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So apparently this isn’t very well known and I’m seeing a lot of people getting anon hate. What I thought was common knowledge apparently is not so here’s a heads up: You can block an anon.
Above is information from the Help Center. Rather than blocking a single blog, you block their main ip address (or wherever it was sent from) so that whole place no longer works. It’s a great way to block someone who might have multiple blogs to send you a lot.
Rather than respond to an anon, just block them and save yourself the headache. Let them essentially scream in an empty room where no one is listening.


(Motion ComicDub) Undertale - Sans… You better share


majority of the edits are done by me, and the lip flaps and coloring are done by Lycrosia

This might be a long time coming but I wanted to finish it up at some point

Sharing matters, best do it Sans