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(edi-bubbs wanted to send you this thru me cause she was busy) Your epic Mickey bendy was fantastic! I'm not sure if you are taking suggestions, but it'd be fun to see Squigglydigg's (tako- not sure if he is originally hers or not) blot Bendy in that style. But, I literally squealed when I saw your bendy. Thank you for your wonderful art:)

aww you mean this sweetheart?
I believe he originally came from shinyzango, that is if we’re talking about the same bendy (blot bendy seems awfully specific and I don’t think I’ve come across that name for him before)
but if this is the guy you want, then I’m on my way to make more epic mickey bendy content ahah
in the meantime hold this version just cause I wanted to draw him  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ratings: (High)

Rebecca Sugar: “We need to make them higher.”

Crewniverse Staff: “What should we do?”

Rebecca Sugar: “Let Pearl lean on Amethyst for the younger audiences and put in a subtle face sitting reference for the more mature watchers.”

Me: (plays Steven Universe on all 3 televisions and my laptop, spreads the word to my friends, forces my cousins to watch it)

Rebecca Sugar: “Mission accomplished.”

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Sorry I feel really dim not being able to find this information online, but I've Googled and had no luck. Has there been any information about a DVD of the restored Maurice? I'm dying to see and own it...

Hi! Not DVD – Blu-ray – the first-ever Blu-ray of Maurice in 30 years.

I’ve been posting every new bit of news I find about the 30th-anniversary restoration and re-release of Maurice (1987) – and rest assured I’ll keep doing that. (It’s under my ‘maurice 1987’ + ‘4K restoration’ tags. I’m also using ‘maurice 30’, but at present that last tag needs some wrangling!)

As I posted at the start of Apr (but I think only a few people noticed!), IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED that there will be ‘home video and on-demand releases’ of the restored Maurice once its current limited cinema release in selected US and Canadian cities has run its course (schedule here).

BUT, frustratingly, we don’t yet have a release date for the (US/Region 1) Blu-ray (or any other formats/platforms) firmer than ‘late 2017’.

This will explain why you couldn’t find any concrete info online – all we can do for now is ‘watch this space’.

As the Maurice restoration is on release in US cinemas until late Jul, my prediction is that ‘late 2017’ means Aug or Sep onwards.

Of course, fans outside the US are also praying that the cinema re-release will roll out to other territories. These wider unknowns (or unknown negotiations) may add to the reasons why a Blu-ray release date hasn’t yet been announced.

For info, what the distributor (the Cohen Media Group) did last year with their restoration of Ivory’s Howard’s End (1992) was premiere it at Cannes (May 2016), followed by a short US cinema release (Aug 2016), then the Blu-ray in Dec 2016. So the good news re. Maurice in 2017 is that, so far, everything’s been happening a few months earlier than that! But with (already) a longer US cinema-release window that makes the eventual Blu-ray release date trickier to predict.

ANGEL.          okay now that i’m home I can explain what happened with me yesterday. I won’t give any details on my current health state unless you ask me in private or that you really want to know via anon- if I receive any I will give very general and plane answers, if i’m okay or not etc. but nothing about what’s exactly wrong and stuff. But just to save your time, i’m okay now!!

Now- a quick resume. As you may know, I live in Venezuela, a very dangerous place in which is currently running some sort of civil war, guards and cops don’t respect the citizen, they attack without reason, etc. The thing is that I live in a quiet place; however guards managed to enter and run through our street without permission (not that they needed to ask for it since according to them they can do whatever they want) looking for students and people who were running from them for the protests that were hurt. Usually when that happens the neighbors or people around them help by healing their wounds, giving them food and things that are necessary to send them back- like medicines, bandages, water, masks etc. So they got in throwing tear gas bombs all over the area, which got me suffocated. I got affected even when I wasn’t pat of the scandal. This happens often around here, btu since my place is a very quiet zone usually we don’t get thigns like that.

I had to go to the hospital rightaway- still, it was a problem to get in. Guards were watching the ER and just sending the people that were actually hurt from protests, back and arrested them. Something that is not okay. They are NOT letting the doctors treat them, they’re letting them die no matter what. So I had to enter through the front gates. I’m not a student anymore, so it was easier for me to get there. 

I’m in a very delicate health state, but I was sent home this morning. I will be okay so don’t worry guys!! thank you so much for your concern and I’m sorry for worrying you!! Though, I’d like you guys to get off anon… I won’t bite you so you don’t have to be scared of me, okay? that’s all!