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Yin and Yang

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Request: Omg can you write a peter maximoff imagine where the reader is the total opposite of him, nerdy,clumsy and likes to take things at a slower pace, maybe they like each other cause they are each other’s Ying and yang? I love your writing!

Notes: Okay, so, first Peter Maximoff fic. I’m kind of iffy on how it turned out, it was kind of hard to have everything happen so fast and all but I hope you guys like it!

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Tired of hiding

This one is for the lovely anon who sent me the prompt. I really really hope it lives up to your idea and how you imagined it. *crosses fingers* *worries*

(Note to everyone else reading this - the idea and most of the storyline isn’t mine)

Summary: Baz starts going to an LGBT+ club at Watford, Simon finds out and it changes the way he sees Baz

Warning: homophobia (well… kind of. It may all just be a big misunderstanding)

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you do you. i mean it. so many people always preach “everybody is their own kind of beautiful”, yet later i hear them make snide remarks on other people’s looks and praising certain celebrities just because they fit society’s stereotype of “hot” or “pretty”. I’m tired of it, and I want to support people for who their soul is and let them know that their appearance is already beautiful. And I’m not saying alterations are bad! I’m saying do these things for yourself, not because of what other people want from you, and encourage others to love themselves as well. 💜

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dear perf can you tell more about QantumGear please ? *w* i'm really interest in ! (sorry for my bad english ^^')


QuantumGear is honestly just a Quantumtale version of my original story, 



The story has been altered for QuantumGear.

The story revolves around a young orphaned skeleton, TK , whom at a young age, has already lost faith in the world after having to live his life on the streets, but not before going through a living Hell. He was once once of the subjects of the SSV( I forgot the meaning) Project, which was handled by a famous inventor and Bio-engineer, Dr. W.D Gaster. The poor skele went through countless of torturous and traumatizing experiments after having his weak soul replaced with an artificial one known as the Gear Heart. This later granted him of the power of Telekenisis (Where he got his name) and time control . He soon escapes the facility after a fire had taken place and hide away into the shadows of the Capital( Dark alleyways and abandoned buildings), where he quickly learns to adapt with the survival routine of other street dwellers. TK has a knack for tinkering with broken things and building it into his own helpful creations but rarely use this skill to help him earn money. Instead, he becomes a little weasel collecting information from the street and handing it to his clients. One time, he even eavesdrop a dangerous mafia gang and got away clean.Though, he isn’t the only one who does this job, four more kids team up with him to collect info. These four are the only ones he considered as friends but still never tells anyone about his Gear Heart. 

He soon stumbles upon another abandoned skele in a garbage can, wearing nothing but a white sheet. But to TK’s surprise, the skele appear to have Gear Heart as well. The little skele doesn’t know where he came from and realizes TK looks just like him, to his delight and TK’s displeasure, he started to follow him around. TK later calls him “Pap” after the skele paps him on the face the first time they met. Little does TK know is that Pap is involved in something bigger and far more dangerous to both human and monster race.

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YOUR GIFS ARE MAGIC AND RAINBOWS (literally)!!! A tutorial on how you use/choose gradients to create colour porn gifsets, pretty please? Love you, you know it <3

I LOVE YOU <3 thank you so much!

Gradients will trasform your gif from this:

to this:

Examples of colour porn gifsets using gradients: x, x and x.

Since this has been requested a few times, I’m gonna start by giving a few tips and then we’ll move to a tutorial.

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Versus || Peter Parker [[request]]

[[requested prompt: Could you do a Peter Parker x reader where they are dating and standing by Peter’s locker when something starts attacking the school and they both yell at each other to leave because they are both secret superheroes but don’t know about the other and then both have their costumes on and save the school together (but could the thing attacking the school be after the reader and say something like ‘ready to die Y/N’ while he has her in a tough spot but Peter saves her)]]

I’m having so much fun writing these, and I hope that you readers are enjoying these stories as well ♡ I made a few changes to the original request, so I hope that’s okay with you, anon!

also, i apologize if this isn’t that great ✧*。ヾ(。>﹏<。)ノ゙✧*。 i’ve never been too good at writing action scenes, so lmao f o r g i v e m e …!!

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Hiding the fact that you had a superhero alter-ego was extremely exhausting, especially now that you were dating the boy of your dreams, Peter Parker. 

Not only did you have to literally work to keep a low profile, but you had to make sure that despite everything, Peter was always to remain safe and sound away from your enemies. 

The people in Queens thought that there was only a single masked vigilante working to protect the city, but they didn’t know about the existence of Zero, your alter ego, until (sadly) just recently. 

Zero was a hero whom was swift and graceful. Instead of attracting loads of attention like the infamous Spider-Man, you preferred to work in the shadows, always remaining hidden from the public eye. 

When working as your alter ego, you were highly efficient in your use of weaponry such as knives (and the occasional gun). You prided yourself on how you were able to aim at your enemies with a high accuracy and how you were able to remain incognito and unknown for the most part. 

There was just a tiny problem that you had, and that problem took the form of your self proclaimed rival and enemy Ryu. Now, being the smart girl that you were, you knew that Ryu was not his real name and was merely an alias. All you knew about him was that he liked to play with dynamite and bombs a bit too much and always wore a dragon mask coupled with a hoodie to help with further hiding his identity. 

You couldn’t count the numerous times when you would explore the city, only to have your recon session be interrupted by this fucking guy. He would cause a shit ton of collateral damage, and each time he made an appearance, he would cause a bit more attention to be shown on you. 

Who is that girl? 

Do you think she’s working with Spider-Man?

And what’s up with the pyromaniac- SHIT HE’S GOT A FUCKING BOMB, RUN!

Because of Ryu, you had no choice but to let the whole city know of your presence in Queens. After all, if that tool was around, then you’d have to clean up after his mess. 

For the last couple of times you had to fight with Ryu, Spider-Man would make a cameo and tag team with you to take him out. This made you a bit disappointed, since now that you were seen with Spider-Man, there was no way in hell that you could ever remain off anyone’s radar like you had been doing for the past 8 months. 

Honestly, just thinking about him was making you feel sluggish. 

With what felt like the millionth yawn today, you open your locker and grab the textbooks you needed for your last couple of classes. You hoped that today would be a peaceful day without Ryu’s startling appearance wrecking your life. When you close your locker, you jolted a bit upon seeing Peter standing next to you, “Hey babe. Did you miss me?” 

“Quit being such a dork!” You playfully slap his shoulder, “Seriously, you nearly gave me a heart attack.” 

“Sorry babe.” Peter places a quick kiss against your forehead, looking with adoration into your eyes before clearing his throat, “Uhm, so I was wondering, tonight do you wanna hang out at my place? We can make a pillow fort in the living room and cuddle while watching cheesy movies?” 

“Peter Parker, that sounds like an amazing plan! I would love to hang out at your place.” 

Leaning closer to him, you give him a sweet kiss, about to wrap your arms around his neck when a piercing scream interrupts your tender moment with Peter. 

You and Peter immediately break away from the kiss, seeing hundreds of students running toward you as you saw an explosion from a few feet away. 


You tense up and nearly hiss in annoyance, but manage to keep your reaction in check since you were standing beside Peter. At the same time, you and Peter face each other and shout: 

“Peter, you’ve got to get out of here!”

“[Name], you have to run!” 

A confused expression crosses both of your features, “What?”

“ZERO!” Cue another explosion, and you were practically panicking now as you shoved Peter away from you, “Fine, I’m getting out of here, but you better do the fucking same!” 

“JUST SHUT UP AND GET OUT OF HERE [NAME]! DON’T WORRY ABOUT ME AND FOCUS ON YOURSELF!” Peter practically shouts at you before running off. 

You and Peter avoid the crowd of panicked students before running in the opposite direction. Without looking back, you enter the girl’s bathroom and lock the door, searching through your backpack for your Zero costume. It takes you a total of five minutes to don your wolf mask, jet black hoodie and matching jeans. You complete the look with your boots and quickly grab your array of knives before shoving your clothes into the backpack and shoving the bag into one of the stalls. 

Ready to face Ryu, you adjust your mask and exit the bathroom while shouting his name, “YO ASSHOLE! I’M HERE, COME AND GET ME!” 

You felt a presence from behind you and immediately raised up your legs, blocking Ryu’s punch as he laughed maniacally in response, “Haha! You’ve gotten better Zero!” 

You make a backflip, swiftly avoiding Ryu’s next attack as you glared at him, “How the fuck did you manage to find me?” 

You could practically feel him sneering from beneath his mask, “Let’s just say that I have my ways. But enough chitchat, let’s get down to business now.” 

Remaining in a defensive position, you think about what his next move would be. While you considered your next course of action, Ryu suddenly reaches into the pocket of his jeans before hurling two dark balls at you. 

Smoke was immediately emitted as you began to cough profusely. Your senses were compromised as the strong stench of the smoke began to singe your throat. Unable to defend yourself, you were immediately tackled to the ground with Ryu staying on top of you. When the smoke clears, you realize that he had you pinned against the linoleum floors as a shit eating grin adorned his features. 

“Oh, this is such a wonderful day for me! I’ve always hated people who think that they can change the world through selfless acts and kindness alone. Seeing you and that damn Spiderboy on the news really fucking irritates me.” A dark chuckle fills the air when he leans down to whisper in your ear, “Are you ready to bring me the greatest joy and die in my arms, [Full Name]?” 

Through your periphery, you see a momentary flash of red and blue before Ryu was suddenly ripped away from you. Taking advantage of the situation, you quickly get up to see Spider-Man beside you, “Are you okay?”

You blink, somehow feeling as though Spidey’s voice was familiar to you. Shaking your head to come out of your daze, you answer, “Y-Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just a little shocked that he knows me.”

“ARGH! GODDAMN YOU, [NAME]!” You hear Ryu’s rapidly approaching footsteps coming toward you, only to be stopped by Spider-Man as he shot his web directly into Ryu’s mask. His actions cause the delinquent to fall down against the floor, and when Ryu’s arms were outstretched beside him, Spider-Man made sure that he couldn’t move and placed a copious amount of his webbing on Ryu’s hands to make sure that he couldn’t escape. 

“Fuck, what the hell is this thing?! Why can’t I break free?!!”

Spider-Man takes a hold of your hand, making you follow him as he ran away from Ryu’s helpless body on the ground, “Come on, I hear sirens approaching the school. We gotta get you out of here-”

“Wait! I n-need to get my stuff!” You yank your hand away from Spider-Man’s hold before running toward the bathroom. With your backpack in hand, you return to Spider-Man’s side and gesture toward the exit, “Come on, let’s go-”

Before you could take another step, a strong hold on your wrist stops you, forcing you to look back at the masked vigilante. 

“You…You’re really [Name], aren’t you?” You hear Spider-Man quietly murmur, and the same nostalgic feeling fills you when you turn to look at him. “S-Spidey, do you know me? And do I…do I know you?”

He chuckles and grabs your waist, slowly pulling you toward him, “I should hope so. I mean, I’m your boyfriend after all.” 

Your eyes widen with a sudden epiphany, “Peter-”

“Ssh! Shut up!” He grabs on to you and begins running out of the school, “We’ll talk about this later, back at my place.”   


There was something comforting about having your boyfriend treat your bruises while in the privacy of his room. 

You guys remain quiet when Peter began rubbing some heating ointment on your injuries. Both of you had changed out of your alter ego’s uniform, and you felt as though a weight had been lifted when Peter realized that you were Zero (and vice versa). 

When he finishes bandaging your wrist, Peter holds up your hands to press a kiss against the back of it, “[Name], you don’t know how relieved I feel to know that you- that you’re Zero. I mean, I’ve always, always admired your style and how you dealt with criminals- and I just, wow.” 

“I could say the same thing about you, Peter Parker.” You lean in to press a kiss against his forehead, “To think that you were the amazing Spider-Man this whole time…I’m honestly in awe and so fucking proud of you.”

He smiles and rests his head against yours, gently nuzzling his nose against your skin when he asks, “How long have you been Zero?”

“For about 8 months. How long have you been Spider-Man?” 

“For about a year.” 

You smile and nuzzle his nose in return. You each remained in close proximity to each other, whispering about what made you become a hero to begin with (so that Aunt May wouldn’t be able to hear). In the end, you felt proud at the fact that you and Peter shared the same reasons of becoming a hero.

I just want to save and help as many people as I can.  

After a few seconds, Peter begins to chuckle before wrapping his arms around you. Once you were pulled flushed against his chest, he kisses the top of your head and admits, “I’m so happy. Now, I don’t have to worry about your safety because I know that you can protect yourself.”

“Same, Peter, same.” You giggle and lean up to kiss him once more, “You know, I’m pretty sure that you helped me arrest Ryu back there. I have a strong feeling that we won’t have to deal with him anymore.” 

Peter laughs at your statement, “Agreed.” 

“So how about you and I form a permanent alliance? We can be like the Avengers, just 1,000 times cooler.” 

Your boyfriend flashes you a beautiful smile before nodding in agreement, “I think I’d like that.” 


Stripped (Part 1)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 2190
Warnings: None, language maybe? It’s fluff right now I guess, eventual smut so NSFW 18+ please!

Summary: You are a SHIELD agent working undercover in a strip club whose owner is involved with organized crime. When you find out he might be in talks with HYDRA Bucky is brought in to help.

A/N: So this is the first fic I wrote. I was too shy to post it here at first but @marvelous-fvcks gave me some encouragement, so thank you! :) The whole thing is on ao3 but I’ll be posting the chapters every other day or so. Thanks for reading!

You impatiently wait for your coffee to finishing brewing. You slump over the countertop pressing your aching, heavy head on the cool granite. You’ve had less than 3 hours of sleep and you really regret having to be up right now. You struggle to keep your tired eyes open. You shuffle your way towards the cabinet and grab a large mug, pouring your much needed boost of liquid energy.

For the last few months you’ve been working undercover for SHIELD. You work nights at a local strip club; waking up in the early afternoon and usually passing out as the sun begins to rise. You are good at being undercover. You can seamlessly blend in to new scenarios but your eyes and ears are always open. If anyone asked why you began stripping your back story is that your ex trashed your credit before dumping you and you needed to make some cash quickly to pay your debt. Your new boss, Anthony Martucci had given you the slower nights to start. When he saw the amount of private dances you were booking he adjusted your schedule. Prime nights meant prime clients and that is exactly why you were there.

The Martucci family is notorious in the world of organized crime. SHIELD began investigating them when some associates of theirs were found smuggling weapons that bared a strong resemblance to old HYDRA weapons from the 1940s. It took some time to get Anthony to trust you but your patience paid off. He let you into his private office, a privilege only a few girls have had. He liked the way you mixed his drinks but even more so, he loved watching you make them. He was handsy every now and then and you were thankful he never took it too far. A few nights ago you were in his office when you heard the magic word… HYDRA. His associate was talking louder than he intended thanks to your potent cocktails. He mentioned a contact would be coming to the club soon for business.  

You told your director what you overheard and she went right to work making arrangements for a suitable partner to help now that HYDRA has been confirmed. This is why you were awake at this ungodly hour. Bucky Barnes is on his way to the apartment you’ve been living in while on assignment. Yawning again, you pour another cup of coffee. You look at the clock and see almost an hour has passed. You wish you knew he was going to be late so you could have slept a little longer. Feeling the hunger pang of your mostly empty stomach you pour a bowl of cereal and begin to eat. You sit at the counter staring mindlessly at your tablet, catching up on some reading, while your hand robotically brings the spoon to the bowl and back up to your mouth and down again. You were zoned out and unaware that a key was put in the front door, the knob turning. You were caught off guard as the front door opened and Bucky walked in.

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I’ve put it off long enough. If I want to get through this episode, I’m gonna have to address the elephant in the room at some point. So here I go. Finally talking about Dan.

I strongly recommend reading this post first, because this is technically a part 2. I’m just talking about Danny’s ghost half this time. Some things might not make sense if you start here.

With that said, here we go.

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Yuri On Ice + Background Music

Because I don’t see people talking about it enough

I just noticed that the BGM in this scene 

Which I’m sure you all remember


This beautiful moment

By the way if you’ve forgotten the music, it’s a very cute melody and I’m linking a sample of it here for your listening pleasure

What does this mean? Well, it just makes Yuri!!! On Ice that much cleverer, using the same music at two incredibly important developments in Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship, as well as Yuuri’s character itself. It showcases a contrast in meaning. Establishing a certain musical theme, and then coming back to it later, is a well known tactic that is very often used by filmmakers etc. (an example being Pixar) to create more emotion, and YOI does it brilliantly here

Oh, and the best part? Towards the end of the song, the cutesy melody stops and alters a little part, during this exact moment

And also this moment

I swear to god, the implications of this… the ‘Yuuri buying the rings’ scene just became a whole lot more feels worthy 

YOI staff, I bow down before thee

Husband and Wife

Based on the fact that in the stage musical, I am reliably informed, Fixer Upper ends with ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife’ instead of ‘do you Anna take Kristoff to be your trollfully wedded…’, I wrote this little bit of nonsense.


“Are you sure?”

Elsa nodded. “It’s a very old law, that predates most of our written ones. But it’s still the law; the marriage as it stands is binding. We could probably annul it, but I have been informed that your new husband -” - Anna squeaked - “- your new husband is considered the son of the leader of the Hidden Folk and they will take deep offence if Arendelle don’t honour the marriage.”

“I’m sorry,” Kristoff said. “Really, really sorry. But it’s not them that will be offended. Not just them, I mean. The mountains themselves.”

The two women looked at him blankly.

“The mountains - I’m not sure I can translate it. Their spirit? Their essence? The thing that makes them mountains, not just - big piles of rocks. I don’t think you have a word for it.”

“The mountains will be offended,” Elsa said flatly.

“I’m sorry.”

“How can a mountain be offended?” Anna said. “What will happen?”

“It will be unlucky. For any people from Arendelle who go there. Ah, their traps will be empty. The ice will break under their feet. They will get lost in the forest and not return.”

There was silence for a minute.

“I really am really very sorry,” Kristoff said. “I thought they were just playing. They’re very playful.”

“If we get married,” Anna said to him, “I mean, if we stay married - will the mountains be happy?”

“Um. Yes.”

“It’ll be a lucky place.”


“That seems like the kind of alliance Arendelle could use,” Anna said to her sister.

Elsa nodded thoughtfully. “It seems to be done now, anyway,” she said. “But we’d better do something in the cathedral here too, so no one questions it later. Everyone is here for the coronation as it is, and we have Mother’s wedding dress somewhere in the attics, it won’t need much altering, if any. She wanted one of us to wear it. I assume you own a clean shirt,” she said to Kristoff.

“Of course.”

“And you’re alright with this, Anna?” Elsa said.

Anna looked at Kristoff. He smiled at her, hesitantly. She smiled back.

“Yes,” she said. “Yes, this is fine by me.”

Holy Mother: The Theme of Season 2?

Just some thoughts from me on Episode 26 of Attack on Titan. Hiding it under a read more for spoiler reasons :)

Edit: @obsessedmuch has provided a translation of the scene discussed in this post here. Apparently the dialogue in the anime is the same as the dialogue in the manga and the anime translation is more accurate! Thanks for the translation! I think it’s so odd that the manga’s English translation is so misleading: the anime’s translation, as this post discusses, is much more thematically appropriate! I still like that they moved this scene with Carla forward to give the theme of responsibility more prominances throughout the arc :)

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Lost ring // Conor Maynard

Requested by anon -  Number 5 “you lost your ring?…”

You were frantically crawling around the living room floor looking under all the furniture when you heard the front door opening, you froze in hope that it wasn’t coming but when you saw his shoes coming towards you from under the sofa you cursed under your breath.

Sometime during the day you’d lost your engagement ring and you were hoping that you would be able to find it before Conor got home but it was now quite evident that it wouldn’t be possible.

“Y/N?” you heard him call.

You sighed, mentally preparing yourself to see the disappointment on his face once you’d told him. “I’m down here”

You saw his head appear over the top of the sofa and a look of confusion take over his face, “And why are you on the floor?” he asked quite obviously stifling a laugh.

“Uh, I”

“You what?” he asked with a raised eyebrow, he walked around the sofa so that he was in front of you and held out a hand to pull you onto your feet.

When you were face to face with him it seemed so much harder but you knew you’d have to do it sooner rather than later so you blurted out, “I’ve lost my engagement ring.”

“You lost your ring?…” you nodded and looked at his face but instead of disappointment you saw a smirk and look of amusement.

“You’re not disappointed in me?” you asked cautiously.

“You lost your ring?”

“Yeah, I just told you that Con”

“You mean the one that I was going to get altered today?” he questioned with a smirk, he put his hand into his pocket pulling the ring out and waving it in front of your face.

Realisation dawned on you and you brought your hands up to cover your face in embarrassment. You heard Conor laughing at you and his arm wrapped around your shoulder to pull you closer. “Baby, how long have you been looking for it?”

“Since just after you left,” you groaned removing your hands to wrap around Conor and hiding your face in the crook of his neck instead.

He pulled away from you and got down onto one knee, holding the ring out to you, “Marry me, again?” he asked with a big cheesy grin.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe it” you shrieked in mockery and held your hand out to him. He slid the ring onto your finger and kissed you softly.

“I love you” he mumbled against your lips.

“I love you too, even if I did spend hours searching for a ring that you had all along”


Portrait in Red

First day of enjoltaire week !

How strange that we get “paiting” as a prompt the day I watch The Portrait of Dorian Gray. So of course….

Warning : character death

The brush slid on the canvas, leaving a glossy trail behind. The afternoon light was falling through the high windows of the studio, bathing the model in gold. His hair shone so brightly, it was almost painful to look at. But for nothing in the world, Grantaire would have turned his eyes away. First, because as a painter, he needed to watch his model closely. Especially for an order like this one. It wasn’t the first time that Grantaire was hired to paint the portrait of a lord’s son, but it was enough of an unusual occurence to make him kinda nervous. Especially when he first saw said lord’s son.

And there came the second reason he didn’t want to look away. High society boys weren’t bad to look at, all raised in cotton and silk and not damaged by the hardships of life like common people. But that one… That one was… Oh, he was something else. He looked like a statue, made of the finest marble, with cheekbones that could kill a man and hair spun from the finest gold. And those eyes… huge, lined with long eyelashes, and blue as the sky over Grantaire’s beloved Marseille. Too bad they couldn’t be as warm, but you couldn’t get everything. For now, the painter was quite happy to bask in the brilliance of Master Enjolras’ beauty.

After what seemed hours of work (but the sun was still shining on the blond hair and turning the cheeks a delicate, rosy color, so maybe it was just a moment), Grantaire finally put the brushes away, and wiped his hands on a rag. Taking this as a signal that he was done, the model broke his stance. As usual, Grantaire watched him, trying not to be too mesmerized, as he usually was, by that delicate statue suddenly coming to life and walking to him. He failed miserably, but Master Enjolras didn’t seem to notice his trembling hands, and the way he was staring.

They stayed side by side for a few moments, gazing at the now-finished portrait. To be perfectly honest, it was a masterpiece. The dull colors of the background, and the black and white of the clothes, perfectly enhanced the porcelaine skin, the golden locks dancing around the face, barely tamed by a black ribbon, an unique touch of red for the mouth, and above all, the piercing blue eyes. It wasn’t really the kind of portrait you hanged above the fireplace, not with an expression that fierce, a glare that intense. But then again, who was Grantaire to discuss ? He was but a painter, and if Master Enjolras wanted to be immortalized like this, more power to him.

Money went from one hand to the other. Grantaire refrained to count it, in fear of insulting the lord. But said lord was absorbed in the contemplation of his portrait. Maybe a hint of pride ? He hadn’t looked the vain kind, but then again, what did he know, really ? Maybe the man was as vain as he was pretty, and used his beauty to manipulate the hearts of everyone, from the noble court to the modest painters…

Grantaire went to clean his brushes and paints. Master Enjolras still hadn’t moved, and he was starting to wonder if he had to gently make him understand that it was time to go. But how did you say this to a lord ? Before he could find some polite words, though, the lord held out a hand, as if to stroke the portrait. His fingers stopped just short of messing the still fresh paint, and he stood like that, hand outstretched towards this other him, frozen on the canvas.

- Can you believe it, he sighed, that this will be how I will be remembered ?

Grantaire wasn’t sure it was meant for him, and so, stayed silence, in fear of upsetting the lord. Who didn’t pay the slightest attention to him, and added :

- I wish so much that this portrait would represent who I am really. Not that mask I have to put on.

- Do you want me to change it ? Grantaire asked, tentatively.

Master Enjolras blinked rapidely a few times, as if woken up from a dream, and just looked at the painter, who hurridely started cleaning again. They only exchanged a few words before the lord left, telling Grantaire to keep the portrait ready, and he would send someone to pick it up. And then, the painter was left alone in his studio, alone with that portrait still looking at him with those blue eyes.


Grantaire really thought he was done with that beautiful portrait or his noble model. It had been delivered, he had been payed, and largely at that, it was behind him. And still, two weeks later, he was awoken by a pounding at his door. He threw on the clothes he could find and went to open, trying to push his hangover at the back of his mind. It was a child, carrying a message. A message written on an expensive paper. A coin gave him possession of the letter. Which, upon inspection, summoned him urgently to the Enjolras estate. Quickly, he got dressed a bit better, grabbed his painting ustensiles, and ran out, combing his curls with his fingers to get them in order.

As soon as he reached the manor, he was hurried inside, his coat taken away, and he was led to the landing of the main stairs, where the portrait was hanged. Two persons were standing there, Master Enjolras, and his father, judging by the likeness between them. As soon as he saw Grantaire, Lord Enjolras lunged at him, grabbed him by the arm, and gesturing wildly towards the portrait, asked :

- Tell me, monsieur Grantaire, what is *this* ?

Grantaire looked at his painting. Enjolras’ fierce gaze was still perfectly pictured, the stance still proud, but there was a difference. A rather striking one. Where before the only spot of red was on the perfect lips, there was now an obvious dash of it on the left of the portrait. It looked like a long coat, or a sheet… A long piece of red fabric tightly held in Master Enjolras’ hand. Lord Enjolras was still raving and ranting, demanding that he fix it at once, and not to mess like that with people who could have his head without any effort. Grantaire didn’t pay attention (Lord Enjolras wouldn’t be the first to threaten to have him thrown in jail or get a few parts of himself cut off). He walked to the portrait, and watched closely. The paint was already dry, and from there, it looked like his own, precise strokes. Whoever it was who had fun with it, he was a master forger.

Per Lord Enjolras’ orders, Grantaire was all but thrown into a room with the portrait and ordered to fix it, however long it would take him. With a sigh, he set to work, hoping that the fix wouldn’t be too obvious. It was a shame, really. A beautiful portrait like this, having to be altered because someone found it funny to add a personnal touch… He was so absorbed, that Master Enjolras’ voice behind him startled him, and he almost traced a large, black streak across the canvas.

- Sorry, the young lord apologized.

- Don’t worry about it. I mean, you don’t have to…

- I don’t know what happened, Enjolras cut him. No one could touch it. It’s really strange.

And with this, he left the room, leaving a puzzled Grantaire alone with the portrait.


It started again one week later : the kid, the message, a furious Lord Enjolras… The red fabric was back, assorted to a tricolor pinned to the lapel of the black coat. Grantaire was set to work again, trying to hide it again. Once again, Master Enjolras promised him that no one could have done that, seeing at the portrait was hanged way too high for this, and there was not one drop of paint under the portrait. Grantaire just fixed it without saying anything.

And the next week, and the week after, … For two months, every week, Grantaire was summoned to the Enjolras’ estate, to fix the painting that kept being altered. First, it was the red fabric. Then the tricolor, who came back. Then a gun, two, three. And then, after one month, Master Enjolras’ coat had turned entirely red. By now, Lord Enjolras had finally admitted that maybe Grantaire wasn’t responsible for those strange modifications, and just asked him to fix it. Which he did, of course, you didn’t tell a lord no. After all, it was just minor fixes, and since it wasn’t his doing, he was getting paid for them, so he wasn’t complaining.

And working at the estate means that Master Enjolras hung around. At first, it was just a few words here and there, carefully distant, like he didn’t want to meddle with common people. But still, he prowled around, watching over Grantaire’s shoulder. After two weeks, he started asking questions. After three, they were having little chats here and there. And after five, Enjolras was talking about equality and justice, gesturing wildly while he walked back and forth. Grantaire couldn’t resist but needle him a bit. Who could blame him ? He seemed so passionnate, invested in subjects he didn’t know that well due to his upbringing, it was too tempting. And soon, those conversations turned into arguments that went on until late in the night.

Of course, it was scary, too. Enjolras was too passionnate, too full of fire, he was talking about changing things, about actions, about dangerous things that, Grantaire was sure, he didn’t grasp fully. He and his friends, all as decided as him, it seemed. And still, the painter couldn’t help but listen to him, and provoke him a bit, and listened to his rants and speeches. And every week, Grantaire went home with his mind full of beautiful blue eyes, hands moving gracefully, and a blinding smile that made his heart race faster.


The atmosphere was different when Grantaire entered the mansion that day. Tensed, almost… electric. The servants were talking in hushed tones, and neither Lord nor Master Enjolras was around. The portrait was in his usual place, on the easel, but it was covered with a black veil. Grantaire pulled it, and gasped. During the last weeks, the portrait had changed, more and more, and ended depicting a fierce, red-clad Enjolras brandishing the red fabric which revealed itself to be a flag, a gun in the other hand, against a background of furniture thrown together, and a dark sky.

The sky was burning now, the reds and golds of a new dawn. A new dawn that Enjolras would never see. The red that had taken over his coat was darker now, red as the blood blossoming on his chest. Eight wounds were piercing him, nailing him to a wall. The flag was still grasped in his hand, but only the stiffness of death was keeping it from falling.

Grantaire watched with horror the scene unfolding before him. He extended his hand, remembering with a twinge of pain that Enjolras did the exact same gesture so many weeks ago. This time, his fingers grazed the canvas, and he flinched. The paint was still wet, and stained his fingers like blood. Did it mean that the painting just changed ? Did Enjolras just get…? Or… Was it a future that he could still prevent ? With trembling hands, he threw his coat back on, staining it in his efforts to get faster, and ran out of the room, then down the stairs. Maybe there was still a chance, a tiny little chance that he could save him, prevent this scene from becoming reality. And if there wasn’t, well… at least, he wouldn’t let Enjolras die alone.


It was only the next day, while the servants were going around, covering all the mirrors in the mansion for the mourning, that one of them entered the room where the painting supplies were still strewn around.  And of course, in the middle, that fateful portrait. Undoubtedly, their master wouldn’t want to look at that cursed thing, that horrid painting that kept showing his son’s terrible fate. She picked up the black veil, and stopped. Because the portrait had changed again. Where their master’s hand was grabbing a broken gun, was now the hand of another man, with wild, curly black hair. He was lying at the master’s feet, as dead as him. As she went to put the veil back on, she noticed that, for the first time since the portrait had come into the mansion, their master was smiling, as did the other man.

Mark and Jack's Alter Egos

October is around the corner and this got me thinking plus with all the “hints” being throw out by both Mark and Jack, I felt like pouring out my thoughts too^

So, as we all know by now Mark’s Alter Egos (Dark, Wil, Google, The Host, Dr.iplier, Ed Edgar, Bim and Silver Shepherd) as in Markiplier TV ARE separate entities of Mark, they do not need Mark as a vessel to be present. While for Jack, Anti seems to be with him, a part of him. Last October in the Say Goodbye video, Jack hears voices around him, sort of like hallucinations that Anti has projected on him. We are not able to see Anti till after he takes over Jack’s body by killing him. All of his hints before were ghost like projections of him glitching in and out of videos. I do not know if in the future we will be able to see Anti with Jack together as a separate person, guess we will have to wait to find out more :D

Jack’s other alter egos, Jackaboy man, Dr.Schneeplestein and Chase Brody with Anti and Dr.Schneeplestein being the most popular now, I’m really curious if Jack is going to team up all of his alter egos in a video. A while before when Jack uploads his video on bio inc., we get to see Dr.Schneeplestein gets a come back. Don’t know if this is intentional or coincidence, shortly after this series, Anti related hints starts to come up. So is Anti and Dr.Schneep plotting on something or is Anti pulling the strings here? All hints from titles of videos to dying his hair back to dark green with the caption “return or reborn” to the thumbnails on his video. Jack, what are you plotting for us?

Side note, I think that return and reborn could possibly said that Jack is back to take revenge on Anti since Anti has said at the panel, he is not going anywhere, he is always there, always watching. The Jack we known is dead last year, so is the on screen Jacksepticeye Anti in disguise all along? I say this because in some of the videos, Anti’s laugh can be heard but without any glitch on screen, it could have been an act to throw us off or maybe I’m thinking too much but sometimes I just couldn’t help noticing some of this little hints that could lead to the bigger picture at the end :P

Okay now back to Mark. After google gets an upgrade, Dark and the team has gone a bit quiet from there. The is not much activity going on till he started dropping what a lot of people assume as hints on his video titles. Also remember in Markiplier TV where Mark said there is two heads on the table which is referring to Dark and Wilford, both wanted to take control but in a different way. I know some theorist have already connected the dots together but still I wanted to mention it again. Dark, as describe by Mark is a manipulator, he is calm, collective, calculative and smart. He tries to give you something but drops hints along the way to draw the audience in till you are fully under his power but Wilford is careless, wild and only thinks of himself hence in the video where they fight in disagreement of Markiplier TV. Then again, we never get any hints from them in other videos anymore till recently, Mark changes his lights to pink in the yandere simulator video. Maybe is just him fiddling with his lights but also it represents Warfstache. Does that mean Yandere is now under Wilford’s team? It doesn’t stop there, Mark later changes his lights to red in homeworld and joy of creation. Is that representing Dark? Two of the original alter egos of Mark switching side by side…I really do wish to know more cuz all of this hints IS KILLING ME :3

I know if been rambling for a long time but this is the last one. Now a lot of people have been asking for Dark and Anti collab and believe me, I want it to happen badly too. Yesterday I stumble upon a video by paranerdnicky about the possibility of the collab. In the video she mention the Jack when to LA for the D23 expo for ten days. Ten days is a long time and a lot of things can happen. Also she mention that although Mark and Jack can be together in D23 but they have been very secretive about it. She also mention that in the past they have said that there would be no collab between those two because of time constraints and the amount of editing into it and also some other possible reasonings. Anyways, who knows if they are actually planning out something big this October for us or just me thinking about it too much again. Besides going to the expo, the game grumps live show, possibly planning for his tour and maybe meet up with some friends, what is Jack actually doing in LA?

P.S I would really love to see Mark facing Dark, Wil and the gang in a video being Mark either almost getting killed or kidnapped by them. That would be so awesome.

P.S.S This is all just my random thoughts because I love the concept of Youtubers alter egos. It’s fascinating to see how they take on the roles whether it’s from a fan made character or even a cannon character created by them 💕 If one day Mark or Jack decided to publish a book or just a long text about the concept of the characters on how they perceive and think about them I would so gush all over it. Gosh, I’m such a nerd when it comes to theories :P Well then enough from me now, byieee ✌🏻

Phantom! in the Keys! - W.D.W

AU: the second chance

series: Phantom! in the Keys! - part one {part two} {part three}

(1,466 words)

Pairing: Ghost!Noah Sinclair (D.S) x Reader

A/N: I’m finally back with another imagine! This was originally supposed to be a one-shot, but as I was writing it I realized there is no way I could finish the entire story in one chapter. So, please let me know if you’d like me to continue this as a series or if you’d rather me move onto other fics in The Second Chance AU. Also, as a pointer, Noah Sinclair is the canon alter ego of Daniel Seavey. :)

warnings: none 

“Y/N, please! Don’t buy the house! It’s haunted!”

“What do you mean it’s haunted?”

“The area’s shifty around there, Y/N! Everyone claims to see spirits wandering around there at night.”

“Raul, you know I’ve never believed in such trash and I’m not gonna start anytime soon! I’m buying the house!”

“But Y/N…”

“I said I’m buying the house. Case closed. I’ll see you later.”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Y/N. Be careful.”

Your brother, Raul, had been the first to warn you about the mysteries of Blackery Manor and the house that sat on the property. It was true - there were many reports of suspicious happenings in the area, thus leaving the lot abandoned for over half a century.

However, the property was still in pristine condition due to it being cared for by an anonymous caretaker.

Raul had explained to you how the original owner of the estate was a young man by the name of Noah Sinclair, a musical prodigy who abode in said house with four of his closest friends.

They had only lived there for two years when Noah and his company were murdered one night. Their bodies were never found, and neither was the killer. Since then, no one has lived there for longer than a few weeks at a time.

Yet, you were determined to be the first to change the fact and had bought the manor at a surprisingly cheap price, thanks to the whole ‘paranormal activity’ spiel that everyone believed so fervently.

Here you were - sitting amongst a crowd of unopened boxes and antique furniture, settling in.

Blackery Manor was truly beautiful, having a vast meadow out front and hundreds of rosebushes scattered throughout the property. The house was attractive, not overly lavish yet keeping a touch of elegance with the simplistic designs and smooth floors.

A fire rages in the hearth, filling the living room with heat. Old paintings cast silhouettes across the dusty walls as the flames dance in its cage.

The fur rug is soft on your legs as you soak up the warmth, palming through a box of delicate trinkets.

It’s late. A few minutes until midnight to be exact. Yet, you aren’t tired, and there’s still a lot of work to do, so you set down the box and amble back and forth across the lounge, tucking away the clutter.

Moonlight lazily streams through the windows, illuminating a beautiful grand piano standing in the corner. The sight is enchanting and you walk over, sitting down on the stool as you brush the cobwebs off the keys with your fingertips.

It’s been awhile since you last played, and you don’t consider yourself a professional, but you timidly begin to play a gentle melody, relishing in how good the piano sounds. You end the piece with a flourish, not taking into account the boy standing beside you.

“What are you doing in my house?!” He exclaims, more surprised than angry. You jump, turning to face him.

“Uh, sir, this is my house. I bought it a few weeks ago.”

“This is Blackery Manor, is it not?” He asks.

“Yeah, it is.” You reply flatly.

“Well, miss, I’d be obliged to inform you that Blackery Manor has been under my name for many years. Also, I am rather taken aback by the fact that you’ve decided to live here after all this…time.”

“Wait, who are you?!” You furrow your brows, swearing you recognize him from somewhere.

“Oh goodness, my apologies. I’m Sinclair. Noah Louis Sinclair, to be precise.”

“Noah Sinclair - as in the boy who was murdered over a century ago?” He nodded solemnly.

“It is true. I am a ghost and you, fellow miss, have freed me from being trapped inside that piano since I died. For that, I am very, very grateful.”

“How do I know you’re not lying?” You say, stepping back to get a better look at him. “You don’t look like a ghost.”

“Ah, literature has always presented us spirits inaccurately, miss. But I can assure you, I am whom I say I am.” Noah grips onto his cane.

“Okay, then. Prove it, Mr. Sinclair.” You spoke, the boy immediately walking over into the hallway, out of sight. Keeping your eyes peeled on where he once was, Noah materialized right in front of you. Literally. Out of thin air. He’d teleported there from outside the room. Feeling a hand against your back, he inquired,

“You alright, miss? You look a little frightened.”

Nodding at him, you brush the dust off your shirt.

“Not my fault when you’re confronted by a ghost who happens to be the owner of your new house.”

“That’s true. I wasn’t intending to scare you, but I needed to prove that I wasn’t pretending.”

“Point taken.” You chuckled, making him grin.

He took his hand away from the small of your back, retreating to the lounge.

Noah has no tell-tale signs that he is a ghost. His body is solid, he doesn’t float, he isn’t glowing.

He could easily pass as a living person, it could’ve fooled you, but after his little demonstration, you know what he is. What intrigues you is why he hasn’t passed to the other side yet.

“Take a seat, if you’d like. What is your name, by the way?” Noah inquires, sitting on a chair that you assume to have been his regular resting place in the past.

“It’s Y/N L/N.” You respond, sitting across from him.

“Ah, pleased to make your acquaintance, Y/N. Welcome to Blackery Manor.”

“So you’re allowing me to stay in your house?”

“Of course! Would you really think that I would just go ahead and drive you out of here?”

“Well - yes?” Noah shakes his head, letting out a long sigh.

“Remind me to tell you the difference between fictional ghosts and literal ghosts.”

Gripping his cane, Noah stands and walks up to you, holding out his arm. “Let me show you around.”

Of course, you slip your arm into his and he slowly leads you to the floors of the house like the gentleman he is, giving you a complete tour of the manor.

It’s only when you come up to the dining room that he pauses abruptly. He swallows thickly, running his calloused hands across the grain of the mahogany table and closing his eyes for a brief moment.

“This. This is…” He begins.

“- where you died?” You finish for him, watching as he takes a deep breath and nods.

“One of my greatest friends, Fraser Pryce, had gotten engaged to his lovely fiancée, Christina, that week. They, our fellow housemates, and I decided to celebrate the occasion here at the manor, and all was good. But when they gave out the glasses of champagne at the toast… I died, and so did they.”

Your face falls at the realization. This is the story that Raul had told you over the phone.

“Our wine glasses were poisoned, and I perished before a minute’s passing. I had no choice but to merely observe as our guests were panicking and wailing in fear for their lives. I tried to find my friends, whom also had left their physical bodies by then, but they were nowhere to be found. I assume they’re in this house somewhere, trapped in some curious object as I was.”

“And why didn’t you pass over to the other side? Isn’t that what a soul does after it dies?” You ask. Raul had rambled on to you about souls and the afterlife long enough for the information to stick in your head. The only difference is that because of your encounter with Noah you now believed in the supernatural, and back then you wouldn’t have given it a second glance. Seeing really is believing.

“You assume correctly. However, I was murdered. I cannot pass to the other side because I didn’t die naturally, and I can’t leave the manor because my soul is attached to my piano. If it were to break, I’d have to re-attach my spirit to something physical before I fade out of the plane of existence.”

He places his hands on your shoulders, staring at you with his bright blue eyes. “Y/N, I know this is all unfamiliar to you, and I understand if you’re sceptical, but I need your help, just this once.”

You smile, shyly wrapping your arms around his waist. Something told you he needed a hug, and you went with it. Luckily, he returns the gesture, snaking his arms around you and pulling you close.

“What do you need my help with, Noah?” You say softly, rubbing circles on his back.

“We’re going to locate the bodies of my friends.”

“And then?”

“We’re going to find out who killed me.”

let me know what you think of this one, guys! feedback is appreciated. :)

anonymous asked:

(same asker from before) I'm so sure Izuku and Ochako are going to be canon because, besides all the scenes and hints they have together, Horikoshi's said while talking about Ochako that "I have a lot of plans for scenes involving Izuku and [her]", *and* he's said that they were paired even in the proto-version of MHA (which was set during college and had a quirkless Deku). It'd say it's pretty certain if even the author's being so upfront! (and personally, hoping it happens before the endgame)

Whoa, I don’t think I ever heard of the fact that he had them paired in the proto version– is that legitimate?? Well, besides that, I do know that he mentioned making plans for scenes that involve the two being together a lot, but you have to keep in mind that this is Horikoshi here. He’s pretty good at twisting cliche plots and tropes, and I can’t really help but think there might be something that could potentially derail our expectations for them in terms of their relationship, whether it’d be positive or negative. Even though there have been many hints to the development that they might be together later on, there can always be an unexpected curve-ball that could alter that development in some way. I don’t mean to sound like I’m debunking the whole endgame theory, but just as someone else said, that idea is pretty much “up in the air” for now. On the flip side, I do trust that Horikoshi will do something that means well for both Ochako and Izuku, and I anticipate to know what he has “planned” exactly. It’ll be very exciting to see what he’ll have them do in the mere future, especially knowing that he’s been handling their relationship pretty well! But yeah, just as I said before, the endgame theory isn’t exactly a solid thing to rely on right now, considering that it’s too early to tell…, but of course that doesn’t mean your or anyone else’s wishful thinking should end there! We just have to wait a bit to find out what’ll happen!

TITLE: The Powers That Be

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Thirty-Three

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them.

RATING: Teen and Up

“What?” Loki could not hide his shock.

“Is this good or bad?” Alexia looked at him fearfully.

“That is highly debatable. What is your opinion on living another four thousand or so more years?”

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when did the other alters form? (by others i mean diavolo and doppio-- at what ages/times?)

“When I was nine I thought I was going to die because I was hit over the head by a brick… I’ve had Dia around ever since. The trauma must have been enough for something in me to snap, but I didn’t realise that until much later.”

“… or so he used to say. We were much closer back then, before everything happened.”

//Pt 1. I had to split it up because I don’t want to make it too long hhh Dopp will come tmr probably

Barry has such contrasting personalities. When he’s around Iris he is a total softie, jelly, sap, whatever you name it, I mean we’ve seen Iris raise her voice with Barry but I’ve never seen that stance being returned (boy is whipped). Then he’s with Wally in the training room and kid flash gets knocked up n he’s like “again” with no emotions & don’t get me started when he parked Cisco and Wally later that ep. It just amazes me how when you love someone how it alters your total attitude… When Will my man ever! Jk