and by 'assets' i mean 'your curves'


“Cassian,” she said coolly.

Foreboding soured his stomach. “Hey, Jyn.”

She let him stew until finally a sly grin curved her lips. “So … I’m an advantage, huh?”

Gods. Dismay nearly choked him. “You heard us?”

“You mean you didn’t notice me?”

He had somehow noticed everything in the room but Jyn. Awe mingled with irritation; he was supposed to be better at this – a professional, each experience hard-won - but he couldn’t deny that she impressed him.  If she could evade his active observation, she’d be more than an asset on the field. The thought was dangerous, and intoxicating … “I was preoccupied.”

“Mhm. Of course. If you’d rather I leave you to your preoccupation –”

“I’d rather be distracted from it, honestly.”

“I’m game.” Her grin lost its cunning edge, left an expression sweet as summer. “So, you do that with everyone. Even your boss! I’m impressed.”


“Your leading questions thing.”

It was his turn to smile. “Who do you think I learned it from?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I thought it might be a character defect.”

“Are you always so charming?”

“Only when the mood strikes.”



Awhile back, I was taking requests for post ideas. This topic was astronomically requested, and I’ve been working on this for the past two weeks trying to make a suitable guide for you guys! I tried my best toi thoroughly cover the above topics. Before you delve into this post, I do go over types of clothing that flatter different body shapes. If one of the clothing types I mention and are your absolute favorite, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! You should continue wearing what you love and what makes you happy! The ideas presented here are meant to me taken as loose suggestions in a guide format. I did my best to make an absolute masterpost of everywhere I could think of that sold plus size items.

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How about some sweet Nebuya, who overhears the girl he he has a crush on talking to her friends about how she likes him, but she thinks he'd never go after a curvy girl without big breasts and with a big backside/hips like her?

Nebuya is another favorite of mine. His muscles are just so yummy looking. I love these asks and there are some really great ones coming up! Quick question, how would you guys feel if I put up a notification of what prompt I was going to write every day? So if someone feels as if they have waited forever, they can shoot me a message and tell me to hurry the hell up? lol But anyway, here is some Nebooyah and I wanted a bit of fluff because we got some NSFW’s on the way! Booyah~



“____-chan, Mibuchi-san is so beautiful, ne?” Your best friend asked.

“He is almost too beautiful…” You said skeptically squinting your eyes and opening your mouth to eat your bento.

“You have no taste in men ____-chan!”

“Yes I do, Ayo-chan!” You said your voice raising to a higher octave.

“Then who do you like, ____-chan?” She asked pursing her lips and looking at you with raised eyebrows, taking the last of your food.

“Don’t judge me you bento stealer.” You stated.

“Hehe, I promise!” She said eating your food quickly with a happy hum.

“I like Nebuya.” You said casually shrugging your shoulder.

“Oh my gosh, really?”  She gasped, hand on her chest in surprise.

You both stood up and made your way out of the lunchroom into the hallways.

“Yeah, I really like him. For a long time too.” You said stopping just before the hallway rounded into a corner. You leaned on the wall to finish the conversation and say your goodbyes.

“Nebuya is so big a brawny though, ____-chan.” She said acting a bit concerned.

“Yeah but I like him for it!” You said defending him.

“Have you thought about telling him your feelings?” She said leaning in and smiling.

“No. I don’t think he would like a girl like me.”

“A girl like you?” She said surprised, “What do you mean?”

“Ayo, have you looked at him?” You said looking down, “He probably likes girls with big breasts and a small butt. I have the exact opposite.” You said solemnly.

“My chest is small and my butt is too big. He would never want to deal with someone disproportionate.” You gave a sad smile, looking out the window.

“_____-chan….You look fine to me!” Your friend exclaimed, “And if he doesn’t like your body the way it is, then he shouldn’t have it at all!” She said giving you a thumbs up and a warm smile.

“Thanks, Ayo. Let’s meet up later, okay?” You said giving her a light side hug.

“Yeah, ___-chan, have a good class, lady!” She replied cheerfully hugging you back.

You both parted ways waving, and when you turned the corner, you were met with none other than Nebuya Ekichi himself.

You jumped back and looked up at him, staring with wide eyes and arms heavy with books.

“Oh, excuse me, I didn’t see you, Nebuya-san!” You said with a small smile ready to walk around him.

“Ah, hello, ____-chan!” He replied standing stationary.

“Are you on your way to class, Nebuya-san?”

“Oh! No, I was going to the bathroom and I ran into you, ____-chan.” His voice lowered down an octave.

“Oh, okay. I’ll let you go then.” You nodded your head read to leave.

“Your friend was right, ____-chan.”


“If a guy does not like your body for what it is, then he does not deserve you.”

“You heard that?”

“All of it.”

You tightly closed your eyes and looked down, surprised he heard everything. Had he heard about you confessing your feelings?  

“N-Nebuya, I’m so sorry you had to hear that, really, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable being around me!” You said trying to cover up your fresh tracks.

“No, ____-chan, I was glad to hear such a thing!” He said chuckling loudly while putting his hand behind his head.

“You were?” You ask looking up at him.

“Yeah! You were a bit incorrect about some of the conversation, though.” He said putting his arm down.

“What do you mean?” You asked frowning.

“I like you, ____-chan.” He said quietly, looking away in a blush.

“Nebuya-san you really don’t have to say that. I am fine if you don’t want to talk to me again.”

“____-chan, I do like your body,” he said eyelids lowering, “I love your curves. A guy like me needs a certain assets to satisfy these muscles!” He stated gleefully with a hearty laugh.

“I’m not much of a breast man anyway. I like you either way but your butt is… is… so supple and round.”

“Really? You think so?” You asked excitedly.

“Yeah! I would love to you know, take you out on a date if you’d let me, ____-chan.”

Your crush liked you back! Maybe it was meant to be? He was a big guy and you were a curvy girl, what better than you two together?

“It’s a date then.”

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in contrast with that anon, now there are a lot of people complain about levy fanart drawn too sexy, like bigger boobs and butt, i understand about boob part, but butt? i know she has. It seems like people just need a reason to hate her. But i agree with you for prefer Clever Levy.

Levy’s biggest asset is her waist. Her lower half is where her sex appeal comes from. It was stated outright in the manga I’m pretty sure. There was something about her waist being her best asset. I’ve never really seen art of Levy with large breasts but I mean, come on, push up bras can turn an A cup into a C cup no problem so it’s hardly improbable. Also – when you gain weight your curves are sometimes affected.

People who complain about Levy being drawn too curvy are just as problematic as people calling her too skinny. I mean, let’s be honest here, skinny, petite girls are not under-represented in manga. Or even in real life. The media brainwashes us into believing that we need thigh gaps to be beautiful and people are complaining when artists choose to draw a character with thicker limbs???? Really???!!! Almost every shoujo manga with a school setting has a petite girl with no curves who is picked on by her partner for her body type. I can name a few off the top of my head with girls who have small frames – Dengeki Daisy, Taiyou no ie, Say I Love You, My Little Monster, Mamotte! Lollipop!. 

Some people in this fandom aren’t happy unless they’re shoving their opinions down the throats of others. The vibe I get from people who never stop complaining is this: “I’m always right, my opinions are better than yours and I only care what I have to say.” Because do you ever see these people taking back their words or apologising?? Rarely, if ever. They just play the innocent card or the victim card or make excuses for their insulting opinions. Some people just enjoy drama – that’s why I stay away from those sorts of people. Both in real life and on here. Complaining when people draw characters bigger is like complaining when someone gains weight.

She’s a fictional character. She’s smart, beautiful and has a giving personality. Thicker thighs won’t take that away from her. Let’s make Levy Week a week to remember, okay? :D