and by nice things i mean friends

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yoooo i met this guy, he looks and acts like pewds and he's such a great, funny and nice person!!! only bad thing is that he's 20.. and im eh 15 so i have to keep him a secret until im like 17 or 18 cause otherwise it's "inappropriate" for us to be friends,, ugh

ummm, how is it inappropriate to have older friends???? I mean, if you are not selling drugs together or some other shit like that, I don’t see a problem???? 

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Where do you stream??? I've never caught one so I want to catch this new one coming up????

“never caught one”. there has been a total of 1, friendo ahaha don’t worry, you didnt miss out that bad. when i say Ive done other streams on livestream before, it was mostly just me and like 2 other friends at any given time. 

I’m planning on streaming in the future on this picarto account. I like that the website has such nice crystal clear streaming, but I sorta hate that I have to be a premium member to have recording so you guys cant play back the old streams :^T I mean, I can separately record them, but now it puts it in my hands to publish it and the more things are put in MY hands, the more the shame will creep over me and I’ll end up not posting it.

if any of you have any suggestions to a different place where I can have an account to stream art for free at a good quality and keep the playback and recordings posted, let me know. but It seems like this is gonna be my best bet.

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Haven't checked this blog in a while, woops. I'm back fren

Welcome back, friend-o! Nice to see you back in this hell–er, I mean, hi! :’D

And I love when I make people feel things. It makes me feel powerful, hah.

CMIYC is an acronym for one of my stories, “Catch Me If You Can”. It’s another Zen fic that follows Zen’s Bad Story End 2 where Zen meets up with an old friend who used to be a goody-two-shoes but is now working as a prostitute. It contains explicit sexual content which is why I don’t upload it on my blog, but you can find it on my AO3 if interested.

I would be very sad if you do. )’:

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I don't think she doesn't care about fan praises, she just isn't going to look up her indirects for things but that's just not the kind of person she is. Because when you meet her and tell her nice things or stories about how she's helped you she's always super intrigued and wants to know and help as much as she can. One of my friends told her about coming out during the U.K. leg and how Lauren's helped her and stuff, and Lauren took her to the side and talked to her for 5 minutes.

i have a feeling lauren looks at indirects/lurks on fans, but is more subtle about it than the others. because i mean that seems like something everyone would do, naturally. also, she’s said stuff before that implies it.


ppl need to stop shitting on small talk. it’s a wonderful cushion and a starting point for ppl who aren’t that good with conversations or a little more awkward. i’d rather have small talk rather than an awkward silence. and plus, maybe i am curious about how someone’s day is or how nice the weather is, there’s nothing wrong with that

like that whole quote where it’s like “talk to me about galaxies and the meaning of life!!” PLEASE!!! i barely talk about those things with my close friends we just share memes and talk about how much life sucks

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Hello, could you make a bts reaction when their s/o is multilingual but sometimes starts talking in another languages and has hard time switching back to korean. Your writing is awesome. I hope you have a nice day ^^

Heya!! Thanks so much for this request lol I think I made this into more of a comedic, teasing thing than you were expecting, but I hope that’s still okay… Thanks for the love and I hope you like it ❤

BTS Reaction to their multilingual s/o

Note: Italics means y/n is speaking in a language the member doesn’t know

He’d most likely get frustrated and wanna know what you’re saying, and it would be hilarious the way he reacted to it.

Y/N: *on the phone with a family member or friend*

Y/N: “Yeah, me and Seokjin are great! But… he always leaves stuff out of the fridge, you know? Like he takes out something, eats some of it, and then doesn’t put it away.”

J: “Y/N what are you saying?”

Y/N: “Yeah it is kind of annoying. He also is a very good hugger though so it’s okay. Those shoulders are amazing, let me tell you.”

J: “Y/N? Why are you complaining about me? And why can’t you at least say it in a language I understand?”

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He would definitely get more than a little annoyed about it. He’d think you’re trying to tease him, and he wouldn’t like it. However, you would love it!

S: “Y/N? Do you know where my headphones are?”

Y/N: “On the coffee table.”

S: “The what?”

Y/N: “Cough-ee. Tae-bull.”

S: “Korean please.”

Y/N: “I don’t know it in Korean” *giggles maliciously*

S: “Yes you do. You definitely do.”

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Hobi would get WAYYYY too worked up about not being able to understand you.

Y/N: *your phone starts acting up*

Y/N: “Shit, are you kidding me?! How dare you not work for me now?! I NEED YOU.”

JH: “Y/N, what’s wrong?”

Y/N: “This stupid thing isn’t working and IT’S PISSING ME OFF.”

JH: “Do you realise how scary it is when you’re yelling and I can’t understand what you’re saying? Are you mad at me or the phone?”



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Rap Monster:
He would get kind of annoyed since you tease him with it so often. He’s the leader respected for being multilingual so he’d get very irritated when you beat him at this.

Y/N: “So do you remember that phrase I taught you a while back?”

RM: “Umm… yes?? I eat sweet potatoes because I am one?”

Y/N: “Wow, you’re so good at remembering these things.”

RM: “Well, I am multilingual.”

Y/N: “Right. But you know you just told me you were a sweet potato?”

RM: “… yes. Definitely knew that.”

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He’d be very flustered by the fact that you can speak another language fluently. He wouldn’t know whether he likes the mysteriousness of it all or dislike it because he hasn’t got a clue what’s going on.

Y/N: *with another multilingual person*

Y/N: “Yes, so yesterday Jimin ate my whole sandwich without telling me.”

JM: *sweats* What are you saying about me?

Y/N: “I had been looking forward to that all damn day, and then poof, gone.”

JM: “Good things, right? You’re saying positive stuff about me?”

Y/N: “I made him make me a brand new one because of that.”

JM: “Oh god, what do I do?” *cries*

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He would try and join in with you even though he has no idea what he’s saying.

Y/N: “Can you please pass me that glass?”

V: “Crocodile soup with extra cream.”

Y/N: “What?”

V: “The cow has escaped the building.”

Y/N: “We don’t own a cow??”

V: “Wtf are we talking about cows for?”

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He’d just be adorably confused by everything you say, and you’d use it to your advantage all the time.

Y/N: “Jungkook, which ones did you like better? My red shoes, or the blue ones?”

JK: “Ummm…”

Y/N: ?

JK: “The blue ones?”

Y/N: “Really? I didn’t like those…”

JK: …


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Wolfstar headcanon

•So Remus makes some friends outside the marauders
•Not that he doesn’t have other friends but like sort of joins another group
•Because they seem cool and nice and why not right friends are great the more the merrier
•But they actually turn out to be assholes one day and only let Remus into their group to reject him
•They say mean shit and like punch him or something and leave the poor bean there on the ground feeling 100% betrayed and miserable
•And of course Sirius would see the whole thing
•So he comes charging over super ready to fight those dickheads but more concerned about Rem
•And Sirius is all “omg are you okay I’m so sorry is anything broken”
•And of course Remus just gives Sirius the saddest face and says “only my heart”
•And Remus is expecting a hug or some reassuring words or some shit like always
•But no
•Sirius fucking Black pulls a goddamn band-aid
out of his pocket
•And without a word gently puts it on Remus’s chest over his heart
•On top of his clothes and everything
•And just looks at him with his puppy dog eyes as if asking “did I fix it is everything okay now”
•And Remus just hugs the shit out of him
•Because Jesus Christ his boyfriend is the biggest fucking nerd
•And an absolute treasure


blue neighbourhood || troye sivan 

Dear White Friend,

The fact that I go to private school doesn’t make me ‘white’. The fact my mother of color has a well-paying job to pay for said school doesn’t mean she doesn’t struggle in a white male dominated profession/company. The fact that we have nice things, wear nice clothes, and go nice places doesn’t take away from the fact that we are still black. And proud to be. 


Your Black Friend

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I Refuse To Be Boring (Dan x Reader smut)

A/N: okay so second fiction post if the day but I’m gonna try to see if anyone likes this? It’s my first attempt at smut, I’m so sorry.

Your boyfriend, Dan Howell, was the nicest thing ever. Like seriously, you couldn’t pay him to be rude. Or rough for that matter…yes, exactly what you think, I mean sex. Dan was timid in a way. He never showed dominance in anyway. Sex was good, but slow and sometimes boring. It’s weird to say but sometimes he was just too nice.

Well, at least until tonight. Tonight he was spontaneous, shocking.

You two were hanging out watching movies with a few friends at Dan’s apartment. Both of you cuddled under a blanket, your legs over Dan’s lap.

Suddenly you feel his hand climb up your leg and into your sweatpants, drawing circles on your covered core. A blush started to develop on your face, everyone was too focused on the movie to notice you.

“Dan, what are you doing?” you whispered to him.

“Why nothing, love, what are you doing?” he whispered back, smirking and putting more pressure into his rubbing.

You tried to squirm around, but that made it worse. You saw him silently chuckle when you had to cover your face to cover how red you were. You notice that Dan has slipped under your panties, finger moving up and down your slit.

Dan leaned into you, lips leaving wet breath on your ear, he whispered “This wet, Y/N? Is this what turns you on? Me playing with you, in front of all of our friends…” He then put one of his fingers inside you, causing your breath to hitch and your back to arch a bit. You quickly looked around for an excuse to get up and leave.

Popcorn you thought, “The popcorn bowl is empty guys! I’ll go fill it back up!” the ‘okays’ echoed as you left, but not even five seconds after you left the room, you heard Dan say, “Oh I hid another one somewhere from Phil, she won’t find it on her own.” people laughed.

“I found it, you can go out now.” you said. Honestly, you were beyond turned on from the experience.

“What’s the rush?” he turned you toward him and began to suck on your neck, one hand on your waist the other cupping and fondling your breast.

“What’s gotten into you?” you asked, enjoying the touch so much that your words came out very quiet.

“You,” he said, slightly angry now, “You don’t think I hear what you say to your friends? 'He’s a bit boring in bed’? I do,” his hand began to slide down to your waistband, “You don’t think I know when you fake a second orgasm to boost my ego? I do.” his hand now in your panties again, “You don’t think I hear when you have to play with yourself because you’re 'not in the mood for slow sex’? I do.” his finger is back in your hole, moving in circles in you, then putting in another pumping it in and out. You had no idea he knew about all of this, you felt so bad.

“F-fuck…” escaped your lips.

“Am I still boring?” He said as he removed his fingers. He slipped down your, taking your sweatpants and underwear down with him. “N-no…” you managed to get out before he lifted one of your legs over his shoulder and ate you out violently. “You taste so good, babe, better than usual.” he mumbled into your core. His hot, wet breath and tongue giving off ultimate pleasure. “Holy shit, Dan!” you whisper-screamed as he licked into your g-spot. You were about to cum when he got up from his position, undoing his jeans and pulling them off along with his boxers.

“I refuse to be boring. So if it’s rough sex you want, rough sex is what you’ll get.”

He pinned you against the kitchen wall, “Jump.” he commanded, and you did. He caught you and wrapped you around his middle, teasing you a bit sliding the head of his length up and down your wetness. “Ready, baby?” you furiously nodded, feeling hornier than ever in your life.

He quickly pushed into you, stopping for a moment to let you adjust to his size. He started somewhat slow, but within seconds was pushing in and out of you hard and fast.

“You like that? Much better than when we do it any other time, right Y/N?” You were too far into lust to speak, he wasn’t 'making love’ to you now, he was screwing you.

“Oh my god, Y-Y/N…” Dan moaned, at that sound you let go your orgasm, sex juices dripping down his dick. He rode you through your high, still not giving into his. “Dan, go ahead and let go…” you said him still pumping into your now sensitive core.

“Oh no, did you think you were only getting one?” Dan pulled out, flipped you around and bent you over, now bringing you into him from your hips, it didn’t take very long for you to cum again, except this time you were practically shaking with your orgasm.

Dan couldn’t hold it anymore, he pulled out “Get on your knees and get ready to swallow,” he commanded and he jerked himself to his end, when he had reached it he grabbed a chunk of your hair being sure you got all of his juices in your mouth, and as you were asked, you swallowed.

“Good girl,” Dan said, panting as he put his jeans back on. You began to dress yourself too, and fix your hair.

“Dan, I’m sorry-” you began to say for everything you’d said about him.

“Forget it, I know I was boring.”

You remembered the popcorn, washed your hands and put the popcorn in a bowl beginning to head back out.

'Y/N, I love you.“ Dan said following you out.

"I love you too Dan,” you quickly gave him a passionate kiss.

As you sat back down on the couch, Phil said, “Y/N, you’ve got some of the icing on the side of your mouth. I knew you been eating the frosting from the tube!” You wiped your mouth glaring at Dan who was again silently chuckling.

“Sorry for my bad aim,” Dan smirked as he whispered to you.

aight but how about a plot that’s like “i met a boy that’s super rich so i’m gonna start dating him just so he can buy me nice things. im gonna play with his heart and flirt with his rich friends behind his back. whoops he’s actually nice and he really likes me. i might like him back.  what do you mean you found out i was just using you for your money?? come back i think i feel in love with you

I haven’t had much time to be online today, but it’s been a pretty good Christmas.

My stepdad got me season tickets to the local farm-league baseball team, and apparently made a friend along the way – he couldn’t say enough nice things about the guy who sold him the tickets, who was apparently the head sales manager for the club (I suspect, given what I know of minor league ball, he is also the entire sales team). The tickets are flex-seat, flex-game, so I need to call to reserve specific seats for specific games, which is a perfect setup for me but also means I, too, will probably make a friend at the club. :D

Mum got me a new book of Magritte’s writing translated into English for the first time, which I had requested specifically, and then because “It’s very dry” also got me an art book of his paintings, which is lovely. And of course the ukulele, which I have already played my fingers sore on. I can now play several standard chords, including A, which I have declared the “fuck this chord” chord, because transitioning from A to G (as you do in the chorus of Stand By Me, per YouTube) makes me want to swear a lot.

Also acquired: a cheesemaking kit, two ponchos (one warm, one waterproof), and a pair of fuzzy slippers that the dogs REALLY HATE.

I feel like I need to make an image composed of the ukulele, one angry chihuahua, and a wedge of cheese, just to continue in the surrealist vein.

I hope everyone has had as strange and ultimately nice Christmas as I have or, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, an exceptional Sunday that has made your patience with Christmas totally worth it.

PS: Apparently it is Donner? I thought it was Swedish, but I guess Blitzen isn’t Swedish. I am not a linguist, guys.


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I made my own :3

The parents of one of the victims spoke at Orlando Pride and it happened to be the parents of the person my best friend lost at Pulse, which just brought flashbacks of us waiting for news and me holding him and just lol the whole thing was emotional but one thing I can proudly say is that it was so SO nice to see the Orlando community looking and feeling so energized and so much better in only the span of 5 months. Like i love talking about Miami but man when they say Orlando Strong they mean it. Ain’t no shaking that community. God bless ❤️🏳️‍🌈

Today I learned some life lessons:

- Time spent with me means nothing.
- I am easy to forget.
- Being nice with a good heart gets you fucked up.
- If you treat people how they treat you, they hate it. But don’t realize.
- You can give someone the world and that won’t change a damn thing.
- Bitches be crazy.
- You could have so much self love but when people make you feel unimportant it still hurts.
- You should listen to your gut and your friends.
- Tacos make me smile.
- My love ain’t worth shit.
- Never ask why something happened.

- don’t eat things you’re allergic to