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YO so @agentalex and I were headcanoning and we have a sanvers prompt for one of y’all to write for the sake of humanity:

imagine, if you will, a Hangover-esque fic, set a couple of days before maggie and alex’s wedding. maggie goes missing in vegas after her bachelorette party, and kara, lena, vasquez, lucy and sara lance have to find her before alex finds out. 

classic shenanigans include: there’s a baby and they don’t know where it came from. the mafia is after sara and she thinks she knows why but everyone else is like WHAT THE FUCK. lena and kara are handcuffed together and nobody has the key. somebody has shaved vasquez’s hair into a mohawk. alex keeps calling kara but kara just ignores all the phone calls but it turns out that she’s calling to let them know that maggie arrived at their apartment at like 4am crying about how much she loves alex and she’s so happy they’re getting married.

I know it’s probably not that noticeable but I think there might be something in my nose in the last picture but then I check my nose in the mirror and didn’t see anything so I have no idea what that is! ITS A GHOST BOOGER!


kariachi  asked:

“You’re a terrible cook.” w/ Rick and Eva/Molly

“You’re a terrible cook, little mouse.” Rick Thunderbolt sighed as he looked over the smoldering and foam covered remains of breakfast. The noise of the fire alarm was starting to give him a migraine. Sure it was a nice idea for a Father’s Day gift but damn if that girl was bad in the kitchen. Then again he knew that she was the sort that’d pick workshop over home economics for electives so this kinda mess was going to come sooner or later.

 “Heh, looks like we’ll have to go out for breakfast.” Eva rubbed the back of her neck while the skin around her tattoos turned bright red. In her other hand she still held the fire extinguisher.

Rick pushed up his sunglasses and rubbed his eyes partially from stress and partially because he still had some eye boogers there from his sudden wake up call. 

“I got a better idea,” Rick said as he dumped the majority of Eva’s mess into the trash and filled the pots with soap water to soak. “We get dressed and we pop over to mi Papi’s place and kill two birds with one stone. I’ll show you how to cook a basic breakfast.” 

The teen raised an eyebrow and put her hands on her hips. “Let me guess, the other bird is Grampi Thunderbolt getting a cheap Father’s Day present.”

The shameless finger guns her adoptive father slash racing coach shot her made Eva groan and smile at the same time. Still she headed back to her room to do as he’d told her.


September 3rd, Bangtan was prepping for Show Champion in Manila. This is the day that Tae found out his grandma had passed away. (He announced at MUSTER that his grandma passed away, which is why he randomly said, “I love you my grandma” during their music show.) K-ARMYs tweets say how they’re sorry for not fully paying attention to the sadness painted on his face. We love you, Tae, and hope your heart heals soon.

Reasons I Fucking Love This Picture:

  • Chyler is a fucking nerd making that face what a nerd
  • the concentration i cannot handle it
  • thats clearly in the kitchen and those are cookbooks
  • alex likes to cook, slash she decided to learn so she could make dinner for maggie that lesbian
  • alex has rock bookends lol #edgy
  • maggie at the table in the background with multiple glasses of wine
    • #WineGay or #DinnerParty u decide

Ok but remember the first time Teru tried lifting Mob, he had his defenses up & it was sO HARD FOR TERU

but then afterwards they became friends & just

and also more recently

“Go ahead and take a nap! I’ll just float you around ‘till we get to school.”


happy valentine’s day, booger 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

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