and brad is still confused

The Vamps Preference#6 A member accidentally tells you another one likes you *Requested*



“We should really get going now.” James yawned as he got up off your couch. “Yeah you’re right, see you later y/n, thanks for inviting us.” Brad said as he got up. They were acting really weird all day. You invited them all over tonight to watch movies like usual. They usually left around midnight but now they decided to leave at 7 pm for some reason. “Why? It’s only 7?” You asked suspiciously. “Yeah, why? Just stay.” Tristan insisted, looking at them with a hint of anger as if he knew something you didn’t. “We’d love to but ummm…” “We have to help Connor clean his room!” Brad lied. “What?” Connor asked, looking confused as he was still sitting beside Tristan. “We’re gonna help you clean your room, remember?” James said through gritted teeth, motioning for Connor to get up. Connor still looked confused. “What!? I thought we were gonna get Tristan to tell y/n he loves he-” “I’M GONNA KILL YOU!” Tristan yelled and tackled Connor on th  couch, pretty much strangling him now. “Trist- You’re killing m- I CAN’T BREATHE!” Connor choked  but James pushed Tristan off and pulled Connor up by his shirt, dragging him out the door. “By Tris, have fun! Good luck!” Brad shouted and slammed the door before Tristan could murder Connor. He sighed and rested his head against the door before rejoining you.“Sooo….do you-” he cut you off by pressing his lips to yours. “Sorry, I should’ve asked but I thought I might as well since they pretty much ruined my chances.” He said. “Well they didn’t completely ruin your chances.” You smirked. “What are you implying?” He asked, knowing very well what you meant. “I mean I would love to go out with you sometime.” You smiled. “I mean…since you asked..” he joked. You just scoffed at him “I’m just kidding, I’d love to.” He smiled. “You know, now I’m really glad they left so we can be alone.” He smirked and kissed you on the cheek. “Hey Tris?” “Yeah?” “Promise me you won’t kill Connor?” You asked. He just laughed and wrapped an arm around you,pulling you closer. “I’ll try not to.”


You were currently at a music festival with the guys. They invited you to come hang out with them and watch them perform later. You were talking with Connor when James came up to you two. “Hey y/n, this is my friend David, he’s gonna tag along for a little bit.” James said. “Hi.” You smiled. Hey.“ He said back, sounding a bit nervous. James noticed and started smirking a little, while Connor just became more uncomfortable. You all talked for awhile before David had to go. Tristan and Brad had joined you and went with you back stage. Connor was being really quiet now. "I think he really liked y.” James smirked. “No he didn’t.” You laughed. “Yes he did. I’m thinking about setting you to up.” He stated. “No you can’t do that!” Brad interjected. “Yes I can , I’m gonna call him now.” “NO DON’T!” Brad protested. “Brad what’s wrong with you, why do you care?” James questioned. “Because Connor likes her!” Brad blurted out. “I mean- I’m just gonna go!” Brad said and dragged the other boys out of the room with him. Connor was blushing a lot as you sat down next to him. “I’m sorry about that you don’t have to say it back.” He apologized. “Connor..” You started but he interrupted you. “It’s alright, really.” He sighed. “Just shut up for a minute!” You giggled as you leaned in and kissed him. He was really surprised but really happy. When you pulled away he was blushing even more. “ you wanna go out some time?” He asked nervously. “I’d love to.” You smiled. “Wooo go Connor!” Tristan yelled from the other side of the door. “Oh god.” Connor groaned “Go away you’re ruining it!” He laughed. “So I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 7?” Connor asked. “Yep.” You grinned and kissed him on the cheek this time as he grabbed your hand and led you back outside.


You were all hanging out at James’ house tonight to watch some movies and catch up since they’d finally gotten home. James always seemed to be really talkative when he was nervous, and apparently he was nervous right now for some reason. “Do you guys want anything to drink?” James asked as the started playing. All your responses were mixtures of “no” and “no thank yous” and he just settled back down into his seat next to you. “Do you need another blanket?” James leaned over and asked you even though you were already under a huge pile of them. “No I think I’m good.” You laughed. He just sunk deeper into his seat and stayed quiet again for a few minutes. “Do you guys want-” “Oh my god James be quiet!” Brad groaned. “What’s wrong with you? You were doing this all day yesterday!” Tristan exclaimed. “What should we watch tomorrow? Where should we hang out? Do you think y/n actually wants to hang out with us?” Tristan said, mocking James by reciting all the random rambling he’d been doing. “Aren’t you guys glad to he home? Y/n is gorgeous right? Maybe I should tell her how I really fee-” Tristan stopped mocking him when he realised what he’d just said.  “I am so sorry.” Tristan groaned and James face was bright red. “Ummm…” “Well I guess you kind of know I like you now…” he started. “James-” “No wait, before you say anything, I know we’ve been friends for a long time, but I really, really like you as more than a friend. I want you to be my girlfriend but considering the risks, I’d understand if you said no.” James stated. “James, I’d love to be your girlfriend.” You smiled. “Great now kiss!” Tristan yelled. “No we’re not gonna kiss while all of you are watching!” James replied. “Fine, suit yourself. I was just trying to help you out mate.” Once all the attention was focused back on the movie, James slid under the blankets with you in the dark. H kissed your cheek and the second you looked at him, he used the opportunity to kiss you on the lips this time. Neither of you pulled away until Brad yelled “You know I can see you guys right?” And they all looked at you. James buried his face in the crook of your neck to hide his blush as the boys teases him for a minute.


“You guys are boring me to death.” You groaned as you laid on the living room floor with them. They were mostly just scrolling through their phones. “Why don’t we play truth or dare?” Connor suggested. “No that’s stupid.” James protested. “How is that stupid?” Connor asked. “Because all our dares are boring and” he kept going on and on with reasons as Connor kept countering his arguments. “And we all know the only reason you wanna play is to get Brad to admit he likes y/n.” James finished. They all stared at him wide-eyed. “What?” He asked. Then it hit him. “Brad I’m so sorry.” He apologized. Brad was quiet now. “You okay?” Connor asked. “We’ll be right back!” Brad exclaimed and grabbed your hand, pulling you down the hallway. “What are you-” before you could finish, he pressed his lips to yours, backing you against the wall. When he pulled away, he rested his forehead against yours. “I really like you y/n.” He breathed. “I like you too.” You smiled. “Well I guess I should’ve said something sooner, right?” “Yeah you should’ve.” You joked, nudging him playfully before kissing him again. “I told you they’re making out!” Tristan yelled to the other boys before running out of the hallway. Brad just sighed. “We’ll finish this later.” He smirked and kissed your cheek.