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Because a day off means it’s time to play Zestiria again!  So first off, Calix 3 boss, Illuyankas:

Watch through the end for the victory skit since I’m sure quite a few of you wouldn’t mind seeing that one again.  ;)  Sorry for all the HP checking at the end, this is basically my first time fighting the boss so I wanted to see when I could mystic it for the end, haha.

Not the worst boss as long as you don’t charge in constantly.  The big attacks it does are !! attacks, so they will guard break you, but because they’re guaranteed guard break, you do have some time to interrupt them.  This is best done with a Break Charged attack (this is a battle action you have to turn on in the menu once you have it unlocked).  The other option (which you see me do a lot here) is to simply let the attack go off and evade for bonus BG.  Fire armatus was the armatus of choice here because it has the upward reach in Rain of Fire/Scorched Valley/Tower of Blood (aka the up/down combo) to actually hit the damn thing when it flies up for its attacks.  Also extra convenient that Tower of Blood will also start a Power Hit Combo (it targets Winged enemies) so you can use it to combo into Flamberge.  Rose was once again, set to Do Not Attack, simply because the AI does not know the meaning of DOOOOOOOODGE!! and will just die to all of the big guard break attacks even while armatized.

Bonus screen shot from Calix 4 and fighting the Almond Jellies for the first time:

Sure Mikleo, you don’t like sweets.  Uh-huh.  I believe you.  Yep.  Totally.

Me: It’s Fridayyy, you know what it means?

Friend: No, I don’t know what it means.

Me: It means I will have time to discover new ships, read fanfics of all my ships until dawn and be in Tumblr for hours!!!

Friend: … I need normal friends

What if Donato isn’t the Clowns’ boss?

Wait, hear me out :) I know it sounds crazy when we all basically admitted he was with ch84 and 98…

…and he is extremely strong and clever, but technically no one ever said “Donato is the boss” and neither did he, so I’m just wondering about the possibilities that he is admitting to being “the boss” when he might in fact not be at all (he was always called “crown” not the boss and Uta referred to a “boss” in ch31.5).

 As for why I’m wondering about this, well, we now know that the one who caught Donato was Urie’s dad…

And seeing as Urie’s dad was killed by Eto…

that means Donato’s capture was at least 13 years ago if not even before.
However (and this is why my crack theory starts) the Clowns’ annihilation was…

  • 7 years ago at the end of TG
  • 10 years ago at the beginning of :Re
  • so basically 11 years to 12 years ago as of the current arc

And Donato went to prison for basically 14 years, which means that if he’s the Clowns’ boss, he was captured way before the annihilation happened + as he said to Urie…

He was running the orphanage at this time and it was “a life of peace/tranquility” which means that…

…I don’t see how a life of peace or tranquility running that orphanage (aka enjoying playing family with Amon) is supposed to also fit with the Clowns’ gang becoming more and more powerful (probably by fighting and gaining more members). 
So this is just bugging me because, even if the Clowns’ gang doesn’t have such a real hierarchy and its members work solo most of the time, then why would “the boss” be a guy who was apparently maybe not so involved with the gang (since he was busy with running peacefully that orphanage) as they were becoming more powerful?

For all I know it’s a plot hole because Ishida-sensei got messed up in his timeline or maybe Donato was being the boss as a part time job, but… meh, I feel something is off, even more because Donato was basically freed 1 month ago and yet the plan with Furuta launched off before he was even freed.

I know, I know, Donato was probably somehow getting intel even when in Cochlea (one way or another, or maybe even thanks to Furuta was had met with the Clowns) and besides, Nico, Uta and Itori were free doing their own things all these years, so Furuta’s plan could have been discussed while Donato remained in Cochlea but still, the timeline is bugging me…

The Clowns are an odd group, each member more used to doing things their own way instead of working together…

…So if we say the boss is Donato, that means that the Clowns managed to stay one of the most powerful organizations of the story with their boss-like figure only half into it the whole time + in prison for the last 14 years, but still somehow getting intel and planning things out carefully for when it would be time to counterattack.

Which means again that either it is a timeline mistake from Ishida’s part, or the CCG were beyond stupid when it comes to underestimating Donato and the Clowns. 

The whole Clowns’ annihilation is bullshit in the first place though, and I’m wondering if Ishida intends on explaining what exactly went wrong because the CCG saw this as a great victory (thanks to Houji, Arima, Hirako and a few others) and yet they’re still kicking it and powerful so I hope someone (Juuzou?) will bring up the fact that something apparently went wrong 12 years ago. 

Lastly, seeing as I don’t think the Clowns might stay Furuta’s buddies until the end, them making Furuta believe that Donato is the boss when he’s not would be a good prank to play on him.
As for who the boss would be if it’s not Donato, well: 

  • it has to be someone who was around at the time of the Clowns’ annihilation, 
  • it has to be someone who’s still alive
  • it has to be one of the reasons the Clowns managed to stay a strong group even when at a disadvantage after the annihilation
  • it could be someone who, like Furuta (or Yoshitoki before him) currently directing his people from a control room, is generally not seen fighting alongside the others.

And… well, we do have that one Clown who went missing ever since the beginning of :Re and whose existence is not even suspected by the CCG (see the panel of ch26 above). Besides, I made a list long ago of arguments as to why she could be seen as the boss, maybe.

Please keep in mind that it’s obviously a crack theory because Donato still is likely to be the boss but I am currently struggling with a small timeline issue that might or not get explained next chapter (since it seems Donato might start reminiscing), so I guess we’ll see next week whether this crack theory actually has some more basis or not.

After all, for all I know maybe Donato was initially the boss, then he got busy with the orphanage so he left the other Clowns on their own, but now that he’s free again and still angry at his peaceful life being taken away from him, he’s back into the gang and assuming the boss role again.  
I really can’t be sure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your thoughts :)    

Chanyeol As Your Boyfriend
  • Where do I start with this boy
  • Goofy and kind of dense but overly loving?
  • “Chan I have work to d-”
  • *pulls you back into bed resting his large on top of yours with his gravely morning voice*
  • “Just a few more minutes Y/N…I want to spend all my good moments with you”
  • AND RIP! There goes your resolve to refuse your lovable boyfriend
  • He’s the type to get you in trouble, LIKE UNINTENTIONALLY THOUGH HE SWEARS HE DIDNT MEAN TO!1!1!1
  • “Oh it’s my boss from work!” *avoid avoid avoid*
  • But let’s be real you can’t really get mad at him, he just wants what’s right for you
  • He could be annoying though using text terms like, lol, lmao, brb, ttyl, tt, omg, etc. in a basic vocal conversation
  • Speaking of Baek, oh boy he and Jongdae,,,,well let’s just say you got 3 for the price of one
  • *opens door to home* “Channie I’m ho-”
  • *three heads pop up to say hello*
  • He might be soft but he’s not innocent at all (remember the time he and Kyungsoo laughed cause some squishy things Kyungsoo was holding looked like a dick? Oh yea)
  • He…just can’t read atmosphere that well
  • *slides over to kiss you in front of parents*
  • But what can you do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ he can’t see the outside world because you are his world
  • Fashion shopping would be so easy with him though omg
  • “Y/N? Which hoodie, this blue one or the black? Or should I get the purple one”
  • I’d say he’s territorial, easy to get jealous and needs validation from time to time. Poor baby gets so many unnecessary hate that it will affect how he is in the relationship
  • But that also means as the person he chose to build a relationship with he’ll ask you for validation first
  • “Is this okay to post on Instagram?” ; “Is this song good?” ; “Did I do well today?”
  • And just seeing that heartwarming smile he gives you when you say yes well it just helps with your day a little more
  • He may suck at reading atmosphere but he can tell when you’re upset or down
  • Pulling you into a hug where he wraps his long arms and legs around you to just listen and try to help you through.
  • He tries to do the things you’d usually do just to help you a out a little more even if he makes a bigger mess than before
  • Your dates would be so pure and simple or extravagant and wild; it depends on his spontaneous personality 
  • But in the end of the day you two would snuggle in bed and tell stories to each other as his voice helps slowly lull you to sleep, giving one last kiss on your forehead as his eyes shine at you as if you were the only person in the world and frankly you were to him

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Boss (Part #5)

Guys! This is the last part of Boss! It’s officially over! I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all their support with this series. I’m almost overwhelmed with what it has become, considering that when I initially wrote Boss I didn’t plan on continuing it and it is now my most popular post ever. Thank you so much for reading and sticking with the series. It means so much to me. I hope you find this ending satisfying, and please let me know if you would like more series! All the very best! x

You’re not sure how long your eyes have been closed for, but when they finally open it feels like a lifetime has passed. The first thing you notice is the bright light above you that impairs your vision for a few long moments. Once your eyes have sufficiently adjusted to your surroundings you notice you’re in a hospital. Immediately your hands go to your hospital gown clad stomach. It’s not round, but it’s not perfectly flat either. It’s swollen, but not with your baby. Tears spring to your eyes as you realize that your little peanut is no longer inside of you and you can’t remember when it left.

All you want are your baby and your husband. You remember that much. You have enough sense to know that you are married to Harry. You don’t think anything could wipe your memory of that fact.

“Oh my goodness, you’re awake,” Harry says as he enters the small room with a coffee cup in his hand. He hastily places it on the side table and covers your forehead with his hand, which is still warm from the hot liquid. “I swear I left this room for one second and that’s when you wake up.”

“Harry?” you breathe. He’s rambling, on the verge of tears and there are so many questions you have and not enough energy to ask them all. “What happened?”

Harry’s eyes soften and he bites on his full bottom lip. “Oh baby, you fainted at our wedding. We rushed to the hospital and you had an emergency C-section.” He pauses. “You don’t remember anything do you?”

You shake your head and wince. Instant dizziness overwhelms you.

Harry looks panicked. “I’ll call the nurse,” he decides.

As you process what your husband is saying, dangerous thoughts occur to you. Your due date wasn’t for another three weeks. “The baby was premature wasn’t he?” You don’t even want to hear the answer to the question. “Harry, please, all I want is to see my son,” you cry.

Harry opens his mouth to speak but closes it when he sees an elderly nurse enter.

“You’re up,” she says enthusiastically. Turning to Harry she asks, “How much does she know?”

Harry’s eyes widen as he quickly shakes his head. It’s like he and the nurse are sharing a big secret because she gives a curt nod and begins to take your vital signs without so much as another peep.

“Harry, please,” you say as the nurse takes your blood pressure. “I want to see my son. Is he okay?” you ask again.

The sound of Harry’s sharp intake of breath fills the room. “About that…Look, baby, I know right now is a stressful time for you and you’re probably still disoriented and confused and I really don’t know how to say this to you…”


“We don’t have a son,” Harry says sadly.

If you weren’t lying on a bed at that moment you would have fallen to the floor in a heap. But before a strangled sob even has a chance to escape your cracked lips, Harry continues.

“We have a daughter.”

All six pounds and seven ounces of Seraphina Styles were the most beautiful thing you had ever laid eyes on. Your hands were placed against the glass as you looked at her from the other side of the wall. Harry’s arms were wrapped solidly around your waist, keeping your weak body upright. But it wasn’t necessary anymore. Seeing your daughter bundled and safe gave you the most amazing bolt of courage. You couldn’t believe that something that small was that perfect.

A voice sounds from behind you.

“She’s beautiful. She looks just like you, Y/N,” Eileen says.

She came in so quietly you practically jumped at the sound of her voice. Harry’s arms tightened around you.

“Thank you,” you said quietly.

“What’re you doing here?” Harry asked. His guard was up. There was now another person in his life he felt the need to shield from his mother.

“I wanted to welcome my granddaughter to the world,” she said easily. After a moment, she added quietly, “And my new daughter to the family.”

Eileen’s tone was the softest you had ever heard and sincerity laced through each word. She came to stand beside you and you grabbed her hand solidly. The apology was far from complete and there was still more damage to be undone but that moment was so perfect you didn’t dare do anything to ruin it.

At that moment, Tom entered the room. Something told you he was waiting outside and watching the entire time. He wrapped his arm around his wife and she leaned her head against his shoulder. You were confused as to why he wasn’t saying anything until you looked over and saw that he was silently crying.

All four sets of eyes were looking lovingly at the little girl that had Styles written in the front of her crib. You realized with a smile that the family just got a new boss.

One hand was resting on your pregnant stomach while the other was lightly touching Seraphina’s shoulder. She was practically bouncing with excitement in anticipation of seeing her father at work. It wasn’t the first time you had taken her to Harry’s office, but at five year’s old she was finally grasping the idea of what it meant.

“Daddy! Daddy! I want to see Daddy!” she chimed. Her brown curls were pinned back with barrettes and her green eyes shone.

“One more floor, little bean,” you said as you waited for the elevator to land on the eleventh floor.

A moment later the doors opened and you practically had to run to catch up with your daughter. You were pleasantly surprised at how well she remembered the location of Harry’s office. You planned your visit such that Harry wouldn’t be in a meeting.

Seraphina called out excitedly to some of the employees she had met before, including Kyle, who had become a reliable babysitter on the rare nights when you and Harry went out for dinner or caught a movie alone.

You heard a squeal from around the corner of the hallway and there was no question in your mind at who your daughter ran into.

“Look who I found roaming these hallways!” Harry said, carrying Seraphina in his arms. She had her small arms wrapped around his neck and was planting kisses to his handsome face. When his eyes landed on you, his smile grew even larger. “And who’s this beautiful lady, have we met before?”

You smiled and planted a quick kiss to his lips. “Actually, I just graduated from university. I’m here for a job.”

“Is that so?” Harry asked, shifting Seraphina in his arms. “I don’t think I should hire you. I have a feeling you’d be a terrible distraction.”

You smiled. “You’re probably right. I’d be a terrible employee. Last job I had, I ended up falling for the boss,” you said coyly.

“Something tells me he fell for you, too.” Harry leans in and presses a kiss to your lips in the place where it all began.

To the Nony Who Requested Obi-Wan x Hondo for the Fic Prompts...

You have no idea what you have unleashed….

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Saihara Shuichi Theory

Since Saihara Shuichi means ‘final one’ or something like that, I had something in my mind. The words ‘Final One’ reminded me of some games where you have to fight bosses, but there is always a final boss to finish the game off. What happened if Saihara was the final boss (aka mastermind possibly) and we had to fight him? Just a theory.

I don’t want this theory to be true because my precious Saihara must survive at all costs no matter what ; -; But I thought I would just share this because why not? > o <

Cries I fucked him up sO B A D

I’m like only at the end of Chapter 5 and am avoiding any story spoilers since XBC X was announced but after traveling around 20% of Noctilum with him in one go I realized… Lao is hella fine.

I’m in love with the character Hwan Ki, and it’s only been two episodes. I just want to wrap him up in a nice, warm, fuzzy blanket, and give him a cup of tea, and some personal space, because aaah! 

Everyone is being so mean to him, he’s just trying to do his best, and it seems like a lot of the ways people are trying to get him to communicate are making things much worse, instead of better, like they just seem straight up panic-inducing. (*ahem* Ro Woon *ahem*)

i left work early because i was feeling two shades away from passing out because i sort of messed up my meds and i came home and laid in bed for two hours and then watched skam for the first time with the volume down very very low and it was so good and emotional and isak is a precious bean who deserves good things. more thoughts maybe later when i can think better.

senpaishrinealex  asked:

Ooooooooh golly. Hellllo! I'm alex and i just wanted to say hi. But, what's everyones fav food, im bored and i wanna cook some shiz

Skelething: Everyone, say hi to alex.

All: Hi, Alex. 

Papyrus: Hmm….I would have to say oatmeal with the dinosaur eggs inside!

Sans: Hotdogs are a personal favorite, but Grillbz’ cooks up a mean burg

Red: Vodka *Skelething shoots him a look* fine, I guess burgers

Boss: Lasagna. Unlike my Tale counterpart I actually eat my cooking

Red: *which doesn’t stop it from being just as bad*

Boss: What was that

Red: Nothin, Boss!

Blueberry: My favorite is probably apples! They are healthy and a good snack for training

Carrot: Muffet’s…special brownies. 

Skelething: Stop endorsing weed to the children.

Carrot: Hehehe


Syrup: Pancakes. I like sweet things.