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Finding Closure (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Reader left behind a hometown full of misery to make a new home in Brooklyn. A death in the family forces her to briefly return to the place that has haunted her dreams and memories for three years. Will she finally be able to move on, or will a figure from the past change everything?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,809 (Jean-Ralphio voice: “I’m the wooooorst!”)

Warnings: angst, language, car trouble, mentions of alcoholism, mentions of bad home life, revisiting childhood home, tw: seizures (mention), medical emergency (mention)

Part:  1 - 2 - 3 -

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can you please do Bucky x Reader with “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”

48. “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”

“I’ll have two scoops of mint chip.” You indicated, pointing a finger toward the vat of green-colored ice cream. “Oh, in a waffle cone, please!” You added, smiling widely. 

The young attendant nodded in acknowledgement to your request, reaching for the large metal scoop to prepare your order. You turned back slightly to steal a glance at Bucky, who looked entirely perplexed by the variety of ice cream flavors before him courtesy of ‘31 Choices.’ You stifled a giggle as he squinted to read the miniature labels above each individual flavor, shifting weight awkwardly between the balls of his feet. 

“Here ya go.” The attendant carefully handed you the cone before turning toward Bucky. “And for you sir?” Bucky remained dumb-founded, eyeing your ice cream cone briefly before turning back toward the young man. 

“I’ll just share with her.” Bucky concluded with a nod. 

“That means you’re paying, Sarge.” You teased, nudging him toward the register.

Bucky chuckled and made a show of pulling out his wallet, exchanging teasing looks with you as he forked over $4 for the frozen treat. He repeatedly remarked that ice cream was just a few nickels back in his day, eliciting a fit of girlish giggles from your lips. Bucky intertwined his fingers with yours after paying, leading you out the door and onto the busy New York sidewalks. 

“Can I get a bite?” You quirked a brow in his direction, shaking your head. “I thought we were sharing!” 

“You thought we were sharing,” you retorted, “you never asked me.” 

Bucky rolled his eyes, leaning forward to snatch a quick lick at the ice cream. You instantly tugged back the cone, preventing him from getting any. 

“Unbelievable! I pay a fortune for some damn ice cream and I can’t even get a taste!” Bucky’s tone just then was your absolute favorite - light, playful, completely carefree. 

“Fine, fine.” You conceded, offering up the cone. “Take a bite!”

Bucky’s signature face-splitting grin swept across his perfect lips, sending butterflies erupting in the pit of your stomach. Bucky paused momentarily, leaning forward toward the ice cream. You snorted loudly as you shoved the ice cream right into his face. 

“Doll, c’mon!” Bucky grunted through laughter, mint chip strewn about his upper lip, chin, and the corners of his mouth.

Contagious, almost musical laughter burst between you. Before Bucky could even think of wiping away the mess you’d made with the napkins stuffed in his pockets, you dropped the cone and lunged toward him. Cupping his jaw, you began kissing away the ice cream, lips moving gingerly over his skin.

“Nice.” Bucky mused, smiling as you continued the assault on his face. His massive hands moved to your hips, tugging you closer into his towering frame.

“All better.” You inspected Bucky’s face, satisfied with your work. 

“Y/N, doll, I just had a terrifying realization.” 

“Wait, are you allergic to mint or something?” Concern flooded through you. You narrowed your gaze over his features, ensuring there weren’t any signs of a rash or hives. 

“No, much worse.” Bucky paused for effect. “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.” 

Your body shook with uncontrollable laughter as you buried your face into his chest, deciding being that couple wasn’t all that terrible. So long as it was with your Bucky. 

childoffantasy replied to your photo“It is a gorgeous morning to hate running. See you all in 10K!”

You may get a kick from this but on my phone the “sam will hydrate” tag gets abbreviated to “sam will hydra” and I was briefly confused. Good luck!


NO, I WILL NEVER HYDRA! Hashtag 10k runners against hydra

Mum says I should make shirts for runners that only say stuff on the back, so that the people you pass are the ones who read it. Now I want to make one that says HYDRATE NOT HYDRA. 

Mislabeled 2/?

hey hey, the next installment to the love potion fic. lol, this is the best title I could come up with. unbetad, lmk what you think! Ty!


Flug was now standing in front of Black Hat’s desk, fidgeting. He had just briefed his boss on the status of the finished inventions. He was nervous, but determination.

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Choose Your Mistakes #2

Part two of the interactive fanfiction, Choose Your Mistakes. Please check the FAQ and the Setting Info if you haven’t already, and be sure to make your choice below.

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You chose to confront the man following you.

Just what game did he think he was playing, anyway?

Scowling, you coiled your headphones around your iPod and replaced them in your pocket next to your phone. If some creepy punk thought they were going to intimidate you tonight then he had another thing coming.
Your hands balled into fists as you strode towards him. He paused at the edge of another flickering streetlight, hovering on the edge of the shadow.  
Behind you, the man in the suit briefly glanced up from his notebook.
“Why are you following me!” you snapped when you reached the streetlight. His head jerked in response, a flash of fading green hair slipping out from beneath his hoodie.

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What kind of embarrassing moments does the gency couple get into? Do they sometimes walk into meetings with Genji's visor covered with lipstick marks due to a recent make out session?

Well they usually try and be pretty discreet about that sort of stuff, but like… there was this one incident that happened shortly after Hanzo joined the team.

So Hanzo had a couple of questions for Angela about Genji’s prosthetics and the extensiveness of them and like… he had been afraid to ask about it for a while and he knew it would be this really tough conversation so he walks up to Angela’s office in the Watchpoint infirmary and he knocks on the door and on the other side there’s this sultry “Oh I’ve been expecting you, Mr. Shimada. Do come in.” And that briefly wigged him out but he just chalked it up to inter-lingual quirks so he opened the door and Mercy is just… splayed seductively across her desk and she’s like, “So good of you to come by, Mr. Sh-SCHEISSE!” and she fell off her desk and stumbled to her feet and she was furiously buttoning up the top buttons of her blouse and hiking her skirt back down to work-appropriate levels. And Hanzo is just like… “I take it you were expecting Genji.” And Mercy was like, “What? Don’t be silly this is my office and I would never–I was only—” But then suddenly Genji’s posing seductively in the doorway like, “Oh Doctor Ziegler, it seems I am in desperate need of—” And then he makes eye contact with Hanzo and just… freezes and like this is the longest, most uncomfortable silence and Mercy’s burying her face in her hands and Hanzo is just like, “…I’ll see myself out.”


I tried to recreate a dish from my favorite nomiya: abura-age (油揚げ / deep-fried tofu) pizza. Abura-age comes in different types: their version uses a thick one (厚揚げ / atsu-age), but I was given thin tofu pockets (薄揚げ / usu-age) so that’s what I was working with.

I toasted each side briefly in a frying pan with sesame oil, so the edges were crispy and the center (weighed down with sauce and cheese) was gooey. The atsu-age version is a lot juicier and more filling, but this one you can eat with your hands! Not sure if either is significantly less caloric than actual pizza, but both are satisfying and yummy.

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How is your animal horde? :)

They are going well! 

Daisy is bouncy as all fuck and hated unanimously by the others, but she’s getting there! Grub the cat sleeps on the bed with her at night, and Sam the cat joined us briefly a few nights ago when it got cold. It lasted until Daisy got too excitable and wriggly because cats

Simba, seventeen years old and scrawny as hell these days, is mostly unbothered by Daisy. He glares at her if she gets too close, but when she’s actually calm he’ll come to her. 

And the chickens are learning that they can steal Daisy’s breakfast, but once she’s done eating it’s chasey time. They spend a lot of time in the space under the house muttering and plotting against Daisy. 

I’m sure once she grows up things will go much more smoothly. So like four or five years? :) 

This is Gwigsey. 

She has just arrived outside of Raven and Luna’s new (stupidly ridiculously tall, are you serious) apartment building. 

She kind of stares at it for a few seconds, briefly disoriented by the sunlight. Yes, the building is tall. But Lindsay “Gwigsey” “Danger” “Destroyer” “Knife” Blair has faced bigger challenges. If she takes the stairs three at a time, she’ll get up them thrice as quickly. (Thrice? Is thrice a word? Sounds like rice, gross.)

So that’s what she does. Takes the stairs three at a time, using her sick Vampire Legs, which are attached to her by her torso. 

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Hi! Can I ask you where in which Hogwarts house would you sort the GM+partners and why? Anyway, thank you so much for the hard work you've been doing for us with your stories!

Hahahaha, so, I’m probably a terrible person to ask that question. Because I have VERY STRONG feelings about sports anime and Harry Potter AU. Namely, I feel like if you are going to write a sports anime Harry Potter AU, then the most important aspect would be to stay true to the sports anime aspect, which would mean that everyone who is on the same team in a sports anime, should be in the same house in Harry Potter. It is probably a very unpopular opinion. (I have as of yet never come across anyone who shared that opinion).

So for me, I would sort based off school, and not by individually perceived character traits. And a long time ago I once briefly debated writing a KNB/Harry Potter AU in which I would have perpetuated this strong ideal that same school = same house and I came up with the following:

Hufflepuff = Seirin, Yosen (as the cinnamon roll/underdogs/rag tag crew of loyal believers)

Ravenclaw = Shutoku, Kaijo (the intelligent/academically driven elites)

Slytherin = Touou (the ambitious and cunning folk)

Gryffindor = Rakuzan (as the CHAMPIONS. And the recklessly bold and brave folk, which applies to at least 90% of Rakuzan)

 And I stand by that =D Thanks for the question, anon-friend!!

I was thinking about the lack of evidence for Daryl’s sexuality and how completely fucking weird that is, even with the whole past history of abuse and the fact that they’re in the midst of an apocalypse and have other things to think about. Kirkman said they’d address it on the show, but we’re going to be on season eight next year and it remains unaddressed. When you compare him to *every single* other character on the show it’s even weirder: (warning for some serious TL; DR)

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Legacy Deck Tech: Manaless Dredge

[you can see every deck tech here]

Hello & welcome to this weekly deck tech! This week we’re exploring the legacy format with a deck that I like very much & that I’m not sure why I haven’t talked about it yet; Dredge. More specifically, Manaless Dredge. You might be familiar with the modern version of the deck, and I’ll briefly talk about that one at the end of the article, but the legacy version is even spicier and is one of the cheapest deck in legacy, at around 250$ including the sideboard. The reason why it’s so cheap is that A) it doesn’t play any lands, so you’re cutting all those dual lands money, and B) the deck is fragile to graveyard hate, so not that many people play it. If you ask any dredge player, they will all tell you that usually, on the first game they will win. No one has sideboard hate in the mainboard and this deck is very aggressive and very strong. Then all the sideboard that you have is to protect you from any graveyard hate so that you have a chance to win on game 2 or 3. It’s a really fun deck and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to get into legacy! Let’s get into it.

Name of the Deck

Obviously since the deck is called Manaless Dredge you need two things; first of all you need to play no lands, fairly easy right? Second, you need dredgers. The best one by far is Grave-Troll since it dredges 6, but you also play some full playsets of Stinkweed Imp, Golgari Thug & Shambling Shell for the maximum amount of dredging. You want to mill yourself as fast as possible.

Big Dredge

Technically this card doesn’t have dredge but if you can get it on the battlefield you will mill your entire deck, so that’s sort of like one big dredge. We’ll see a bit later how you’ll play this since you don’t have any lands, but don’t worry, it’s fairly simple. Sort of.

Dredging your Hand

This card is really good. You will for sure mill at least one on those while dredging, then you can discard 3 cards to bring it back to your hand; the cards you discarded are most likely some dredgers or other spells you want in your graveyard so this is a great way to fuel your grave and make sure that you have everything you need.

Dredge Enabler

To trigger dredge you need to draw a card, so we have a few ways o do that. One of he most obvious one is Street Wraith as it’s free to card and puts a creature in your graveyard on top of that. Gitaxian Probe is also very good in the deck since it’s free and you also get to know what your opponent has going in their hand.

Free Creatures

The deck plays a nice array of free creatures like Narcomoeba who goes into play if you mill it (spoiler alert: you will). You also play some Nether Shadow who comes back from the graveyard into play at your upkeep if you have 3 other creatures in your graveyard; Ichorid who can come into play from your graveyard if you exile another creature from said graveyard; as well as Prized Amalgam who will come back from the dead if any other creature does so. With all those creatures you’ll get a very nice board state without even paying a single mana!

Endless Horde

I really love this card and how it goes so well with the deck. If you don’t know this card, what it does is that it only has an effect if it’s in your graveyard; when a non-token creature you control dies you make a 2/2 zombie and if a creature an opponent control dies you exile this card from your graveyard. So let’s say I’ve milled my entire deck with Balustrad Spy, then I’ll have 4 of these in the graveyard, so for every creature I control that dies I’ll get 4 zombie tokens, which is amazing.

Sacrificing Those Creatures

This card serves to protect what you’ve got going on or to get the coast clear for your plans; getting rid of pesky Force of Wills & Daze while also getting you some sweet zombie tokens because of your Bridges.

Actually Playing a Creature

So now we’ve seen how to fill your graveyard and get some small creatures on the battlefield, but surely there’s an end-game, and also how to play the Balustrad Spy? Well this is how. You will always have 3 creatures to sacrifice with all your free creatures and you’ll be able to flashback this card to reanimate your win condition, while also generating around 12 zombie tokens out of the deal, which is pretty cool, right?

Going Wide

This is one of your win condition. You reanimate this and make all of your small creatures (including the metric ton of tokens you just made) bigger and you can smash in for the win since now they all have haste! Most of the time you’ll win via this card since most decks can’t answer this; except if you’re playing against a deck with Ensnaring Bridge, which is rare.

Grinding them Out

This is your secondary win condition, which is a tad slower sometimes but still gets the job done. Any time you reanimate a creature you get to ping your opponent for the creatures power, by itself it already deals some damage too. But by dredging, bringing back some Narcomoebas, Nether Shadow, Prized Amalgam & Ichorids it won’t be too long before you kill your opponent. It’s not as explosive as the other way, but it still works very well!

Modern Dredge

As for the modern version of the deck, well first of all it plays lands and a lot of the cards in here are not legal in the format. The deck is very combo-ish and tries to go wide. It usually plays cards like Insolent Neonate, Faithless Looting, Catharthic Reunion & Collective Brutality to discard their hand, as well as Golgari Grave-Troll, Golgari Thug & Stinkweed Imp, with the addition of Life from the Loam. They also play Narcomoeba & Prized Amalgam for the “free creatures”, as well as Bloodghast. For their win condition it’s usually a single Scourge Devil and a couple of Conflagrate. The deck ravaged through the modern scene when Grave-Troll was unbanned but now doesn’t see much play. To be honest I much prefer the legacy version as it plays smoother and feels more fun.


That’s it for this week! I hope you enjoyed this deck tech as much as I did. If I missed anything let me know. I’ll see you guys next week for an EDH deck tech!

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I dunno if this was done before but supposed that the saniwa is always stressed out and one day, they were really in desperate need of help in something (like homework, chores, work, etc.) and the toudans helped her do it. And in joy and gratefulness, she happily thanked them and gave them a kiss on the cheek. How would Ookurikara, Yamanbagiri, Gokotai and Hasebe react to this?

• He briefly freezes up from the surprise. He’ll instantly walk away muttering he doesn’t want to get friendly out of reflex. He has no clue how to feel about it.

• Instantly goes red and probably falls back and lands on his bottom, arms flailing. He’s absolutely thrown and shocked, stumbling over his words. He’s just in shock.

• He also goes red and is shocked but is much less animated about it than Manba. Puts a hand where he was kissed and would question the Saniwa why. He’s kind of happy about it after.

• Surprisingly, he is the most calm reaction. He gets a little flustered and is quick to assure the Saniwa he needs no thanks. That it’s his honour to serve them.

Lol wut? I went to the International Doll and Teddy Show yesterday. I didnt check my swag bag till I got home. I saw a bulge and assumed like candy or something? So I finally looked in it before I headed to Atlanta to visit Tiffiebjdcrafts and was like so surprised to see an entire bjd head in there. It is an artist cast doll head by Berdine Creedy. I chatted with her briefly at the expo, she is retiring and was raffling off some dolls for her charity work, so I assume she decided to donate also her other stock for the show. Super exciting, I think she will match Resinsoul normal skintone pretty well.

Thank you all for following!!

Miss Mew and I are gonna briefly close the ask box while we prep for the next part, so if you still have some asks please get them in by Monday!

–Mun T

We’re so glad you’re so here with us, and I hope this journey has been just as enjoyable for you as it has been for us.

Thank you for following!

–Miss Mew

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In regards to your social justice post, I was wondering what you thought about John Rawls' Justice as Fairness? In my political philosophy class, I criticized communism by asking, "if the government is forcing you to give to the less fortunate, how is that considered charity?" My professor replied that it might not be charity, but it's justice.

We’ve  briefly examined the ideas of the late John Rawls on this blog before.  He is the most influential political theorist of modern Liberal-Progressive thought. In a nutshell  he argued that the supreme goal of politics is justice, and the meaning of justice is fairness. Fairness is defined in relation to the idea of merit; an idea which Rawls believes to be bogus. True merit would refer to advantages  for which I am directly and entirely responsible, and cannot refer to anything that is accidental, or outside of my control.  That second group of things may be called arbitrary factors. Being born into a wealthy family is an arbitrary factor,  being born with certain natural gifts and talents is an arbitrary factor. In fact this principle is taken  so far by Rawls that even being born into a family that imparts a strong work ethic is classified as an arbitrary factor  (a person doesn’t choose the family to which they are born). It is immoral, he teaches, to reward a human being for anything that is a sheer accident of birth.

Now since pretty much everything that provides an advantage for certain individuals within society is do to arbitrary factors,  there is no real merit. And since everything within society is made possible by collective effort alone, fairness dictates that the society may distribute goods and benefits in whatever manner is in the best interest of society as a whole. Now the problem that I have with this reasoning is twofold. First, payment for a service is not supposed to be some kind of moral reward in the first place. It is an expression of the basic liberty to exchange one thing for another according to the desires of the parties involved; nothing more. The only way that I can “merit” what another man has is to have him agree to transfer it to me under conditions that he finds acceptable. It is not the government’s job to decide what men “merit”.  

The second objection I would make is to the claim that everything is produced through collective effort by society as a whole, and therefore “society” has the right to distribute those goods however it pleases.  The problem for Rawls here is that he is a not a pure -Socialist, he is a Liberal-Progressive, but he is using an argument based on Socialist logic. You see Rawls doesnt want to give up the wealth that the Free Enterprise system produces, he just wants to be able to redistribute it as he pleases after it is produced. But what he is stuck with is having to explain to us why this wealth can’t be produced by more direct means. Why must society pretend that individual persons and corporations  are producing the wealth,  why must we put false prices on items and pay false salaries to people, only to redistribute everything later on in a manner that   reflects their “true” value?  If the market is the only mechanism that can create this wealth, why should we assume that its values are not accurate? 


And what we came for. It was bliss. The hot pools, not the asses. There was a gloriously scalding part of the pool that you could soak in til you could take it no more and then migrate to a cooler pool. And very briefly, I got to have a few moments of solitude as everyone else left with the sun’s fading light. Then, quickly again in the morning before the others arrived. If only everyone was wanting to appreciate our surroundings more in silence. And we were remiss in only booking one night. #alwaysperspective #coplandtrack #visitnewzealand #neverstopexploring #liveauthentic #wanderpulse #whpgetaway #wearealladventurers #chasingthelight #passionpassport #theglobewanderer #savoteur #mytinyatlas #realmiddleearth #newzealandvacations #silentcollective #mywherever #folkgood #optoutside #keepitwild #travelstoke #teamtravelers #chasinglight #travellove #atriparoundnz