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Hermione was talking very earnestly to Lupin about her views of elf rights. 

“I mean, it’s the same kind of nonsense as werewolf segregation, isn’t it? It all stems from this horrible thing wizards have of thinking themselves superior to other creatures….”


I can’t help but imagine Remus sitting here and listening to Hermione. He’s going to sit there and be polite about it, of course, but werewolf rights and elf rights are not the same kind of thing.

For starters, house-elves are actually considered “Beings.” Werewolves are not. Not even in human form are they completely regarded as beings, and they are regularly shunted between the Beast and Beings division because nobody wants them. Werewolves are a highly stigmatized, highly profiled, and severely oppressed group of people. House-elves are oppressed and are often abused and treated horribly. They deserve to be free. But they are not vilified simply for existing, and their right to live constantly in danger (see: Lupine Lawlessness: Why Lycanthropes Don’t Deserve to Live, Emerett Picardy). House-elves have no rights of their own and are looked on by wizarding societies as mere servants; they are often made patsies for the crimes of wizards. They are not privileged under the thumb of wizards, by any stretch of the imagination. But the Ministry, while not protecting them as they should, does not seek to destroy them for simply existing. It does not pass laws declaring them XXXXX class and it does not demand that they be registered and regulated as it does of werewolves. In the event of an attack a house-elf would face a trial, while a werewolf would face the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures and be ‘put down’. House-elves even have representation within the government. There is an Office for House-elf Relocation, and a Special Advisor for Elf Legislation serves in the Minister of Magic’s support staff, a position comparable to the Cabinet Office in the British Muggle government. Werewolves have a Werewolf Support Division which was shut down (and the only service available to them from the Beings division), and then the Werewolf Registry and Werewolf Capture unit, both in the Beast division.

Hermione, both werewolves and house-elves are horribly mistreated by wizards. Both of them suffer. But their suffering is different. Hermione wants to free the house-elves so badly that she tries to trick them into being free. The issues of house-elf freedom are increasingly complex, even to the house-elves themselves! Dobby and Winky are treated as disgraces by the rest of the Hogwarts elves, and many are insanely loyal to their home rather to the family within. The magic that binds the house-elves is an actual part of them, I suspect, and that adds to the complex nature of the debate about their rights. When asked, many do not WANT the “freedom” humans offer and see it as something foreign. But werewolves are so feared and loathed that they starve in colonies on the fringes of society and people beg to die rather than live as one. They are not given the same choices nor the same regard as house-elves, or even other Beasts such as the Merpeople or Centaurs. Both groups suffer, but there is suffering that the werewolves ensure that house-elves will never be subject to.

Remus knows this. He lives with it every single day. And he just sits there like a sweetie and listens to her, and I’m willing to bet he even says things like, “Well, Hermione, you make strong arguments,” or, “you have obviously put a lot of thought into this” rather than pulling her apart because her heart is in the right place even if her words are not.

Even after you broke me.

it’s so easy for everyone to tell me to get over you, like we weren’t in it for the long run like I didn’t have plans to grow old with you. I know they mean well when they tell me to be strong but they can’t tell me how to get rid of these memories at all or how to go to bed and actually fall asleep rather than staying up crying and wondering “whats wrong with me?” And knowing you don’t deserve me just somehow isn’t enough to help me move on and stop giving a fuck. and meanwhile it seems like you’re not even as touched. either it wasn’t real for you or I’m just not as tough. how the fuck do I still want you even after you broke me. right now I should be yelling fuck you and really meaning that shit. but instead I’m sitting here hoping this is something we could have fixed.

The sad thing is.. There are chances that Naruto didn’t even realize that he is actually loves Sasuke, not only as a friend but the romantic type.

Naruto grew up as an orphan in Konoha where people hates him and sees him as a disgrace, a monster that killed their beloved ones. This sadly means he never knew what love actually feels like.

He mistook his pity for Hinata for love and his love for Sasuke as ‘friendship’

While on the other hand, Sasuke does know how love feels like because he had a loving family once. That’s why he’s skeptical of Naruto’s answer when he asked that question after their second and final fight at the Valley of the End. I mean, a 'friend’ won’t go that far right?

Naruto replied him with “…it just..hurts..” and that’s where Sasuke realizes that all this time.. Naruto returnes his love to him.

Now I’m sitting here pondering on the ending of Naruto yet again..
Why, Kishi, why????

Gosh sorry for my rant

Halloween (1978) Starters
  • Ever done anything like this before?
  • The only thing I can't stand is their gibberish... how they keep ranting on and on.
  • You haven't anything to worry about.
  • He hasn't spoken a word in 15 years
  • Are there any special instructions?
  • Just try and understand what we're dealing with here. Don't underestimate it.
  • If you say so.
  • Your compassion's overwhelming
  • You're serious about it, aren't you?
  • You mean you actually never want him to get out?
  • He wants to talk to you. He wants to take you out tonight.
  • Hey creep!
  • He was standing right there.
  • It's tragic. You never go out.
  • You must have a small fortune stashed from baby-sitting so much
  • Guys think I'm too smart.
  • I think you're wacko.
  • Now you see men behind bushes.
  • Yeah, you know every town has something like this happen..
  • Where are we?
  • They'll do anything for Halloween.
  • I met this six year old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes, the devil's eyes
  • What about the boogeyman?
  • On Halloween night, it's when people play tricks on each other. It's all make-believe
  • I saw the boogeyman. I saw him outside.
  • There was nobody outside.
  • I'm here tonight and I'm not about to let anything happen to you.
  • I have a feeling that you're way off on this.
  • You have the wrong feeling.
  • You're not doing very much to prove me wrong!
  • I'm scared!
  • There's nothing to be scared of.
  • You can't kill the boogeyman!
Imma Be Real Right Now

If you insult Riley’s Appearance I’m gonna need you to sit the fu*k down and shut the fu*k up. Is this rude hell yeah and I mean it. What some of you don’t seem to get is that Riley is Rowan. Rowan is an actual fu*king person with actual feelings who likely sees you downing how she looks all the time.

I’m not gonna sit here and let any of you petty ass people go after a 14-Year-Old. Riley is fictional and though y’all take it too far, she’s fictional I can’t really say sh*t, but talk sh*t about a CHILD…Like this is actually going on. I did not think this fandom could get worse. And if you’re participating in it…Why?

30 Things British People Say And What They Actually Mean

1.    “I might join you later.”
— Meaning: I’m not leaving the house today unless it’s on fire.

2.    “Excuse me, sorry, is anyone sitting here?”
— Translation: You have three seconds to move your bag before I end you.

3.    “Not to worry.”
— Translation: I will never forget this.

4.    Saying sorry as a way of introducing yourself.

5.    “Bit wet out there.”
— Translation: You’re going to need a snorkel because it’s absolutely pissing it down.

6.    Ending an email with “Thanks” as a warning that you’re perilously close to losing your temper.

7.    “Right then, I suppose I really should start thinking about possibly making a move.”
— Translation: “Bye.”

8.    “It’s fine.”
— Meaning: It really could not possibly get any worse, but no doubt it will do.

9.    “Perfect.”
— Translation: Well that’s that, ruined then.

10.   “A bit of a pickle.”
— Translation: A catastrophically bad situation with potentially fatal consequences.

11.   “Not too bad, actually”
— Translation: I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been.

12.   “Honestly, it doesn’t matter.”
— Meaning: Nothing has ever mattered more than this.

13.   “You’ve caught the sun.”
— Translation: You look like you’ve been swimming in a volcano.

14.   “That’s certainly one way of looking at it.”
— Translation: That’s certainly the wrong way of looking at it.

15.   Saying, “I have the 5p if it helps?” and never being quite sure if it helps.

16.   “If you say so.”
— Translation: “I’m afraid that what you’re saying is the height of idiocy.”

17.   “With all due respect.”
— Translation: You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

18.   Saying “you’re welcome,” as quietly as possible, to people that don’t say thank you, but using it as a form of punishing them.

19.   Meanings of “I beg your pardon?”
1.  I didn’t hear you.
2.  I apologise (apologize).
3.  What you’re saying is making me absolutely livid.

20.   “It could be worse.”
— Translation: It couldn’t possibly be any worse.

21.   “Each to their own.”
— Translation: You’re wrong, but never mind.

22.   “Pop round anytime.”
— Translation: Please stay away from my house.

23.   “I’m just popping out for lunch, does anyone want anything?”
— Translation: I’m getting my own lunch now, please remain silent.

24.   Saying, “I might get some cash out actually,” despite approaching the cash machine and being 100% certain of getting cash.

25.   “No, no, honestly, my fault.”
— Translation: It was exceedingly your fault and we both know it.

26.   “No, yeah, that’s very interesting.”
— Meaning: You are boring me to death.

27.   “Just whenever you get a minute.”
— Translation: “Now! You silly cow!”

28.   “No harm done.”
— Translation: You have caused complete and utter chaos.

29.   “I’m sure it’ll be fine.”
— Translation: I fully expect the situation to deteriorate rapidly.

30.   “Sorry, I think you might have dropped something.”
— Meaning: “You have definitely dropped that specific item.”

Funny cause its true! lol

Working on Evanstan escort (sort of) AU. Should be up tomorrow. I have everything done except the actual porn bits, which right now just say AND THEN PORN HERE. I’d be done tonight, but I have to go teach my night class about Titus Andronicus and people-pies.

Here, have an excerpt - I mean of my fic, not the Shakespearean people-pies.


Four o’clock rolls around. Five.

Five-fifteen; and a vastly distressed Pratt flies into his office, hands everywhere, hair standing up distractedly. “Seb—oh Seb thank god you’re still here, okay, have dinner with Chris for me.”

“What? Why? Here, sit down—” He nudges his escort onto the sofa, grabs good whiskey, pours. “Drink this. What happened?”

“My mom…” Pratt looks at his empty glass with distant surprise. Remembers words. “My mom’s in the hospital. I have to go.”

“Of course you do.” Sebastian takes the glass, refills it—small pours, for steadying nerves—and knocks one back himself, being dizzy at that initial request and wording plus transparent flailing. “What do you need? Just tell me.”

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How You Meet: Luke

You were sitting alone in a coffee house, by yourself and awkwardly in the window because practically everywhere else was full. Suddenly someone dropped into the seat opposite you, “you look lonely.” he said. You ignored him and carried on sipping your latte.
“No really, you seem sad, just staring off into the distance.” He almost sounded concerned about you.
“Okay, but you’re actually sitting in my friends seat right now.. So could you go?” You replied.
“You’ve been sat here alone for half an hour, you have no friends… Well I mean you probably do have friends, I just meant not right here, like with you” the guy awkwardly rambled.

There was a moment of silence while the two of you just looked at each other, waiting for someone to say something. “Hemmo1996” he suddenly said.
“I’m sorry?”
“It’s my Snapchat. And Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.. Whatever.” He explained. You half laughed, “you just gave me your snapchat, that’s such a fuckboy thing to do. You might as well asked if I had kik, or invited me to Netflix and chill.” I really was laughing by the end.
He giggled, “A fuckboy. You know that’s pretty funny.. And accurate.” Then he winked at me and “Hemmo1996” walked out smiling.