and by little shit i mean little shit

adhd is some real shit

i feel like people really trivialize adhd

as in, they consider it a minor disorder, something that doesnt have as much of an effect on someone as other disorders, just a little inconvenience, a little quirk

i mean, like all disorders, the extent of its effect varies widely depending on the individual, so it may not be a big deal to some people with it

but for some, adhd can drastically impair functioning - it can be debilitating.

all of the following comes from personal experience, as someone with severe adhd

adhd stimming can make you look weird in public - violently shaking legs, fiddling with thumbs, sudden tics, etc. people may make fun of you or chastise you for it, but you cant help it - staying still can evoke a strong feeling of discomfort that is difficult to describe to someone without adhd.

adhd can seriously hinder academic performance. adhd kids may be unable to remember or complete homework, to focus on studying, to finish tests in the allotted times (even 504 extended time may not be enough), to pay attention to teacher lectures and therefore be unable to secure the information, deadlines are a challenge…list goes on. 

its not an easy fix. when you have adhd, forcing yourself to focus is much more difficult than someone without adhd would expect. youll read the same sentence over and over again, unable to process it, trying so hard to focus that it manifests into a weird, extremely uncomfortable physical feeling in your head, leaving you squirming in your seat. your mind will irrepressibly drift of at random, and you wont even realize and snap out of it until five minutes into zoning out, five minutes of lost time. 

more severe than needing to bounce your leg a lil bit in order to focus

When a rarepair is your OTP and you ship them like hell despite all the odds

Let me tell you a thing or two about tattooed volleyball boys.

Inspired by this gem of a fic by saigennaku


I’ll just… see myself out then.

so @littleluciel wrote headcanons about MC working as a mermaid and the members’ reactions to it. And I just HAD TO draw Seven in a shark costume watching MC perform ok


Haruka: I’m so lucky my room would be near the kitchen~~

Ayano: Yeah~ And I really like my house color hehe~

Takane: HA OF COURSE Shintaro would go to the house of the NERDS~

Shintaro: Well, at least I’m not EVIL…* Ene flashbacks*

ugh ok i just really need to vent about Pokemon Go & this special evolution item bullshit… like i’ve been poking around on reddit and stuff trying to find tips (bc god knows nothing i’m doing is working), and like the drop rates are just all over the fucking place?? some people have 10-20, some still have none; one person will get 6 items in 500 spins, someone else will get 2 items in 5000 spins; some people have like 5+ of one single item and but none of the others… and it’s not totally due to city vs rural thing from what i’ve read…

and like i understand the arguement that they’re ‘supposed’ to be rare in order to ‘prolong’ the game until the next big update or Gen 3 or whatever… but at the same time like they’re losing players due to this crap, and i’m getting there myself. like how is it remotely fair that one person has almost 20 items but some people have none??

they need to change something. there are so many alternatives to the current set-up… allow item trading, even 1-2x a month. why not implement the guarenteed item drop on the 7th day? (as someone pointed out, it’d still take you 3 months earliest to collect each one.) or make it 14 days like fuck. and i’m not sure how advanced their programming is but it would be perfect if they could, by country or continent or hemisphere or w/e, keep the drop rate higher in the cold months and lower in the warm months, i’d be ok with that compromise.

(OH and could they maybe increase the number of sighting or hatchings for those particular pokemons?? i’ve only ever seen 2 Porygon and hatched 1 Chansey. i’m not asking for nests here, just being able to see them once in a while, man…)

i know i know it’s just a goddamned game but it’s one i’ve been enjoying for the most part, until now. the whole point for me is the challenge of filling up the pokedex, instead i guess i’ll just sit here watching people discard evolve items while i get none… :\

“perfect guys dont exis-”

I’ve gotta say, canon Danny is one of the most *relatively* well behaved 14 year olds I’ve ever seen. I mean, when I was that age, I distinctly remember most of my peers as children fresh out of middle school, loud, foul-mouthed with something to prove. Certainly, if one of them were suddenly given ghost powers and an alternate identity that theoretically, would not be linked back to their human persona, well.

So consider a dp au where human Danny is an emotionally repressed child with many frustrations (school, family, etc.) that makes the realization that as long as he’s smart about it, no one will ever make the connection between his ghostly alter ego and his human self. And eyyy, ghosts don’t have to listen to parents or worry about being grounded if you say some foul language yeah?

Cue Danny Phantom, the most foul mouthed entity the Ghost Zone has ever seen. The poor newscasters can’t even get a proper recording, at least one fit to air, without bleeping out every other word out of this foul mouthed phantom.

Danny has never felt more free or relaxed after a good fight and yelling session. Most of what he says are general swears, more for stress relief than to really hurt someone, but.. Ooohh boyy, it’s rare, but when it happens, when someone pushes him over the boiling point, the sheer vitriol he unleashes is rumored to cause actual burns (also consider the discovery/manifestation of the ghostly wail came about as the biggest FUCK YOU Danny has ever yelled).

(And of course, because no DP post of mine is ever complete without at least mentioning the fruitloop, Vlad is absolutely horrified by this child’s behavior. Danny gives no shits.)

some doodles with a trio of dresses i found in my massive fashion folder