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No this is someone who called someone else in the fandom fat and ugly months ago and calls people stupid for having different opinions (for example she said the people who thought T was collabing with Kesha are al stupid) I'm literally crying I try my hardest to be nice because I know that's what Taylor would want but now I just idk idk do you have any words of comfort and or Kermits

That’s really hard to hear and I’m sorry that you or anyone else had to put up with that. But I do want you to know that people who are miserable in life will try to bring others down. I’m not saying to sympathize with them and it’s so cliche to assume all bullies have other things going on in life but it’s usually true. And by no means does that make it okay that she said those things but that’s generally what it is. I am so so so sorry that there are people out there like that but I hope the person she insulted rises above that and realizes she’s better than someone else’s negative opinions. The most we can do for that person is hope that if there is something shitty going on in their life that it gets better and they get better as a person. Don’t dwell on their unhappiness. I know it must hurt to watch her meet Taylor after she said those things but walk away. Be the bigger person and hope she gets better. I lived with a miserable person for years and I finally threw my hands up and left. I hope they get better but I left. That goes for someone who you feel was mean and met Taylor and that goes for anyone in life okay? Know your worth but also know when to walk away and surround yourself with positive people okay? 

and of course here is a kermit! He’s sending you love!

my brain’s caught on griffin mcelroy’s description of Knife Dad- he “fuccs like a broken train, but he runs on time, if you know what i mean”

mainly the “like a broken train” part. what… what is that? is there a joke there? is it just one of those “oh we’re saying something completely nonsensical with absolute confidence” gags? why… why a broken train? googling “like a broken train” doesn’t bring up anything of note besides references to the monster factory video in question.

some sort of bizarre free-association fusion between “hits like a freight train” and “sounds like a broken record”? so… it’s saying he fuccs really hard, and also repeatedly without stopping? i guess that’s… no, but he runs on time, implying that being dependable is somehow incompatible with that description.

am i missing something obvious? or was griffin just more out of his mind than usual during that episode?

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Thank you for answering my request it actually helped a bit. Can I get the same thing with the axis (prussia Romano and Spain to) I feel a bit better imagining them comforting me and being there even if it is just fictional. And thank you im having a very hard time I was very close to my big brother.

I’m glad that this helps in a way!

He’d have to read a handbook or look it up first, and he’d probably follow the wikihow on how to comfort, but Ludwig means well.

He’s ready to listen and hold you. Kiku knows that it won’t help, but maybe it will a little.

North Italy:
Feliciano knows what it’s like to lose someone near and dear to you. He’d do what helped him when he lost his grandpa first, and his focus would center around you.

He’d try to spend all of his time with you, and when you were apart, he’d send cute text messages. Gilbert also understands if you need alone time, too.

South Italy:
Lovino really hasn’t recovered from his grandpa, and you two could mourn together. You both may grieve a little different, but it creates a support system.

The most loving and supportive boyfriend is now even more loving and supportive. Antonio would talk with you and try to keep things within your comfort range.

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Do Anais and Hunter know? Were they upset if so? I mean they were much older than Ollie and Stevie! That must've been hard on them! Agh you have such a good story that I'm sad the twins died- I felt like a part of me died too!

Anais and Hunter do know of their sisters’ passing and are very upset, of course. Because Anais lives on the other side of the world, she wasn’t able to find a flight in time to visit, and Hunter was on vacation with his family when Marcos called him up to let him know what happened. But as soon as they can, they’ll be making an appearance in the story and we’ll actually see the family reunion we’ve been wanting…just not how we envisioned it. :) 

Question from a French Jonsa shipper about the choking scene…

So obviously English is not my mother tongue and I wanted to ask you a question about the word “myself” when Jon says “Touch my sister and I’ll kill you myself”…It might seem silly but I don’t understand why he says “myself” and why his line doesn’t stop with “I’ll kill you”. In French, the word “myself” (moi - même) implies that Jon knows that LF will die, that Jon knows that someone will kill LF but if LF touches Sansa, then Jon will kill him “himself”…So in French, this word is not necessary at all unless it implies what I said…Is this the same in English? I had a hard time trying to explain what I mean lol I hope someone will understand me…anyways, if some of you could explain to me if in English the choice of this word makes sense or not, or if it is weird just as in French, it will be really helpful!

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Seeing jessas pictures of her house make me feel better. As a mom of 1 it's hard to keep up with everything. Seeing all those insta moms with a million kids and a perfect house makes me feel like a bad mom. I think her post was perfect to show just because we are stay at home moms doesn't mean we have the time (or energy) to keep the house spotless.

Don’t compare. As long as your kids are happy, healthy, clean and well fed, ALL IS GOOD! Don’t set yourself up for stress by striving to perfection. You never know what’s going on behind closed doors in these houses. Maybe these mums have housekeepers. Maybe they lock their kids out of these rooms so they look spotless all the time. Maybe they invest as little as a few hours a day in their children, because the rest of the day they are cleaning, polishing or doing the next Instagram worthy “craft project’. Strive for happy kids, not the perfect house 😊 (Annie)

This is so hard for us emotionally abused. But it is okay to say no. It’s okay to set boundaries. You are not being selfish nor awful!

listen to me.  

don’t get your hopes up. 

destiel is never going to become canon.  

destiel is never going to become 

destiel is never going to

destiel is never going

destiel is never

destiel is




JIN: “Oh, he is so handsome. And that suit? So mature looking”

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Guess what? HE KNOWS to the point he came up with his own nickname “Worldwide handsome”

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And just disregard “mature”

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SUGA: “his name is Suga? The cutie & frail of the group right?”

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*plays Cypher* “F#CK YOU AND YOU”

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And please delete “frail” from your dictionary. He alone makes the whole group and fandom shake just by a look

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But he got a protective side. He is like every shojo lead character from the nineties. Is good looking, sounds like he doesn’t care but actually takes care of you.

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JHOPE: “What a sunshine”

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Finally, you got something right! and just like the sun he goes down HARD on stage

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And he is SO HOT 

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(By now you will start to have trust issues, don’t worry you develop those when you become an ARMY)

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RAP MONSTER: “A TOUGH rapper and leader?”

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Yep! He is so cool on stage

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But did you know he collects plushies and sleep with them too

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(Get used to plot twists already. You still haven’t seen the crazy maknae line. I mean our dear youngest members)

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JIMIN: “He looks so nervous so I want to protect him”

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DEAR! YOU need to find someone to protect YOU from him

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And yes he imitates the “MUST PROTECT” signals

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But he defends himself just fine 

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V: “A deep voice and THAT face? I hope he does not lack a personality”

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Don’t worry! For Taehyung he was given everything more than any human: looks, charms … and a VERY VERY VEEEERY ONE OF A KIND personality

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And beware, you will get into liking hands 

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JUNGKOOK: “He is the total package wow”

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Yes! So total you get freebies with your package: “loads of questions”

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AND a huge amount of “violence”

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BTS are a bunch of dorks that make great music. They have bags full of trophies, hearts bursting with love and an attitude covered in kindness and humbleness. 

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By @mimibtsghost

Fun idea - Stop mocking aro culture for once. I keep seeing posts joking telling people to go outside in reference to aro people trying to explain squishes and other alloromantic people are mocking the idea of queerplatonic relationships and saying it’s literally just friendship and that people are idiots.

Please, just… Stop. If you don’t understand it, that’s okay! You don’t need to, but if you don’t have the experience you can’t tell people that the way they experience things is invalid or identical to some other thing.

tl;dr: mocking squishes and queerplatonic relationships isn’t funny and I really hope some of you guys will understand that and stop.

OK people keep pointing this out and honestly it’s so true?

When Keith is leaving this is Pidge’s reaction, she’s visibly sad and you can tell she’s obviously going to miss him

And Allura is sad too, but she seems more proud of Keith because he’s going off to do what he wants to do

But then there’s Lance?? 

I don’t even know what he’s really feeling tbh, he just looks like he’s trying so hard to hold something back, like he’s pretending to be OK when he really isn’t. And I don’t think they focused in on his reaction for no reason (especially when they could have showed Hunk, Coran, or even Shiro again) this obviously means something. 

Considering his “Yeah, who am I going to make fun of?” Came after Pidge’s “We’re really going to miss you.” It’s pretty obvious he’s going to miss Keith…But just for making fun of him? That seems a bit empty and he’s most likely not saying everything he feels, because you know, this is Lance. He hides his true emotions underneath his confidence and charm, even though he has more insecurities/problems than anyone else out there. Every once in a while though they do slip out, and I think it almost did here but he was doing his best to hold it back for the sake of the team. 

So honestly…I wonder how he was really feeling in this moment to see Keith go… 

How to be a good KPOP fan

Step 1: learn how to RESPECT other fandoms and groups


Step 3: REMEMBER they are humans too


so after what like 18 years of me obsessing over @thearcanagame I finally manage to design my baby boy Roh ??


He Sean,

I really hope you read this. I’m writing this now since it’s still fresh in my head at the moment. I can’t wait until tomorrow. I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes, btw.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I had the best (Thurs)day and evening ever with you, Wiishu, Dan and Arin. I waited with my sister for you at the airport. It took a while but there you were with Wiishu. You were surprised but delighted at the same time. I wanted to say so many things and all I could say was: You must be tired, and rambled on about how long your flight must have been and what not. Everything except for the things I actually wanted to say.

That’s ok. I still had Friday evening and the Q&A. The moment was there. We all could ask questions and I had one at the ready, but every moment Vernon came near I started to feel more and more nervous and my social anxiety kicked in hard. At that moment I asked my sister if she wanted to ask my question. Well… you may remember she didn’t ask a question but said how much you meant and still mean to me. Last year was…rough. You and Mark helped me to stay positive and not lose hope in humanity. You both keep me smiling. 4 Video’s a day I had to look forward too (2 from you, 2 from Mark). This year was finally a year where everything is falling in to place in my life and I sort of know what I want eventually. I’m working hard on it. I’m having such a good time at the moment that I have trouble to find time to watch your videos! 

Even now I still don’t know how to put my feelings in to the right words. The trouble I’m now facing is that I get emotional every time someone says it’s ok, “give yourself some credit too” and other uplifting words. I’ve always heard that it’s gonna be hard for me, what I want to do. I shouldn’t be doing this and that. Not by my parents and siblings, though. All the love for them. But it’s really demotivating to pick anything up when other’s don’t see the hard work you put in things and doubt you as a person.

Anyway, my sister caught me of guard with her speech. My anxiety was already on a high level and her putting me in the spotlight broke me down. I’m definitely not mad at her. She said the things I couldn’t say and I’m glad she did. I still feel like I want to say more, but I just simply can’t find the words. I just really hope you read this letter and hopefully I’ll see you again. May it be at VidCon Europe (*wink wink*) or at your EU tour of your own show.

Again from the bottom of my ♥





Dark x Light

what she says: i wish i could meet harry!

what she means: i wish i could sit down with him and talk with him and learn more about his perspective of the world and tell him how much i love and appreciate him and how much he’s done for me its so hard cause sure i also want a hug and a picture but that thirty second meet and greet will it ever compare to tellling him “hey without you id probably still hate myself” i just dont know but i would never want to invade his space or anything and i definitely dont want to bother him in any way but if i could just tell him “hey u helped me” like that would be …. yeah…. just yeah…