and by favourite I mean the one I find most beautiful

anonymous asked:

After rewatching Voltron I realized I shipped Shance more than I shipped Klance (my dashboard brainwashed me before I even watched) Do you know any place I can find really good Shance stuff? (I mean I still ship Klance but shance is better)

Howdy! So, I haven’t actually found very many sources of just Shance, it’s mostly just a blip on a handful of multishipping blogs, and most of the stuff I reblog comes straight from the tag. I know that @y-annah does some really beautiful shance art, but they’re the only one I’ve seen with like a steady deliverance of the ship. 

If you guys post/reblog shance, could you give this post a like/reblog? Or if you know of a good shance blog, just leave a url in the tags? I am also a desperate little baby who needs more of my favourite babies in my life.