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I find it a very odd thing that she, I mean I can understand her blaming Bellamy, but when Lincoln was shot, there was still like Sinclair and Kane and Bryan and Miller… every one of those guys were there and everyone left and said it was okay. And yet she blames Bellamy when Bellamy was the only person who could possibly save Lincoln and she refused to take him. So they didn’t talk about it, I guess, but it’s a really tough decision and I think in the last couple of episodes, she’s blaming him for it. […] There’s a gray area here. I’d like to kinda move past that, I’d like them to move past it because it’s, uh, I don’t know, I felt like it was a real sticking point for me story-wise. Like Bellamy was the only person who could’ve come to help and you left him there and beat him up. You left him chained inside a cave… after he’s done, obviously bad things, but he was trying to make amends and he didn’t get the chance to do that and then he’s blamed for those things he’s trying to achieve but never had the chance to do so. So, I don’t know, it’s kinda… hypocritical in a way, I guess? I don’t know. I would like to see them move past that and develop a relationship, but whether that happens, we’ll just have to wait and see.
—  Bobberty “I don’t know what critical thinking is” Morley on why the black man who was murdered while chained and on his knees (as a direct result of him literally joining forces with whom the show pretty much admitted to be Trump) died because they didn’t let his murderous ass help. He then proceeds to blame the people who were there to actually try and stop the execution. And because that wasn’t bad enough he goes on to point out that a woman grieving the man she loved and rightfully blaming the person responsible for having a hand in his death is a hypocritical “sticking point” to him. Now, my sincere question is: what the actual fuck is wrong with him?

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Don't know Coachella is but Emmy Wildwood (Guns n Hoses) is getting married in Tucson AZ on April 17th. Can't see brainless wonder missing that. Unless D is filming ACS he will probably be there.

Interesting. Coachella is that weekend (14-16) and the following weekend. So looks like the wedding will trump Coachella. And I would imagine that he has to start filming some time around the 21-23. Just a question of where they start. and when he starts. even though the book is heavily focused on Andrew, I imagine they will develop the Versace arc more.  


For people who are feeling saddened by Iron Fist’s lack of diversity, I present to you Agents of SHIELD. While the first season is not the greatest or most diverse by any means, the remaining three seasons are full of suspenseful plot lines, intriguing characters, and yes - lots of cultural diversity.

Out of the seven main characters, four of them are POCs, and another four of the seven are female leads. Not only did the writers of the show cast an Asian-American for the lead, they also COMPLETELY REWOTE her character to represent that. And get this - never once has this character, Daisy, been used as a brainless romantic interest. No, this girl has depths and she is. damn. right. fierce. Not to mention, she’s got some effing awesome superpowers.

And of the three main superpowered Inhumans on the show, two are female and all three are POCs. Not to mention, the one guy on the team, Joey, is openly gay.

Not only is this show a beacon of diversity, it’s girl-powered as hell. If you’re feeling disappointed in the wake of Iron Fist, I recommend giving this show a try. I promise you that you will not regret it.