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Marvel TV Head Teases Colleen Wing & Misty Knight Teamup in Iron Fist Season 2
Netflix's corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to come to a head with next month's The [...]

A confirmation of Iron Fist: Season 2 occurred at SDCC and a teaser was also announced. “A friend of Colleen Wing’s may be coming by,” Loeb teased during The Defenders'SDCC panel, “and that makes me a little Misty.” Thus confirming Misty Knight in Iron Fist.

This could mean were getting a Daughters of the Dragon spin-off in the future!

There are some people who, when they come knocking on our door, the sound of their footsteps is so familiar to us, it is almost instinctual how we open the front door, realising only after looking at them face to face, why the had to knock in the first place.
—  Eliot Knight

Tarak the Sullen

“I thought my cause was justified, but then I got this acccursed mask… I can’t remove it… and I probably shouldn’t.”


Tarak the Sullen of the Divided. Protector of the sanctum, who refuses to collaborate with his companions. He constantly seems lost, both in thought as much as life. He was given the mask of shadows discovered in the Sunken Forge, which turned him into his current downcast state.

Despite their unkown origin, the base and protective presence of the Divided attracted matoran, forming a small community, now known as the Sanctum of the Divided.