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Perfect Wife x Woman of Dignity parallels

I don’t watch the new Lupin series so maybe there’s some context I’m missing that makes it cool, but there’s this fucking gif I keep seeing floating around of Fujiko smoking a bong and leaning up against a pile of money and I guess it’s a e s t h e t i c or whatever but like….  it’s the ugliest goddamn piece of animation I’ve ever seen, and I made Welcome to Hell.


  • I’ve never even smoked from a bong and I can tell you that’s not how you do it
  • She flicks the lighter off as if it’s a zippo, and I don’t think it is
  • then again it’s hard to tell because the animation is choppy and horrible
  • there’s a lot of unnecessary popping and unnatural posing, and you can put 50 frames of goddamn easing on the end of it for all I care, it doesn’t make up for the the rest of the movement being as shitty as it is
  • seriously where is the carb on the bong and why the fuck is she holding it like a cock????
  • ‘because it’s sexy’ isn’t an excuse, you don’t get to animate someone deepthroating a bong until you show you’re capable of understanding how a bong works.  
  • SERIOUSLY, guys, it’s one of the 13 Principles of Animation
  • get it the FUCK together

The anniversary of when I got Rhiannon is coming up! So I got her two new bracelets, but im currently painting on the second one. I guess it will have to be a surprise.


Suspicious Partner: Episodes 1-6

1. Ji Chang Wook is fiiineee.
2. In those glasses?
3. God dang it. 
4. I love the writing in this one except….

5. ……
6. The logic is flawed and it drives me nuts because it destabilizies the premise.
7. The dead douchebag’s dad is the District Attorney so one assumes that he is intelligent and had some sense…
8. And yet he is determined to make Bong Hee pay for a crime she clearly didn’t commit.
9. He obviously loved his kid. I mean, his grief is well done so why wouldn’t he want to catch the real criminal. As the DA he knows the case against Bong Hee is shaky at best so why won’t he consider that someone else killed his son?
10. Unless there’s more to this than we are being told and that could easily be the case.
11. The DA is the weakness to this drama honestly.
12. How thick skinned is the cheating gf though?
13. Her betrayal literally shattered Ji Wook and yet she comes prancing back thinking he will take her back…why?
14. The lawyer friend is…well at least he realizes that he can’t give excuses.
15. Also that kid they are defending…he is CREEPY. I know he is innocent but there is something about him that is unsettling.
16. Also creepy is the real killer. And kinda hot which is just upsetting. Can we please stick to hideous killers because now I look at all handsome men like they are potential creeps…which I did anyway so I guess it’s okay.
17. I love how giddy Bong Hee is around Ji Wook but since he has rejected her I wonder how she will continue.
18. But as I was saying…Ji Chang Wook in glasses..
19. Damn.


Ted [T'Challa/Reader]

“Guess who I’m dating” You tell Ted as you passed him the bong. Ted took a hit from the bong. “I got you motherfucker. Okay. I’ll guess the name.” Ted said.

“Go!” You said. “Mark, Sam, Bradley, Robert, Nick, Harry, Peter, John” You shook your head. “Not even close” You say laughing. “FUCK! One more!” You nodded.

“Kevin, Cliff, Logan, Chris, Tom, Tim, Tommy, Anthony, Jerem-” “Nope.” Ted cursed. “What the fuck is this little shit name?!” Ted cursed pissed that he couldn’t guess the name right.

“T'Challa” You say grabbing a bag of plain lays chips off the coffee able. “I’ve heard that name before” Ted says as he takes another hit from the bong. “Wait a fuckin minute! You mean to tell me your fuckin’ a goddamn African prince?!” Ted yelled out shocked.

“King. He’s King of Wakanda. And he’s a great guy.” You say as you shoved a few chips in your mouth. “Isn’t he like a millionaire or some shit?” Ted asked. “I dunno. Haven’t asked” You shrugged.

“I wanna know! Look up his net worth!” You grabbed your phone off the coffee table. You and Ted gapped at T'Challa’s net worth. “500 billion. Y/N how the fuck did you manage to get a FUCKIN’ BILLIONAIRE!” Ted yelled shocked. “I don’t care about that Ted. I love T'Challa not his money” You say as you put your phone back on the table.

“Yeah. Yeah. You love him for his personality and all that bullshit” Ted said as he took another hit from the bong. “Exactly. Now pass that shit over here” You said reaching for the bong.

You and Ted had been best friends for years. Thick and thin but see Ted is…an unusual best friend…He’s lets say….“Y/N my love why is there a bear on the couch? And why are you talking to it when it clearly won’t talk back?” You hear T'Challa say. You turn from Ted to see him standing in the living room of your apartment.

“T'Challa! Your here” You say getting up running into his arms. He smiles and wraps his arms around your waist. “I missed you Y/N.” T'Challa says. “Missed you too T” You say before kissing him.

“Okay I’m sick of this lovely dovey bullshit. Y/N you bitch introduce me to your dashing prince” Ted says getting sick of watching you and T'Challa.

“Y/N! Get behind me! This thing is speaking!” T'Challa yells pushing you behind him. “T! Calm down. It’s fine. This is Ted. You know my best friend I’m always talking about. This is him.” You say getting from behind him. “But…he’s a…Bear. A talking bear” You laugh.

“Yeah that he is. T'Challa meet Ted. Ted meet T'Challa” You say introducing those two each other. “Y/N…you were smoking weed…with this bear” T'Challa turned to you eyes wide. “Uhmm…yeah. We do this all the time”

“You ever smoked before?” Ted asked T'Challa. “No.” He shook his head. “Y/N…you thinking what I’m thinking?” Ted asked you. “Hell yeah.” You smirked. “Come on babe.” You say pulling T'Challa on the couch with you.

“Here” You handed T'Challa the bong. Who looked at you confused. “This is how you use it” You took a hit from the bong then handed it to T'Challa. T'Challa copied what you did and he started to cough. “It’s your first time” You say patting his back. “Come on take another one” You say encouraging him. And that’s he did even though he was coughing a lot.

“Take that shit boy!” Ted cheered. “Tell me how…how you became this” T'Challa says as he smiles. You know the weed has kicked . “I was a lonely motherfucker as a kid. So one night I wished upon a fuckin’ star that Ted would come to life and he did. Scared the fuck outta my parents thou. But me and Ted have been best friends since.” You say smiling at Ted.

“Pass me them chips T'Challa” Ted said. “Do I look like your damn maid?” T'Challa told Ted. “Just shut the fuck up and hand me the fucking chips ” Ted said.

T'Challa rolled his eyes but hands Ted the chips. “You know T'Challa….Me and you…We’re gonna get along just fine” Ted tells T'Challa.

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