and burritos too

I don’t even know if I can put words to tonight. Shock. Horror. Fear.

The next 4 years are going to be hard. A Republican House, Senate, and Presidency, all at the same time. We are going to see the undoing of many years of progress. We are going to see toxic demagoguery make this country unsafe for millions of people.

And yet, the sun will come up tomorrow. The trees will still be pretty. Christmas music will still be played a month too early. Burritos will still be delicious.

Politics are important and they affect many aspects of our lives, but a regressive government can’t take everything from us. In the coming years we will need to remind ourselves of the small joys that we can find that can’t be stolen from us.

So reach out, find the emotional support you need, take a deep breath, and keep going. You’re doing great.

official ranking of every burrito emoji on emojipedia

a simplistic approach. a bit too simple. where are all the ingredients that make a burrito a burrito? all I see is lettuce, not enough cheese, cherry tomatoes??? i’m disappointed. if i was served this burrito in restaurant i would send it back. 2/5

a bit too hyperrealistic, but it has all the necessary ingredients for a solid burrito. i like how it’s wrapped in foil so nothing spills out. extra points for cilantro. 4/5

a decent burrito, but a little too carb heavy. lots of rice and beans but not much of anything else. i also hear these burritos have a history of exploding. 3/5

NOW we’re talking. absolutely stuffed with queso, beef, shredded cheese, rice, and is that bacon I see? i would happily let this burrito destroy my stomach. 5/5

too much rice. are those tofu cubes? tofu never belongs in a burrito. 1/5

what is this, a burrito for ants? i can’t even see what’s in it, and i’m not sure i’d risk biting into it. is that guac or lettuce? are those black beans or beef? 2/5

this is repulsive. are those marshmallows? i can’t even look at this anymore. 1/5

i’m glad the foil was brought back, but it looks like a salad in a tortilla. this looks like something you’d buy at a gas station at 3 am on the way home from your girlfriend’s house after she just dumped you, because what else are you gonna do? taco bell closed an hour ago and you forgot to buy groceries. maybe that’s why she dumped you, because you never plan ahead. i’m sorry sharon. 3/5

this is a wrap. horrible. 0/5

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Valentine's Day is almost here! Hanzo wants to get McCree a valentine. However something gets lost in cultural translation, and Hanzo makes a (embarrassingly cute) mistake. Jesse loves him even more.

Hanzo didn’t get him a fucking thing, is what happened.

more drawings of my new bosmer babe, now offically named Eldrin (alias Lokana) and for you shipyardigans out there that were around when I rped TES, Bielrin’s older half sister! 

you can’t see the text in the bottom very well but it says “farengar talking”, and she says “ew”. She and Farengar Secret-Fire have a very difficult relationship.

gag gifts

Fake vomit, plastic dog shit. She was studying the difference between being funny and simply saying mean things then laughing at them afterward. 

In clinical psychology the term projection was once commonly used to refer to the process whereby a person would “project” some trait or feeling they were uncomfortable with onto others and then describe it, both profusely and negatively. The psychologist’s role, in that scenario,was to recognize the displacement of the trait or more often, the feeling, onto someone else and to identify it as an avoidance tactic. 

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how this term fits into an exercise common in eastern practices whereby we look at the person who most “gets to us” or “hooks us” and we examine how the behavior we find unpleasant in them is really a reflection of something we do not like or have not accepted about ourselves. A way of twisting back into your own projections I guess. 

When you begin to toy with this, from all the angles, and all perspectives involved, there seem to be endless possible combinations and permutations…

For example, this list of things I’ve recently found myself wondering, if anyone has ever wanted, to scream at me:

  • “Thank god you are going to start therapy! Maybe we won’t have to listen to so much of your bullshit.” or
  • “Who cares!?!” or
  • “If you don’t shut up about yourself for half a second it would be obvious how unremarkably much you are just like everyone else.” or
  • “Who cares!?!” or
  • “Look around yourself for a second. Join the club called the rest of us. Oh and be quiet on your way to learn the secret handshake, eh?” or
  • “Who cares!?!” or
  • “You’re not that important!!” or
  • “Who cares!?!” or
  • “Defensive much?” or just simply…
  • “Sshhhhhush.” 

Not that I could ever imagine screaming them at anyone else or anything… not that there’s anyone in particular I want to scream them at right this second…

But now that I’ve typed them out, now that i see them in print. I’m betting the odds are pretty good that there’s someone already screaming them at me. Gag gifts: the thoughts we choke on, if we look too closely, at ourselves. For real. 

Four Months

Four months is finally here! Sorry it took me so long, I’ve been so busy with uni I have only just had the time. Thank you all so much for being super supportive and, as always, any comments will be greatly appreciated. 

I also had to say the BIGGEST thank you for 300 followers! I can’t even begin to express how grateful and humbled I am to know that 300 of you read my word, so thank you sooooo much for that my beautiful little cupcakes <3 <3 <3

Superhero Big Brother - One Month - Two Months - Three Months


Amelia was sat with Edwards, looking at their patient’s scans and evaluating the best approach for him. Amelia’s hands were instinctively placed protectively on her stomach, which was beginning to show ever so slightly. It mainly looked like she had just had too many burritos for lunch, but that didn’t stop her from getting excited at the sight of her bulging belly.

“I really think that a neuroendoscopy will be the best approach here. See if you look here, we can get to the ventricle quite easily from there, and bam! We’ve got the tumor.”

“Simple as that? God, it’s so amazing how you can just figure that out so quickly.”

“What can I say? I’m pretty amazing!” Amelia joked, flicking through the iPad she had in her hand to get a better view of the scans. “You’ll have to get used to this, Edwards. I’m not going to be around for a while soon, and I’m going to need you to hold the fort until I get back.”

Stephanie’s eyes grew with worry. Where was her amazing mentor going, and how long was she going for? She couldn’t possibly leave Steph with a different mentor, right?

“Wait..? What do you mean? Where are you going?”

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