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Loki’s New Nickname

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Warnings: Immense fluff, cutesie whipped cream and strawberries and chocolate syrup fights, tackling onto to the kitchen tiles, awkward choking on food, SMUT, fingering, hand jobs, oral, (female receiving) lovey dovey loki

A/N: The wonderful Delilah ( @papi-chulo-bucky ) helped me write some of the smut for this, i became bloody clueless. the (*)  in certain parts of Loki’s speech is a quote (linked)  I’ve used from a blog I found, (trust my you’ll like the sound of it)

Word count:  4812


You were wondering around the tower, a book in hand and your reading glasses in the other. You had just finished a sparring session with Steve, showering and then putting on some lounging clothes; a baggy vest and some pyjama shorts with some fuzzy socks.

Times had changed with the Avengers; grudges were slowly dissipating, mutual dislike turned to civility and Thor and Loki had become loving brothers once more.

Loki was usually isolated in his own mind, he was a social vampire when it came to gatherings; you wouldn’t get a word out of him unless you invited him into the conversation. He became a good man- it took him a while to earn the trust of the people around him and it took him a while to learn how to control his powers to use them for reasonable purposes.

Everyone was still skeptical about him, though, especially Clint. The whole mind control back in New York made the man uneasy and on guard constantly. Natasha had to keep distracting him whenever Loki joined everyone in the living area, for the man shot imaginary arrows in his general direction.

You had reached said living area and you heard howling laughter. You peaked around to see everyone laughing, apart from Loki.

“What’s going on guys?” You questioned, placing your book on the stand next to where the god was sitting.

“We’ve given Loki a new nickname.” Tony snorted. You rolled your eyes, knowing it wasn’t going to end well.

“And what would this nickname be, exactly?” You arched your brow at them whilst crossing your arms across. The guys, especially Tony and Sam, kept doing shit like this and it annoyed you to no end. You wanted Loki to feel welcome here, and they were making that impossible for him.

Horny.” You heard Loki mutter softly. You turned and looked at him then, emerald eyes meeting your wide ones. “Because of my helmet…What does it even bloody mean?” You kept hearing snorts of laughter in front of you and sneered at the two ‘grown ups’, but you had to stop yourself from giggling.

“Y'know you’re real funny, Tony, Sam, whoever made the nickname needs to grow up.” You picked up your book and sat next to man on the leather couch. “Just ignore them, Loki, they’re children in adult skin.” You whispered softly.

“I still want to know what it means, though.” He mumbled to himself, he shifted slightly and his arm brushed against yours, the coolness of his skin behind the thin material of his t-shirt making goosebumps rise upon your skin. “What are you reading, Y/N?”

“Oh, I’m reading The Rise and Fall of the Krays. Yeah, it’s a true story about two really famous gangsters in East London back in the… 1950’s? I think? Let me double check,” You placed a finger between the pages so you didn’t lose yours, and flipped the book to look at the blurb on the back. “Ah, the 50’s AND the 60’s. I was close.” Loki gave you a small smile and returned to looking out of the window.

You sat in a comfortable silence for a while, the sound of soft breathing and distant conversations filling your ears, that is, until Tony piped up.

“We’re all going out in 10 minutes, wanna join, Y/N? Or are you staying here with Horny?” The man chuckled.

You usually declined going out- the hustle and bustle of busy bodies and widely socializing making you rather uncomfortable. You scoffed at Tony’s childish words.

“I’m keeping Loki company, so no thank you, manchild.” You smiled sarcastically at Tony and then looked at Loki. You jumped ever so slightly when you noticed he was watching intently.

“You don’t have to, dear. Go out and have some… Midgardian…fun…” He cringed at word 'fun’. Loki wasn’t used to Earth, still, his idea of fun was pulling pranks and scaring the shit out of people.

“No, no, I’d like to stay here with you - don’t give me that look, Loki -” You were cut off when you heard multiple farewells, returning them briefly. “I don’t like crowds…or large parties that much.”

“Ah, I see. I hope I don’t bore you too much, petal.” You blushed at the nickname he gave you. You and Loki had grown closer during his time at the tower; small talk turned into full blown conversations, boring nights turned into ones where you could bask in each others company for hours, no physical contact became small, innocent touches, but he was still very timid, though.

You shot up from your seat, heading towards the kitchen area, you felt the pang of hunger reside in your stomach, so you had to eat at least something to make it go away.

“Loki, would you like something to eat? I might make some waffles.” You received a hum and a soft 'please’ from him. You quietly turned to see him take a peek at your book and you smiled slightly.

You soon finished cooking, 4 waffles in total. You plucked needed confections out of the cupboards and fridge; chocolate syrup, whipped cream, strawberries.

Before you ushered Loki over, you connected your phone to the sound system and played some music. The place was silent, so you wanted to change that. You skipped through your music list, fist bumping the air as soon as you found ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC. It was one of your favourite as a young teen and you swayed to the beat whilst happily mumbling the lyrics.

“Loki, come get your waffles!” You hollered, the tall god swiftly made his way over the the kitchen, sitting at one of the stools by the island.

“I must admit, petal, I’ve never had these before.” You gasped at his confession, awestruck that he had never tasted the sweet food before.

“Oh, gosh, Loki. Here- try some of mine, I’ve got strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream. I promise, it’s really nice!” You urged, you took some on your fork and held it up to him. “Taste it.”

He timidly leaned forward and took the food from your fork, his teeth baring. As he chewed you saw his eyes roll back with a moan. You bit your lip as you saw his head roll back, exposing the fair skin of his slender neck.

“Lord, if I ever knew how good these tasted, I’d have them everyday. May I?” He gestured towards the confectionery on the table, you replied with a ‘of course’ before you dug into your own, you done good.

A soft tune came on, and you recognised it to be one of Hans Zimmer’s masterpieces. You always played his music whenever you and Loki basked in the late night silences, it relaxed him and helped him focus whilst he read, he told you.

“Could you please tell me the definition of ‘horny’ now, Y/N?” You choked on what you were halfway swallowing.

“U-um, yes, okay, er…” You stuttered, you really wanted to save Loki the embarrassment, but it felt like you were the one in said state.

“It’s bad, isn’t it?” Loki muttered, shoveling more waffle into his mouth.

“No- it’s just crude.” You grimaced. “It means a-aroused…” The clatter of Loki’s fork on his plate startled you out of your embarrassed dazed.

“Well, Stark is in for a thorough beating, dare I say. Not only is he humiliating me, but he’s insulting my helmet-” He stopped when he noticed you staring at him in shock, scared he would lash out and break any plates.

You noticed his amused gaze upon your face, he started to chuckle lightly.

“W-What? Loki, what’s so funny?” You laughed as you cocked an arched brow at him.

Seeing him so happy made your chest swell and a smile tug at your lips. Loki found it difficult to let loose, for he was almost on edge all the time, worrying that if he took his mind off of reality for just a second, something bad would happen.

Your eyes widened as you watched Loki swiped cream across your nose, you let out a shriek as you watched his hand dip into the little scoop of cream and swipe across your cheek, creating a giant line of the white substance.

“You…You’ve got a little something right here, Y/N,” Loki spoke, but this time, his voice was deep with seriousness. His eyebrows furrowed as his gaze focused on your mouth. You watched as his finger gently touched your lip, before smearing more of the cream over your mouth.

You gasped as you felt the cream on your face, but this time he wasn’t getting off the hook. With a sudden burst of confidence, you lunged forward and with all your might, tackled him to the ground. You both landed onto the kitchen tiles with a loud thud, knocking over the stools that were beside you in the process.

“Oof!” Loki wheezed, “Ooh, my head…” He winced, holding his large hand to his head.

“Oh! Loki I-I’m so sorry!” you cried before getting to your knees and placing your hands on his shoulders. You peered down, trying to catch a glimpse of the spot he was holding, but instead was met with his trademark smirk. One that everyone knew meant trouble would soon follow.

‘Uh oh’ you thought. You immediately sat up straight, trying to make sense of why he would be looking at you that way. Before you could think, you felt two strong arms wrap around your body and pull you back onto the floor. He pinned you down with a strong arm before wiping more of the cream from your jaw to your neck. You gasped at the coldness of his slender fingers mingled with the cream and you wriggled underneath him, though he was tall and lithe he was heavy against your smaller form.

Loki managed to wipe more cream on you, not allowing you to escape from his strong grasp. His arm slipped and he accidentally wiped some of the sweetness in the valley of your breasts, both of your breaths hitching.

Loki’s playful facade fell as soon as he caught a glimpse of the small opening of your vest, which gave a perfect -and might he add, amazing view of your breasts. His eyes focused on your body, taking in every single detail it had to offer. From your chest, to your hair, all the way down to your hips. Dare he admit it, but he was enchanted by you.

“Forgive me,” he spoke, his voice soft as his eyes met yours once again. “But you truly are…one mesmerizing creature, Y/N.”

You swore on every single star in the sky, you felt your heart swell with the sensation of longing. You slowly reached a small hand to move a stray piece of raven hair away from his face, your fingers lingering on his jaw a few moments longer than they should have.

Everything was a blur as you felt Loki’s cool lips against yours, the mingled taste of strawberries and cream lingering on the supple skin. You laced your fingers into his long hair and tugged him closer to you, pressing your lips harder upon his.

You were jerked back to reality when you felt him pull away.

“I- I’m sorry, Y/N, for being so bold.”

“Shut up and kiss me, Loki, I haven’t gotten sticky whipped cream and chocolate syrup over me for nothing.” You giggled, pulling him down once more. You moaned as you felt his cool tongue brush against your own, your hips unconsciously bucking to meet his in pure need. You squeaked when you felt cold fingers brush against your jaw, tilting your head to the side.

Loki’s lips left yours, placing feather light kisses against your skin in a pathway to your neck. As lips and tongue left a wet path in their wake as they lapped up the whipped cream left there, you whispered his name, the sound of your voice and the bucking of your hips against his made him groan.

“Do you have any idea how much I crave this? Crave you? The taste of you? The feel of you? (*) Oh, darling, I’ve had plenty of feelings for you since the beginning. So beautiful, so kind, compassionate. I hope my feelings are not unrequited.” Loki confessed, his mouth brushing the valley of your breasts ever so slightly, collecting the white sweetness with his tongue.

“L-Loki, I’ve had something inside me, yearning for you, for a while. I need you, please.”

With that, Loki stood up from the kitchen tiles, pulling you with him. Gently pushing you against the counter, his hands found your hips and hair, he couldn’t decide whether to bring you closer or push harder against your soft body.

You let out a small whimper as his hands slowly snaked their way down to your hips, his nails dragging along your flesh teasingly, making you suffer in the best way possible. Loki dipped his face until it was resting onto your shoulder and began pressing little kisses along your skin.

A small sigh escaped your lips as his kisses slowly began traveling to the flesh beneath your ear, his lips sucking just enough to get a reaction from you. His hands worked their way from your hips until they were resting on the waistband of your shorts, tugging them down slightly..

“So beautiful,” he whispered, his voice was deeper now, yet filled with a hint of sincerity.

You felt your pyjama shorts sliding down your thighs, before they pooled around your ankles with a small plop, leaving you only in your underwear and fuzzy socks. You hastily kicked thee shorts from around your feet and your socks, sending them flying to the side of the kitchen, before leaning back into Loki’s touch as a kitten does it’s owner.

“I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to do this, my love.” He confessed as he began undressing himself, slipping off the dark sweater from his body and revealing his incredibly toned torso. One that you found yourself growing extremely wet at the sight of. Loki was beautiful, despite his differences from his brother. To you, he was perfection.

“Please,” you whispered, feeling his erection pressing into your bum through his jeans. You felt his hands slowly making their way to your vest and one by one, began to unbutton each of the little buttons.

“Have patience, my love.” he smirked as he fumbled with the final button on your vest, pulling it back and letting the material slide off of your shoulders and onto the floor beneath you both, revealing the soft bra underneath, Loki dragged his slender fingers across the fine lacework, admiring the beauty of such an undergarment.

You could hear his breath hitch as his hands finally rested on your breasts, his slender fingers massaged each of them softly. He dragged his thumb across your nipples, before giving each of them an experimental flick over the thin material of your bra. You arched into his touch, your mouth forming an O.

“Oh my,” you breathed as a wave of pleasure coursed through your body.

He let out a breathy chuckle as he pulled away, earning a small whine from you. Loki quickly rid himself of his remaining clothes, tossing them to the floor without a single care in the world, leaving him in only his tight boxer briefs, his hardness apparent under the thin material.

“So eager, yet you listen to me so well, come, my love. Follow me to my room.”

Bending over slightly, you hastily picked up both of your scattered clothes, trying not to make your rendezvous obvious to those who came back this way. As you straightened, you gasped as Loki turned you around and bent down, throwing you over his broad shoulder, taking you back to his room.

“You cheeky bastard!” You squealed as you felt a light spank to your backside.

“Tsk, tsk. Such profanity from a pretty little mouth like yours, Y/N.” You both laughed at this, you let your arms dangle over his back and you dragged your blunt nails across his flesh only slightly, and you felt him gasp at the sensation. You got a lovely view of his behind and you smiled to yourself.

You felt Loki’s hands grip your thighs, gently digging his nails into your soft flesh. You arrived at the door then- because your felt your feet brush against the solid door. Loki turned the handle and walked in swiftly, setting you down on your feet. He twisted his body and locked the door, you watched as the muscles in his back rippled with his movements and were completely lost in him.

You were brought out of your trance when you felt Loki’s plump lips brush against yours and feather light fingertips brush against your waist. You let your mouth go slack against his, allowing his tongue to brush against yours again, mirroring the actions in the kitchen. You trailed your hands up his forearms, to his broad shoulders and all the way up to his hair, tugging slightly.

Loki let out a soft groan against your mouth, sending vibrations right down to your throbbing heat. He hunched and dragged his hands to the back of your thighs, not once breaking your ongoing kiss, and hoisted you up against him, pushing you gently against his bedroom wall. The coolness making you shriek, making Loki pull back to look into your dilated pupils.

“I’m a frostgiant, love, I don’t need my room to be warm, you should know that already…” He mumbled, placing butterfly kisses into your neck. His erection was pulsing against your heat and you ground yourself down onto him, both sighing at the tasteful friction of his hard cock against the damp heat of your panties.

He pulled you off the wall then, setting you down onto the soft mattress of his bed. He nestled himself between your soft thighs and kissed you fervently. You became nervous; you had done this before, but this was a whole different atmosphere, Loki was different to the rest of the men you had slept with. He was powerful, dominant, he was from another fucking realm for god’s sake.

Loki could feel you tense against him, “I sense your unease, but I’ll be gentle, my love, I promise, there’s no other way I would want this, with you right now…” His words were silk as he spoke and he connected your lips in a passionate kiss that made your arch your back, keening for more of him against you, you shifted your calf around his waist, pulling his hips closer to yours, eliciting a sharp groan from his chest as he felt your soaked panties grind against his clothed cock.

You rocked against each other like ocean waves, his hips shifting against yours, finding that much needed friction, “My sweet girl, so good for me, buck your hips, let me feel you against me.” The soft spoken words against your lips sent shivers down your spine, making you arch your back into him, your clothed core grinding against his once more.

Your lips broke apart, green eyes stared into Y/E/C and you felt his fingers tug at the waistband of your underwear asking for permission, and you granted him just that by swiftly nodding your head, bringing his face down to yours, kissing him deeply.

As Loki dragged your panties down your legs, your squirmed in excitement, the feeling of his cold fingers against your scorching skin making you wetter and wetter by the second. Kicking your panties off your ankles, you felt Loki set himself between your thighs once more.

“Do you want my fingers inside you, petal?”

“Mmm, Loki- please, I need you.” You soon felt to slender fingers part your wet folds, rubbing gently from your entrance to your clit, and you moaned loudly at his touch. He spread your slickness throughout your heat and slipped a single finger inside your sex, languidly probing at your g-spot.

“Such a good girl, Y/N,” Loki muttered, watching you as your face contorted in pleasure, your teeth digging into your bottom lip.  “So wet, darling, so wet, all for me?” You hummed and threw your head back against the soft pillow as he inserted another finger, curling and dragging them in, out, in, out.

“L-Loki, keep going and I’m going to-to cum.” You choked. At these words Loki quickened the pace of his fingers whilst his other hand came to to toy with your sensitive clit, bringing you closer to climax, but as soon as you neared the brink he removed both hands from you, making you whine.

“You’ll cum around my tongue first, petal.” His voice was low, gravelly, and it made you take a deep breath, your chest heaved in anticipation as he brought his fingers to his mouth, sucking your juices off of them whilst keeping his emerald eyes locked onto yours, the action was so erotic you couldn’t bare it.

He proceeded to kiss you then, the taste of yourself on his tongue as his hands reached behind you to rid you of your bra, flinging it across the room in haste. The cool air of his room made your nipples harden, making Loki take the chance to tweak and roll them between his fingers, making you take a sharp breath as you arched your back, yearning for more of his touch.

He shifted down the bed and used his large hands to part your thighs, his grip tight but gentle. He blew a soft puff of cold air on your heat and you jumped.

“You are a goddess, you deserve to be worshipped properly, pleasured like there is no more time in the world, let me give you this, Y/N.” You felt Loki’s tongue lick a thick stripe up your glistening folds. His tongue gently separated your lips, nudging the small sensitive nub that was your clit. You weaved your fingers through his thick, dark locks, tugging sharply.

You gasped, feeling the amazing sensation between your legs. You had your fair share of men please you throughout your life. You’ve had them try their hardest to touch you just right, eager to find what makes you tick. But none of them, no matter how hard they tried, could achieve what Loki was currently achieving at the moment. He made you crumble beneath his touch within seconds, and worshipped your body as if it were the last thing he would ever do on Midgard.

Your fingers weaved their way into his black locks again, gently tugging them as his lips connected with your clit gave a harsh suck. Your body, as if it had a mind of its own, arched off of the bed as he pleasured you, one of hands stayed gripping your hip as the other slithered its way up your abdomen, massaging each breast.

Loki pulled away suddenly and peered up at you, his mouth and chin glistening with your juices as he gave you a mischievous smirk. “Does that feel good, my love?”

“Hmm, yes, Loki-”

“That’s it, Y/N, say my name,” He intentionally groaned, the vibrations sending jolts of pleasure straight through your clit and you tumbled down from the immense orgasm. You were a panting mess, writhing and yanking at his hair as you came down from your high.

“I-If that’s what your tongue can do I can’t imagine what your cock can-” Loki silenced you with his lips, the familiar taste of yourself lingering on his tongue. “No need for filthy words, Y/N” Loki muttered against the skin underneath your ear, he could feel hot precum leak from his painfully hard cock, it almost drove him insane.

You relaxed and draped your arms around his neck, basking in the temporary silence, the only sound being both your heavy breathing. You snaked your hands down towards his hips and you palmed him through the thin fabric of his briefs. A choked groan tumbled from his lips at the gentle feeling. You continued to rub your palm across the length of his erect cock through the thin fabric, making Loki buck his hips into your touch.

“You can take them off, love.” You hooked your thumbs into the thick waist band and slowly tugged them down, your small hand curved over his ass, squeezing slightly and giggling at his shocked reaction. Loki didn’t flinch when the cool air of his room brushed against his swollen length, and it didn’t surprise you; he was a frostgiant.

He kneeled and shifted his boxers down his legs because your arms couldn’t reach. His cock stood proud and tall against his pale abdomen, the pinkness of his head contrasting beautifully against the pale.

Loki hissed in pleasure as your warm hand wrapped around him, your fingers smearing the precum around his tip. You began jerking him slowly, squeezing him here and there.

You let him take over, and you spread your legs until you were completely exposed to Loki again. Your breaths came out in short little puffs as he hovered over you, his green eyes darkened with a lustful gaze. You felt your entire body humming with excitement as he reached between your bodies and grasped ahold of his cock and gently ran it along your glistening slit.

His eyes found yours once again, but this time, instead of the predatory, lustful gaze, it was filled with love and passion.

“My love, as much as I want you to take you now, have you any precaution?” Loki’s gaze was serious, and he was relieved when you murmured the words ‘I’m on contraception’.

With a languid thrust of his hips, Loki was sheathed completely inside of you. You took a moment and felt the fullness of him inside you.

Loki held one hand on your hip as the other caressed your jaw as he gazed at you.

“You are divine, my sweet girl, so beautiful. (*) I will take you. Slowly, softly. And then I will claim you. Swiftly, thoroughly. So much that you will cry out for more. Your gentle whispers of my name shall become ragged screams of exhilaration.” He claimed your lips with his he began to slowly thrust in and out of you, the lude sound of slickness along with the sound of heavy breathing engulfing your senses.

Your arms hooked under his and your nails dragged down his back, bucking your hips to meet his thrusts.

“Patience, remember what I said, Y/N.”

You became the opposite, you wanted him thrusting harder, deeper, faster, you needed him pounding into you. Your wishes came true as you felt Loki’s large cold hand inch your thigh above his slim hips. Loki began to quicken his pace, though he kept his grace and steadiness whilst sucking your lip into his mouth, his teeth nibbling at the soft flesh, bringing a groan to rise from your throat.

“Ah-aaahhh, Loki I-” You hissed through your teeth as you felt bottom out, the tip of his cock hitting your cervix, as he pulls out to push back in again, his head brushes against your g-spot. Loki anchors himself by threading his fingers into your hair and pulling- not too rough, and not gently either. His other hand ventures down towards your heat, his fingers begin to draw pressured circles around your bundle of nerves and you begin to writhe against him in pleasure.

“That’s it, my good girl, cum for me, yes, cum for me, Y/N.” You feel your walls clench around him as your orgasm approaches at his words, with a swift pinch to your clit with his cool fingers, you come undone around Loki’s cock, your muscles contracting against him, adding pressure to the thick vein on the underside, egging his own orgasm on.

“Ah, fuck, Y/N. You’re so good for me, petal, my goddess, let me see those beautiful eyes.” Loki’s face contorted with his orgasm, as yours did prior. You felt the hot, thick streams of cum fill you as he almost collapsed on top of you and it prolonged your own orgasm, making you scream his name.

As Loki pulled out of you, he peppered tender kisses over your shoulders and neck. He shifted to lean on his elbow to look at you in your naked glory, the sweat was apparent on both of your flesh, gleaming in the soft light emitted from the lamp next to your head. Loki stroked a single finger over the skin of your cheek.

“I don’t think I’ve loved anyone as much as I love you, Y/N. It’s such a foreign feeling.”

“It’s okay, I love you too, Loki,” You pulled on a strand of his hair playfully, a smile adorning your lips, “though, I think we should shower, my hair’s gone a bit sticky from the chocolate syrup…horny.


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Archie Andrew - Help me paint?

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Words: 1088

Y/N is going through a rough time with her family and gets to a breaking point. But fortunately Archie’s there to pull her back in and cheer her up. Basically lots of fluff.

A/N:  I know Riverdale only has two episodes at this point but I am already completely obsessed so I though why not write a one shot about it because let ‘s be honest the whole cast is freaking smoking. This is only loosely inspired by the series I doesn’t really follow the real plot. Hope you like it and make sure to let me know if you’d like more of this sort of imagines.

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Rough, rough is the only word that came to mind when you thought about your life right now. You always told yourself that you could, no, more like you had to handle everything but sometimes even your nerves broke. And unfortunately this was one of those times. Archie had been your rock throughout this whole mess. He was always there to cheer you up, everyday he’d stop by just to ask if you were okay, it was becoming kind of a ritual. But today, today you were really pissed, hell you were fuming. To say there was tension in your household would be an understatement. Everybody walking on their tip toes too scared to say or do the wrong thing that would set off another argument. You had had just about enough of this nonsense, and being the hot headed person you were, you got into an argument with pretty much everyone today. You parents had just gone out to dinner, which by the way was a freaking miracle that they even talked to each other after their constant disputes and your sister/brother had just stormed off after the heated discussion you had indulged her/him in.

Reader’s P.O.V.

I was pacing in my living room trying to get all my rage out when I heard the knock at the door. I opened the door forcefully “What the hell do you want?!” I snapped at the person standing at my doorstep without even looking, figuring it would have been my annoying sibling. When I finally lifted my gaze guilt flushed over me as I realised there was a confused and sorry looking Archie staring back at me with flowers in his hands. “I… I just wanted to check if you were okay… I’m sorry did I do anything-” but I didn’t let him finish as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into a much needed kiss. “I’m so sorry babe, I didn’t know it was you. God I’m SO happy you’re here.” You quickly explained leading him inside. He stared looking around the house with a questioning tone “They all left don’t worry.” I answered before he could even ask. I went to sit on the kitchen counter while I watched Archie put the flowers in a vase “I thought these would cheer you up a little, he smiled making me melt, and they’re your favourites, right?” “Aw, hun that so sweet! What would I do without you?” I laughed “You’d be a total train wreck” he smirked walking towards me. I wrapped my legs and arms around him and looked at him daringly “See now that’s mean” I pouted. He just gave me a cheeky grin leaning in to kiss me passionately. “So what d’you wanna do tonight?” I asked my forehead still resting on his. “Don’t really know, would you like to watch something?” he kissed my forehead since he was about to break out of the hug but I held him back “Eh… not really I mean we’re already seen everything.” He nodded “Well maybe if you’d let me go I could find something for us to do?” he smiled “But I don’t want to. Could we just stay like this?” I asked seriously starting to consider it. “Unfortunately no” he laughed.

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Archie’s P.O.V.

I practically saw the lightbulb turn on over her head “Oh I know we should finally paint my room, I mean everything is ready but I have just been putting it off for the past week. But since you’re here now…” she grinned. Gosh she was adorable. “Yeah sure that could be fun.” I simply replied taking her hand to go upstairs “I should warn you though, there is a strict policy of only shirtless men allowed to paint in my bedroom.” she smirked “Is that so? And what about you then huh? How’s that fair?” I laughed and shook my head “My bedroom, my rules Andrews.” her smile grew even wider and I couldn’t help but stare at her beauty. “I’ll quickly change and we can get started” she yelled already half way in her closet.

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Readers P.O.V.

I opted for my old cute denim overall and my Calvin Klein sports bra just to tease him a little. As I walked out of the closet he was mixing the paint. He was already shirtless and even though I had already had the chance to admire his abs, my breath was taken away every time I saw him without his shirt. He turned to me to say something but his jaw dropped seeing me. “Please don’t drool on my carpet” I joked. He quickly brushed it off and stood up to put his hands on my waist. “You can pull off anything can’t you” he smiled “yeah basically” I laughed throwing my hair into a quick ponytail. He tried to kiss me but I dodged him “Ah Ah Ah you got to earn it this time.” I pointed at the empty walls. He pouted a little but quickly got back to his energetic self “Let’s get to work then.” We were about halfway done when suddenly he came up to me from behind and wiped his paint full finger on my neck and cheeks “Oh it’s on!” I yelled chasing him with the brush. I managed to paint several strokes on him before he dipped his fingers in the paint and started chasing me around the room.

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Archie’s P.O.V.

“Oh God look at the mess we’ve made!” she said almost horrified by the realisation. “Don’t worry we’ll clean it up and look at the bright side at least your walls are finally done.” I sat down on the floor admiring the work we had just accomplished. “Yeah I guess so, and it was pretty fun wasn’t it?” she let out a small laugh as she laid down in my lap. “Yeah totally, I hadn’t laughed this much in so long!” I looked down at her and for a moment we just looked at each other in the most comforting silence. She was the first one to break it “Hey Archie?” she looked deep into my eyes. “Wassup?” I asked stroking her hair. It took her a minute to respond “Thank you… I mean thank you for everything. For being there when I need you and basically just for being you.” She opened up to me. “Anytime. You know I love you right?” this brought the biggest smile on her lips “Yeah I do and I love you too”.

awkward-silence-turtle  asked:

Do you think you could write a soulmate au for lafayette/hamilton/laurens/hercules/reader? Something with a happy ending and lots of fluff. Smut is up to you (sorry for so many characters!) Or a bodyguard!Reader/ward!Philip, like, she needs to protect him since he's the secretary of the treasury's kid? Ok, one last idea. SugarDaddy!Hercules/Reader. She's a broke college student and he loves to have someone to take care of. He makes her the most beautiful dresses and spoils her rotten? :-D

I hope this is alright uwu

A soulmate au with the reader and poly!hamilsquad (Al, Herc, John, Laf)

The soul mark is a star, and most people get the whole star instantly as they meet their soulmate, but for some reason, when (Name) meets her soulmate, only one spoke fills in…and it’s the same for him, too.


Five-Spoked Star (Laf/Herc/Reader/John/Alex)

Your mother says her star mark, the half star that she had had all her life, suddenly formed another half the second she met your father, and the same went for him. Your best friend, Thomas, swears that his star tingled and he could genuinely feel it forming on his skin the instant he met James. Your other best friend, Aaron, admits that his heart was pounding when he met Theodosia. Eliza promises that she got a fluttering feeling in her stomach the moment she laid eyes on Maria. 

If that was the case, why hadn’t your damn star completed fully when you met Alexander Hamilton?

As soon as he walked into the near-enough empty common room, pen in his mouth and piles of books and notebooks encased in his arms, as soon as his gaze locked with yours, as soon as he froze up, hastily placed his writing supplies on an overstuffed armchair and crossed the room to you in mere seconds, work-roughened hands reaching up to cup your face, you felt it. The tingling on your wrist as the black markings pushed their way to the surface, the fluttering feeling in your ribcage, the all-too-loud pounding of your heart. He was familiar, despite you never seeing him before in your life.

In that moment, he kissed you, and although he was a literal stranger, although you had never even laid eyes on him, let alone spoken to him, you let him, kissing back happily because here he is, the guy you’ve been waiting for your whole life! The guy who was made for you! 

When he pulled back, intelligent, beautiful eyes shining as he drank in the sight of you like a man dying of thirst, you couldn’t help but smile back. 

That is, until you noticed the jet-black star on his wrist was not a star. It was…two triangles. Two kites?

You pulled back fully, frowning, and slowly lowered your gaze to your own wrist. The same for you.

As you looked up unsurely, eyes locking with his, you said your first words to your soulmate.

“Why aren’t our stars stars?”

And he had looked down, examining his star with a furrowed brow and his mouth set in a straight line.

“I…don’t know.” He had said. His voice was higher than you thought.

“Are we broken?” You had whispered, voice coming out cracked because how could we be broken already, we’ve only just found each other and he had swiped his thumb over your cheek, catching the tears already beginning to fall as he let out soft sounds of no, no shh, we’re okay, we’re fine, I love you.

And you had sobbed and clung to him like a lifeboat, like he was your lifeboat, because you’d only just met him, only said two sentences to him and for Christ’s sake you didn’t even know his name but you loved him, he was yours, you were his. You were literally made for each other.

In the months that followed, you moved out of your college dorm - who am I kidding, you hadn’t even set foot in it yet, you met him on your very first day - and into his little, college-funded house in town. It was small, but you were deliriously in love and you didn’t even care what your living conditions were as long as you were together.

The second you moved in together, Alexander began research. Of why your stars only had two points, one for you and one for him.

Google had no answers.

Bing even less.

He Skyped with professors and soulmate scientists, vying for an answer.

It all came up blank.

Until one day, a year after you met.

You had just gone to sleep, curling up in Alexander’s hoodie like it was your comfort blanket.

A blinding light awoke you, and you winced into the lightness as you felt Alexander frantically climb into bed with you, pulling you close and peppering your face with kisses.

“Urg…Alex…its two a.m.” You protested sleepily. “We needta…go to sleep…got classes…”

“I’ve cracked it.” He said urgently, lips trailing down your neck.

“Mmm…what’ve you cracked now, baby…?”

“Our stars.”

That woke you up.


“We’re not broken, (Name)!” His eyes were alight with excitement. “I was reading this article online, and it was about this woman who only had two thirds of a star when she met her soulmate. Her soulmate also only had two thirds.”

“And?” You were fully awake by that point, eyes glittering as he explained the solution.

“She didn’t know why, until she met this other guy at her new job and the rest of her star formed.

You blinked, morning mind fogging over what this meant, until it clicked and your eyes opened wide. “You mean-”

“Two. She had two soulmates, honey.” He held his wrist next to yours and tenderly stroked your mark. “We’ve only got two fifths of a star each, so that means we’ve got three more soulmates to go. Three! That means there’s five of us!”

“Yes, I can do basic maths, baby.” You said wearily. “Five of us? What if your three remaining soulmates are different to mine?  It can happen that someone can have an unrequited soulmate.“ Poor Angelica. Why couldn’t she have been one of your five soulmates, Alex…?

"I…” He paused, pursing his lips. “I don’t know.”

“Well…” You grinned at him. “It’s like before I met you, all over again. Searching for soulmates.”

He laughed. “Sure is.”

You spent literal weeks looking for your remaining soulmates, to no avail. 

Each day you came up empty handed, you grew a little more depressed.

One weekend, your best friend Aaron literally dragged you out of bed, grumbling under his breath.

“Enough with this trying to find your soulmates already. I’m going to take you to have coffee, and we can have a heart to heart.”

He took you to the local cafe, buying you a (favourite drink) and sitting you down. You sighed.

“Alright, alright. What therapeutic methods are you going to try on me now?” You asked with a smirk.

Aaron opened his mouth to retort but was cut off by a loud yell.

“If it ain’t the prodigy!” Called a man’s voice, and three handsome men popped up behind Aaron. As soon as they did-

Oh. There it was, the heart pounding, the fluttering, the tingling. Only much, much stronger. You glanced down at your mark, and grinned as you saw the remainder of the black ink pushing its way to the surface. Your star was complete.

You looked up at the three men who were jesting around with a very irritated Aaron, and frowned. You needed to get their attention.

“Excuse me.” You called. The buff one with short, bandana’d hair glanced at you and held his gaze as he realised who you were. “What do you three, my soulmates, think you’re doing with my best friend?" 

That caught their attention. The other two fixed their eyes on you and gazed, transfixed.

"Oh shit,” said the freckled one, grinning. “We’ve found one, guys.” He walked towards you, grabbing your hand and raising it to his lips.  "John Laurens, at your service.“

The buff one, the one who noticed you first, walked to John’s side and placed a strong-yet-gentle hand on your shoulder.  "Hercules Mulligan.” He said lowly.

“Don’t be scared of him. He’s a teddy bear.” John smiled up at Hercules, leaning slightly into him.

Et je m'appelle Lafayette.” The last one, with a crazy puff of hair in a bun, came to John’s other side and reached for your free hand.

Aaron looked between the four of you, a slow, steady smile crossing his face. “Should'a seen it coming.”

“Oh!” You gasped, causing your three soulmates to jump. “I have to introduce you to Alexander! He’s…the last puzzle piece.”

“Lead the way.”

Alex was, predictably, clacking away on his laptop when you got back. As you stepped in the front door and saw him, back turned, you could see Lafayette, John and Hercules visibly freeze up. You grinned.

“Alex…” You said, voice sweet as sugar.

“Hmmm?” He let out a vague noise of acknowledgement.

“I have some people you need to meet.”

“Ah, um. Honey, can it wait? I’ve really got to do this paper…”

“Baby, you’ve got two weeks to finish that paper and you’re halfway through already. Take a break." When this gets no response, you sigh. "I found them, Alex. They’re right here.”

“Who are?" 

"Our other soulmates.”

Alexander jolts as though your words have pierced him, and spins around in his wheelie chair faster than you can say seven-eight-nine. He gets up as though in a trance, and before you know it you are crushed in a huge, five-way hug.

“Our stars are finished,” He mumbles thickly. “We’re not broken.”

“We’re not.” You agree, sniffling.

The hug is drawn back, and you stand, grinning, between them as they all introduce themselves.

You feel happier than you ever have in your life.

Kinda feel like doing a sequel to this.

I’ll tell you what, if this gets enough reblogs, captioned with something along the lines of ‘Please do a sequel’, I will.


Word Count: 1029

    A/N: ahh this one is super cute lol, I love it. Also your girl is about to be a junior after tomorrow, can I hear a hell yeah? Hell yeah! Alrighty i hope you enjoy! Much love!

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   “Juggie, come take a picture with me!” Y/N yelled from the living room of her apartment, and Jughead reluctantly came out of their shared bedroom.

    “Why?” he asked, and Y/N rolled her eyes.

    “Because I wanna take a picture with my boyfriend, I’m sorry.” she teasingly said, and Jughead came up behind her, loosely wrapping his arms around her waist.

    “What do you want a picture for?” he asked, and she turned around in his arms.

    “I just want a picture of us, why does it matter?” she asked, and he lightly chuckled.

    “It doesn’t matter all that much, I just wanted to know why you wanted to take a picture all the sudden.” he replied, and Y/N looked down at the ground, somewhat hiding her face. Jughead instantly knew there was something she wasn’t telling him, and now he definitely had to know.

    “What’s going on?” Jughead asked, and Y/N tore herself from his grasp, placing herself on the couch.

    “I got a call today..” she started, playing with the phone in her hands. “It was my sister, I haven’t heard from her in forever, ever since I emancipated myself and moved out of the house, so I was confused as to how she got my number, considering I changed it. She told me that things at home were a lot better now that I was gone-”

    “I’m so sorry.” Jughead interrupted, walking towards her and sitting beside her on the couch.

    “No, it’s not better because I’m gone, well I mean it is but only because my parents for their shit together and decided they didn’t want to lose any more children. Anyways, she was asking about how I’ve been, what I’ve been doing, and I told her about you and the gang. She said my mom wanted to see a picture of the boy who was making me happy and taking care of me now…” Y/N said softly, trailing off to a mumble. Jughead smiled softly to her and grabbed her phone out of her lap, pulling her up from the couch.

    “Well in that case, I’d be happy to take a picture with you.” He said, and Y/N laughed.

    “You should be happy taking pictures with me anyways.” She said, and he rolled his eyes.

    “Yeah I know, smartass.” He teased and she chuckled.

    “Don’t be mad I’m right asshat, now take a picture with me!” she said, pulling up the camera app on her phone. She smiled and Jughead made a weird face, and Y/N turned and pressed her lips to his, and he laughed in the kiss.

    “Yeah?” he asked when she pulled away, and she gave a smug smile.

    “Yeah, please take an actual picture, a nice one with me?” She asked quietly and Jughead took the phone from her.

    “Why can’t we have a silly one, and a nice one. Variety, that way they know I’m funny and sweet.” He playfully argued, and Y/N nodded her head.

    “Okay, okay. Just take the picture.” Jughead held up the camera and tried to smile, but it ended up looking forced, and it made Y/N die of laughter.

    “What?” He asked and she tried to speak, but she was out of breath and just about to collapse on the floor.

    “You look like a gun is being held to your head, you look terrified!” She giggled, and Jughead smirked, trying not to laugh himself.

    “I’m sorry?” he said and Y/N stood up straight, breathing normally again.

    “Let’s try again.” she said, “but try to give a real smile, for me?” Jughead sighed, pretending that the simple task she gave him was a hard one that he didn’t want to do and she rolled her eyes playfully, smiling towards the camera again as he held up the phone. This time, he looked at her smiling face through the screen, and he didn’t have to fake a smile, she looked so happy, and if she was happy, so was he. They took the first picture, and Y/N squealed with joy.

    “They’re going to love this!” she exclaimed, turning to face Jughead, leaning up to kiss the beanie-less boy on the cheek. “And they’re going to love my handsome boyfriend, of course. Him and his wonderful smile.” Jughead blushed slightly, holding the camera up again.

    “This time, I want to do silly faces.” He said, sticking his tongue out and crossing his eyes. Y/N did her best silly face, and when he took the picture the two of them laughed.

    “Am I still handsome?” He asked, and she nodded.

    “Absolutely, no doubt in my mind.” she said, and Jughead smirked.

    “You mean to tell me, that if I looked like that constantly, you’d still date me?” He asked, and again she nodded.

    “Yup. Am I still beautiful?” She asked, and Jughead lifted her head so she was looking up at him.

    “When are you not?” he asked, and she blushed, leaning up to kiss Juggie, and he met her halfway, pulling up the camera to take a picture. She heard the click and pulled away, taking the phone from his hands and she stared admiringly down at the photo. Jughead tore his gaze from the beautiful girl in front of him to look down at the picture, and he smiled.

    “Send that one to them.” He said, and she blushed.

    “I-I don’t know.” she stuttered, and Jughead chuckled.

    “Or don’t, it’s okay.” He said, sitting down on the couch, and Y/N sat next to him, pulling up her messages and started to text the photos to her sister.

    “I love these.” she mumbled to herself, pushing the send button and going to her photos app. She pulled up the one of the two of them kissing, and set it as her home screen, pushing the home button to admire her new wallpaper.

    “That one your favourite?” He asked, and she nodded, smiling down at it.

    “Yeah, I guess.” She said, and he laughed, pulling her closer into his side.

    “We should take more pictures.” he said, and Y/N laughed.

    “I agree.”

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Requested: no

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Series: The Purpose of Love - Bittersweet Generation

Description: Y/N accidently spills her biggest secret to a well-known stranger and it ends up getting a bit heated than intended.

The TV was on. Muted, but it was turned on. It was the first thing Calum had done as soon as you had walked into the room with your friend. He had turned on the TV and muted it as if no one were actually going to look at the giant screen. And no one did. Everyone started to talk, instantly.

It was a funny scene if you thought about it. Five people seated around a coffee table with snacks and a muted TV. Three of those people were famous - Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford - and the fourth of those five was your out-going friend who seemed to know everyone in the city of Los Angeles.

And then there were you. The quiet, anti-social and smart girl. The girl who liked the rain more than the sun, the girl who liked the book more than the movie, the girl who liked the calls more than the texts. That girl was you.

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From Spring To Spring I Smile

March 1985—Separation No.2

In those long, dark months he had waited. He had reached out to nothing and felt only shadows in his grasp, only bitterness; brought from the pain of wanting something he knew he couldn’t have. It hurt like hell. It made him cry and it made him break and it stayed with him always.

But now she was back. She had fallen into his arms like a building on its last legs collapsing to the ground, bringing up dust in its wake.

She was back and she was breathing and she was alive, and it was beautiful. She was beautiful, but she was broken. It wasn’t an easy fix for her like it was for him.

Her smiles were rare, and small, like cracks in stones. They lit up a room as does the sun shining through the boughs of trees on a summer day.

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Husband Yuta

Request: can you do a scenario with yuta where you and him are on we got married, like what kind of husband he would be?

A/N: instead of we got married i’ll just describe him as a husband in general, i hope you don’t mind !!

  • this marks another start of a series yay !
  • okay but thanks for requesting this anon , i’d just like to say that yuta’s a really great husband material like ?? wow
  • okay before reading this , you might want to check boyfriend yuta first ,
  • okay let’s get started !!

  • so one fine day you were just chilling together on the bed

  • cuddling and holding onto each other while stealing kisses if possible
  • in the apartment that y'all bought together thanks to yuta and his suggestions
  • and he randomly asked you ,
  • “ babe what if we got married ”
  • “ honestly i don’t think anything would change , i’ll still love you ”
  • “ really ? aw ”
  • then he attacks you with a big hug and kiss
  • two months later he invites you to the dorm because apparently “ taeyong has something to announce ”
  • being clueless you arrived at the dorm on your own first , thinking that yuta would be inside already
  • but only the dream team was there and they were all giggling and trying to keep their smiles to one another ,
  • you’re just there like “ what is happening ??? ”
  • cliche, but the lights suddenly go out
  • then from nowhere doyoung & taeil starts singing
  • and yuta’s wearing your favourite hoodie of his with sweatpants
  • his arms are behind his back , an excited & big smile showing on his face
  • and you’re still there like ???
  • amidst of all these taeyong looks like he’s about to cry as he holds ten for support
  • johnny & hansol’s just there smiling to themselves
  • chenle & jisung’s jumping excitedly
  • then next thing you know yuta’s on his knees and proposes to you
  • “ babe i know this isn’t the best way to propose and it all seems so rushed but i don’t see the need to plan everything nicely because nothing can portray how much i love you , are you willing to be my takoyaki princess ? ”
  • donghyuck starts cringing and screaming
  • still shookt , you hug him immediately and said yes
  • which made taeyong cry
  • okay fast forward !!
  • honestly the type of husband who’s really chill and relax
  • which means lots of lazy days together
  • one time y'all were too lazy to get out of bed , y'all stayed in there for the whole day
  • just talking and hugging
  • and at the end of the day he got all clingy and sly like
  • “ babe wanna shower together ? ”
  • “ why today out of all days ”
  • “ besides , we didn’t do much today i don’t think we need to shower ”
  • “ but babe :-((( ”
  • and he starts pouting and pecking your whole face , you eventually give in
  • he’s always there for you !1!1!
  • making your days better and never failing to cheer you up after you get home from a bad day
  • he’d immediately notice your grumpy expression
  • greeting you with a hug as soon as you stepped into the apartment
  • he offered to cook for you and let you rant to him about your day
  • when’s he’s beside you holding your hand and assuring you with a smile
  • the other members like to visit yall
  • sometimes without warning too
  • so one time you and yuta were getting into the mood 😏
  • halfway while making out , y'all heard knocking on the door and johnny’s loud voice calling out
  • yuta immediately groaned and his mood went from 100 to 0
  • he didn’t even bother to put on his shirt and opened the door for them
  • mark was shookt when he saw your messy hair and flustered face
  • haechan trying to keep his laughter in
  • johnny and ten just smirking and laughing at yuta ,
  • whom at this point , was this close 👌 to beating them up
  • turns out they were ‘bored’ and wanted to see how your marriage life was
  • it was all johnny’s idea
  • but after they went back he made it up for you during night time so
  • really sweet and caring tbh
  • one time you fell sick and couldn’t even get up from bed
  • he didn’t hesitate to take leave and skip practice
  • and he spent the whole day attending to you and making sure that you were feeling okay
  • he even took the effort and time to check your temperature and feed you every hour , despite him being tired
  • under his love and concern for two days straight , you got better
  • but poor yuta caught your sickness and fell sick instead
  • so it was now your turn to take care of him
  • which he loves a lot because he finds it cute seeing you being flustered and worried over him
  • fights and arguements hardly ever occur but when it does it’s normally over really serious matters ,
  • which usually concerns over one of your health issues
  • one time you got mad at him for always working till late at night and practising non stop even when there was no comeback coming up
  • he was so tired too he burst at you and said words he didn’t mean at all
  • this eventually led to a cold war between the both of you for like two days
  • it was not until taeyong appeared and tried to explain to you that yuta was practising a dance to perform for your anniversary ,
  • that you hugged him crying that night when he came back from practice again , apologising for not understanding
  • yuta’s heart softened as soon as he heard your cries and he couldn’t help but kiss you after , apologising for his words too
  • okay in conclusion he’s super sweet and caring
  • honestly he’s husband material af , bless whoever’s gonna marry him in the future
  • im sorry this was so bad omg

My piece for the Sheithlentine exchange on Twitter! Happy Valentines, @foxkunkun! I’m still learning how to draw digitally so I’m sorry if the colours are too bold, but I hope you like it! A lil fic to go with this underneath c: EDIT: Something in my theme is causing this to be copied twice when you look at this on my blog from a computer?? IDK how to fix it, sorry ^^;

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Pairing: Neal Caffrey x Reader

Word Count: 2,595 words

Theme Song: I Found - Amber Run (Such a great song!)

Request: Can you do like a really fluffy Neal imagine please? Like maybe where you think you’re not pretty enough or skinny enough for him and he admits he likes you and cuddles ensue… Love your blog and you!!!! Xx

A/N: Wow! I think this is my favourite one-shot out of all the one-shots/drabbles/prompts that I’ve written so far (which, granted, isn’t that many). I don’t know why but I totally put myself into this one and it came out great. My mind is so weird sometimes. I also recommend listening to the theme song while reading this because it’s what helped me write this. Thanks, and I hope it’s alright!

| x |

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The night was dark and blustery. Ice-like snow pellets whipped across the barren streets and tapped incessantly against the glass of the café window. With a sigh, you shuffled in the booth, hands tightening around your mug of tea.

You hated the cold. You hated the way it ripped at trees and left them bare; the way it bit at your skin, leaving behind cracks and imperfections. You already had enough imperfections to last you a lifetime — you didn’t need more.

Especially when you were dating Neal Caffrey — ex-con and freaking sex on legs.

Sighing again, you dropped your head and stared into your tea. The milk swirled and danced in the mug, resembling an evanescent nebula. You found some part of you wishing that you could be as beautiful as the stars — as pure as those balls of fire surrounded by an ever-changing canvas of obsidian.

Honestly, what did Neal see in you?

Your gaze slid down to your nails, your cracked nail polish reflecting your mood. Frowning, you released your mug to pick at them, only to stop when you heard another body slide into the booth opposite of you. Before you could look up, a piece of lemon loaf slid into view, cut into two even halves.

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#179 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompt “Best Friend // Rex Orange County and it’s just like the boy desperately wanting to be with his best friend and idk if u listen to the song it’s rly cute tysm” and “One where reader is a rich girl, and Van thinks she’s gonna be a stereotypical pompous twat, but she’s real humble and the lads an van are pleasantly surprised?”

When your parents dropped you with Mary and Bernie, you were nervous and excited in equal measures. Your siblings were nothing like you, and when the conversation was had about having to work for pocket money, they almost rioted. Your brother smashed both televisions in his room, and your sister said she’d stop helping with the horses. You happily thought about it and decided that when you grew up you’d like to maybe work in a hotel. The hotels in the village weren’t about to let a kid come work for them, but there was the bed and breakfast. A phone later you were on your way to work. Well, volunteer. Your parents would pay you, but technically you weren’t employed.

The aim was to learn the value of money. Everything was easy for you growing up; born with a silver spoon. Getting out into the world and seeing how other people lived would do you good. Naturally kind and full of empathy, you wanted nothing more than to figure out how to use your privilege to help other people. Maybe your sixteen-year-old mind didn’t think of it in those terms, but that’s what you were doing. You’d never have guessed that your attempts to be a better person would be met with such resistance.

Mary and Bernie liked you immediately. You used your manners and took directions well. You followed them around making tea and ironing bed sheets. Their son, who you were sure was actually named Ryan but everyone seemed to call Van, did not like you immediately. He hardly spoke to you at all, and if you had to be in the same room, he’d put his cheap headphones in and ignore you.

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Essays in Existentialism: Stud IV

more stud lexa????? totally my fav.

Previously on Stud

The first hint of the autumn chill was a glorious kind of magic. It rattled its way through the streets on rickety wheels, making leaves chatter on leaves and making ships creak in the harbour. It climbed its way up buildings, leavings the fingerprints of the impending winter on the glass. The first chill was a defiant, fierce little thing, that was known to only a few who braved the early hour as the sun began to wake in this half of the world. Their breaths all became clouds, drifting along aimlessly as their throats tightened against the cold. But, like the first line of soldiers, the first hint of the end of summer was bombarded and dispatched with little effort by the day once the sun rose and attempted to hide any evidence of the bodies. 

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anonymous asked:

Maybe Laf accidentally happening upon Aaron wearing one of his shirts or hoodies or something (of which it is @ least 3x too big )

Sorry for the wait, anon! Hope you don’t mind me writing nonbinary Laf, I haven’t written them in a while. Rest under the readmore

The thing was, Aaron just loved to tease Lafayette over their fashion sense. It was all “I didn’t know that many colours existed,” and “If we have children, you are banned from dressing them.” Sometimes, it was even “If I go blind, I’m sue-ing you.”

All in good fun, of course. If Lafayette didn’t already know Aaron’s teasing tone, they would have known from the way Aaron would lean to his tip-toes to give them an apologetic peck on the cheek.

“At least I don’t wear nothing but blacks and greys,” Lafayette would tease back.

“I resent that, I’ve been known to wear maroon, time to time.” Aaron would answer, clearly referencing his jacket.

Lafayette would grin. “I bought that for you. You were going to go with brown. I finally convinced you to not go with a neutral colour, for once.”

It was a balance. Not an important one, but one Lafayette appreciated all the same. Their boyfriend was just as wonderful in his preferred quiet style as he was in dramatic, eye popping colours. The only thing that mattered was what made him more comfortable, which just so happened to be low saturated purples, browns, and charcoals.

Thus, it was a bit of a surprise when Lafayette came over unannounced one day to see Aaron lounging in their hoodie at the kitchen table, rather than one of Aaron’s own. The soft pastel tie-die pattern mixed with sharp black accents was extremely familiar, and Lafayette found their eyes glued to it.

It was, after all, a very unfamiliar sight on their boyfriend, at least three sizes too big and looking all the more comfy for it.

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Fright Night [M]

Another Christian Yu stuff, requested by @whitekconfess. Sorry I’m very late, but I needed to get into the mood.

Christian Yu x Reader

[istg his photos always fitting so well into my stories, and I always choosing them after I finish the fic, except when I’m writing one based on the photo itself]

Type: smut

Words count: 2201

Summary: you planned a movie night with a couple of friends of yours including Christian, but no one came except him; things getting heated because of a horror movie

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Summary: It’s the 4th of July, Steve’s birthday, and you have the perfect present for him. 

Warnings: Unprotected sex 

Word count: 1700

A/N: It’s finally done! I wanted this out as a thank you for 1500 followers, but as of today we’re at 1700, so THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I hope this lives up to your expectations lolol

Tagging:  @pleasecallmecaptain @waitingfortherightpartner @generation-hated @price-devant-la-cage @dontaskmetosay-idontloveyou @childrenofhumanity @avengersandchill @wydari 

Steve was the kind of guy to make up for any shortcomings on his part. He was also the kind of guy who thought he had shortcomings, because he wasn’t six feet tall or 300 pounds of pure muscle or halfway around the world scampering away from a spray of bullets.

He was the kind of guy who knew exactly where to take his girl on the Fourth of July to make it perfect, even if he wasn’t celebrating it in a trench with his best friend. Because this was what the selfish half of his heart wanted to do, not protect his country from Nazi’s, but protect his world from being lonely on a holiday.

And he certainly wasn’t planning on the night ending the way it did when he found the perfectly empty field and tossed a fluffy cotton blanket down on the grass, but Steve wasn’t exactly complaining. Mostly because in a string of fantastic, beautiful things, you were the best finale he could’ve imagined. The only finale that followed the pattern of increasing awe settling between his ribs.

Even though the end was his favourite part of the night, he liked to think about it from the beginning; with the fireworks booming overhead, stars clinging to his tastebuds, and your head weighing down his chest. Already he felt like that was the perfect way to end the night, assuming that after the late celebration he would walk you home, kiss you goodnight, and go home to his lips unsatisfied and yearning for more.

But if he wanted that, he shouldn’t have taken you out on his birthday, because you had something else in mind. Something else that started with your hand running over his chest during an explosion of blue on the black sheet of sky. His breath was already caught somewhere between his desire for you to continue and his worry that you’d do exactly that.

Steve didn’t pull his hand off your waist when you twisted enough for your lips to reach his neck and kiss up his jagged pulse. He didn’t blink when you got up and moved to straddle him instead, dragging your fingers through his neatly combed hair. What he did do was gulp, let out a small strangled huff, and admire how you looked with your hair falling around your face when you looked down at him.

“Happy birthday Stevie.” He was surprised to find that his hammering heart didn’t drown out the sultry timbre in your voice, or how it clung to the shell of his ear the way your lipstick held onto his pale skin.

“Is this - Are you sure?” When he got nervous he liked to second guess things, and since this was a first for Steve, his nerves were as manageable as the orbit of Jupiter. Adding your hand, which had started drifting down his suspender strap, and the crack of a grin on your painted lips, Jupiter seemed more like the Milky Way.

“I am. Are you?” There was a bounce in your voice, a taunt. Like you were trying to see what tone you had to use to make Steve faint. With his heart going the way it was, you weren’t too far away from finding out.

“I, yes. I just, I mean I’ve never - I don’t know how.” Stammering was also a side effect of Steve facing against an entire galaxy, as embarrassing as it was.

“That’s okay, I can help.” There was nothing teasing in your smile this time, but Steve still had a hard time catching his breath. This was the girl he loved, the one who could cure diseases with a smile and made him feel like the world when everyone else was so focussed on proving he was a mouse.

He wasn’t sure when the fireworks had stopped, mostly because his heartbeat sounded just as loud as the sparkling detonations when they were still erupting behind you, but when you ducked down and kissed every inch of exposed skin that came from unbuttoning his shirt, it felt like they had only moved off the screen of sky and went onto his skin instead.

As much as Steve loved the feeling of your lips crawling down his heaving chest, and as much as he wanted the image replaying in his head to be more than his imagination, he also just really wanted to kiss you. You were about to slide past his belly button when his finger hooked under your chin and tugged you softy back upwards.

If Steve’s kisses had been passionate before, they were vehement now. Like the heat of a sun was pouring out of him and you were the only one to catch it. Carefully, his hands ran down from your sides to your thighs. He made to pull away and ask if this was okay, if he was doing it right, if there was something else he should be doing in that moment instead of rubbing your thighs and tangling your tongues. Before his mouth had even left yours you were mumbling for him to stop thinking about it and keep going.

So that’s exactly what Steve did, leaving one hand to run under your dress and taking the other to find your zipper. His finger had only just wrapped around the cool metal when he had to pause, eyes fluttering shut, as you ground into him. He didn’t know he could make a sound like that until it left his lips and bounced off the dewy grass on either side of you two.

He started thinking again when you giggled, but a quick check at the endearing look in your eyes calmed him down. He unzipped your dress, letting it pool around your hips while you slipped his open shirt over his shoulders. You shivered at his fingers tracing a path up your ribs, making Steve hesitate.

“Are you cold?”

“No, why’d you stop?”

“You shivered, I thought you were cold.” You bit back a laugh at Steve’s confusion, sweetly pushing some of his hair out of his face.

“Not cold. It just felt good.” Steve rarely got the chance to make you embarrassed, but somehow making you admit this did the trick, and it made him feel like a king. Good, he was doing good. He wanted a better taste of this power - if it only took his fingers on your sides to make you shiver, what else could he do to you?

“Well tell me if you get cold, okay?” He grinned boyishly and continued running his fingers over your skin until they met fabric. You smiled back before kissing a line on his jaw. The second time your hips ground into him it was easier to bite back his groan, because it wasn’t so much of a surprise at how good you felt against him.

Steve pulled off your bra but his hands didn’t move to replace it. After giving him a moment to see what he would do, you took his hands and directed them to the soft flesh yourself.

“I told you to stop thinking.” You teased, sitting up so he had a full view of your top half. His eye skated over your figure and he had to stop himself from groaning again.

“I know, but you’re beautiful.” His thumbs rubbed over your nipples and you gasped, grip tightening over his hands. He did it again to see if it was a good or bad reaction, smirking when you let out a choked sigh. “Especially like this.”

Steve tugged and squeezed until your chest was heaving, and then your hands went down to his belt and yanked it undone. He swallowed thickly when you pushed his pants down, rubbing him through his boxers. He pressed his head into the ground and whimpered, his hips involuntarily pressing into your hand.

“You look pretty good like this as well.” You murmured, readjusting to slide the last of your clothes off. You made another circle with your hips and Steve helped this time, pressing you down by your hips and getting lost in the gratifying twist in his stomach. His boxers were warm and damp from your arousal, and Steve couldn’t wait to get them off. “Ready?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” His voice was more gravelly than you’d ever heard before, it was like music to your ears. You shrugged, tugging lightly on his waistband until he lifted himself up and you could pull them down.

Steve’s jaw clenched when you sank down on him, his hands gripping your hips like his life depended on it. The best part, Steve thought, was the whine you made when he filled you up. He felt that surge of importance again, and it drove him to spread your legs a little further and push into you even more.

Then you started moving, and Steve wanted to explode. His hands found purchase on your waist, helping you slam down on him until you were a moaning mess on top of him. For all it was worth, Steve wasn’t any better in choking down his groans and gasps.

Your hands found his, one tangling your fingers and pressing into the ground by his head while you guided the other between your legs and told him to rub. He tested out harsh stripes and circles with his thumb until he passed over your clit and you clenched around him. He kept it up until your stomach untwisted and you were pulsing all around him, head nuzzled into his neck and kissing his collarbone until he found release too.

When he opened his eyes again all he saw was stars, and although they were stunning, they were nothing compared to you, so he turned onto his side to face where you had rolled off him. The soft moonlight made you shine and your eyes glimmered lazily at Steve.

“I love you.” He kissed you again, tired and caring and intimate. You scooted closer and his arms wrapped around you, cuddling you closer.

“I love you more.”

katie-dub  asked:

CS + 21 for the drabbles if you're up for it please 😊

I am always up for fake relationship aus, I hope you like this!

21. “We have to pretend to be married.”

“We have to pretend to be married.”

Killian almost chokes on his coffee, and she thinks maybe she should have picked another time to mention this to him. Maybe more strategically. And not in the middle of their favourite diner, during the breakfast rush, no less. “Pardon?”

“Actually, marriage would mean we’d have to have pictures of some kind of wedding and knowing Granny, she’d want to see the certificate, too.” Emma groans. “Engaged,” she nods to herself, and then to Killian, “we have to pretend to be engaged.”

Killian pushes his coffee mug away from him, and shakes his head as if coming out of a daze. “Apologies, Swan, but I don’t follow.”

Emma sighs. “My brother’s getting married.”

“And apparently so are we?” he interrupts with a quirk of his brow.

“No. Well. Look, David is getting married and I have to go back to my hometown for the wedding. Which means every single person will realize how much of a loner and shit at life I am and I can take it, but my mom doesn’t need that from her neighbours and her colleagues and, like, the fucking grocery store cashier.” Emma inhales heavily, and squeezes her eyes shut. Honestly, small towns and their stupid judgmental gossip mills. “So, would you pretend to be my fiance?”

When she opens her eyes, Killian’s blinking at her. The whole concept is ridiculous, and it’s just for that reason that she think it might work. Besides, when she came up with the plan at three in the morning, a very large part of her brain told her that letting Killian wrap an arm around her waist and curl his hand around hers wouldn’t be the worst thing. (It would probably be one of the best, if she lets that small voice in the back of her head be heard.)

“You are going to your brother’s wedding,” Killian says slowly.


“I am to be your date.”


“And not just any date. A fiance. Your fiance.”


He continues to stare at her with an expression she can’t read. She fidgets with the zipper of her jacket before reaching up and curling her hair around her ears.

“Is it really necessary for you to go through such a charade?” he asks, finally breaking the tense silence.

And okay, she knew there was fifty percent chance he’d say no. They were best friends, but that didn’t mean he would willingly jump into the mouth of a snapping crocodile for her. But she’ll be lying if she says she isn’t a little disappointed. At the prospect of not getting to act like he’s actually hers, or him not wanting to see her that way, she isn’t sure.

He’s still waiting on her answer, so she supplies him with a weak nod.

“And when is this wedding?”

“In three weeks.”

“How long will it be?”

“A week, maybe two, if David wants me to come early and help out.” She sighs, and resigns herself to his rejection, tries not to take it too personally. It’s not like she’s told him flat out that she has feelings for him and he’s shot her down. But, still.

Killian keeps his expression pointedly neutral, and reaches for a napkin. He lays it out in front of him and maneuvers a pen out of the pocket of his jeans. He clicks it open and begins writing in his stupidly perfect cursive.

“What are you doing?” she chances, after he’s already reached halfway to the bottom of his napkin.

“I’m writing you a list of things I will do as your fake fiance, should you need me to do them.” He says it so casually, that she can only assume he’s making fun of her.

“Killian, I was being serious about this.”

He looks up at her, pen poised over the napkin. “As am I.” It takes everything in her not to jump over the table and pull him into a crushing hug when she hears no lie in his words. Instead, she nods, and picks up her mug of coffee while he goes back to his list. She watches as strands of his hair fall into his eyes, and as he pauses every few moments to think before jotting down more points, ever so often smiling to himself. Some days she tries to talk herself out of loving Killian Jones, but in moments like these she finds that that isn’t exactly possible.

It takes him a few minutes, but eventually he slides his napkin to her side of the table and watches her expectedly as she picks it up.

  • Regale the story of our first meeting and of how I proposed to you
  • Constantly provide you with drinks to make the experience easier
  • Alternatively: propose a drinking game based on your relatives
  • Brag about your achievements
  • Start a fight with an old boyfriend who decides he wants you back (can be physical, if need be)
  • Steal the mic at the wedding to tell everyone how much I adore you
  • Pretend to be really drunk so you can leave early
  • Let you eat my slice of the cake

More to be decided upon further request from the future (pretend) Mrs. Swan-Jones

There’s a tightness in Emma’s throat as she re-reads it once (okay, maybe twice) more, which is why she prides herself in how even her voice comes out when she says, “You’re ridiculous.”

“Ah, but you want to marry me anyway.” He gives her a full grin this time, the one that reaches his eyes and brings his dimples to life. She has to snap herself out of staring, has to remind herself that even if there’s a lining of truth to his words, that this will all be pretend.

Two weeks. She can do two weeks of pretending to be in a long term relationship with a guy she’s head over heels about, one who doesn’t share her feelings. How hard could it be?

want a drabble?

Blue Scarf

Requested by: the lovely Ash @lolohshit-mybad ^^
Prompts: #18 “I can’t breathe” & #35 “You look like you’ve just had a run in with a werewolf.” “I have, thanks for noticing.” (Rossi x Reader)

A/N: Last Rossi story from the current list of requests! It is 2700 words long because, as always, I have no idea what self-control is. Enjoy! :)

Originally posted by prettyboyspence

You needed to get out. You knew the bar had a little outdoor area at the back, although you weren’t sure if it was staff-only or not. When you started making your way out of the throng of people moving on the dance floor, your now unwelcome companion tried to reach for your hand.

‘I can’t breathe in here and I need the bathroom,’ you half-shouted in his ear. He nodded and headed back to his group of friends, high-fiving a few. ‘Men,’ you mumbled as you rolled your eyes and kept moving towards the back. He was probably telling them he had put his hands on places he most definitely hadn’t.

Your eyes were scanning the many faces in the bar but you couldn’t find your co-workers anywhere. You had come along with JJ and Morgan to celebrate Garcia’s birthday. You had greeted everyone the moment you arrived but had lost them once they dispersed either to get drinks or to go to the small dance floor in the middle. Garcia had found this one bar that closed its doors to the public and only allowed entrance to those who had booked a spot to celebrate their birthdays, and it wasn’t super full, but there were at least four or five different parties going on at the same time.

It was the middle of the week, which was no problem for the team since it had thankfully coincided with a day off after a long case. The downside to it all, though? It was compulsory to come in full costume. You had tried to convince Garcia to just let you come in an all-black outfit and with some kitty ears but she had said you wouldn’t be allowed in.

So, with only a day left to come up with an idea, you had decided to go as a vampire. The make-up part was easy: heavy on the eyes, some fake blood on your neck and dripping from your mouth, dark red lipstick and you were done. You had even managed to get some fake fangs that didn’t look like the cheap, Halloween ones.

The real problem was the dress. You had only one long, tight, black dress that would fit the theme you were going for but it had long sleeves, which had led to your needing to get out –apart from the fact that you did not want that guy’s hands on your body.

You made it to the door without too much trouble, still not finding any of the team members, and walked out to the desolated, tiny area. You breathed in the night air, welcoming the cool breeze, even though the sudden change in temperature made you shiver.

‘You look like you’ve just had a run in with a werewolf,’ Rossi’s deep voice surprised you. He had seen you practically running away from the guy and decided to check on you.

You turned around as the door closed behind him and caught him checking out your body, and the smile he gave you afterwards caused your stomach to make a flip.

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gelagirlcolors  asked:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new theme!:D It's better than the last one tbh XD ummm anyways, may i request for hcs of an ice skating au?? :3

Ok so the first thing that came to mind was my favourite short program ever *cough* Agape. XD


  • Gladion is like… that grungy kid in class who was forced to attend by his mother.
  • Lusamine probably a famous figure skater who even in her 40s can still skate well enough to make it to Grand Prix Finals (like, she’s fem!Victor I realise).
  • And he attends classes with Lillie who absolutely can’t get the hang of doing anything on the ice without slipping.
  • He ends up being her support most of the time which gives Lusamine the great idea to make them skate in pair competitions.
  • In this AU, the beasts are probably like, these insanely talented ice skaters who take over the ice skating scene when she leaves and she loves their performances so much she forces Lillie and Gladion to copy their routines.
  • Of course, these beast skaters probably take steroids or something because even the girls can land every kind of quad perfectly (girls can’t do quads or even if a girl managed a quad it would be really insanely difficult). 
  • But, then here’s this beast who can do a quad axel.
  • Which is of course not even possible. No one has ever done it before.
  • So, Lusamine tries to make Lillie do a quadruple axel but Lillie can’t even land a salchow so when she tries to do a double axel she breaks her ankle.
  • This is the point where Gladion decides he’s going to do solo skating and he’s not going to let Lusamine coach him anymore. Instead, he gets a super lenient Guzma to coach him. He doesn’t go to any of his competitions but at least Gladion can compete.
  • Plumeria is probably his gymnastics teacher and helps him choose music that isn’t like the Mozart and Vivaldi Lusamine forced him to skate.
  • His Short Program would be something really sad and to the point and he’d have a face like… :[
  • Hahahaha, the judges grade him really high for technical but low for performance because this boy has only two emotions; anger and annoyance.
  • When he starts skating in the Seniors division, you and Hau enter the Juniors division.
  • Which means you skate for women’s singles of course so Gladion doesn’t really hear about you until Guzma decides to hand Gladion’s coaching over to his old friend Kukui while he goes galavanting to another country (for reasons unknown since well Guzma is eccentric like that).
  • So now Kukui coaches for Hau and Gladion and Hau is so!!! energetic!!! 
  • It makes Gladion want to barf.
  • I’m not saying he skates Shall We Skate but he totally skates Shall We Skate. He’s actually a reincarnation of Phichit Chulanont.
  • Then, Hau offhandedly mentions how familiar he looks and that he has a friend named Lillie that Kukui’s wife coaches in the women’s singles division like she’s named Lillie!! She’s so talented!!! Do you know her???
  • And Gladion is like !!!!
  • When did Lillie stop being coached by Lusamine???
  • Kukui overhears and is so proud of his wife he takes them to one of Lillie’s competitions complete with like flags and signs he and Hau can wave.
  • She so skates Through the Eyes of Love though.
  • And Gladion is like low key so proud of her he almost sheds a tear omg.
  • Lillie spots him probably halfway through her set and almost doesn’t properly land her Lutz because of the shock but she makes up for it with an amazing double Axle and toe loop combo.
  • She just gets motivated seeing her big-shot skating brother there cheering.
  • And just when he thinks that moment of emotional weakness is over!!! Here is you!!! Skating to You Don’t Give Up On Love!!!
  • He’s so impressed with your performance he doesn’t even pretend he’s leaning over the barrier with wide eyes.
  • He’s muttering the moves you’re making under his breath and Lillie and Hau are like giving each other Knowing Looks.
  • “Triple Lutz, triple toe- OH MY GOD A TRIPLE FLIP WTF
  • “Gladion, you still okay?”
  • “Who is that?”
  • “Oh, [Y/N], remember? I did mention her.”
  • That’s [Y/N]?!?!”
  • His face is just like… wow :O
  • When you reach the kiss and cry and Kukui starts berating you for doing quads in your junior year Gladion cuts in and he looks so awkward and you freeze up because omg that’s skating legend Gladion Virdis talking to you. YOU. PLS DON’T BE A NERD. SAY SOMETHING COOL.
  • both of you are screaming on the inside, arceus help you both
  • You idolise him a bit, mehehehehe.
  • “That was… amazing, actually.” He says like he’s shocked and it’s unprecedented.
  • It’s totally unprecedented, he is rarely shocked.
  • You better believe he now goes to all your and Lillie’s competitions.
  • He tells Guzma he’s not going to take him back as a coach and Guzma just cackles because that was his plan all along.
  • Guzma and Kukui watch you and Gladion pair skate like five years later and high-five each other.
  • All four of you take trips together and practice together and have mini competitions to see who pair skates better. Lillie and Gladion or you and Hau. 
  • Which triggers Gladion into confessing.
  • Hahahahaha, Hau get your filthy malasada stained hands off my girl no offence.
  • So really you guys only have Hau and Gladion’s competitiveness to thank for starting yours and Gladion’s pair skating career. 
  • The public finds out about your relationship because Gladion kisses you at the Kiss and Cry when you find out that you’ve won the Gold.
  • Which is good because you both had been planning to but you wanted to skate solo first until you get a gold before skating with Gladion.
  • From edgy cool songs, Gladion’s skating becomes sweeter and softer when you’re with him.
  • everyone loves you two toGETHER ON THE ICE OK
  • Couple Skating Goals.
  • You better believe someone writes a song for the both of you and it becomes your Free Skate song.
  • (You also dance it at your wedding.)
  • Those beasts are freaking forgotten after you and Gladion win gold in singles and then make your pair debut. Everyone follows your Insta for updates on your cute relationship.


  • Gladion jokingly skates to Theme of King JJ and doesn’t realise you’re filming him.
  • The video goes viral.
  • Honestly, it doesn’t even matter how much Gladion glares at you, you have the video saved on your phone and you watch it whenever you are separated because of competitions.
  • Gladion videos you skating to Still Alive while doing like a silly rap thing but it’s not even embarrassing it’s just cute and silly everyone loves it, especially the video Hau posts immediately after of Gladion’s reaction.

So @gajeely drew this absolutely beautiful child!Gajevy photo and asked that I add Gajevy to the papalogia au.  Here you go, Kimber! Hope it’s what you expected!

“What did I ever do to deserve this?”

“Oh, I dunno…murdering a couple thousand people four hundred years ago probably has something to do with it. Or maybe having sex outside of wedlock, that’s a guaranteed ticket to a losing battle with karma.”


“Yes, Acno?”

“Shut the fuck up.”

The blonde bane of his existence merely stuck out his tongue in a childish manner before taking a sip of his whip-cream topped hot chocolate. Between the Krazy Straw he was using to drink the diabetes-in-a-cup, the fuzzy pyjamas he was wearing, and the fact that he was in the middle of a very serious game of Operation with Wendy, it was no surprise that people had a hard time believing he was the strongest of the Four Gods of Ishgar.

“Seriously,” Acnologia complained, discreetly leaning back on the table hard enough that Serena’s hand shook and hit the board, causing him to lose the round. “I’ve been rehabilitated for the past…however old this Guild is. I’ve made up for whatever I’ve done. This is just the universe being a bitch to me.”

“He has a crush, Acnologia,” Serena rolled his blue eyes. “It’s not the end of the world. When I was his age I had the biggest crush on this one chick in my Guild, what was her name again…? Aaliyah Bachan.”

Acnologia blinked. “Macao Conbolt’s girlfriend?”

“She was single back then. Anyway, it goes away with time. Especially when I realized that Damien Weeks from Quatro Cerberus had a much nicer ass…”

Acnologia ignored his best friend’s last comment in favour of returning his gaze back to the problem.

The problem being his most stubborn son and his horrifyingly obvious crush on one Levy McGarden.

Of all of his gremlins (he stubbornly refused to call them his children because that just made everything awkwardly gushy), he honestly hadn’t expected it to be Gajeel who would fall victim to the horrors of pre-teen crushes. Natsu, definitely, maybe even Sting, but Gajeel? No, the boy was far too obsessed with metals and fighting his siblings to care about romance and all that it entailed, but there he was, staring at the petite bookworm with a light flush to his dark cheeks.

God, Acnologia hated parenting.

“Do you think if I tell him about STD’s he’ll give up?”

“He’s twelve, you idiot, sex is the last thing on his mind.”

“What’s sex?” Wendy asked with all the innocence a ten year old could muster.

Both adults paled so rapidly they matched the sheets of the infirmary they were soon to be relocated to.

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Astray -Part 28-

*I feel like this is bad but too lazy to rewrite… again*

Your name: submit

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3 I Part 4 I Part 5 I Part 6 I Part 7 I Part 8 I Part 9 I Part 10 I Part 11 I Part 12 I Part 13 I Part 14 I Part 15 I Part 16 I Part 17 I Part 18 I Part 19 I Part 20 I Part 21 | Part 22 I Part 23 | Part 24 | Part 25 | Part 26 | Part 27 | Part 29 | Part 30 | Part 31 | Part 32

His body simply moved, living in the feeling for skin against skin and seeking his blood over his knuckles. The sounds were muted from his ears, only focused on beating Jimin. His fists transferred the pain he felt because of him into his face. He lost control, his mind becoming animalistic; protecting what he believes is his and only his.

Not her too. Not her too. You can’t have her too, you selfish bastard.

“Jeongguk!” He stopped, his fist so close to hitting that bastard’s jaw and he was pulled off. The sound of your scream shocked him out of his mindless state and he looked at you. You had tears in your eyes, not looking at him but the man that laid on the floor with a smug smirk. You helped Jimin up, checking his face and worrying about him.

What about me? Why not me? Do you know what he’s done to me? What he’s done to us? Why are you touching as if he never did anything to me?



“Quit staring at me like that.”

“I don’t even know who you are anymore, Jeongguk. I know Jimin is wrong for flirting with your girlfriend but she let him.”

“I’m sick of this. I’m sick of you always defending him. He flirted with her after he left you. He left you. He didn’t even give you a second glance and yet I’m in the wrong? For what? I’m just protecting who I love.”

“So that means you can act like a gorilla? Beating down everyone that touches what’s yours. It’s funny. You’ll fight for her but you didn't…”

“Y/N, don’t.” He grabbed her arm, making her bite her lip and look down. Why does he still have a power over you when he left you?

“I’ll take you to the infirmary, Jiminie.” She shot him a tearful gaze before taking along that bastard to the infirmary. He punched the closest wall, pain shot from his knuckles down his arm and he held his fist. He sunk to the floor and sat down.


“Leave me alone, Mira.”

“Why did you…?”

“You’re my little sister and he’s a scumbag.”

“I like him.”

“You what?!”

“It was when I came up here, I saw him practicing in one of the empty rooms and I fell for his grace. He’s kind, sweet but he’s so stuck on Y/N..”

“What’s dad going to say?”

“Do you really think he cares about what happens to me?”


“Nobody is there for me. Maybe I’m some hormonal teenager but I know that this isn’t some infatuation. I really like him, oppa.”

“Even after what he’s done to me?”

“He’ll made it up to the both of us before he can stand a chance. This isn’t about me though, what was that before?”

“I was mad that he was about to take away something that I care about again. You’re an annoying little sister but I didn’t want him to take you away from me. You’re the only thing I have now.”

“You haven’t lost her yet, oppa.”

“Didn’t you see the way she looked at me?”

“That was hurt in her eyes,” he listened to her, knowing she hadn’t finished speaking, “she was hurt that you were ready to fight for me, ‘your girlfriend’ but you didn’t fight for her.”

“I don’t understand women.”

“That’s why you have me, your personal translator.” She bumped shoulders with him, making him laugh a little at the large smile on her face. She looked like Ronald McDonald with that face and he looked at his bloodied knuckles. These fists… He easily became lost in the way his fist connected with Jimin’s face, his body only aiming to causing him pain and nothing else.

“Let’s go home.” The bus ride home was spent looking out the window, Mira singing along to her music off key and he compared her voice to a dying whale which got him a death stare and a punch in the shoulder.

“Jerky brother.”

“Bratty sister.” He had the last word as they exited the bus and climbed up the stairs, seeing you fumbling with her keys. You looked distracted, skipping over your keys a few times before opening your door.

“You could have said something, stupid.”

“Sometimes, I want to hit you.”

“I want to hit you all the time, though.”

“You, have no respect.” He pinched her ears; he enjoyed knowing that he could temporarily tame her with a simple pinch of her ears and she would immediately quiet herself.

“You’re low.”

“It’s not my fault that you’re short and you decided to flaunt your ears, my fingers are itching to pinch at them.”

“That sounds sick, you perv.”

“That’s your interpretation, I meant I like when you can’t sass me.”

“I’m not that sassy.” She mumbled to herself, the both of them knowing that was definitely a lie but he overlooked it and went into his room. He grabbed some clothes, changing in the bathroom and Mira taking over his room. He lied down on the couch, Mira coming along to sit on his chest and he kept hitting her back until she removed herself from sitting on his lungs.

“There’s other seats, Mira. Do I have to train you as a house cat?”

“That’s offensive. I can never be domesticated.”

“I’m sure a leash and a few tugs at your tail will change that.”

“That’s just abusive, oppa.”

“Desperate times call for desperate measures, Mira.”

“Cruel. You’re cruel.”

“You almost crushed my lungs with your body.”

“Are you saying I’m fat?”

“You’re not as light as a feather–”

“Oppa, you’re terrible.”

“Thanks, I’ve been working on being evil. It soothes my dark soul.” She rolled her eyes, sitting in a chair and he looked up at the ceiling. Mira was complaining about girls in her classes, talking distastefully and he stared at the ceiling.

I don’t even know who you are anymore.


It’s funny. You’ll fight for her but you didn’t-

“Earth to Oppa.”


“For someone who has two sets of ears, you’re still a pretty shitty listener.”

“Well, you’re just talking about some girls in your classes. I don’t really care about them.”

“Maybe Unnie is better off without you; you’re not good at least acting like you care. You’re just like ‘yawn, I’m bored’ and it’s insensitive.”

“I thought honesty was the best policy.”

“That’s what guys that don’t get girls say.”

“But I get girls.”

“Oppa, you have this ‘lone wolf’ complex and no girl wants to taint that plus you look like a Goth minus the eyeliner. I mean all black every day. Ever heard of colour, oppa?”

“Ever heard of respect?”

“I’m trying to help you, you jerk. You make me want to wear a hat to cover up my ears, you sadistic-”

“I dare you to finish that sentence, Mira,” she scoffed, crossing her arms and he continued, “By what? Helping me get another girl? All I want is Y/N. When all I can think about is Y/N. She liked when I was a lone wolf, while I looked a Goth and she didn’t leave me until I pushed her away.”

“You’re such a sap, it’s a little sickening.”

“You like Jimin, little miss emotionless. Plus, were you blushing when Jimin was flirting with you?”

“Shut up. This isn’t about me; it’s about you and your terrible fashion sense.”

“Okay, Fashion police. Just give me a ticket and go.”

“No, this needs my direct intervention. We’re going shopping tomorrow.”

“Mira–” Yet again, a knock on the door interrupts his sentence and Mira skipped to the door. She came back with two boxes of pizza and opened a box. She shoved a slice into her mouth, gooey cheese sloppily hung from her lips and she made eye contact with him.

“Oppa, weren’t you the one who taught me that staring is rude? Wait,” she scooped the stringy cheese into her mouth, wiped her mouth and he still stared her down.

“When did you order pizza?”

“While I was changing.”

“With what money?’

“The pizza guy has a crush on me and I just give her a peak on the lips.”


“I’m not judgemental, oppa.” She ate another slice and he just digged in, there was no point in trying to figure the whole story. It was going to be harder to get answers especially when she had her favourite food in front of her. He watched one of her stupid dramas, hearing his sister gush over the main actor and he wasn’t even that good looking.

“Can you shut up Lee Jong Suk? His lips are bigger than his career.”

“He has the perfect pout, his eyes are dreamy and he isn’t a grumpy pants unlike someone.”

“I’m not grumpy.”

“Whatever you say, oppa.” She covered her ears, looking back at him and he kissed his teeth. She fell asleep halfway through his favourite movie, her head resting on her hand and he watched the rest while he ate another slice. He lifted a sleeping Mira who mumbled quite a bit in her sleep, mostly Jimin’s name and calling him an asshole that he smiled at.

“Sleep tight, baby sis.” He laid her down to which she mumbled, ‘don’t let go of me, you dickwad’, it tempted him to give her ears a good yank but she cuddled into the pillow with her hair messily covering her face. He pushed it back and went back to his couch.

He turned his head on the couch cushion before falling asleep.

“Oppa~ Wake up!”

“YAH, wake up or I’ll,” she paused before thinking of something, “kiss you!”

“I’m up!”

“Oh, thank god. I don’t think I would have went through with my precious lips on your disgusting face.”

“I have a handsome face. Where are your glasses, Mira?”

“One, ew no you don’t. Two, I wear contacts now. Now, up.”

“What do you want from me on this Saturday morning? More food? Just eat leftover pizza.”

“I made myself breakfast because you took too long to wake up, it’s really hard.”

“Of course it is for you, spoiled brat. Do Oppa a favour and let him sleep.”

“What kind of annoying younger sibling would I be if I didn’t bug you? In all seriousness, we’re going shopping. Like right now.”

“No, we’re not.”

“Yes, we are. I need to make you a proper member of society and a guy that Unnie can take out without having to claim you’re her friend’s brother to spare herself the embarrassment of calling you her boyfriend.”

“You’re very shitty at pep talks, you know that. Excuse me while I cry myself to sleep at how cruel you were to me, Mira. Oh my pitiful life.”

“I don’t appreciate the sarcasm, oppa.”

“I don’t appreciate being woken up before 12, Mira. Go by yourself and don’t spend too frivolously.”

“Oppa.” She whined and he turned over, only to have Mira pulling on his arm.

“Let go, Mira.”

“Oppa. Come on.”

“You’re so annoying.”

“I know. Can you please come?”

“I dress perfectly fine.”

“No you don’t, you need this intervention.”

“Dear god, my life has been noisier since you came here.”

“You don’t have to live, oppa. You can be revelling in the finer things in life.”

“Wise words coming from you? Have I really hit rock bottom or am I dreaming?”

“Is that giving me the go ahead to pinch you?”

“No, you psycho. Let me enjoy this dream a while longer.”

“Oppa. Let’s go, now.” He felt her body weight on his back and his face being squished into the pillow.

“Will you get off my back if I do?”


“Fine. Now, get off my back.” She got off his back, letting him get some oxygen and he changed into a white top with black jeans.

“You need to get out of this 14 year old end stage, be a man Oppa.”

“I am.”

“That’s what you think.”

“Hey!” She started speed walking and he chased her outside. It turned into a race, Jeongguk sneaking up on her and tickling her sides while she laughed uncontrollably.

“What did you say about me, Mira?”

“S-stop, you’re so childish.” She tried to shove him off, only making him tickle her more until the bus showed up. They showed their bus passes, sitting in the back and he looked out the window. Mira put an earbud in his ear, listening to soft piano.

“Since when do you listen to classical music?”

“It helps me fall asleep. Plus that other oppa made it for me.”


“He said I was an angel and would do anything for me.”

“Fucking creep.”

“Oppa, I’m an angel.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re the sprawn of Satan with that mouth of yours, traumatizing me since the day you could speak. I miss when you were cute and couldn’t speak.”

“You were only 2.”

“So? Best two years of my life.” She hit his arm as he laughed and they rode the bus to the mall, Mira dragging him off the bus. He walked lazily, already feeling the weight of the shopping bags that he had to carry. She took him into a store stocked with crisp dress shirts, suits and other formal wear.

“Mira, do I look like I’m made of money?”

“Stand still.” She held up a shirt to his chest, the colour an atrocious shade of green and set it back on the rack.

“Doesn’t match your eyes, hm.”

“Are you listening to me?”

“Oppa, it’s not that pricey.” He grabbed a random shirt off the same rack and checked its tag seeing it was a 50 dollar shirt, pulling Mira by her wrist out the store before a sickly sweet sale associate convinces her to make him try on that ridiculously expensive clothing.


“I didn’t want to agree to this but at least try not to make me broke, Mira?”

“No promises.”

“We’re going to home.”


“Fine, then I’ll leave and lock the door when I get home.”

“You wouldn’t do that to me, would you,” he looked away and before meeting her eyes with a smirk on his face, “you’re so cruel. Fine, I’ll try to find good and cheap clothes, Mr. Stingy.”

“I have to feed this mouth.” He pinched her lips, getting a hard slap to the shoulder and he tugged at her ears. She pouted, walking away from him and entering another store. He followed her into the store, seeing less formal clothes but it was different from his usual style.

“Look, over here Oppa.”

“Oh, are you two dating?” The associate approached them faster than the other store and he smiled at the both of them

“Never.” They both said at the same time and the associate cleared his throat.

“She’s my little sister.”

“Ah, I see.” Clearly you didn’t, since you were foolish enough to think that a girl like her would be my girlfriend.

“I’m afraid my brother had committed such a fashion crime that I have to buy him a new wardrobe. Can you help me pick out a few styles?”

“Of course, that’s what I’m here for.” They started tossing outfits at him, making him almost drop from the weight and they shoved him into a dressing room. He grudgingly wore the first outfit, annoyed by the amount of pastel there was and showed the crowd as if he was a model in a fashion show.

“Oppa, why is your walk so sluggish?”

“Quit picking out me and let me get out of this.”

“It’s not right for him; he looks a zombie that just got a rainbow to thrown up on.”

“You’re right, next.”

“You’re bossy and sassy, I like that.”

“You better not be flirting with my sister.

“Oh, scary. Cute butt tho.” He went into the dressing room as they both laughed and he changed into 3 more outfits, all being sent back because it “didn’t match his complexion”, “he made it look more Goth than usual”, and everyone’s favourite, “you look stupid.”

“Can you two pick something?”

“Oh my god. Oppa, for once in your life, you actually look presentable.” She grabbed the collar of the jacket, fixing it before smoothing out the jacket, he felt dumb. He was wearing a blazer with a white shirt, black jeans and his converse. He hated anything that seemed formal, the last time he put on a suit was to his mother’s viewing.

“You’re literally the worst little sister ever. Can I take this stuffy coat off–”

“Oppa, it fit you perfectly. Doesn’t it, Minhyuk?”

“You’re a first name basis with the sales associate?”

“My job is not only to sell you great clothes at an affordable price; it’s to help you find that fashionable confidence. You might have the look but you need the attitude and some people need clothes to pull out that prowess.”

“Plus, Minhyuk is amazing. Finally, a man that understands the different between princess and asscher cut.”

“A- what?”

“I’m sorry, Minhyuk. My brother is like one of those artists that disconnect themselves from reality so he’s not as culturally educated as I am.”

“It’s okay, but artist? He look like a total jock with those muscles.”

“I know he’s so lame.”

“I’m right here–”

“So, yes to this outfit?”

“Ring us up. Oppa, go change back into your clothes.” He sighed, changing as Mira told him to before walking up to the register and paying. He was surprised at how cheap it was, probably due to Mira being best friends with the associate and he didn’t question it as long as he didn’t have to break the bank.

“Can we go home now?”

“No way, you need a new haircut.” Haircut. New haircut. He dropped the bag, breaking off into a sprint before Mira jumped on his back, locking her arms around his neck. She wrapped her legs around him and he still tried to run away.

“Oppa, please. Let me make you over.”

“I’m not one of your old Barbie dolls, Mira. I don’t need a haircut.”

“I know just the place okay, and they know about us. Come on, please.”

“They won’t cut too much hair, right?”

“Of course, I promise.”

“You lied to me.”

“It’s not my fault you’re gullible, Oppa.”

“And what did you do to my hair?”

“I freed your forehead, you look so much better.”

“I’m not thanking you.”

“Do you know how much money I put into you?”

“I do, it’s nothing.

“Let me correct that, do you know how much time I put into you?”

“I didn’t ask for this–” She placed her finger on his lips when he saw you walking into class, you looked pretty drained and Mira pushed him in front of the classroom.

“You’re such a jerk, Jeongguk. I’ve given you everything and you just take me for granted. I was desperate enough to want attention from someone that I even went to Jimin because he acknowledges me unlike you.”


“Don’t, Jeongguk. Let’s not see each other anymore.” Did she really have to be the one that dumps me? I could have dumped her much better but hopefully this stops Y/N and me from hesitating toward each other.

He entered class, going through the whole lesson looking at his easel and stealing glances at you. You still ignored him, probably still upset at him for hurting Jimin and he just went home. He gave Mira some money to stay somewhere else for a few nights, wanting to coax you without any distractions. You were standing outside your door when he came into view of his door and yours. He watched you scramble to get inside but he stopped your hand.

“I missed you.”

It’s now or never

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Jealous Much? Pt 4 (Harry)

a/n: Thank you all for being so patient and bearing with me. I hope this part was worth the wait. Tell me what you think!

The entire dining room was empty save for you and your date and you knew Harry had something, if not everything, to do with that. Candles flickered atop white tablecloths around the room, further adding to the tranquil, romantic atmosphere. Soft music began playing and you realized you weren’t in fact the only two in the room. In one corner was a string quartet, dressed in classic suits accompanied by a pianist.

You turned to face Harry who you caught sending a thumbs up gesture to the band before he pulled out a chair at a table for you.

“Um, Harry?”

“Yes?” he responded making sure you were seated before rounding the table to take his seat.

“What’s all this?” you made a small wave in reference to the transformed dining hall.

“Our date.”

Your eyes remained locked until a bout of laughter tumbled from your lips.

“Looks like you went all out,” you nodded, trying to hide your amused grin.

He shrugged, glancing around, “I did what I could under the circumstances.”

Your head tilted to the side regarding him and what you saw made you revert to a serious tone, “You know you didn’t have to do all this, right? I would have been okay with room service and a movie.”

“I know,” he slowly nodded, “But you’re worth more than that,” his tone matched yours.

You searched his face as he seemingly did the same and nothing more was said until your server came by, setting two steaming meals before you and your date.

“Enjoy,” and he was gone.

You’d often wondered what it would be like to experience this exact situation; a non -platonic date with your best friend.  And truth be told, it wasn’t much different from hanging out with him otherwise.  Harry was the perfect gentleman, but that came as no surprise. Gallantry was in his DNA. Actually, you would have passed it off for any ordinary dinner if it weren’t for the fact that his hand had sought yours halfway through the meal and he hadn’t let go since. Every time his thumb gently swiped across your knuckles a jolt of shivers shot up and down your spine.

At the end of dinner you were giddy with glee. Your time with him went by without a hitch, his ridiculously bad jokes had you laughing and your conversations always kept you entertained. So it was no surprise that four hours had passed without either of you noticing.  

You were fully content to float up to your suite, a blushing mess from Harry’s compliments and sneaky kisses all throughout dinner, so when he guided you through the hotel lobby and out on the golf course to continue your date, the furthest thing on your mind was objection.

He switched the hold he had on your hand to your waist, coaxing you into his side as you went on a leisurely stroll.

“Have I told you how beautiful you are?” he repeated for what seemed like the hundredth time that night.

You couldn’t help but laugh. Although he’d told you quite a few times already you would never get tired of him saying it. However the deep blush that took over his face was entirely too adorable.

“I’ve had an amazing time with you tonight, Harry,” you stated reassuringly, bringing your arm to wrap around his middle in a hug.

He stopped walking, and looked down at you, “I always have an amazing time with you, Y/N. You’re my favourite person.”

With your face buried in his chest you only felt him place a kiss atop your head.

His hold tightened around you as he slowly began swaying from side to side. You felt like you could stay like that forever, but when a gust of wind swept by, you shivered and he noticed.

“Let’s get you inside.”

And he walked you back inside and up to your door.

You went to sleep that night, happier than you’d been in a while, dreaming of green eyes and dimpled smiles.

When you thought things couldn’t have gotten better than last night Harry surprised you. The next few days with him made you feel like you were on cloud nine. He may have said he wasn’t ready for a relationship but the way he acted with you spoke volumes otherwise. Nothing could bring down your good mood. Although conversation hadn’t landed on the topic of what exactly was going on between you, you felt it was safe to say things were taking a step in the right direction.

You wouldn’t push. At the moment you were content to ‘see where it goes’ because from your vantage point, things were going great.

That is until a certain bundle of news made it to your ears one afternoon.

“What do you mean you have to?” you asked as your eyes followed him around the room.

You’d lost count of how many hotels you’d been in since you joined them on tour; after a while they all began to look the same. He posted by the window, overlooking the scenic city before he turned his attention to you.

“It’s a PR stunt. Management set it up so I kind of have to. You know how these things go,” he shrugged.

You knew exactly how these things went. You’d been aware of most of the tricks their management team had up their sleeves, so this came as no surprise. Didn’t mean you liked it.

The band had been invited to an upcoming music awards show and as part of that deal Harry was to show up with a date on his arm. A model.

You found yourself biting the inside of your cheek, refraining from saying what was on your mind.

“You don’t look too happy about-”

“No, it’s fine. I’m fine,” you quickly responded, cutting off his sentence with a wide smile.

Of course you were far from happy, but you didn’t say anything. Then again, what would you say? That the thought of him going on a ‘date’ with someone else made you jealous? Even though things between the two of you were progressing nicely you still hadn’t made anything official. As far as you both were concerned you were ‘seeing where things go’ with ‘no strings attached’. So you had no right to be anything but indifferent.  

So you pretended to be indifferent as you watched him make a last minute pick from a selection of designer suits a few nights later. You pretended to not care when he kissed you in the elevator on the way down to the lobby. You stood back and watched as introductions were made before their departure. She was gorgeous. You even faked a smile as you waved them all goodbye.

Normally you would watch the live showings of the events the boys were at to keep abreast of what was going on, but you couldn’t bring yourself to watch this time.

So you opted instead to read and wait till they got back. You wished you could say the time flew, but your eyes kept darting to the clock every so often, urging the seconds to tick by faster.

Sometime after midnight you decided to leave the comforts of your room and wait instead in Harry’s suite.

You meandered down the hallway considering that they may have decided to attend an after party once the show was over.

As you mulled over the possibility you turned the corner and froze.

Something purely masochistic kept your eyes glued to the scene a few yards down. She impatiently tugged the jacket of his suit off his shoulders as he whispered something only she could hear.  Her consequent laughter pulled fiercely at something in you. You watched as he buried his face in her neck, hand blindly reaching behind her to unlock the door. Without warning the door opened, causing them both to stumble inside amidst bouts of giggles and hushed words. The door shut behind them, leaving you standing in the empty corridor. Neither had noticed your presence at the end of the hallway.

You remained rooted for a few moments longer before you returned to your room.


You used the chaotic buzz from the next three days of back to back shows in different cities to avoid Harry without raising suspicion. You couldn’t look at him without remembering him and that model all over each other a few nights ago. Even if you tried to erase the memory it was nearly impossible. News of Harry and his pretty New Zealand friend seemed to be one of the hottest topics in social media. Although the bulk of the gossip spoke of potential chemistry between them you knew it went far beyond potential. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what they got up to that night.  

So much for a step in the right direction…

You had to continuously remind yourself that it was in no way understood the two of you were exclusive. You had only let yourself believe you might have been. This realization didn’t make the memory of him and that girl the other night hurt any less. And neither did pretending everything was alright. Although you were trying your best to steer clear of Harry there were still moments you couldn’t avoid. Like yesterday when he managed to find you to give you his customary pre-show hug. Or this morning when he joined you on the otherwise empty elevator. He’d wordlessly engulfed you, tucking your head under his chin. You fought an inner battle of whether to pull away or not as he murmured how he missed you. Right before the elevator car completed its descent he tilted your head towards his in anticipation of a kiss, but you dodged him and escaped into the atrium just as the doors separated. Each encounter left you feeling emotionally taxed. You came to the terms with the fact that this hide and seek game was not healthy. You couldn’t avoid him forever.

But you still couldn’t bring yourself to face him, which was why when you landed in LA a day later you took off on an impromptu day of shopping. You had nothing else to hide behind. The next couple of days were performance free. A mini break. And you knew with all that available time it would be impossible continue like you had been.

Strolling from store to store and acquiring new things actually lifted your spirits more than you expected. The lack of flashing cameras or screaming fans probably had a lot to do with it too. You leisurely browsed the aisles of one store, humming along to the song playing throughout the boutique and enjoying your solitude when there was a tap on your shoulder.

You turned around and gasped, not at all expecting to see the grinning face behind you.



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