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Some Goretober Prompts

Made a list for @mushroomminded but if you fancy any of these, go for it. Interpret them however you want. I threw a couple of extra at the end in case you didn’t like the ones I listed or were just cool ideas I didn’t fit in the list.

1. Jack-o-lantern
2. On pins and needles
3. Fear of Spiders
4. Medieval devices
5. Baby doll / Everyone loves puppets
6. Contortion
7. Hardware store
8. Let’s go to the circus
9. Glitched out
10. Melting / goo
11. Barbed wire isn’t a toy
12. Multiple limb growth
13. Excessive dentistry
14. Insects inside
15. The machines take over
16. Crushed
17. Nightmare hospital
18. Crystal growth
19. Mushroom minded
20. You can do a lot with 28ft (the combined length of your intestines)
21. What’s wrong with your eyes?
22. Patchwork
23. Smile like you mean it
24. You weren’t using it/them anyway
25. Mouths in places they shouldn’t be
26. Spineless
27. Meat hooks
28. It hurts so good
29. Forced fusion
30. Silence is golden
31. Halloween feast

- The chosen sacrifice
- Sticks and stones may break my bones…
- Dinner preparations 
- Mount Massive Asylum

So I was looking at the persona casts’ ages at around the time P5 would be taking place and I’m crying.
K, so on the wiki, people have gaged Rise to be about 21 by the end of the game (cause she’s apparently developed a sex appeal after hitting 20. It’s in game during a commercial thingy I’m pre sure. Can’t recall 100% when off the top of my head though), so this has the game taking place at least 4 years after all the P4 shenanigans. This puts our yaso-second year babies at about 21-22, and Nao and Kanji at about 20-21
With this in mind, the port island-second years are 24, third years are 25, anD KEN MY SMOL SON IS
E I G H T E E N.
(Again, this is with the belief that the game falls in line with the 2016/2017 year)
THEN - here’s where it hits - this means that the main babes from P2IS (Tatsu, Ei, etc) are 35, Naoya/Earring Babe’s crew from P1 are in and around 37-38, Maya is 40, Katsuya is 42…
You guys I started crying my faves aren’t teenagers anymore I shouldn’t be emotional about this dammit


I thought it would be easier for you guys to request if you had these prompts. If you don’t know if i write Imagines about a Character/person just ask. If you request something, it would be good if it had a little bit of a plot you know? 

(This is not my own prompt list, i don’t know where i got it, but i want you to know that this is not mine.)


1.  “I wish i’d never met you.”
2. “Can i hold your hand?” 
3. “I love you”
4. “Please don’t hurt me like this.”
5. “Leave. Get out!” 
6. “Your actually such a dick.”
7. “Okay, but first, kiss me”
8. “Is that my hoodie?”
9. “What are you doing here?”
10. “I forgot to mention that i am totally in…in love with you”
11. “Don’t you dare say another word.”
12. “What do you mean your leaving?”
13. “sometimes i just don’t want to exist”
14. “I should’ve stayed in bed.”
15. “Give me my beer or else.”
16. “Is it gone?” 
17. “You said you’d never hurt me.”
18. “Baby no more showing up at my front door when your not sober.”
19. “Your trying to fuck me and my mind up.  But it’s not working.”
20. “Fight me.”
21. “Will you marry me?”
22. “What are you, like 5?!”
23. “Please don’t cry. I cant stand seeing you upset”
24. “Your seriously like a man child.”
25. “Stay with me?”
26. “Am i supposed to be impressed?”
27. “Just to see you smile”
28. “Your my everything. Literally”
39. “Is that my t-shirt?” 
30. “I can’t do this anymore”
31. “I will not hesitate to murder you.”
32. “You are cleaning this up. Now.”
33. “Look at me.”
34. “Stop looking at me like that”
35. “All i wanted was the truth! Was that too much to fucking ask for?!”
36. “Leave me alone.”
37. “Were done.”
38. “You did this for me?”
39. “Your so pretty”
40. “I can never say no to a picnic”
41. “I never imagined myself in a wedding dress”
42. “I think your just afraid to be happy”
43. “Your lucky your cute”
44. “Come back to bed”
45. “Cuddles?” 
46. “I mean it could be worse”
47. “Just talk to me!”
48. “Please…i love you”
49. “Smile, please. I just need to see you smile”
50. “You can sing?”
51. “Teach me to play?”
52. “Please look at me”
53. “Why did you choose me?”
54. “I never belive in love, then you came along and changed everything”
55. “Stay the night. Please?”
56. “Say it!”
57. “It’s not fair!”
58. “Stop pinning this on me! You started it!”
59. “You cheated on me?”
60. “I dare you.”
61. “Don’t you dare walk away.”
62. “Walk out that door and were done.”
63. “You are strangly comfortable”
64. “Just marry me already”
65. “Mum!!” 
66. “Did i stutter?”
67. “H-how long have you been standing there?”
68. “You are so stubborn”
69. “Oh. My. God.”
70. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know that!”
71. “Youre mine. I don’t share”
72. “Im too sober for this”
73. “Just pretend to be my boyfriend”
74. “Shit sorry”
75. “You’re so fucking hot when your mad”
76. “Are you kidding me right now?!”
77. “Your a bloody idiot, you know that right?”
78. “Can you be quiet!?”
79. “Shut up!”
80. “Are you jealous?”
81. “Im pregnant”
82. “Did you just flick me?!”
83. “Sit on my lap”
84. “You’re so beautiful”
85. “Let’s star gaze”
86. “Woah.”
87. “Are you even listening?”
88. “Sorry i got distracted by your beauty”
89. “You look cute with a baby bump”
90. “We made that”
91. “Did you buy me….lingerie?”
92. “Stop biting that fucking lip!”
93. “I need you to fale date me”
94. “Your such a tease”
95. “Lets have a baby.”
96. “Give me another chance?”
97. “I miss you”
98. “Lets run away together.”
99. “This is why I fell in love with you.”
100. “I did it all for you!”
101. “You’d be a great dad/mom”
102. “Don’t die on me, please”

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50 Things I’m Convinced Tay & Joe Do - Baby Edition 

1. Taylor smirking at Joe who claims that the air in the doctor’s room is dry which is the reason why his eyes are watering right after they found out that they’re having a girl.
2. Joe’s protective hand constantly reaching for her belly at night whenever she’s changing her sleeping position.
3. Joe opening his Christmas gift from her that was casually placed under the Christmas tree and him becoming incredibly emotional in front of both of their families because inside the little box, there is a positive pregnancy test.
4. Taylor and Joe only telling their families and closest friends about her pregnancy at first because Taylor’s too scared to miscarry.
5. Joe replacing all Nespresso capsules in their houses with decaf capsules because he knows how hard it is for her to waive proper coffee.
6. Taylor developing a weird disgust towards roasted meat yet always attends dinner at Joe’s family and eats the Sunday roast even if most of it lands in the toilet just minutes after they get home.
7. Joe always telling Tay that his mum won’t be mad if she’d tell her about her meat related nausea but Taylor still swallows the food anyway.
8. Joe being overprotective, especially on these days when she’s not feeling well and he’s gone for work. So as soon as she doesn’t pick up her phone for a couple of minutes, he’d immediately call Andrea who then has to calm him down with a soft laugh and a gentle “both of your girls are alright, honey. She’s watching TV with me and her phone’s in the kitchen, so don’t worry.” while Taylor would roll her eyes at his protective behavior but deep down knows how incredibly thankful she is for it.
9. Scott always teasing Joe with referring to him as “Daddy over there wants some more potatoes, Andrea” or greeting Joe with “Hi Daddy, how’s it going?” whenever they see each other.
10. Taylor trying to convince him that their daughter needs to have an old classic and British name such as “Hazel” or “Eleanor” and Joe reminding her that she’s giving birth to a baby, not an old lady.
11. Taylor feeling incredibly maternal at the end of the second trimester and most of the time falling asleep with a pull string musical crib toy on her belly that plays one of her songs (a gift from her fans, of course).
12. Joe spending at least half an hour cuddled up to her belly and talking to the baby after not having seen Taylor for a couple of days, always kissing the round belly and telling her how sad he is sometimes because Taylor gets to carry the baby around and feel her all day, but he can’t.
13. Taylor and Joe constantly fighting about her wanting to wear heels tonight, and him getting angry because she could trip and fall.
14. Taylor being mad at him for an entire day because she thinks that he thinks that she’s too stupid to walk on high heels for the length of one evening.
15. Joe figuring out that the only way to deal with her current hormones is to always give in and let her know how sorry he is and how right she was.
16. Joe constantly finding her asleep at the weirdest places in the house. Once on a stool with head on the kitchen isle, once on the floor in her walk- in closet.
17. Taylor feeling like a teenager again because she finds herself crying so often whenever he’s gone filming for a couple of days and she misses him badly.
18. Taylor being mocked by everyone in her family because she developed the habit to “free the bump” whenever she’s sitting on the patio and a ray of sunshine is crossing the sky. “The baby needs Vitamine D, guys. Shut up.” she’d say, enjoying the warmth on her belly.
19. Joe volunteering in applying cream on her belly to prevent stretch marks every night.
20. Taylor having an increased need for sex in the first months and Joe teasing her with it as much as he can, smirking and mumbling a casual “got it out of your system, love? If yes could you please move a bit so I can watch the rest of this movie? Thank you.” after she just came down from the fifth orgasm that day, sitting on his lap and distracting him from watching a movie on the couch in the living room.
21. “So rude.” she’d mumble and receive a mischievous laugh from him before cuddling up in his arms again.
22. Joe’s standard joke being “I mean, I was in the room when the baby was conceived to I might as well be in the room when the baby’s delivered” whenever he’s asked wether he’ll be in the delivery room or not and Taylor rolling her eyes every single time, “He thinks he’s so funny, it’s incredible.”
23. Joe having the shock of his life when Taylor fainted a couple of times during the first weeks of pregnancy because of low blood pressure, which is absolutely normal yet scared the shit out of him.
24. Joe literally calling her every two hours to remind her to drink water and eat something when she’s at a meeting because he knows that she forgets.
25. Joe literally going nuts after some online magazine releases an article calling Taylor “huge and lazy” because she apparently doesn’t work out enough during pregnancy which results in him wanting to sue the media outlet but Taylor calming him down because she doesn’t give a fuck about this kind of stuff anymore.
26. Taylor feeling her baby kick for the first time when they’re at dinner with her parents and Joe really trying not to be too emotional and become a cry- baby but keeping his hand on her belly for what feels like the entire evening.
27. Taylor craving nachos with whip cream on top.
28. Taylor sitting on the examination couch while waiting for her doctor, trying her best to bat Joe’s hands away from the model of a fetus in a womb: “Stop touching it. You’ll break it!” When the small plastic baby pops out of the fake uterus and onto the floor, Joe’s eyes grow wide and she just rolls her eyes while watching him hysterically trying to put the model back together again before the doctor enters the room.
29. Joe thanking her for carrying his baby and giving him his own little family whenever they both lay awake at night, but the pleasure is all hers.
30. Taylor hiding her big bump and boobs under oversized sweaters because she’s insecure about her physical changes.
31. Joe being well aware of her insecurities which makes him comment things like “you’re so stunning, baby. Is that shirt new?” or “you look gorgeous this morning, how’d you sleep?”.
32. Joe noticing how motherly Taylor has become because of all the hormones in her body. So every time Patrick is joining them on a winter walk she’d remind the boy to fix his scarf because „it’s colder than you think“ and every time Patrick has a cold she’d cook him a chicken soup, even If he didn’t ask for it which is why Joe and him can’t help but tease her constantly by calling her ‚mummy‘.
33. Taylor being embarrassed as hell for an entire week because her morning sickness was really bad while she and Joe were stuck in traffic and she had to throw up in a plastic bag after mumbling “I don’t want it to happen, I don’t want it to happen” while sitting next to him which resulted in her having vomit in her hair while crying and him calming her with a hand on her leg: “s’ fine, baby. C'mon. Just glad you feel better now.”
34. Joe’s mum bursting out to tears as she opens her birthday present and finds an ultrasound scan, which automatically makes Tay emotional as well while hugging his mum for more than five minutes straight.
35. Taylor often having trouble sleeping because she either struggles with immense nausea or her baby being super active.
36. Joe not hesitating to rub her naked tummy for almost an hour when she’s feeling super sick and can’t fall asleep while whispering in her ear how much he loves her and how happy he is with her in his life.
37. Joe waking up one night with tears in his eyes because in his dreams he was holding his baby in his arms and he could see what she looks like and smell her and hear her laugh and everything felt so real, which was the most amazing feeling he has ever felt.
38. Joe noticing how Taylor craves his closeness even more since she’s pregnant which is why he pulls her into a long hug as often as he can or kisses her forehead more often.
39. Taylor showing literally everyone she knows her new “trick” that is placing objects on her huge belly like a tray.
40. Joe counting all ten toes and all ten fingers on the baby, first thing: “just want to make sure you’ll be able to write some songs. Or make action movies..“ he’d mumble towards the baby, making Taylor laugh from afar.
41. Baby Alwyn- Swift having all of Taylor’s features, blonde curls included, but Joe’s lips and his rather introvert personality.
42. Joe holding the baby in front of Taylor’s tummy and mumbling a sleepy “we’ll have to put you back in there again if you don’t sleep, love. m’ warning you. The nights were a lot quieter with you in there.” which makes Taylor laugh and the baby stare at him confused before receiving a laugh and a small kiss from her dad.
43. Taylor announcing the birth of her baby on Instagram with posting a black and white photo of Joe kissing tiny baby feet and the caption “Never felt so blessed in my life. Thanks for all the congratulations and kind messages.”
44. Joe pretending to eat the baby’s foot or hand which always makes the little one laugh and Taylor as well.
45. Taylor posting a boomerang on Instagram for fathers day that shows Joe blowing raspberries on the baby’s stomach with a smile on his face and captioning it with “you have changed my heart forever. Happy Father’s Day.”
46. Joe already spoiling his little girl when she’s just a little toddler and Taylor really not liking it: “He can’t say no. Never. Now she’s just a baby but if he keeps that up our child will be a spoilt rat in a few years” she’d complain to her mom.
47. Joe surprising Taylor with a vacation to the Bahamas because the baby hasn’t been sleeping at all in weeks and they both wander around like ghosts all day long which is why they both urgently need some relaxation away from London and Nashville.
48. Joe realizing that his baby daughter has a miniature version of his lips which is why he always holds her tiny face right next to his for comparison when they’re with friends and family.
49. Joe giving the newborn on his arm a tour around their house when both of their parents came over for a first visit at home. He’d stop with her on his arms in the bedroom and mumble “..and this is where you were made, my love” which results in her family’s laughter and an embarrassed Taylor yelling “oh my god, Joseph. You are unbelievable.”
50. Joe teaching his little girl how to give kisses and always claps his hands to cheer on her whenever her lips made the right move to meet his. After some time, the baby girl loves to give her daddy wet kisses and afterwards automatically claps her little hands as well which makes Joe and Taylor burst out in laughter every time.

Reasons to Ship Riarkle

Hi okay so some anon asked me to do this through my ask but I’m not exactly sure where it went?? Anyways enjoy! Hopefully this’ll change your view on things!

1. They make each other a better person: “I’m going to have to raise my level too.I was always a good student. You were always the smartest student in the class. That’s not good enough.” “Didn’t you ask us to help you figure out love? Then go figure it out.”

2. They’re both adorable dorks. and often parallel each other: *Both to Zay*: “GET OUT.” “YYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY”

3. They’re always there for each other, no matter what: “I’m always here for you.” 

4. They love each other for who they are: “You’re Farkle and it’s a state of being. There’s only one, and everyone who cares about you knows that.” “I’m glad you’re back to normal. I love you [both] any way you are.”

5. They both have faith in each other: “I’m here because I believe in Riley.” “I hope that my friends will be right with me, Farkle.”

6. They care so much about each other: “I’m doing it for you Riley, I care so much about you I want you to know the truth is always the best thing.” “And everybody who cares about you knows that.”

7. They’ve said I love you to each other: “I love you, Farkle.” “And I love you.”

8. Farkle wants nothing more than for Riley to be happy: “What’s your cost Riley? Your own happiness?” “I want you happy.”

9. They both want to go to Mars: “You. Me. Mars. Let’s do this thing.” “Nobody wants to be the first girl on Mars?” 

10. Farkle’s favorite sound in the world is Riley’s giggle: “That giggle is my favorite sound in the whole world.” 

11. Riley never wants to settle for less than Farkle: “For the rest of our lives, let’s never settle for anyone less than Farkle.”

12. Farkle only wants the best for Riley: “I do. There is no situation where I wouldn’t want that for you.” 

13. Their adorable banter: “Good. Good. Fineh! Fineh!” “I’m gonna be Pippin.” “They’re not putting on Pippin.” “I’m gonna be Pippin in whatever they’re putting on.” “HAAAAAAAA!” 

14. When Farkle cries in GMGLONY, Riley is the one to comfort him.

15. They were both the first to figure out that the other was getting bullied: “Farkle. This isn’t you. This isn’t the Farkle that I know and I want to know why and I want to know now.” “Of course Riley is weird goofy and unique, that’s what we all love about her!” “Then what’s the problem?” “Somebody doesn’t.”

16. In addition to that, Farkle was the only one who realized that Riley was hiding the fact that she still liked Lucas: “You’re a liar. You’re lying to yourself.”

17. Farkle felt bad for not having more faith in Riley to do their Science project: “Our failure’s not your fault Riley, our failure’s on me. I should’ve had more faith in you.”

18. They’ve had more important conversations with each other than any other pairing (besides Rilaya) on the show: “All I know is that we don’t lie to each other. We don’t lie to each other Riley.”

19. Farkle put his favorite orange turtleneck into the time capsule, which was the same turtleneck that Riley wore to stand up for him: “Your favorite orange turtleneck.” 

20. They’ve both referenced to having kids with each other: “A good Earth for our children.” “You mean take care of the babies, Farkle?”

21. They’ve known each other since they were little.

22. Lucaya Parallels: “I could never hurt you.” “Because he’s great.” “Okay.”

23. Farkle always believes in Riley: “I’m here because I believe in Riley.” “I think we should have some faith in our Riley.”

24. Farkle immediately regretted leaving Riley when she believed in him: “Riley has such faith in people. I mean, yeah, she had faith in the seniors” (“But she had even more faith in us.”)

25. They call each other out immediately, if the other is doing something wrong: “By relegating me to a second class marble dropper you are stopping me from realizing my full potential.” “We don’t lie to each other, Riley.”

26. How Farkle stared at the back of Riley’s head and admired her.

27. How Riley finally started looking back at him.

28. How whenever they work together, they get results: (See Girl Meets STEM & Girl Meets Belief)

29. How they were the only two with a clear beaker: “Nice job partner.” “Partner.”

EDIT: I never got to finish this, but I don’t think I will anytime soon. So enjoy this unfinished post. 

New : Prompt List, Send Request!

We want to add a little something for you to ask : send us a request with the prompt/s you want from the list below with the character you want and the situation you want (friends, fluff, crush, happy/sad, heartbreak.. couple etc.).

List of fandom here :

1 “How long have you been standing there?”

2 “Who gave you that black eye?”
3“I just like proving you wrong.”
4 “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”
5 “If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.”
6 “I’m pregnant.”
7 “Looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while.”
8 “Take. It. Off.”
9 “It’s okay to cry…”
10 “And that’s how you ruin a life. Congratulations.”
11 “You can scream if you want.”
12 “Oh, fuck off.”
13 “You’re still mad?”
14 “Come over here and make me.”
15 “Can we just watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?”
16 “Where did he go?”
17 “Don’t apologize if you don’t mean it.”
18 “You’re going out dressed like that?”
19 “For the hundredth time, I’m not your babysitter.”  
20 “I thought you were dead!”
21 “You know you want it, sweetheart.”
22 “He thinks he’s a mind reader.”  
23 “It’s just you and me tonight. I was thinking we could have a little fun.”
24 “I don’t do hugs.”
25 “You’re not as quiet as you think you are.”
26 “I have a secret.”
27 “I won’t let you get hurt.”
28 “You’re strong, baby. You have to be.”
29 “I can’t stand seeing you like this.”
30 “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”
31 “Mind if I join you?”
32 “My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?”
33 “I’ll take care of it.”
34 “After everything…I’d still choose you.”
35 “And when did you plan on telling me about this?”
36 “Trust me.”
37 “Did they hurt you?”
38 “You’re cute when you’re all worried.”
39 “Don’t be an asshole. Asshole.”
40 “Do you really think I could ever replace you?”
41 “You can’t just hug me and think everything’s okay.”
42 “I prefer blondes.”
43 “Your favorite superhero can’t be a villain.”
44 “Happy new year!”
45 Have you ever lied to me?
46 When’s that last time we went on a date?
47 I had a dream about you.
48 What color do you like better?
49 I can’t believe you didn’t remember
50 We’re not ‘fine’.
51 Are you really taking his side right now?
52I think you need stitches
53 Nothing bad is going to happen, baby, I promise.
54 Be brave, sweetheart.
55 You don’t hate me, quit lying to yourself.
56 I can’t stay long.
57 Do you ever stop smiling?
58 I’m a lucky girl. I’ll admit that.
59 Teach me how to play?
60 You don’t mean that.
61 Be serious for two minutes, please.
62 I cheated.
63 “Here, take me blanket/jacket.” - “I told you, I’m not cold.” *shivering*
64 “H-how long have you been standing there?” - “Long enough.”
65 “Is it that time of the month?” - “You literally ask me that whenever I’m mad at you!”
66 “It’s not mine, I swear.” - “How is it not fucking yours!”
67 “Fine, just do what you have to do.” - “Can you stop being so freaking cute so I can concentrate?”
68 “I hate you.” - “No, you don’t.”
69 “Should I be worried?” - “Is the grass green?”
70 “Baby, I’m scared.” - “You don’t have to be; not as long as I’m here.”
71 “It’s just so little and adorable.” - “That’s what she said.”
72 “Game’s over, you son of a bitch!!” - “Okay, just don’t hit me.”
73 “We bet, and you lost.” - “But tattoos are permanent.”
74 “You have a cute nose, don’t make me break it.”
75 “Why can’t you just believe me?” - “Because you lied about it before.”
76 “This bath is too damn hot.” - “This is why we can’t do cute things. You complain too much.”

I made my own list featuring and mixing some prompt list from @prompt-bank , amazing work!

Cherry’s Prompt List

Feel free to send in your requests and the character you would like to see for Wicked Wednesday - And please tell me how smutty you’d like! You may also use these for your own writing but please tag me, I want to see what you’ve written! =] 

1. “What would I do without you?”

2. “That’s quite the bombshell you dropped on me at 3 am.”

3. “Is it mine?”

4. “Stop fucking yelling at me.”

5. “I can’t because it hurts too much to even think about.”

6. “I never want to see you again.”

7. “Why are you naked in my kitchen?”

8. “Eyes open, baby.”

9. “Shh… I’ve got you.”

10. “You didn’t answer any of my texts.”

11. “Fuck you and fuck your stupid fucking face.”

12. “Can’t a guy get a little gratitude?” 

13. “What do you mean ‘what do you mean’?”

14. “I kept all of it. Every last thing.” 

15. “I’m not strong enough.”

16. “Focus on me.”

17. “Tell me to leave and I will.” 

18. “I don’t know what to say.” 

19. “I’m a piece of shit and you deserve better.”

20. “Please don’t waste your tears on him.” 

21. “You drive me fucking crazy.”

22. “You can fall apart if you want to.”

23. “Is that a smile I see?” 

24. “Wanna hear a pick-up line?” 

25. “I don’t want to listen.” 

26. “I told you so.”

27. “Do you have any idea how worried I was?” 

28. “You deliberately disobeyed me.”

29. “You need to relax - you seem so tense.” 

30. “Don’t say that name.” 

31. “Ice cream is a good start.” 

32. “I didn’t come here expecting a gentleman.” 

33. “I want to run but I feel like my feet are buried in concrete.” 

34. “Nothing good ever happens past midnight.” 

35. “I’m here now and I’m never leaving you again.”

36. “You could have gotten yourself killed.” 

37. “You only drink red wine when you’re angry.” 

38. “That’s not my shade of lipstick.” 

39. “I don’t want an apology. I want you to make it right.” 

40. “You have no idea.” 

41. “Is that my underwear?” 

42. “Lingerie isn’t really ‘business casual’.” 

43. “Don’t be such a pussy.” 

44. “I won’t let myself hurt you.” 

45. “Why do you have to say those things to me?” 

46. “Can I just hold you?”

47. “Let me do this for you.” 

48. “It’s not perfect but at least it’s a start.” 

49. “Don’t you dare tell me that you love me.” 

50. “That might have worked 10 years ago but not now.”

51. “You look good in candle light.” 

52. “We’d better get you to a hospital… like, now.” 

53. “Did you just slap me?” 

54. “All’s fair in love and war, baby.” 

55. “You don’t look too happy to see me.” 

56. “Have you eaten yet?” 

57. “I would absolutely ruin you.” 

58. “All the money in the world can’t warm your bed at night.” 

59. “We were just kids.” 

60. “This coffee tastes like shit.” 

61. “Really? Do you know how many calories are in that?” 

62. “Sober me is an ignorant fuck.” 

63. “I look at you and just… God, I mean look at you.”

64. “What is that under your shirt?” 

65. “Have you ever been this tired in your entire life?” 

66. “Death doesn’t scare me. Living scares me.” 

67. “My vote is on the lemon cake.” 

68. “Keep your arms straight and don’t slouch.” 

69. “Are you wearing a fucking garter belt?” 

70. “You don’t know her like I do.” 

71. “She’s your daughter.”/ “He’s your son.” 

72. “Could I have ever really made you happy?” 

73. “You’re still bleeding.” 

74. “Get your boots off of my clean sheets.” 

75. “I’m busy that day.” 

76. “Psst… Hey… I’m hungry.” 

77. “Is that how you speak to your boss?” 

78. “It’s 2 am, why are you calling me?” 

79. “Wait! Don’t hang up just yet.” 

80. “I’m absolutely fucking terrified.” 

81. “How is ‘I love your sweet ass’ inappropriate?” 

82. “I think someone has a little crush on you.” 

83. “God dammit… that was my favorite one, too.” 

84. “I like night time. It’s quiet and I can think.” 

85. “Did you forget to pay the power bill?” 

86. “I don’t care about them! Please… just give me one more night.” 

87. “That was my favorite book as a kid.” 

88. “Does it hurt when I do this?” 

89. “How do you make your hair do that swoopy thing?” 

90. “Calm down, they’re just tweezers!” 

91. “That was my father. I’m not him if you didn’t notice.” 

92. “Oh my god is that Nickleback?” 

93. “If you want it then you better work for it.”

94. “Did you just say pumpkin? I’m allergic to pumpkin.” 

95. “Come on, you can do it. Just one more.” 

96. “Don’t panic, it’s just me.” 

97. “What are you talking about? 30 is the new 20!” 

98. “Uhh…that’s breast milk.” 

99. “That’s my girl!” 

100. “You have lost that privilege.” 

Prompt list 1#

1. “You know my name?

2. "I know you’re lying.”

3. “Fine, just this once.”

4. “Who the hell are you?”

5. ““You don’t…you don’t remember your name?”

6. "What was that for?”

7. “I’ll explain later. Right now, we have to get out of here.”

8. “I mean, it’s not like you’re going to stop being a jerk.”

9. “Can’t you stay a bit longer?”

10. “This is the last time I ever lend you anything.”

11. “How do I know that I can trust you?”

12. “You said you’d be there.”

13. “Stop being a baby.”

14. “You could have warned me!”

15. “I can be bad ass too.”

16. “What? I meant it as a compliment.”

17. “You should’ve seen that coming.”

19. “You’ve only heard his point of view. You never thought to ask mine.”

20. “What is your problem?”

21. "I swear, I’m cursed.”

22. “I think you look cute with glasses.”

23. “It’s okay, I’ve got you.”

24. “I didn’t drive all this way just to say ‘hey,’ I need a place to stay.”

25. “Would you just hold still?”

Scribble-Doodle: Alec Fray #1

A set-up for my new AU where Alec’s been de-runed at 15 and he spends the next few years living with Jocelyn Fray and Clary. (The show never specified if Alec was 21 or 23, IIRC, so I decided to make the age-gap between Alec and Clary 3 years.)

(ETA: Apparently, Imogen said to Valentine that her son died 23 years ago. Which means that Jace’s 22 and Alec’s 23, 5 years older than Clary. Ficlet adjusted accordingly!)

This time, the Clave went too far!

Maryse did everything they asked of her to pay for her crimes against the Clave, for years she toed the line, kept her head down and followed the rules. She did everything they wanted…

Keep reading

Send in a prompt!

1. Why does your hamster look like Adolf Hitler?
2. I understand I said get me anything, but this?
3. Are you kidding me? That’s your favorite Pokemon?
4. Fuck man… You broke my grandma’s urn at the party last night.
5. You want what shoved inside you when you die?
7. I’m bi and ready to die.
8. Don’t speak to me or my tiny boyfriend ever again.
9. Aren’t you lactose intolerant?
10. Welcome to McDonald’s. The fuck you want?
12. I’m trying to control you with the force.
13. What do you mean you can’t swim?!
14. Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.
15. Hey baby, did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because your face looks like a disaster!
16. I have magic hair that glows when I sing.
18. Hello, this is the Suicide Hotline.
19. I’m afraid of storms, okay?
20. You’re telling me you’re from an alternate dimension?
21. Please explain to me how my kitchen blew up.
22. I just ate an entire bag of glitter.
23. Remind me why we’re robbing a Burger King?

Prompt list

Okay guys this is a huge prompt list, feel free to send me a request with one or more prompt. Just tell me if you want it with Peter or Tom and I’ll write it as soon as possible !

Check my to do list here, and my masterlist right there

01.  “Whatever you’re going to ask, the answer is No!”

02.  “Why did you scream like that ?”

03.  “I don’t think I could live alone again.”

04.  “She doesn’t understand you like I do.”

05.  “You’ve taken her back? You can’t be serious?”

06.  “There’s someone in the house!”

07.  “A boy needs his father.”

08.  “Why didn’t he come and talk to me himself?”

09.  “Oh my God. You’re in love with her.”

10.  "Is that my shirt?“

11.   "There’s only one bed.”

12.  “If you get me his phone, I might reconsider.”

13.  “I’m sorry if it upsets you, but I’m going to marry her.”

14.  “I’ll find her and bring her home, I promise.”

15.  “Am I under arrest, or not?”

16.  “What’s in that bag and why are you hiding it here?”

17.  “For some reason, I’m attracted to you.”

18.  “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

19.  “Do you ever think we should just stop doing this?”

20.  “Did you enjoy yourself last night?”

21.  “Could you be happy here with me?”

22.  “I have to do something to help that child.”

23.  “You stand there and accuse me, but where were you at the time?”

24.  “This isn’t just about you. It’s about what’s best for all of us.”

25.  “He was unconscious when I found him”

26.  “You embarrassed me this evening.”

27.  " Does he know about the baby ?“

28.  "I think you’re just afraid to be happy.”

29.  “What do you mean, he’s escaped?”

30.  “If we both stick to the story, they can’t prove anything.”

31.  “I’ve been checking you out.”

32.  “Darling, it’s beautiful, thank you!”

33.  “You’re paying a small price compared with what she’s going through.”

34.  “I miss moments like this more than anything.”

35.  “Do you think he crashed the car on purpose?”

36.  “Well, this is where I live.”

37.  “I don’t often get the chance to talk to someone like you.”

38.  “You have his eyes.”

39.  “I’m telling you - the guy was a complete stranger, just walked up and gave me the bag.”

40.  “If you do this, you will be dead to me.”

41.  “I never meant to come between you and him.”

42.  “The way you flirt is shameful.”

43.  “I’m your daughter.”

44.  “Quick, hide behind the sofa!”

45.  “I just want a nice, easy life. What’s wrong with that?”

46.  “No! I’m tired of doing what you say.”

47.  “You were always the quiet one.”

48.  “Just give me my cut of the money and I’ll be out of here.”

49.  “I daren’t stay long. I just had to see you.”

50.  “Please! Stop it! All of you!”

51.  “It looks like you’re in trouble there. Can I help?”

52.  “Sweetheart, what did you bury in the garden?”

53.  “Sorry, its just that I get very nervous when someone else is driving.”

54.  “You know my name?”

55.  “I just came to say goodbye.”

56.  “I’ll sleep under the sheets, you sleep on top of them.”

57.  “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

58.  “I wasn’t going to wait around for you forever.”

59.  “Is it really you?”

60.  “You had me at ‘free pizza!’”

61.  “You can’t break my heart like this!”

62.  “Do you think it’s possible that I…might be… pregnant? ”

63.  “Here, wear my jacket.”

64.  “Are you serious? Do you have to do this now?”

65.  “My parents asked about you.”

66.  “Why is there a drunk man sleeping in the bathtub?”

67.  “Can you reach it?”

68.  “Can I hold your hand?”

69.  “No one will ever hurt you again!”

70.  “I just wanted an easy day with my girlfriend. What’s so wrong with that?”

71.  “Come over here and make me, then.”

72.  “Frankly, I couldn’t care less.”

73.  “If I ever see you anywhere near her, you’ll have to deal with me!”

74.  “Are you still awake…?”

75.  “Shut up and kiss me.”

76.  “Stop talking about the past, I could be dead in a matter of hours… make me up a future.”

77.  “Are you drunk?”

78.  “Baby, I’m on the phone.”

79.  “Where did you find this?”

80.  “I think I picked up your coffee by mistake.”

81.  “Delete that. Now.”

82.  “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

83.  “We accidentally got married in Vegas oops”

84.  “This is so going on Youtube!”

85.  “They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly it seems quite dangerous.”

86.  "Look at me. Just look at me and stay awake. Can you do that?”

87.  “Isn’t this weird? Should we not be doing this?”

88.  “I beat you at Mario Kart and now you’re banishing me to the couch for the night?”

89.  “Who brought pot brownies to the bake sale?!”

90.  “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”

91.  “I’m no doctor, but you should have that looked at. It’s bleeding a lot…”  

92.  “How much sleep have you gotten in the past two days?”

93.  "Wanna dance?”

94.  “Why are you covered in mud?”

95.  “You never told me you had a fucking twin.”

96.  “Hey remember when we practiced kissing? That was stupid… right? Right?”

97.  “I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking.”

98.  “If you’re bored; Wanna have sex?”

99.  “This is girl talk, so leave.”

100.  “You can sing?”

101.  “You’re lucky you’re cute.”

102.  "Well….don’t keep me waiting”

103.  “I can’t swim!”

104.  “I was going to kiss him, but then my friend texted me about going to Taco Bell, and, well, there’s this cashier that works there who is way cuter, so I bailed on the rest of the date.”

105.  “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”

106.  “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”

107.  “Can I touch you ?”

108.  “Wait. I didn’t mean that. Please, come back.”

109. “Is that a tattoo?”

110.  “Why are you taking so many photos?”

111. “Im too sober for this”

112. “I want to hike up your skirt and take you right here.”

113.  "That night never happened!”

114.  “Stop acting out Grease Lightning on the top of my car, I have somewhere to be!”

115.  “Here, take my hand. Everything is fine, just hold onto me and keep moving.”

116. “You can’t keep pretending it didn’t happen, cause guess what? It did!”

117. “I found it in the recycling bin.”

118.  "I thought you loved her.”

119.  “We’re in a bathtub !”

120.  “You come to my room and wake me up at 4am, to cuddle?”

121. “I just came to say goodbye.”

122.  "Sit in my lap.”

123.  “One last time, please ?”

124. “How can you still look so attractive while crying.”

125.  “Will you be quiet?!”

126.  “Wait, you’re a virgin ?,”

127.  “I had the weirdest dream about you and now I can’t stop thinking about you naked.”

128.  “Who did the laundry? My favourite shirt is pink.”

129.  “I’ve been alone for so long..”

130.  “Are you happy now? Huh? DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY?!”

131.  "It’s too late for you to be out by yourself.”

132. “Choose me”

133.  “You’re lying.”

134.  “I’m trying to drive here !”

135.  “You didn’t call. You didn’t text. Nothing.”

136. “If you insist”

137.  “Time changes people.”

138.  “That’s gross ! Unless you’re up for it ?”

139.  “Sorry doesn’t fix everything.”

140.  “Breaking up, was our best choice…right?”

141.  “Do you want to kiss as bad as I do right now”

142.  "Did you buy me… lingerie?”

143.  “I haven’t seen you in so long, I need you.”

144.  “Maybe I’m meant to be alone.”

145.  “You have already broke down my walls, and you had to break my heart.”

146.  “Unless I screw this up again, I’m going to marry you.”

147.  “Why did you say ‘Daddy’ in your sleep?”

148.  "I’m going to walk away and pretend I didn’t see anything.”

149.  “But you promised..”

150.  “You pushed me off a building.”

151.  "Let me shower first!”

152.  "Is that… is that my bra?”

153.  "Don’t drink that! I saw that guy slip something in there!”

154.  “Ask for permission.”

155.  “You said my name in your sleep.”

156.  "You left your shirt at my house. It’s mine now.”

157.  “We were just joking around, right? Please tell me you knew that.”

158. “We have to stick together.”

159.  “Do that again.”

160.  “You weren’t supposed to laugh! I’m so embarrassed!”

161. “We are not going to steal someone’s dog.”

162.  “I bet you ten dollars you won’t kiss me.”

163.  “Are you an undercover cop or something?”

164.  “I heard you singing Taylor Swift in the shower this morning, are you okay?”

165.  “You can’t come here and only eat the free samples.”

166.  “How was I supposed to know there was someone in the trunk? I was just stealing the car not trying to kidnap you!”

167.  “… Where are your pants?”

168.  “You said you were good at baseball!”

169.  “Hypothetically, if I asked you out, would you say yes?”

170.  “Well, I’m happy you think of me when you’re drunk.”

171.  “It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.”

172.  “That can’t be legal.”

173.  “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

174.  “I need a place to stay.”

175.  “I may be smaller than you but that still doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass.”

176.  “I still have like 50% of your shirts here and I really don’t want to give them back. They smell like you and I realized I couldn’t sleep without one. So if you insist on taking them please just leave one.”

177. “Why do you keep inching closer to me?” “Cause your warm and this damn movie theater is freezing.”

178.  “If you could go back in time, would you stop yourself from meeting me?”

179.  “So, are you guys dating or?”

180.  “I’m way out of your league”

181.  “We’re never going to see each other again, are we?”

182.  “Even the idea of you being with someone else is enough to make me wish I was dead.”

183.  “Will you stop looking so surprised, it’s not like I’ve never worn a dress before.”

184.  “Tell me what I have to do to get you to forgive me? Want me to jump off a cliff? Done. Want me to hit your ex with a chair? Deal.”

185.  “Every day since you left I thought about where we went wrong and how I could get you back.”

186.  “Hey, can I hold your boobs for a sec?”

187.  “Take the long way around”

188.  “Isn’t that a bit too small for you?”

189.  “We’re out of gas, what’s your plan?”

190.  “You look… really happy. And normally, I would love that but now that I know it’s not me making you happy.. It’s just fucking with me.”

191.  “How many fingers am I holding up?” “…Zebra.” “My dude are you okay?

192. “Tell me I’m pretty before I shoot you in the dick!”

193. “My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on”

194.  “I wish you’d be here in my arms right now.”

195.  “I’m not gonna stop until you beg for it.”

196.  “Stay the night. Please.”

197.  “It’s lonely without you in the bed.”

198.  “Promise me you’ll come back… I need you to promise me.”

199.  “I’m not gonna stop leaving marks ‘till I’m sure everyone will know you’re mine.”

200.  “You’re really proposing to me? For real? Now?”


I wat to start doing some drabbles because I need something to do which short just to get me into the writing mood. So please choose up to three of the statements and any member from BTS, GOT7, BigBang, Astro, SF9 and Monsta X.

1) “Miss me with that warm shit”

2) “In the immortal words of Mark Tuan, “Why you gotta be like this?””

3) “And muscles on muscles, yay!”

4) “Physical contact is the best”

5) “Can we do it quietly?”

6) “I don’t quite know how to say how I feel”

7) “Why hurt a girl who never hurt you?”

8) “Don’t touch me”

8) “Maybe I came on to strong”

9) “Are you sure you’re okay?”

10) “Please stay”

11) “Why pickles?”

12) “You’ve lost me”

13) “Just turn around”

14) “I may have accidentally brought a dog”

15) “Don’t kill me”

16) “They made me do it”

17) “Don’t call me baby unless you mean it”

18) “Talk me down”

19) “You cause so much pain”

20) “So you just get up and leave!?”

21) “We were just kids when we fell in love”

22) “Am I being spontaneous?”

23) “Just kiss me slow”

24) “Dance with me at midnight”

25) “You’re a bad liar”

26) “You’re not the same person anymore”

27) “You looked so beautiful in that dress”

28) “All I want is her”

29) “I would kill to go back to that night”

30) “I’m in the same place but it looks so different”

31) “You are the human version of the sun”

32) “Happiness must be contagious”

33) “Your smile makes my day”

34) “I would do anything for you”

35) “I love you so much”

36) “No body hurt you like I did and I’m sorry”

37) “You look happier now i’m not with you”

38) “Everything you do is cute”

39) “You’re good at pretending you care”

40) “I knew you’d find someone new but that doesn’t stop the pain”

41) “I’m sorry for everything”

42) “Of all the things I’ve learnt to fear, I’ve learnt fear me the most”

43) “You can’t drink away the pain”

44) “Can we at least stay friends?”

45) “Love always finds away”

46) “Sometimes things don’t always happen how we want them too”

47) “Puppies and kittens are better than you anyday”

48) “Your child wants you”

49) “How did it get stuck to the ceiling?”

50) “Remind me why I married you”

Please request thank you!

-Admin Kira

Cats Day 24

Summary: You and your son, Frerin II, accidentally turn Thorin, Kili, Fili, Dwalin, Balin and Gandalf into cats and this is the result (Spin off of The Elf and The Dwarf)

Chapter Summary: You’re not happy

Master List - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22 - Part 23 - Part 25

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Prompt list!!!

I have decided to make a prompt list because it seems fun and I’ve never done one before! It can be with anyone from the Dc, Gotham, and Uncharted universe!!! And you can pick more than one!

1. Why the hell would you do that?!

2. That’s kinky~

3. No, I said don’t do that!!

4. You’re joking, right?

5. You bought a dog?!

6. I may have accidentally did the thing

7. I love you but I hate you!

8. That’s what I said!

9. Can you shut up for like 5 minutes?!

10. You said you wouldn’t do it again.

11. You broke my heart so I broke your arm.

12. That was my sister!

13. I’m not an idiot!

14. Please don’t do it again.

15. You promised.

16. Are you an angel becau- Imma stop you right there.

17. I just wanted to walk the dog.

18. You just looked so sexy, I couldn’t resist.

19. Why is the cat blue?


21. I’m sorry, what?

22. I’m going to stab you.

23. It’s a baby!

24. Did you think I was joking?

25. Just because they did it doesn’t mean you should

26. You can’t ground me!

27. Did you just bite me?!

28. Is- is that a monkey?

29. You watched our show without me?!

30. Screw it.

31. You’re in jail again?

32. That's the third time this week!

33. Is that mine?

34. I don’t see your point

35. Pumpkin spice again?

36. Watch me!

37. You dyed your hair pink?

38. It’s just a show!

39. Your the best!

40. Have I told you that you’re beautiful lately?

41. Did you even think before you did it?

42. I declare a paintball war!!

43. Did you even try?

45. I can’t believe you just did that.

46. Have you no shame?

47. The floor is lava.

48. Just one more episode.

49. If I win you do whatever I tell you too for the next 24 hours.

50. I don’t see it.

New prompts!!!!

To request:
Your name (or it can be a y/n )
The name of who you want
A plot
And the prompts you want (maximum is 4)

If there is someone that i haven’t put on the list let me know and ill let you know if i can write about them! Happy requesting!! X

Some ideas for people:
Why don’t we:
Jack avery
Jonah Marais
Zach Herron
Corbyn besson
Daniel seavey

Teen wolf:
Scott mccall - tyler posey
Stiles stilinski - dylan o'brien
Peter hale
Derek hale - tyler hoechlin
Theo raken - cody Christian
Liam dunbar - dylan sprayberry
Mason Hewitt
Brett talbot
Jordan parrish - ryan kelley

Buttercream squad:
Joe sugg
Casper lee
Oli white
Conor maynard
Jack maynard
Michael Pearce
Josh pieters

Ashton irwin
Luke hemmings
Michael clifford
Cslum hood

Harry Potter:
Harry potter - Daniel Radcliffe
Draco malfoy - tom Felton
Ron weasley
Fred weasley - james phelps
George weasley - oliver phelps
Neville longbottom

Shawn mendes
Charlie puth
Ed sheeran
The weeknd
Bruno mars
Harry styles
Liam payne
Louis Tomlinson
Niall horan
Zayn malik

Cole spouse
Ross lynch
Ian somerhalder
Paul wesley
Thomas brodie sangster
Even Peters
Liam hemsworth
Chris hemsworth - thor
Jai courtney
Zac efron
Taylor lautner
Josh hutcherson
Theo james

Joe weller
Logan paul
Jake paul
Anthony Trujillo
Chance sutton
Ray Diaz
Cameron dallas
Aaron carpenter
Ethan dolan
Grayson dolan
Nash grier
Hayes grier
Kian lawley
Jc caylen


1. “Bite me.”
2. “Can i hold your hand?”
3. “I love you”
4. “Fuck you.” “Please do.”
5. “Leave. Get out!”
6. “Your actually such a dick.”
7. “Okay, but first, kiss me”
8. “Is that my hoodie?”
9. “What are you doing here?”
10. “I forgot to mention that i am totally in…in love with you”
11. “Don’t you dare say another word.”
12. “What do you mean your leaving?”
13. “sometimes i just don’t want to exist”
14. “I should’ve stayed in bed.”
15. “Give me my beer or else.”
16. “Is it gone?”
17. “You said you’d never hurt me.”
18. “Baby no more showing up at my front door when your not sober.”
19. “Your trying to fuck me and my mind up.  But it’s not working.”
20. “Fight me.”
21. “You suck.” “Actually i swallow.”
22. “What are you, like 5?!”
23. “Please don’t cry. I cant stand seeing you upset”
24. “Your seriously like a man child.”
25. “Stay with me?”
26. “Am i supposed to be impressed?”
27. “Just to see you smile”
28. “Your my everything. Literally”
39. “Is that my t-shirt?”
30. “I can’t do this anymore”
31. “I will not hesitate to murder you.”
32. “You are cleaning this up. Now.”
33. “Look at me.”
34. “Stop looking at me like that”
35. “All i wanted was the truth! Was that too much to fucking ask for?!”
36. “Leave me alone.”
37. “Were done.”
38. “You did this for me?”
39. “Your so pretty”
40. “I can never say no to a picnic”
41. “I never imagined myself in a wedding dress”
42. “I think your just afraid to be happy”
43. “Your lucky your cute”
44. “Come back to bed”
45. “Cuddles?”
46. “I mean it could be worse”
47. “Just talk to me!”
48. “Please…i love you”
49. “Smile, please. I just need to see you smile”
50. “You can sing?”
51. “Teach me to play?”
52. “Please look at me”
53. “Why did you choose me?”
54. “I never belive in love, then you came along and changed everything”
55. “Stay the night. Please?”
56. “Say it!”
57. “It’s not fair!”
58. “Stop pinning this on me! You started it!”
59. “You cheated on me?”
60. “I dare you.”
61. “Don’t you dare walk away.”
62. “Walk out that door and were done.”
63. “You are strangly comfortable”
64. “Just marry me already”
65. “Mum!!”
66. “Did i stutter?”
67. “H-how long have you been standing there?”
68. “You are so stubborn”
69. “Oh. My. God.”
70. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know that!”
71. “Youre mine. I don’t share”
72. “Im too sober for this”
73. “Just pretend to be my boyfriend”
74. “Shit sorry”
75. “You’re so fucking hot when your mad”
76. “Are you kidding me right now?!”
77. “Your a bloody idiot, you know that right?”
78. “Can you be quiet!?”
79. “Shut up!”
80. “Are you jealous?”
81. “Im pregnant”
82. “Did you just flick me?!”
83. “Sit on my lap”
84. “You’re so beautiful”
85. “Let’s star gaze”
86. “Woah.”
87. “Are you even listening?”
88. “Sorry i got distracted by your beauty”
89. “You look cute with a baby bump”
90. “We made that”
91. “Did you buy me….lingerie?”
92. “Stop biting that fucking lip!”
93. “I need you to fale date me”
94. “Your such a tease”
95. “Is that…is that my….bra?”
96. “Give me another chance?”
97. “I miss you”
98. “But look, it’s on sale!”
99. “The tattoo was inspired by the song you wrote”
100. “I did it all for you!”

[CLOSED]send me a prompt + got7 member!

i’m CLOSING this for now because i have 7 requests in my inbox and i want to finish them all first!! thank you!!

hello !! i’m opening this up again heh,, i would [greatly] appreciate it if anyone would sent me a prompt with either: youngjae/bambam/jinyoung because i don’t have much written about them yet ;;; (rip me i bias jae and jinyoung i’m fake ik i’m sorry fkjffdf) 

i provided links to the ones that have been done already! some requests were a combination of 2 lines! with that being said, you can request either just one number or a combination of two! you can also tell me what genre you want it to be! (i don’t do smut atm bec i’m bad at it hehehesdkdjs)

i’ll start doing these tomorrow, please be patient with me~

1.     “That is a ridiculous thing to cry about.”

2.     “Next time you say something about my height I’m going to push you off the tallest building I can find. See what being tall does for you then.”

3.     “Who the hell taught you that word?”

4.     “You are going to take a break even if that involves me breaking both of your legs.”

5.     “Who cares that it’s 4 a.m? Live a little.”

6.     “Aren’t you cold?”

7.     “I guess you are kind of cute… If you like giant weirdos.”

8.     “I’m so proud of how far you’ve come.”

9.     “I’ll never be able to erase that image from my mind.”

10.  “I don’t deserve it.”

11.  “Stop trying to sext me right now, I don’t need this.”

12.  “Why are you laughing? I’m being so sexy right now.”

13.  “Or you could not.”

14.  “I don’t understand it. How you can be so cute and evil at the same time. How you can make my heart flutter and sink simultaneously.”

15.  “Um. That’s salt not sugar.”

16.  “Do you really think that face will get you your way?… Okay, fine I’ll do it.”

17.  “Sometimes you talk in your sleep.”

18.  “This song reminds me of you.”

19.  “I don’t think that means what you think it means, baby.”

20.  “You did all of this for me?”

21.  “There is no way in hell we are playing that song at our wedding.”

22.  “You do know that is a dog and they cant understand what you are saying, right?” 

23.  “It’s important to me that you admit you lost.”

24.  “That’s not my name and I refuse to answer you until you address me properly.”

25.  “Why is my kitchen a mess?”

26.  “Please tell me you didn’t wake me up over a bug.”

27.  “I don’t insult the things you love.”

28.  “That doesn’t sound safe.”

29.  “Stop doing that. You’re going to age me 10 years every time you do that”

30.  “So like… what if I told you… hypothetically… that I broke it?”

31.  “I would only do this for you.”

32.  “I think the world is working against me.”

33.  “This is not the time for memes.”

34.  “Nope, I just lied to get you out of trouble.”

35.  “Why cant you just accept that I’m better at cooking?”

36.  “I miss so many little things about you that I didn’t even know you did.”

37.  “I didn’t even know you could blush. It’s nice.”

38.  “Do you need any help with that?”

39.  “I love the way you see the world.”

40.  “Is that a new tattoo?”

41.  “I’m never letting you touch my hair again.”

42.  “Are you even real?”

43.  “Why didn’t you come? I looked for you and you weren’t there.”

44.  “I’m not clingy! I just love your company and constantly want to be around you and have your full attention at all times.”

45.  “Are you trying to flirt with me?”

46.  “For once, just once, will you be quiet for like 2 seconds?”

47.  “What? It’s comfort food.”

48.  “Honestly, you kind of scare me.”

49.  “That was easily the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done.”

50.  “Why are you laying on the floor?”

Good Stuff(?) - The Emoji Movie

WARNING: Flax seeds can be a great absorbent. Thank you, take care out there, prey for me, and enjoy.

The Emoji Movie? More like… the No See Movie! HA HA HA HA HA HA

Whew, best one yet. Okay, (*Cracks open a cold one*) so. I know this movie looks cheap. It’s from Sony Animation, so you know the effort put into making this a good animated film is Fyre Festival levels of fucked. And I know it’s a millennial satirizing knock off of the following:

  • Sausage Party
  • The Lego Movie
  • Wreck-It Ralph
  • Harry Potter
  • Toy Story
  • A majority of Pixar’s movies
  • Life is Strange (unfortunate)
  • Foodfight! (also unfortunate)
  • Barnyard
  • Smurfs: The Lost Village
  • Rubik: The Amazing Rubix Cube
  • Rachet and Clank: The Movie
  • Fairy Odd Parents: Channel Chasers
  • Fairy Odd Parents: Internet Stupor Highway
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • The Mr. Men & Little Misses
  • The Brave Little Toaster
  • Spongebob 2: Sponge Out of Water
  • Tinker Bell 
  • Most Shonen animes

and so on, but you all know this. However, I see to share a bit of optimism towards this film as good as shamelessly possible. Because after that serviceable disappointment that was Smurfs: The Lost Village and the fact that 2017 has not much better in store this summer, in terms of animation, I just want to give Sony just one. Just a SINGLE glimmer of belief that they can pull something off better than previously. Or maybe, they’re a lost cause; who knows. Now, it’s time to defend this, for the sake of animated movies of all caliber.


For once, the movie doesn’t look that bad. It looks colorful, the human designs look pretty good, and the gimmicks in the phone world look pretty creative. It doesn’t look as spastic as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs or unnecessarily cartoony like Hotel Transylvania. It’s on par with their latest Smurfs movie, and I say that’s a good thing. The only setback are the emojis themselves. Most of them looks inhuman and this is what I consider the “hand effect”, where it’s like trying to animate your own hands to move like a human except you keep the muscle and bone structure of a typical human hand. When it comes to animating living characters, you should always either give the characters a humanoid stature with limbs or make them limbless shapes like with Angry Birds or Veggietales. And with this having the “hand effect”, this limits creativity in movement and it looks weird, jarring, or creepy to try making them act human with 3D animation. Then again, if a no neck design worked well with Crash Bandicoot, it can do well here too.

And on this day, I will forever feel guilty for making such a comparison

Secondly, and this is a small note: what competition does it have? I mean… Atomic Blonde? War for the Planet of the Apes? The Dark Tower? Another Al Gore movie? Jessica Williams? The movies surrounding this ranges from pretty risque for kids to who’s checking this. This flic is known more to a familial audience, so if it actually does good, the adult reviewers can feel more comfortable in recommending this to kids, giving it some merit towards a demographic, like most family films. And then any adult can enjoy it ironically because we’ll feel better knowing it was basically never for us. I’m not saying the hopes for success are high, but like the previous Sony asspulls, it’ll be passable to a particular group. And if not this, then what? Nut Job 2?

Originally posted by giantmonster

I’m serious. Nut Job 2? Anybody want to see that?
Does anybody know about that?

Other than those things, I got nothing. Except for the 107 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THE EGOJI MOVIE! That’s right. Thanks to a man named Jack Douglass, I have more than enough evidence to convince YOU why it can be a film that can titillate your sense of entertainment and leave you well pleased. And with the help of King Crimson, this list will be most accurate and foolproof plan I have come up with on this site in forever, so here it is:


NUMBER ONE: T.J. Miller and Sir Patrick Stewart are pretty great actors and comedians, and to support their acting in the film can keep their streak of surprising choices for their craft solid.

and THAT was 107 reasons why you should see the Emoji Movie.

I admit, that is a lot to read, but it’s worth it. Trust me In any case, beyond all those reasons, I can’t say this movie is truly a must-see of the year, like Cars 3 or Captain Underpants, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth seeing at all. I mean, it could’ve been Ice Age 6, which I am certain will come out not long after 2021 or ‘22. I say it’s worth checking out to see what the fuss is about. It’s not controversial like the Ghostbusters reboot or surprisingly good like Baby Driver and 21 and 22 Jump Street, I can assure you, but it could be entertaining in some way nonetheless. I’ll say buy $5 cheap seats at least, don’t want the industry earning that money too easily. And it’s safe to say this movie was gonna be made eventually, so why not give a full look before putting it up on the fridge with all the other drawings? I mean, we already got Emoji merch, pillows, World Emoji Day, Emoji reviews, an Emojipedia, an Emoji Store, and this movie was the Buzzfeed effect that tipped the scale to say “Ya know. This has gone too far”? All in all, Sony may have done itself in with its marketing, but I find the Emoji Movie to possibly be a simple, nonsensical, time wasting film for the summer and a flic you and your buddies can get high to, like most other toy based productions that isn’t the Lego Movie.

I give Wreck-It Ralph a 4 out of 5

A couple big hiccups here and there, but it’s an otherwise solid video game movie