and by 'clothes like this' i mean clothes that show off your assets'

“Kiss Me” Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 3,293

Dean Winchester x Reader

Request: Could you do one where you’re not super tomboy but you don’t usually wear “girly things” and to go undercover you have to wear a short black dress, basically what happens is a lot of tight spaces with you and dean and some accidental rubbing against each other here and there and it ends with some good smut where he basically just hikes up the skirt of your dress and you realize how convenient dresses can actually be 

Warnings: Smut, language, lots of sexual tension, unprotected sex

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“There’s no way in hell you’re going.” Dean shakes his head, not even considering the idea of you going on the case with them.

“Come on. You’ve been training me for months now, besides it’s not like we’ll be doing any actual fighting. It’s a goddamn dinner party. All we’ll be doing is socializing and stealing that dumb bracelet.” You argue.

You had been living with Sam and Dean for a few months now. They’ve been training you to be a hunter, but refuse to take you on any actual hunts yet. They keep saying that you just aren’t ready, despite kicking ass in training. Tonight they were supposed to be going to some fancy dinner party/auction at some fancy collector’s house, and you were desperate to go along.

“What if something goes wrong, huh? What are you going to do then?” Dean questions, obviously getting frustrated.

“Then I can be a helpful asset to the team! I know what I’m doing. I’m getting training from the best hunters in the country.” You beg.

“Dean, she has a good point. She’s going to have to start somewhere, and this is probably the best place to do that. The chances of anything going wrong are slim.” Sam defended you.

“What, both of you are going to gang up on me now?” Dean rolled his eyes. “Fine, you can go. But if you get hurt, I get to tell you that I told you so.”

“Ah!” You say in excitement. “Thank you!”

You’re not sure why Dean is so protective over you. You’re only a few years younger than Sam, not too big of a deal. You can take care of yourself. But ever since you moved in with them, Dean has been overly-protective of you, and honestly, it could be a bit much. You feel like he treats you like a little, helpless girl instead of the woman you are.

“But, those clothes are a no. You’re going to have to wear a dress.” Dean pointed to your outfit.

“I hate dresses. What’s wrong with my clothes?” You frown. You were wearing ripped skinny jeans and a flannel, nothing too fancy, but you wouldn’t consider it ugly. You like your clothing, even if it’s not the girliest.

“There’s nothing wrong with them,” Sam interjected, staring down Dean. “This event is just really fancy and we have to fit in.”

“I don’t even own a dress.” You realize. “Or heels. Or anything fancy, for that matter.”

“Guess you can’t go on the case then.” Dean sighed dramatically.

“You wish, Winchester.” You roll your eyes. “What time is the event?”


“I’ll be back later.” You glance at the clock, seeing that it was almost one in the afternoon. You definitely had time to run to the mall and grab some stuff before tonight.


A few hours later, you returned to the bunker with a few shopping bags in each hand. It had been a successful trip- you managed to find a relatively cute but not expensive dress that had matching heels, and also some earrings.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you carry shopping bags in your life.” Dean commented as you walked past them to go to your room.

“There’s a first for everything, right?” You shoved a couple bags in his arms, making him help you bring them to your room.

“You know, I’m not trying to be mean. I just don’t want to risk you getting hurt.”

“Dean.” You set the bags on your bed, turning around and looking at him in the eye. “You don’t have to act like my big brother. I’m okay. I can take care of myself.”

Dean looks at you, seeming like he wanted to say something, but he kept his mouth shut.

“I’ve got to start getting ready, so…” You trail off, implying that he needed to leave.

“It’s only four. It starts at seven.” He raises his eyebrows.

“Uh, trust me, girls take a long time to get ready. Now, get out.” You laugh, playfully shoving him out the door. He raises his hands in surrender, and closes the door behind him.

You are determined to look good tonight, to go all out. You rarely ever dressed up, hence why you didn’t have any nice clothing. This was probably the last time you’ll ever dress up as well, you hate dresses, so why not make the most of it?

You started out by taking a shower and making sure that you used your favorite body wash that left a good scent on you for hours. You normally only used it for when you were going on a date, but this is a special occasion.

You then blow-dryed your hair and curled it, which was a nice change from your usual ponytail you typically threw it in. Next you applied makeup, which was also a nice change from the bare face you normally sported. You have clear skin and decent eyelashes, so you didn’t think you needed makeup on a day to day basis. Tonight, you were rocking a smoky eye and red lip combo, thanks to the YouTube tutorials you had watched. You attempted to put on fake eyelashes, but they were a complete fail so you just went without them.

The last thing you did was put on your dress. You looked in the mirror and admired yourself once it was on. Man, is that dress sexy. It was a tight, bodycon style that stopped just below your butt, showing off all the right curves of your boy. Paired with the black heels, you looked good.

You were about to grab your purse when you hear a knocking on your door.

“Y/N? It’s almost seven, we’ve got to-“

You interrupt them by opening the door, revealing both Sam and Dean standing there. The reactions of both of their faces are priceless. Sam raised his eyebrows and glanced away, doing his signature nervous gulp. Dean, oh poor Dean, he didn’t know what had hit him. He couldn’t look away. He had never seen you look so… Good.

“You can take a picture if you want.” You tease, walking past them. They both cleared their throats and watched as you walked past them, not moving a muscle.

“You know, boys, we’re going to be late if you don’t get a move on it.” You say.

“Yeah yeah.” Dean mumbled, rushing to get to the impala.

The ride there was uncomfortable, to say the least. You couldn’t sit in the backseat since Dean hadn’t cleaned it, and you didn’t want to get anything on your dress. Sam was entirely too tall to sit back there, and there was no way in hell that Dean was letting either of you drive. So, that left you to be in your current predicament- squished between the both of them in the front seat.

Sam was polite enough to try and scoot over as far to the door as possible, which was nice. You had some room, but you were still basically attached to Dean on the hip. Your thighs were touching and your shoulders were bumping into each other, and no one said a word the entire ride there.

When you finally reached the house, you couldn’t be more happy to get out of that car. You stepped outside of the impala, enjoying the feeling of the warm summer air hitting your skin.

“How are we going to go about this?” You asked them, leaning against the impala. You couldn’t exactly go inside without a plan.

“The bracelet is inside one of the upstairs bedroom, inside the top drawer of one of the dressers. We’ll socialize for a little bit, whatever, and then I’ll excuse myself to the bathroom and go find the bracelet upstairs. You and Sam can keep watch downstairs.” Dean directed.

“Okay, sounds like a plan.” You say. You link arms with the both of them and walk inside the house, which was absolutely beautiful. You’re enchanted by architecture and all of the collections spread about the house. It was something out of a movie.

“Grab a glass of champagne. Fit in.” Dean whispered to you, not looking at you as he waved to a person across the room. You took a glass from the table behind you, taking a small sip as the person Dean waved to came over to the three of you.

“Hello! What brings you guests here today?” The man asks, all smiles. He must be the owner of the house.

“Just very interested in seeing what you have up for auction today, Sir. You have lovely collections.” You tell him, putting your charm on.

“Why, thank you!” He smiles.

“So, why don’t you tell me about some of these pieces? I’d love to know more.” You lie, hoping to keep the man’s interest long enough for Dean to sneak upstairs. It wasn’t exactly the plan, but it would work. You shoot Dean a look, and he gives you a thumbs up, and you can see him dash away upstairs.

“This piece of art work I got from Venice, isn’t it lovely?” He pointed to a painting.

“Yes, it certainly is.” You pretend to admire it.

He keeps on talking, and at some point you zone out. You look back over to where Sam was standing, hoping to see Dean standing there, but he wasn’t back yet. Odd.

You glance over to the other side of the room, and two men in bodyguard suits are talking, grabbing your attention. They keep glancing over to the stairs and over to Sam, and your heart drops. They must be suspicious.

“Excuse me, sir, but I am going to have to get back over to my friend. Thank you so much for telling me about the history of your painting.” You rushed. You didn’t wait for him to respond while you went over to Sam.

“Sam, those men are onto us. I have to go get Dean.” You say from a few feet away so the men don’t think you’re talking to him, so they think you’re just grabbing another glass of champagne.

“I’ll go.”

“No, they are already staring you down. You take one step and they will follow you up there. They haven’t noticed I’m with you yet. I have to go.” You turn around, taking a sip of the champagne.

“Be careful.” Sam whispered, not daring to look at you.

“I will.”

You walk upstairs, making sure the men don’t notice you. They’re still watching Sam, thankfully. When you get up to the top, you see Dean standing in the hallway, closing one of the doors to the rooms.

“Did you get it yet?” You asked, running over to him, which is difficult in heels.

“No, there are so many goddamn rooms in this house, I’ve still got like five more rooms to check.” He says. “Why are you up here?” He questions.

“People are onto us. You need to hurry.”

Just as you say that, you can hear people walking up the stairs. You grab Dean and pull him behind one of the columns, just to where you two were out of sight to anyone walking in the hallway. You admit, the two of you were in a compromising position. He was leaned up against the column and you were pressed up against him, your head against his chest.

He goes to say something, but you press you hand against his mouth and raise a finger to your lips, indicating that he needs to be quiet.

“I don’t see anybody up here. You’re just being paranoid, Seb.” You hear a man’s voice booming from down the hallway. The voices trail away as well as their footsteps, and you peek your head around the corner.

“We’re clear.” You whisper. Your bodies are still pressed together, and Dean looks down at you, you feeling his hot breath against your skin. His eyes are sparkling and his arms are wrapped your waist- you admit, he looked really good.

“We, uh, we need to find the bracelet.” You say nervously, pushing yourself away from him.

“Right. The bracelet.” He nods, following you back into the hallway.

“I haven’t checked this room yet.” Dean points to a door, and you follow him inside. Just like the rest of the house, the room is absolutely beautiful.

You walk over to the dresser, pulling open the top drawer. A shiny bracelet with a blue stone in the center of it was set on top of a pillow, almost begging to be taken.

“This it?” You hold it up to Dean.

“Yes, thank god.” Dean shoves it in his tuxedo pocket.

You footsteps approaching the room, along with the same man’s voice from earlier. Panic fills your chest and you freeze. How are you supposed to explain this if they walk in? You can’t exactly just be like, ‘Hey, yeah we were stealing your jewelry. Excuse us.’

“Dean, kiss me.” You say.

“Wh-“ He begins, but you cut him off by pressing your mouth to his. He kisses you back immediately, sneaking his arms around your waist and bringing you into the same position you were in at the column. The door to the room opens, and you and Dean pull apart.

“Oh, we’re terribly sorry-“ The man apologizes, blush filling his cheeks.

“Yeah, you should be.” Dean snaps, and the door closes. The two men outside start mumbling and then they walk away.

“That was-“ Dean looks at you, an expression you can’t quite read.

“Yeah, fuck, that was close. Good thing I was here to save the day.” You joke.

“Yeah. Close.” He breathes heavily.

“We should leave now. Before someone realizes its missing.” You start to walk out the door. Dean is silent as he follows you back downstairs. Sam has a relieved look on his face when he sees the two of you coming back unharmed.

“I thought you were both screwed when I saw them go upstairs.” Sam says, the three of you walking back to the impala.

“Yeah, we came close to getting caught. They opened the door while we were in the room grabbing it.” You slide into the car, back into your uncomfortable middle seat.

“How’d you manage to get out of that one?” Sam looks shocked. Dean grunts, and sits down to your left to start the car. His hand landing on your thigh doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Said we were looking for the bathroom.” You lie. You’re not sure why you just lied to Sam, but the feeling of Dean’s hand inching up your thigh was not a feeling you ever thought you’d get from Dean. Sure, he’s attractive, but you had never really thought of him that way before… Not until tonight.

The drive back to the bunker was ten times more uncomfortable than the drive there. Dean’s hand never left your thigh, but the minute it would get to the hem your dress, he would bring his hand back down to your knee, repeating the process. Your breath was hitching and you were sure that you were soaking through your underwear. If Sam noticed what was going on, he never said anything. He just kept his eyes focused on the window the entire time.

The minute you got to the bunker, Sam shot out of the car and went to his room, looking uncomfortable. Oh, he knew.

“Y/N, we have to talk…” Dean sets the keys down on the kitchen table.

“Look, it was just purely for business-“

“No, it wasn’t. You felt it, too. And I could tell how turned on you were in the car.” Dean walked up closer to you, pinning you up against the kitchen counter. “Remember earlier today when you told me that I think of you as a little sister?” He fiddled with the hem of your dress.

You nodded, unable to form any words.

“You couldn’t be any further from the truth.”

He smashed his lips against yours, his kiss full of lust and need. He lifts you onto the counter, not breaking the kiss as he lifts your dress up past your hips, revealing your black lace thong.

“This is pretty.” He says, and he brings his head down to your lower area. He takes your thong between his teeth, bringing the lacy material down your legs and onto the floor.

It was the most erotic thing you’d probably ever seen.

Dean starts planting kisses up your legs, starting from your calves and stopping right at your upper thigh.

“Dean, please, stop teasing.” You breathe out, desperate for more.

“Be patient, baby girl.” He mumbled against your skin, and finally his lips pressed to your clit. You moan, the feeling of his tongue on you radiating throughout your body. He enters a finger inside of you, making you moan even louder. You clamp your hand over your mouth, but Dean reached up and moved your hand.

“Don’t. I want to hear you.” He smirked, entering a second finger. With the rate he was going, you weren’t going to last very long.

“Fuck, Dean, I’m going to cum.” You’re a moaning mess, and he picks up his pace. You clench around his fingers, coming around him. Dean removes his fingers and puts them in his mouth, licking them clean.

“You taste so sweet.” He gets up, giving you a deep kiss. You’d never had a man kiss you after eating you out, but man, did it turn you on even more. Or maybe it was just Dean.

You brought your hand to his pants, palming his hard erection through the clothing. He groaned, and you started to fumble with his belt. Sliding it off, you pulled down his pants and his boxers in one motion, leaving his hard member in your hands.

“Damn, Dean.” You commented. He was perfect. He positioned himself with your entrance, and entered himself slowly.

“Fuck,” Dean hisses, throwing his head back in pleasure. He starts to move at a faster pace, the only sounds in the room being both of your moans and skin slapping together.

“I’m going to cum again,” You tell him, the pleasure you’re experiencing being more than any you ever had. The man knows what he’s doing.

“Cum, Y/N, cum on my cock.” Dean says, and this brings you to your second orgasm. The feeling of your walls clenching around him made Dean reach his orgasm as well, his warm spurts filling your insides.

“Holy fuck.” Dean breathes out, pulling out of you. He grabs a towel from the drawer beside you, wiping the two of you off.

“That was…” You trail off, unable to find words.

“You were great.” Dean tosses the towel across the room, it landing right in front of the laundry room. You hop off the kitchen counter, and Dean hands you your thong.

“Sam’s gonna be pissed you just used a nice towel.” You laugh. You slide your underwear back on, and you pull your dress back down your body.

“Worth it.” Dean smiles at you, kissing you once more.

“You know,” you pull away. “Dresses are way more convenient than I remember.”

// luv me some titty
and thank you i’m glad you decided to submit something!! this was fun to write!


- NUT!!!

- He loves your boobs honestly– but he’s never really had much of a preference, small boob, big boob, good boob

- But he’s sohappy with your assets.

- Especially if you exercise with him and you pile on the sports bras; yet they’re still all over the place. Watching you fuss about it is so cute, he loves them. They’re so big and fill up his palms shit, he can’t get enough of it. Who needs a bra when you have his hands honestly


- This man loves him some ass and boob so hell yeah he’s so down

- He likes lacey bras on you because they just look so nice, he also really loves picking out clothing for you that would work well with what you have.

- Especially clothes that show cleavage, he loves being teased like that but he hates it at the same time since he can tell when straying eyes are on you; It’s makes him upset. Not at you, at the others. Can’t they keep their eyes to themselves? But he does know how difficult that can be, you are quite irresistible.



- Starry eyed little kid in a candy shop, he’s so immature sometimes but he can’t help it, they’re just so big and soft

- But he comments on how bulky your bras look, wires look so uncomfortable? Expect massages wherever you want; shoulders, back, even boobs tbh he’s happy to get his hands on them because they’re just so soft and squishy


- Okay but have you seen her honestly her boobs are so big good god i see why Jumin made her cover them up

- She loves them, like Zen; she’s never really had a preference but you’re just so pretty she can’t help but love the way you look.

- But she’s also a woman, so she knows the harsh struggles of having big boobs. She’ll give you back rubs, help you adjust your straps, go bra shopping with you and help you pick out cute but comfortable ones– etc.

- Blushes so bad when you wear something a bit more reveling to work on certain times, she can’t keep her eyes off you which causes her to make mistakes throughout the day.


- Grabs them all the time and goes
“ honk honk! ” don’t lie

- Your boob is literally his stress reliever; To hell with those kiddos over here with their orbeez and slime, he has the best damn XL orbeez he could ever have

- Grabbing your boobs has just become a good habit honestly, they’re just so soft and warm– What’s not to love?

Titty: Grabbed
Seven: Pleased
Stress: Released

the circle of life


- He finds all bodies absolutely beautiful, even though Rika was relatively petite and small doesn’t mean that’s strictly what he likes. Falls in love with personality over anything else.

- Can’t deny that you have an amazing figure. While cuddling as the little spoon he loves burying his face into your chest and literally never returning.

- 6 hours later everyone’s like where’s v? the boi in the tittie


- Whatever body you have– that’s his preference. He’s never been in love before so every bit of you is absolutely perfect. Including your amazing chest, damn you’re so beautiful.

- BITES expect bites and hickeys everywhere on your boobs. There will never be a time where they’re not covered with those oh so familiar tiny dark bruises; he’s basically obsessed with leaving his mark on you in that way.

- Like Saeyoung, he loves to grab and massage them when he or you are stressed. They’re just so squishy and big

Always a Bridesmaid 5/?

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

I finished this chapter quickly so I thought I’d share as an Easter treat.  So very flattered by all your lovely comments and kudos! So awesome that you are enjoying this story!

Thanks so much to @mel-loves-all for the beautiful edit and to @almondblossomme for proofing! This and the previous chapters are all available on AO3.

                  Chapter 5: Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

Felicity came back to her hotel room and took a shower before calling Oliver.

She didn’t know why but she was super nervous. It’s not like this was her first time and she couldn’t remember being this nervous her first time either. This was her idea!

She picked up the phone to call Oliver and put it back down. Why was she freaking out? She wanted this. She like REALLY WANTED THIS.

She picked up the phone again but instead of calling Oliver she called Sara.

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anonymous asked:

Fic prompt: Oswald and Ed go suit shopping and Oswald keeps getting turned on at how tightfitting Ed's clothes are (and visa versa)

This has been sitting untouched for two weeks I’m done just take it take it away

Part Two.

Sharp Dressed Men

Oswald is familiar with this process, watching closely as the tailor takes Ed’s measurements. The tailor had already been made aware of the color and style they were looking for but needed Ed’s suit size. Oswald hadn’t had him properly fitted before this and he wanted him looking positively dashing for the upcoming gala.

Ed puts his arms out and the tailor brings the tape measure around his chest, grabbing a plain jacket for reference off the wall. He helps Ed into it, and Ed buttons it. The tailor checks the length against Ed’s thumbs, then turns him around to ensure that the back reaches the top of his thighs. He runs his fingers under Ed’s backside, where his legs start, his fingers brushing the bottom of the jacket. Oswald reminds himself to simmer down, that this is all very routine and the tailor has done nothing untoward. Take a breath.

The tailor nods, then pulls at the front of the jacket and checks the shoulders. He gestures at Ed to remove the jacket. He loops the tape measure around Ed’s waist and then whisks the jacket away.

“Do they ever speak?” Ed asks.

“Only if you’ve desecrated one of their pieces somehow,” Oswald replies.


“I’ll show you later,” Oswald promises, winking. Ed’s in a dark pair of trousers, dress shirt and shoes. He had to divest himself of his vest for the fitting but otherwise remains put together. His slacks are loose on him, and Oswald detests them. He hopes they can finish the pants for Ed today and they can leave this pair in the trash where they belong. Ed has a delightful backside that deserves properly fitting trousers, even if it’s to his own frustration.

The tailor returns with a pair of trousers, giving them to Ed and indicating that he change behind a curtain. Ed disappears into the adjoining room.

“Those are the most form-fitting you have for his size?”

“Yes, Mr. Cobblepot.”

“You understand he has… generous proportions?”

“Quite so. This pair should emphasize his… particular assets as well as the length of his legs.”

Oswald sighs, “A shame the jacket has to be so long. Fashion, am I right?” The tailor doesn’t respond.

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It’s Just Borrowing

Request:  The reader keeps stealing Bucky’s clothes. He soon finds out why his stuff goes missing. 

Word Count: 1.6k

Contains: Fluff. Just all the fluff.

It started when you were stepping out of the shower and had forgotten to grab a towel from the linen closet. Expletives flew out of your lips before you spotted a t-shirt that had been left behind. Hoping that it was one of the guys’, you smiled victoriously as you slipped it on and it came all the way down to your upper thighs. It was decent enough to wear and make your way down the corridor and into your room.

Looking down at the Captain America shield printed on the front of the shirt, you recognized it to be Bucky’s. He always liked wearing this shirt to annoy Steve. You brought the shirt’s neckline to your nose and took a deep breath. Bucky’s scent was infused in the fabric and you smiled to yourself.

Silently, you crept back to your room and climbed into bed, disregarding the fact that you were still wearing Bucky’s clothes and fell asleep. He was in your dreams that night.

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The Early Years

Part 1 Part 2

“We have our own magic eight ball!”

February 12th, 2020.

Seattle, Washington. West Pacific Academy.

The Barracks

The room was silent for a moment, as the team processed your words. You could see the confusion on their faces, not only from your innocent looking appearance, but also your unique ability.

“Well, hello there, (Y/N), welcome to our squad: Strategic Mutiny!” the brown haired boy, Peter, said, near the back of the room. He jumped up from his bed and walked towards you, a bright smile on his face. “I’m Pe-”

“Peter,” you said for him, shaking his head. “How’s your Aunt May?” you asked curiously, tilting your head slightly. “Did her lazer eye surgery go well?”

His mouth hung open in surprise, his brown eyes going wide, before a wide smile spread across his face. “Oh my god, are you like reading my mind?” he asked, his voice tinged in excitement.

You laughed, shaking your head. “No, I’m not that cool,” you joked, and he laughed. “I’m just able to see bits of the future.”

“’Not that cool’?” Peter asked in disbelief, looking at you in amusement. “You can see the future, man!” he shook his head, before walking away, mumbling about being able to see the future.

You blushed, as once again you were under scrutiny from the rest of the room. “It’s not that cool,” you mumbled, and Bucky chuckled, squeezing your shoulder.

“So you’re able to see what will happen tomorrow?” Pietro asked, and besides him, his sister gazed at you curiously.

You hesitated, and bit your lip. “I can only see what happens with those I’m drift compatible with,” you answered, and his blue eyes widened. “Even then, most of the times I need a conduit to see the future with.” you added, and in your minds eye you pictured you grandmother’s beautiful tarot cards. Your hands itched to touch them, and you could tell you had a vision coming on.

“That’s awesome, we have our own magic eight ball,” Sam said, his eyes crinkling as he smiled at you. Your squad laughed, and you could feel the tension draining from the room.

Steve and Bucky left your side to go sit on their beds, watching your interactions with both amusement and relief. Sam walked up to you, two others trailing behind him. “I’m Sam, by the way. The cranky kitty cat over there is my co-pilot, T’Challa,” he introduced, jutting his chin towards the man sitting on the bed next to his. T’Challa raised a hand in greeting, his dark eyes curious and thoughtful.

“Nice to meet you,” you replied brightly. “I’m sure between the two of us can get our cranky kitty cat co-pilot to smile.” you joked, and Sam roared in amusement, patting you on the shoulder. You jumped a little bit, but the jolly man didn’t notice.

“You hear that, kitty cat? (Y/N) is gonna make you smile!” Sam called to his co-pilot, as he walked back to his bed. Next up were Natasha and Clint. They mimicked each other’s movement so perfectly that it amazed you. When Clint stepped up and offered his hand to you, Nat took a step forward as well, but didn’t offer her hand.

“Hiya, (Y/N), I’m Clint and this is my co-pilot Nat,” he introduced, and you shook his hand. “But, I guess you already knew that.” he joked, and you laughed.

“Yeah, I did,” you admitted shyly, and his green gray eyes sparkled in amusement. “You two met when you were still in high school, right?” you asked curiously. “It was the first time your futures crossed.”

Natasha’s eyes widened, and she shared a quick look with Clint. “Yes,” she said, pursuing her lips. “I guess you really can tell the future.”

You lips parted, and Clint laughed at your expression. “Don’t worry, (Y/N), she’s just joking,” he explained, and you sighed in relief. Giving you a smile, the pair walked off, the squad going back to whatever they had been doing.

Looking around, you took in your surroundings. The barracks had brick walls, and cement floor. Someone had put a large tye dye rug on the hard floor the covered most of the spacious room. There were six beds on the left side, seven on the right, colorful curtains covering the furthest three on the right. Pictures and posters covered the wall, and each person had a little bed side table.

“Would you like me to show you where you’re sleeping?” someone asked, and you jumped in surprise. Wanda stood in front of you, a small smile on her face. Her long brown hair was braided, and the rings on her hands glinted in the light.

“Oh, yes please,” you said, giving her a smile. Turning to grab your suitcase and duffel bag, you noticed it was gone. Bucky caught your eye and grinned. Sneaky, courteous bastard, you thought to yourself as Wanda led you to the last three beds on the left.

“This one’s mine,” she said, pointing to the one that had red curtains, with small flowers embroidered on them. The curtains were pulled away, and you could see Pietro lounging on his sister’s bed. “Nat sleeps next to me,” she continued, the red haired girl’s bed covered with gauzy black curtains, that had shades of purple and gray mixed in. “And here’s yours.” she finished, coming to stop at the last bed. Curtains that looked like the ocean covered yours, shades of blues, greens, and whites flickered as you stood by Wanda. “I make these myself.” she added bashfully, noticing your flabbergasted expression.

“Wanda, they are breathtaking!” you exclaimed, giving her a bright smile. “I love them!”

Wanda blushed, averting her eyes. “Thank you,” she said, her fingers playing with soft material. “Bucky and Steve told me you have lived in Seattle for most of your life, and you missed seeing the ocean everyday.”

You felt a lump forming in your throat, and your eyes prickling. “Thank you,” you said thickly. “This really means a lot to me.” you added, touched by her thoughtful gift.

“No problem. Anything for a team mate,” she said, and then added silently in your head: Anything for a fellow mutant. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help to unpack!” she said brightly, as if nothing had happened. Giving your hand a squeeze, she flitted away.

Setting down your duffel bag and carry on bag, you noticed a couple things. 1. There were three boxes sitting on your bed, probably Uncle Phil dropped off from your old room. 2. Your other bag and suitcase were placed carefully to the side of your bed. 3. Your bed was a bit bigger than a twin, and there seemed to be about three and a half feet between you and the wall, and you and Natasha. 4. There was a bedside table, and a dresser. 5. Someone, probably Uncle Phil or Bucky, had already made your bed, with pretty blue sheets, green and gray pillows, dark blue blankets, and a white comforter. 6. This could feel like home.

Smiling to yourself, you started to unpack. First, came your going away present from Daisy: a pretty blanket, that was a mixture of colors. You placed that on the foot of your bed, along with your Stitch stuffed animal. Next came your clothes. You only took out your fall and winter clothes, no need for your wonderful spring and summer dresses that you had worn in South America. You mournfully left those in your suitcase, which you stuck under your bed. You kept your rain boots, rain jacket and umbrella at the foot of your bed (hey, you can never be too careful in Seattle). You placed three picture frames on the dresser; one of you and your dad (he was actually smiling), on of you and Uncle Phil, and one of you and your late parents. Then, you strung up your flickering yellow fairy lights, and placed your lamp on your bedside table. All that was left was two boxes and a duffel bag.

One box held hundreds of photos and rolls of tape (and your Scooby Doo backpack that held your most prized possessions… We’ll get to that later). You took out a shoe box from your duffel bag that held Polaroids from your time in South America. Carefully, you started to tape these up, first on the wall over your bed, and then the other wall. This took time, patience, and a lot of tape. Finally, you were done. The smiling faces of Bucky, Steve, and your (adopted) older brother Thor stood out, along with laughing faces of your friends in South America- Daisy, Fitz, Simmons, Mack, Hunter, Bobbi, and Lincoln. Your face frequented the photos, some of you when were younger, some of you when you were older. Candid photos of your adopted father and your Uncle Phil littered the wall, and those were your favorites.

In the other box and your duffel bag were books. You had just enough room on one of the walls to hang up three shelves. Just as you were wondering how you would get them on the wall, someone asked “You need some help with those shelves?”

Jerking around with one hand over your heart, you met the eyes of the one squad member who hadn’t been in the room. Scott, the only person you hadn’t met yet. His eyes were bright, and rain glistened in his hair. He waited patiently for your response, smiling at you. “Sure,” you finally said breathlessly. “You scared me!”

Scott grinned. “Everyone tells me I should wear bells or somethin’ like that. Peter especially,” he joked, reaching for the shelves. “So, Peter tells me that you can see the future… Is it true?” he asked conversationally, scooting behind you to reach the wall.

You nodded, sitting down on your bed. “Yeah, I guess I’m a bit of a pre-cog.” you answered, biting your lip.

“That’s so badass!” he replied, and you let out a laugh. Scott’s reaction was eerily similar to his co-pilot’s, and you could tell it was like this for the rest of the team. “You’re gonna be such a great asset, (Y/N). I bet your gonna be a better pilot than your dad.” he turned to look at you, a twinkle in his brown eyes.

You blushed, and opened your mouth to reply, but Tony cut you off. “Yeah, I don’t think that’s gonna happen.” the two of you turned to see Tony standing at the foot of your bed, his arms crossed. “You look like you couldn’t even kill a fly, let alone pilot a Jaeger and kill a Kaiju. I bet your dad just let you in out of pity,” he taunted cruelly, his dark eyes blazing.

The room went silent, and you knew that if you didn’t do something, two things would happen. 1. Bucky would most likely throw a punch at Tony and 2. your squad would never respect you. Standing up, you pressed your lips together in a thin line. “Tony,” you said evenly, a hint of anger in your voice. “If I am as incompetent as you say I am, how about you prove that?” you asked, raising an eyebrow. “Unless you’re scared.” you added, and you could see Tony’s eyes narrowed.

“Fine,” he spat, and you gave him a pleasant smile. “Lead the way, princess.”

Nodding, you walked out of the barracks, a cruel smile on your face. Did Tony really think Fury’s daughter couldn’t fight? Your smile widened as you walked down familiar halls, your squad trailing after you. Oh, you were going to have fun.

AN: Sorry if it’s a bit slower! This chapter is a bit of a filler chapter. But next chapter will be FUN!

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BIG BANG Reacting to the BIG BOOTY. ;)

How the boys of BIG BANG react when they discover their S/O is a bit more curvy than they already knew; their S/O had a rather large rear end compared to the type of Korean girls they were used to seeing. You had always worn longer shirts and no so tight of pants, wearing skirts and such. It wasn’t that you were ashamed of how you looked you just didn’t show off all your assets all the time, especially when you didn’t know who was conservative and who wasn’t. Today, however, was laundry day. Which meant most of those concealing clothes were in the wash, not that you minded. It just meant you went to visit your boyfriend in a crop top and a rather tight pair of skinny jeans. 

G-Dragon would be very happy to see you showing off how you looked. He already knew exactly how good you could look but the fact that you weren’t overly comfortable with showing it all off made him rather sad. He wanted his S/O to have as much confidence in day to day life as they did in his presence. He’d encourage you to wear this type of thing a lot more often. He’d beckon you over and just like that, his hands would be all over you; at this point his words would go from encouraging to dirty in less than a second. “Damn, jagiya, how’d you get all that in those jeans? Better yet, why don’t you show me how you get out of them.~”

Originally posted by variablealexa


Out of all the guys in BIG BANG, I feel as though T.O.P has the most appreciation for the human body.

He wouldn’t hide his appreciation for your revealed form, his eyes would be roaming all over your body and he wouldn’t hesitate to shower you in compliments. Like GD, he’d want you to wear this sort of stuff everyday, stating that something so beautiful shouldn’t be masked in the slightest bit, especially not by the opinions of others. Once you stated that you agreed, you most likely would start wearing this sort of thing day to day, he’d be smirking and saying how this means he’d have to show all the men who’d look at you exactly who you were with. “

You know I don’t like sharing, love, and you’re mine, sexiness and all.” 

Originally posted by k-delicious

He was rather proud that you were showing off your body, even after you telling him the real reason behind you wearing those clothes; he’d still be content with you feeling comfortable enough to show him your body in such a manner. Seeing how confident he is in his body, he would want you to feel like it was alright to be just as confident. “You do realize how sexy you are, right?”

Originally posted by dammitgdragon

His double take was anything but stealthy. It was beyond obvious. He really didn’t know how to react, should she compliment you or silently praise? He’d be a mumbling mess when you asked him what he was thinking about. You’d eventually be able to make out something about how amazing you looked. It surely would put a smile on his face when you blushed and thanked him. He’d be so happy that you’re comfortable. “Ah, you look so good, jagi.”

Originally posted by bingubiigbang

Those eyes of his would wonder all over your body, not stopping once until you mentioned it. Even when you did mention it, he’d give a smug answer. He would poke a bit of fun at you but it was always backed with a phrase about how good you looked. “I hope you know exactly what you do to me, baby.”

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Back to the Old Days

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You meet Bucky at the market in Bucharest and give him a change to be the man he used to be.

Warnings: Plums, Bucky speaking Romanian

Words: 1.4K

A/N: I forced my mom to by me plums today and got inspired –they are making me emotional tho. Oh and let’s pretend Bucky’s bad at speaking Romanian. I hope you like the fic & let me know if you did or even if you didn’t x

Gif originally posted by @firecrakerwish

You sighed as you felt the small drops of sweat rolling down your forehead, getting you even more frustrated. It was a hot summer day in Bucharest, and you were everything but relaxed as you got all your strength to use, lifting another box of fruits to the stall of your tent. Working on a busy market was not even close to your dream job, but with the decent salary it wasn’t so bad.

Flexing the muscles of your legs, you lifted a more than heavy box full of luscious, purple plums up from the ground, just to let out a yelp as you felt your balance giving up. Swaying forward, you dropped the box, the plums rolling all around the ground.

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just for me.

length: 1487 words
genre: lil smutty ft fluff on the beat
insp: just to get the feel of both types of concepts ( boyish ) & ( sexy )
request: Hola amigos! Can I please request a wonho scenario where you’re an idol and your group has a sexy comeback (very different from your usual tomboy look) and wonho gets very possessive when fellow male idols check you out, so after your performance he lets his possessiveness get the better of him and he grabs you away somewhere private and deals with you there. little smutty and fluffy please :) 
a/n: since the groups that are normally friends with monsta x aren’t promoting right now, i featured a lil bit of j-flawless in there since he is an MC :~) I hope you on’t mind!

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People with disabilities can achieve anything that nondisabled people can. We can be the president, lead industry, teach, engineer, paint, write — these are things we have done already. I firmly believe seeing and engaging with disabled people helps combat internalized stigma.”

- Rebecca Cokley is the Executive Director of the National Council on Disability and a champion of disability and human rights.

Check out the in-depth Q&A with Rebecca below!

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Though She Be But Little (4/?)

Summary: A Modern AU Bucky x Reader fic where Bucky is the top employee at a private elite security firm called ‘The Asset’. He is recently hired to be the personal bodyguard to you, the reader. Or also known as Brock Rumlow’s wife.

Warnings: Allusions to domestic violence and PTSD. Possible sexual tension? Maybe a “plot twist”?

A/N: This chapter will be Bucky’s POV

1 2 3

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Bone - Bucky x Reader

Not Requested - REQUESTS OPEN

Bucky x Reader in which the reader and Bucky have to share a bed due to ’unfortunate’ circumstances… and Bucky brings a …friend.

Note:*evil cackling*( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*chokes on spit bc I’m awkward af* …so this is based when Bucky was still with Hydra, but he had a partner… you. idk if this is English or not bc I’ve been dealing with some massive migraines lately :( …buuuuuuuUuuuuut… enjoy :) -Aly

Warning: language

Originally posted by sebastiansource

“You fucking shitting me? You’ve legit only got the one room with one goddamn bed?” The poor boy behind the check-in counter nods quickly, keeping his gaze averted. Can’t blame him, I mean you’re standing there in a black leather catsuit with a cargo belt and two hip holsters, a thigh holster, ankle holster, a sniper rifle on your back, and an automatic rifle in your hands; plus there are at least 10 large knives strapped to your body. Not to mention that you’re covered in blood and are currently wearing dark, smudged eyeliner in Hydra’s infamous ‘asset war makeup’ style. Having the Winter Soldier hovering over your shoulder helps, too.

Winter leans forward to mumble to you in Russian, causing you to nod slightly. You turn to scowl at the boy again, handing him some cash that Hydra had gifted you with. They sent you to exterminate some ‘pesks’ with the knowledge that you’d have to lay low in the town for a few nights.

“You say one goddamn thing about seeing ether of us,” you hiss, your Russian accent coming out thicker, “And I will slide blades between your fingernails and nailbeds, and force you to type a hundred page essay.” The boy’s eyes widen in horror as Winter chuckles quietly behind you. He’s seen you do just that, to some democrat that was getting too nosey for Boss’ tastes. The boy shakily hands you a keycard and your cash back. “Спасибо,” you thank as you take the key. You and Winter march to the elevator.

The metal walls bounce back the sounds of the two of you breathing as you stare at each other. Unlike most average people, you two stand facing each other, because apparently when your mind has been wiped a bazillion times you loose all sense of elevator manners.

The door dings upon arrival and the two of you step out when the doors slide open. “669,” you mutter, leading Winter to the door. You hesitate to unlock it, brows furrowing. You turn your head to Winter whom looks at you inquisitively. “Dibs on the bed,” you wink.

“Damnit,” Winter grumbles, following you into the small room. “Share?” He suggests pleadingly as the two of you secure the room and shed your weapons onto the desk in the corner.

“Sure. If you try and fuck with me and I’ll slit your shitting throat,” you warn in compliance.

Winter just smirks, lowering his voice to seductive and smooth tones as he says, “Thats not what you said last time, darlin’.” You whip around, a gnarled hunting knife slipping from your fingertips. It embeds itself in the wall millimeters away from Winter’s ear.

“Call me darling again, asshole,” you grunt. Winter shrugs, that same shit eating grin on his stubbled face. Fucking asshole. You scowl and turn back around as Winter begins to undress. You step into the bathroom and shut the door behind you before stripping down.

The shower is hot, and you relish the way it almost burns your skin. The only time you get a hot shower is on missions like this one, otherwise Hydra throws you into a cold one. In fact, the only time you’re warm at the compound is during training, and when they wipe you. Apparently when electricity is fucking spazzing out in your brain and severing nerves, your body works up a sweat. Imagine that shit.

You’re quick to wash in the shower, knowing that you’ll have to get out before Winter decides to try and join you.

Steam spills from the shower and into the room when you step out. Winter, who sits buck ass nude in a chair, glances up at you and grins, “Leave any heat for me, Soldier?” You roll your eyes, keeping them off of where he wants them most: his dick.

“You smell,” you grumble as you dig through a duffle bag for some clean non-combat clothes. You end up with one of Winter’s clean undershirts and a pair of panties. You spin around to glare at the man, prompting him to saunter into the bathroom.

You shake the towel from your body and wrap it up around your hair in a turban style, before slipping into the clothes. The shower kicks on and you can hear Winter dropping things every few minutes. You dry and finger comb your hair while you scan some documents that had been picked up on the mission.

You’re so engrossed in the paper work describing some man in a flag costume and a bitch with too much cleavage showing for her catsuit to be functional and shit, that you don’t even hear Winter finish his shower until he’s sitting next to you on the bed. You jump, snapping the files closed before tossing them to land on the desk by your guns.

Winter smirks, “Time for bed.” He’s scanning your bare legs. “Is that my shirt?” You nod, not bothering to speak to him as you slide under the covers. You’re on the farthest left side, as close to the edge as possible. Winter joins you with a chuckle. “Looks good,” he whispers as his arms, both warm flesh and chilling metal, snake around you and yank you back into him. You jab an elbow back into his ribs and scoot away. “Have it your way.”

“Shut the fuck up you shit head,” you sneer. Winter shifts and you can feel his smug grin. He lives for bothering you. Also because if he died then Hydra would kill you too, and he does have a heart. At least, when it comes to you. In the end, Winter obeys, and the both of you drift off into restless sleep.

Your body’s inner clock wakes you up at 5am sharp. You try to sit up, but find yourself in the tight embrace of Winter. You pause, settling back into your spot when he groans sleepily. It’s actually… not bad… Kind of comfortable… Shit you’re going to be punished for this. You resist the urge to slip from Winter’s hold, but instead lay in his arms calmly. He’s very warm. Scratch that, he’s like a goddamn furnace blasting out fires in the 9th circle of hell. You face away from him, your bodies pressed together from top to bottom. Your head is on his right bicep, his left arm is wrapped around your waist, and your legs are tangled together.

It’s then you feel something poking your ass uncomfortably. You shift your hips, trying to get a feel for what it is, and that’s when Winter moans lightly. You freeze as it adds up in your brain. Hip level, hard, cylindrical… THE WINTER SOLDIER HAS A FUCKING BONER! Your eyes go wide and you can feel something welling up in your chest. Laughter fights to break free from your throat but you stifle it and roll your hips again.

This time, Winter groans loudly, his grip around you tightens and he pulls you closer. Your body is shaking with silent laughter, jarring him from his sleep. “What the fuck?” He’s a cranky grumbling mess as his grip on you loosens. You roll away and out of the bed, landing to stand over Winter, your laughter becoming verbal. “The shit are you laughing at?”

“You-” Your laughter makes it hard to speak as you stutter through an explanation, “You’ve g-got… a-a-a b-boner!” You’re practically crying at this point as red flushes across Winter’s face and down his neck. He rolls onto his front in an attempt to hide it, but ends up choking on a moan at the pressure. “Jesus fucking Christ!”

“’s not that funny,” Winter mumbles in embarrassment. You sigh, shaking your head and wiping your eyes as your laughter stops.

“No, you’re right,” you admonish, plopping onto the bed by him, “It’s completely natural for men who haven’t had sex in 60 years.”

Winter scoffs and rolls his eyes, “It hasn’t been 60 years.”

“Right, I forgot, over 70 years. It’s… what?… 2013? 2014?” You snicker, watching as Winter rolls onto his back before sitting up.

“How would either of us know? What’s the last thing you remember?” Winter stalks off wth his depressing statement and heads for a shower. You frown at his bare back, what is the last thing you remember?

Bitch, that dick.

“Hey!” You holler to Winter. “Take care of your friend in there, yeah?” Winter grunts loudly in reply. You snicker, standing up to get dressed in battle gear again, prepping to accept the newest mission in D.C..


You smirk, slapping a hand on Bucky’s thigh. He glares forward grumpily while the others laugh raucously. “It’s okay, babe,” You assure gently. “All men get a little excited sometimes.”

“I can’t believe that the grumpy cat Winter Soldier over there got a boner because of spooning!” Tony pipes up between cackles. “‘Winter Boner!’”

anonymous asked:

Can you write about how you think Natsu will react and say if Lucy appears next in his heart?? Tbh I just think its weird that Zeref came before her lol

Me too, anon. I think it’s weird that Sting and Rogue came before her too. XD


“Anna Heartfilia made your scarf for you. She made it out of Igneel’s scales,” Rogue said, shrugging like he was saying something that wouldn’t alter the course of his friend’s life. Rogue never really was one for dramatics.

“Waddaya mean, Anna or whatever her name is made my scarf? And why the hell does she look like Lucy? Where is Lucy, anyway? An’ I didn’t ask for you to come in my heart like this!” Natsu said, his cheeks now tinged pink. How was Lucy going to wake him up? And why was Rogue here of all people?

“And I didn’t ask for you to ask all of those damn questions,” Rogue snarled, his red eyes alighting. This was the thanks he got when he revealed something that his friend hadn’t known before? Some friend Natsu was.

Natsu sighed, letting the tension fall off his shoulders. Seeing his parents again and Lucy’s ancestor really freaked him out more than he’d admit. He rubbed a hand on his face from top to bottom, clearing his head.

“Sorry, Rogue,” Natsu said after a moment, and Rogue offered a small smile in reply.

“It’s alright,” Rogue said, his voice returning to normal. There was no use getting so worked up about a small thing such as a few questions. After all, he must have a few inquiries. Rogue still had a few of his own…

“So…how am I going to wake up from this mess?” Natsu asked, breaking Rogue’s thoughts while entwining his hands behind his head and staring at his friend.

“I don’t know,” Rogue answered truthfully, and his eyes turned toward the ground quickly. There was something he wasn’t telling him.

There was silence for a few moments, and both dragonslayers reveled in the quiet. Rogue was in thought, and Natsu was waiting on his response.

“There’s still one more person that is in your heart that you need to spend time with. They will tell you everything you need to know about your future. Zeref told you about your past, Sting and I and the other dragonslayers told you about your present, and it’s up to her to tell you about your future,” Rogue said evenly, meeting Natsu’s eyes now.

‘Her?’ Natsu wondered, his eyes snapping to Rogue’s now. Natsu didn’t know many girls he was that close to other than Erza and Lucy. He really hoped that it wasn’t Erza talking to him about his future.

But if it was Lucy…well…

“I’ll leave it to her. Farewell, Natsu,” Rogue raised a hand, and he disappeared within a blink of an eye.

Before Natsu could even blink, he heard a voice that he would recognize anywhere. His best friend was singing.

He turned slowly on his heel, listening to her melodious voice carry over to him. He could listen to her sing all day. Her voice was so beautiful, and so was she.

Lucy was clothed in a flowing white gown like a Greek goddess, the v-neck stopping at the height of her breasts. The shimmering fabric popped against her pale skin, and her hair was tied up in a ponytail just like the day he had met her. A brown belt accentuated her small waist, and she wore sandals on her feet and flowers in her hair. Natsu practically swallowed his tongue when he saw her. Thankfully she wasn’t close enough to hear his breathing grow shallow. How gorgeous she was!

She came closer, and the song grew louder. It was a beautiful aria speaking of love, and Natsu wanted to listen forever. His constellation was so bright tonight that he wanted to savor every part of her.

When she finally reached him, her song ended. Lucy smiled, her grin lighting up her entire face. Natsu felt his heart warm and his pulse quicken. Her smile was his favorite part about her. She could wear clothes that showed off every asset she possessed, but if she was smiling none of it mattered. She was his Lucy, and he would treasure her forever.

“Natsu,” she said, her voice soft and full of hope, “Let me show you our future.”


There you go, anon! I hope you enjoyed! ❤️

I decided to go with some fluff. Maybe this really will happen!

Brother!Sammy (Pt. 8)

A/N: Okay so here’s part 8. Warning: there is a tiny bit (like really tiny) of sexual content, a hint of violence (or foreshadowing it at least), a lot of swearing, and a few alcohol reference, so if that makes you uncomfortable then I suggest you don’t read this part. I was going to upload this yesterday, but I decided to add more to it. Happy reading! xo

Pairing: Reader + Sam Wilkinson + Nate Maloley

Word Count: 4,000+

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7 || Part 9 || Part 10

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Well Served

There were many whorehouses in Airatara Bay, but none held at such a high caliber as The Oasis. Being in a port known for its friendliness towards pirates, it made sure to set itself apart from the other bordellos. It was more expensive, its ladies and gentlemen were cleaner and more skilled – willing to do almost anything for the right price (and do it well), and its placement was beautiful in its own regard. Tucked high on the upper levels of Airatara, The Oasis boasted its precarious positioning on the side of the cliff, overlooking the expanse of The Forbidding Sea.

Mostly captains and quartermasters were all that could afford the pleasures of The Oasis, but a few men (and women) were wise enough to save their shares when they heard that they would make port at Airatara Bay. Jenrin Redbane was one such man. He had visited The Oasis twenty or so times in his long life, and each time had been well worth the gold. Whenever the Sin’dorei heard his captain speak of Airatara Bay, he would send word ahead to ensure he would get the best room that his shares would allow him to manage.

This visit had Jenrin nearly vibrating with excitement as The White Widow pulled into port. He had managed to claim one of the top desired rooms and for an entire night. He had already cleared himself of his duties after winning a round of cards with that idiot Bernard Higgins. That man loved his gambling, and Jenrin could never figure out why – he was terrible at it. But it worked greatly in his favor this evening.

Not even half way up the hillside, and he could already smell the spice of the incense on the air, the bite of promising alcohol, and the floral perfumes. All of it made his head spin and a smile gathered onto his scruff-covered face. He had been at sea for far too long, as usual. He had held himself back from whorehouses at other ports, all to lead up to this moment. He hoped that his favorite would be available. Light knew he had it hard for Karaena, he had since he first laid eyes on her. She was tall for a human, slender of waist and round of hip. Her lips were always painted a deep rose red and her dark hair was always in curls with petals pinned into it. Rose petals or something. He could not care less. All he knew was that the woman knew how to touch him and he could not get enough of touching her.

By the time Jenrin reached the top of the Airatara, he had begun to whistle a shanty to himself and straighten his clothes out. Licking the palm of his hand – clean, for once, since he wanted to make sure the bordello would not turn him away – he smoothed back his wheat-colored hair and stood straight. There was no concealing the grin across his face, though he tried to subdue his excitement somewhat, even as it began to bubble closer to the surface upon his approach of the wide double doors.

Light glistened through the shutters on either side and music drifted to Jenrin’s ears, a faint promise that the night was just beginning and would be far from a disappointment. A promise that grew louder and more inviting as he yanked the large doors open.

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some things i want in a new animal crossing

i’ve been working on this list since around may i think so it is probably time to post it! also feel free to add more!!

  • console as well as 3ds (i just like my handhelds)
  • all sorts of flowers, mostly similar to the pink and blue cosmos from population growing (and pleeease add pink pansies!)
  • new music is swell but i really want the ability to switch between past musics from all the games
  • all the villagers!!!!! yes new ones should still be added but i’d looove for older villagers
  • bigger maps, new pwps, inclusion of garden projects (like the bushes in population growing, it’d be nice to run through them because that’s so neat i love them!) and the topiaries could be included here, max cap on regular pwps maybe stay 30 but have at least 10 slots in addition to that for the garden projects
  • bakeries/cafes/etc. because who doesn’t like a bit of interaction???
  • clothing and umbrellas from population growing also!!!!!!!!!!! there are so many different things and idk what they are but they’re super cool
  • you remember the meteor showers from pg? yep, i want some of those kinds of events because it was so nice
  • the ability to create other kinds of clothes, i.e. shoes, pants, shorts, skirts, etc.
  • more hairstyles + colors (same w/ eyes)
  • more personality for villagers. i don’t mean new types (snooty, peppy, lazy, etc.) but, like, have you played/watched others play pg? sure there were some mean ones but a lot of the same types of villagers were so different and didn’t constantly repeat the same few sets of dialogue
  • the ability to change names/town names/faces at will (it’d be fine to make us pay a fee, but most good games as of late let us change how we are!)
  • here’s another thing from pg  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) did you know you can plant trees diagonal to other trees and rocks? as in they touch? yeah that’d be cool. also trees can touch the dang border!
  • i’d kinda like more to do on the island. it’s fun and all tbh but it’d also be neat to have a villager or a couple on it, like pg (cue laugh track)
  • villagers falling asleep outside again!!
  • more colors for palettes as well as choosing colors on like a wheel?
  • tbh i preferred the cherry blossom trees in the past games. now they’re too bright and don’t look like them from what i’ve seen
  • i want returned those letters villagers show you from those anonymous sources because they were so cool!!!
  • i’d like to be able to ask to do favors again for villagers (preferably a second option instead of first to make it easier to talk to them)
  • while stacking fruit isn’t a hassle, auto-stack would be good too!
  • i’m one of those people who miss the ball tbh
  • also coconuts washing up on shore was nice. ik it’s easy to get them but still… it was a nice aesthetic or whatever
  • bring wisp back!!!!!!
  • make beautiful town a built-in asset like how it was in pg. you didn’t need to water flowers which was handy! or at least let us have 2 ordinances. idrm having one but still 2 sounds nice
  • i miss northern waterfalls and the island/3rd section of land!!
  • c o n s t e l l a t i o n s !!
  • all that lovely, lovely pattern space per person!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • less “take a break!!!”
  • light intensity (maybe i want my room tinted lightly pink or maybe i want it blindingly pink)
  • the other characters on the file walking around sometimes (and an option to turn them off/on in case you don’t want that)
  • lighter rainbows like in wild world!
  • destroy balloon furniture bring back random furniture from balloons!!!
  • more species and more colorful ones too!! or variations; drago is an alligator however his variation is very different from a gator which makes him super neat
  • i wanna be able to give freebies to more than just my uchis
  • maybe some kind of interaction between it and new leaf?? idk how exactly in the event more is released for the new game but still a certain level of interaction would be greatly appreciated!!
  • being able to choose the locations of the doors would be nice, same with moving/removing windows (*tips hat to you, hhd*)
  • ahhh messages in bottles again!!!
  • maybe you should be able to send mail to your friends or best friends over wifi!
  • have a chat log when you’re wifi-ing, it can get hard to keep in conversation especially when you enter/leave rooms or buildings because it just disappears
  • if anything like the hhn exists, please don’t let projects get deleted so soon. it’s ridiculous that i have 0 projects up when i’ve posted many… (sorry, this one’s personal)
  • return of waterfall rainbows!!
  • maybe we should be able to choose our appearance from the start like in hhd however still have conversation with rover (or whomever) that kind of shapes our personality in game. what i mean is have options that are nice or rude that will impact how the villagers first perceive us (with the ability to change that, if necessary)
  • in addition to the above, i already mentioned being able to change appearance at will, but it’d be no fun if harriet wasn’t there to fix our hair!
  • allow me to save on the island please :+( i get it about club tortimer but it’s my island!
  • speaking of islands, i’d like the flag to return, and maybe even a new tune for it :0 idk it’d be cute and separate the island from the town
  • we have 3 drawer slots with 10 spaces per 6 pages. 6x3=18x10=180. how about 3 drawer slots with 10 spaces per 10 pages? 3x10=30x10=300! that’s a lot more space and seems manageable as well! (plus some of my charas love clothes)
  • frillard should show up occasionally! that’d be neat :’D
  • idk much about serena but still, i’d like to have her in it too. i feel bad when npcs/villagers are removed :(
  • idr if i mentioned this but 15 villager limit was pretty good to me in population growing because it gave me more villagers to talk to and get to know!
  • if i wanna give someone bells i don’t want to shell them out on the ground, let me use the bank please…
  • a little bit longer town tune might be beneficial too
  • i want to opt into more festivals like the bean throwing one!! even if it’s called japanese demon banishing day or whatever i just want them omg
  • if i say i don’t need an explanation on this tool or wrapping paper, please don’t ask every time i buy the same thing
  • i want ables backstory again :+(
  • some kind of circle pad pro/new 3ds button support
  • more of a camera look outside (like to the right or left, switching from the front to normal, or even free roam?????)
  • i kiiinda miss ridges at the ocean, i think there should be some here and there maybe
  • amiibo support!!! :0
  • like what IF there is a location in the town dedicated to cliffs? in population growing and city folk the cliffs existed but instead of it being half the town, it’d be just so cool…
  • speaking of cliffs, in hhd we see short cliffs with flowers, trees, bushes, etc. it’d be really neat if those existed and we could plant them! remember the plant pwps i mentioned way up there? what if those small cliffs were part of that?
  • wild world’s colors were so nice… did i already mention this?
  • the ability to add/move/remove rocks!
  • i wanna change the angles of the pwps too
  • some of the partitions should take up only ½ space
  • maybe add a category for flowers so we can wear them when we have wigs on and/or glasses!
  • i’d also like different kinds of cliffs like in city folk because there were so many different kinds that made towns look unique!
  • i want to be able to put the perpetual blush on more than the regular circle eyes (i hope this makes sense)
  • i wanna be able to put stuff on top of paths so maybe having a path-laying mode where you can place/remove paths and then regular mode where you don’t accidentally kick the path away (idk just think of hhd)
  • wall shelves nsdaifjkndskfj

Camouflaging the Soul Within 

Murder and the Maiden S3 Ep2 colour palette

I sometimes hold it half a sin
To put in words the grief I feel;
For words, like Nature, half reveal
And half conceal the Soul within.

Tennyson, In Memoriam (part v)

Some time ago I made a rather pathetic attempt at a colour palette for S3 Ep2:  So in that long, wistful hiatus between S3 and the longed for S4, what to do?  Have another attempt.

There have been some excellent analyses of this episode looking at the theme of allegiances, alliances and loyalties (see @jeneenp and her completely engaging recap  I felt I needed to take a different tack and so have chosen a motif reflecting the military setting  - camouflage.

  • Ginny camouflages her identity to pursue her love of flying, to present as airman James Manning
  • Squadron Leader Willis Jones must take some responsibility for the destructive result of their concealed relationship 
  • The suave Group Captain Compton conceals his true motives for bringing his “old friend” Phryne Fisher into his investigation of the missing airman
  • Tatiana Feodoroff conceals her White Russian background, changing her identity to that of Bolshevik sympathiser
  • Feelings are “half revealed and half concealed” when it comes to Phryne and Jack.

So here is our camouflage palette  - and does it bear any resemblance to this episode?  Why yes, I think it might!

Phryne’s entrance at the airforce base hardly provides any camouflage at all, despite her billowing coral pink velvet coat and straw beret being stylistically in keeping with the airforce uniform, in particular Compton’s dress. The shot of stunning pink (perhaps close enough to Bright Red “for ambulances only” in the camouflage chart) contrasts the colours of the uniforms at the base, although her grey silk faille trousers and tunic, and the sea-grey piping  details of the coat, reflect the blue of the airmen. Phryne never was meant to blend into the background. 

Dot’s outfit of “light earth” more reflects the sombre tones of the base. 

Phryne’s challenge to the ultra-suave Compton to break their speed record on his bike sets up parallel event to one at end of the episode. Compton’s dark earth coat will, too, reappear later in the episode, concealing little.

Love that Phryne’s coral coat is what stands out in the bird’s eye view. (And is that crop mark “R”  a part-symbol of the RAAF, or an ever present initial of a certain someone, or one of those things that only aliens can decipher from space?)

The sky blue and azure blue of the camouflage palette are ever-present.  The airmen’s uniforms certainly reflect these.  And Collins doesn’t appear out of place on the base either.

But the blues are also echoed in the thematic motif of looking skyward, the Da Vinci quote linking perpetrator and victim: For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will long to return.

And the episode has significant parts of the action shot outside, with azure blue and some overcast skies setting mood and atmosphere.

The blue appears too in Phryne’s chinoiserie coat of black and dark ocean blue, with navy silk faille tunic and pants; the cloche another tribute to military style.

and DI Jack in a matching tie I believe.

Uniforms provide a means of both defense and attack in this episode. At the base there is mistrust of practically anyone not in a uniform. Those who work on the aeroplanes are members of the mechanics union, suspected of sabotage at an earlier air show.  Yet their being out of uniform still conforms, nonetheless, to the earthy palette of camouflage - men and their machines  provide an alternative set of codes.

Mr Greaves to Dot: They’re a tricky lot. Union blokes, not military. Wouldn’t trust them to keep a kite airborne. 

The fact that he then has to admit that he was never a pilot himself would appear to presage him as an outsider, not to be trusted either.

Dot: Were you a pilot before you retired, Mr Greaves? 

Greaves: Uh, no. No. I’m just happy to be part of it these days. But once flying is in your blood, that’s it. Nothing like it. 

(And either his hat is too small or his head is too big.)

Jack too is very much out of sync in his detective civvies on the base. His jurisdictional rights and those of Compton are tested.  Phryne provides the metaphoric symbol of their division, of two men attempting to mark their territory.  Whilst Compton’s khaki dress uniform separates him from his men in terms of rank and status, a Group Captain doesn’t necessarily trump a DI when it comes to a murder investigation.  Interestingly they conform in terms of colour palette.  They are effectively equals, demonstrated visually in the scene that hypothesises the involvement of a love triangle in the missing airman/dead body association.

There are several other occasions where Jack invades Compton’s territory, which lead to an exacerbation in hostilities. Both men measure each other up; but this is not just because each has, in fact, the same case to solve and both need Phryne’s assistance. Each senses a rival and they want to know the other’s relationship with Phryne.  

And is it a step too far to suggest Jack’s tie is teamed rather nicely with Phryne’s pants suit and coat piping?

Phryne is happy to exploit this strain between the two men. When she needs Jack’s presence on the base to assist her break-in and investigation, she uses the very source of tension, a relationship, to ensure they gain entry, both in word and in deed.

Phryne to sentry on duty: Surely the Group Captain didn’t say I couldn’t be escorted by my fiancé. Such a… masculine environment is overwhelming for a single woman. 

The ensuing break and enter leads to some admiration of Phryne’s skills as well as some revelation (finally) on Jack’s part of his appreciation of her as a woman.

Phryne: Admit it, Jack, being a woman definitely has its assets. 

Jack: Well, I… appreciate your assets. Now, if we could hurry up this break-in.

And perhaps some further appreciation of assets in the interrupted magnifying glass scene.

Phryne endeavours to explore what would seem to be a link between the missing airman, the unidentified dead woman, and the very Club that hosts the Amalgamated Mechanics Association.  Phryne needs to infiltrate with Bert’s assistance, and it becomes apparent that there is a uniform that distinguishes those who frequent the club, typified by Bert and Cec.

Bert warns Phryne that she must disguise her affluence: Don’t mention Mr Butler, or the stock exchange. And don’t say you send out your laundry. … And don’t talk like a toff.

Whilst there, they meet Bert’s squeeze, Tatiana, who works at the cloak desk, and does some alterations on the side, conveniently, as she just happens to have Jane Doe’s missing coat for mending.

The dusty rose coat belonging to the mystery woman not only provides a clue to her identity and link with the Club, but offers an opportunity for Dot’s expertise to be showcased.  In terms of palette the coat is rather a harmonious blend between Phryne’s coral crushed velvet and Dot’s light earth browns with tinges of pink.

Tatiana herself wears the brown and khaki tones of her milieu, the workers club.  She cannot afford to stand out.  Her White Russian name and background must be camouflaged if she is to find refuge in Australia.

In that devastating scene at the airfield marking DI Jack’s third forced entry, we have a coalition of the camouflage colours and a conflagration of emotional responses.

DI Jack and Hugh discover the missing airman’s missing uniform using the key to the sentry box found on the body. The uniform, padding, chemicals used to camouflage his/her true identity are revealed.

And then there’s that exchange between the inspector and his junior officer:

Flight lieutenant. These have to be James Manning’s. Condy’s crystals. Antiseptic? 

Hugh: Why would he take his clothes off out here? 

(Jack just looks.)

Hugh: Oh.

James/Ginny takes his/her clothes off for the same reason as do Compton and Phryne.  Jack immediately knows the reason for the clothes being left in the sentry box, just as he faces the same realisation moments later, when his and Hugh’s trespass is discovered.

There are visual parallels ‘a plenty.

Phryne emerges wearing little more than Compton’s dark earth leather coat, and some crimson toenail polish - the coat the one Compton wore in the opening scene. Compton then emerges in khaki undershirt.  There’s no camouflaging what’s been going on.

DI Jack wins the deadlock though, both in terms of the fire-power and the psychological standoff. He stands up to Compton and turns his back on Phryne.  But there is no question as to his emotional state. Nothing could camouflage that.

The parallel image of Phryne at once links them in terms of colour palette, framing and composition, but leaves ambiguity when it comes to the affective domain. Phryne’s rebuff to Jack of dancing to no man’s tune threatens now her involvement in the case.  Is there any more to it?

Tennyson’s words again ring true for them both:

I sometimes hold it half a sin
To put in words the grief I feel;
For words, like Nature, half reveal
And half conceal the Soul within.

In the final scenes on the airfield there are some rather wonderful visual manifestations of retribution, a degree of poetic justice and #coughs# redress.

Now I am not exactly sure what they were all doing there and what this covert joint police/military operation was (despite the number of times I’ve watched it) - but it had to do with Tatiana, some papers she was to pass on to Squadron Leader Willis Jones, the Higgins bloke from the club being tipped off about the exchange, and a car load of other crims.  Everyone is there: the airforce, the police, even Bert.  And more camouflage.

Phryne dresses as Tatiana to hand over the paperwork, so wears the browns of her camouflage fatigues.

Both Compton and Jack admit to Phryne’s manipulative influence but visually Jack is in charge, Compton the observer of the operation.

And then of course there’s the plane and bike chase - not Willis in his plane and Compton on his bike - it’s Jack and Phryne in coalition.  The chased is Higgins.

It’s Jack’s turn to throw off some outer clothing as he takes Compton’s bike. There is no subtlety of image there - Jack is in charge of the operation, the chase, the collaboration with Phryne and he’ll take Compton’s record-breaker to do it (’atta boy Jack; take that Lyle!), while Phryne takes the throttle (or whatever the word is for the aeronautical equivalent of the steering wheel).

Phryne’s in her element above ground, although she keeps her eyes most definitely earthbound.

And little wonder…

Her final salute is to Jack.

And, naturally, they get their man, although Higgins is a traitor not a murderer. It’s Greaves who murders James/Ginny rather than having the airforce’s name besmirched by a clandestine affair between what he considered was two airmen.

Case solved.

In the closing fireplace scene, we learn of yet another iteration of Tatiana’s camouflage in the report that the “caviar” has landed safely in Tassie. 

But there’s no camouflaging sentiment - we have Phryne’s admittance too of Jack’s place in her life.  In a glamorous black and gold transformation of the brown/khaki palette she toasts … the one as yet unsung hero who has saved me over and over again.