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hope you don't mind if I request that drabble game with Mingyu from Seventeen :3 maybe nr.3 for him? Thanks!


This really didn’t help my Mingyu feels <3


3. “Make me.”

Genre: Fluffy, kinda funny too xD 

Word count: 1 342

Summary: First encounters with no caffeine in the system isn’t the best idea ever…

Another day of hell. Or as close to hell as I can come. I don’t understand how some people actually enjoy school, who in their right mind takes pleasure in getting out of bed early every morning, go to boring ass lectures and scramble around with hundreds of other students who didn’t give a damn about you. Maybe those people just weren’t in their right mind.

I’ve given up on trying to stay positive towards the days awaiting me. Nothing will change, the school will be filled with the same kind of people, the same routine every single day. I needed something different.

I had been walking for fifteen minutes at the moment since I missed my bus, which actually rarely happened. I may hate school but I didn’t want to make the day even worse by getting yelled at. When I finally arrived at school there was no one around, not one soul, and I knew that I was screwed. With a frustrated sigh, I quickened my pace even more and almost ran to my locker. Did I reach it? Nope. Instead, I ran straight into a firm chest and landed on my but thanks to the force. I groaned loudly and looked up. Confusion laced my mind as I was looking at a person I’ve never seen before.

The guy stood before in shock, I don’t think he expected to knock into someone this morning. I grumbled when I didn’t get any help from the boy, who does he think he is to be so tall and built, of course, someone would get knocked off their feet if he ran into someone. Angered enough, I got to my feet and brushed the dust off my pants. With one last glance, I told him to watch where he was going and then I stormed off, determined to reach my locker this time.

A part of me felt sorry for the boy for being the first one to witness me in the morning, especially since I didn’t have time to drink my coffee this morning. Shaking the feeling of guilt of my chest I gathered my things from my locker and headed towards homeroom. Hesitating, I thought if it was really worth it to enter the classroom since it’s only like fifteen more minutes left. I was about to leave when I heard someone clearing their throat from behind me making me freeze.

“Are you going to go in or what?” The person shifted so that he was stood beside me and I noticed that it was the same guy from before. I inwardly groaned, knowing that now I had no choice but to enter, I then placed my hand on the handle and opened the door. It made a creaking sound making me cringe.

The teacher immediately stopped in the middle of her lecture and glanced at me. Then she gave me a disappointed look.

“Y/N. You’re late, to the first lesson of the term at that, what’s your excuse?” She turned her body to fully face me and crossed her arms over her chest. I was trying my hardest not to roll my eyes and just leave, respect was highly mandatory at this school. I bowed down to her and apologised.

“I’m sorry teacher-nim, I was….”

“She was helping me find my way.” The boy that interrupted me took a couple of steps forward and was now stood right beside me, awfully close too. He bowed. “I’m Kim Mingyu and I’m new. I’m sorry for keeping her from class, it was not my intention.” I was too shocked to say something and could only stare at him, mouth ajar.

A small smile made its way onto my teacher’s face and she put some papers down on her desk.

“I never took you for the person to help newcomers Y/N.” I shrugged and gave an awkward smile. The teacher just shook her head slightly, I wasn’t so sure that she believed Mingyu’s story. “It’s a pleasure to have you here with us Mingyu, hope you’ll like the school. Please take a seat so we could continue the lesson.” Mingyu nodded as a thank you and followed me to two empty seats close to the windows.

I was very thankful that Mingyu saved me from being scolded and from a potential detention, but it made me feel even more guilty than I already was. Through the last ten minutes, I debated whether or not I should say something to him, not one in this room would have helped me like that. Maybe he was the change I, and this school, needed. Before I even had the chance to open my mouth to speak the bell rang, leaving my words stuck in my throat.

Mingyu calmly collected the few things he had and started leaving the room. I was quick to my feet when I noticed this.

“Mingyu!” I could see how he stopped slightly in the hoard of people but I don’t think he heard me clearly. Damn, he was tall, I could see his head over everyone else’s which was pretty good because then I wouldn’t lose him in the crowd. “Kim Mingyu!” He froze once again but shrugged his shoulders at himself and continued walking. I gave up on trying to get him to hear me so instead I tried keeping track of him until the number of people around us decreased.

Finally, he rounded a corner and started walking down a deserted corridor, with a sigh of relief I got out of the crowded hallway and followed him.

“Mingyu! Can you stop, please!” He turned around, now walking backwards and a smirk playing on his lips.

“Make me.” Then he turned around once again and continued walking like nothing happened. I scoffed at him but I was not about to give up, not when I’m almost at the finishing line. So I quickened my pace until I was running, which actually was necessary because of his long legs. My original plan was to jump on his back so that he would stop but just when my feet left the floor he turned around and I crashed into his chest for the second time today. This time though, he couldn’t keep his balance. The force of the impact knocked him straight to the floor with me on top of him. Awkward to say the least. His arms had gone around my body when we had collided and they were still firmly in place. I glanced up at him and the amusement was evident in his brown eyes. Quickly I scrambled off of him and got to my feet, trying to hide my blushing cheeks. Our things were scattered all over the floor and I couldn’t even see which paper was mine and which paper was his.

He laughed while he pulled himself off the floor, smiling at me widely.

“Well, you certainly have a way of being noticed.” I blushed harder at his comment.

“I ran after you because I wanted to apologise for this morning, I’m not a big fan of school, especially with no caffeine in my system and you just caught me at the wrong time. I shouldn’t have snapped at you, I’m sorry.” I respectfully bowed quickly. When I looked up at him again he had a grin plastered across his features.

“It’s fine, could happen to anyone.” He shrugged his shoulders and looked around the floor. “You don’t happen to know what of this stuff is yours, do you?” I shook my head and sighed. He seemed to think for a bit before he kneeled down and collected everything into one big pile. I looked at him weirdly.

“Come on, let’s organize all of this stuff over a library date.” I almost choked on my spit. He laughed at me.


“I mean, it’s the least you could do after making this happen.” He teased and winked at me. Then he started heading towards the library, expecting me to follow him.

I did.


Zugzwang | 01

(n.): a chess term. describes a point in the chess game when a player realizes he’ll inevitably be checkmated. he has to choose whether to resign, or to play through to the bitter end.


Word Count: 6.4k

Genre: I don’t want to give too much away otherwise that spoils the surprise >.<. this chapter doesn’t really have a basis genre; angst is fairly close. there’s a ton of sarcasm in here, sorry if you don’t get something I said XD cliche (?) plot but it’ll have tons of nice shit in it. like smut and lots running involved in future chapters. literally. running. (mostly g/n)

A/N: I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF!! I SAW THIS GIF SET AND INSTANTLY GOT INSPIRED! not to mention, I’ve been binge watching criminal minds again for the 5th time this week and so that’s where zugzwang came running through my head. (dt; @jiminnie-got-yes-jams, @kumpmk, @viralvernon)

Your lips were numb and you couldn’t feel your feet as your hit the cold ground. God, why does winter have to so cold? You huddled your bag closer to your shoulder and shivered as another chilling breeze came rolling by. This sucked. Here you are, a journalist, ready to interview a famous novelist, and you can barely feel your fingers. This’ll go great.

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