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How Magic Wardrobe Works

Hi, this will be a very crude but in-depth explanation about what the Magic Wardrobe is and how it works in the KR server.

This is also very long and tedious so if you’re not interested, press J key on your keyboard to skip to the next post on your dashboard.

First, in order to access the wardrobe, press the button in your inventory.

  1. Categories A
  2. Catgories B
  3. Categories C
  4. See Only Appearances I Own option
  5. List of Appearances
    1. Grey’d out item is not registered in your wardrobe, but exists in the game. 
    2. Item in white means it is registered in your wardrobe
    3. You will only see things your current character can wear
  6. Hide My Current Avatar
  7. Purchase Selected Avatar (If it exists in the Item Mall)
  8. Reset
  9. Register Appearance
  10. Apply Appearance
  11. Search
  12. Reset Search Bar

Clicking on the item in the preview will show you that item on the list. For example, I clicked on a weapon avatar, and now the list is showing me all weapon avatars that exist in the game for Ain. This also shows weapon item (not avatar). Yes you can wardrobe non-avatars equipments for their appearance, but you cannot apply appearance to non-avatars equipments.

Selecting the hair shows me that hair on the list of all the hair in the game. Notice how the entire list is grey? They are all the hairs that I did not register to the wardrobe; therefore I cannot apply them to other avatars. I have not registered the Idol Hat into my wardrobe yet. I will show you now how to register them into your wardrobe.

First, you have to take off the avatar/accessory you want to register. (There are other ways of registering, but it can get a little confusing so let me show you the most basic method first.)

Press Register Appearance button on the wardrobe. “Register appearance of the item. Select the item whose appearance you want to register from your inventory! You can only register items you can wear (i.e., not Eve-Only item)”.

You get a message on screen telling you to select item to register. Also notice how the mouse changed. Go to the inventory and select the item you want. I’m going to wardrobe the Idol Top avatar.

Now it’s showing you a warning saying that ONCE YOU REGISTER AN ITEM INTO THE WARDROBE, THE ITEM BECOMES A WARDROBED-ITEM THAT CANNOT BE TRADED OR SEALED. The game calls it a  “Clothes Hanger Item” but what this essentially is that now the item has become a different type of item that’s forever account-bound and cannot be traded anymore. No, there isn’t a way to remove the item from the wardrobe list or remove its “Wardrobed-Item” status as of yet in the game.

Success! Notice how the item now has a yellow/gold border around it with a clothes hanger icon. That means that item is now in your wardrobe.


You can only apply appearance to items that have been wardrobed. What I mean is, you cannot apply appearance to items that is not on the wardrobe list. You can’t wear Ebalon Top and have it look like Rosso Top without having BOTH EBALON AND ROSSO TOP WARDROBED. Okay?

My Idol Top has been wardrobed. Welcome to the family. Now to demonstrate applying the appearance to your wardrobed items!

This is my Salvatore Rosso for Ain. Notice how all of them have been wardrobed already. The yellow line around the item!

When I select the Idol Top from the list, the preview will show me how it will look on my Ain with his current set up. It looks hideous but for the purpose of this demonstration, we’re going to go for this clashing color combo. Notice that I did not apply the appearance yet.

Press the Apply Appearance button and now the game will ask you to select a Wardobed-Item to apply the appearance to!

You can select the Rosso Top in the preview (it looks like Idol Top in the preview right now because I selected it) and it will change Rosso Top to Idol Top’s appearance. It tells me that it’s going ot change Salvatore Rosso Top (Ain) into Ain, the Beat Genius, Fantastic Wave Top (A)’s appearance.

Or you can select the wardrobed item in your inventory and it will change the wardrobed-item in your inventory into the Idol Top we just selected.

Tada! Now your Rosso Top looks like Idol Top. You also need better fashion sense cuz this is atrocious.

It’s more or less the same deal with accessories, so I won’t go into that. 

Now this is where it can get a lil tiny bit tricky and screw you over, so pay attention


The danger and the joy of using magical wardrobe is that you can see every item that exists in the game, and this allows you to come up with the ultimate look of your dreams, spending hours upon hours just in the wardrobe preview screen, concocting the perfect look for your characters. 

You can do this with the things you own, or the things you’ve never seen in the game but exists in the game somewhere, just not in your own inventory. The endless combinations… but this is where the danger is

Remember how I showed you how to register non-Wardrobed item into the wardrobe? You press the button and choose it from your inventory, right? Well there is another way… and that screwed me over in the past.

If you are wearing a not-yet Wardrobed Item and opened the magic wardrobe to look at some stuff… played around with combinations… and found the look you were looking for, and started applying appearances to your items…

If you attempt to apply appearance to non-Wardobed-Item, the game will ask you, Do you wish to continue because if you do this, we’ll skip the registering process for you and register this item + apply the appearance all in one go.

Yes this happens for both items you’re currently wearing (therefore shows up on the preview window) and the items in the inventory.

What happened with me is that.. Uh.. I had my Hamel Arctic Officer Cape (not wardrobed) on my Add.. was playing around with a look for a while… found what I was looking for… started applying appearance to everything I was…………..wearing… because I forgot I was wearing the cape and uhhh

Yeah I accidentally wardrobed the cape 8D
(but no regret cuz its beautiful)

So Always always always always always always be aware of what the fuck you are doing and never trust yourself; take them off if they’re something you never want to wardrobe when you want to lose yourself in the magical land of the wardrobe. 

I have the full set of Elpheus accessories that I’m not so sure about wardrobing them yet so I am on high-alert everytime Im trying to play around with a look for my Ain to the point of being mentally stressed.

Now for a super long Q&A

Q. Can you unregister wardrobed item?

A. Read. I said no.

Q. What if I want to unregister them???

A. Well you should’ve thought about it before you wardrobed it then. You can destroy the item after you’ve wardrobed it but the item on the wardrobe list will not disappear. It’s there. Forever. So don’t start wardrobing every shit you have because it can get a little cluttered. That’s what the search bar and categories dropdown menu is for I guess.

Q. What if I want to look like I’m not wearing any accessory/one piece but I want to wear them for the stats?

A. That’s what “invisible accessories + one piece” is for. Yes they sell them in Item Mall in KR. They’re not cheap. They have stats like a normal cheapo accessory but you can wardrobe these and then apply their “invisible appearance” to other wardrobed items.

Q. If I wardrobe something on one character, can my other character in the same account use its appearance?

A. Yes, as long as it’s something they can wear, and not class-specific. For example, any character in my account on the KR Solace server can wear my Purple Fairy Wing.

Q. How can I wardrobe promotional avatars?

A. You can, but only if you have a special promotional avatar wardrobe ticket. These tickets, when right clicked, will allow you to click on the promo avatar from the list to “activate” them, aka, turn them from grey’d out item on the list into a white item that you can use later. Promotional avatars on the wardrobe will also show the hair as well, even though they never were an avatar in the game before. There are other types of wardrobe tickets, but they’re given out in events, and they all have varying restrictions and limitations. They’re pretty self explanatory though. I have my CBS wardrobed all of Electra’s promo avy from events couple of years ago, but only my Electra/CBS chars can use its appearance; my CN/CEm can’t.

Q. Is the applying of appearance only affect appearance and not the stat?

A. Well you know the “apply appearance” is pretty self explanatory… It will only change how the item you’re wearing will LOOK. You can wear full set of your GFriend Navillera and parade around in something prettier:

Q. How does registering equipment item (not avatar) work?

A. Same as other items except currently in KR server, if you wardrobe the equipment items, they don’t get yellow line around it… and are still tradeable. I crafted a grendized Ancient Noble Guardian pendulum and wardrobed it, but realized I can still seal+sell it later. You cannot apply appearance to equipments though. That pretty Eltrion weapon appearance can be applied to your weapon avatar, but you cannot apply it to, say, Heroic Weapon. by the way you cant wardrobe heroic equipments in the game for some reason;

Well there you go! I think I heard a rumor that NA/INT might be getting the magic wardrobe, and I hope it’s not some cruel April Fools joke because I CAN CONDONE ALL THE OTHER SHIT THAT NA/INT DOES TO YOU BUT NOTHAVING A WARDROBE IS A CRIME AGAINST THE GODS. A SIN. 

What other shit can I condone? Uh… the fact that you guys need a seal to trade your rare avatars/accessories from Ice Burners… the fact that you guys can’t expand inventory with ED… or buy res stones from Ariel with ED… … man, seriously, what the fuck

Anyways, now you’ll know what they skipped out on if they ever decide to give you guys a “tweaked” version. Hey maybe they’ll even give you guys option to take the items out of the wardrobe and what not… honestly don’t see the harm in that as long as the item appearance is removed from the list as well…

When A:TLA Fans Take Potshots at the Deepest Relationship in the Show to Defend a Crappy Ship

Good evening, everyone. A post was dropped, somewhat like a dungbomb, into the “Zuko” and “Iroh” tags of A:TLA a few days ago, which proceeded to try and smear their father-son bond in order to defend an emotionally unhealthy romantic relationship in the show. Additionally, the original post not so covertly accused their detractors of sexism in order to make their so-called point. I’m usually fairly easygoing (Okay, that’s a lie. I have no chill button),  but today I am working with @araeph on a no-holds-barred rebuttal.

I’ve never had the pleasure of discussing a familial relationship within the shipping of Avatar, so I will ignore the opening paragraph of the original post as the meat of the argument is below it. Let’s begin!

Alternatively, they’ll use it to confirm their weird idea that Mai was secretly working for Azula the whole time, which means she can’t possibly love Zuko.

That is a weird idea–because Mai wasn’t secretly working for Azula the whole time. She was openly working for Azula the whole time. She willingly and happily joined up with Azula in “Return to Omashu” to track down Iroh and Zuko, which meant actively helping to imprison them at the very least. Now, Mai’s relationship with Azula does not negate that Mai might have loved Zuko; however, the romantic relationship was not as deep as some like to think.

In Going Home Again, we witness the immediate aftermath of Zuko’s infamous betrayal and the fall of Ba Sing Se. In an effort to encourage Zuko’s return, Azula claimed he’d be welcomed back. Naturally, her motivations are of a sinister sort: she needs a scapegoat. If the Avatar survived, who will take the blame? Surely not her–Ozai’s most prized possession. So who better than the once banished Prince and the bane of Ozai’s existence?

But how to do it? Oh! I know! Why not prey on a childhood crush?!

Perhaps there was a mutual attraction. Perhaps there was a mutual interest. I am not negating those aspects… however, based on the comic, it cannot be said that some long-burning, unconditional love brought Zuko and Mai back together. It was Azula who brought them together–as such, Maiko was only plausible after Zuko joined the Fearsome Threesome.

Clearly, the depth of Maiko, the understanding and soul-mate-level connection that shippers spout off (Oh, they’ve been in love since their childhood!!!), was not there. If it had been, don’t you think Mai would’ve refused an offer from Azula that would surely result in Zuko’s imprisonment? In fact, until Mai changes sides in the “Boiling Rock, Part 2”, there’s no reason to believe her loyalties lie with Zuko over Azula.

But Mai’s honorable sacrifice proves how perfect she is with Zuko, because she loves him more than she fears Azula, right? There’s no doubt Mai loved Zuko, however, is Mai compatible with Zuko? Did she change, as he changed? Did she speak to Zuko with love, console Zuko with love, direct and instruct and critique Zuko with love? Is it possible that Mai so wholly cared for Zuko that her actions are on par with Iroh’s?

To begin, the OP brought to light three separate moments–the first two between Mai and Zuko, and the last between Iroh and Zuko.

You know, this scene?:

And this scene?:

Or, they’ll call her a bitch for trying to cheer Zuko up, by misinterpreting this scene:

Which is weird, because I seem to recall Uncle Iroh…

What a heartless asshole, right? How could Iroh be so fucking insensitive?

In these scenes, Zuko is wrestling through the emotions that surround his relationship with Ozai and each counterpart attempts to console Zuko. While both fail, the OP ignores Mai’s callous insensitivity in favor of making false comparisons to Iroh’s tender hearted mistake in an effort to make Mai look better.

In the case of Mai, both moments are excellent examples of her invalidating Zuko’s emotions. He is made to feel foolish for wanting to go to the war meeting, even though it is an important mark of his status and the security of his position as heir … and Mai should know this. Instead, Mai uses a painful experience from his past to further deter Zuko from any thoughts of the meeting and then, she completely dismisses him by changing the subject.

Regardless of her intent behind it, Zuko’s body language is all she needs to realize A) He is extremely upset and uncomfortable, B) He is very much resigned to his father’s distaste for him, and C) Her comment about ‘his last war meeting’ is not taken well. But, this wouldn’t be the first time Mai missed his body’s cues… Hell, even his verbal cues go ignored.

On his return trip, Mai disregards Zuko’s attempt to open up about his troubled past. (Wait, doesn’t she later dump him for not opening up? Hmm… shouldn’t’ve have blown him off the first time, Mai). She asks if he’s okay, but when he responds with a ‘No’ and further explanation, Mai cuts him off, saying she didn’t ask for his life story. Even as a joke, which so many claim it is, Mai’s comment is extremely crass. He is made to feel like his three-year banishment should be dismissed because she doesn’t feel like talking about it.

As for Iroh: Yes, his comment was equally reprehensible when taken out of context. No, you cannot ignore Iroh’s intentions to make Mai look less abusive. Let’s examine the entire scene, shall we?

Iroh notices that Zuko is downcast, leaning against a wall, and he walks over to sit beside him:
Iroh: I see. It’s the anniversary, isn’t it?
Zuko: (dejectedly) Three years ago today I was banished. I lost it all. (He looks up suddenly.) I want it back. I want the Avatar, I want my honor, I want my throne. I want my father not to think I’m worthless.
Iroh: (with exaggerated optimism) I’m sure he doesn’t! Why would he banish you if he didn’t care?
(Zuko gets up and walks away. Cut to Iroh’s surprised face with the attendants in the background.)
Iroh: (negatively to himself) Erg… that came out wrong, didn’t it?

The part OP conveniently leaves out is that Iroh immediately realizes he said something stupid. Additionally, the OP ignores Iroh’s continued support of Zuko throughout the episode (and the series).

While helping Zuko mull over Azula’s announcement:

  • Iroh: (skeptically) It is unbelievable. I have never known my brother to regret anything
  • Iroh: I care about you. And if Ozai wants you back… well, I think it may not be for the reasons you imagine.
  • Iroh: (gently) Zuko, I only meant that in our family things are not always what they seem.

After Zuko makes the decision to go with Azula, despite Iroh’s disagreement:

  • Iroh: (calling out urgently) Wait! (Cut to a full view of the staircase, with Iroh descending and waving behind Zuko.) Don’t leave without me!
  • Iroh: Family sticks together, right?

Following the fight with Azula and the decision to leave their titles behind:

  • [Zuko brings out a knife with some writing on the blade. He stares at it for a moment. Iroh nods solemnly and turns to Zuko. Zuko takes the knife and brings it behind his head and… cuts off his pony tail. He passes the knife to Iroh, who does the same.]

But, I get it, Mai made a wrong turn. It’s not like she ever really meant to hurt Zuko. Everything she ever says to Zuko is taken completely out of context, right? She’s really a sweet, caring, loving girlfriend, right? Well, if that’s the case, let’s assess the context surrounding Iroh’s supposed ‘cruelty’ (because if Mai is completely innocent, then Iroh must be, too!)

Let’s investigate:

But, I get it, he made a wrong turn. It’s not like he ever re–

Iroh brings up something so serious because he is trying to save Zuko’s life. Zuko is about to duel Commander Zhao, an experienced firebending master whom he’d just challenged to an Agni Kai. Had Zuko heeded his uncle, he would not have almost been killed when Zhao tried to backstab him after being beaten.

Well, that was just for his agni kai with Zhao. He was just looking–

Again, Iroh brings up something so serious because he is trying to save Zuko’s life. Zuko is about to run a blockade into Fire Nation waters, which could result in his capture and possible imprisonment, if not execution. Had Zuko heeded his uncle, he would not have been captured as a traitor by Zhao at the temple, which he only escaped when Roku’s spirit freed him. 

Oh! And there it is, again!!! Like every other time, Iroh brings up something so serious because he is trying to save Zuko’s life.  Zuko is considering returning to the Fire Nation with Azula, whom he has no reason to trust. Had Zuko heeded his uncle, he would not have been nearly electrocuted when he badly lost to his sister in a fight.

So, the OP, who so often claims that Mai’s words are taken out of context, deliberately ignores the circumstances surrounding Iroh’s words to uplift Mai’s unacceptable behaviors.  Iroh’s warnings and advisements are pulled out to stand alone and thus, Iroh is twisted into a cruel, harsh old man, thereby justifying the cruelty of Mai. Because if Iroh can be an ass, Mai can too, right?  

Here’s the understanding the OP so clearly lacks: Iroh has Zuko’s best interests at heart. He always does. The context surrounding Iroh’s comments make such a thing very clear. Should a sixteen year old boy be left to squander away his potential? To act rashly and rudely? To willfully throw his life away? Of course not! Acting as Zuko’s father–more of a father than Ozai ever was to Zuko, according to the Prince himself–Iroh was providing Zuko with the stern discipline and guidance he needed to grow.

Mai, on the other hand, never offers anything to Zuko but underhanded comments about his past trauma– comments that are hurtful and derogatory, even when considering the context. We never see her acknowledge that she might have said something belittling or condescending to Zuko. She does not apologize; her expression doesn’t even show a hint of remorse!

But let’s disregard this as we wind down and get to the nitty-gritty of this ‘analysis.’ Overall, the OP is justifying Mai’s behaviour by comparing it to Iroh’s behavior. Surely, if Iroh can make ‘snarky comments’ to his nephew about his scar and his past, then Mai is in the clear, too!

However, Iroh, for all his silly proverbs and outdated recitings, always came to Zuko with love in his heart and acceptance on his mind. He wanted to help Zuko and discipline him when he needed it. Iroh treated Zuko as he treated his own son. OP is twisting that to justify the way Mai treats Zuko… even when the context shows that she’s coming to Zuko in anger, irritation, or complete apathy.

Iroh loves Zuko - unconditionally. The same cannot be said about Mai, at all.

[Coming soon in Part 2: OP continues to skew Iroh’s actions, taking ‘Teachable Moments’ between father and son, and uses them to justify abusive behavior. Oh, and ‘SEXISM!!!’]