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sisters so beautiful they reduce the self esteem of everyone who meets them

Tumblr: I bet the reason Caleb was so in a rush to get married is because you can’t testify against your spouse. Caleb definitely has something to hide/is AD.

Caleb, one episode later : I want to marry you so we can’t testify against each other.



I’ve found them.

Let me tell you a thing or two about tattooed volleyball boys.

Inspired by this gem of a fic by saigennaku


I’ll just… see myself out then.

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Could you do your least fav zodiac placement?? Like you did your favourite?

Absolutely! No offence though, deal?


10. Moon in Gemini: no one gets their feelings including themselves. they are moody and change their opinions from one moment to another. a little more stability, guys, come on!

9. Mars in Aries: unnecessarily aggressive, offensive, just need to calm their boobs.

8. Venus in Sagittarius: they don’t realise that the time is gonna come when they’ll have to stop jumping from place to place, from person to person, that they can actually hurt someone by being so restless and unfaithful. They need to realise that people’s hearts aren’t toys, they can’t just leave whenever they want because they feel like it. 

7. Moon in Leo: my placement, it’s some kind of a liar moon. I’m trying to make things dramatic even if I don’t feel like it. It’s a weird feeling combined with the honest Capricorn Sun, it’s like having no control over your words and feeling guilty for lying afterwards. Dramatic little shits!

6. Venus in Virgo: they are lovely and true, but they have no idea how to love. they are incredibly analytical and can’t be spontaneous. They are choosing their partner consciously, instead of just… feeling.

5. Capricorn Rising: I feel like they are every cliché stereotype about Capricorns, which mostly isn’t true for the sun sign. But these guys are materialistic, arrogant & controlling.

4. Mercury in Scorpio: sarcastic, piercing, basically insulting without even noticing it sometimes. their words can literally kill. you never know if they are joking, their humour is so dry & mean.

3. Moon in Pisces: weepy little shits. Dramatically pretending to be hurt all the time even though they are stronger than most people on earth. They live in their dreams and have no idea what’s going on in the world. They think they can just let everything slip without fighting, trying to catch the easy way. 

2. Mars in Aquarius: this one is mine and I absolutely hate it. it’s trying to seem so much more confident and brave than you actually are. Talking courageously, but chickening out when it comes to something real. COWARDS.

1. Venus in Scorpio: they have no idea how to stay loyal, they are perverted and hypersexual. They are possessive in love and demand faithfulness (also get aggressively jealous for no reason) even though they are great cheaters. I personally try to escape this placement in people.

When a rarepair is your OTP and you ship them like hell despite all the odds

Haruka: I’m so lucky my room would be near the kitchen~~

Ayano: Yeah~ And I really like my house color hehe~

Takane: HA OF COURSE Shintaro would go to the house of the NERDS~

Shintaro: Well, at least I’m not EVIL…* Ene flashbacks*


the best of the girl you wish you hadn’t started a conversation with at a party 3/?

  • husband, comes into the room, sees me drawing reylo: you're shipping them again.
  • me: hush. you should ship them too!
  • husband: DEATH TO THEM BOTH!
  • me: psh please. you should totally ship them! IT IS POSSIBLE IN THE STORY! I CAN GIVE YOU SO MANY METAS!
  • husband: you fanfictioners are intense. *continues to stare while i paint*

ugh ok i just really need to vent about Pokemon Go & this special evolution item bullshit… like i’ve been poking around on reddit and stuff trying to find tips (bc god knows nothing i’m doing is working), and like the drop rates are just all over the fucking place?? some people have 10-20, some still have none; one person will get 6 items in 500 spins, someone else will get 2 items in 5000 spins; some people have like 5+ of one single item and but none of the others… and it’s not totally due to city vs rural thing from what i’ve read…

and like i understand the arguement that they’re ‘supposed’ to be rare in order to ‘prolong’ the game until the next big update or Gen 3 or whatever… but at the same time like they’re losing players due to this crap, and i’m getting there myself. like how is it remotely fair that one person has almost 20 items but some people have none??

they need to change something. there are so many alternatives to the current set-up… allow item trading, even 1-2x a month. why not implement the guarenteed item drop on the 7th day? (as someone pointed out, it’d still take you 3 months earliest to collect each one.) or make it 14 days like fuck. and i’m not sure how advanced their programming is but it would be perfect if they could, by country or continent or hemisphere or w/e, keep the drop rate higher in the cold months and lower in the warm months, i’d be ok with that compromise.

(OH and could they maybe increase the number of sighting or hatchings for those particular pokemons?? i’ve only ever seen 2 Porygon and hatched 1 Chansey. i’m not asking for nests here, just being able to see them once in a while, man…)

i know i know it’s just a goddamned game but it’s one i’ve been enjoying for the most part, until now. the whole point for me is the challenge of filling up the pokedex, instead i guess i’ll just sit here watching people discard evolve items while i get none… :\

[*starts a petition for Kanaya to let be a kid too, cause she is too mature and responsible for her own good*

Honestly, this scene between Kanaya and Roxy was really heartfelt and I was so glad that for once Kanaya was allowed to let go of the whole mothering act, despite (or maybe paradoxically?) the whole thing being about celebrating motherhood anyway; enjoy]