary eyed*
  • Shiro: Okay I'm sorry I did not mean that. Let me give you some mcloving.
  • Lance: Maybe I can work with Hunk and get you some Mac n' Cheese too.
Every Dan and Phil video in the London Apartment in order

I made a list of every single Dan and Phil video that they have uploaded since they first moved into their, (now old), London apartment. I have left out any YouTube Red videos but have included videos from all 6 channels, (danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, danisnotinteresting, LessAmazingPhil, DanandPhilGAMES and DanandPhilCRAFTS).

If you think the order is wrong or any of the links are incorrect please let me know and I will try to correct it.

(I spent WAY too much time on this but oh well)

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Rather Wobbly Cupcakes, from The Shepherd’s Crown by Sir Terry Pratchett!

Ah yes, Nanny Ogg really isn’t a woman to mince her words, and Magrat isn’t a woman to mince her thoughts, neither:

There was also a plate of rather wobbly cupcakes. [It appears a fact of life that if two or more well-born ladies should gather together, cupcakes are essential. Otherwise the ceiling might fall on them.]

‘I made these,’ Letitia said proudly. 'Yesterday. From a recipe in Nanny Ogg’s new cookbook - you know, A Lot of What You Fancy Makes You Fat.’

She coloured a little, and her hand crept self-consciously to her bodice, where it was clear that when curves were being handed out, Letitia had been at the end of the line.

Magrat took a cake by its little case rather carefully. Some of Nanny Ogg’s recipes could include … unusual ingredients, and she already had three children.

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Anonymous suggested:  amy has a serious case of pregnancy brain and she forget things or cry. sheldon has to deal with it

Amy opened her bagged lunch and immediately started crying.  She only put a single apple in the bag before she left for work.  That’s it.  She gave herself an apple to eat all day for both herself and her unborn child.  And she was starving.  This called for a trip to the cafeteria, so Amy took the time she didn’t really have to go find something of substance to eat for lunch.  If she didn’t, she knew she wouldn’t get anything done all day.

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if you take out the kissing and like 20% of the dialogue, magnus and alec act more like close friends than an actual couple lmao :/

ok but…this is like saying if you took out all the cheese and 20% of the butter, all you have left are more like plain noodles than mac and cheese. i mean technically yeah, but you realize why that is, right?

2x07 was done exceptionally poorly and intimacy between lgbt+ couples is important on screen, but that’s not exactly a reason to invalidate their relationship altogether nor erase the parts of their relationship that have been relatable and important to many people. there’s a difference between this and criticizing aspects of their recent portrayal.

Just This Once


  • Hi~ Can I request prompt 20 the sleepover one with Monsta X’s Minhyuk? If you guys are dating? Thanks :D
  • Can you do 4 and 20 with bts’ min yoongi or with Monsta X’s Minhyuk ? I love the new promptlist! And I love your blog !!! XOXO

4) “Why can’t you look at me the way you look at food?”

20) Sleepover with your bias (platonic or romantic)

Member: Monsta X Minhyuk x Y/N x (ft. Kihyun)

Type: Fluff

You cast your eyes along every facet of your living room, chewing nervously on your lip. Everything had a place and needed to be perfect, especially on a night like tonight. The pizza was ordered and the cookies were in the oven. Netflix was queued up on the television and you had an impressive array of blankets tossed onto the couch. 

It was your first sleepover. 

Well…the first one to matter. 

Growing up, you always considered yourself the sleepover connoisseur. Your mom always provided the best snacks, let you stay up past bedtime, and normally turned a blind eye to any “slumbering” that may or may not have occurred in the night. 

But this was nothing like that. 

This would be your first sleepover with Lee MInhyuk. The Lee Minhyuk you had been pining over for the better part of your young adult years. The Lee Minhyuk who had completely won over your heart and confessed to you a few short months ago. 

The Lee Minhyuk who had gone from casual friend, to romantic interest, to full fledged boyfriend. 

You took a deep breath and nodded as you heard a light knock on the door. You had no idea what Minhyuk had in mind when he had mentioned the idea of a sleepover, but your mind immediately skipped to juvenile thoughts, filled with cotton candy and ghost stories. You knew, at his core, MInhyuk was a man. You were unsure if his expectations would be different than yours. 

That was…until you opened your apartment door. 

You smiled to yourself as you looked the innocent young man over. He was already wearing pajamas, bright blue ones with navy stripes. On his feet, he wore slippers, which appeared to be covered in Hamtaro characters. His hair was already disheveled, but in a beautifully easy way. He kept a backpack tight on his shoulder with a pillow tucked under his arm. 

You looked past his smiling face for a moment, surprised to see Kihyun looming behind him. 

“Ah, Kihyunnie?” you hummed, tilting you head. Kihyun rolled his eyes as he reached around Minhyuk and shoved a plastic bag toward you. 

“Don’t give him sugar past ten, it’ll give him nightmares. Make sure he takes the medicine in that bag, there’s instructions on the sticky note. He’s starting to catch a cold. Also, don’t let him pretend he likes scary movies to impress you because he doesn’t and they’ll also give him nightmares.” 

“Uh…thanks?” you whispered, looking to Minhyuk who still hand’t broken his smile. 

“What do you say?” Kihyun growled. 

“Thank you for having me over,” Minhyuk nodded, his expression as pure as the sun. 

“I’ll be here to pick him up tomorrow morning at ten,” Kihyun grumbled. He turned on his heel and sauntered down the hall. 

“So, did he take it upon himself to-” you began. Minhyuk immediately began to chuckle as he shuffled into your apartment. 

“Of course he took it upon himself,” he smiled. “And I’m not catching a cold.”

“You aren’t getting out of taking your medicine Hyukkie, no matter how bad it tastes,” you cooed, setting the bag Kihyun had given you on the counter. 

“Oh, come on! If you don’t tell him, he won’t know any better!” MInhyuk whined, plopping on the couch. 

“You guys have a showcase coming up, and a world tour! You can’t have a cold,” you argued. 

“Yeah well, you’re face is cute!” MInhyuk spat, crossing his arms. 

“I…I’m sorry,” you stuttered, tilting your head. “…You said that as if it was an insult? But I don’t think…or was that part of your argument? I’m so confused.”

“Do you need me to order the pizza?” he asked, changing the subject. 

“Ordered,” you nodded. “Just come her and take your cough syr-”

“What smells so good?” he asked, interrupting you as he sprang from the couch. Leaning against the counter, he bit his lip as he watched you move back and forth, interest deep within his eyes. 

“Cookies, are you supposed to take two mil-” you hummed, taking out his medication and bringing it up to be eye level. 

A loud knock hit against your door, signaling the pizza MInhyuk had been asking about had arrived. 

“I’ll get it!” he cooed happily, retreating from the counter and toward the front door. 

“Minhyuk,” you groaned, putting his medicine on the counter. You sighed, giving up the battle for a moment. It would probably be better if he had some food in his stomach before taking it anyhow. 

By the time you reached the door, MInhyuk had already intercepted the pizza delivery man and was making his way back to the kitchen. 

“What kind did you get?” he asked, shuffling into the kitchen and setting it down. “Oh! And breadsticks! Y/N, I’ve been trying to diet before tour.”

“For what reason?” you gasped. “Fans will love you whether you diet or not.”

“Well, I know that,” he argued. “It’s a personal choice…so I can eat everything in the US and not feel guilty about it…

…and before you ask, I mean everything when I say everything. If my eyes make contact on food, it’s going into my mouth.”

“Consider this a preemptive effort for your America trip then,” you chuckled, sliding open the pizza box. MInhyuk’s eyes immediately grew twice in size as he gazed upon the cheese pizza before him. You had ordered from his favorite place and you knew he could identify it by sight. 

“Y/N…” he gasped, his eyes tracing every inch. 

“Why can’t you look at me the way you look at food?” you grumbled, grabbing your pizza cutter. 

Minhyuk looked up, only to look back down again with furrowed brows. 

“We only just started our relationship Y/N. I’ve been committed to pizza for a very long time. You have to build up to looks like this,” he chirped, taking a bite out of the slice he had selected. 

After pouting for a few minutes and having Minhyuk perform some pizza-based aegyo that was pretty impressive, you had both finished eating and settled onto the couch. You shook your shoulders, shimmying into the cushions behind you and took a deep breath in, appreciating the fresh baked cookie smell now wafting through your apartment. 

“When can we eat the cookies?” MInhyuk whispered, plopping alongside you. He closed his eyes as he snuggled into the couch as well. 

“As soon as they’re cool,” you hummed. “Or in your case, as soon as you take your medicine.”

“You said I didn’t have to,” he muttered, not even bothering to open his eyes. 

“No, you said you didn’t have to,” you chuckled, shooting him a weary side eye. You titled your head to let it hit his shoulder and sighed. Other than a few hugs and some quickly exchanged kisses, you had never been able to bask in MInhyuk like you were doing now. He smelled like morning dew, like the fresh water of the world waking up and drip dropping gently around you. As you took another deep breath in, you identified another hint of something…closer to clean laundry? Still warm and freshly starched. His scent was relaxing…and it reminded you of home, even though you were already there. 

“Are you sure I still have to?” MInhyuk’s voice rasped, only a few centimeters away from your ear. “Wouldn’t you rather get comfy?”

He slipped his arm around you and pulled you close into his chest. He kissed your temple and immediately smiled as he leaned back again. 

“Are you…trying to seduce me…to get out of taking your cold medicine?” you whispered, enjoying the comfort of his touch. 

“…Is it working?” he giggled. 

“Do you think it’s working?” you grinned sleepily. 

“Well, I think anything can work if you try hard enough,” he said quietly nuzzling into your hair. 

You closed your eyes, tired from the day, but more so at peace with the situation you were in. You settled into MInhyuk’s body and breathed easily. 

“Okay…maybe we can tell Kihyun you took it…but just this once.”

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Random thought?? So Stan is a skilled artist in his own way, he creates taxidermy creatures and cobbles together various crafts. What if one of the tourists who comes in is a snooty gallery curator and sees the stuff around the Shack and is like “Mr. Pines, this is exactly the kind of avant-garde outsider art my gallery is looking for. There is a certain je ne sais quoi to these, and people will pay a hefty sum for these eccentricities”  “Don’t know what Juno says quack is but you had me at ‘hefty sum’. So that’s how  Stan gets to be in an art gallery with all his stuff on display everywhere. He drinks a lot of wine, and eats all the fancy cheeses, and wrangles patrons. “My oh my, what is this delightfully quirky creature?” “What’s it look like, it’s literally a squirrel-duck. Lookin’ at it costs you five bucks.”  I mean, Stan being in a fancy art gallery opening (with his stuff being displayed) is hilarious to me for some reason?

Saw this comment on my Who is Prometheus post and I’m kicking it off into a separate post because my thoughts are completely off topic. But I had a lot of thoughts. 

akhilartha There is nothing wrong with Prometheus just being Clayborne’s son. It shows how a common person caught in the crossfire of Oliver’s vendetta might view. How, a common person with an obsession can achieve the impossible. It is exactly like Zemo in Civil war. A common citizen who managed to do something none of the supervillains could do. Break apart the Avengers. Tommy coming up will be too much soap opera.Tommy was one of the genuinely good guys with a solid arc. It would be a waste to bring him back as Prometheus. It also relies on people following scattered bread crumbs through five seasons. It just is improbable.

I certainly don’t mind disagreement. Especially when there’s a high probability my opinion isn’t the direction Arrow is going. lol But ya hit a hot button word for me lately: WRONG. Of course there’s nothing wrong with Prometheus being Claybourne’s son. I just don’t like it. I like other ideas better. Your reasons for liking it are great! We just don’t agree. Listen, there is no right or wrong in subjective entertainment. Simply because I am saying I don’t particularly enjoy a certain storyline doesn’t mean I am saying others are WRONG who do enjoy it.

I’m seeing this happen quite a lot lately and I find it baffling. Simply because you express either a positive or negative opinion about an aspect of Arrow or hell ALL of Arrow, doesn’t mean you are saying you are more right or wrong than those who hold the opposite opinion. You are simply expressing what YOU like or don’t like. For some reason, there are those that feel disagreement means judgment. That disagreement means you are intending to make others who hold the opposite opinion feel bad about them. That disagreement means you are saying your opinion is more valid than theirs.

Disagreement, in my opinion, doesn’t mean any of those things. It just means you disagree. And that’s okay. Disagreement is a healthy and natural byproduct of discussion and should be welcomed. ESPECIALLY when discussing something as 100% subjective as entertainment.

Everyone has a right to their opinion. Everyone has a right to express their opinion. Disagreeing with those opinions doesn’t mean you are saying people don’t have a right to them. It doesn’t mean you sare saying people don’t have a right to express them. You are simply adding another perspective to the overall discussion.

If I was the only person to LOVE Arrow that wouldn’t make me feel bad. If I was the only person to HATE Arrow that wouldn’t make me feel bad. While agreement is lovely, I don’t feel like I need my opinion to be validated by others. Ya know? My opinion just is. For better or worse. But it is, in no way, a judgment on others who hold the opposite opinion. And that’s the territory we get into when we use words like “right and wrong.” That’s the territory we get into when we assume disagreement means a person is saying they are right and others are wrong. I have reasons for what I like and don’t like, but I certainly don’t expect MY reasons to be everyone else’s.

In fact, when I send my thoughts out into the void known as the Internet, I expect disagreement more than agreement because it’s THE INTERNET. This is a vast spectrum of beliefs, tastes, culture, background, etc. We are bound to disagree because we are all, in some way, innately different.

Allow me to put it into this context: Do you like cheese? Everyone has an opinion on this matter, I’m sure, because who doesn’t? Cheese is something we all can feel quite comfortable taking a stand in. Unless of course you are neutral about the whole matter. You can take it or leave it. Also, a completely valid choice. Personally, I like cheese. I think cheese is good. There are a wide varieties of cheese I enjoy. More cheese I say. But arguing about whether or not I am wrong about cheese seems arbitrary because my reasons are subjective. Someone can have the completely opposite opinion about cheese and we are no closer to determining rightness or wrongness. Nor am I saying that because I like cheese it is somehow a judgement on you because you don’t like cheese.  

In other words, you do you.

I am, above all, a big fan of open discussion when it comes to stories because that’s how we see new and interesting perspectives, especially when we don’t agree. It just bothers me a lot when someone assumes I am insinuating “right or wrong” simply by expressing my opinion. That’s just not remotely in my thought process. We can all feel very passionately about our opinions and express that passion, but there is no reason we can’t exist in the same space. You don’t have to be right or wrong. Enjoyment of stories is not about right or wrong. It’s just about your level of enjoyment and whatever that level is… that’s completely fine. Be comfortable with your opinion. You don’t need anyone else to tell you you’re right. You don’t have to feel like you’re wrong simply because someone holds an opposing view. You have every right to feel how you feel. Television is subjective.

Alright. I’m gonna get off my soap box now. I appreciate the patience with this ramble.

Science side of VLD

So I’m watching the last ep and I noticed something that’s been bugging me for a while. Let’s get started:

So Voltron just got spanked by the dark magic and Allura and Coran (as well as Slav, Antok, and Kolivan who did not agree her going full Rambo) decide to shove their nose in and try to take out Zarkon with their ultra-powerful-power-ray-thing. Cool.

But then it’s reflected back to the ship and this madness happens:

SO before their Voltron’s very eyes the castle kinda (but not really) explodes. And everyone’s reasonably upset:

I mean she sounded like she was just murdered in a SAW movie.



He’s right next to Shiro, who’s got front-row tickets

And last I checked there’s no rear-window in the lions.

In the words of the great profit Lance McClain: “What the cheese?”

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Aomine took off his jacket, then made his way towards their locker room.

“Oi, I’m off.” Aomine looked over his shoulder to inform his group mates, the vorpal swords, about his exit.

“You barely practiced for an hour, nanodayo.” Midorima pushed up his glasses, the ball he shot passing through the net with a satisfying swish.

“Well..” the tanned male shrugged. “I’m off to do something else. I’ll make up for tomorrow’s practice.” he waved his hand, gesturing his leave.

Kagami scoffed. “He’s so cocky.”

“Didn’t he just beat you on a one on one not too long ago?” Kuroko reminded out of nowhere, making Kagami jump.

“Oi! Don’t just appear so suddenly!” he narrowed his eyes, then finally calmed down after a while. “And besides, you gotta admit! When did he have the right to leave practice whenever he feels like it?”

Aomine swung his jacket over his shoulder and pushed open the door to the locker room. He twists the key hanging on his locker, opening it.


Aomine stumbled at the sudden impact on his face. Rubbing his cheek and realising he was punched, he cursed under his breath, angry.

He looked up and found himself face to face with an automatic rubber glove… Did someone just prank him?

Takao exposed himself from behind the lockers and frowned at the tanned male. “Whoops. Sorry about that, Aomine-kun. I thought it was Shin-chan’s.”

Though he was obviously saying the truth, it annoyed Aomine on the fact that Takao was trying to stop his laugh. Oh.. so this was funny to him?

He glared at him. “You think I care?”

“No! Please! Forgive me!” Takao laughed, running out of the locker room, Aomine on his tail. The only thing slowing down the blue head was Takao spraying cheese on his face from time to time.

“What’s happening?” Kise turned to his teammates for an answer. Midorima was furiously texting on his phone, Kagami was on the ground, dying of laughter, Kuroko was nowhere to be found, Murasakibara was sleeping on one of the benches, and Akashi stared down on his phone, frowning.

“Aomine-kun! I’m sorry! Really!” Takao’s voice boomed, outside of the gym.

“Let me punch you first!” Aomine would yell back.

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Supergirl Spoilers from TV Line

Supergirl: Katie McGrath Is in Love With ‘Badass’ Lena Luthor — Aren’t You? (x) [interview]

TVLINE | But as Lena reconnects with Jack, Kara (played by Melissa Benoist) gets to investigating one of them…?

There is the release of some new technology that to Kara seems a bit suspect and seems to be connected to a few dastardly dealings going on. She’s attempting to investigate it, on one hand, because journalistically she thinks that it’s interesting. And then on the other hand, she’s investigating it because she’s worried about me as her friend. So, there’s both of those going on.

TVLINE | So, at the end of the season finale she’s not going to let out a maniacal cackle and say, “At long last, Project Leviathan can be unleashed!”? 

You know, she might! I haven’t read the end of the [season], so anything is possible. [Laughs] She could decide to move to a giant moon made of cheese. I mean, at this point, who knows!

Supergirl Season Finale: Tyler Hoechlin (Finally) Returning as Superman (x) [article]

Supergirl is plotting a(nother) family reunion for its second season finale — and something tells us the fans are really going to like this one.

Supergirl: Calista Flockhart Returning for Final Episodes of Season 2 (x) [article]

TVLine has confirmed that Calista Flockhart will reprise the role of Cat Grant in the final two episodes of Supergirl‘s second season. Unfortunately, any further details — including the reason for Cat’s return — remain tightly under wraps.


Scarlett stopped for a moment and stared at the armored Pokemon before her. She couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous in his presence, for some reason. It took a moment before she spoke:

“Give my species credit? What does that mean? Do–” Scarlett paused. “Wait, are you – are you calling me hot?”

She didn’t get compliments like this much. Especially not the way this Pokemon phrased it. And the way he talked … it sounded like his opinion of Mr. Mime was not exactly high. He was kinda creeping her out. Scarlett forced a smile and figured she may as well answer his question, maybe that would get rid of him.

“Eheh, thank you! But um, no, I’m not interested in the Cheese Festival. I don’t think it’s really a thing my species as a whole likes cause uh … I’m not super fond of cheese personally. Anyway, I hope that answers your question? You don’t have any more, right? It’s getting late and I gotta go.” she would fight him if she had to. 

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  • INFJ has a detailed and strange dream about Old Friend who INFJ has not seen in almost 10 years.
  • INFJ: Huh.
  • Later, at Whole Foods.
  • INFJ: (internally) I bet my dream was telling me something. I'm going to see Old Friend, even though there is no logical reason for this to happen. Thousands of pieces of time and space would have to come together to make this happen at Whole Foods tonight, but I am sure it will.
  • Old Friend calls out INFJ's name while INFJ is picking out cheese.
  • Later, after recounting this phenomenon to INTP.
  • INFJ: See? I told you I was, like, an entity.
  • INTP: What?
  • INFJ: I see things before they happen.
  • INTP: Do you mean a seer?
  • INFJ: What did I say?
  • INTP: ... An entity. Which you are, which is why it would make no sense for me to dispute that - unlike your being a seer, which you only might be.

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Hey petal, just wondering are you vegan?! If so how did you come to the decision and lifestyle and do you have any tips on transitioning? xx

Yes I am vegan! I became vegetarian in 2015 because of ethical reasons, I couldn’t bear to think I was causing harm to a living being. Then, only a few months later I became a vegan because of the health benefits and because I learned how the dairy industry is as bad as the meat industry.
Transitioning to vegetarian was extremely easy for me; I never got cravings or felt the need to eat meat after I stopped. Some people slowly cut meat from their diet, but what worked for me was just cutting all meat from my diet altogether.
Going vegan was a bit harder for me for two reasons. One was because my vegetarian diet consisted of a lot of cheese in replacement of meat, so cutting cheese out was hard. The second reason is because going vegan means highly increasing your fiber intake, which left me bloated all the time. I did transition into the vegan diet by slowly cutting out cheese over a few days, and the bloating finally went away.

Going vegan is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s the best diet for your body, the animals, and this Earth. If you’re interested in veganism, there are tons of YouTube videos with beginners’ guides! 🙏🏼✨