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It has been MONTHS since I’ve posted anything on here, but my vacation just started and I am so fucking ready to get back on here. This is the longest shit i’ve ever written so i hope you guys like it. I’m only writing for BTS at the moment so if you have any requests for them, i’d be happy to oblige. Without further ado, please and enjoy. Feedback is much appreciated, as usual.

Pairing: Jungkook x reader
Genre: fluff, smut

“Fucksake, not again..” you grumbled. You brought your hands up to your eyes and rubbed at them sleepily, feeling the anger slowly boiling up inside of you as you sat up in your bed.

Just ignore it. Just block it out, close your eyes, and go back to sleep. You can do this.

The encouraging words you kept repeating in your head made you lie back down, still holding onto the small piece of hope you still had, but it was quickly erased when another moan rang out in your ears and you groaned for the nth time before sitting up again.

You actually felt like crying at that moment. There was nothing you wanted to do more than get a decent amount of sleep after a hell-filled week. With the all exams you’d been studying for, all the papers, all the assignments, you craved a weekend full of goodnight sleeps and rest. But, clearly, that was just too much to ask of the horny fucking assholes who couldn’t keep it in their pants at this time of night.

You were too tired to even think of going there and giving them shit about it. So you just got up out of bed, still in your pajamas that consisted of shorts and a baggy t-shirt, grabbed your phone and dorm room key, and left your room. You cringed as you passed the room next to yours when you heard another groan echo from there, deciding you wanted to get off this whole fucking floor to at least have a quiet and peaceful night, even without sleep.

You sighed and ran a hand down your face as you entered the elevator before pressing the button to the main floor, considering the main lounge would be empty at this time of night. The ding sounded when you reached the floor, the door slowly sliding open to a completely empty and silent room. A tiny smile graced your lips as you walked to a seat in the corner, a small part of you happy to spend some quiet alone time, even though you were spending it outside your bed on an uncomfortable couch. But hey, when in college, those things were nothing to complain about.

You took your phone out and opened Instagram, scrolling through the search feed in search of anything entertaining. You sighed and slid down the seat and brought your legs up to rest on the seat, trying to get as comfortable as possible because it seemed it was going to be a long night.

Time seemed to fly as you sat there, switching between Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter, occasionally turning on some music and singing along softly. But when you looked at the time, only twenty minutes had passed by. You groaned and sat up properly, locking your phone and looking up at the ceiling in frustration. You were pretty damn sure the two rabbits fucking upstairs were anywhere near done since you’ve experienced stuff like this countless times before, so you had no idea what to do. You only grabbed your phone and laid back against the couch once again, laying your head back and closing your eyes for a few seconds to clear your head. But then you heard the elevator ding, and your eyes snapped open quickly. Who the hell would come down here at this time of night?

You turned your head but stayed in your position, watching as the boy walked out of the elevator oblivious to your presence with his eyes glued to his phone. You definitely recognized him from around campus since he was pretty hard not to notice. He was one of the cuter guys around, not with too much attention though. He had his own group of friends and didn’t seem to want to broaden it any time soon. You didn’t even know his name even though he was in one or two of your classes.

He didn’t look up from his phone until he sat down on one of the couches a few feet away. As his eyes scanned the room, they landed on you and they widened at the presence of someone else. You sent him a small flustered smile, having been caught staring at him, and he sent one back. You broke eye contact and looked down at your phone once again. You were very tempted to go up and maybe say hi, get to know him maybe. But you didn’t wanna be one of those annoying strangers that annoyed the hell out of you without knowing it, and you had a feeling he was too polite to ignore you or tell you to fuck off. So you stuck to scrolling through your phone once again and sighing as you dug yourself further into your seat, occasionally glancing over to him to see him engrossed in his own phone.

Another fifteen minutes had passed by, and you looked up when you heard shifting from his side of the room as he got up and walked to a vending machine in the corner. He slid in some money and once you heard the crumpling of the wrapping of what you guessed was a chocolate bar, you suddenly felt the hunger that was starting to take over your stomach. You were pretty sure you didn’t have any money to buy anything though, since you didn’t bother to think about anything but getting away from that damned floor.

However, you were surprised when, out of the corner of your eye, you saw him making his way over to you, and you tried not to get nervous at the thought of actually having to interact with him. You weren’t very used to meeting and talking to new people, especially when they were attractive.

You kept your eyes glued to your phone, thinking maybe he was going in a different direction than you thought, but then a snickers bar was held up before you. Your eyes brows raised in surprise and you looked up to find him looking at you expectantly, his other hand holding his own half-eaten snickers bar. You stared at him for a few seconds, mouth slightly agape in confusion and slight bewilderment.

“I didn’t know what you liked so I got you the same as mine,” he said after he swallowed down his bite, and the look he held in his eyes was so soft and innocent you almost melted right there.

“Erm, thank you,” you chuckled and sat up in your seat. “You really didn’t have to.”

He smiled a cute, bunny-teethed smile and nudged the chocolate towards you once again. “I guessed you were down here much earlier than I was so.. it’s nothing really.”

You took it from him with a smile and thanked him once again, feeling your stomach flutter when he took a seat on the couch opposite to you and unlocked his phone before settling in. You settled back as well and unwrapped the chocolate bar before taking a bite, savoring the sweet and salty taste that always managed to have you full in just a few bites.

You continued to use your phone when you felt his eyes on you, and you didn’t know whether to look up or just ignore it. But you couldn’t help but let your eyes meet his, and he was quick to avert his gaze down, but you definitely caught the slight tint in his cheeks at being caught.

“Are you down here for the same reason I am?” He asked all of a sudden, and you looked up mid bite to find him having locked his phone with his attention now on you, and you decided to do the same.

“Wait, is Park Jimin on your floor too?” You asked, slowly connecting the dots in your head as a smile slid onto both of your lips before you two busted out laughing.

“I knew it,” he sighed after you both stopped your laughing fit. “I’m Jungkook by the way.”

“I’m __.”

Within another half an hour, you’d gotten to know more than a handful of things about him. He was a dance major. He had a part time job because, similar to 90% of college students, he was struggling to pay his college fees. One of his best friends was Park Jimin, the dickhead currently fucking someone in his dorm room. People like to call him ‘Kookie’ or ‘Jungkookie’, which you found extremely adorable to be completely honest. He loved to sing. His favorite number is 1. He has a black belt in Taekwondo.

And, surprisingly, you talked and spilled just as much. It was nice. It’d been a long time since you sat down and just had a long chat with someone about nothing in particular, just anything that came to mind. He’d even made his way over to you and sat on the seat next to yours, and you tried not to focus too much on the handsome features of his face after he sat so much closer.

However, after you both yawned for the fifth time, you grabbed your phone to look at the time, surprised to see that two hours had just flied by.

“You think Park would be done by now?” You asked after another yawn and he chuckled as he checked his phone for the time as well.

“If he’s not, I’m going in there to kick his ass myself.”

When you reached your room, you turned to him and gave him one last smile.

“Night Jungkook. Thanks again for that snickers bar, if it weren’t for you I would’ve starved to death down there instead of coming back up here and getting some cash and hear that girl getting murdered.”

“You’re welcome,” he laughed. “Night __, I’ll see you around.”

That was about a week ago. You hadn’t seen much of Jungkook except for in classes where you two said simple ‘hellos’ and exchanged smiles. A small part of you was upset that you two hadn’t talked properly again, or even exchanged numbers. But you figured that night was a one time thing and he only talked to you because there was no other better way to pass the time.

That thought, however, was quickly thrown out the window when you heard your name being called as you walked to your next class, which happened to be with Jungkook himself. You turned your head to see him jogging up to you, ignoring the butterflies that flooded your tummy at the sight of him.

“What’s up?” You greeted with a smile and he sent one right back as he walked alongside you.

“Nothing much. We have the same class right now, right?” He asked, and the small high school part of you squealed at the fact that he remembered that.

“Yeah,” you nodded. “Are you mentally and emotionally prepared for the amazing and fun-filled lectures of Mr. Kim?” You asked with false enthusiasm.

“Oh yeah, super pumped,” he chuckled. As you walked, you continued to chat casually about your week and how it’d gone. You finally reached your class and you walked to a vacant seat, expecting him to part ways with you and sit near his friends since they also attended this class. However, you were pleasantly surprised when he followed you and took the seat right next to yours, and bit back a smile as you settled in your seat.

The two hour lecture started, and for the first time in a long time, you weren’t bored out of your mind and halfway asleep on your desk. The reason was Jeon Jungkook and his antics. He kept doodling on your notebook, which you had no use of, passing you notes, and making lame jokes that had you choking back laughter.

You were currently practically red in the face, giggling quietly, body shaking from laughter as you leaned your head against the table so that nobody saw you. Then he tapped you on the shoulder and you sat up, huffing out a sigh after your laughing fit before looking to him expectantly.

“Give me your phone.”

“What?” You chuckled. “Why?”

“Just give it to me.”

You slid your phone out of your pocket and handed it over to him after unlocking it. He typed in a few things before giving it back, and before you could ask he talked.

“There, now you have my number saved. Text me later so I can have your number saved too, yeah?” He smiled that sweet smile once again and you had no idea why you felt your cheeks heat up slightly, but you turned to the front of the class so he wouldn’t notice, though you were pretty sure he knew your were grinning.

are you coming to taehyung’s party tonight?

i don’t think so

why not? :/ it’s fridayy

i have a lot of studying to catch up on

oh come on __ you still have the whole weekend

well yeah but still idk if that’s enough

please? i promise you’ll have fun if i’m there with you

You felt a smile grace your lips and you knew you couldn’t turn him down.

alright fine see you there

You sighed as you laid there in bed, already stressing about what you were gonna wear and the countless people you were going to have to talk to during your time there. But then you remembered that you were going to see him, in a much more relaxed and loose atmosphere, so you immediately got up and started rummaging through your closet for an outfit.

You settled for simple. A crop top, some ripped skinny jeans, and healed boots. Your makeup was simple and you let your hair down, which wasn’t something you often did so you liked the change. You checked your phone for the clock and decided to head out. You texted him that you were on your way, and he said that he’d be waiting for you.

You knew the address since you’d been to Taehyung’s parties before, and you definitely knew how wild they’d get sometimes, which is partially why you were hesitant to come. But you couldn’t help but agree. Ever since he’d given you his number, he’d texted you everyday. Sometimes a good morning text, others a goodnight text, with silly and goofy texts that spread out through the hours of the day. You weren’t going to deny it, you were starting to like him. With his stupid smile, his sweet personality, his gorgeous everything, it was hard not to.

The door to Taehyung’s was open and you made your way in, your eyes scanning the place to try and find anyone familiar, but to no avail. You walked further into the house and headed towards the kitchen, quite enjoying the loud music that filled your ears, and pulled out your phone to see if he’d texted you.

text me when you get here

i’m in the kitchen

You sent the text and leaned back against the counter, settling for waiting instead of getting a drink. You knew not to drink anything at these frat parties if you didn’t have anyone watching your back.

In less than a minute, you looked up to see him walking towards you. You felt a smile automatically being drawn onto your lips as soon as he reached you, and it was accompanied with a soft blush when he immediately pulled you into a short hug as he reached you.

“Glad you came,” he grinned as he pulled back.

“Well I gotta admit, a small part of me didn’t wanna spend the night writing a ten page essay,” you chuckled.

“Come on, let me introduce you to my friends.”

There was Taehyung, Namjoon, Hoseok, and Jimin, who was surprisingly not a dick as you’d expected. They were all a bunch of chill guys who sat there and laughed with a few others, and you kind of got the vibe that this was Jungkook’s close group of friends that he hung out with, and you were happy to meet them.

Each and everyone of them addressed him as Kookie, and you smile each and every time they did. You two sat on one of the couches, his arm resting behind you on the back of the couch, so it was easy for you to lean towards him and mumble to him.

“So, Kookie huh?” You giggled when he blushed.

“Yeah, I told you they all call me that,” he chuckled. “It’s not by choice, believe me.”

“Don’t worry, it’s pretty cute.”

“Not as cute as you.” As soon as the words left his mouth, he closed his eyes and groaned in embarrassment. “That was so tacky, wasn’t it?”

You couldn’t help but bust out laughing at that, and despite his embarrassment, you saw him crack a smile. You nudged his shoulder playfully and leaned slightly into him.

“It was, but I’ll give you an A for effort.”

“He locked me out of my own house for two hours just because I went with Taehyung to a new place that opened in our town,” he sighed and shook his head in mock disappointment.

“What the hell?” You laughed loudly. “He was worse than a clingy girlfriend.”

“Yeah, Park Jimin isn’t the most open minded best friend, or boyfriend,” he laughed with you.

You two were walking home from the party, and he was telling you old stories about him and his friends. Apparently, they were all friends for a long time, and it made your heart even softer to think of all of them still holding onto their friendship and keeping it strong through all those years.

“It’s sweet that you guys are still close friends after so long,” you smiled up at him and he smiled as well at the thought of his friends.

“Yeah, but they can be assholes sometimes. But I guess Jimin being an asshole two weeks ago brought us here didn’t it?” He nudged you with his elbow and you really couldn’t manage not to blush.

“Yeah, I guess..”

“Do you wanna go out with me?”

You sputtered on your coffee at the sudden question. managing to save yourself from a coughing fit before looking up at him. He stared at you nervously, contemplating whether it was a good decision or not to blurt this out in the middle of a study session in the cafe you both chose.

“I mean, you don’t have to.. I just thought-”

“I’d love to, Jungkook.” You cut him off and placed a hand on his to relax his nervous posture, and he immediately smiled in relief and you felt your heart flutter at the mix of it all.

“Tomorrow night then?” He asked, and you only managed to nod eagerly, already feeling your heart racing when he turned his palm upwards to squeeze your hand.

You were glad that he didn’t suggest something like dinner, but instead opted for bowling. It wasn’t that you wouldn’t enjoy dinner with him, you were more than sure you would enjoy doing just about anything with him. But you absolutely loved bowling, or in other words, you absolutely loved anything that involved competition. So you immediately agreed.

You sat on your bed, switching between nervously biting on your fingernails and fiddling with a loose string on the bed sheets. You shouldn’t be nervous. It was only Jeon Jungkook, the sweet boy who managed to make you comfortable with only a simple smile and a few words.

But this was different. When you first talked to him, the thought of him actually taking an interest in you was way, way far off. But then he reached out to you and talked to you in uni, and still, you thought he was one of those persons who were too nice for their own good, and was only interacting with you so as not to be rude after having talked to you a week earlier. And then, he took your number, and he texted you and called you, and hung out with you. But you managed not to let yourself get hopeful because some guys did manage to lead girls on without actually realizing it.

Then he dropped the bomb and asked you out.

And now your palms were sweaty and your heart was racing because in the short time you’d spent with this boy, you could already tell he was the epitome of sweetness, and you pondered why he’d chosen to ask you out of all people.

Your thoughts were interrupted with a knock on your door that alerted you that it was finally time. You swung the door open to be met with those puppy dog eyes once again, and the contrast between his innocent face and his lean body still made you wonder how he could make it work.

“Hey,” he smiled and moved in for a quick hug which you accepted, enjoying the way his whole body radiated with warmth.

“Hi,” you greeted back with a grin.

“Ready?” He asked, but he was already stretching his arm out for you to grab his hand, and you slickly wiped your palm along your pants before placing your hand in his.

“Let’s go.”

“Oh my god, you are so going down, Jeon.”

You didn’t realize this date could turn so quickly into a serious match, but with the amount of competitiveness you both apparently had ingrained in your genes, it was inevitable

“If I get one more strike, it’s done for you, __.” He raised his brows teasingly with a smirk that you still hadn’t gotten the chance to get used to. He went and grabbed his ball, throwing you one last glance.

“Huh, yeah. Good luck with that, sweetie.” You said those words with as much false confidence as you could muster up. But you knew, you just knew he would get it.

“How ‘bout if I get this, we go on a second date tomorrow?” He turned to face you again just before he threw the ball.

“Is this how you get girls to go on dates with you, Kookie?” You used his nickname on him for the very first time, and the smile that took over his lips had butterflies flooding your stomach for the hundredth time that night.

“Not usually, no.” He shook his head as he walked closer to you after placing the bowling ball back down. He stopped a foot before you. “I guess you’re different though. Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

You bravely took a step forward and looked up at him, quite enjoying the significant height difference. “Well, don’t worry. Strike or no strike, I’d love to go out with you again.”

You both smiled at each other again, standing there for another handful of seconds before he turned and grabbed the ball, confidently throwing it in a more than perfect posture.

Of course, it was a strike.

The second date was a movie. Cliche, yes, but if you two hadn’t spent almost the entire movie throwing popcorn over each other, you would’ve been bored out of your mind. You were shushed and scolded several times, until they actually kicked you out of the theater for ‘disturbing the others’. But you couldn’t care less as you both laughed till tears were rolling out of your eyes on your home back home.

The third one was a picnic. Jungkook had been adamant at showing off his cooking skills and he definitely lived up to his gloating as he’d prepared several simple snacks that had you groaning at the tasteful bites. And as all picnic dates ended, you laid on your blanket and stargazed, you just had to do it. You ruined the moment, however, when you pointed out that a group of stars kind of resembled a pair of boobs. That had him rolling around in blanket in laughter as you giggled along.

The fourth one was a bit more interesting. You were scrolling around on Instagram when you see that there was a free cooking class in a few days. Your eyes lit up and you immediately sent a screenshot to him, asking if he was up for it, and he agreed. The whole class turned out to be old married couples and newly weds, and the class was supposedly for married couples only. You had to hold in your laughter as Jungkook explained to the sweet old woman who was teaching the class that the two of you had eloped after your parents disapproved of your relationship, and were currently traveling around aimlessly with no permanent home. After a few aws and cheek pinches, you began to learn how to make Baked Dijon Salmon.

The fifth one you went mini-golfing, where your competitive streak came out once again. However, this time, you won the bet. You managed to make him pose with his butt perked up, holding up a peace sign whilst puckering his lips for a photo that you posted on Instagram with the caption ‘Girls night out’.

The sixth one was your favorite. In one of those previous dates, he’d managed to tell you tons about his earlier life and childhood, and somewhere along those lines, he’d mentioned his favorite diner that was near his hometown. He showed you pictures of him there with his friends and family. And he decided he wanted to take you there because apparently, the burgers there were the best he’d ever had. It took you a while to get there but it was definitely worth the ride.

The old lady that worked there had known Jungkook since he was a child, and you felt your heart melt when he encased her in his arms in a soft hug as she cooed at him. She hugged you as well because ‘any friend of Jugkook’s was just like one of her children as well’.

You sat on the same side of the booth, and you spent the night eating, laughing, teasing, and glancing shyly at each other out of the corners of your eyes. And what made it better was that it all ended with a kiss. It was soft and mellow, just like him. He brushed your hair with his fingers as his lips moved at a slow pace against yours while your hands rested on his firm chest, feeling his heartbeat.

That was the first kiss of many.

The dates - well, any meet ups actually - that followed those were full of kisses that had you growing more and more attached to the boy. He’d made it a habit of pecking your lips softly as soon as you were in arms reach, quickly grabbing your arms and pulling you into his embrace. It was quite frustrating as well because you were shorter than him and didn’t get to do the same to him. Not that it was hard to convince him to kiss you.

You were currently walking hand in hand, back from the library to the dorms after several hours of trying to study with Jungkook, ‘trying’ being the keyword here. You ended up wasting about two hours in there just whispering to each other and giggling, sitting in a table all the way at the corner so you could sneak in a few pecks and kisses without getting glared at by the librarian.

“Do you wanna hang out at my room for a bit?” He grabbed your hand and asked just as you were about to make the turn to the hallway for your room. You felt a small smile grace your lips and your heart leap at the thought of spending alone time with him, in his room for the very first time. But then you remembered that his roommate is probably gonna be there, and your smile faltered a bit. As if he’d read your mind, he spoke again.

“Don’t worry, my roommate’s sleeping at his girlfriend’s tonight so it’ll be just us.” 

At that, you smiled and nodded before allowing him to lead the way.

“Here, you can wear these. I’m pretty sure those jeans aren’t the most comfortable thing to cuddle in.” He threw you a pair of clean boxers that would definitely fit like shorts on you with one of his over-sized t-shirts. You gave him a grateful smile because you truly did feel suffocated because of those skinny jeans after being stuck in them all day. You grabbed them and went into the bathroom to change, mentally clapping yourself on the back for convincing yourself to shave during your morning shower today.

“Hey, what do you wanna watch? I have some-” He was speaking to you through the door and you cut him off as you swung it open after being finished. He looked down at you, your body absolutely drowned in his shirt and boxers, managing to look completely adorable yet completely sexy at the same time. He swallowed visibly but then smiled to cover up, before pinching your cheeks.

“You look adorable,” he chuckled. You huffed and swatted at his hands as your cheeks reddened. But he only chuckled more and leaned down to peck the corner of your lips. “Come on, you pick something to watch and I’ll order us something to eat.”

You climbed onto the bed and grabbed the laptop, opening google to look up something to watch. But your eyes couldn’t help but wander over to him as he stood there, in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt identical to yours, his eyes fixed on the phone as he searched for something with a concentrated look on his face. You were completely entranced with him and you thought you were in some sort of dream, sitting here on his bed and waiting for him to join you. He seemed too good to be true. He was kindhearted, sweet, funny, dorky even, handsome, sexy, it was all wrapped up in one. Your eyes were glued to him and if they hadn’t reached his lips to see them moving, you wouldn’t have known he was talking to you.

“__?” He asked again, a knowing smirk slowly creeping across his lips.

“Huh?” You mumbled, blinking a few times before looking at his eyes properly, and you could surely feel your face burn as you’d just been caught ogling at him.

“I asked you what you wanted to eat,” he chuckled.

“Pizza’s fine,” you answered and cleared your throat before quickly looking away and busying yourself with 2017′s top ten movies list. You tried not to let your eyes wander over to him again as he looked up the number and pressed the phone to his ear, but you couldn’t help but steal small glances at him every few seconds, and every time he caught you his smile would widen.

You snapped your eyes back the laptop as he ended the call after placing the order, and he walked over to the bed and sat next to you. He scooted so he was practically stuck to your side and placed his chin on your shoulder to look at the screen with you, simultaneously wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Anything good?” He mumbled, and his voice was right next to your ear, his breath hitting your skin immediately. You sighed and shook your head no, not trusting your voice at the very moment. You continued to scroll through movies, occasionally stopping at one and reading the description but moving on after figuring out it wasn’t worth it.

“Come on, just pick anything,” he whined, and if he didn’t sound so adorable, you would’ve elbowed him in the stomach.

“They all suck, though,” you groaned and he only giggled and tightened his arms around you. You smiled and involuntarily scooted closer to him, enjoying the feeling of his body against yours and his scent that overwhelmed you, both from himself and his clothes that you were wearing.

He turned his head to bury his face in your hair, humming in contempt. “You smell nice,” he mumbled before lifting one hand and moving your hair away to reach your skin and nuzzle into the crook of your neck. Goosebumps erupted on your skin at the intimate action and you unconsciously tilted your head a bit for him when he placed a soft kiss to your skin.

You sighed when he continued placing kisses, getting hotter and hotter with each passing second as his kisses got harder. Your eyes fluttered shut when his lips parted slightly and you felt the warmth of his mouth envelope a spot on your neck. One of your hands lifted without you realizing it and grabbed his hair softly, running through the smooth strands when he actually began sucking and nibbling at the spot he’d chosen to his liking.

“Kookie..” You meant to grab his attention but it barely came out as a hazy sigh and he only hummed against your skin before pulling away slowly. But he clearly wasn’t planning on stopping as he dove one of his hands into your hair and angled your head towards his before connecting your lips.

You hummed against his lips, enjoying the sudden displays of affection, slowly turning your body so you could get more comfortable. He started leaning back, breaking the kiss to lean against the headboard and pull you onto him. However, as you tried to balance yourself on your hand as you climbed over him, you had no idea how your foot managed to slip on the covers and it had you tumbling on top of him. You laid against his chest and groaned in embarrassment as you felt his chest vibrate with laughter beneath you.

“Have I told you how adorable you are?” He laughed and patted your waist as a signal for you to sit up properly and look at him, which you did with a glare.

“Only about a million times now,” you crossed your arms at him.

“Well, you are,” he raised a brow and uncrossed your arms before pulling you forward and placing your arms around his neck. “Come’ere..”

Your lips were on his once again and you weren’t planning on embarrassing yourself this time as this one seemed much more heated than the one before with the way his tongue roamed your mouth freely. His hands alternated between your back and waist, moving around and tracing your upper body and scrunching up the material of your shirt, before they finally managed to slip beneath it and found their way to your bare waist and gripped it firmly.

Your hands once again dug into his hair and tugged on it, causing him to tighten his hold on you and bring you closer to him so that your torsos were pressed firmly against each other. His hand slowly traveled up your bare back before splaying out against it, holding you firmly to him as he suddenly flipped the two of you over so that he was on top.

With all the sudden movements, you barely noticed how both the shirt and boxers had ridden up your body and exposed a lot more skin, but you honestly couldn’t care less as Jungkook was kissing your breath away, your breaths mingling and your hands getting braver as you explored each other’s bodies further. You wrapped your legs around his waist because it was too tempting not to with the way his hips fit so snugly between them.

One of his hands trailed up to your hair and grabbed with just the right amount of force as his teeth bit into your bottom lip, before he sensually sucked it into his mouth. You couldn’t help but whimper at that, tightening your legs around his waist and digging your fingers into his back. You remembered that your hands also had to be put to use and trailed them down his back before you slipped them beneath his shirt, running your nails and fingertips and enjoying the movement of his muscles beneath your hands.

He pulled away from your mouth and you definitely caught the smirk on his lips at the whimper you gave out, but it was quickly hidden when he once again buried his face in the crook of your neck. He placed several kisses there before he trailed down to your collarbone which was easily exposed because of the ‘V’ of his shirt, and decided to focus his attention on there.

“Jungkook,” you moaned for the first time when he sucked on a particular spot. He dropped his head onto your collarbone before groaning lowly against you, his hot panting breath practically burning through the material of your shirt. Then he suddenly looked up at you and made his way back to your lips, kissing you vigorously like there was no tomorrow, before he broke away and looked at you through eyes searing with lust.

“Let me take care of you,” he whispered, placing a kiss to your lips. “We don’t have to go all the way, just-” Another kiss. “Just let me make you feel good, baby..”

It was either the pet name, his words, the look he was giving you, or the wet spot that had formed on your panties as soon as his lips touched yours, but it didn’t take even half a second for you to nod in consent.

In mere minutes, the boxers you were wearing had been thrown across the room forgotten, your shirt now all the way up to expose your bare breasts after your bra had also been discarded somewhere along the line. Your panting, whimpering, moaning, the sound of Jungkook’s mouth moving against your heat, with the occasional groans that left his lips as well were the only sounds filling the room.

“Ah,” you cried out, trying to buck your hips up but he wrapped his hands around your thighs and hips to keep you still. “Fuckkk, Jungkook.”

You dared to open your eyes and look down at him, only to find that the sight was just too erotic for you and it had you whimpering. His eyes were looking up at you, watching closely for each and every movement of yours. His skin was slightly sweaty as strands of his stuck to his face, and you were pretty sure yours was the same case. The sight was ripped away from you, however, when your head rolled back against the pillow with a loud moan as he sucked harshly on your clit.

“Fuck, yes please,” you cried out, your hand seeking out something to hold onto before you felt one of his hands leave your hips to intertwine with yours. Despite the erotic situation, you found your heart fluttering at the sweet gesture, but you didn’t have much time to think about it as his other hand traveled up your body and gripped one of your breasts in his large palm, squeezing it harshly.

“God, you’re so good.” You didn’t even know what was spewing out of your mouth as he gave you the freedom of bucking your hips against his mouth, immediately intensifying the pleasure.

“Come on, baby,” he spoke against you. “I want you to come in my mouth.”

With only a handful more encouraging words from him, your eyes squeezed shut and your mouth hung open in a silent scream with your peak, only muttering a single whimper of his name. Your panting could still be heard as he cleaned you up before grabbing his boxers and pulling them up your legs.

Your eyes slid open when he brought your shirt back down and laid down beside you, propping himself up on his elbow so that his face was right above yours.

“Hey,” he mumbled with a smile to which you returned.

“Hey,” you muttered sleepily. He chuckled and leaned down to kiss you softly, and you almost melted into the mattress with sweetness.

“Sleep, baby,” he planted a kiss on your forehead and laid down properly next to you, and you turned so you could entangle your body with his. “Goodnight.”

“Night, Kookie.”

Ever since the first time Jungkook went down on you, he’d been insatiable. It was like he couldn’t get enough, pushing you down and getting whatever piece of clothing you’d been wearing out of the way before diving in.

Currently in the same position you’ve been in more than a handful of times these past couple of days, panting and whimpering in sensitivity as you came down from your second high, pushing Jungkook’s head away as you could take no more.

“Come’ere,” you mumbled lazily, pulling him up so you could reach his lips and kiss him deeply before pulling away and resting your head against the pillow beneath you. He flopped down next to you, getting ready to cuddle up to you but you placed a hand on his chest to stop him before he could.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, eyes glancing at you worriedly, but you only shook your head at him and pushed him so he was laying flat on his back and quickly straddled him.

“Nothing, I just think it’s about time that I do something for you for a change,” you said and leaned down to kiss him slowly before breaking away and making your way down his body.

“Baby, you really don’t have to..” His words trailed off as you unbuttoned his shirt and kissed every inch of exposed skin with each button you undid.

“Shh, I want to,” you said against his skin after finally undoing the last button, completely exposing his toned torso to your hungry eyes. You looked up to find him giving you the same look, his lips caught beneath his teeth as he anticipated your touch. You maintained eye contact as your fingers found their way to the button of his jeans, popping it open and slowly sliding down the zipper.

His breath was getting heavier by the second, and he groaned lowly as he helped you pull his jeans down. You were sure it looked like your mouth was watering at the sight of him so big in his boxers, the see through material doing absolutely nothing in hiding his hardness. You threw his jeans away and leaned down to place a kiss on his length through the the cloth, causing him to huff out a sigh.

You honestly didn’t have the patience to tease, nor did you think he did, so you looped your fingers at the hem of his boxers and pulled them down. A moan almost made its way past your lips at the sight of him, hard and ready, and you felt pride swell in your chest at the thought of him getting this hard because of eating you out. 

You didn’t waste anymore time and grabbed the base of his cock, angling it to place your lips on the head, mouthing at it and flicking your tongue, barely making any sucking motions at first.

“__,” he sighed out your name and you kicked it up a notch, slowly taking a bit of him in your mouth before moving back up, running your tongue flat along the underside of him along the way. You repeated the process, slowly but surely getting used to the feeling and building up your pace, until you eventually started taking more and more of him with each bob of your head.

“Fuck,” he groaned out as you sucked harshly on your way up once, and you felt his hand on the back of your hair, gripping your hair in a tight hold, not pushing or pulling, just something to grab onto. His heavy breathing sounded throughout the room. His thighs were tensing beneath your hands. You moved your gaze up to him, and the sight only made you moan whimper against him.

His head thrown back with his neck and throat completely exposed, the sweat covering his skin making each and every bone of his stand out even more and you could swear it looked like he was carved by Greek god, unless he weren’t one himself. His sweaty chest was moving up and down rapidly with each heavy breath and his stomach was clenching, his abs just begging you to let go of his cock and put your mouth on them instead.

“Fuck, __,” he moaned out. God it was the sexiest thing you’d ever heard. “Feels so good..” His grip on your hair tightened, and it only made you wetter. You fingernails dug into his thighs, unable to control yourself and the only thing you could do was increase your pace and taking more of him into your mouth.

“Yes. Oh fuck, I’m gonna come,” he groaned out and subtly bucked his hips up into your mouth. You hummed against him with encouragement, more than eager to have him come in your mouth.

“Ah, __..” With one last groan of your name, he pulled on your hair to signal that he was coming. You pulled away and placed the head on your lips as you stroked him through his orgasm, feeling his warmth fill your mouth. He looked down at you with hazy eyes for a few seconds as you swallowed before licking his head one last time, and he dropped his head back onto the pillow in exhaustion.

You pulled his boxers back up his legs and tucked him in before climbing back up his body and laying against him. He immediately wrapped his arms around you waist and you rested your head in the crook of his neck, placing feathery kisses there every few seconds.

“Didn’t expect you to be the swallowing type,” he spoke all of a sudden.

You gasped and tried to sit up but he wouldn’t allow it, trapping you on his chest with his arms as he laughed loudly. You groaned and smacked his chest with your palm as much as you could with your body squished against his.

“Way to ruin the moment, asshole.”

“You said you weren’t gonna drag me to anymore Parties, Jungkook,” you groaned out as he lead you into the crowded house with his arm around your shoulder.

“I said I’ll try not to drag you to anymore parties, baby. And I am,” he looked down at you with an innocent smile. “It just hasn’t worked yet.”

“Screw you, okay.”

You both walked further into the house until you spotted his usual group of friends and made your way over to them, and they immediately yelled out their greetings to you.

“Kookie! __! You’re heeereee,” Jimin drawled out as he got up and stumbled his way over to you, clearly more than buzzed on drinks already. He separated you and stood between the two of you, placing an arm over each of your shoulders, looking back and forth between the two of you. If it were any other guy, you would’ve pushed him off by now, but it was Jimin and you were pretty much used to his antics after hanging out with him so many times with Jungkook.

“You know,” he started to say, an evil glint in his eyes. “My room is right next to Kookie’s..”

“Yeah, we both know that Jimin,” you said, unsure where he was going with this.

“And I’m more than sure that you two know how incredibly thin the walls are in our building,” he continued.

It took you a few seconds to run over the words he’d said before you felt a light bulb go off in your head and you felt your face go red in record time. You groaned and pushed his arm away before covering your face, but you heard him mutter an ‘ow’ through a giggle and you were pretty sure Jungkook smacked the back of his head.

In a second you felt Jungkook’s arm wrap around you once again and you buried yourself in his embrace, feeling safer now. You looked up at Jimin who was still looking at you both triumphantly, and you just couldn’t help but say those words to show that you weren’t a shy girl that was ashamed of her escapades with her actual boyfriend.

“Well, in case you don’t know, that’s just a preview. You wouldn’t wanna be in your room for the full show,” you smiled innocently and leaned further into Jungkook. Jimin’s eyes widened in both surprise and amusement before he laughed as well.

“I guess I shouldn’t.”

You later found yourselves sat on a love seat. Well, Jungkook was sat on the seat, you were on his lap, all cuddled up and in your own world as the others laughed, talked and danced around you. He held a beer in one hand, occasionally taking sips, and the other rested beneath your shirt, on your hip, his thumb rubbing soothing circles on your skin.

You looked up at him as he laughed with everyone at a joke that Hoseok just said, and you felt yourself smile involuntarily. He felt you looking at him and brought his gaze to yours, smiling cutely at you. He leaned in a pressed a quick kiss to your lips.

You both stared at each other for a few seconds, exchanging unspoken words before he decided to speak up. “Wanna get out of here?”

You nodded and got up.

You weren’t exactly planning to end the night like this, but what was supposed to be just a goodnight kisses had him leading you back to his room and pressing you against the door before he even opened it.

You kissed like two couldn’t get enough of each other, panting into each other’s mouths, out of breath but unwilling to break apart.

He placed his hands on your thighs on you immediately jumped up and wrapped them around his waist. He pinned you against the door with a thud and you moaned against his lips in wanton.

“Just go inside the room before you fuck here like animals.”

You broke apart with a gasp to see Yoongi walking to his room, barely sparing you a glance on his way. You barely managed to giggle at that before Jungkook swung open his door and stumbled in the room. He kicked it shut with his foot and immediately made his way over to his bed, thanking God that his roommate was almost always stuck up his girlfriend’s ass and he had the room to himself for the night.

He dropped you on the bed and climbed on top of you with that hungry look in his eyes that you never tired of, before connecting your lips once again.

You couldn’t even waste time on foreplay, you’d done that warm up way too many times and it took a fucking ton of self control not to just fuck each other senseless from the first time. But something told you both to wait, to take it just a bit slower than usual because the wait always made it so much better. And it did.

There was no waiting anymore though, both of your clothes were off in record time and your bodies were tangled together, not even an inch of space separating you two. The feeling of his body against yours was near euphoric, with every bit of bare skin rubbing against yours, his hands roaming yours in return, groping and squeezing freely to put each and every body part of yours to memory. To know how each touch could make you moan and whimper and sigh.

“Jungkook..” Your cry of his name was desperate, almost choked, as he entered you in one swift motion. Your head dropped back, your back arching and your chest pressing flush against his. Nails running down his back as he found his pace, slowly thrusting his hips as his heavy breaths hit your skin and gave you shivers.

Your sweaty palms gripped at the sheets, almost ripping them with the force of your hold, and he grabbed one of them in his to pin it against the bed and intertwined your fingers together against the mattress as he sped up his thrusts.

“Fuck, you feel so good,” he groaned and dropped his forehead on your collarbone, his mouth pressing wet kisses to the valley between your breasts. Your other hand dug into his hair and you unconsciously scraped his scalp with your nails.

His other hand gripped your thigh and hoisted it up his waist, causing you to tighten your legs around his and bring him deeper into you.

“Yes! Fuck yes,” you cried out when he started going deeper, using more force than before to bring you the maximum amount of pleasure he could. “Right there, Jungkook..”

His name came out in a whimper, and the growl he let out in response was almost animalistic as he sped up his thrusts. He lifted his head and his torso before resting his elbows on either side of your head to support his body, gaining leverage to snap his hips harder against yours. His lip was caught beneath his teeth in concentration, and the sight of him above you almost brought tears of pleasure to your eyes.

Jeon Jungkook was a fucking sight for sore eyes.

Sweaty strands of hair stuck to his forehead. Eyes fluttering open and shut with that blissful expression gracing his features. Lips parting to let out the most erotic, sexiest noises you’d ever heard from a man before.

You wrapped your arms around his torso and dragged your fingers down his sweaty back, appreciating the feeling of his muscles moving and tensing beneath your fingertips. And then you did something you wanted to do ever since the first time you caught sight of his cute little behind. You dragged your hands down and gripped his ass, squeezing slightly and pushing him to go harder.

He wobbled a bit on his elbows at the sudden action, letting out a short out-of-breath laugh and leaning down to kiss you before going on, and you couldn’t help the smile on your lips despite the situation your were in. And that only showed you how comfortable you could be with Jungkook no matter what.

His hand traveled between your bodies, seeking out the most sensitive part of your body. The smile faltered from your lips when he found it and immediately started rubbing in tight circles, and he had you clenching your thighs around his hips in blinding pleasure.

“Jungkook! Oh god, please,” you cried out. “I’m so close..”

“Me too baby, come on.” He grunted, somehow managing to increase his pace.

You brought one hand to the back of his neck and pulled him into a heated sloppy kiss that consisted of you two moaning and breathing into each other’s mouths.

“I’m there, I’m there..” You whimpered. “Fuck, Jungkook!” With one last, loud moan of his name, you came, clenching around him.

“Ah fuck, __!” He moaned loudly, dropping his head in the crook of your neck to hide his moans, but you heard them loud and clear as you felt his warmth fill you, your eyes rolling back at the blissful feeling you’d been craving for so long.

You stayed that way for a few seconds before he pulled out of you, grabbing a shirt that was thrown beside his bed to clean you up before throwing it away laying down beside you. He didn’t even have to usher you over to cuddle into him, and he wrapped the covers around you with his arms around you.

He placed a soft kiss to your forehead and you looked up at him to find him already staring at you. And you didn’t even need to exchange words to know that you both felt happy and contempt about this, and you both new it wasn’t ending anytime soon.

Close Call ~PART 2

Read Part 1 First

Catch this fic on AO3

Guess who’s back with more angst! It’s me!

Essentially (if this comes up in your tags and you haven’t read the first part), Keith and Lance get captured and separated. It doesn’t work out too well for anyone. Go read that one first. This one is longer because the parts just get progressively longer okay let me live.

I’m gonna just @taylor-tut and @dogsahoy and @voltronpaella since I tagged you three blessings in the first part so I may as well tag you in this, too.

This part is what’s currently happening with our favorite blue paladin. Enjoy! or don’t enjoy because everything i write is sad af

“You’re awake.”

The voice carried immeasurable relief, which Lance couldn’t help but consider odd, seeing as he didn’t recognize it.

He blinked, eyes adjusting blearily to the dim prison cell. Consciousness, unfortunately, brought the pain in his side with it. He shifted his gaze to the person leaning over him, who appeared to be pressing a cloth to the stab wound.

And Lance sucked in a breath. He knew those eyes. The color of the hair, the pale skin, even down to the small build. Lance recognized it all.

Despite never seeing the boy in person before, Lance knew without a shred of doubt that he was looking at none other than Matt Holt.

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Special Instructions (1/?)

Summary: Drunk Emma really likes pizza. She also really happens to like the cute delivery guy who seems content to carry out all of her wishes via the “Special Instructions” box on the website.  (AO3)
Rating: M (eventually)
Word Count: ~1700

This has been burning a hole on my desktop for a couple months now and I just really felt like if I didn’t start posting it would probably never get finished… I’m a couple chapters in with the writing but I think this is going to end up being like between 10 and 15 chapters, all roughly the same length if I can pull it. We’ll see how that goes. Anyway, this was gonna just be like a cheesy smut fic originally but I apparently like to overthink things and it became slightly cuter of an idea…

@stubble-sandwich THANKS FOR LETTING ME GUSH ABOUT THIS STUPID IDEA WITH YOU. Look at me, finally posting the fuckin pizza guy au… christ…

Special instructions: pls make smiley face with pepperoni, i could use something happy right now

She’d typically have left the box blank but Emma was currently full of self-pity and a little too drunk to really care how she appeared to the rest of the world.

Two years she’d spent with Walsh. Two years of warm embraces and whispered I love you’s and sweet kisses and integrating him into her close-knit group of friends despite some heavy resistance – especially from David; she reminded herself to give her brother a hug later for trying – and for what? 

For him to just “reconnect” with his ex at what was supposed to be their engagement party?

“I’m so sorry, Em. I never meant to hurt you like this. It just… happened. I can’t help how I feel.”

She scoffed in disgust. What an asshole. A total prick.

She finished off her fifth – sixth? – bottle of beer and popped open another. Maybe after another few she’d forget the sight of him with his tongue down that other woman’s throat. Maybe she’d forget the shock and guilt on his face when she’d dropped her glass of champagne at seeing them together, stunned to see her betrothed blatantly cheating on her by the bathrooms while their party guests mulled about in the main room, completely clueless.

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Fanart Monday!

My nex computer is all good and up to go, so I’ll regain the normal schedule again and I’ll start pages again this weekend~

For now, I’ll just thank you all guys for your patience, and let’s do fanart Monday :D

Fanart of the week by @thatcode​! (I had this on my askbox for some time, and I just have to say it’s fan-tastic. Amazing ♥)

More under the sexy cut ♥

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Meet The Potters

July “Summer Tropes” @jilychallenge ~ @petalstofish vs. @bantasticbeasts

Prompt: this water fight was such a good idea but oops now your shirt is see-through and DAmn you look good –> Companion fic to “First Meeting”

She’d gone running to Sirius’ after a bad fight with her mum since her own boyfriend was ‘basically in azkaban’ (or so James’ owl had read) for breaking into a restricted area of the Ministry of Magic on a internship tour. Sirius was good as a shoulder to lean on when Lily needed to talk to about how annoying families could be but Lily had wanted nothing more than to see James’ calming stare. As if he read her mind, her boyfriend was standing in front of her with inquisitive hazel eyes that studied her long skirts and lightly flowered white shirt.

Even though the shock of seeing him standing there on Sirius’ steps bold as brass was taking up a large portion of her brain, Lily couldn’t deny that James Potter looked exactly like Prince Charming at that very moment.

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by: @rosie-berber and @herpinkminkness

rating: explicit (for sexy times). also, be warned, lots of fluff.

read the whole darn thing on ao3

“Hola!” the friendly voice called from an adjoining room, hidden from view. “I’ll be right with you!”

“Thank you,” Castiel answered, walking up to the simple wooden counter, centerstage in the otherwise barren room. The hotel lobby lacks extravagance, sure, but the walls were painted a cheerful yellow, the color of the little faces in texts he sometimes received from Sam. A few pamphlets in Spanish sat in cubbies along on the wall, each promising a unique and beautiful experience of Costa Rica. But there was no pamphlet for the experience he’d planned.

“Thank you for waiting.” The voice belonged to a woman of effortless beauty, who had come sweeping out of the side room. She was dressed simply, her brown fuzzy hair pulled neatly into a poof of a braid, her dark eyes highlighted only by her long lashes. She let out a long breath as she flashed him a kind grin, before continuing. “How can I help you?”

“We need a room. Errr, a cabin.” Castiel struggled with remembering the right term - his Spanish was rusty. “For three nights. Do you have anything?”

“We?” The prod was good-natured, accompanied by a quirked eyebrow at his lack of company as she retrieved a dusty log book from under the counter. Yes, it seems they were quite off the beaten path. Perfect. Just what Dean needs.

“My, uh, companion is outside,” Castiel clarified and she nodded, taking a few minutes to detail the cabins she had available. He selected the furthermost one, lining the outside of the small area that comprised all the cabins, and facing the active volcano. It had been nearly dusk as they’d arrived at the offbeat site, and they could see trace amounts of smoke from it pressed against the orange sky. He’d left Dean outside to watch it. Just before passing the threshold to the lobby, Castiel turned to observe him, silently standing and watching it plume. Such a rare gift, to watch Dean taking a moment to just … be.

He found Dean in the same position in the barren area designated as a parking lot, eyes fixed towards the sky. Cas quietly moved towards him, juggling keys and a handful of pamphlets. The kind woman had insisted he take some, explaining that zip-lining and the sky bridges were some of the most beautiful in the world. They’d get to it - they had time. Now it was much more critical that they practice the near-unheard-of art of doing nothing.

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55 Words

A word from the person who wrote this: Hi. I love Lin-Manuel Miranda. The title (I suck at titles I guess) comes from 55 fiction. It’s this writing thing and it’s pretty much what it sounds like, write fiction in only 55 words (it’s harder than you think). I got this idea because we’re doing it in my English Composition class and yeah. I put a romance-y twist on it because why not. This is basically the relationship of the reader and Lin through 55 word messages. I hope this makes sense and no one else has done this. I’ve rambled for far too long. Yikes, sorry.

It started with an assignment. Write a story  which led to a note that was handed off by a flustered boy before he darted off, citing he needed to make it to his next class.

There’s a girl in my English class. She might not notice me but I see her. She is smart and beautiful. She is quiet and kind. This assignment is my courage to say something to her in the hopes I might be lucky enough for her to see me the way that I see her.


Did his name count towards the 55 words? Probably not, that’d be 51. Hopefully he wasn’t using this for his assignment either, the professor might not totally appreciate it. The next class, you walked with determined steps, knowing he’d be there early (he always was), and almost slammed a piece of paper down in front of him. You met his eyes and smiled before heading to your seat.

There’s a boy in my English class. He’s as quiet as me but is much smarter. His words are as beautiful as he is handsome. I’m thankful that this assignment has given him the courage I would never have because he’s all I think about and I’m glad he feels the way that I do.


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anonymous asked:

Hey, I was wondering if I could have scenarios with tsukki, oikawa, and noya helping their s/o get over losing one of their best friends? I'm having a hard time myself with this and your writing is also amazing so I thought I'd ask~

i’m so sorry that it took me so long to get to this. i’m the queen of getting friend-dumped so i know exactly how tough it is. i hope since you’ve sent this in, you’ve been able to find happiness and grow closer to the other friends you have and that if you have, that these don’t dredge up any bad feelings

i’m looking for new admins to run this blog with me! details are here for anyone interested

if you like what i do and want to show your support, consider supporting me on ko-fi!


“I think you understand, ____, why we’ve reached this point.”

It’s time. You’d been anticipating this for a while, it was just a matter of how it would happen.

The sun starts to set when they say this. Club activities concluded a little while ago, and though you’d normally bid your friend a goodbye and walk home with Tsukishima and Yamaguchi, today was different. Instead, the two of you loitered around the sports club rooms while you waited for the boys. You made a seat out of the stairwell while you friend stood, arms crossed over their chest.

Your silence and downcast gaze is answer enough for them to elaborate. “I don’t know how I can continue to be your friend if I barely see you outside of school. And texts and phone calls don’t cut it. The only person you spend time with anymore is Tsukishima.”

Another silent moment passes. You let out a sigh.

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Lie to Me | 07

You couldn’t imagine that your short stay in Stockholm would eventually lead to meeting three boys which are definitely keeping some big secrets. - Now, getting more and more involved with them, you slowly find out about their past and what happened to them to become like this.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Gang AU
Who: BTS Jimin x Reader
Word count: 3,6 K

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 8 Part 9

Originally posted by marikit257

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hawk!Clint and dove!Phil bc I had a serious need =v=;;

The Future of the Trainees

These are just some opinions about the trainees whose position evaluation stages were already aired, their skills and their chances of passing the elimination/making it into the final group.

Playing with Fire

Kang Dongho (Rank 20 -> Rank 8)

Chances - He really went up in ranks a lot and is now the third Nu’est member to get into the Top 11. And honestly, I am not sure if he can keep this place till the next elimination. First of all, I don’t think neither Mnet nor Korean viewers want three Nu’est members to debut in the final group. I don’t think they want any three trainees from any company to debut, two seems to be the max (as evidenced by last season with the Jellyfish girls). And considering, that Jonghyun is practically a guaranteed pick at this moment, I guess that it’s a fight between Minhyun and Dongho for the second spot. Minhyun has been in the Top 11 all weeks but when and at the moment his rank is higher than Dongho’s, but I think Dongho is getting more attention from Mnet. I am not sure whether that attention is good or not because the editing of Dongho in the last episode could go either way (I don’t know Korean but I think I got a gist of the conflict by translating the subtitles). On one hand it seemed like netizens liked the tough guy image from the previous episodes so its return might be a way of keeping him in the high ranks. On the other hand viewers might find it a bit much and turn their backs on him. I don’t know which way Mnet wants it to go, I don’t know how netizens will react, but what I do know is that Minhyun is obviously more on the pretty boy side and has a less confrontational personality which is probably more up the alley for people watching this show. Dongho will obviously make it into the Top 22 but I wouldn’t count on him getting into the final group.

Skills – Dongho has a beautiful voice and did wonderfully in the ‘Playing with Fire’ performance. He also has amazing stage presence but that should be a given considering how much experience he has on stage. His dancing skills aren’t spectacular but, considering the fact that he’s probably aiming for the main vocal position, they don’t really need to be.

Lee Daehwi (Rank 7 -> Rank 10)

Chances - Daehwi’s rank keeps falling but he remains in the Top 11 which is pretty amazing if you take into account that Hyungseob’s and Hyunbin’s ranks have fallen a lot more following the hate that they received. It’s hard to tell if Daehwi is slowly slipping down or if that’s just his place now and he will remain there until the end of the show. And neither of these scenarios guarantees him a place in the final group. I used to think that Daehwi would get into the group for sure that it’s kinda hard for me to imagine it without him. There is of course the chance of him going up in ranks and I do think that that’s what Mnet really wants, considering the fact that not only did they show his ‘humble’ side in the last episode but they kept showing him cutely reacting to different stages and he was present in the previews and the BTS videos. It does beg the question of what the hell Mnet was thinking in the previous episodes if they wanted him to be in the final group. I don’t know if they miscalculated or just didn’t think it through but they are definitely working hard to salvage the situation. And again, considering the fact that he is still in the Top 11 (and is one of only five other trainees who’s been there every week), they might be able to. Plus Daehwi did an amazing job in the Position Evaluation (just like the rest of the teammates – I would’ve accepted anyone being #1) and people seemed to really like the scene of him blowing the confetti away (although it probably didn’t look as pretty on the stage) because I have seen a ton of GIFs of this moment and Mnet replayed it a bunch of times.

Skills – I keep forgetting that Daehwi is one of the youngest contestants – he looks that good and professional on stage. I personally really like his voice (especially in his ‘Paper Hearts’ cover) and appreciate how stable he always sounds. His specialty isn’t dancing but he’s obviously very good at it and is very fast at picking up new choreographies which is a nice bonus. He’s such a well-rounded performer at his age; it would be a shame if he doesn’t make it in.

Jung Sewoon (Rank 13 -> Rank 15)

Chances – Sewoon’s rank keeps fluctuating near the cut off line for the Top 11 and he did once make it in so it’s not really a big deal that he fell a little since last week. Especially if you take in the fact that he actually got screentime in this episode, got to show off his leadership skills, not only sang beautifully but played guitar during the evaluation and won first place in his group. (I did say that I would’ve accepted any member as #1 but I was super happy it was him.) So there’s a pretty decent chance that Sewoon will make it into the Top 11 at the next elimination. I wish I was more certain but there are just around five trainees that you can expect in the Top 11 for sure and then like 20 other guys who could potentially take up the other ranks and it’s hard to tell who it’s gonna be. He did have a high ranking even before he got a decent amount of screentime so if I had to bet I would say that he will make it into the Top 11 at the next elimination. As for making it into the final group – I think he’s always going to be around the cut-off line so it’s gonna be that last voting that really decides his fate.

Skills - I love the way he sings. When Sewoon plays the guitar, he just looks like he is really enjoying himself and he doesn’t care if he sounds great or not even though he does in fact sound great. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he fits into an idol performance as well. And he’s a good enough dancer, at least enough that he fits in with the other trainees.

Choi Minki (Rank 19 -> Rank 18)

Chances – I always get upset when I see that some members are obviously being completely ignored when they show a group practicing.  You could barely tell that Minki was even present there. They showed the Dongho vs. Sewoon confrontation, they showed Daehwi giving his input and they showed Minki sitting in the corner being silent. They had time to show him suggesting something or agreeing with something or even making some joke but they very obviously decided against it. And again I think it’s because they don’t need that many trainees from one company being near the top. They are paying quite a bit attention to the other three members (which is already pretty impressive) so they feel like they have to make the fourth one lay low (they are also doing the same with Donghyun from BNM). And honestly, I think I understand that. Fine, they don’t have to pay much attention to Minki, they don’t have to play up the drama around him, they don’t have to show us his struggles, but not airing a single scene where he talks is a bit too much (and I am going to complain about other trainees getting the same treatment). Especially considering that their team had only 4 members. However, his low rank in comparison to the other Nu’est members could help him. It might get the fans to notice that he needs more votes, so I actually think that he could have a higher rank by the next elimination. And again he’s obviously making it into the Top 22, but I don’t really think that he has a chance of getting into the final group.

Skills – I though he was the weakest vocal in his group but he had such amazing stage presence (which again partially comes from years of experience on stage) that it didn’t matter and I could’ve seen him being #1. Overall, Minki’s a good dancer and has stable vocals so he’s also pretty well-rounded.

PS. I loved how they made sure that they all had something memorable about them – Dongho being the main vocal, Sewoon playing the guitar, Daehwi with his confetti and Minki with his sunglasses. It was really cute especially considering that they were all in the Top 20 and didn’t need to remind anyone who they were but still did anyway.

Game Of Opportunity

Yongguk - You

Genre: Light smut/ action

Word count: 1,932

Summary: Gambling can be dangerous, so does luck.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, said Roman philosopher Seneca once.

Luck does not exist in the world we live in. Odds? Maybe. However, in the world of gambling, luck favors the intelligent, and turns its back to the ones who lack it.

So I wanted to give it a try.

That’s what left me broke in front of a slot machine, in the middle of a casino.

Such intelligence…

It was supposed to be a nice vacation, away from the troubles that bothered me. At least that’s how it started.

It was my last night in sin city and the hotel that I was staying, being one of the biggest of its kind,  it also had a great casino. A tempting one.

I was at the bar the day before, near the machines, and after seeing how people enjoyed themselves, it looked rather easy as well.

The bartender that served me, Himchan, was also a player himself. The good looking man taught me a thing or two before encouraging my attempts.

Unlucky? Or just plain stupid?

Now I must have been looking troubled as he waved and laughed while talking to another customer. His little action made the other man, dressed in a nice suit and a coat, turn to look at my direction, his smile that was identical to the bartenders, turning into a smirk.

He got up, taking his drink with him and walking towards my seat.

“No luck tonight?” He asked, placing his free hand on the machine, leaning in.

“I didn’t think I could win.” I answered, trying to look decent.

“Yet you are here, playing.”

“My last night.” I sighed “One should try to see if they are good at it. Don’t you think?”

“I think you need someone to show you.” He chuckled lightly “It’s my last night as well. Why don’t we keep each other company?”

“Rich boy, looking for a girl to be his accessory for the night?” I questioned, folding my arms in front of me in a protective manner.

How to change the game of seduction,

Rule number one: Play hard to get…

“More like a player looking for a charm.” He raised his eyebrows and turned towards the machine “What is there to lose?”

This made me smile. He was clearly mocking me with his actions, as I lost all of my money on a machine.

“Humor. A good way to pick up.” I said “Lead the way.”

“Yongguk.” He said motioning himself as he offered his arm, putting down the empty glass “At your service.”

After telling him mine, he started walking towards the tables, away from the lounge.

There was a young man near a blackjack dealer, tall and lean, looking directly at us. “Here to play?” He asked with a devilish smile as we passed.

“Not your game Junhong.”

“What a shame.” He said with the saddest voice one could imagine, yet he was still smiling “I was looking for a worthy player.”

“You were looking for someone with money.” Yongguk answered looking behind his back.

As we walked away the boys laughter echoed between the people.

“Master of hand mucking.” He said after seeing my confused state “If you value your paychecks, do not play with Zelo.”

I noted the boys name on my mind as we proceeded. Poker tables were almost empty, but he had something else in mind.

“Roulette,” He said sitting on a chair as I stood behind him, leaning to the table “is what I like.”

“The game already had players when we joined. “Change please.” He said to the dealer.

“Don’t you think it’s a little bit too much?” I asked as I looked toward the cash he gave.

“See,” he showed placard “$10,000 maximum outside, I don’t play to lose.”

But he did.

Three times…


On the contrary, he still looked confident. Maybe roulette is pure luck like they say, I thought, he was so sure of himself.

His cheers filled my ears, interrupting my thoughts.

His fourth time was a hit.

However both the dealer and the players were as confused as I was, because he only bet three chips of hundred, a modest amount compared to what he lost.

“Why are you so surprised that I am happy?” he asked after the dealer questioned “Don’t you see the $5,000 chip at the bottom?”

“When they lifted other chips, it was there indeed. I didn’t see it, nor the others as it left us perplexed.

He took the cash, and my hand, walking towards another table. Quick to change.

This became the routine. He would lose a few rounds, it was always small amounts, and when he won -it was always the same way, the dealer didn’t see the other chip- we would move to another table.

At the end of the night he had more than a thousand dollars, doubling what he came to the casino with.

We were playing with an older man and his young ‘wife’ when an unfamiliar face came into the view, a man with glasses and a look that screamed madness, leaning towards my companion.

“What is it Jongup?”

“Kwon Ji-Yong is here” he said with a crooked smile “I heard he is looking for you.”

As the man left after a brief conversation, Yongguk turned towards me.

“There is a Chinese proverb” he spoke “If you must play, decide upon three things at the start. The rules of the game, the stakes,” he stopped for a second looking around “and the quitting time.”

I laughed as the took the cash he won “Is this when we quit?”

“Yes” he answered “one must quit when he is ahead.”

We walked quickly towards the magnificent stairs in the middle of the casino, leading towards the hotel lounge.  The place was quiet compared to the tables that was filled with players.

“Are you going to tell me how you did it?” I asked

Rule two: Seem interested with his affairs…

“Did what?” He smiled innocently.

“Cheat. It’s like you created chips out of thin air.”

“So you realized after so many rounds” he mocked “Cheating is such an ugly word.”

He was trying to put the money inside his crimson bag and climb the stairs at the same time, which made him look like a clumsy child.

“What do you call it then?”

“Creative thinking and the art of illusion.” He smirked

“Then may I ask how you used that illusion?”

“First of all, I am great with my hands.” He said with his deep voice, winking.

This would make other women week on their knees and I was not afraid to admit I was one of them.

“These are actually my secrets. But I will make an exception.” He continued smiling.

“Ever heard of ‘The Savannah’? It is a move that was created by a great player Richard Marcus. Let’s say the lowest you can bet is a hundred dollars. He would start with it and put three, hundred chips. If he won he would be yelling and clapping. No one would understand why he was so happy with such low bet. Then he would alert them with the fact that there was a chip with a greater amount underneath the ‘hundred’ chips.”

He stopped, now on the top of the stairs, and looked towards the bar where Himchan was talking with an angry man as he yelled, trying to calm him down.

“The smaller denomination chips were pushed slightly forward to cover up the larger one, the dealer never saw it. And if he lost he would quickly remove the larger chip when everyone was watching the wheal.”

He walked towards the elevator, getting bored with the bartenders’ and the mans actions.

“Who is Jinyoung?” I asked as I followed him.

“You ask too many questions.” He replied but didn’t stop

“He is someone who realized how I played and got angry. But unlike you,” he motioned the bar with his head “He wasn’t there to warm my bed after the game.”

“Who said I was going to?” I said, surprised with his bold remark.

“You are following me to my room dear.” He replied laughing.

The thought of spending the night with such a man, however, was oddly pleasing. After the doors of the elevator closed, I looked at my purse to see if what I needed was still there.

“Don’t worry.” He spoke looking at my bag “I have plenty of that in my room.”

I turned around smiling “I wasn’t looking for that.”

He shrugged as the doors opened. The floor looked different than the corridor I stayed in. It was decorated with expensive paintings and sculptures.

“Suits are on this floor.” He said snickering as he opened a black double door. “Today needs celebration don’t you think?”

“Champaign?” I asked after I walked towards the personal bar, preparing my purse.

Rule three: Distraction and seeking opportunities…

“Sure.” He said locking the door “Too bad that this is our last night.” He continued “I might have kept you for a time.”

“I am not an object.” I turned around laughing. He was now sitting on the bed, removing his coat. “Here” I said handing him the drink “To your luck.”

He looked at the bag of money with a devilish smirk. His left hand reached towards the hem of my dress, playing with it.

“To my luck.” He said finishing the drink he was holding. “Winning such an amount, meeting a pretty girl, who is now in my room” his hand traveled towards my waist “Don’t you think it is an amazing coincidence?”

I answered after looking at my watch “Us meeting love,” I snickered “was not a coincidence.” Taking a few steps back, I got rid of his hand, walking towards the bag, near a dresser “For such fast hands, you are quite slow.”

He stood up and removed his tie, waving his free hand in front of his face that turned red.

“What do you mean?” he asked troubled.

“Didn’t your mommy teach you not to take candy from strangers?”

Rule number four: Use the distraction…


He looked at his hand, realization hitting him. Throwing the now empty glass, his palms found his neck, eyes open wide.

“I never really understood why villains bothered to tell their entire plan, when they can just walk away.” I said as he tried to move forward, only to fail, falling on his knees. “But now I do. And after you generously taught me the way you play, I will tell you my plan.”

He tried to get up, holding the bed, now furious, but his feet disobeyed him as his eyes started to close.

“I can see you don’t have much time so I will cut it short. Your bartender friend, he was supposed to be where you are right now. But after he told me how you were way better, and because I don’t play with small amounts, I changed my target.” I said walking towards the crimson bag, kneeling down and closing it.

“Y-you…” he trailed “Thief.”

“Thief is such an ugly word” I mimicked our previous conversation “I call it the art of borrowing. You cheat the game, I cheat the life.”

He collapsed on the floor not having any strength left, as the drug took over his mind.

“It won’t kill you.” I said taking his face between my hands after balancing the bag on my back as he closed his eyes.

“Goodnight Yongguk. It was a pleasure meeting you.”

You successfully turned the game of seduction to the game of opportunity…

The image is from

The idea came after I watched mvs, hurricane and excuse me.

I would appreciate feedback as I am not sure if this was good enough or not.

Anyways…Thank you for reading^^


anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your writing like it's rlly fricken good! So my request is; The reader is the short & loud manager of Aoba Johsai volleyball team and so she's really close to them, especially Oikawa. Since they have matches againts Shiratorizawa, Oikawa notices that Tendou has a crush on the reader. And threatens him if he hurts her, he'll regret it but helps him win her over. Please? Thank you!!

I actually love this request, so I hope you enjoy it! I had fun writing it, and I hope I wrote Tendou well enough because I don’t have much practice writing his character. Hopefully I can get better at it! Enjoy!

Oikawa had noticed Tendou looking at _________ at their recent practice match. Not simple glances like he normally saw people give their manager, but a lingering glance that left more to be said.  When her laugh echoed around the gym before the match and her loud voice permeated every space of the air, Oikawa had seen Tendou’s eyes fixed on her. And it bothered him.

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Namelessshipping: What If...

Chapter 3

Pairings: Red x Green Oak

Warnings: None

AU: Canon Divergence.

Red had made a hard choice: either take care of Green at the lab or take him home.

Red had opted for the second option and was still a bit uncertain he made the right choice, it had been forever since the two had seen each other. Bringing Green home might make things awkward but it might also give him the possibility to reconnect with Green. Though he wouldn’t get his hopes up too high, seeing how years without contact had made him a bit jaded when it came to his friendship with Green, if there even still was one. He glanced over his shoulder to look at Green laying on his couch with eevee curled up on top of his stomach with content. Green would be alright since Pikachu hadn’t seriously shocked him, just enough to knock the poor guy out. Now his yellow best friend was curled up on one of the dining chair, glowering at the couch.

He had tried scolding Pikachu for shocking Green like that, but his little friend wouldn’t listen, Pikachu was aggressively protective of Red sometimes and he knew Green was the one who hurt his trainer the most. Red sighed and turned back to his cooking, ever since his mother passed a few years ago, Red had to fend for himself. Luckily technology allowed him to watch and learn from videos on how to cook certain things, but it was never quite like when his mother was teaching him. He could recall when he was a kid, how he would beg his mom to teach him how to make cookies in attempts to impress and make Green happy by sharing cookies that Red made himself. His mother always indulged him, even if she was a hard working single mother, it wasn’t often they got to spend time together.

She always acted kind and motherly towards Green too, knowing that Green had lost his mother and Daisy was left to really take care of her younger brother. Green had adored Red’s mother, so it was a bit of a surprise when Red hadn’t seen Green at her funeral. He wouldn’t lie he felt a bit angry at the time, but it was just one more thing that Red got over. Green likely had a good reason to miss it, he was a busy man and being champion was a demanding job, if Red had become champion he would likely be the one missing his mother’s funeral instead. He pushed around the stir fried udon noodles in the pan, not wanting to burn the food with his distracting thoughts, he was trying to make sure Green had a decent homecooked meal, fairly certain Green likely didn’t cook with his hectic schedule.

Hearing a groan, Red glanced over his shoulder again, seeing Green push himself up into a sit, eevee letting out a sound of complaint from being disturbed and falling onto her trainer’s lap. Red’s heart raced a little, what was he supposed to do now that Green was awake? He didn’t have Green’s number so he couldn’t communicate that way and he wasn’t even sure if Green remembered sign language anymore. On the outside, Red looked cool and calm as always, but on the inside he was a ball of stress, worrying about every detail and thinking he made the wrong choice bringing Green here. Too late now, Green was awake and starting to gather his bearings.

“What the hell.” Green grumbled, causing a growl from Red’s Pikachu, drawing Green’s attention towards the kitchen and Red quickly looked back to the stir fry he was cooking, looking distracted and busy as if he hadn’t noticed Green waking. For a while, only the sizzling in the pan was the noise in the open room, the kitchen, dining room, and living room were all connected in the small house, it was all his mother could afford really and Red didn’t hae a reason to sell it. Red couldn’t stall forever, especially seeing the food was done, so he had to move to the cabinets and pull out a couple of plates, setting a decent enough amount of noodles and chicken onto each plate, trying to drag it out as long as he could, but Green was the first one to break the silence.

“Who are you and what am I doing here?”

Red paused for a moment, it was no surprise Green wouldn’t recognize him from his back alone. He wasn’t exactly a scrawny little boy anymore that followed after Green’s every footstep. He’d hit his growth spurt late, but when he did, he sprouted up quickly. Working with Pokemon at the lab had definitely given him some musculature as well, he was a very hands-on type of lab assistant and sometimes wild Pokemon needed to be strong-armed at times.Sighing, his shoulders slumping a little as he gave up on trying to avoid this conversation. He turned around to face Green finally, red eyes met amber ones as Red locked gazes, refusing to blink or even breathe in anticipation for what might come. At First Green looked confused, then startled. Not a lot of people had red eyes, none had the same ones that seemed to look right through someone and yet be so expressive in moments of weakness.

Green jumped to his feet, making eevee leap to the ground and huff at her trainer’s rude disposal of her from his lap. “Red?” Red’s heart sped up at hearing his name from Green, though his voice wasn’t as higher pitched as it had been when they were kids. Further reminding Red that this Green wasn’t the same one from his childhood, when things were more simple and less complicated. He gave a little nod of confirmation before turning around to pick up the plates and walking over to set them on the table, he glanced over at Green in question before tapping at the table, asking him if he would like to eat. Green still appeared to be in shock as he moved quietly over to the table and dropped down into one of the chairs no occupied by Pikachu. He stared bewildered at Red as Red moved to the fridge to retrieve bottles of water, the only thing he really had.

“Where have you been, Red?” Green finally demanded, causing Red to pause after he placed the bottles on the table, lofting a brow and looking at Green in question. Now Green was curious what he’d been doing all this time? He couldn’t get angry, he chided himself and set down in his chair. He supposed it was a justified question, Red had never reached out to Green either, so he was just as guilty. Before he picked up his chopsticks he signed slowly in short words, in case Green was rusty on his sign language.

‘Work at lab.’

He motioned one hand in the direction of Green’s grandfather’s lab to further specify where he’d been. This entire time. He glanced up at Green, seeing his friend was still staring at him as if he’d seen a ghost. It made Red feel a bit bad, he should’ve sent a letter to Green or something, but he’d just been so scared, even after all these years. He was scared of what might be the truth. What if Green was no longer his friend? No longer cared? Red couldn’t handle that. He was terrible at making friends and Green had been the only one who had gotten close enough to Red that Red had been completely open and trusting towards the other boy. So it hurt, still did, but Red managed.

“You’ve been working at my stubborn ol’ man’s place this entire time? How can you stand him?” Green bit out, it seemed Green’s relations with his grandfather still weren’t great even after all this time. Red sighed again, lifting up a bit of noodles to eat, occupying his hands so he didn’t have to answer Green’s question. Of course, that didn’t stop Green from continuing on with talking. It never had and Red was a bit pleased to know that hadn’t changed. Green filled in the silence that Red created, allowing Red to relax and not feel pressured to join in on the conversation that Green was perfectly capable of having with himself.

“You’ve been the one posting pictures of my eevee, aren’t you?” Green’s eyes focused on Red, making him a bit uncomfortable but it didn’t show as he swallowed his food and took a pull from his water bottle, leaving Green waiting. Red was always slow and methodical in everything he did, the complete opposite of Green’s fast paced, wild lifestyle he still hasn’t grown out of it appeared. Finally Red nodded as he poked around his noodles for a bit of chicken, he couldn’t hide it as his Pikachu had been in a lot of those pictures too, it wouldn’t take a genius to connect the dots so there was no point in lying.

“I, uh, thought someone stole her since the pictures weren’t in the lab where I sent her.” Green actually looked a bit sheepish for once as he looked around the house, recognizing some of the things that had been in the pictures with his eevee. Now that his anger had subsided, maybe Red would be able to see a more rational side of Green, watching his childhood friend begin to eat, the smell of cooked food began to convince Green that eating was more important than talking. Red waited, wanting to see Green’s expression, no one had ate his cooking before so he would like an opinion of someone he figured might still be close to him. Green’s expression looked like he was in heaven after the first bite and began to eat with a bit more earnest, allowing Red to settle a bit in his chair.

He glanced over at his phone resting on the table beside his plate, then over at Green who was busy lifting noodles to his mouth. Casually, Red reached over to pick up his phone, looking as if he was checking his messages before trying to subtly angle his phone so the camera held a good angle of Green eating. Right as he pressed the capture button, Green chose then to look up with a bit of noodles hanging from his mouth, a bit of soy sauce smeared on one corner of his lips all the while looking surprised and confused. However, that didn’t last long as Green suddenly realized what had just happened from the camera shutter sound. He bit off the noodles, letting them fall back to his plate before swallowing the rest quickly as he glared at Red.

“Hey! Delete that right this instant, Red! I’m not playing!”

royal pain in the ass - part 1

Pairing: prince! jung wooseok x reader

Summary: “You’re a royal pain in the ass.”

Part: 1/?

“You here?”

“Yeah, give me a minute! I’m a little occupied right now!” I yell back, grunting and dragging the last of the bags of flour across the floor.

“But your lover’s here! Better be quick if you want to see him!”

“Ah, don’t say that. It’s not true!” The familiar voice complains. I groan and shake my head, not liking the fact that he’s here. I finish putting away the flour and walk up to the front.

“You called?” I ask, raising an eyebrow at the pair. Jinho grins and nods while Wooseok groans. I sigh. “How many times do I have to tell you, Wooseok’s not my lover?”

“You’re going to need a good amount,” Jinho laughs and I stare blankly at him.

“That was a rhetorical question.”

“I’m right here, you know? I can hear everything you’re saying.”

“Congrats, would you like a medal?” I avert my attention to Wooseok, growing bored of the conversation between the prince and I already. He clicks his tongue and rolls his eyes. I smile as I turn back to Jinho. “Are you here to pick up the batches of sweets Hongseok requested?”

Jinho nods, wanting to go sneak a peek at them. I laugh, moving aside for him to go past the counter. He marvels over them, turning to me with impressed eyes.

“You made all of these?”

“My father baked them, but I made them look nice.”

“They look so good!” Jinho grins.

“They are some you can try. They’re on the tray over there.” I point to where they are on the long counter, sending him off. I turn back around, only to crash into Wooseok. I groan, glaring at him. His signature smirk graces his lips as he looks at me. “You’re annoying.”

“I can say the same thing about you.”

I roll my eyes and walk off to clean around the bakery. Wooseok stands by the counter before finally sitting down at one of the tables. I sigh deeply, seeing as how he kept looking around, trying to find something to do.

“You know, my offer was for the both of you.”

Wooseok clears his throat and shuffles towards me. “I knew that. I was just waiting for you to say something.”

“Am I supposed to do everything for you?”

“Obviously, I’m your prince after all,” He says and grows closer to me. I scoff.

“You’re so aggravating! Just go eat!”

“Gladly. I’ll get to be away from you.”

I throw my hands in defeat and shake my head. “I give up with you!”

“You two are clearly flirting, stop denying it, “Jinho comments, leaving the prince to eat by himself. Wooseok pouts, but quickly turns away when he catches me peeking at him. I scoff and roll my eyes. Jinho giggles.

“Doesn’t the prince have places to be? Things to do?”

“He’s doing one of those ‘things’ now.”

“Annoying the hell out of me is one of those things?”

“No, silly. He’s observing the town.”

“And is the bakery the only place you’ve gone today?” I ask, raising an eyebrow and crossing my arms. Jinho’s eyes widen for a second and he clears his throat.



“He was the one who wanted to come here!”

“Now that I know is a lie.”

“Even though he won’t admit it, he begged to come here.”

“All I’m hearing are lies.”

“Why else do you think he’s not trying to deny it?”

“Because he’s busy stuffing his mouth with my food.” I point to the prince behind us, munching away with a happy grin. His eyes widen when he catches us looking and waves. I sigh and shake my head as I turn back to Jinho.

He quickly points at me. “That doesn’t count.”

“Can we go now? I’m bored.”

“But you wanted-” Jinho was cut off by Wooseok’s hand. The prince turns to me and scoffs, shaking his head.

“Don’t listen to him.”

“I’m older than you!” He exclaims, removing his hand. Wooseok innocently smiles and chuckles.

“See, why can’t you be decent towards me too? If you were like that with me, I’d be nice too.”

“No, I still haven’t forgiven you for that one time.”

“We were children! Get over it.”

“What happened when you were children?”

“Nothing, don’t worry about it.”

“Aw, Wooseok’s all embarrassed because he got spooked by yours truly.” I smirk and place my chin on the palm of my hand. Jinho turns to the prince, stifling a laugh.

“I don’t want to talk to about it. Can we go now?”

“You’re like a little kid.”

Wooseok ignores me and turns to the older boy. Jinho sighs.

“I don’t understand why you two can’t get along.”

“Ask Shinwon why, apparently he knows all.”

“He really does,” I gasp and the boys look at me. I giggle as they’re suddenly intrigued. “He told me some things about people I was curious about. I don’t know where he gets his information from, but they’re actually scary accurate.”

“I told you having him was a right move.” Jinho smiles proudly and nods. Wooseok rolls his eyes.

“I didn’t say that it was wrong to have him. We already had Yanan-”

“Take your bickering outside, you two. I have a bakery to help run.”

“Why do you interrupt me, but not him?” Wooseok complains and I roll my eyes.

“Because I like him and not you. You’re an annoying brat.”

Wooseok scoffs. “As if I’m the brat. Have you seen yourself in the mirror lately?”

“I have and I must say I’m looking really good.”

“You know you can’t deny that one when you’ve said-” Jinho was once again cut by Wooseok’s hand. The older boy groans, trying to pry it off.

“He said nothing.”


“I don’t like you.”

“Again, I don’t like you either. Now, go.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“You just said-Wooseok, this is what I’m talking about. You’re such a brat.”

“A brat that you seem to have a crush on.”

Reigning Champions; Part Four

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirst Party Saturday ho! This is set during/after Survivor Series, as I’m sure you all know. Tagging @tox-moxley, @hardcorewwetrash and @oraclegazes, as is my custom. Enjoy!

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50 times no, 1 time yes

Summary: Alex proposes to John, John says no. Alex is persistent and stubborn.

Note: I posted this on ao3 but I decided to post it here too :) enjoy the domestic fluffy cutenessssss

Alex could say a few things about himself he knew to be true. His IQ was far above average, but his decision making skills could be a little more up to par(as he has been told before). He was a damn good journalist and could out write anyone on any given topic. He was also an asshole sometimes. It was more than likely because of that, that most of his relationships never lasted. Another thing about him was that he was persistent and stubborn. It was this stubbornness that had him in the situation that he was in right now.

“You should marry me” He said simply as he let his head rest in his boyfriends lap. John scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“This is probably the fifteenth time you’ve asked me and the answer is still no.” John said, but there was a hint of endearment behind the annoyance. It was actually the thirty-seventh time he had asked, but who’s keeping count? This had been going on for over a month now. Alexander had asked his boyfriend of almost two years now to marry him, but John had said no.

“You know I’m going to keep asking until you say yes” Alex said, repeating the same words as the first time John had rejected him. John hummed and looked down at Alex.

“And I’m going to keep saying no until I think you’re serious and not just going on another tangent” John said and leaned down, pressing their lips together in a soft kiss. Alex leaned into it, content for the moment, but still just as intended on asking John again later that day.

For not one month, but two, Alex would ask for John’s hand

“I really love you want want you to marry me”

“I love you too baby, but no”

Only to be shot down. May and June had passed like nothing and Alexander was running thin on his ever strong patience. He had a plan, though. One he had started from day one of the proposal disaster. He still had count of each proposal he had made to John. They were on fourty-nine now.

“You know, this is really nice of you, driving down with me to visit my family on the fourth..” John’s voice brought him from his thoughts and he looked over at John.

“Of course. You always spend the fourth of July with your family and I didn’t go with you any year I thought I should this year since I’m not busy with work” Alex hummed, watching John from the passenger side seat. Honestly, Alex thought John was too good for him. John’s smile made his heart beat quicker and his laugh sounded akin to angels singing…and dont even get Alexander started on his freckles. He had told him before that he could probably map the night sky with his freckles and that even every star in the sky couldnt amount to how beautiful Alex thought John was. It was safe to say Alex had it hard for the man.

“I know you don’t like my dad much either, so I’m happy you’re putting that aside to be with me here this year” John smiled at him and Alex thought his heart might stop.
“You’re know that, right?” Alex said and John’s face turning red made him smile some.

“Yeah. Its hard not to know when you tell me every two seconds” John teased.

“No, really Jack. I don’t know why you’re with me sometimes. You’re so perfect and I’m just…me” Alex murmured, using that nickname for John and reaching across to brush his hand against his cheek. John leaned into his touch and his hot skin warmed the cold of Alex’s hand. Alexander was telling the truth, though. Some days he didn’t understand what John saw in him. His hair was rarely really brushed and just pulled back to make it look decent. His nose was a little crooked from the time in college he got it broken in a fight and, against what everyone said, he set it himself instead of paying money he didn’t have to go to the hospital. He had dark circles under his eyes from the lack of sleep he got on a daily basis. He got angry easily and yelled when he was frustrated. He very rarely thought before he spoke leading to a lot of fights between them. He didn’t deserve John, but yet here he was sitting next to him.

“Alex…” John sighed and parked the car once they were in the parking lot of a McDonalds. They were both hungry and had decided to stop for food almost ten minutes ago. John turned to him with a serious look on his face.

“Alexander Hamilton I love you. Do you understand that? I love you because you’re sweet, kind, handsome, and funny. Because you’re such a nerd and don’t realize it half the time. Because you know what to say to make me feel better when I’ve had a bad day. Because you tolerate me when I have a nightmare an pull you away from the little sleep you manage to get at night. Because you look at me like a blind man seeing the night sky for the first time. You make me feel loved and you let me love you just as much and its all I could ever want in my life. I love you. I mean it and it goes so far beyond words.” He said and Alex didn’t give himself any time to think, just leaning over and catching his lips in a needy kiss. He wasnt the best with his emotions and sometimes his anxiety got the best of him and he didn’t like to talk about those they build up and up until they pour out like in this moment.

“I love you too..” he breathed out once they parted.

“Hey..” Alex hummed as they were getting out of the car, lacing his fingers together with John’s

“Yeah?” John replied, looking at him curiously.

“Do you love me more than turtles?” Alex asked with a sheepish smile. John rolled his eyes, but chuckled.

“Yes, Al. Even more than turtles” he chuckled out,walking inside with him.

Nervousness had turned to straight anxiety by now, but Alexander was trying to stave it off with some game on his phone. Alex had never met John’s family before in the two years they had been together..though Alex had his reasons. One of these reason, for instance, was because Henry Laurens, Johns father, was very disapproving of their relationship. John and Alex both knew if Henry said anything, that Alex would have words to say afterwards. Before the drive even began, though, Alex promised to hold his tongue. It seemed to make John happy..and if his John was happy then Alex was happy. He was sure things couldn’t be too bad.

He was wrong. He was very wrong. The moment they pulled up, Alex could feel John’s nervousness. Reaching over, he gave his hand a little squeeze before they got out.

“I’ll grab the bags” Alex offered as John popped open the trunk.

“Alright” he sighed and Alex offered him a small smile as he got out.

“Hey Alex?” he heard John ask and he looked back, having just been about to shut the car door.

“Yeah?” he asked and John gave him an anxiety filled smile.

“I love you” he said and Alexander felt his heart flutter, though he could still feel the worry weighing down on him.

“I love you too” he said and shut the door, going around to grab their bags. As he grabbed them he could hear John getting out of the car, then the front door to the large house opening. Now, Alexander knew John had a lot of siblings(a lot being more than one in his eyes), but he had almost forgot that John was the oldest of five until four people left the house, one woman, two teen boys, and a younger(preteen possibly?)girl.

“Jackie!” the youngest squealed, jumping up for a hug, which John happily gave. He didnt seem as nervous as before, Alex noted silently as he shut the trunk. The siblings were chatting happily when Alex wandered over.

“You look a lot calmer now” Alex murmured to him as he stood by him.

“I am” he hummed and sat the younger girl down.

“Martha, James, Henry, Mary, this is my boyfriend Alex” John introduced him and Alex gave a small smile in greeting. The oldest, Martha, gave him a once over before nodding.

“I approve” she said bluntly and John’s face heated some.

“Martha..” he said in a tone of warning and the brother, Henry hummed.

“So you’re doing our brother?” he said and John gave a noise similar to a yelp, covering Mary’s ears.

“Henry, Jesus can you be any less subtle- Don’t answer that” he said and the girl huffed.

“Jack I hear way worse at school” she said and to say the least, Alex liked these kids. Okay, Martha wasnt a kid, but the statement still stood.

“I like your siblings John.” He teased and kissed John’s deeply reddening cheek.

“You’re all terrible. Should be ashamed. I’m never speaking to any of you again. I hate all of you” John muttered and Alex laughed.

“Babe you never stop talking, ever. Hey. James, right? Wanna show me where I can take these bags?” He said, walking on past them as Henry and Martha burst out laughing while John let out a whine of embarrassment. He knew John didn’t mind the teasing, though.

James seemed to be the quiet one seeing as he barely spoke more than a few words the who way to the room. They stopped in front of a door and James opened it so Alex didn’t have to put the bags down.

“Thanks man” Alex said and was about to walk in when James stopped him. He paused and looked at him curiously.

“I havent seen John like this for awhile..happy, I mean.” he said, voice soft. Alex’s gaze softened and the managed a smile.

“Of course. I’d do anything to make him happy..Hey actually, can I ask a favor. Its for John” he said and sat the bags inside the room.

Alex was resting on the bed about twenty minutes later when John came in, frown on his lips. He sat up immediately, concerned.

“Whats wrong?” he asked and moved to let John sit, wrapping his arms around him once he did.

“Just talked to my dad is all..” John murmured and Alex’s own frowned deepened now.

“Did he say something..?” he asked and John shook his head.

“No..well..kinda. He didn’t say anything directly, but the way he said things..I..ugh. He doesn’t want us in the same room together. ‘Only married couples can sleep in the same bed in my house’ yadda yadda yadda. Its just his old fashioned bullshit. I already told you we cant have sex while we’re here because of that and..god I want to smash my head into the wall sometimes!” John said in exasperation, but Alex could see tears in his eyes.

“Hey..Jack..look at me. It’ll be okay. Its just for tonight and tomorrow we can make up a bullshit excuse to go home after the fireworks. It’ll just be the same as the time you kicked me out of bed for proposing again after sex. Which. I mean it was a sneaky move on my part, but it was still a story to tell people eventually” Alex snickered as John’s eye roll.

“Does that sound okay though?” Alex asked, kissing the corners of his eyes where he could see tears threatening to fall.

“Yeah..that sounds good.” John murmured and pulled him in for a short and soft kiss. Alex leaned back and gave him a grin.

“Ya know..we could get hitched today and sleep in the same room tonight~” Alex purred and yelped as he was pushed from bed.

“Yep, I’m kicking you out. Your room is across the hall, two doors down. Take a shower and brush your hair before dinner. You have about..20 minutes so hurry” John said with a blank look of annoyance. Alex was sure he saw a hint of amusement in his eyes.

“Just saying, baby, its an option” He laughed and ducked out of the room as a pillow was thrown at him. God he loved that man.

Dinner was just as tense as he thought it would be. Alex had done as john asked, showering, using the blow dryer he brought for them to dry his hair, and making sure it was nicely brushed before pulling it back up into his normal ponytail. It looked a lot neater than normal, though. It was an accomplishment in Alex’s eyes at least. John did let him back in the room for about 5 minutes(to which Alex took advantage of with an impromptu makeout session) before they went downstairs for dinner.

“Its nice to meet you sir” Alex said as politely as he could manage, shaking the hand John’s father held out when the older man greeted him.

“I’m Alexander, John’s partner” he said, using the term as John had suggested. John said his dad might not seem as uncomfortable than if he used ‘boyfriend’. It seemed to work..or Alex just assumed it worked.

“Its nice to meet you as well, Alexander” Henry Sr. had a tone that held authority and every bone in Alex’s body despised tones like that. Nonetheless, he kept his smile until his hand was released, moving to sit next to John.

“Across the table, if you will” Johns father stopped him and, despite every fiber of his being telling him to sit next to his lover, he politely went and sat across from John. John looked upset, but Alex, the sly man he was, reached his foot across the way to rub his leg in a comforting manner. John gave a barely noticeable jump, but looked at him incredulously before giving a small smile. Not much talk happened during dinner, Alex trying to keep himself quiet for once in his life as they ate.

“So, what is it you do for a living, Alexander” Henry Sr. said and Alex swallowed his bite of food before replying.

“I work at the New York Times, sir. I plan on going to school for my law degree, though. I have plans on being a lawyer” he replied smoothly, covering his nervousness with his charm.

“A lawyer. Thats good money” the other man hummed and Alex nodded.

“It is. Although I am simply aiming to help people, the pay is a plus” he said and continued eating. Whatever it was that Henry was looking for, Alex seemed to have given him his answer. Though his exterior looked calm and collected, his knee was bouncing nervously under the table. He wished John was next to him, holding his hand, giving him words of comfort. Dinner was almost over, though, so he could bear it a little longer.

Once dinner did end, Alex was able to relax as himself and John walked back upstairs.

“Ya know what you should do?” Alex murmured to him and John sighed, but smiled

“What, Alex?” he asked and laughed softly as Alex snaked an arm around his waist.

“You should come back to my room for a shower~” he purred and John pushed away his head as he tried to nuzzle his neck.

“You’re terrible. You already took a shower today. If you want another one, take it by yourself” John chuckled and Alex pouted.

“So cruel. My heart. It has shattered” Alex said dramatically and smiled at John’s laughter.

“Go to bed lover boy. If you lay down now you might get a decent amount of sleep tonight” John said as he moved away from Alex and want to his door.

“I’ll see you in the morning..” John said and Alex could tell he didn’t want to go yet. Walking over, he kissed his forehead.

“No different than when you kicked me out of bed. It’ll be okay. If you need anything just text me and I’ll sneak over. We can be like rebellious teenagers again” Alex murmured with a chuckled, giving him one more kiss before going to his room.

It was safe to say Alex didn’t sleep that night.

In total he possibly got around 3 hours of sleep, worried that John might need something. He would keep waking up and checking his phone, but there was never anything from him. Maybe it was his anxiety. Actually..thats exactly what it was.

He was at least woken up by a pretty site. John was straddling him, pressing soft kisses to his neck.

“Well hello there. Whats a sweet country boy like yourself doing in my bed. Didn’t your father raise you better than this” He laughed sleepily, but tilted his head back. He felt John smile against his neck and he chuckled at the gentle nip he got.

“Obviously not well enough” John replied and leaned back.

“Get up now, we’re going out. I’m going to show you around Charleston and then we’re going to the beach” John said and Alex let his hand rest on John’s hip.

“I’m into any kind of day that has you being shirtless in it” Alex said, and John rolled his eyes, but smirked.

“Heel, boy. My brothers are coming with us to the beach. I promised I’d take them” John said and got off him.

“No one else is up yet, dont see why we can’t get a quick shower in~” John said, his voice lowering as he sauntered off the the smaller bathroom attached to the bedroom.

Alex was surely awake now.

An awkward breakfast came and went before Alex and John were able to leave the house. John had drove them around, showing him some places he used to hang out as a kid, his old school, they got lunch at a local place that John used to go to a lot when he lived there, they madeout in the bathroom. It was a good day so far. good as a day could be with people giving you and your boyfriend looks. The only real highlight was when they went back to the house and get ready to go to the beach. The younger boys were already ready when they arrived and urged them to hurry so they could get there sooner. Alex and John were both laughing with Henry Jr. took it upon himself to physically push them to make them move faster.

Finally they were off and at the already crowded beach in no time. It was still nice. Alex had been to the beach before when he was younger, but up north with John…well..the water was a bit colder and Alex didn’t do cold water.

“You coming?” John asked and Alex was pulled from his thoughts, looking over only to have the sight of John in all his shirtless glory grace his eyes.

“Can I tell you again how beautiful you are” Alex said and John snickered.

“Come on the boys already left to find us a spot. Lose the shirt and lets go” He said and Alex smiled some, stripping his shirt off and tossing it in the backseat for now. Now, Alex was by no means as fit as John, but he wasnt over weight either. He had a bit of chub on his stomach and had no shame about it…but, sometimes, he did wonder if John would like it if he was a bit thinner. Those thoughts were always very quickly dashed as John turned and looked at him. He looked at him the way he looked at John.

“Well hey there, sexy. You come here often. Don’t answer, I already know you dont, because Ive never seen someone as hot as you at a place like this” John winked and Alex laughed.

“And you call me a nerd. Come on Romeo lets see if your brothers found a decent spot for us” Alex said as he took John’s hand in his, kissing his cheek as they walked off to find the two boys.
They spent most of their time at the beach that day. John and Alex went for a few dips in the water, built a sand castle with Henry, and Alex even conspired with the two brothers to cover John in sand when he dosed off on their towel. All and all it was a really good day. It was getting closer and closer to evening, though and the family was apparently having this big fourth of July barbecue that they all had to go get ready for. Honestly, Alex was getting nervous again. He was dressed pretty casual like John said, but it wasnt the barbecue itself that had him nervous. It was his own plans.

“You excited for the fireworks?” John asked and Alex hummed.

“Yeah. They any good down here?” he asked teasingly and John chuckled.

“You’ll see” he said as they made their way down stairs. Alex and John both set out to help get everything ready for tonight. They had to split up, but Alex didn’t really mind all that much. Talking with Martha as they set up things out in the backyard was good on his nervousness.

“It’ll be fine” she said and Alex jumped when he heard John’s voice

“What’ll be?” he asked and Alex smiled nervously.

“Just worried about meeting more people. Martha told me a lot of people from the neighborhood were coming over..” he said and John seemed to believe him.

“It’ll be fine. If they say anything I’ll personally punch them for your honor” he said with a wink and Alex scoffed.

“Yeah, I see that happening” he said and though his tone was sarcastic, they both knew that John could and would fight someone over Alex..and Alex would do the same for him.

“It’ll be okay, hun. I promise” John said and kissed his cheek. Alex smiled and nodded.


Almost a half an hour passed before people started to show up. It was time for pleasantries again. He let John introduce him to people, blatantly ignoring the looks some gave them and trying to calm his nerves as it was getting dark. He ate with John out in the yard while everyone else was mingling.

“You know? This day hasnt been half bad” Alex hummed and John nodded, looking at the night sky above them as he leaned against Alex.

“Mm..I think its about time for the fireworks to start. We can always seem them real good from here.” John hummed and Alex gulped. or never, he supposed.

“Hey John. Mind standing up with me for a minute” he said and John looked at him curiously, but nodded, getting up from where they had been sitting. He could see Johns siblings from across the yard getting up and moving to a better spot to watch. Not the sky, but them.

“John. I love you. I love you more than words could ever describe. When I met you I had nothing. I had a shitty apartment barely big enough for myself. I was working a job that barely paid enough to feed myself every day. I was nothing. Then we bumped into eachother at that bar and you spilled your drink on me..and suddenly, I had everything.” Others had stopped what they were doing to watch as well, but Alex paid them zero attention.

“I didn’t care anymore if I had money, I didn’t care if I had a roof over my head. You were..are the light of my life. The reason I get out of bed. The reason I live and breath. I would give up anything…everything for you. I dont need the sun, I have your smile. I dont need the stars, I have your eyes. I dont need the world or anyone in it..because I have the privilege to see your face every morning. I get to hold your hand. I get to kiss your lips. I couldn’t imagine spending a single hour- no, second without you by my side. John Laurens..would you make me the happiest man in this universe and give me the upmost marry you” He said as he pulled the small box from his pocket and slipped down to one knee. He opened it and he could hear John’s breath hitch in the silence around him. The ring might not have seemed special to anyone else, but the turtle who’s shell was filled with Garnet and Opal pieces was very special to the couple. It was a ring he saw John look at the month before. It was the ring he had jokingly asked John about. He had asked if he got John that ring, if he would say yes….and John said in laughter that the likelihood of that was high.

“Alex…” John breathed out and Alexander looked at him. John was crying.

“How many times have you asked me now?” he asked and Alex gulped.

“This time makes fifty-one..” he managed out and John sniffled.

“You really were keeping count…you big..” he rubbed his eyes.

“You big nerd..I can’t turn you down now. Fifty seems like a good stopping point of rejections” John said and Alex could hear his heart thumping as his hands shook lightly.

“Is that a yes, then..?” he said, his voice shaking some.

He got his answer when John dropped to his knee’s and kissed him. He ignored the cheers from John’s friends and siblings. He didn’t care. All he cared about was John. They only separated when the loud boom of a firework startled them enough to make them clash teeth painfully.

“Romantic” Alex murmured and looked up at the sky.

“Yeah. Cheesy and a little painful, but romantic” John murmured in reply. They sat together there and spoke to a few people who came by to congratulate them, enjoying the fireworks.

“I love you Alexander Hamilton” John said softly to him as he watched colors dance in the sky.

“I love you too..soon to be John Hamilton” Alex replied and smiled as John pressed a kiss to his lips.

Oh, Lord-Eddie KxReader request

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MOOD MUSIC: Lead me home by Jamie N Commons


Lying was a skill of yours, and perhaps it wasn’t the finest of crafts to be proud of but it had taken you far in life. In an odd way it paid the bills, because just like now, you often found yourself hustling various men in bars. All it took was a bat of your eyes, and a pretty little smile. They became putty in your hands. Free drinks, free food, and easy money. Nothing gained more attention in a bar than a woman chewing her lip in frustration in front of a pool table. It was almost pitiful how easy it was to sway these men your way. A simple flirtatious smile, and a white lie about not knowing how to manage a damn cue stick, and they came crawling your way begging to teach you. You could’ve done without them touching you, but the thicker you laid the charm on the more money that came your way.

“So, I just hold it like this?” Disgustingly innocent, that’s how cheap your tone sounded. But, this man was soaking the attention up like a sponge.

“There ya go, gorgeous.”

Your current victim was smirking, hands clasping your waist as he bent you over the pool table. Sure he was attempting to teach you the proper stance and aim, but it was obvious what else was on his mind. Your rational side wanted to pull away and leave, but you had a lot riding on this bet. You lose, he gets a date. You win, well you take what’s in his wallet. He was a complete sucker for your feminine wiles. And seeing your poor game only persuaded him further to join you.

“You’re a fast learner, honey.”

Forcing your way through a smile and giggle was sickening, but with a little strength you pulled through. You tugged the cue stick back, rolling it slowly between your fingers before pushing it forward and hitting the balls in the perfect way. You even managed a hit to his stomach in an attempt to be free of his close proximity.

“Fuck-…” He half chuckled out, regaining his breath as he soothed the sore spot on his abdomen. You couldn’t stop from rolling your eyes, making sure to keep that away from his leering gaze. How he still couldn’t figure out your game was embarrassing, but hell, if this got you some cash you could manage.

“Oh, I am so sorry. Clumsy.” You held the stick up, covering your mouth as you laughed. He bought it, too. With a simple wave of his hand, he just smirked and continued to his shot.

“Ain’t no big deal, honey. Gonna take years of practice before you know your way around a pool table.”

He was a decent shot, managing a few more points with his last hit. But, you were better. Like he said, takes years of practice. And you certainly had that.

“I can only hope I’m as good then.”

You flashed him a toothy grin, one that only caused him to lick his lips and lean into the table as you angled your shot and bent over. Whatever it takes to win, and if teasing him a little earned you his favor then all the better.

“Careful now, don’t wanna waste all your energy just yet.”

There was enough energy in you to lay a fist on his cheek, but you bit back your insult and took your shot. The cue ball hit the others, laying waste to the pool table as you finished off the game and scored the winning hit.

“Yes!” You nearly screamed in joy, throwing your hands up as you jumped up and down. His look of shock only brought you more happiness, because boy did it feel good to screw this schmuck over.

“The hell-….” He stared in disbelief at the table, trying to decipher where he went wrong to have lost to you. But, he could sit here calculating all day, he wasn’t going to find it. You hustled him, and you hustled him good.

“Well, honey-” You threw his annoying pet name back at him, holding your hand out and beckoning him to reward you with his offer. “Time to pay up.”

Seems that wasn’t going to be the case with this one. He looked pissed, and perhaps rightfully so, but you had more important things to do than waste your time soothing the bruised ego of a man. It wasn’t your fault he was so desperate for a good lay that he took it upon himself to get all his money.

“You little bitch! The hell was all this, huh?”

That should’ve been the sign to get going and lick your wounds later. But, you needed the money and if fighting this guy off meant getting it then you’d raise hell right along side him.

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch, just pay up.”

“Like hell, I am!” He threw his cue stick to the side, practically rushing you until someone blocked his way.

You slammed back into the wall, knocking over some decorations and gasping. Your savior just stood his ground, holding the offender back with his own pool stick to his chest. He pushed the angry man away, nudging him over and over again with the pool stick until he stopped his attempted assault on you.

“Easy there, bud. How ‘bout you calm down, and we can settle this the easy way?”

You glanced up from your spot, blinking stupidly at the scene in front of you. There was a guy standing just in front of you, one hand in his pocket and the other still keeping your latest victim at bay. He was wearing a black cowboy hat, and a beige button up that had quite the design of a spider behind it. Any other day, you would’ve found that silly. But, now you just felt mesmerized by the sight.

“There ain’t no fucking easy way. This two-bit hooker wanna hustle me, she ain’t gettin’ shit!”

The cowboy turned to look over his shoulder, sending you an amused glance. For a second you were worried he’d let the guy go, instead he opted for negotiation, or blackmail. Depends on who you ask.

“Ray, was it? How’s ‘bout this, you pay the nice girl. And I don’t call the sheriff’s office, and let them know who decided to come back into town.”

He raised his eyebrows, grinning proudly at Ray. Whatever their history, you didn’t ask. You were just thankful he found a way to calm him.

“Come on, now. You goin’ pay the lady or what?”

It was clear who had won this little debate, but you still couldn’t believe it when your opponent pulled his wallet out and forked over some bills. He threw them into the cowboy’s chest, grumbling the whole time and shooting you a pissed look before heading out the bar.


The cowboy just hummed, leaning over to pick up the remaining bills on the floor. He turned around now, one hip against the pool table as he smoothed the money out and began counting it. You watched him carefully, counting the amount in your head just to make sure he wasn’t playing a game of his own here.

“I think fifty fifty is fair enough. Whatcha say, darlin’?”

He smirked in your direction, smugly pulling half of the cash from the stack and stuffing it into his back pocket. He held the rest out towards you, pursing his lips in amusement when you glared his way. It only made him wiggle the rest of it mockingly, a chuckle leaving his lips.

“Change your mind, darlin’?”

“I’d prefer the full amount.”

You crossed your arms, meeting his relaxed gaze as he shrugged his shoulders and placed the rest of it into his jeans.

“Suit yourself, sweetheart. Your loss.”

“Hey! Wait, cowboy! I was-”

“Eddie. Not cowboy.”

He took a full seat on the table, rubbing the end of his cue stick with chalk as he watched you fight with yourself. He seemed so sure of himself, and in this moment he had the upper hand. You were positive you couldn’t physically fight him for it, and he seemed equally capable of hustling someone. Eddie would see right through your tricks, and no doubt show off some of his own. Batting your lashes and flirtatious touches wouldn’t work on him, at least not in this place.


“Oh, Lord-” Eddie cooed out, very much entertained by your little purr of his name. “You tryin’ to sweet talk me now?”

“No, I was just-”

“Save it, darlin’. You think I go around saving damsels in distress for the greater good?”

That, you doubted to no end. You knew him for minutes and could already guess he was in this lifestyle deeper and longer than you ever were.

“Fine. Fifty fifty. And that’s only because I owe you one.”

“Tsk tsk.”

Eddie grabbed his beer from the counter, looking directly into your pleading eyes as he took a long swig. From under his hat, he looked even more foxy. Like his entire life was built around scheming, and less than ethical tactics. Somehow, you found yourself already admiring him for that.

“I’m not feeling generous anymore, sweetheart. So how’s about this?”

He laid the bottle down, boots thumping along the ground as he walked over to you. He backed you up into the wall again, leaving just enough space between your bodies as he raised one hand and rested it up on the wall. You were nose to nose now, his alcohol laden breath wafting over your face in an oddly enticing way.

“You play me, and if you win…I might be nice enough to let you take hundred percent.”

“And if you win?”

You whispered out, even though you two were now the only ones in the bar, save for the bartender. But, that only seemed to amuse him more. Eddie tilted his head, looking you over from your lips to your eyes until he seemed content with his ogling.

“Let’s just leave that a surprise, darlin’.”

He winked at you, pulling away and heading to the opposite side of the pool table. The smug bastard, you thought. But, you had to admit you were intrigued by the consequences of your possible loss.

“Why not just tell me now? I’m curious.”

“Don’t worry your pretty little self, sweetheart. You’ll find out soon enough.”

You laughed at that, grabbing your pool stick as well as you watched him order the cue ball and others up again. He was without a doubt sure of himself in this battle.

“That sure you’ll win?”

Eddie leaned over the table, one hand gripping the edge of it as he offered you a smirk. You may have been hustling for years, but he knew this game would end with his success. Without a single doubt. But, he was going to have fun with this either way.

“Let’s just see what happens, huh?”

You nodded back at him, never letting your eyes leave his sight. After all, if he was sneaking in tricks you’d be highly aware of them this way. And being honest with yourself, he wasn’t exactly bad to look at either.

“You ready then, Eddie?” You drawled out, awaiting his turn as he finished off his task of setting the game up. He just looked up at you from under his hat, that same grin on his handsome features.

“Go easy on me, darlin’.”


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Capture The Moment | 1 |

word count: 4.4k

genre: fluff (slow burn); idol-verse!

pairing: reader/seokjin

summary: because of certain circumstances, you’re faced with the opportunity to help run a fansite focused on jin of bangtan sonyeondan. despite not knowing them well, this opportunity starts to bring a new light to your eyes as you get to know the boys through the lens of a camera, your eyes constantly on their oldest member.

a/n: i know absolutely nothing, outside of a couple of articles & speculations, about fansites and how they’re run so most of this will be made up, with a lot of common sense being the grounds of my assumptions.


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