and by 'sometimes' i mean almost never

silly ladynoir things
  • chat starts Shit Talking Sundays bc there are some days when chat just needs to talk about how dumb his dad is being and ladybug needs to scream about this bratty bully in her history class
  • on days when they’re bored, they’ll board the metro in costume and ride it for a few stops purely for the shock value
  • chat finds out ladybug can’t whistle and spends every available opportunity trying to teach her
    • cn: *squishes her cheeks between his hands* you’re not pursing your lips enough and your tongue isn’t positioned correctly, try again
    • lb: my tongue is sitting in my mouth what do you mean it’s not positioned correctly i don’t ???????
  • joint naps during patrols are very much a thing bc these kids never sleep between school and akuma attacks. sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll find ladybug snoring on a rooftop with chat noir laid on top of her, drooling on her shoulder
  • when patrols get boring, ladybug will hop on chat noir’s back, make him shut his eyes, and act as his eyes while they try to patrol the city before switching places. they don’t talk about that time chat was laughing too hard to warn ladybug about the ledge and they almost fell off a roof. 
  • hide and seek games that last literally hours
    • they both cheat and bring their phones to stalk social media tags and see if anyone’s posted tips and/or sightings of them so that they can find the other
  • chat’s really good at massages so sometimes he’ll work out the kinks in ladybug’s shoulders when they have downtime bc “wow you carry so much tension in your neck please tell me you’re not hunched over your desk all day”
  • the eiffel tower is their honorary “it’s 3am and we can’t sleep” meeting place. 
  • they’ll often drop into parks and playgrounds and join with some of the neighborhood kids on games of tag, frisbee, and football
  • they have a going scoreboard for their impromptu arm wrestling competitions. last they checked the score was 32-35 with ladybug in the lead. 
  • they each have their own personal lists of dumb/funny things that the other has said
    • chat’s list of things ladybug has said: “sleep isn’t a thing you know. they lied to you. it’s not real,” “you ever wonder if i can spin a web with my yoyo?” “can lucky charm conjure me an A for this physics test tomorrow?” “i almost had my cat-eye eye liner perfect today before that akuma appeared and messed me up like that proximity to perfection might never happen again.”
    • ladybug’s list of things chat has said: “is there a place where we can borrow a microwave? i wanna see what happens if i use cataclysm on it,” “memes are like the dysfunctional family you didn’t ask for but didn’t know you needed,” “im like terrified an akuma attack is gonna happen when i’m in the shower while im naked and vulnerable,” “if i extend my staff long enough, do you think it’ll reach space?”
Humans are weird

I really love this whole humans are like the biggest oddity for aliens idea.
And I had this idea that’s swimming in my head for a while now.
If the aliens already think it’s a wonder we survive the conditions of our planet,
how must they think about our way of reproduction.
I mean the whole mammal-thing developed
practically only cause a little creature once thought:
“Eggs!?When they’re dinosaurs everywhere??I have a better idea!”

So what if aliens never needed to make this step?
When their reproductions are mostly through eggs,
sometimes other things and never like our system?

I mean just imagine:
You are one of the first humans to become a crewmate of a alien crew.
It was your dream since the first contact was made.
You were prepared for almost everything.
Just not for giving every damn alien you meet “the bloody talk“!

Somewhere in a bar on Planet Ur’tlz:

Alien A: “Whoa, this humans are really useful and stronger than they look!
You would never believe what the human of my ship did!”

Alien B: “Please tell me they didn’t gave you ‘the talk’….I’m still traumatized…”

A: “….what are you talking of?”

B: “I made the error to ask how they get their eggs to be safe
despite the dangerous planet they live on….they don’t lay eggs!”

A: “What?!

B: “They carry their brood like….
like parasites *shudder* in their body for almost a Quertemz!
Then they squeeze them through tiny body openings!
Sometimes for days!DAYS!

A: “Uh….”

B: “And it’s common to only get one offspring per reproduction!One!
They can die in the process, for Iz’klls sake!”

A: “I think my digestive system is rebelling…”

B: “So I decided to oversee the contact my human makes with other humans.
Because of some reason they only reproduce with humans of other gender,
so its not that hard….

A: “A bit….drastic, don’t you think?

B: “I like my human crew mate!
I don’t want them to die just cause the other humans
can’t let their weird little limbs of them!”

A: “Sounds like they imprinted on you.”

B: “Maybe…sounds like something crewmate George would do…”

Fun Moments With Autism™ (*sarcasm*):

“wow you’re so rude”

“what are you upset about?”

“you have a serious case of Resting Bitch Face haha”


*only realizes social faux-pas 3 days later when someone points it out to me*


 [randomsong] (10 hours)

*paces around room, consumed w/ rage bc of minor change in routine* 

“why would i order something different to eat if i already know what i like??? what do you mean i’ve eaten the same 2 dishes for a month?”


me: *doesn’t understand innuendo/dirty joke*

friend: “omg you’re SO INNOCENT lmao”


me: *watching asmr, squeezing play-doh, touching random objects for hours, while playing w/ a mermaid pillow, flapping hands and jumping* ummmmm what is this stimming you speak of?


*overwhelmed by my burning love for my SpIn* … when will i be free…


relative: “we almost never talk. sometimes i wonder if you actually love me”

me: *confused and heartbroken bc i thought that my feelings were obvious*


“why are you so weird”

“you need to be more friendly”

“omg rou’re SO antisocial”

“stop doing this you look stupid”

“do you have photographic memory?”

“i don’t understand why you’re struggling w/ this it’s so simple”

*talks non-stop abt my SpIn* *only afterwards realizes that my audience might not care abt the thing as much as i do*

“what difference does it even make if the dirty dishes are close to the clean ones???”


*has to order something/have a ordinary social interaction/talk to someone* *practices what to say beforehand*


“why are you always in the dark? why do you have your phone/notebook brightness so low? don’t you know it’s bad for your eyes?”


*goes on vacation* *feels lost w/o the routine provided by school/college/extracurricular activities*

Deans top 13 Zepp TRA XX

we did NOT talk about this enough

I’m sure all of you remember the moment in episode 19 of season 12 in which Castiel tried to return a mixtape that Dean had made and given to him sometime offscreen.

But maybe you were in such shock that you didn’t look into anything, you just got the over all idea in your head, that of course, Dean made Cas a mixtape.

But can we talk about why Dean spelled ‘tracks’ or ‘track’ with XX?

Can we talk about why Dean may have chosen 13 songs instead of 10, or 15?

Can we talk about the fact that Dean put them on a fucking cassette tape???

Just. Ugh. Just look at it.

god i seriously want to know why he put XX.

was it just some cool way to put it or was it like an xoxo thing

i mean dean most likely gave this to cas sometime after he almost died and told dean (and everyone else, i guess) that he loves him. this HAS to be his way of saying i love you back.

just look at how the camera zooms in on castiels hand and on the mixtape when castiel sets it on the table, attempting to give it back.

i have taken film classes (i kinda do film) and one thing they always stress is to never do a close up shot unless you are trying to show the viewer something important.

they say this so when you’re doing films as a beginner, you don’t waste close up shots by shooting a close up someone hitting snooze on their alarm clock. it makes it less significant when it needs to be significant for something else. viewers will pay less attention the more you use them, basically, so you have to make sure there is somekind of unsaid thing the viewer has to figure out on their own.

at first you might think they use a close up is so you can read what the mixtape says in the first place, but another close up shot of castiel taking the tape back from deans hands tells a story on its own.

castiel, coming into deans room after knocking with no answer. returning a mixtape he was given, misunderstanding deans intention of it being his. a gift.

(that on it’s own can tell you a little about how dean probably have it to castiel in the first place)

these close up shots are showing viewers how some small piece of plastic can mean so much. how this really is deans way of saying i love you. supernatural doesn’t use close up shots very often, so this is importan. this is big.

i mean look at this, a tweet from a member of supernaturals visual effects team on the day this episode aired.

a link to the tweet

yeah. funny. i know.

i just cant get over their talk after dean gives cas back the mixtape.

the way dean speaks. he says “cas, you cant *giant emotional pause* with everything that’s going on you cant just. go. dark. like. that.” yes, like their were periods inbetween everyword.

and hes like “we didn’t  know what happened to you.” and then the camera zooms in on dean and his vOICE BREAKS and he says “we were worried. that’s not okay.”

cas says “well i didn’t mean to add to your distress.” and then cas is like “i” and he shakes his head and takes a step into deans room and says “Dean, i just keep failing. Again and again. When you were missing, i searched for months and i couldnt find you. and then kelly escaped on my watch and i couldnt find her and i just wanted … I needed to come back here with a win for you.”

and if im correct (which i am, these are exact quotes from the episode) i would say cas isnt talking about sam and dean. this fucking profound bond has reached the next level, my dude.

i just WISH i knew which songs were on that damn mixtape. music means so much to dean, and zeppelin means so much to the winchester family. john and marry origionally bonded over zeppelin.

oh, wait!!! shit, dude, i wrote that thinking it was deans way of bringin cas further into the family, but FUCK. they got together because of this band IM

wow. okay. this is fine. im okay :)))))))))

just. can we talk about this mixtape more??? i swear to god it better come up again in s13 and i beTTER get a sam reaction like “you made cas a mixtaoe??” or “dean made you a mixtape??”


Some live-action BATB headcanons (mostly about Lumiere and Plumette’s wedding because I’m a sap):

  • Prince/Beast is bi or pan (”…his parties with the most beautiful people,” “…and earn their love in return”).
  • Before the spell was broken, the members of the staff who were able to move throughout the castle would relay messages between Cadenza and Garderobe from time to time.
  • Lumiere and Plumette get engaged soon after they become human again. Lumiere had promised her it would happen once the curse was lifted, and sometimes talking about their possible future was comforting to them.
  • Lumiere makes Cogsworth his best man, mostly because he’s very organized, but also because it means he’ll have to give a toast and admit that Lumiere has good points.
  • Chip is the ring bearer.
  • Cadenza plays the processional music, and Garderobe sings for their first dance (okay I’m going by modern wedding customs, I don’t know if any of this is how they did it in 18th century France). 
  • Lumiere cries when he sees her in the dress.
  • So does Cogsworth.
  • Everyone’s crying or almost crying during the vows, mainly because they thought there would never be a chance for this to happen.
  • When the officiant says “You may now kiss the bride” he hasn’t even finished the sentence before Plumette grabs Lumiere’s face and kisses him.
  • The Prince insists on throwing them a huge reception in the ballroom and basically invites the entire town (LeFou goes with his new boyfriend, of course).
  • Plumette has a dance with Chip and he’s standing on her feet the whole time and it’s adorable.
  • Everyone keeps saying how Plumette is the most beautiful woman there (and let’s be real, she is). Lumiere can’t take his eyes off her and he keeps smiling because he’s so ridiculously in love with her and he can’t believe his luck.
Chihokogate is overwhelmingly romantic; fight me

I’ve seen people describe the “Overcome Chihoko” story in a number of ways–Victor being Extra, crackfic, something written purely for laughs, and so forth. And yes, I think all of those things are true, to a certain extent, but I’m not sure we appreciate exactly how lovely of an instance of crackfic this is.

More below the cut.

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취미 - Hobby

취미가 뭐예요? - What is your hobby?

제 취미는 …이에요/예요. - My hobby is …

배드민턴을 치다 - To play badminton
자전거를 타다 - To ride a bike 
등산을 하다 - To hike
낚시를 하다 - To fish
피아노를 하다 - To play piano
게임을 하다 - To play games 
사진 찍다 - To take photos 
춤을 추다 - To dance

얼마나 자주 - How often
언제나 / 항상 - Always
자주 - Often
가끔 - Sometimes
별로 (+안) - (not) Really/very much
거의 (+안) - Almost (never)
전혀 (+안) - (not) At all
매주 - Every week
매일 - Every day
늦게 - Lately
요즘 - These days
꼭 - Without fail/certainly
그동안 - In the mean time

얼마나 자주 게임을 해요? - How often do you play games?
요즘에 바빠서 가끔 해요. - I am busy these days so I sometimes play.
요즘 배드민턴을 자주 쳐요? - Do you often play badminton these days?
날씨가 좋아서 자주 쳐요. 내일도 쳐요! - The weather is good so I often play. I’ll plat tomorrow too! 


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Things you learn about Breakdown in episode 16*:

1. He may be a mech of unsubtle manners, but he makes a split-second moral decision that puts his rescuer’s seemingly righteous actions to shame. This suggests he has a moral compass that operates independently of his allegiances and his grudges and is capable of overturning both.

2. He is not a disposable member of the Decepticon command. I hear a lot about how “nobody went looking looking for Breakdown” when he was abducted, but they forget that Starscream & Co risked a heck of a lot to get him back. While SS’s motives were ultimately self-serving, they don’t negate the fact that he considered Breakdown a “valuable” member of his team. People tend to assume that Breakdown arrived in tow when Starscream summoned Knock Out to the Nemesis; in fact, Starscream summoned them both.

3. His aim is not compromised by the loss of an optic.

4. At no point does he accept that he is beaten by MECH. He remains defiant even when he believes himself beyond rescue. This fact makes me cry a little sometimes.

5. Both his hands can turn into hammers but the left almost never does. This is objectively neat, and it also means he’s right-handed.

* I actually can’t bloody watch that episode anymore, it’s too upsetting. But I remember a reading a review that complained of the lack of character development it afforded Breakdown, which is rubbish. He undergoes more development in that episode than some of the Autobots do in the entire season. The only thing worth complaining about is how subsequent episodes seem to forget about all of it.


this was an anonymous request, hope you like it love!

Word Count: 1000+

Rating: PG

You couldn’t help but chuckle as you scrolled through your Instagram. 

“What’s funny?” Joe asked, looking down at you. You were on your back on the couch, your head on his lap, his fingers running through your hair. You passed your phone to him, showing him Caspar’s Instagram post with Maddie. 

“They’re so cute,” you said, reaching up to toy with the strings of Joe’s hoodie. 

“We’re cuter,” Joe smiled at you.

“I know,” was all you said, but Joe knew you well enough to read what you didn’t say. He took your hand, kissing the back of it gently. 

The two of you were a very open couple when it came to each other, but not when it came to the rest of the world. Joe wasn’t really one to share his personal life, and that included you. You understood it, of course. After seeing all the hate on Maddie’s profile, or any girl who could possibly have any connection with any of the boys for that matter, you didn’t have to question why Joe wanted to keep your relationship a secret. 

That didn’t mean it didn’t suck though. From no PDA in the vlogs to no social media posts, it was hard to keep up with sometimes. Joe was Joe, but Joe was also thatcherjoe, and not being a part of that side of his life was almost like missing a big part of him. Sometimes, you just wanted to post a cute picture of your boyfriend. All the thoughts made you feel selfish, so you never brought them up, but Joe saw right through you anyways.

“I wish we didn’t have to hide either,” he murmured to you. “I’d show you off to the whole world if I could.”

“You can you know. I’m sure I’ll develop a tough skin,” you replied.

“You shouldn’t have to.” His voice was sharp, and you tread carefully.

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Anyone else with a mental illness really get down on themselves about how it affects their activism? (I’m sure aaalllll kinds of disabilities have a similar experience, please comment if you do, I’m just specifying mental illness in relation to myself because it’s something I personally have, but not other disabilities or conditions.)

Like all I want is for my support and #resistance to be practical and NOT performative but on bad days sometimes reading articles and sharing and showing support to other activists is all I can do and it makes me feel really fake to be honest. 

Like… no matter what disability or illness related-reasons causes it… 

What if sometimes you can’t go out and march because your bones feel like they’ll collapse or being around so many people sends your PTSD/stress through the roof? 

What if sometimes you can’t donate any more money to your favourite causes or ANY causes because having below a certain amount in your account gives you panic attacks and 24/7 anxiety? 

What if sometimes you dodge the political society people on campus (the ones you love and agree with) because you’re so overloaded or manic that you can’t even bear the thought of a conversation? 

What if sometimes you are totally taken down by the intellectual, physical and emotional labour of calling and messaging politicians and representatives to give us rights we should already have? 

What if sometimes you have to disconnect from any awareness of worldwide tragedy and injustice for hours or days at a time because the level of catastrophic depression in your mind LITERALLY puts your life in danger if you don’t wallpaper yourself in peace and hope for a while? 

What if sometimes you get sick to death of the ableism in activist circles (or ANY circles), from the tiny microaggressions to the huge inequalities and it makes you drown in negativity? 

What if your condition means all these things apply all the time, not just sometimes? 

And how do you tell the difference between your genuine issues and you making excuses, to hold yourself accountable for doing what you want others to do, even though it’s never easy?

All I want is a better world but holy hell does all this get me down. It feels like I almost only ever have the energy, means, money, time or literal mental ability to talk the talk and not walk the walk. I hate it. 

But I survive because I know I’m not alone, and that my struggles are part of my fight, not the end of it. Mad love to you all.

I Lost It (Part 2 of 3)

Summary: We follow Bucky as he describes the three times in his life where he has ‘lost it’ with you.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x reader (from Bucky’s POV)

Warnings: none? kinda sad? Idk

Word Count: 1,000ish

A/N: So, instead of quitting, I’m gonna to post instead. This is tiny, little, mini-series to dip my toes back into the water. I’d LOVE to get some feedback and be re-inspired to create once again. P.s. SORRY about this one.


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We’d finally settled into our daily routine as husband and wife, which meant a race to the bathroom in the morning. Per usual, I’d beat her down the hall and inevitably give into her puppy dog eyes when she begged to get a shower first.

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“Air Ducts and Secrets” - Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2,893

Plot: What goes on in the air ducts, stays in the air ducts.

Warnings: honestly its just fluff, cheesy comments, a new girl reference, one swear word (that’s censored), and more fluff. 

Author’s Note: So this is for the monthly song challenge but I literally only put two song lyrics from the song Tomorrow Never Dies by 5SOS. But that’s okay. I might do a part two depending on how well this does. PSA: I love New Girl.

(Lyrics are the sentences in italics)

Lilly’s Imagine


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Dating Elijah Would Include:

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  • The truth is that Elijah loves as deeply and selfishly as Klaus
    • And he’s seen how destructive it can be
    • Which is why he tries to the point of desperation to keep it from you 
  • Like Rebekah once said, Elijah is capable of being completely devoted to anyone except for himself 
    • And because he wants you so much, he sees loving you as an entirely selfish act. 
  • So needless to say he was reigning King of Denial for a very long time 
    • A Very Long Time 
  • Where Klaus can be demanding, vengeful, and downright mean, Elijah has a tendency to be cold 
    • he sees it as keeping his composure, trying to keep his feelings for you apart from himself 
    • which provokes you to absolute rage 
    • because he might be able to just shut you out but you aren’t capable of doing the same to him
    • so the least he could do is have the courtesy to get angry at you when you do something stupid, to be anything other than polite
    • what you do not know is that Elijah Mikaelson believes himself to be capable of just about anything but shutting you out 
  • Klaus trying to use you as a pawn to bend Elijah to his will 
    • Elijah beating his ass 
  • Once Elijah finally excepts his feelings for you (and I mean finally because I am talking years of denial before he even lets himself kiss you) he finds himself navigating the relationship as though he’s never been in one before
    • because loving like he loves you is an entirely new experience to him 
  • Sometimes he smiles for no reason around you and its because he’s realized he doesn’t quite know how to conduct himself and that he’s almost nervous
    • it reminds him of the more human parts of himself that he thought were long gone  
  • You tend to be snarky but other than that you’re really easygoing and don’t get caught up in the conflicts of New Orleans 
    • He finds this bewildering and refreshing 
  • You actually turn into something of a friend to Klaus 
    • Elijah finds this even more bewildering
  • The cliche Perfect Man 
    • candlelit dinners, walks in the park, puts his jacket around you when you’re cold etc. 
  • You have an almost childish way of finding light in the darkest of situations and that comes to mean so much to the Mikaelson family that they’d do anything to protect it. 
    • It also means that, regardless of the fact that you are dating the oldest living Mikaelson brother, the rest of the siblings try to protect and shelter you as if you were an older version of Hope
    • It drives you crazy 
  • Telling Elijah he actually has to meet your parents  
    • you know he will more than impress them, of course, which is why you mention it so casually
    • but then you see his eyes widen marginally
    • And he’s like “Well … er … what are they like?” 
    • Because people in TVD and TO don’t?? really ever have functional? living? parents? 
    • He starts making calls to set up elaborate dinner reservations and proper entertainment for the evening and you’re like ‘babe.’ 
    • You come from a lower middle class family and Elijah has them picked up by a driver and they’re like ?? Honey are you dating a senator?? 
  • It being a full-time job just to get him to lighten the hell up 
    • you’re good at it though
    • sending him little gifts
    • or letters to brighten his day 
  • Him always being gentle with you in everything he does because after the thing with his mother and the red door he’s uniquely aware of his destructive power 
  • PDA
    • Elijah’s very private so pda is kept to a minimum
    • he likes kissing your hands and your arms?? 
    • little kisses to each of your knuckles individually 
    • his hand on the small of your back 
    • it slowly slides around your waist when he feels like you aren’t close enough
    • he spends a lot of time thinking you aren’t close enough 
  • Once you’re in private though he’s very heated and passionate 
  • He can do that thing where he just looks at you across a crowded room and you blush bc you can tell what he’s thinking 
  • As Elijah’s SO and Klaus’ best friend, you’re one of the only ones trusted enough to watch Hope 
    • Hayley doesn’t trust Klaus’ judgement of course but she trusts Elijah’s so you usually watch Hope when they’re unavailable 
  • Being Elijah’s safe place. 


it didn’t snow today. David Mitchell has never been published. our hometown is currently uninhabitable due to unsafe conditions. my alternate self still believes that hands stitch you back together more often than they take you apart, and nobody wants to tell her the truth. so they don’t. she’s blissfully ignorant of the sound accompanying a dropped call, or how salty tears taste in the summertime. it’s eternally spring there, things are always growing.


none of my poems feel real. I don’t get published the first time or the second time because I don’t have to write for you. or about you. I’ve always confused the two of those things but in this world it doesn’t matter because all I’ve ever done is write for myself. not to say that IN THE UNIVERSE WHERE I LOVED YOU I haven’t been writing for myself. I have been. I’ve just needed to share that title, like waking up with next to no blanket due to the selfish cloud of past lovers taking up space at the foot of my bed. I know there’s warmth for me here.


I don’t know how to spell your last name because I’ve never had a reason to write it. cursive is obsolete. nobody tells me what school you go to & this fact doesn’t mean anything to me because you never meant anything to me. we wind up at the same bar some night and I don’t recognize you. you don’t recognize me. nobody is suffering because of this. we go on to live lives comfortably uncrossed. sometimes that’s possible. IN THE UNIVERSE WHERE I ALMOST LOVED YOU I can’t say the same. but that’s another story for another page in another journal. all of this to say that


I’m writing this poem and it doesn’t hurt. it takes me two days, a glass of boxed wine, and three different sweaters, but it doesn’t hurt. it doesn’t hurt. it doesn’t hurt.

Prompt 3 - LAMP - Prince centered

“Quit flirting” “I didn’t mean to!”



“Did anyone say prince?” Prince asked, moving up as he was called by his host. Thomas looked up at him, raising his eyebrow.

“No… I called you by your name…”

“What do you need me for, Thomas?” Prince asked, excitedly. “A new quest to be fulfilled? A new idea to be formulated? An advice?”

“Actually…” Thomas said, sitting on the couch and staring at his creative side. “I just… I was just wondering… Could you like… Stop flirting with all the others?”

Prince froze, before he looked at Thomas, surprised.

“What… do you mean?”

“I mean… well…” Thomas started, clearly a little bit embarrassed. “You are constantly flirting with the other sides, and like… not that it’s a bad thing but… sometimes the viewers forget the message of the video and focus on you… flirting… with the others”

“I… never flirted with any of them” Prince said, firmly, and Thomas raised an eyebrow.

“I mean, calling Anxiety ‘hot topic’ or ‘my chemically unbalanced romance’ or just overall calling them silly nicknames or saying things that could be interpreted as sweet in almost every video to all of them, specially for Anxiety, is really considered flirting” Thomas said, and Prince’s eyes widened.

“N-no! That was meant to be sarcastic and a little bit mean but not… flirty” he said, horrified. “Oh no… That’s why…”

“Yep. You’re everyone’s favorite guy to ship with everyone” Thomas nodded, and Prince slowly sat down in the closest chair.

“Is that why people… think Anxiety and I are…” he mumbled, and Thomas nodded.

“And you and Logic. And you and Morality. Even though the last one is more unusual” Thomas said, shrugging. Prince covered his face, blushing deeply, and the host smiled. “Hey buddy. It’s fine. I was just wondering if you could tone it down a bit so I can get serious messages across”

“Yes, of course… I am terribly sorry Thomas” he said, sighing. “It’s just… I am a prince, so I don’t know actual snarky comments, and when those three irritate me all I can do is call them ‘darkness in the light’ or ‘round eared Spock’ or ‘actual sunshine’ and I-”

“Quit flirting, Roman”


Thomas sighed as Roman rubbed his eyes in defeat.

Inside Thomas’ head, however, everything was a mess.

“He called me Spock?” Logic asked, eyes bright, a dumb smile on his face.

“Actual sunshine” Morality squealed, hugging the pillow closest to him.

“Darkness in the light…” Anxiety chuckled, smiling shyly as he stared at his phone. “He’s so dumb…”

The three let out a deep, lovely sigh.

Maybe Prince should just continue flirting anyway. Thomas hadn’t felt so happy in a long time.

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For the meme: The skywalker twins

Headcanon A: what I think realistically

They never really have a conversation about Anakin Skywalker. They try, a few times, but it devolves into Leia shouting or Luke getting angry—angry in that black, festering way he has, when Leia can feel it in the air, choking as smoke from a chemical fire. He makes her cry once, even though she tries to hide it from him, and it’s the worst thing either of them has ever done to the other. (They’ve hated one another sometimes, but neither of them has ever hurt the other. Not once.) They do try to talk about it—this, more than anything else, the blood that unites them—until it’s too horrible to keep trying, so they stop. 

Headcanon B: what I think is fucking hilarious

There was a solid eighteen standard days on Hoth when Luke and Leia turned the entire base into a madhouse—it might have been longer, but Mon Mothma intervened and sent them on missions at opposite ends of the galaxy. This is still known colloquially as “The Great Prank War of Echo Base”, and whenever it’s mentioned, Han looks haunted.

“Listen,” he tells Ben once, very seriously. “If you ever have to pick sides between your mom and your Uncle Luke…the only correct answer is to run really fast in the opposite direction.”

Headcanon C: what is heart-crushing and awful but fun to inflict on friends

They only tell a handful of people about the fact that they’re brother and sister. Luke has spent the last five years telling anyone who would listen that he’s Anakin Skywalker’s son, and since Cloud City has been—almost—as open about the fact that Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker, to the point that it’s not much of a secret that Luke Skywalker is Darth Vader’s son. (It serves to make him even more of a figure of myth, even among the Rebellion. Darth Vader’s son, the Jedi, who is going to kill his father and win the war.)

On the other hand, while most of the rebels who knew Bail are aware that Leia was adopted, Bail and Breha always insisted she was just an orphan of the Clone Wars, and honestly, what are the chances that Darth Vader had two secret children? (Yeah, right. This is real life, not some daytime holodrama.) Leia wants nothing to do with her biological origins, anyway; she’s happy to let Luke be the object of whispers and worship, to be tinged with the fear of those who don’t know him.

Still, sometimes Han has to nudge Leia, pull her away from Luke, because what is affectionate between brother and sister looks dangerously like infidelity in any other context.

Sometimes Wedge gives Luke pitying glances, because Leia and Han are whispering to one another, smiling the sort of smile lovers are entitled to, and Luke wants to protest, no no stop, let me have this complicated uncomplicated thing, for myself.

Sometimes Leia gets asked what her relationship to ‘Skywalker’ is. In all the intervening years, Leia has perfected an empty smile, to say warmly, “Luke is one of my oldest friends.” Sometimes, if she’s feeling vicious and/or guilty, she adds, “I consider him almost a brother.”

Headcanon D: what would never work with canon but the canon is shit so I believe it anyway

Being children of the Living Force is stranger than you might imagine, an embodied a war between your humanity and the weight of the galaxy. Leia sometimes wakes up inside Luke’s skin—just for half a second, her eyesight sharper and the world written in neon light because oh, that’s the Force, that’s what it means—before she’s slammed into her own body again. Luke has dreams of Aldera, where he walks along broad avenues and up into the mountains and every person he meets is on fire, burning up to ash, but he still must carry them, all the same.

Leia cries once for no reason, standing in the middle of a Senate session—so hard she has to excuse herself, and she screams her grief in the refresher, collapsing to her knees. (Luke is on Tatooine, standing over the ashes of his homestead.)

Luke jolts awake in the middle of a pile of rubble and bodies and feels all the blood drain from his face because he doesn’t know if this was him, or if this is something he can never, ever ask Leia.

(Neither of them die. This is not their inheritance as the Living Force, but what they inherited matrilineally. Surviving—that’s something human.)


A/N: I was asked by @kaya174 if I was going to do a second part to this, and I didn’t intend to but here we are! 

Part one

“So Doctor?” Amy asked swinging round the console as the doctor flicked switches here and there with a skip and and a jump. “Yes thats me” he grinned then paused suddenly “sometimes” he corrected before continuing with his jumping. “How many rooms are in this place?” she asked
“Yeah, I found a door labelled ‘scone room’” Rory said pulling a face and the doctor shot him a look “What’s wrong with that?” he asked “I like scones” he said with an additional mutter under his breath. “Yeah, but it leads to questions, how many rooms?” Amy asked again.
“Oh I don’t know um… a lot?” he said as if too many things where going on in his head and throwing his arms in the air as he thought. “Hang… on” he said pausing suddenly as if he was realising something that should have been obvious. “There’s something else… what is it?” he asked, the doctors voice had become caring and soft. “Doctor, what’s the room with the wooden door?” Amy asked curiously with a bounce as she made her way over to her best friend. His face fell. Why do all the latest companions keep asking? “Nothing, forget it” he said and tried to fake being the excitable puppy he usually was. “No” Amy said dragging out the letters in her Scottish accent. “What is it? Only door to look like its falling apart, so it has to be something” she said following him as he danced around the centre of the TARDIS. “Well of course it has to be something, it can’t literally be nothing, thats impossible. But it doesn’t matter, just leave it.”

“Right well then–“ she said before glancing at her husband and nodding. Before the doctor could stop either of them they had disappeared into the TARDIS corridors. He sighed and leaned his elbows on the console so that his head could rest in the palms of his hands in exhaustion. “Why Y/N does no one ever listen to me?” he muttered out loud.

“Amy?” Rory hissed as he followed her down the corridors. “He said don’t”
“Yeah and when do I listen to him? There is something about this door and its important” she said. On reaching the door she reached out on of her perfectly manicured hands and twisted the handle. “It won’t open” she complained
“Mind out” Rory said and she moved to one side trying to open it as well but still nothing. “Move” said a soft voice behind the pair made them freeze, look at each other with a sideways glance  before turning around to see the doctor stood there. His face was forlorn, that sad expression he did when he was thinking about the past. “Donna found this room as well…” he said and smiled sadly a little bit “I really ought to hide it better” he mused.
“Doctor, what’s in there?” Amy asked again. “Something I tried very hard to forget about” he sighed before stepping forwards and pushing the door open without even trying.

On walking in Amy and Rory saw the same thing Donna Noble had done all those years ago; dark and dusty filled with the same furniture. The TARDIS may have changed but this room is a constant. “Doctor… what is this…?” Amy asked “and who is she?” Amy pointed at a picture frame on the vanity table, it was of a girl with Y/C/H and a kind face. “She um…” it was as if the doctor was struggling to find the right words to explain what had happened, or didn’t want to. “Hang on, is that a… a cot?” Rory asked and the doctor smile sadly “Um… yeah.”

“Doctor, do you have children?” Amy asked and he shook his head “She was going to-“
“She being?”
“Y/N she was going to have a baby” he said and tears began to well in his eyes. This regeneration of the doctor is much more open emotionally than the last one.  “My baby” he added before falling on the bed, face first. What Amy and Rory didn’t know was that he had fallen onto your pillow. Breathing in the sent of your perfume that lingered behind, preserved by the TARDIS just like everything else in the room. “Doctor?” Amy asked carefully, glancing at Rory and creeping forwards to sit on the edge of the bed to place a comforting hand on his shoulder. His head rolled over to look at her, his eyes red and tear streaked cheeks. “What was she like?” Amy asked in an attempt to try and cheer him up. “She was… she was like a star… my own personal star that stayed with me. She was… she was Y/N” he told her before sitting up slowly to look at the pair. “We where going to have a baby… she worried it was going to have three heads or a space face” he chuckled remembering.

“I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say something like this has never happened before?” you asked and he glanced at you from behind the console with a frown. “You mean…?”
“I mean” you said jumping to your feet, facing him and forcing him to stop jumping around and look at you. “What if its got I don’t know… three heads or a space face?” you pulled a disgruntled face
“A space face, whats that supposed to mean?” he asked looking almost offended and going to play with something on the console. “Oh you really bother me sometimes” you huffed “you know what I mean!” he shot you another look “Time lord” you pointed at him. “Human” you pointed at yourself. “Baby” you pointed at your stomach. Tears welled a little in your eyes as you began to panic and your heart began to race. He saw the fear on your face and sighed stopping to walk round and pull you close into his arms and place a kiss on your forehead. “No, this hasn’t happened before… but I promise Y/N that I’ll keep you, both, safe.”

“What happened to her?” Amy asked pulling the doctor back to reality. “She died. She had gone to labour…” the doctor trailed off again as the tears over took. Amy’s hand flew to her mouth as her heart broke. “Y/N died… I couldn’t save her, the baby was too much like me. I killed her” he cried.

Giving a hand pt.3 [BTS Smut]

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COUNT → 5055

GENRE → Smut


SUMMARY: Your work is not the typical job, you give hand jobs for money, but instead of feeling ashamed by it you’re comfortable with it. Until a man offers you to work in his company, where you would use your abilities to please seven guys.

The first dinner was in just a couple of hours, and you were less nervous than you thought. It could be because you had only spent time with one of the seven so far, so it wouldn’t be that awkward, or maybe the reason was that you had wasted your entire morning watching Bangtan Bombs and you were sure the guys couldn’t be that bad. Not only had you those videos as references, but also some statements from the staff that Mr. Lee sent you, and even the words of Mr. Lee who assured you they were nice boys. So far you haven’t seen anything bad, and that’s why the dinner wasn’t such a horrible idea anymore.

Rule maker: Don’t forget about the dinner. [9:12]

It was the first time Namjoon sent you something and you smiled, like a real leader apparently his messages were short and straight to the point.

You: OMW [9:12]

Rule maker: :) [9:15]

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