and brave

You are a rose, armed with thorns of ferocity. The difficulty is that it is sometimes your very own thorns, that will draw blood from your powerfully thick skin.
You are a poem, rich with language. You are armed with a tongue like a razor blade, there will be times that it is your own words that will break your own heart and cut your own wrists.
You are a raging sea, with riptides and waves of almighty power. The trouble is that sometimes you will drown in your very own water.
You are both the mountain and the brave conquering it’s uphill battle. Fight for yourself, forgive yourself and most importantly, fall deeply in love with the chaos that you are.
—  indieluhv, A Reminder to Her

Oh, hello! I see fire in those eyes! How do I put it? They’ve a strong sense of duty. Like whatever you start, you’ll always see through, no matter what!

- Airy the Cryst-fairy | Bravely Default

Suddenly felt like doodling Airy and it somehow turned into a full coloured picture~

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Brave New World - Chapter 61

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse. 

Word count: App 3900(!)

Summary: Snapshots within a timeframe of 7 weeks.

A/N: One more chapter and this will be all over. :o

This is part of a chapter story. Link to mobile friendly master list here.

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Sam nodded, smiling. “Hear that, Dean? The others are okay. Cas got hurt and can’t help us right now but he’ll be okay. So you just hang in there, brother.” Sam gave Dean’s arm a squeeze, thought better of it and patted his cheek softly, chuckling at the combination of relief and big brotherly promises of revenge humiliation in Dean’s eyes. Sam’s chuckles soon turned to violent coughs, taste of copper growing in his mouth.

Caitlin looked away from them, intent on something.

Dean’s eyes followed.

Sirens. They could hear sirens. Sam breathed deeply, instantly regretting it, coughing and spitting blood.

Caitlin gently pushed him away and gave Dean her next breath.

Sam watched the tunnel opening and when he saw the first flickering blue lights there, he closed his eyes in a silent prayer of thanks.

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finn: finds the strength to escape from the people who manipulated and abused him since his childhood, immediately befriends both rey and poe and shows selfless concern for rey’s wellbeing on multiple occasions, begs rey to run away with him after knowing her for a day or less, runs across a battlefield to try and save rey from being captured by his abusers, runs to embrace poe upon discovering he’s alive, lies his way on to starkiller base (returning to the people who manipulated and abused him since his childhood) to rescue rey, gives rey his jacket to keep her from being too cold, plants himself between rey and kylo ren to protect her despite having no training with a lightsaber and knowing he could be killed