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I'm really happy he has another magazine cover coming, but his promo is weird af tbh. Like he gets all these amazing magazine covers, and then the actual promo for the song was super mehh. If the timing of this magazine's release means that a new single is coming soon, I really hope this time they go super hard on his promo. No need to take into account many schedules for performances like there was with BTY so there's no excuse for lack of performances. And I hope it's not all about the stunts

I also hope they take full advantage of this and go really hard for the next single. He did a great job doing radio interviews for BTY promo, but there were very very few performances and things kind of dropped off there it seems. If the next single is just Louis, which he said it would be, then yes it will be much easier to schedule strategic performances and hopefully there are a lot of them. Give him all the best, consistent promo! Put that excitement into action over there, Epic. 

surprise || Batfamily

Requested on Wattpad!
Warning(s); the boys being jerks but they didn’t mean it.

You were happy, really, really happy. Your brother was back in Gotham and agreed to help you to prepare a surprise for your babies because they were being such good boys these days.

Okay, maybe it was a little bit of a bad idea to spoil them, in fact, not all of them were kids anymore. Hell, even the youngest one didn’t want to be treated as a kid.

Groaning when you remember Damian ignoring all of your hugs, you stood up and called your brother to get things ready. You didn’t tell anybody but Alfred, he promised no matter what happened he would keep it to himself. He insisted to help and you let him, not now though.

Days after planning and going out with your brother, you finally got things ready, though the gifts were simple really.

Despite your kind intentions, your boys didn’t see it that way, they couldn’t help but throw accusing glances at you every time you hugged Alfred before going out without telling them.

Or when you did, it because they asked. They were definitely not satisfied your answer; just getting some groceries! We’re running low, I’ll be right back. You said, it wasn’t all lie but it wasn’t the truth either, they noticed only the ‘it wasn’t the truth’ part.

They felt bad about it at first, since you were the one who took care of them with such care and love, treating them like they were your own with such gentleness that never seems to fade from your eyes and your doings. They, of course, saw you as their mother, they loved you.

But you keeping secret from them was an exception. No, they didn’t like that.

One of them once heard you made a phone call, obviously, it wasn’t Bruce. Bruce was at home doing his work in his office for hours, his office was also silent at the time so there was no way that you were calling Bruce, you prefer to talk to him directly.

Once, you went as far as visiting him to his office when you missed him so much, bringing boxes of lunch with you so the both of you could eat together, and being a kind woman that you were, you also get his trusted coworkers, including Lucius Fox, some of your home-cooked meals.

They gratefully took it and complimented you about your cooking, you brushed them off by saying Alfred helped you with most of it.

“Are you sure she is?” Damian looked at his brothers with an uncertainty in his eyes, didn’t dare to finish his sentence, if Talia was there he probably would be lectured about it.

Titus who had his head on Damian’s lap, let out a whimper as if telling them that whatever they were thinking about you was wrong.

“I think this is such a jerk move for us to pull.” Tim pointed out, after hours staring at his phone he finally turned the gadget off and shoved it into his pocket.

The oldest males looked at each other, they thought they had seen enough. Both men were the one who noticed your secrecy, they didn’t want to do it either but they had to

And they did.

They told Bruce about it.

Though your husband didn’t do what his boys told him immediately, he just couldn’t see what was wrong. You still kissed him good night after doing the deed, massage his tense back, giggling at his bad attempt on flirting, blush every time he took off his shirt in front of you.

There was a lot more, he still could see how much you loved him just by looking at your smile.

Until a thought came to his head, maybe you were just pretending.

With a sigh, he laid on his side of bed careful not to wake you up.

Your eyes opened briefly, his attempt failed, no matter how tired you were you still gave him a full-hearted smile causing an unpleasant feeling to bubble in his stomach.

“How was patrol?” You asked, rolling to your side so you could see his face.

“Weirdly calm,” he answered simply, he saw you reaching to cup his cheek before you ran the pad of your thumb over his skin, you could feel every invisible mark his previous scars gave him. “Why are you awake?”

“To kiss you good night,” you whispered, leaning closer to press your lips to his briefly just before you back away slightly to notice the distressed look on his already tired features, “something wrong?”

Bruce shook his head, “we’ll talk about it in the morning.” He told you, his arm went around your waist to pull you closer to him.

Almost immediately you scooted closer, nuzzling into the crook of his neck, breathing in his scent and placed another kiss on his skin. “Night Bruce.”

You were taken aback by Bruce’s words, telling you to leave the manor just after you were done taking a morning shower and leaving Alfred a note. There was no way a pained look wouldn’t appear on your face along with the tears that slowly made your view blurry.

Bruce wasn’t harsh with his words, it wasn’t expected that was all. You didn’t say any other words to him, giving him a brief nod and took your bag to pack up.

You didn’t pack all of your things, leaving maybe a few dresses in your shared closet. They weren’t yours. As you pack up, you called your brother to pick you up, he noticed the wavering of your voice. He wanted to ask but decided against it.

Soon, you left.

Alfred didn’t notice you were gone until he planned to wake you up in the morning only to find you weren’t there.

“Where’s Mrs. Wayne?” The old Butler asked everybody when they were having their breakfast, he was sure he didn’t prepare any breakfast so he took it that you made it yourself.

Some of the boys stopped devouring their breakfast to explain everything to him.

“How stupid can you all be?” Alfred said with a sigh before excusing himself to the kitchen, leaving the boys stunned by his sudden outburst, he rummaged his pocket to find your notes.

Dear Alfred,

I’m so excited about the surprise! Ive got the things ready in my brother’s place! Do you think they will like it?
I won’t get to eat breakfast with you and the rest because I’m probably already gone before breakfast, can you make sure they’re eating properly? I made their favorite dishes too! When I’m back from my brother’s place (about 9), you have to tell me how much they liked it!

-Love, your daughter-in-law

A smile tugged on the corner of his lips, each word was written beautifully with a lot of colors, “daughter-in-law?” He chuckled before going back to the dining room, a little saddened that you wouldn’t come back to give the boys their surprises.

Oh, how wrong he was.

The doorbell rang right on 9 AM, Alfred was more than surprised when you still have a bright smile on your face, except for tear streaks on your cheeks and your red eyes.

“Told you I will be back.”

Alfred led you to the living room, he brought some of the gifts in his hands so you wouldn’t struggle to walk in.

You spotted your boys minding their business when you poked your head into the living room, “hey boys, what are you doing?”

They stopped whatever they were doing and looked up at you, placing wrapped boxes on the floor along with Alfred and your brother.

Nobody dares to open their mouths to talk so you did, “open them.”

The rest of the day was filled with apologies and tears (from Dick), scolding from your brother and Alfred, a sigh from frustrated Bruce and a laugh from you.


I hope you weren’t confused by the sudden changes of point of view.

I suck at this..bbbbfft

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First of all, u seem to hecking cool omg. Lol, anyway - I watched the Andrew Rannels Hedwig bootleg during lunch at school today. (Interesting, right?) The quality towards the end was very poor, so I couldn't really make out the audio. Does Hedwig die, or is it more symbolical. Analysis? Idk I still love and appreciate this beautiful musical Thanks!

The ending is kinda ambiguous and like up to you to decide just what it means (which i Love Love Love - I prefer open-ended endings more than definitive “happy ever afters”), but this is how I interpret it:

  • After an emotional, bitter, anguishing breakdown in the climax scene, Hedwig strips off her drag - in a way like one would take off armor. In that moment, she truly displays vulnerability (since, as confirmed in “Wig in a Box,” her drag had become an escape for her - like, through this new fierce persona, she could ignore the reality that all that was done to her and all that she gave up had been for nothing) and - for the first time in the show - we get to see the real Hedwig. 
  • Now, it gets a little fuzzy in “Wicked Little Town (Reprise)” because that’s Tommy Gnosis singing it to Hedwig at his sold out concert (I’ve seen this moment as the setting of the play - where it was Hedwig playing in an old theater - shifting to Tommy’s concert venue. It then switches back to Hedwig’s show during “Midnight Radio”). 
  • Also, can I just say that I truly truly love how the play incorporated Tommy in this part? Like, for one, there’s the narrative purpose (John Cameron Mitchell wanted to drive home the theme of the ambiguity of gender and fully articulate that just because Hedwig was mutilated - it doesn’t make her lesser. It makes her different. If anything else, it really makes her more, in a way), but also it kinda resolves the conflict of the subplot between Hedwig and Tommy. 
  • There was an estrangement there as Tommy was unable to accept who Hedwig was, and he made Hedwig feel bitter, jaded, ashamed, and unlovable. Tommy was the devil on Hedwig’s back throughout the show (you kept hearing bits and pieces of his nearby concert, which continually increased Hedwig’s anger and frustration), and it’s at this moment that he stops haunting her. I mean, Tommy was a kid (seventeen years old - that’s how old I am!), so to see him grow up and admit and realize how much Hedwig gave him (everything, that is. She gave him everything - he would be nothing without her).
  • Also lmao don’t take this as me being a Tommy stan bc forreal fuck that guy
  • But anyways - Like i was saying - after Tommy’s song, the narrative switches back to Hedwig, who is now completely out of drag, and she gives her wig to Yitzhak as a sort of peace-offering and apology. Hedwig then sings “Midnight Radio,” a tribute to all those rock legends that inspired her so many years earlier when she was Hansel Schmidt, bending over the oven to listen to the only thing that made her feel alive and whole. 
  • Now, there is no clean-cut explanation as to what Hedwig plans to do next in her life - whether she stripped off her drag for good or not. We don’t know much of anything post, you know? But here’s the message that the ambiguous ending was trying to send (what I believe, anyway):

At the end of the play, Hedwig doesn’t die. Rather, she’s reborn.

  • Throughout her life, Hedwig has been living for other people - her mother, the soldier, the rockstar. She gave and gave and gave - tangible and intangible parts of herself.
  • And it’s kinda ironic that - in order to find her other half and “be whole” - she chose to give so much of herself away. But anyways - that’s a tangent. I’m trying not to get off track for once.
  • And with her drag, she built up this suit of armor, this wall around herself. She forged a new identity, one that was delirious and vapid and jaded and unwilling to face the reality of what had happened to her. She built a shell around herself.
  • And in the end, she stripped off her wig and dress. She disarmed herself. She stopped trying to be what she thought others wanted her to be, what she thought would make her whole.
  • Because she already is whole unto herself. There is no other half. There’s only her.
  • And so, I believe that she was reborn into her true self, her true identity. I believe that, from that point forward, she chose herself and her dreams and her happiness. She chose to live for herself rather than someone else.
  • And I think that’s a pretty perfect ending, if I do say so myself.
To the c137cest shippers and antis (but mostly the terrible antis)

I really do not agree with this ship personally, but that does not mean I would threaten someone’s life. It disgusts me that anyone would feel as if it’s okay to do that. We are all entitled to our own opinions and it’s easy to just scroll past and ignore than to cause drama, don’t you think? Also, there is a block button for a reason if you really can’t handle that. In my opinion, if someone’s happy, leave them be. They’re not hurting anybody. I hope whoever may read this has a good day, life, everything.

Birthday shout out to the beautiful @dinglehorton !!! Happy birthday baby! I hope you have had the best day (I mean you should have because you got a freaking Wilson kiss!!!) because you really deserve it! I love everything about you mel. I love that I can always rely on you to be there, I love that you always make sure I’m okay when I’m down in the dumps and most of all I love the kind of person you are. Your beautiful in every sense of the word and I don’t know how I got this lucky to have you. Thanks for always making my day because you never cease to put a smile on my face! I love you so very much and I hope you know just how special you truly are :) 

Thank You Cheritz!!

I remember first playing this game almost a year ago, when a close friend of mine introduced me this wonderful game. The first thing I did was download it; now here I am playing and enjoying every second of it. I’ve been playing the game for about 300 days which is surprising! This game helps me go through my depression more easily than not having it at all.
I want to thank all the staff members of Cheritz for creating this magnificent game!! It’s amazing how time flies and how I find myself playing this game still. I’m glad I listened to the game recommendation!!
The games After Endings, Happy Valentines Day, DLCs, and Free Talks really mean a lot to me, and probably a lot of the fans. I love this game with all my heart, I’m not sure how I can put the rest of my feelings to words. I love you guys and keep up the outstanding work!! <3


I’m so glad they gave Roadhog a more serious comic about what he thinks of the world after he fought so hard to protect his home. 

And then they did what I’d hope they’d do: 

They showed us how they met. 

And how Junkrat apparently just picks and chooses bodyguards out of random bars to take care of him… I guess it was fate.

Anyway, more importantly:

My favorite part, where he says Junkrat is a liar. 

So Blizzard is interested in giving Junkrat more than just the comic relief role. 

Roadhog says he’s a liar who lies to himself most of all.

Lies to himself about what?

I may be wrong and this may be open to interpretation, but maybe he means Junkrat’s hiding his true feelings about his circumstances, about being “happy” and energetic all the time. 

He’s “not the quiet type” so he lies loudly, as opposed to Mako, who hides the truth by saying nothing at all.

Some people bluster and talk to hide their insecurities or their pain. 

I really like this line. It adds a dimension to Junkrat that I hope we see. 

He’s full of bluster, a yappy little mad max chihuahua with smoking hair, but Mako’s smart enough to see more in him. 

He thinks very little of everyone, based on the previous dialogue:

“They deserve what they get” “World deserves them.”

Mako remembers the past, knows how this wasteland came to be and he’s disgusted by the people who’ve settled into it, who’ve made it their home, because they don’t care about what was lost, only what they can now gain.  

He might be looking for treasure and spoils with Junkrat, but I don’t get the feeling that he cares that much about it. 

Otherwise he wouldn’t claim the queen and the others were just fighting over scraps. 

Again, personal opinion. 

But I think he was just looking for a purpose. 

And a way to strike back at a world that never cared about him, that left him and his people and his home in ruins. 

So going all over the world, wrecking rich people’s shit, stealing gold and pachimaris with Junkrat… yeah, I think he’s doing it not because gold is all he cares about, or even Junkrat’s treasure, whatever it is. 

I mean, he doesn’t even know what Junkrat’s treasure IS here. I doubt it’s just money, that would be lazy of Blizzard. 

I think he’s doing it because he’s still aching over a failed rebellion and has nothing to lose. 

And why did he choose Junkrat to stick with?

Out of all the people in the world he could’ve stuck with?

Because Junkrat is a liar, who lies to himself. 

Because other people it would seem, are liars too, but they keep their lies to themselves, and Mako apparently trusts the “loud” type more than the quiet type. 

And like I said before, because he’s on a quest for revenge, because he wants the civilized world that made his home a living nightmare have a taste of their own medicine. And Junkrat, explosions-extraordinaire, noisy but trustworthy, a real idiot, but an honest one?

Well, it really was meant to be, I guess. 

He took him up on that offer quick, didn’t he?

the boy who lived

Together, Alone (Soulmark AU)

Idk how people feel about reading 1.6K drabbles on tumblr, so I also posted it on AO3 for funsies! 

Dedicated to @serpensthesia for her birthday! #serpaken for life <3

Thanks to @bixgirl1 and @jadepresley for reading over this for me! And to @femmequixotic and @noeeon for encouraging the idea and making me write! <3<3<3

It started on his seventeenth birthday.

Draco had known it would start then, of course. That part was normal. The clock was supposed to manifest as a tattoo on his skin, and begin its countdown to the moment Draco would meet his Soulmate. He’d been looking forward to the clock’s appearance all year— desperate for anything that might take his mind off his hopeless situation. Draco was exhausted, the damned cabinet was never going to be fixed, and his whole family was probably going to die as punishment.

And Draco had been prepared to die with them, resigned to the fact that his countdown tattoo might not appear at all, or might be stuck at 00:00:00:00:00:00 right from the beginning.

Draco had not, however, been prepared for the clock to appear at midnight and begin counting down from a mere one minute and seventeen seconds. His heart jumped in his chest. Clearly Draco was one of those rare wizards who had already met their Soulmate, but hadn’t known yet because he wasn’t of age at the time. Which didn’t help Draco in the slightest, as he could think of precisely nobody at Hogwarts who he might like to spend the rest of his life with.

He stood up from the stool he’d set in front of the hopeless cabinet, grabbed his wand, and began making his way to the door of the Room of Hidden Things. Between the time he’d spent staring at his countdown in disbelief, the time it took to reach the door, and the few seconds he devoted to not panicking, the clock reached zero at the very moment he pushed open the door.

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“I wouldn’t be makin’ fun of anyone’s ears if I were you, pointy,” Gimli said peaceably.


“That’ll teach you to mock a Dwarf’s height,” Gimli said, and he grinned again.

“Pointy,” Legolas said under his breath, scowling, and one of his hands surreptitiously crept up to finger the sharp tip of his ear.

a scene from @determamfidd‘s Sansûkh


hoseok birthday bonanza!

day 06 - dancing

Analysis about Craig and his relationship with tweek and how they complement each other

In the new episode (put it down) when they’re arguing at the end Craig says “Oh see, now you made lose control of my emotions, godd damit” and walks away upset 

And I was like “well why is he so upset?? maybe he just wanted to be the calm one in the sutiation" but then I rememered that Craig is always the one who doesn’t give a eff in lots of situations,

 I mean even on the Tweek vs Craig episode he doesn’t really care about the fight even after cartman says “Oh I guess you don’t really care about what tweek said about your mom” his answer is just “no” and closes the door

But when eric says “I guess you don’t care what tweek said about your guinea pig” he gets really mad and decides to fight him. 

And if we remember after TFBW information was out it was confirmed that Craig just cares about his guinea pig (and tweek) but why? I was wondering why he just care about his pet and why is he so distant from everything else and just don’t gives a f*ck?

Well I was thinking and realized that maybe it has to do with his family and also why he complements so perfect with tweek.

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“Watashi no kazoku” (My family) 


Jiyong letting us know he’s on a boat

gamwilliams  asked:

Your Ushijima and Daichi post is beautiful 😭 I love those two together, and your art is so wonderful - this has really made my day! Thank you for blessing us! Who's your favourite character to draw btw?

Thank you so much! ;; I really appreciate it!! And again, thank you for blessing me with this lovely message! (*≧▽≦) I hope you have a super great week! 

Hm, my favourite character to draw (surprise!) is probably Futakuchi lmao. I drew him a lot last year and now he comes so naturally…!  


It’s a matter of whether ‘that moment’ exists for you or not…if you experience that moment, it’ll really get you hooked on volleyball.

—happy birthday to my wonderful angel @todorokih



…Aaaand he is also in for a bit of a shock once he actually gets filled in on what’s gone down!

Next part will be along soonlike!

–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ

Guess who got married? Aww yiss, that’s right, folks! My photographer shared some sneak peak photos with us, but we’ll have to wait a while before seeing them all. I’ll do a proper post once I get my hands on them!

Thank you all for your lovely messages and well-wishes! It means a lot that you were thinking of me this weekend <3 It was a really beautiful day and I’m very happy!