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So I had a Taakitz dream the other day and figured I’d write a fic of it, or at least the fluffy bit of it (I’m only up to episode 54 so please don’t spoil anything for me!).


It’s been a long time since Taako’s been with someone, but he’s pretty sure that waking up shivering isn’t usually a part of the experience.

Blinking awake, he sees an arm draped over his waist, and smiles, torn between snuggling closer to Kravitz and not freezing his ass off. In the end he settles for grabbing another blanket from the cupboard.

“Sorry,” Kravitz says, sleepy and smiling, watching as Taako wraps the blanket around himself before getting back into bed. The instant he does, he presses himself against Taako’s back, and this time, with the blanket between them, the coolness of his body is not unpleasant. It makes Taako think of last night, when that cold touch was new and novel, when it made him gasp and arch up off the bed with a cry. Kravitz presses cold lips to Taako’s shoulder blade, then reaches around him to take his hand. Taako smiles again, and intertwines their fingers.

“You’re not sorry at all,” he says.

Kravitz laughs, a rumble against Taako’s back. “No. I suppose I’m not. Not if it’s the price i pay to wake up with you.”

“Pretty sure it’s me paying the price,” Taako points out, and Kravitz is quiet for a long moment.

“Then - do you think it’s worth it?”

Taako looks down at their hands, fingers locked together, and thinks *yes~. Just that, just yes; yes to waking together, yes to being together, despite everything else in this crazy world, despite the fact that it’s maybe not the greatest idea to get involved with someone who’s pretty much the avatar of the goddess of death, who is at least *mostly* responsible for his friend’s arm being cut off. Which is problematic, yes, but it’s also future-Taako’s problem. Right now, here in Kravitz’s arms, all Taako can think is yes.

“Very worth it,” Taako says quietly, and rolls over so that he can look into Kravitz’s eyes. “Worth this and a lot more.”

“There’ll probably be a lot more-” Kravitz starts, looking far too serious, and Taako kisses him.

“Shut up,” he says, and kisses him again. He knows about prices, and consequences, he’s paid so many so often that he’s mostly inured to them. He knows the truth in Kravitz’s words, but he doesn’t care. Everything has a price, and he’s paid much more for much less. As they kiss, and as Kravitz pulls the blanket away from him to run icy hands over warm skin, Taako’s eyes close, and no matter the price, he thinks, whatever the cost, this is worth anything.


There’s no Waffle House here in China.

Not an IHOP anywhere either.

What we do have is Mr Pancake, Shanghai’s premiere breakfast food chain!

I’d never been to one until yesterday, when some colleagues and I popped in after an early morning meeting. And ask expected, the menu was filled with all sorts of pancakes. Eggs and bacon and breakfast burritos too, but as the name makes clear, pancakes are the star here. Like this stack of sweetness…

Nutella and Caramel Popcorn Pancakes!

This was not my order, and I did not try them, but that plate was clean in no time!

I did have an order of plain pancakes with butter and syrup, and they were quite good. I’m not the biggest pancake eater, but the place definitely does its name proud.

However, is it just me or is that Mr. Pancake logo kind of creepy?

Mr. Pancake has locations all around Shanghai.

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hi! can i request an extra fluffy scenario of dk taking care of his s/o when they're sick?? thanks!

Word Count: 1744

Genre: Fluff

Member Ft. Mingyu and Chan

You rolled to the other side of your bed, feeling an incredible and uncomfortable warmth wash over you. Groaning, you realized you were sick. Laying a hand on your forehead, you felt the warmth transfer over. With another groan, you grabbed your phone from on your bedside dresser and dialed your work cell, calling to tell them that you wouldn’t be able to go in.

Once it was established that you weren’t going into work, you threw your covers off and practically crawled your way to the bathroom. Upon reaching the bathroom, you sat on the tiled floor, leaning against the countertop as you looked for medicine, or a thermometer. Finding both, you checked your temperature first and found it was at 105 F (40.5 C) groaning once more, you took some medicine and ran the bath.

You lay in the cold bath, trying to level your body temperature half asleep and half awake. Your phone began to ring obnoxiously, feeling around with your eyes closed, you found your phone and picked up. “Hello?” You croaked, your throat dry because you didn’t drink water.

“Woah, babe you sound horrible. Are you okay?” Seokmin asked, sounding overly worried. “Are you sick? Are you home? Have you taken medicine yet?” He bombarded you with questions so quickly you didn’t have time to answer them.

“Seokmin, calm down. It’s just a cold, I’m fine. Don’t worry so much,” clearing your throat, you sighed. “I took the day off work and I’m in the bath right now trying to level my temperature.”

“Oh, that’s good. Okay, um…” he paused as if trying to confess a secret to you. “I uh… I took the day off of work, so I’ll be right over after I buy some ingredients and get a soup recipe from Mingyu, or just bring Mingyu to cook for me.” He spoke humorously, making you laugh a little. You coughed afterwards, worrying Seokmin even more, “(Y/n)? Are you okay? Drink some water, don’t soak in the bath for too long you’ll get cold and even more sick. And remember to dry your hair afterwards. I’ll be over in a bit, don’t die in the meantime” he joked, trying to stay upbeat so you’d have the energy to get better.

In less than an hour, Seokmin arrived with ingredients, Mingyu, and hugs like he had promised with the plus of Chan. “(Y/n)!” Seokmin shouted, running to where you laid on the couch, “are you okay? How are you feeling?” He felt your forehead, joking around he ripped it off in a second complaining that it felt like he was touching hot rocks. You laughed lovingly, causing Chan and Mingyu to groan at the affection you two gave each other even when you were sick.

Mingyu cleared his throat, reminding you two that they were there and Chan laughed awkwardly. “Hey (Y/n), how are you feeling?” Chan greeted brightly. You waved ‘hi’ to him weakly and he walked across the living room, sitting on the couch adjacent to the one you were laying on. In a second he was on his phone, probably texting a friend from school or scrolling through Instagram.

Turning your attention back to Seokmin, he gave you a smile and stood up. “I’m gonna go try to cook with Mingyu, watch Chan please,” you laughed as Chan grew defensive, claiming that he didn’t need to be watched like a child.

Seokmin came and checked on you once in a while, humoring you with his jokes and cooking fails. “Mingyu kicked me out of the kitchen because I was only getting in the way,” he laughed as he sat down in front of the couch, looking over his shoulder to see your tired and beautiful face. “I love you,” he claimed, his eyes pouring with affection. “How are you feeling? I’m sorry we’ve been taking forever cooking.” Reaching his arm over, he removed the damp towel and felt your forehead. With a smile, he had announced happily that your forehead wasn’t as hot as before.

“Thank you for coming,” you said with a light laugh as you played with his hair, watching the cartoon that Chan had turned on. “I started feeling better the moment you walked in the door,” you smiled at him, feeling as if you made the moment too cheesy. However, having the same sense of humor, Seokmin smiled in reply and grabbed your hand from atop his head, bringing it down to his eye level.

“No problem babe, I’m here to take care of you.” He reassured, raising your hand to his lips. He placed a gentle kiss upon it, eliciting a groan from Chan who had turned just in time to see the pda. “I’m gonna go check on Mingyu with the soup, okay?” He said as he got up with a laugh, shaking his head at Chan’s childish behavior.

You heard as Seokmin and Mingyu prepared the table for a late breakfast, the glass plates clanking against your glass table, the chairs dragging along the floor as one of them prepared. “Alrighty (Y/n), the soup is ready.” Mingyu announced, “it’s my mom’s recipe, so I hope you like it.”

You could hear as the two walked over to you, Seokmin hurrying to help you sit up a little and Mingyu with a spoon full of soup in his hand. “Here, try it,” he suggested, shoving the spoon in your mouth, not even bothering to check if it was too hot. You nodded your head in admiration, the soup that he and Seokmin had spent all morning cooking had turned out to be a success. “You like it?” He asked joyfully, “that’s great!”

After a couple of minutes, Seokmin had lost the argument in transferring you from the couch to the dining table, he had given in early and let you have your way. “(Y/n), it was nice seeing you today, but Chan and I needa go.” Mingyu explained, giving a sorrow expression as they wore their hats, preparing to leave your house.

“What? Already?” You practically croaked, whining for them to stay and keep you company longer. “What am I supposed to do?” You yawned, tired from doing nothing all morning. “Seokmin you’re staying right?” You asked, reaching your hand out for him.

“Yes, (Y/n), just let me walk them out. I’ll be right back okay, try to eat some food.” He suggested as he placed the bowl in front of you. You watched as he walked away with Chan and Mingyu, silently waving them off as you stared at the bowl of soup in front of you.

You laid back down on the couch, disregarding the soup in front of you. The medicine you had taken earlier in the morning had been wearing off and your headache had been coming back. With a groan, you turned on your side and waited for Seokmin to return.

Minutes later, you heard your door click open and shut closed, turning your head you saw Seokmin approaching you, an upset look on his face. “You haven’t eaten yet?” He asked, “come on (Y/n), you gotta eat or else you won’t get better.” Sitting down between the couch and the coffee table, he got comfortable and turned to you, “are you really not going to eat?” He questioned.

“I can’t sit up, I tried eating.” You explained, turning over to face him. “My head hurts, and I can’t take medicine yet.” Seokmin hummed in response, bringing up the spoon and bowl to your mouth.

“If you can’t eat on your own then I’ll just feed you,” he smiled. He treated you like a baby, telling you to open your mouth when he came back with a spoon full of soup, making plane or train sounds with his mouth, and even making sure you chewed the vegetables thoroughly before he gave you another spoonful.

After you finished two bowls, you were full and Seokmin was tired of feeding you. “Are you feeling better?” He asked, raising his hand to your forehead to check your temperature. “Why does it feel even hotter?” He whined, “are you cold?” Standing up quickly, he rushed to grab you another blanket and a pillow.

“Seokmin, I’m fine,” you spout with a cough. “It’s just a little chilly in here,” you replied as you heard him grab the spare blankets from the closet in the guest bedroom. “I don’t need another blanket, this one is enough,” you reassured.

“No, you must be cold as heck. Your body is trying to fight off all of those sick cells and it’s making you cold. And I can’t hug you because I’m not getting sick, so the next best thing is a blanket.” He exclaimed, coming back with a mountain of blankets and two pillows. “These,” he said as he sat them down “will make you warm.”

He grabbed the first one atop the pile and wrapped it around you, tucking you in as if you were a human burrito. “Seokmin, now it’s too hot,” you whined, causing him to take off all of the blankets. And of course once you had taken off the blankets you were cold once more. “Now it’s too cold,” grabbing a single blanket from the pile, you wrapped it around yourself and laid down on the couch. “One blanket is enough,” you spoke with a faint laugh.

“So you’re okay now?” He asked, putting a hand to your forehead as he stood up straight. You nodded your head in response, smiling to him as he seemed worried. “That’s good,” he said as he began folding the blankets he brought out.

Once finished he placed them on top of each other and turned to you. Upon seeing your resting figure he smiled, he had loved the peaceful vibe you gave when you were sleeping or even just relaxing. Picking up the blankets, he went to put them back into the cabinet and returned to you.

Picking you up and carrying you bridal style, he brought you back to your room and laid you down. You stirred, twisting and turning a few times before you finally found the right position to lay in. Tucking you into bed, he sat at the edge and watched you sleep for a few seconds before leaning in to kiss your cheek.

“I hope you feel better soon (Y/n), I love you.”


Request: okay so i had a thought, could you write a Tim Drake fic where he finds the reader curled up in a blanket burrito and laughs and just says “awh, look at my baerrito” and just joins the reader in the blankets bcs I thought about it and I it killed me, bcs I freaking love burritos tbh

@whovianayesha @supernovares @too-many-fandoms666 @jadedhillon @daisyboobear

Tim entered the apartment silently. His nose and hair, were puffed with snow as shivers of coldness run through his body. His costume did nearly nothing to protect him from the severe winter night Gotham held.

He run to the bathroom, knowing that you shall be sleeping already and slipped away from his freezing clothes in swift movements. He set the water in the perfect temperature, appreciating that you had warmed up some water for him, and stepped in the shower. Once he closed the glass door, he worked on numbing his hair perfectly as well as his other body. As usual, he let the hot water running on his body as he squirted some shampoo in his hands and worked, immediately on his sculp. Without wasting time, he rinsed the shampoo away from his face.

His thoughts, traveled to you, and how much he’d love to be engulfed in a big, warm cuddle by you, and thus he sped up the process of washing his body clean. Once done, he wrapped himself up in the fluffy towel you had left for him in the bathroom, he slipped inside his towel slippers and got out of the bathroom.

Quickly yet very carefully, he wiped himself up, making sure to dry his hair with your blow dryer as much as it was needed, and got inside his warm pair of fleece pijamas. Tim took small, tired steps to the living room, where you should be resting, in order to take you to your shared bed, but what he came to sights with was way cuter than he had imagined.

There you where, wrapped up in your warm star wars blanket looking exactly like a human burrito. He couldn’t help what came out of his mouth next, he was overwhelmed with cuteness.

“Aw, look at my baeritto”

He was taken aback a bit, he knew he was bad at puns but this was nice and he hoped that you’d like it too. And so, in a quick move he latched himself on the couch and placed a kiss at the top of your head. Your eyes slowly drifted open as he unwrapped you from your blankets only to come up and lay next to you, wrapping the two of you together again.

“Tim we’re gonna fall” you mumbled and instead of answering, Tim nuzzled his head to the crook of your neck.

“Shhh, we’re not baeritto”

“How did you call me?”