and bones watching jim flirt

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WAIT imagine Bones laughing at Jim after he strikes out for a third time that night, so Jim huffs and dares bones to find the most attractive person in the bar ("besides myself, Bones, obviously") and successfully get their phone number/date. And Jim knows objectively that Bones is attractive and charming, but he is not expecting Bones to swallow the rest of his drink and suddenly shift, posture loosening, eyes gleaming, lips curling into a smile that's both alluring and dangerous. [1/3]

He winks at Jim, who just stares helplessly as Bones walks to the bar, exuding confidence and sex and Jim nearly chokes on his own tongue when he Bones orders another drink and doesn’t even look at the stunning woman to his left that Jim had noticed, but rather begins talking to the ridiculously good-looking man on his right. Jim watches Bones laugh and flirt and look so damn good he can’t stand it. In no time at all, though, Bones returns with a number and a grin. [2/3]

He raises an eyebrow at Jim’s stunned expression and offers “well, you did say the most attractive /person/ in here” like that’s all the explanation he needs and it probably is, but Jim just blinks dumbly and carries on. But after that, after seeing those bedroom eyes and body language in full force, after seeing his friend go after another man like that, he can’t think about Bones objectively anymore. [3/3]


Jim suddenly questioning everything about himself and Bones and them, because Jesus Christ, how has he never noticed that Bones was hot before? And the way he uses his eyes, like they’re some kinda godly weapon, and if they are, Jim thinks he wouldn’t mind being smitten.