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“We hope you get well soon, Tanaka-sensei!”

Cover art for the Get Well Soon Message for Tanaka-sensei project organized by @kairei-chan and @xpeppermin (you guys are angels +。゚☆ )

Thanks for entrusting me with the task of making the cover :’)

Ah, if you guys want to send a message to sensei too, don’t forget to check the original post. Let sensei know we care for them! <’3


yo hooo!! soooo it’s december!! and since i can’t send every single one of you a card, here you go! i made another printable :)  You can use them for your tree decor or anything (click for high res) just let me know/tag me if you use them!! ;) happy holiday!

also you can support the art and get them on other merch on my redbubble :D  (pst, the mug is my fav <3 )

Malec is killing me

sooooo this has probably been done already ,

okay so i really liked CircusP and Creep-P’s new collab song “Karma” and @sleppu‘s art for the pv was really nice…. i’m a sucker for limited colour palettes

so i tried drawing rin in a similar way to how she was drawn in the pv

i tried a few new techniques with this so the lineart/sketch was pretty rushed (please ignore the anatomy)

Chapter 31: Shinigami Record I

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hello!!!! it’s really been a while ww I’m glad we get to see more of ayano even though this is a really short chapter(//w//) please do reblog to show your support!! (and to give me moral support orz) ah also I chose to stop changing the font for each character ahaha I don’t think it makes much of a difference tbh////

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ok but...

I have this thing with every song that I have to make it OTP relatable don’t lie u do it too but when I was trying to do it with FOOLS I just

“I see swimming pools 

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and living rooms 

and aeroplanes

I see a little house on the hill 

and childrens’ names (Dil)

I see quiet nights poured over ice and Tanqueray (basically bc idk what is that)

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They already have it all

And once again sam winchester proved how selfless and brave he is.

He was willing to sacrifice his own life for his brother. He was about the get killed by the person he loves the most in the entire world and yet he was the one offering comfort, reminding dean what it is to be good, what it is to love