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your poor stenbrough heart

Some miscellaneous-not terrorized by a clown-modern stenbrough headcanons no one asked for. 

pt. 2


-they definitely have pet names as their contact names on their phones.

-iOS aesthetics

-their apartment is always cold.

-anytime they’re left alone, bill likes to kiss stan’s ears and hold hands. he just wants to be close.

-bill wears a lot of Adidas/Nike and Converse and stan loves it because it just suits his semi-lanky frame so much

-stan definitely wears a little bit of GAP and H&M.

-they snuggle into each other so much in bed, oof.

-the other losers and georgie have definitely walked in on them making out before. knocking is foreign to richie.

-they order dominos late at night often.

-one of their dates was at the mall making bears at Build-a-Bear Workshop,

-grocery shopping sometimes happens at 1 am.

-midnight drives end at Denny’s Dinner with pancakes and egg omelets.

-oof, they flirt in French a lot.

-they buy a bunch of Halloween candy bags for themselves.

-they go see a lot of rated R movies.

-stan can watch horror movies for your information.he is no pussy. but he will move closer to bill when he knows something will jump out on the screen. he squeals too.

-bill swears a bunch and stan adores it.

-they share an Instagram account. It’s aesthetic. Pictures of birds, some motivational text, drawing, pictures of the two giving sweet kisses, and some pictures of sleeping stan. 

add more if yo want bb

Here in America
In every single state,
They have a set of standards for every subject
A collection of lessons that the teacher’s required to teach by the end of the term.
But the greatest lessons you will ever teach us will not come from your syllabus
The greatest lessons you will ever teach us
You will not even remember.
You never told us what we weren’t allowed to say
We just learned how to hold our tongues

Now somewhere in America
There is a child holding a copy of Catcher in the Rye
And there is a child holding a gun
But only one of these things have been banned by their State Government
And it’s not the one that can rip through flesh
It’s the one that says ‘fuck you’ on more pages than one
Because we must control what the people say -
How they think
And if they wanna become the overseer of their ownselves
Then we’ll show them a real one.

And somewhere in America
There is a child sitting at his mother’s computer
Reading the homepage of the KKK’s website
That’s open to the pulic
But that child will have never read to kill a mockingbird
Because his school has banned it for its use of the N word.

Maya Angelou is prohibited
Because we’re not allowed to talk about rape in school
We were taught that just because something happens
Doesn’t mean you are to talk about it

They build us brand new shopping malls
So that we’ll forget where we’re really standing:
On the bones of the hispanics
On the bones of the slaves
On the bones of the native americans
On the bones of those who fought just to speak

Transcontintental Railroad to Japanese internment camps;
There are things missing from our history books.
But we were taught that it is better to be silent
than to make them uncomfortable

Somewhere in America
Private schoolgirls search for hours through boutiques
Trying to find the prom dress of their dreams
While kids on the South Side spend hours searching through the lost and found
Cos winters coming soon and that’s the only jacket they have

Kids are late to class for working the midnight shift,
They give awards for best attendance
But not for keeping your family off the streets.

These kids will call your music ghetto
They will tell you you don’t talk right
Then they’ll get in the backseat of a car
With all their friends
Singing about how they’re “bout that life’ and ‘we can’t stop’

Somewhere in America
Schools are promoting self confidence
While they whip out their scales
And shout out your body fat percentage in class
Where the heftier girls are hiding away
And the slim fit beauties can’t help but giggle with pride

The preppy kids go thrift shopping cos they think it sounds real fun
But we go cos that’s all we got money for
Cos mama works for the city
Mama only gets paid once a month

Somewhere in America
A girl’s getting felt up by a grown man on the subway,
She’s still in her school uniform
And that’s part of the appeal,
It’s hard to run in knee socks and Mary Janes
And all her male teachers know it too

Coaches cover up star players
Raping freshmen after the dance,
Women are killed for rejecting dates.
But god forbid I bring my girlfriend to prom?
A girl is blackout drunk at the after party
Take a picture before her wounds wake her
How many pixels is your sanity worth?
What’s a 4.0 to a cold jury?

What’d you learn in class today?
Don’t walk fast
Don’t speak loud
Keep your hands to yourself
Keep your head down
Keep your eyes on your own paper
If you don’t know the answer
Fill in C

Always wear earbuds when you ride the bus alone
If you feel like someones following you
Pretend you’re on the phone
A teacher never fails
Only you do
In every state in America
The greatest lessons
Are the ones you don’t rememeber learning

—  Somewhere in America - Brave New Voices (x)

恋人は公安刑事 - Her Love in the Force Jp
誘惑ランジェリー - Temptation lingerie substory

This is one of my favorite substories in HLITF. The 6 main characters get 2 chapters each, one her POV, one his POV and they compliment each other very nicely without much repetition. The things that go inside these boys’ heads, I swear. I also enjoyed it because it furthers their relationship and the boys  found something about themselves they didn’t know before. Buying your loved one underwear is such an intimate experience.

If you want to read spoilers, under the cut:

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alright, so here’s everything we know about the original paladins so far:

  • alfor and zarkon knew each other before building voltron
  • alfor built the black lion from the contents of a mysterious comet that landed on zarkon’s home planet, and zarkon fought alongside alfor from the start
    • “so this was zarkon’s home planet … show me more … king alfor built you from that comet, and you fought beside him, with zarkon” - shiro talking to the black lion (s2e7 space mall)

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Cute klance au

~I don’t know if this is a thing yet but I saw the hot topic bears at Build-a-bear and I was in the klance mood.~

What about an au where Keith is a little emo shit working at Hot Topic. And develops a huge crush on lance, that works at Build-a-bear.

They occasionally see each other around the mall but they haven’t introduced themselves.

Until Keith takes his niece, Allura and Shiro’s kid, to build-a-bear. He gets to see lance and talks to him a bit, it’s a little awkward but they get there. Lance gets along with both of them and asks if they want to get ice cream because he’s got 5 minutes till his shift is over.

As they talk about their life, schools and jobs come up. There is also a lot jokes and giggles. The kid loves lance. While Keith is all like “this boy is perfect”. Unfortunately the kids got a curfew so Keith has to go.

The next day Keith goes in for a shift and his co worker hands over a bear.

It’s a regular bear that had a blue and red striped shirt and jean overalls. It looked like there was a note in the pocket.

“Hey Keithy boy, want to go on a date with me? I get off tomorrow at 2”

~sorry if it seemed rushed. I couldn’t get my ideas straight and plus I was kinda rushing~

Family Time - Seth Rollins

Originally posted by prowrestlingnow

summary: Seth and the reader and their child are traveling with him and they decide to go out shopping and to lunch on a day off 

“Daddy’s here!” Our four year old daughter, Y|D|N exclaimed running to Seth. Y|D|N and I have been traveling with Seth for the past week and Seth has a day off. We figured today was perfect to go out as a family as we hardly get to do that.  Seth grinned, picking her up. “Good morning, baby. How are you?” Seth asked, kissing her cheeks. I smiled as Y|D|N laughed. “That tickles!” She laughed. Seth chuckled before putting her down. 
I walked over to Seth, wrapping my arms around his waist. 
“Ready for a family day?” Seth asked, kissing the top of my head. I smiled and nodded.

Y|D|N walked in the middle of Seth and I. I had her right hand as Seth held her left and we swung her up and down as we walked in the mall. 

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a collection

non despair oumami

-probably shared an apartment with saihara until they got caught doing nasty things one too many times
-amami has to physically restrain ouma from adopting every animal at the pet store
-“we DONT need all these snakes”
-ouma , in his attempt to still get a pet, basically adopts every stray cat in the neighborhood. he puts out food for them and gets every single one a little checkered collar and one of those “not lost, just visiting” charms on them
-this is his secret organization. dice (Damn Its Cats Everywhere)
-everyone wonders who is keeping all these goddamn cats in the neighborhood and think its probably an old lady. but in reality its just a highschool boy and his bf
-doubles dates! usually with tenko and himiko or kaede and maki. but they usually end up trying to out-gay each other
-ouma gets mistaken for amamis son about 3 times before he smashes something over the persons head
-they go to the mall . ouma Demands to go to build a bear every time
-somebody comments on ouma being too old to go there
-“you know what i also am? getting more plushies than you bitch”
-they go to the arcade and get into a heated battle of like pinball. when a little kid asks if they can play ouma hisses at them
-everyone ouma n amami meet not believing theyre the same age. ouma has to pull out his id card to show them hes not twelve
-amami pampers ouma a lot. but ouma does the same! always pampering Each Other. its like a war to see how much more the other can show they love each other
-amami takes ouma to get his ears pierced and he fucking cries. probably flinched and the person doing it missed and there is just blood everywhere
-someone comes over to their house
“oh a collar! do you have a dog?”
-they dont really go out much so date nights are at home. but that usually means every night is date night. oumas too persuasive and they end up always cuddling every night
-they help each other dye their hair. one time amami ended up with a green hair dye spot on his cheek for like 5 days
-always holding hands. always kissing . always hugging. annoys the shit out of everyone else
-so they just do it more
-oumas really small and amamis Really Big. ami can just pick his bf up and carry him away. also uses him as an armrest
-amami started calling ouma “kichi” when they started going out. ouma wanted to come up with something too…
-💘 rest in peace rantarou
-ouma cant reach amami so when he wants to kiss him he either has to ask him to bend down, or pulls his shirt to Make him bend down
-ouma moans too loud and they got a noise complaint from their neighbors
-saihara thought ouma was dying once when he heard him
-aggressively plays mario kart together
-the most obnoxious cheesy nicknames for each other u can imagine. like do these two ever stop? no


And the Sophomore has finally come to MidPoint.
We get a False Down where things turn bad and they only get worse.

Reyna told MC about the developers trying to build a mall in the neighborhood and Gabriel’s house was the only place left where the owner didn’t agree to sell it to the developers.

MC got Reyna’s article about the topic above, on the first page of Hartfeld newspaper.

Teddy, James’ friend, hooked up with Chelsea aka Manny’s ex gf.

Zig came to visit MC. He was happy and handsome and he was appreciative of what MC had done; getting an article about him on the paper.

Chris was admittedly nervous. His team got into National Championship. Then he had to go and tell Zig to be nice to Manny, the misogynistic maggot cuz the team needed him lol
That’s … basically how most athletes in college get away with rape and sexual harassment in real life. No, Chris no. You are better than this.

And nope, no Becca, no Kaitlyn, no Zack.
The chapter ended with Abbie crying at MC’s front door.

The biggest threat is the developers trying to buy the house to turn the area into a huge mall or something.
MC’s gonna have to help all her friends grow in characters and support them so they all can bring their own people like the football team, the sorority and fans of Kaitlyn’s band to sign a petition or do something relevant against the developers so the gang can keep the house.

It’d spice things up if Sebastian’s father turned out to be a CEO of the developers. It’s boring without the good old villain.

Here in America, in every single state there are standards for every subject, a collection of lessons that the teacher’s required to teach by the end of the term.

But the greatest lessons you will ever teach us will not come from your syllabus.
The greatest lessons you will ever teach us, you will not even remember.

You never told us what we weren’t allowed to say; we just learned how to hold our tongues. Now somewhere in America, there is a child holding a copy of Catcher in the Rye, and there is a child holding a gun. But only one of these things has been banned by their state government, and its not the one that can rip through flesh.
It’s the one that says ‘fuck you’ on more pages than one.

Because we must control what the people say, how they think, and if they want to become the overseer of their own selves, then we’ll show them a real one.

And somewhere in America, there is a child sitting at his mother’s computer, reading the homepage of the KKK’s website. That is open to the public. But that child will have never read To Kill a Mockingbird because its school has banned it for its use of the n-word.

Maya Angelou is prohibited because we’re not allowed to talk about rape in school. We were taught that just because something happens, doesn’t mean you are to talk about it.

They build us brand new shopping malls so that we’ll forget where we’re really standing

on the bones of the Hispanics,

on the bones of the slaves,

on the bones of the Native Americans,

on the bones of those who fought just to speak.

Trans-Continental Railroad to Japanese internment camps, there are things missing from our history books. But we were taught that it is better to be silent than to make them uncomfortable.

Somewhere in America, a private school girl searchs for hours through boutiques trying to find the prom dress of their dreams. While kids on the south side spend hours searching through lost and found, cause winter’s coming soon and that’s the only jacket they have.

Kids are late to class for working the midnight shift, they give awards for best attendance, but not for keeping your family off the streets.

Kids will call your music is ghetto, they will tell you you don’t talk right, then they’ll get in the back of a car with all their friends, singing bout how they’re bout that life and we can’t stop.

Somewhere in America, schools are promoting self-confidence, while they whip out their scales and shout out your body fat percentage in class. While heftier girls are hiding away, and the slim-fit beauties can’t help but giggle with pride.

The preppy kids go thrift shopping because they think it sounds real fun, but we go because that’s all we got money for cause mama works for the city, mama only gets paid once a month.

Somewhere in America, a girl is getting felt up by a grown man on the subway. She’s still in her school uniform, and that’s part of the appeal. It’s hard to run in knee socks and mary janes and all her male teachers know it too.

Coaches cover up star players raping freshmen after the dance. Women are killed for rejecting dates. But God forbid I bring my girlfriend to prom. A girl is black out drunk at the after party. Take a picture before her wounds wake her. How many pixels is your sanity worth? Whats’s a 4.0 to a cold jury?

What’d you learn in class today? Don’t walk fast, don’t speak loud, keep your hands to yourself, keep your head down, keep your eyes on your own paper. If you don’t know the answer, fill in C. Always wear earbuds when you ride the bus alone, if you feel like someone’s following you, pretend you’re on the phone.

The teacher never fails, only you do.

Every state in America, the greatest lessons are the ones you don’t remember learning.

—  Somewhere in America, Get Lit (Belissa Escobedo, Rhiannon McGavin, and Zariya Allen)

Picture it: The mall, after hours. An adorable furry friend from Build-A-Bear Workshop has escaped and is headed for Hot Topic. What happens next? Furry N’ Fierce, our first-ever bear & me collection, is born! Check it out.

Shop the collection:

Prompt suggested by @magical-mistral​:  Yuuri works at build-a-bear. and one day single father viktor comes in with his grumpy son yurio who wants to get a stuffed cat/tiger and viktor falls for this cute employee who is helping his son make his toy (put in a heart, make a wish, brush it, get an outfit, naming it etc)

Bonus Otayuri at the end, because bears suit Otabek too.

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A/N: This chapter is when the truth starts to unravel… do you think you have figured out what happened? Have a good read!

P.s Loooooong chapter :)



“How do you know Olivia?”

I had just put the kids to bed and now I was sitting next to a tense Gregory awaiting his answer.

“Well about 2 years ago I sold her sister a house. She was there of course, but I didn’t know she was Finn’s Girlfriend”.

‘It was interesting to know that he could still remember his clients sisters from 2 years ago, especially on a first name basis’ I snickered to myself.

It was a simplistic reply that was used as a deflection. It was obvious he was uncomfortable talking about her, and I was curious to know why. But for right now I was exhausted beyond belief.

“Ohkay” I smiled. It wasn’t worth a fight, it was bad enough that I was dealing with Finn, I didn’t need to add Greg to the mix.

“You seem close to your ex-husband’s family” You could hear the bitterness in his voice, and internally I chucked. He didn’t really have a reason to be mad at me over that, when he’s the one lying right now.


“It was just a simple observation Rae. The man seemed very fond of you, if I must say”.

“We were very close when I was married. I cut all ties with them when I filed for divorce. It was the first time seeing Archie- Finn’s brother in years” I sighed.

“Mhm” he nodded. His hand lightly pressed against my naked thigh.

“Hon, can I stay the night?”

I was not prepared to hear that on a Wednesday night. He never stayed over when we both had work in the morning.

“What about work your work tomorrow” I said stating the obvious.

Gregory lived more towards the CBD, where traffic was lethal at anytime of the day or night. It was easier for him to get to work in the morning because he only lived a block away. It would take him a good two hours extra to drive home and get ready, then head to work for his 8am start.

“I have a later start tomorrow. So I can just leave when you drop the kids off for school” he smiled; grazing his fingers more into my inner thigh.

For some reason the intimate touch felt foreign. His hands were softer then I was use to, not as callous and rough. This was not good.

“Ugh- sure” I encouraged myself to smile.

We got off the couch and headed towards the bedroom hand in hand.

Just as we opened the door to my bedroom and saw the state it was in, I froze. Clothes littered the floor in an unattractive manner. The bed, the same bed where I let Finn take me the night before had disheveled sheets, after not sleeping a wink last night.

“You go have a shower and freshen up and I’ll give this pig-sty a little clean. You don’t really want to be smelling three day old Rae do you?” I tried to joke, I was embarrassed he had to witness this.

“Don’t worry about it to much hon” he laughed, then kissed my forehead. I didn’t watch him walk into my ensuite. I was to busy glaring at my bed. There was no way I was washing those contaminated sheets, no they to be burnt.

Anxiously, I hurried to get the last details added to the final sketch before the meeting in two hours. Chloe had organised for the board at 'Taylor industries’ to come in and confirm the sketchs before signing of on the build. The new multi-million dollar mall has been a top priority for my team and I, for the past year and a half. I was glad that we were finally having the last meeting before I could watch my work come to life.

When it was lunch time; or so my stomach reminded me. I checked mobile messages before leaving the office. I had turned it to silent, not wanting to be disrupted. Which I regretted once I saw the miss call from my children’s school.

Dialing the number on my office phone I waited for an answer.

“Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, Mary speaking, how may I help?”

“Hi my name is Rachel Nelson-Earl, I’m the mother of Ruby and Joshua Nelson. I have a missed call, and I was wondering why”.

“Hi Ms. Nelson. Yes I have a message here for you referring to your son Joshua. It seems that he has had a altercation with another student. He has been stepped down for the rest of the day. We are in need for you to collect him as soon as possible please”.

'Shit’ I thought. Joshua had never been a kid to ever get into any sort of altercation, physical or not. This was completely out of character for him.

Checking the time I noticed I had 30 minutes to til the meeting started, a meeting that could potentially sink my career if I didn’t attend it.

“I’ll have to ring his father to collect him. But someone will be there as soon as possible” I replied. It was the only other solution I could think of. I just hoped Finn wasn’t in a meeting.

“Certainly. I will let his teacher know”.

“Thank you”.

As soon as I hung up the phone to the school, I dialed Finn’s office number. I was put through to two different receptionist before i was finally directed through to Finn’s office.

“Finn Nelson’s office, Olivia speaking” the nasily voice spoke.

“Can you please put me through to Finn” I said in a rush and slightly paniced. I was not in the mood to talk to this bitch, time was against my side and I wasn’t going to let her waste it.

“And who’s speaking?” Her cheerful demeanor forgotten. No wonder why Finn couldnt get any other pussy, she was the ultimate cock block.

Clearing my throat, I continued speaking. “Its Rae, now can you put me through to f-”.

“Rae? Why would you possibly need to talk to Finn?” Olivia barked- like the true dog she was.

“Olivia I don’t have time for this! I need to talk to Finn about Joshua!”

“I’m sure this is something that can be discussed outside of office hours-”

“But y-”

“- unlike some Ms. Earl, Finn is a busy Man and I can’t possibly interrupt him!”


“Good day Rachel!”


That donkey nose airhead, wannabe-fucking-heiress, man-stealing bitch!

I quickly dialed Finn’s mobile, praying to God he actually turned it on for once. One thing Finn and I had in common was that we hated being disturbed from our work. No mobile, no hassle.


“Finn! You need to put a fucking leash on that crackhead girlfriend of yours! I tri-”

“Calm down Rae!” Finn sighed, I could only imagine him raking his hand through his hair.

“Tell me what’s going on? Slowly. And calmly”.

“I called your office to talk to you but your lovely assistant hung up on me! But that’s not the point, the point is I rang you about Josh”.

“Why? What happened? Is he alright?” Finn rattled off questions.

“He’s fine, but he has been in a fight with another student. He’s been stood down for the rest of the day.. Finn I need you to pick him up, please. I have a meeting in 15 minutes and my career depends on it. I know your busy bu-”.

“Of course I’ll pick him up Rae. You don’t need to explain yourself, he’s my son too. I need to take responsibility for him too. But really, fighting?” I could hear the disbelief in his husky voice.

“I know Finn. I don’t know what’s going on with him? He’s never gotten into a fight before” My voice broke, but I managed to pull myself together. This was not the time to do this, especially whilst on the phone to my ex-husband.

“Rae it will be Ohkay, I’ll pick him up and take the rest of the day off. I’ll get Archie to pick Ruby up for me when she finishes”.

“Ohkay” I breathe. “Thank you”.

“I’ll talk to you tonight”.

For the second time today, I was hung up on. My phone was still pressed snuggly pressed against my ear when Chloe pranced in, smile beaming, and excitement lighting her eyes.

“Are you ready?” She came around the desk to stand beside me. Her eyes flicking over the mountain of blueprints and sketches I had rolled up in a neat pile. “Is this all of them?”.

“Yes, there is a detailed plan of every floor, shop location, public area, toilets and even parking. Name a room and and I am certain it’s here” I smiled at my friend.

“This is why I love you Rae” Chloe beamed. Collecting a stack of scrolls, she took off towards the board room. I had a lot of people’s jobs in my hand in this moment and all I had to do is impress 4 billionaires. Easier said then done, taming one was hard enough.


I saw red the moment I ended the call with Rae. To whom my anger was directed towards was a mystery, because i couldn’t narrow it down to just one person. Multiple people where now on my radar. Including a women only metres away from me.

Grabbing my jacket, wallet and keys I threw the door open in a haste. I didn’t even care about the looks that were directed towards me. Not that my floor was full of people, it was only a handful. But those select people obviously found my fury more interesting then their work at this moment.

“Cancel the rest of the day, direct all my calls to the front desk with a note saying I’m away for the rest of the day and send sorry notes with chocolates to whoever I’m cancelling on” I spoke as I walked. I didn’t even look in Olivia’s direction, my main goal was getting to the elevator as quickly as possible.

“But Finn where are you going? You can’t just cancel ev-”

“Do not tell me what to do Olivia! I am your boss and you are my employee. Start acting like it for Christ sake” I hissed, my voice was raised and no doubt our audience were enjoying the show. By the look Liv’s face was portraying she was livid. Not that I cared.

“Will you at least tell me where your going?” She asked, grabbing my arm just as I reached the elevator.

“I’m going to collect Joshua from school” I said keeping all conversation to a minimum.

Olivia snorted. “Really Finn? Your leaving work for that? It’s only 1 o'clock, why on earth would you be picking him up now for? I bet you Rae is only doing this to trick you into some stupid pla-”

Not being able to take her rant anymore. I closed my palm over her mouth, stopping the bullshit.

“Enough! Enough for once Olivia! My son needs me, and not you or anyone else is going to stop me getting to him. Im his father first and foremost. So next time when Rae rings do not hang up on her. Do you understand me?” She nodded, my hand still firmly clasped over her sticky lips.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, you have work to get back too and I have a son I have to see. And maybe you should go see your sister after work for a bit. I need some alone time with my children”.

I didn’t wait for her reply. Stepping into the elevator I immediately pressed the ground floor button. And just like in the movies the elevator doors closed that two seconds, too slow.


Joshua had remained quite when I spoke to the principle in his office.

Mr. Horne was a rapacious man. When he needed money, I was his life line. When the music program needs to upgrade out of season instruments they come to me. In order to keep his bulging budget, he needed to keep me happy.

Joshua had gotten away with barely a slap on the hand and a day off school. Nothing was going on his permanent file, and after much hesitation on Mr. Horne’s behalf the name of the other student was given to me. I knew his parents, they had been an acquaintance of my company for some time, due to my shares in theirs. The matter will get sorted, quietly.

We had been home for the past 20 minutes and still Joshua had barely looked my way, only nodding and shaking his head when I spoke. This sort of behavior was unusual for my 8 year old boy. He was never one to fight, or act up. Unless it was against his sister. But after being fly tackled by a pigtail wearing 6 year old, you would get mad too.

The silence finally got the best of me, when I found myself sitting across from Joshua.

“What happened?” My tone demanding, but I felt desperate.

“He pushed me, so I hit him”.

Joshua would have to be kidding if he thought he was getting away with an answer like that.

Raising an eyebrow. “You expect me to take that for an answer son”.

“I don’t know” he shrugged.

“Why did he push you?”


“Oh come on Joshua just tell me!”

My son slammed his hand down on the couch and stood abruptly. His face was glowing red, tears threatened to spill. Something was wrong.

“You want to know why dad! It’s because he was talking about you and mom and I told him to get a life. He pushed me and I just hit him… I don’t know why” he cried. “I just couldn’t help myself”.

“Son” I stood, walking towards Josh and sat him back on the couch, with me right next to him. “What did he say about your mother and I? You know you can tell me right?”

Nodding, Joshua pulled his knees up against his chest. “He was saying that mom wasn’t good enough. That- that’s why you left us”.

My heart shattered. I knew kids could be cruel these days, but this was nothing that I would of expected.

I didn’t know how I was going to explain myself to Joshua. How do you tell your son that it wasn’t me to walk away, but it was her? You don’t.

“Josh.. Josh look at me please” cupping his chin I turned his face towards me. “Your mother was never 'not good enough’ for me. She is the most lovely and courageous women I know. We didn’t break up because I got sick of her son”.

“Then why did you break up?”


“We just grew apart, but I will always love your mother”.

“Then why are you mean to her dad? Why does she still cry at night?”

It was my turn to start tearing up. I couldn’t beleive I was having an adult conversation with my 8 year old son. My heart hurt more the longer he spoke.

I never knew he could hear Rae and I’s conversations. He heard me when i stupidly degraded his mother, everytime i opened my mouth. Did that mean Ruby could hear too?

I felt like a monster, but i was hurt. Rae had broken me to the point where hate started seeping in, leaving me with fragments of my old self that I reserved for my kids.

“I’m sorry Joshua. I should never of talked to your mother like that. Please promise me you wont ever speak to your mother like that”.

“I wouldn’t. I actually love her” he declared.

“Josh. Don’t talk to me like that! You are not your mother so I don’t have to explain anything to you, alright? We are getting off topic and I want to talk about you hitting another student Joshua”.

“Colton said that his dad got to touch mom” Joshua softly spoke. My heart skipped a beat with his words, then plummeted to the pit of my stomach.

“What? When?”

If I wasn’t sitting my knees would’ve already buckled by now. He was talking about Mr. Davis and Rae. How many other men has she fucked while being with Gregory, or better yet me.

“He said a few years ago his dad saw mom coming out of the bathroom of this big fancy ball… And touched her. The- then he said. He said his friends laughed when Mr. Davis said mom was fighting him. What does he mean dad?”

I tried to remember the last ball he had attended with Rae. It had to of been at least 3 years ago. I remember vaguely the lacey number she wore. The neckline plunged deeper then usual, teasing my eyes, and many men around him.

After thinking about it, I do remember how she had been the perfect plus one. Floating around from person to person, saying her hellos. Between dancing and chatting she was spreading her happiness.

Well until half way through, when she insisted they went home early. Her mood sombre, but she insisted she was due for her menstrual cycle.

Unless… Something happened between Mr. Davis and Rae. Something sinister, and degrading.

That son of a bitch!

“Joshua. Promise me you won’t tell your mother. I want to be the one to speak to her about this. And I will tonight, Ohkay?”

Nodding, Joshua leaned into me as my arm draped across his shoulders. My son was hurt and it was all my fault. I didn’t help Rae, but I didn’t know. If something happened during that ball without my knowledge I don’t think i could forgive myself. I pray that the kid was feeding Josh bullshit, but somewhere in the back of my mind I felt like something did happen.

The door softly opened to reveal my beautiful daughter and brother, walking through the entrance still unnoticed to Josh and I’s presence. Until Ruby looked up and make eye contact with me.

“Daddy!” The click of her polished leather shoes echoed the foyer.

“Hi princess, did you have fun at school?”

“I did! I did! We learnt our 4 times tables today daddy. They so easy, but Mike said that I was just a smarty pants. I told him that my daddy always said I should have my nose within a book, then a boy on a hook” she declared proudly.

My glorious daughter reminded me so much of her mother. The light in her eyes shone brightly, just like Rae’s.

“Well done baby girl. Did you have fun with Uncle Archie?” I asked. Looking towards Archie I smiled, mouthing 'thank you’. I had phoned him the moment I jumped in the car to pick up Josh. He, of course agreed. Our work was close to Ruby’s school, plus Archie had informed me that Ben is quite able to pick up Sophie daycare.

“Yes we organised a play date for Mommy and Uncle Archie. He said he wants mommy, Joshua and I to come see them. It’s going to be fun!”

Archie and Rae must have rekindled their relationship after we interrupted her dinner. With Gregory.

“That sounds great sweetheart. How about you and Josh go to your rooms for a second whilst I talk to Archie, ohkay”.

“Ohkay daddy! Come on Josh, I can show you what I did today in art class with Crissy” she pulled on her brother arm in a haste. Finally, when they went to their rooms I turned to my Brother.

“What happened with Josh?” he asked, moving towards the love seat next to me.

“He got into a fight with John Davis’ son today. He punch him when Colton started to talk about Rae and I’s relationship”.

Sighing, I ran my hand through my thick hair. I knew I could trust my brother with my life, so I knew what I was about to tell him will be kept confidential.

“What about your relationship?” Quizativley he moved forward.

“Apparently she wasn’t good enough for me so I left. But that’s not all…”

“How could a kid say something like that! How would he know what was going on with your family? Hang on there’s more?”

I told him everything that Josh had just told me, down to what I remembered about the night. I could see the empathy in Archie’s eyes. The more I talked, the more my throat constricted. The words left a bitter taste in my mouth, if only I had been there. I could of done something.

“Finn you don’t know for sure if anything happened that night. John could of been telling a bullshit story to a punch of people. Don’t beat yourself up about it”.

“Archie, you don’t understand. After that night Rae started to become slightly distant, I didn’t notice it until she left though. She didn’t seem like herself, but originally I thought it was because of the kids. Then 6 months later, she fucking left me with divorce papers”.


“What if this was the reason. She couldn’t bare to look at me after I let my work associate molest her!”

“You didn’t know!”

“I should of asked her what was wrong. I should of followed her or something. I can’t stop thinking what if…”

“Talk to her. Finn, you need to go around and talk to her. What time are you meant to drop Joshua and Ruby back off?”

“7..” I breathed.

“Its now 4pm, go talk to her now. I’ll stay here with the kids and if your not back by 6.30pm then I’ll drop them of there. That gives you 2 and a half hours to work out what the fuck happened, Ohkay?”

Nodding like a scolded child I got up of the couch.

“Are you sure?” I asked. I was unsure about leaving the kids with him, but I needed to talk to Rae immediately. I couldn’t wait til i dropped Ruby and Joshua off tonight.

“Of course Finn. I’m your brother, I’ll do anything for you”.

“Thank you”.

I pulled Archie in for a hug, then ran out the door. I hope Rae is ready for me.

As quickly as I could I drove to Rae’s house. When I arrived, I threw the gear into parked and hurried to her front door. After knocking I waited very patiently for a very confused but equally beautiful Rae to open the door.

“Finn?.. What are you doing here? Where are the kids?”

“We need to talk Rae. Josh and Ruby are fine, they are with Archie” I said.

The truth will be revived tonight. What really happened the night she walked away… No more waiting.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone! Sorry if I did!!

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Sarumi Mall/Build-A-Bear AU

Ok so…I have had this idea for a long time but I never posted these because I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d ever write a fic? But now for sure I have other things to work on, for both sarumi and other fandoms, and this idea just doesn’t fit into the plan, so enjoy these silly headcanons lol!

  • Basically it’s a mall au where Saru and the S4 boys work in like…some fancy department store and Yata happens to work at the build a bear (homra is spread out throughout the mall) because he’s really good with kids and has a happy attitude and he’s just a bean okay.
  • Anyways, the S4 boys are shits and get on Saru’s case because Seri’s birthday is coming up and he needs to get her a gift like wtf Saru, and he’s just like whatever fine I’ll get her a gift card somewhere. But ofc that’s not good enough so eventually one of them is like ‘get her one of those cute bears from build a bear’ and that way they can also make it sorta a group gift, like…it’ll be the honorary S4 bear lmaoo and Saru is like ‘fuck no I’m not going into that hell hole, there are little humans in there.’
  • But ofc he is just tsun and rlly does want to get her something so he goes, and he doesn’t get how it works so he’s having issues, so Yata comes to help him *_* and he’s being a Yata bean and helping him with stuffing it and all but is also sorta nervous bc Saru is cute ok (I am a sucker for immediate attraction w these two in certain AUs idk why, or at least…)
  • Until Saru starts being an asshole. He’s teasing Yata for working there and the dumb uniform and they’re kinda bickering while Yata is trying to keep his cool (which is hard when Saru is like ‘if it wasn’t for the uniform I would have mistaken you for one of the children’ and he wants to fight) but ofc Yata has other ways to retort like ‘ur calling my outfit dumb, ur the one buying the bear a tutu and roller skates’ and it spirals into a full out verbal brawl
  • Eventually Saru buys the damn bear and essentially it begins the weird rivalry/attraction bc everytime Saru walks to work he has to pass by the build a bear and it’s like –death stare—
  • But ofc they both find excuses to see each other like oh Yata needed to go to Saru’s store to buy something, and they get to know each other more and the hatred isn’t as intense and Yata starts befriending the S4 boys too (and they totally know what’s up)
  • The conflict in this au would basically be Yata jumping to conclusions bc he totally has a crush on Saru (which is returned) but he’s p convinced Saru is dating Seri bc he gave her the bear, and meanwhile everyone they know is watching them just flirt and be losers and everyone is like PLS KISS ALREADY
  • But Yata ofc doesn’t hate Seri or anything, and cares about Saruhiko as a friend, but obviously still has a giant crush he can’t help. SO in attempts to hide his massive crush he tries to play it off by asking a lot about Seri and trying to be a normal bro, but then Saru (who is a dumbass) starts believing it’s because Yata has a crush on Seri, and sulks because he thinks his feelings for Yata won’t be return
  • Thus a small misunderstanding, which is resolved eventually when Yata sees Seri holding hands with Kusanagi on a lunch date in the food court, and worries that she’s cheating on Saru and has a ‘what do I do? Do I tell him?’ friend moment, which boils down to his inability to keep a secret. He confronts Saru seriously, only for Saru to have a mini stroke because ‘wtf you thought I was dating Seri this whole time, hell no’ and Yata is so relieved and real confessions ensue
  • Tada! Boyfrens lmao

And yes this was my tiny AU that never reached the further stages of development –sigh— Do with it what you will lmao *_*