and by little shit i mean youre perfect

The stages of biasing.

1. Denial: you’re probably thinking “Hey, he’s pretty cool but I dunno if he’s bias material”

2. Bargaining: this is when you’ve realized you’ve fallen for your type again. “Dammit I did not need another adorable leader. WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE LEADER.”

3. Acceptance honeymoon: that perfect stage where you’re 100% happy and every day is a new discovery. “He likes puppies!?! I LOVE PUPPIES WE ARE SOULMATES.”

4. The first bias crisis: generally this is with the release of a new music video or photoshoot. Suddenly you’re looking at another member going “Was he always hot? I mean. I don’t like him like that I have a bias but was he always this hot!?!”

5. Aggressive denial: when you go back through old music videos and suddenly that other member is all you can see. “HOLY SHIT ARE YOU HERE!? AGAIN!? WE’RE GUNNA BE LIKE THIS!?! NO!”

6. Acceptance crisis: When you start getting tagged in posts about that other member you realize you’ve shown a little bit too much of what’s going on in your heart. “I mean. It’s fine. It’s not like he’s my bias he’s just hot. Whatever.”

7. Zen state: it’s totally okay to have a bias wrecker, right? I mean how can you not? You realize you have two types maybe. “Who can resist him I mean have you heard him sing? Perfection. He’s my bias’s bias.”

8. Secondary crisis: when you’ve finally accepted you have a big heart and room for two but then a CF comes out and you get those cold sweats like for another member. “Shit. Shit he’s really hot. Okay wait. Shit.”

9. Aggressive bargaining: you can do this right? You’ll just accept a double bias with a new bias wrecker. “They’re a two for one anyway. It doesn’t count when they’re married.”

10. Mass chaos: when you kind of feel like a juggler at the circus with the way you’re tossing around bias feels. Every new update is panic inducing. “THEY’RE ALL SO HOT WHY!?! HOW!?!! I CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS!?”

11. Final acceptance. When you can’t see a world where you don’t love all of those kids with all of your heart and soul.


Jaehyun Appreciation Posts

Jaehyun, Taeil, Yuta, Doyoung, Winwin, Mark, Haechan, Johnny, Taeyong, Ten

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So I’m a huge HUGE fan of this beautiful man. Jung Jaehyun (Jung Yoon-oh he changed his name) is perfect in everyway. If you didn’t stan him I’ll give you reasons why. I mean why aren’t you even staning him, he’s Jaehyun.

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He can cook and his cooking is up to a whole new level, such boyfriend material. (Love how Winwin is helping)

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He can dance, look at this little shit. So rude. STAY IN YOUR LANE JAEHYUN STAY IN YOUR LANE!

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He can sing. I’m sorry did you read that correctly? THIS BOY CAN SING. If you never heard him sing, you better go on YouTube and search it up. A VOICE OF AN ANGEL

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He’s tall, I know you can’t really tell but he’s 6ft. I don’t know about others but 6ft is pretty tall for me. (I’m 5′6 ½) And If being tall isn’t  one of the reasons enough for you to be convince he is boyfriend material, I don’t know what will.

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He’s hella sexy and handsome. If you couldn’t tell but oooo his face is just perfect. In .01 second he’s cute and another your calling him daddy.  Also those lips thou. I don’t know if it’s just me but  his lips look so gentle and kissable.

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BUT HIS GAZE THOU. HIS FREAKING GAZE. I could stare into his eyes forever. 

He’s good at sports, LOOK AT THOSE ARMS. Note: These pictures aren’t mine credit to the original owner. 

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He’s cute, such a little cinnamon roll. So cute and fluffy, someone need to protect this precious boy at all cost. (ALSO HOW CAN  I BE THAT PILLOW?)

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But at the same time he’s hella RUDE. Like boy who do you think you are teasing us. Put that tongue back in your mouth.

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Those arms. THOSE SEXY MUSCULAR ARMS. Remember I said someone needed to protect him? Yea forget that more like he’ll protect you, those arms could probably kill a man with one punch. 

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He shows a lot of skin ship, can I be Chanyeol like I WANT A HUG FROM JAEHYUN. DON’T WORRY CHAN I LOVE YOU TOO. (Look how cute he looks hugging Chanyeol like that) 

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But at the same time he’s a giant dork. I’m confused half the time who he really is. (ft. Taeil, Winwin and Mark having to deal with this dork)

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Overall I have to end this sadly, cause I can’t really put anymore gifs and I have like 1000000+ more reasons but I feel like I will break Tumblr. I hope now you stan him, cause this boy need as much love as he can get. However just love all the members, cause all the members deserve all the love and support they get and have. 


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The Girl Next Door [Tom Holland Smut]

Request: “ #695 for tom holland 😛 [[know you’re busy but i feel u, take your time]] “ [anonnymous] 

Words: 1.7+k

Rating: Explicit

Trigger warings: Smut, cheesy romcom story lmao

Summary: You just wanted to take a shower and relax in bed after a rough day.

A/N: This was supposed to be a drabble but I made it into a full imagine to fulfill the thirst of my sweet sinful followers that have been requesting Tom Holland. Y’all give me life. I hope you like this. Also I wanted it to be short but whoops. 

As soon as you walked into your apartment you slipped out of your shoes and started peeling off your clothes. You knew your room mate wouldn’t be home at that time and you couldn’t care less if your creepy neighbor was staring at you through the window. Not today. You were too tired to think about it. Too sweaty to stay on this hideous polo shirt that was the bookstore uniform. All you needed right now was a nice shower and lay in your bed reading one of those erotica books your sister gave you because not even your brain were working right to read anything with depth. You needed to relax.  

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This blog needs more Asuramaru. Actually, Mikayuu needs more Asuramaru, like wasn't he a demon? And demons feed off of greed and desire right?? So imagine Asuramaru being all like, "hey look at those thigh high boots. pretty nice huh" "don't you want to be bitten rn" "mika's lips seem soft don't they. very soft. very very soft. 10/10" Imagine that he only stopped showing nightmares to Yuu just to start showing him dreams of Mika. Pls join me I'm so alone

I’d be lying if I said I never imagined Asuramaru giving Yuu…fantasies, about teen Mika.

But I figure that either he doesn’t do it or Yuu never falls for it because otherwise he’d have been possessed by him long ago.

Tbh he idea of Yuu having a little voice in his head torturing him like that is perfect but I have the feeling Yuu wouldn’t mind it in the slightest.

Asuramaru: Hey, Yuu. Look at Mika. He looks hot as ever today, don’t you think? Don’t you want to get a hold of that soft looking hair right now? Get those perfect fangs pierce your skin? Listen to Mika’s little satisfied noise-

Yuu: Shit you’re right I should ask him if he’s thirsty

Asuramaru: What-

Yuu: Mikaaaa~ it’s been a while since you last fed, don’t you think?

Mika: *sighs tiredly* I drank your blood yesterday, Yuu-chan. No thanks

Yuu: come on, I bet you’re still thirsty *starts unbuttoning his shirt* 

Mika: *mumbles* here it goes again… I told you I don’t need to drink so often!

Yuu: goddamn it Mika, can’t you see I’m thirsty– I mean I know you’re thirsty!

Mika: what did I do to deserve this?

Asuramaru: my bad

Mika is the real victim here

Over and Over Again

Anonymous Requested: We broke up but no one makes coffee the way you do and I really need a cup so can I come over? 
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff 
Word Count: 3,520


It starts with one hazy winter morning and a single phone call.

You’ve always been a relatively light sleeper, a trait of your life you’ve always secretly hated because it’s always stopped you from getting through the night peacefully, but this time it’s a part of yourself you just want to fling off a cliff and curse to the heavens and back. Who on earth would even bother trying to call you at a time like—!

“What the fuck?” You let out in a groan, voice husky from sleep as your hand blindly reaches across to the nightstand, fingers dragging along the surface to try and feel for your phone. Your head is swimming with the abruptness of early morning, the neurons in your brain going at a rapid pace in hasty attempts to right yourself up for the new day. “What time is it…?”

Somehow, your fingers manage to clasp around the rectangular object that is your phone, and you peel an eye open long enough to catch the bright green numbers on your digital clock. The fact that the sun hasn’t even risen over the horizon should be warning bell number 1 that whoever is calling you definitely doesn’t deserve a reply if they’re going to interrupt what little sleep you already get, but you think you would much rather give this person a piece of your mind as—!

You don’t even bother trying to read the fine print of the caller ID before you tug the phone from the charging unit, rolling onto your stomach and—“What?”

“Oh, sorry, is this a bad time?”

The arm that isn’t propped up to keep the phone to your ear straightens like a board, driving you off the bed, the warmth of the covers long forgotten as your heart immediately sets on going into overdrive as it courses through your body. The feelings are almost vague, foreign, nearly forgotten, yet something so nostalgic that your heart already knows the answer before your mind could conjure up a question.


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*Noise of FaceTime ringing*

You click accept and see Shawn standing in his kitchen. You place your phone against the toaster, standing in your kitchen too. Shawn was back home from tour and you had been at home for a month now. Whilst Shawn was away, you had sent him a photo of a meal you had made yourself. He made you promise to teach him how to make it once he was home. 
“You’re gonna need to turn that music down Shawn,” you shouted so he could hear you, as if he was in the room with you. His head snapped in the direction of his phone. He lowered the music and smiled, “Hey baby.” You had the usual ‘how are you’ exchanges before he clapped his hands and said, “Let’s do this!”

“You know this is really easy right, and I don’t need to be doing this with you?” you laughed as you stepped away from the phone and made sure you had every set on the counter. “I know, but I thought it would be a cute little thing to do” Shawn confessed. “And we could see who is the better chef” he added with a smirk. “I knew it,” you sighed shaking your head. 
“Do you have everything?” You asked, knowing exactly what Shawn was like when it came to remembering things. He nodded eagerly as he changed the song. “You got the chicken?” You asked, with which he replied with a nod and smile. “The bacon?” He nodded again, “Darling I bring home the bacon, remember?” You rolled your eyes, “It wasn’t funny the first time Shawn.” He shrugged his shoulders and backed away from the phone. 
“I set the oven to 350 F degrees right?” Shawn asked, as he stood over the oven. “Yep,” you replied as you did the same. “Is it cold over there?” You asked as you reached up for the cupboard above to grab some foil. “Yeah, it’s snowing outside” Shawn said. “Really?” You said excitedly, looking at the phone. Shawn wandered over to the phone and leaned over, “(Y/N) you shouldn’t be excited about the snow. You should be excited about how great I look” he said as he brushed his hand through his hair. “Just look at my hair,” he said sarcastically, knowing that he hated it when it was too long. “Wash your hands before you continue,” you said with a cheeky smile. 

You instructed Shawn throughout the cooking process, waiting for him when he panicked that he was behind yelling, “Wait wait.”
“Ok, is your bacon thick?” You asked, as you opened your packet of bacon. Shawn remained silent so you glanced over at the screen to see him close to the camera, with a smile on his face as he repeatedly raised his eyebrows. “Grow up,” you sighed, rolling your eyes. Shawn pushed himself off the counter, “Fine, it’s thin.” You let a little chuckle escape your mouth, “Sorry.”
You wrapped pieces of bacon round pieces of chicken, hearing Shawn panic over how the bacon would stay wrapped. “You don’t need toothpicks, it will stick. Trust me,” you said loudly. 
“Ok, then you grab the bowl of brown sugar and roll the wrapped chicken around until it’s evenly coated” you said, doing just that. 
“Now I’m gonna dress myself for two, once for me; and once for someone new” you heard Shawn sing at the top of his lungs. “Concentrate Shawn,” you snapped. Shawn stopped just as he was about to sing even louder, and wandered over closely to his phone. “I’m sorry, kiss?” he asked in a sweet voice. You frowned at the phone before giving in, and puffing your lips out like he was. 

Both of you placed your wrapped chicken on the baking tray and placed them inside the ovens, and waited for 45 minutes. “You bored of being back home yet?” you asked, as you both sat on your kitchen floors opposite the ovens. Shawn nodded, “I miss performing so much. I gathered some of Aaliyahs’ old toys and set them out and performed to them.” You gave Shawn a weird look, “Did you really?” Shawn burst out laughing, shaking his head. “Of course not, I used my own toys.” You shook your head, but smiled because you had missed laughing with Shawn. “But I miss you,” he said softly. You smiled, “I’ve missed you too.” Throughout the waiting time, you’d smile whenever you caught Shawn looking past the camera at the oven, keeping a close eye on the food. Shawn would sing snippets of his songs, asking you which way you preferred when he changed the notes of words slightly. 

Finally it was time to reveal the truth, and find out who was the best cook. “Mine look like little dog shits,” Shawn laughed, flipping the camera to reveal his burnt chicken bites. “Sprinkle the parsley,” you said as you admired your perfect cooking. “Now it looks like little dog shits covered in grass,” Shawn said. You glanced at the screen and did a double take, “I said sprinkle not pour!” “Oh well,” Shawn sighed, flipping the camera back on him. “Let’s see yours.” You showed him your perfectly cooked bites and heard him curse under his breath. “I guess that means you admit defeat,” you said smiling at him feeling smug. He frowned at the camera, “Never.” 

No Filter

Request:  Drinking with Dean and the reader can’t help but stare unabashedly at his mouth.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 1364

Warnings:  drinking, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (female receiving), fingering

Author’s Notes: Requested and beta’d by @bringmesomepie56

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* Can I request an imagine where your happy's daughter and your just like him and the boys meet you for the first time when you come to the tm on your motorcycle and tig starts flirting with you and eventually you have to leave to go get your girlfriend a nurse that takes e care of grandmother and you go back to the tm to the party later that night with her and to see everyone's reaction to see you dating a girl (also your dad is okay with it and knows about it)

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A/N: Hope you like it!

Little Shit:

Paring: Reader X Charming Charter Friendship 

Reader X Father Happy

Warning: Cursing, but I mean this is SOA we’re talkin’ about 🤷🏻‍♀️

The hit wind was blowing through your hair and you steadily rode your beautiful Harley. Nothing in the world felt more perfect than your bike, you and the open road in front of you, unfolding to reveal “Charming” you snicker “Dad, you sure know how to fucking pick em’” you scoffed at you followed your father’s previous directions leading you to Teller-Morrow auto shop. You pulled the breaks on your bike resting her next to your fathers back taking off your helmet shaking your hair around trying to settle your helmet hair before you walked into the bar portion of the auto shop. You said a kid behind the bar, as he turned around you had a feeling this kid was Chucky.

“Yo! Kid? You chucky?” You asked watching the kid tense up before he even turned “Yeah..” he said turning around to face your expressionless face “You seen Happy anywhere?” You asked cigarette between your lips relaxing “Now why would a beautiful girl as yourself be looking for such a mean guy, I’m sure you could use a nice to fulfill your needs.” A guy with electric blue eyes said sliding onto the bar stool next to you “Is that so?” You asked repulsed at the thought that ran through this guy’s mind. “And you might be?” You asked the guy grabbing the beer Chucky had left for you per your father’s request.

“I darlin am Tig, and I’m at your service.” He said holding out his hand “That’s great and all, now let’s make you really helpful.” You said leaning forward as if to tell him a secret “Find me my father. Happy Lowman. Cause I came looking for him.” You said coldly and watched Tigs expression changed once he heard a low throats being cleared behind them, you moved back to see your father moving the toothpick between his mouth.

“Fuck is this?” He asked nodding his head in your direction looking at you “Oh I couldn’t find you, thought if I sent one of your bitch boys you’d come faster.” You said taking the cigarette out of your mouth as you looked at your father “Whoa. Who would this pretty lady be?” You heard another guy with a beer belly say as he slapped Tigs back “Gang, this little shit is my daughter.” Happy said staring at you “Yup, that’s me. The little shit daughter. Oh, Tig you said something about me not being fulfilled earlier, I think I’m pretty full now.” You said no emotion behind your statement.

Tigs eyes went wider that you thought they would just pop out of his eyes “Honey, I honestly doubt that.” He said taking another hit of his beer, looking at the guys then running his eyes over your body once again, but he was cautious about it now that Good Ol’ dad was there. “How’s ma?” Dad said placing his hand on your shoulder “She’s fine, she has the best nurse ever dad.” You said winking at your dad, as he gave you a small smirk “I’m sure she does.” He said lowly.

“So is her nurse your mother or something?” The blonde one said this time “(Y/N) mother was a raving bitch, so no it’s not her.” Your father said causing you to shrug because he wasn’t wrong, but neither of you had to worry about that, Happy wasn’t the father who knew everything but what he did know helped you survived for so long on your own and to take care of your grandmother who you loved dearly.

“I’m Clay, Chibs, Jax, Tig, Bobby, Juice, Korzick, Opie, and the lady right there, that’s my old lady Gemma, she’s one scary bitch. But anyway, got any smiley faces of your own kid?” The old man with gray hair said pointing to everyone around causing you to raise your eyebrow at him accusingly.

“Well Clay. What I got and don’t got ain’t your concern.” You sneered lifting your sleeve revealing a vine with 14 thorns, your father looked down “When I last saw you there was only 10.” He said showing you his smiley collection “And last time I saw you it was only 13.” You said looking at his smirk.

“You seriously are related.” Clay said backing up slowly as Tig moved in closer to see your thorns “You put the name of your victims on the thorns? That’s sick.” He said running his hand over your arm softly “You grabbed his wrist tightly “Don’t. Touch. Them.” You said slowly staring at him harshly, you were very attached to your thorns, they were special to you, not the people obviously but the memory of the killing. Yet after the 13th you’d made a promise to stop.

“Sorry babe, you can let go of my hand now.” He said looking at you “I’m not your fucking babe. You want a babe, croweaters are all over honey.” You said throwing his wrist roughly back to his body. He smirked at you, licking his lips causing you to shudder in disgust “Keep dreaming Tiggy.” You said checking your watch noticing you were late “Fuck. I’m dead.” You said hopping off the bar stool.

“Hey! We’re having a party later! I better see you here!” You father yelled as you raced to your bike throwing up your hand showing him your thumb being up for the party, as you climbed on the bike you rushed out the lot and to your grandmother’s house. The ride was long but you managed to make it just in time where it was near sunset, not that it made it any better.

You parked the motorcycle still seeing her car in the driveway, you opened the door to see your grandmother in the living room “Abuela.” You said kissing her forehead “Mijita, you’re going to get it.” She said laughing.

“(Y/N)! Where the hell have you been! You’re late! Again!” You heard your girlfriend yell from behind you causing you to slowly turn around, walking towards her grabbing her hips “I’m sorry baby, I know I was late but you know I haven’t seen my dad in so long baby, come on, give me a kiss.” You said dipping her gently placing a soft kiss on her lips and as you brought her up your heard a soft awe from your grandmother’s lips.

“Dad invited me to a party, so go change.” You said slapping her ass pushing her softly up the stairs, she groaned and walked up slowly swaying her hips as you watched her, she looked back sending you a wink before she went upstairs to change.

“To think with the person you are, you ended up with that sweet nurse.” You grandmother said smiling, she loved your girlfriend more than anything “I know grandma, it surprises me every damn day I wake up to her.” You said looking at the empty stairs “You and her are exactly what each other needs.” Your grandmother said looking at the TV.

“You’ll be alright with Lucinda, abuela? You promise if anything you’ll call me right?” Your girlfriend said walking past you in a nice blue dress, kissing your grandmother on her forehead “Of course, please have fun and tell your father that I better see him soon.” She said looking at you as you kissed her forehead nodding, you wrapped an arm around your girlfriend “Ready?” You said as she leaned into your body nodding at you. Lucinda walked in as soon as you and your girlfriend were about to hop on your bike wishing you both a good night.

“Hold tight baby.” You said to your girlfriend feeling her tighten her legs and arms around you. The drive back to TM was longer than driving to your grandmother’s house, but once you arrived you noticed the full clubhouse with croweaters and bikers everywhere, a few of them whistling in your girls direction causing you to growl lowly wrapping an arm around her tightly causing her to laugh.

“I love when you get like this baby.” She said whispering to you kissing you as if that would’ve calmed you down, you pulled away not sure if you would be able to focus on tonight “Come on, let’s see my father before I end up taking you to the closet corner.” You growled as you and her made your way through the crowd until you found your father and the rest of the Charming charter. Your girlfriend ran over to your father hugging him tightly as he wrapped an arm around her “You brought my favorite girl.” He said smirking.

“Watch yourself. You may be my father, you may have taught me everything I know, but I will not hesitate to slit your throats where you stand.” You said grabbing your girl pulling her closer to you, your father nodded in approval.

“Your girl?” Clay said with his old lady at his arm “Yeah, hi I’m (Y/G/N), (Y/N) girlfriend.” Your girlfriend said smiling holding out her hand to Clay and in that moment everyone around had their mouths wide open.

“You’re gay?” Tig said eyes wide open mouth “Yup, this dangerous girl right here changed my life.” You said kissing your girlfriend’s neck causing her to swat you away but you’re grabbed her hand to stop her. “Never had a gay couple in Charming.” Jax said bringing the beer to his lips taking a swing.

“And that’s why Charming fucking sucks.” You spit out causing all the boys to laugh “No worries though, that’s why we’re here to spice things up, ain’t that right baby?” You said softly in your girlfriend’s ear as she smiled and nodded turning around giving you that single look that told you everything you need to know.

“Alright, it’s time for us to head out, I’m tired from the drive and want to let Lucinda go home on time tonight.” You said waving to the guys as your girlfriend walked ahead of your dragging you to the door “Oh! Before I forget Abuela said you better take your ass to see her!” You yelled seeing your father raise his beer bottle as a form of ‘Okay’. You were now hopping on your bike with your girlfriend wrapped around you.

“You are dangerous little girl, wanting to leave a party after 5 minutes to be fucked.” You said lowly “(Y/N)! I swear to god! Let’s go!” She yelled causing you to laugh as you darted out of the TM for a more eventful night.


He was across from you, a cigarette hanging from his lips as he looked down at you sadly.

You weren’t this type of girl, and truth be told, he wasn’t this type of boy. 

You were strong, one of the strongest girls he knew. You were always the type that could defend herself, you could knock a Soc flat before he knew what was coming… but you were different from all the Greaser girls this side of town. You were thoughtful, kind- you were modest, a little better than the rest of them. 

And Soda, well he was a gentleman, he was perfect and had a heart bigger than Tulsa, you knew he was destined for great things, even if he didn’t know it. 

But here you both were… he had broken your heart- you didn’t know it was possible for sweet, innocent Sodapop Curtis to do this. You assumed he was better than any other boy in this town… but he was the same. And you didn’t want to believe it was possible. 

“I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean for any of this to happen” 

“Bull shit” You cried, your arms wrapped around your middle as you looked at him brokenly. “You lead me along this whole time” He didn’t even try to protest, he knew you were right. “You had me believe you felt the same way, hell, you even said you felt the same way! You made me fall in love with you, and that’s not fair!”

“I never gave you any illusion of us being together…” He trailed off, he knew there was no use trying to justify it. 

“You let me touch you, you touched me! You held me in your arms and made me feel safe. You knew how I felt about you and you continued to lead me on. How am I supposed to move on now? I’m in love with you and now I’m the one broken. Shame on you, shame on me for believing your touch.” 

“I’m sorry” 

You could feel your tears slipping down your face, and for a second his hand began to reach forward to dry away your tears… but you weren’t his to touch. 

“What did I do wrong? Why don’t you want me?” 

“It’s my way of doing things really, there’s a number of reasons,Y/N, the only problem is, is that their my reasons to deal with.” 

“What does that even mean? You know what Soda, people are always asking if you and I are together and I always say no- what I really want to say is yes… are you afraid of getting hurt? Because if you are, don’t be. I won’t hurt you. You make me happy, you make me feel safe… I miss you” 

“I’m so sorry, Y/N.” He murmured softly before leaving the room, he didn’t spare you a single look as walked out into the cold, dark night… but you broke… the walls you had so carefully put up came tumbling down. 

He didn’t want you, nobody did.

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The head cannon for Sirius meeting your family was perfect, what about him proposing or telling him you were pregnant?

i already wrote a drabble where the reader told sirius she was pregnant, so i’ll just do the headcanon of him proposing! :) 

  • okay, we all know sirius is a dramatic little shit, but he would rather the proposal to mean something to the two of you than it be incredibly extravagant
  • you’re not a super outdoorsy person, but you do love hiking
  • especially when the hike involves a waterfall
  • you and sirius absolutely love the adrenaline rush you get from jumping into the icy rapids and hiking had become a frequent thing for you guys to do
  • so, of course, sirius planned out a hike to a secluded waterfall and there, he would propose
  • but things don’t always go as planned

  • there’s a huge storm the next day and the conditions are way too dangerous to hike to a waterfall
  • so instead, you guys are both stuck in the cabin you rented for a day
  • and sirius mopes around at first, but he decides a rainstorm isn’t going to deter him from proposing to his girl
  • the whole day is filled with him doing things for you
  • bringing you breakfast in bed, giving you a massage, setting up a nice bubble bath…
  • and at the end of the day, for some strange reason, sirius decides he’s going to propose with a cake
  • … when he’s never baked in his fucking life

  • you come out of the bath, clad in nothing but a robe, and walk into the kitchen
  • it looks like a disaster struck
  • “did the storm make it’s way into the cabin?”
  • you spot sirius in the midst of it all, covered in flour, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly
  • “i…i tried to make you a cake, but…”
  • you laugh, wiping the flour off his face with your thumb
  • “i appreciate the effort…now let’s get this cleaned up”
  • after using scourgify to clean up the mess, you go to put the bowls and flour away when you spot a little black box…
  • “sirius? what’s this?”
  • he clears his throat, wetting his bottom lip
  • “this isn’t exactly how i planned for it to happen but…”
  • sirius grabs the box and gets down on one knee as you smother a gasp with both your hands
  • he looks up at you, his face and hair still covered in flour and icing, but you thought he has never looked more perfect
  • “today is not at all what i had in mind, but life’s an unpredictable mess” he shakes his head slightly, flour falling out as you both laugh “and i’d be honored to be by your side, and have you by mine, to go through this mess together”
  • by now the tears are freely falling down your cheeks as you look at the man you love most in complete happiness
  • “y/n…will you marry me?”
  • you nod, speechless
  • when he puts the ring on you, both yours and his hands are trembling slightly, in shock and joy as your futures together were sealed
  • standing up, sirius envelopes you in a warm hug, kissing you despite the flour all over his clothing and face
  • sirius never thought it would happen this way, but he’s glad it did
  • because life is messy, but you’re going to get through it. together. 

AWWWWWWWW :) i :) want :) sirius :) black :) to :) propose :) to :) me :)

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Jared x Insecure!Chubby Reader Headcanon

• listen this boy loves you n your body so much like dear lord

• he praises that gorgeous bod you have

• he constantly has his hands on you (if you’re okay with that ofc)

• he l o v e s your tummy so much he literally wants to squish it 24/7

• not a bad way just like

• “You’re so squishy and soft I love it”

• “You’re like a fluffy pillow Y/N”

• I’m not saying during sexy times he kisses your tummy and leaves so many hickeys there

• but

• he totally does

• like yes

• anyone that d a r e s to make fun of you will feel the wrath that is Jared trying to be intimidating

• if someone shoots an insult at you, he literally fires one back at that person so quick it’s ridiculous

• he will t h r o w h a n d s for you in a heartbeat

• I mean he’s got detention at least 3 times so far for punching a jock in the face

• much to everyone’s surprise Jared is actually hella strong

• if someone makes you cry bc they picked on your weight, you better believe that that person will be sporting a black eye that next day

• you don’t mess with Jareds baby yall

• you always bring Jared shopping with you bc he always hypes you up so much


• “Jar we’re in a public area please stop”

• He feels so special that you bring him with you bc he knows that buying clothes isn’t the most comfortable thing for you

• but as soon as you step out from trying on an outfit

• oh boy

• Jared is instantly mesmerized and !!!!!

• He looks at anyone that passes by and raises his eyebrows and says with a smirk on his face

• “Yeah, I’m dating them, can you believe that shit?”

• he l o v e s to see you shirtless like holy fuck

• his heart literally goes !!!!!!!!!!!

• he loves seeing every single stretch mark, every bump and dent

• one of his favorite things to do is run his fingertips up and down your sides

• and on a day you’re feeling really down about yourself, he’ll just lay your head on his lap and run his fingers through your hair while he tells you everything he loves about you

• and he constantly says cute little praises to make sure you always feel comfortable around him like

• “That shirt looks really good on you” “Those pants really flatter you” etc

• he honestly thinks your 10/10 the most beautiful person he has ever laid his eyes on

• and he honestly can’t wrap his little head around how you don’t see yourself as anything but perfect

• bc I mean he has chub and you love him, why can’t you love yourself

• it breaks his heart that you don’t see yourself as beautiful as he sees you

• :(

• he just wants you to be happy yanno?

• if he sees you staring at yourself in the mirror for too long, he comes up from behind you and wraps his arms around your waist, and whispers cute things in your ear

• hE lOsEs HiS sHiT wHeN yOu weAr hiS cLoTheS hOlY fUcK

• especially when you wear just one of his graphic tees with just your undies oH BOY

• definitely leads to sexy times *wink wonk*

• Jared just loves you so much, and I’m pretty sure your weight will never change that

___________________________________________ This was requested!!!! Please send in more requests!!! Also sorry for the shitty writing, I wrote half of this in 6th period yesterday
Professor Fuck Up (Requested)

A/N: GIF not mine! Part 2 is here! Request from: @theblulife

Warning: Shameless Language! 

Part 1: Professor Gallagher

Watching Phillip from the side of the hallway was not what you were planning on doing today but hearing all the fucks and watching him shove Professor Youens into his classroom was something you wouldn’t be expecting. You stood in complete stillness until Phillip began walking in your direction causing you to think fast and the best and only idea that popped into your head was dropping your textbook “Can’t you see where the fuck I’m walking.” Phillip sneered very pissed off at the moment “Yeah cause I’m blind and now thanks to you also deaf.” you said sarcastically waiting for Phillip to lift his head to look you in the eyes and when he finally did he began laughing.

“You saw that shit?” he asked laughing hysterically “Okay Gallagher you have officially fucking snapped huh?” you asked locking your arm around his and you began to walk towards the exit of the building “You think?” he asked looking at you not commenting on where you to were going.

 “Oh I never said I think, Gallagher from the minute I saw you I KNEW you had lost your shits.” you said laughing a little “What gave it away? My perfect school records? Last name? Or the dorm parties?” he asked looking ahead not minding the eyes watching us.

“None of that shit Phillip. I knew from the hurt in your eyes.” you said softly so no one could hear what you had said. This caused him to stop in his tracks “What do you mean?” he asked looking at you wide eyed “Let’s talk somewhere private and I’ll explain.” you said tugging his arm forward so you could continue to walk. The walk had been silent since your statement until you made it to your apartment off campus “Welcome to my humble abode.” you said gesturing to the shabby apartment, it wasn’t much but it was yours.

 Phillip looked around the apartment before sitting on the couch “Now do you care to explain what you meant?” he asked looking at you lazily.

“Phillip when you came into my room to talk to me, you looked like you were hit by five cars and I knew you weren’t in an accident so that means something shitty was happening, your little blow up today, you always getting piss faced drunk. Sure normal college kids do that but not all the fucking time. What are you so desperately trying to forget? What are you running away from? Cause I don’t think it’s sunk in yet that you were FIRED from your TA job, you know the only reason you were still attending school, ring any bells?” you said standing pacing back and forth.

 “Why the fuck do you suddenly care about me and my school work huh, we aren’t fucking friends I don’t know a fucking thing about you. SO back the fuck out of my life.” Phillip said getting up from your couch and making his way to the door but you grabbed his arm tightly.

“Phillip, how can you be so smart and so stupid. Every time you were pissed face drunk I brought you here, changed your clothes, cleaned you up, gave you medicine, waited for you to finishing puking, fed you if you asked for food, listen to you complain and whine meanwhile the people in the dorm never gave a fuck but I did, and not because we had to be friends but because it was the right thing to do. It’s even funny that you say that because EVERY TIME you were drunk you would look for me, knew who I was and what I was doing, where we were going, all the time and when you would finally fall asleep I would get you in my car and drag you back to your dorm as if nothing happened. So give me the attitude and anger all you want but remember when no one had your back I did, I was the first person you told about Helene and didn’t tell a fucking soul, but hey walk out the door to keep getting kicked around by people who openly don’t give a fuck.” you said starting to walk to your kitchen but felt arms wrap around you pulling you into a deep embrace.

Just as you had turned around you felt Phillip’s lips on yours slowly deepening into your mouth explore each and every corner as if his life depended on it “Where the fuck have you been my whole life.” he said kissing you once more “In my room stressing over school but hey nice to meet you too.” you said which caused you both to laugh.

 “Wait, so you’ve seen me naked already?” he asked causing you to burst out in laughter “God more times than you can count Gallagher.” you said walking into your kitchen still laughing. “Did my dick look good at least?” he asked causing you to laugh even harder shaking your head ignoring his question.

Kindness isn’t such a bad thing you thought while looking for something to prepare and allowing happy thought to float around your head because for once you were truly happy 

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blurb im which the reader is feeling self conscious about having big boobs and Dan is like "wtf you're beautiful either way" ? because i honestly need some comforting right now.

It’s crazy how I’ve been feeling that way lately after my friends started talking about how big my boobs are, ugh.
It has probably more cons than pros.
(I’m gonna selfishly base this blurb out of my personal experience, hope you won’t mind!)
*In no means am I judging plastic surgery! Do whatever makes you feel beautiful, confident, and empowering!*

•You were at your friend’s house as she was having a small get together.
•"Okay, but I’m not sure if I should get a boob job?“ one of your friends said.
•"How does it feel having big tits, Y/N?” Your friend asks you. as a natural instinct, you crossed your arms over your boobs and let out a fake chuckle.
•"Oh c'mon, that’s probably why Dan is with you. What man doesn’t like a woman with big breasts?“ One of your friend’s ignorant acquaintances adds.
•Looking down at your feet you reply with, “I personally believe he’s with me for who I am as a person and not physical appearance.”
•When you arrived at Dan’s place, you felt like crying. Not only because you mildly harassed by your so called “friends” but you actually starting believing Dan is with you because of your physical figure.
•You walked into Dan’s room and he was seated in front of his desk typing what seemed to be an email.
•Face planting on his bed, you let out a loud sigh.
•"What’s up with you?“ Dan laughs as he spins his office chair around to face you.
•"People can be such dicks,” you mumble, face still on the bed.
•"Tell me about it, babe ,“ he got up and sat next to you on the bed.
•"Well, apart from being slightly harassed at the get together, they were commenting about our relationship,” you say getting up, “which is literally none of their business.”
•"What did they say?“ He says pulling you into a hug.
•"They started talking about boob jobs and then proceeded to talk about mine,” you sigh, “and you know how much of an insecurity it is of mine.”
•You began to tear up a little at the remembrance of the uncomfortable feeling you had.
•"They also started telling me shit on how you might only like how I look on the outside and stupid crap like that.“
•"And I’ll happy disagree with their comments,” he fixes your hair behind your ear, “first off, you’re beautiful and I don’t understand how you have insecurities if you’re drop dead gorgeous.”
•You blush, “second, the reason I’m with you is because of your personality, I mean you’re fucking perfect inside and out. I love how you stick your tongue out as you browse the Internet, text me random memes at any time of day, do your little dance moves as you play your music out loud, and how you can’t help but get excited when you see a dog or cat.”
•"Now I feel so squishy and loved,“ you say giving him a warming kiss on the lips.


Hope you liked it.
Just know you can fucking slay no matter what. You don’t need makeup or waist trainers to feel beautiful, but if you do, you do you! Do what makes you feel happy!
*As long as it’s legal, morally correct, and healthy!*
Love y'all. 💓🍪

High School Band AU: Ch. 4

I’ll be back later with a cute fic for Baehee. Meanwhile, have fun with chapter 4!

“Come out, MC! Let us see how you look!”

Ugh… you feel so pathetic, you don’t even know what’s worst, the ruffles in the dress or the cat ears Saeyoung insisted you should try. This dress is too short, you’ll have to wear a bloomer… oh my God! Is there something lamer than a freaking bloomer?

So let’s see, are you uncomfortable because of the clothes or because you’re changing in Yoosung’s bathroom? Both? Yes, Yoosung’s bathroom is pretty clean and all, but ugh… it’s still a young boy’s bathroom… and your father always teased your uncle about what kinds of thing he used to do alone in the bathroom when he was a teenage… no, you don’t want to think like this, especially not about Yoosung, who’s so sweet.

“Please, MC. I told Jumin we would have a costume ready for you until tomorrow.” Jaehee pleads. Oh yeah… she’s the reason you agreed on coming to Yoosung’s house after class. If it were only you, Yoosung and Saeyoung, you wouldn’t probably want to go. You’re glad there’s another girl here, even though she sounds as uncomfortable as you.

“Okay… here it goes…” you open the bathroom door and walk in to Yoosung’s bedroom, only to find three pairs of eyes analyzing you.

“MC, you look… kinda adorable…” Jaehee says, without blinking.

“Kinda? She looks perfect! I knew the cat ears would be a nice touch to the piggytails, which was genius of you, MC. I knew piggytails were your brand as soon as I saw that video with Zen.”

Yoosung is just blushing and staring. Is he alright?

“So… what do you think, MC?” Jaehee asks.

“I…” you sigh “I look like I’m the star of a Card Captor Sakura porn parody, which would be disturbing in so many levels…” Saeyoung doesn’t even change his expression, which concerns you. “I’m sorry, I know you put a lot of effort in this, Saeyoung, it’s very cute, it’s just… not for me?”

“But you’re very cute…” he pouts and whines, and it’s so annoying you don’t even care he’s complimenting you.

“I… it’s just too short, it’s shorter than my shorts from that night with Zen and…” ugh, don’t even think about that night again, just to think of how many trouble that brought…

“You… l-look… really g-go-good, MC. I like it… a lot.” Yoosung finally speaks, his face is as red as Saeyoung’s hair.

“Thank you…” now you’re blushing, because he’s being too cute, you smile at him and he tries to smile back, but he’s so flustered it’s almost scary.

“Whoa! You look like the star of a Card Captor Sakura porn parody, which would be disgusting!” Saeran almost shouts as he walks in Yoosung’s bedroom. Ugh… did you two really think about the same thing?

“See, even this asshole agrees with me, Saeyoung! Just imagine what Jumin will say…”

“And ever since when do you care about what Jumin thinks?” Saeran asks.

“I don’t know, Saeran, ever since he jumped at Zen’s throat?”

“Ah, yes, that… Don’t mind their bickering too much, stupid.” He shrugs, you roll your eyes.

“He’s right, MC. Don’t worry about them, they’ve been like this since first year.” Jaehee says as she’s talking to a kid. “Besides, Jumin already apologized to you, didn’t he?”

Did he? Time for a quick flashback.

After lunch break yesterday, you were in your locker looking for the biology book, when Jumin showed up, just like he did early in the morning. Oh no… is he going to yell at you? Actually, you would prefer if he yelled at you, maybe it would be less scary than what you saw in that old room.

“I need to talk to you.”

“Sure… go ahead.”

“I… was talking to Jaehee and she booked a gig for us, we’ll play at some seniors’ party in two weeks. Rehearsals will start tomorrow at Yoosung’s garage, okay?”

“Okay… thanks for the heads up.” You keep flipping through your books, his furious eyes looking at Zen still giving you the creeps. And the fact that he keeps standing next to you with his hands in his pockets without saying anything  isn’t helping at all. “Anything else?”

“Yes, I… I… just wanted to say that we’re even.”


“I’ll forgive you for the way you talked to me in the audition if you forget what you saw this morning.” Oh… so he feels bad too.

“May I ask what that was about, by the way?”

“Don’t worry, it was just Zen being dramatic, and I… got a little carried away with all his drama as well. Just… forget what you saw, and… please know I don’t think you’re vulgar, I just expressed myself in a wrong way…”

“Will you apologize to Zen too?”

“Don’t worry about Zen, MC. He doesn’t deserve your concerns.”

“Well, consider yourself lucky, this is the closest I’ve ever heard about Jumin Han apologizing.” Saeyoung says.

“Yeah, and I kinda agree with Jumin, MC. You shouldn’t worry about Zen that much…” Yoosung speaks a he’s afraid of your reaction.

“Why not? He was the victim and… that fight started because of me, after all…”

“MC… don’t say that. Why would you even think like this?”

“Isn’t it obvious, Jaehee? She’s catching the feels for Zen! Ugh… you’re so predictable…” Saeran narrows his eyes at you, you do the same.

“I’m… I’m not! I’m just worried!”

“Ohhh, I saw how worried you were walking him to the nurse when he clearly was fine.”

“So what? I was worried and I helped him because he was really nice to me before!”

“MC? Did something happen between you two in the nursery?” Jaehee asks in a concerning tone.

Did it? Time for another flashback!

“Ugh, I should have broken that jerk’s face!” Zen mutters.

“Then we would be going to detention instead of nursery…”

“Detention isn’t that bad, trust me. And what’s with the ‘we’? You would go to detention with me?”

“I would, since I started the fight…”

“What? No, you didn’t! I mean… that jerk was being a jerk to you, but I started, MC. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t put you in trouble.”

“Funny you say that after giving me a fake ID and taking me to a nightclub… You’re lucky that I had fun, otherwise I would have to report you!” you two chuckle “Oh, remind me of bringing your jacket tomorrow, I need to give you back.”

“Keep it if you want. It looked better on you, anyway.” No, not really… “Plus, use it when you’re in a place with a lot of guys, they’ll think you have a boyfriend and leave you alone. Men just respect girls if they know she already belongs to another man.”

“Yeah, because a ‘no’ from the girl isn’t enough, she needs to walk with a NO sign that smells like testosterone from another guy to be respected.”

“I… guess… Please keep the jacket, okay? It’s an apologizing gift for everything I did…”

“It’s fine, Zen. You can apologize to me singing good duets like that ‘Kiss’ one. You killed it, sir!” he blushes again and chuckles, looking down.

“It’s easy to kill when you sing from your heart…” what… what does he mean? “Thank you for giving me your… extra time, MC.” Shit! Just imagine if he says he wants a kiss, like in that Prince’s song… no, look at him! Look at you! He doesn’t really… why is he coming so close?

“I… gotta go, I’m late for math class. Boy, do I like math? So uhm… text me if the nurse says you’re not ok… so, uhm… thanks for the jacket. Bye…” you almost ran out of there, swearing you saw  a little smirk in those perfect lips…

“Nah, nothing happened. Saeran is just being a prick, but what else is new?”

“Okay… tell me if something happens, okay? Zen has this little tendency of flirting with…”

“Everything that breathes.” Saeyoung interrupts her.

“And… this could be trouble for the band, so tell me if he’s making you uncomfortable, okay?” you weren’t really uncomfortable, were you? It was more like… surprised?

“Sure, I will. Don’t worry…” you don’t want to cause any trouble for Zen… again.

“Okay, Jumin will probably like the costume, but since you didn’t, MC… I’ll keep looking, how do you feel about red latex?” you and Jaehee look at Saeyoung with widen eyes. “Just kidding… or am I?”

“Very funny. Come on, guys, let’s help Yoosung opening the garage. Jumin and Zen are probably on their way.” Jaehee says, grabbing Saeyoung’s arm to force him out of Yoosung’s bed.

“I’ll just change into normal clothes and meet you.” You say, heading to the bathroom. Ugh… this zipper… is stuck! Maybe Jaehee is still here to help you?

“Hey, Jae…” you yelp as you see Saeran still there. “Why aren’t you helping Yoosung in the garage?”

“Don’t tell me what to do, especially when you look so pathetic!”

“Ugh… whatever, dude. Just shut up and help me with this zipper.” You walk to him.


“The zipper in the back is stuck, help me! Or you’ll have to keep looking at this pathetic figure during rehearsal.”

“I’ll… I’ll call Jaehee…”

“Dude, you’re here doing nothing and she’s busy! It’s just a zipper!” you don’t even like each other, why would this be a problem for him or for you? It’s not like you’re asking Zen or… no, forget that “Or are you that useless that you can’t help me with this single fly?”

“I’ll show you useless!”  he grabs your shoulders and makes you turn your back on him. “So, uhm… we told you before, but since you’re so stupid, I’ll say it again. Don’t mind about Jumin and Zen too much, you’re not their problem at all. Just focus on singing.”

“Why should I listen to you?”

“Because I’m the only one who will always be honest with you, since I don’t really care about how you feel. So… just know this thing between them didn’t start with you, it comes from when Rika was still in the band.” You feel the zipper going down. “So, don’t think you’re so special, okay?” he grins at you.


“Yeah, I can probably see one if you don’t put a bloomer or whatever…”

“GET OUT!!!” what a gross stupid jerk! He walks away laughing as you slam the bedroom’s door.

You walk into the garage and meet everybody, including Zen and Jumin.It’s the first time you see them together after that weird scene from Monday, the first time you see Jumin after his attempt of an apology and the first time you see Zen after… whatever happened in the nursery…

Ugh… what is this feeling in your stomach? You just wanted to sing, you didn’t sign up for all this drama, and definitely not for these feelings…

Chapter Three | Chapter Five 

PROMPT: “When you’re happy, I’m happy.” between Jack and Geoff would just be the cutest.

For Sarah - thank you so much for your kindness and support <3 <3

“And then the flowers - what colour should they be?”

Jack paused, quill hovering just above the page. The desk was covered in a scattered mess of paper, ideas scratched out and written over in a loping scrawl, sheets of parchment scrunched up and discarded. It was late, and his eyes ached from so long working in the dim lamplight. When he got no answer, he twisted to look behind him, annoyed.

“Geoff?” he prompted.

Geoff looked up. The King of Achievia was sprawled in their luxurious bed, a book in hand and relaxed as could be. Jack reached up and rubbed his aching temples.

“I asked you a question,” he repeated.

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: galavant is the best thing that has happened to me and I will legit cry if I don't get a third season I mean I honestly didn't expect a second season and yet here we are I'm surprised too that being said you can't give me the world and then take it away nope nope nope this cannot be it's this perfect little gem of a show and I need more I need a flashback of gal and isabella's wedding reception and oh my god MADALENA IS ON SOME MALEFICENT SHIT GODDESS YASSS but no gareth baby no your heart was broken :( go find madalena and save her from herself and omg galavant is your name gary honestly gary wow no I need this stupid silly show to save my soul and king richard is the CUTEST THING EVER??? HE DIDN'T GET MAD AT GARETH FOR ANYTHING HE JUST MISSED HIM PRECIOUS BABY and roberta and him are together and she didn't go to spinster island with a cat yes thank you but is she the queen now I need to know more about her who are you roberta and tad cooper TAD FUCKING COOPER IS A DRAGON WE HAVE A DRAGON like okay it literally was a bearded dragon but it breathes fucking fire now I'm so happy and I will not be if the last lines of the show are "I have a dragon" no no no you have a dragon but nOW WHAT TELL ME MORE ugh is it my fault they aired it during grease live and people didn't see it why did you want to watch grease live grease recorded was terrible because grease was a terrible movie no do not cancel this lovely show that is PURE JOY of originality because it was pitted up against another musical because galavant is better I promise don't do this to me ABC gala-can't okay please give it one more season please I know they hinted that it could continue but I really need it to continue you don't understand I need that jester singing and recapping the show hella voice jesus I need to know whether sid is gay or not and his bromance with gareth I need more of that and CHEF AND GWYNNE WHAT HAPPENED TO CHEF AND GWYNNE AND THEIR FUCKED UP CUTE AS HELL ROMANCE I NEED TO KNOW I need more tongue in cheek lyrics oh my god the songs if they get renewed again it need that sass I need more game of thrones references crazy ex girlfriend can't be the only primetime musical don't give up on galavant plz help send help I will not be okay if this is over alan menken what have you done you couldn't own me with disney alone you just made me love you even more didn't you I just I need this show please take my money give me more galavant god bless galavant galavant galAVANT GALLLLLAAAAAVANNNNTTT

category: FLOOOF, slight angst

pairing: eunwoo X reader

note: ahhh eunwoo… don’t feel like you’re lacking anything. to us aroha you’re perfect <3

Originally posted by moonbinny

A glass of some weird drink was held tightly in your hand as you strolled around the building, looking for your dear friends. When you finally spotted MJ out of the corner of your eye, you rushed to him.

“Myungjun!” You called out happily. He looked up at you and waved at you excitedly.

As you got closer, you saw that he was also with the rest of ASTRO. They were all wearing nice suits and had drinks in hand as well. It was hard to ignore all of the girls around them ogling them and taking pictures of their beauty.

You greeted everybody but noticed that Eunwoo was nowhere to be seen. As you looked around for him, you were startled by Sanha who called your name out.

“(Y/N)! Are you looking for Eunwoo?” He asked while giving you a ‘hohoho’ look on his face.

“Uh, yeah…” you shyly replied.

“He went off to the restroom… he hasn’t come back for quite a while though.” Rocky informed you.

It was hard to ignore how concerned you felt for him. Maybe he got lost in the crowd?

You furrowed your eyebrows as you tried to think about where he could’ve gone. The last time you checked, the men’s restroom had no line at all.

“Don’t worry about it, he’s probably pooping or something.” MJ jokingly waved off. Although the rest of the group harmoniously agreed with him, you couldn’t help but feel like that wasn’t the case.

“I’ll be back,” you muttered while handing Jinjin your drink and taking off. Although you knew that it probably wasn’t as serious as you thought it was, you still had a soft spot for Eunwoo that wanted to constantly know how he was doing. It wasn’t like him to randomly disappear at a party.

You went around asking people if they had seen him, which gave you useless replies such as “I think I saw him with ASTRO.” As you entered the elevator, you decided to reach the rooftop to find him, since that was the first place you could think of.

The moment the door opened, the cold breeze slapped you across your face. Just as you had expected, you saw an attractive back (wait what?) face you. Eunwoo was sitting at the edge of the roof with his legs spread in front of him. Although it did sort of seem like he was about to fall, he was way too far from the edge to do so.

“Eunwoo!” You called out. When he didn’t look back at you, you decided to approach him. As you got closer, you saw that his hands were concealing his face. Drops of tears were falling from his hands at a rapid speed.

“Eunwoo, are you okay?!” you frantically ask and pulled him into your arms with no hesitation. You felt his body quaver and shake.

“Hey…” you comfortingly pet his hair and hold him tighter to you.

“(Y/N)…” he managed to say while wiping his tears out of embarrassment. “Just leave… I’ll take care of myself.”

“No,” you refused. “I’m here for you.”

Eunwoo sighed at your stubborness but hugged you back. The two of you stayed there, in eachother’s arms, watching the sun set gradually. You decided to visit the rooftop more often.

“(Y/N),” he finally said.

“Mmm?” you hummed.

“I lack so many qualities.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Compared to my members… I’m untalented.”

You let go of him so you could take a good look at his face. Tears were surrounding the brims of his eyes again, so you used your thumb to wipe them off softly.

“No… no you’re not.”

“These days… I can’t even eat well. I’m so busy practicing for our new comeback…” He looked up to you. “I need to improve, I need to keep getting better…”

“Although I agree that there’s always room for improvement, don’t pressure yourself so hard. Everybody loves you the way you are Eunwoo.”

“But still…”

“Still what?”

“I feel like I’m a burden to ASTRO.”

You felt your own tears sting your eyes. It was hurtful watching someone so talented and beautiful like Eunwoo being insecure about themselves.

“People always tell me that I’m handsome,” he continued, “but other than visuals, I’m useless. I can’t dance well… compared to MJ I’m bad at singing. I feel like I only made it here because of my looks.”

“Don’t say that. You dance extremely well Eunwoo. ASTRO literally has one of the most difficult choreography in the kpop industry, and your voice is NOT bad. MJ is the main vocals, but that doesn’t mean you sing horrible either. You are enough, Eunwoo.”

“Somebody told me before that I was only a burden to ASTRO…”

“Well fuck them!” you yelled a little too loudly. “They can fucking start talking shit once they go through the same hardships as you did. Eunwoo, you’re fucking perfect okay? If I hear you say one more thing about how bad you are I’m gonna put posters everywhere appreciating you and tattoo it on my forehead. Alright?!”

Eunwoo gaped at your sudden outburst but shortly laughed afterwards. It was breath taking watching Eunwoo’s eyes smile and his mouth widen while giggling.

“Alright alright.” He finally said and hugged you again. You smiled at his gesture and embraced him back. The two of you snuggled against eachother while staring at the night sky in eachother’s warmth and safety.

I think the best moment in my life was when I was going to kick that guy’s ass on stage for touching that girl without her permission in our audience. I mean, like..I almost blacked out. I just saw it and I almost lost all conscious thought when I was singing. It was like I was possessed or something. I deluded are you as a man to think you can just claim ownership over a woman? This isn’t some kinky BDSM shit. This is your power hungry little dick acting out because you have issues.
—  Kurt Cobain
Another (Chapter Seven)

This Chapter is a little angsty. Poor Steve.

Only one update left after this one, so catch up on anything you missed HERE.

Enjoy :)


Thor was gone and Steve was making himself crazy.

He had spent the first three days in the gym, the next two in his room trying to draw, trying to paint trying to do anything to keep his mind off of how much he missed Thor.

Do we need to label what we are?

The question haunted him, and Steve cursed himself for not pushing for a better answer. Especially when he was about two weeks past being in love. Especially since the time he spent in Thors arms was as close to perfect  as he had ever gotten. Especially since Thor had went to New Mexico for a while to visit Jane.

Jane. She was so nice. And entirely lovely. Steve had met her once, a few years ago and had been instantly smitten, as had the rest of the team, awed by the tiny woman who held Thors heart in her very human hand. Even after they had broken up, Thor went and visited several times a year, and this was one of those times.

And usually Steve wouldn’t care, but this time Thor had been so matter of fact about not wanting to define whatever this was and now all Steve could picture was Thor holding Jane, Janes legs wrapped around Thors waist, Thor growling Janes name the same way he growled Steve’s. Thor calling Jane sweetheart. Jane holding him and kissing him and —

And Steve had put his fist through the wall before he even realized it, and pulled it out hastily, shocked at himself, at the amount of jealous rushing through his veins.

This isn’t right. He sank back into his bed and dropped his head into his hands.

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When they find out their s/o is great at baking

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Finding out you can bake is such a pleasant surprise for him.  He already thinks you’re amazing, but now he has one more reason to adore you.  I see Junmyeon being the type to not have a crazy sweet tooth, but at the same time knows how to appreciate a well crafted baked good.  Maybe you were just in the mood to bake that day and made entirely too much (which is always my problem tbh).  You didn’t know what to do with all the extra brownies so you took them over to the dorm for the guys to (hopefully) share.  He’d probably be somewhere in the back rooms, but the second he hears Chanyeol screaming ‘OMG I LOVE YOU’ he’s going to come investigate just what the hell the giant is up to.  When he the children with the brownies, two thing are going to go through his mind: 1. Oh shit the sugar rush these kids are going to have and 2. Just where the hell did these even come from?  Of course, then there’s you offering him a brownie, too, and he’ll take a bite and FALL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN.   “You made these, jagiyah?” “Yup!” “Ugh, these are so gooood~!” (cue happy groaning)

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He’s someone who probably would enjoy a good pastry.  He’s definitely health conscious but we all know he likes his treats.  He would have called you one day to see what you were up to, wanting to take you out and spend time together, when you tell him you can’t go out.  Your mother’s birthday is the following day and you are busy in the kitchen making her cake.  I think he would pause for a second, the little dots popping up over his head (…) and then he’d break out into a grin! He’d ask if he could help you and most likely the two of you would spend the majority of the day baking away (and making a mess just so you can see him go into super cleaning mode).  By the time you both are done you’ve managed to make a three tier cake with fondant icing, little hearts and flowers decorated haphazardly all over it.  Honestly, you two giggle about how cheesy it looks, but secretly you know your mother will love it.  There was even enough batter left over for cupcakes!  He wouldn’t really question that you’re a baker, he would just enjoy the benefits of such a talent.   However, now that he knows you like to bake expect a lot of baking dates.  Why buy pastries when you can have them freshly baked with your own ingredients?  “We have to do this more often, jagi.  This was really fun!  Plus, look at all the goodies we have left over!”

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Cheeky bub.  You wouldn’t expect it from him, but he’s going to take full advantage of your baking skills.  He strikes me as someone who has a sweet tooth.  He’ll be the one who begs for your baking when he’s sad or upset or stressed or frustrated or had a shit week or he misses you or generally just anything.  Also beware of allowing him in the kitchen with you while you’re baking.  The cookies will slowly start to disappear one by one, but he’ll give you one of those dimpled smiles and tell you he doesn’t know what you’re talking about.  Cheeky, cheeky, I’m telling you.  It all started rather innocently, too.  You sent him cookies while he was away in China as a ‘keep your spirits up’ sort of thing, but that turned into an hour long facetime/skype/etc where he grilled you about why your cookies are so delicious!  He’ll be adamant that there’s magic in there cuz ‘there’s no way these cookies can be this soft and moist and yummy after being mailed’.  Nope no way.  He’ll buy you cute little aprons, probably any appliance you want (or didn’t ask for but he bought it anyway).  Yixing is a dotting guy in general, so just expect a lot of him supporting you in this hobby.  It’s not just because he wants more delicious treats, but because he realizes how much you really like to bake.  He just wants you to be happy.  “Baobei, this cobbler is the best!  Can you make me one for my birthday?” “Of course!” “That I don’t have to share?” “…” (cue cheeky, dimpled grin)  

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