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That one time Asami low-key confesses to Korra because you could cut the tension with a knife. Bolin thinks he’s helping.

taken from when the thing happens” by weiweipon

  • Ikki asking Huan to dye a stripe in her hair. Tenzin overhearing and saying “NO!”. And Ikki’s like “Why not?! You let Jinora get tattoos!”
  • Su trying to get Lin to dance with one of the cute waiters.
  • Meelo asking Asami to dance, she finally gives in and ruffles his hair and tells him he’s cute. “I’M NOT CUTE! I’M A FEARSOME WARRIOR READY FOR BATTLE AT ANY MOMENT LADY!!”
  • Mako and Korra dancing cutely as friends, and Mako telling her he sees what’s going on with her and Asami ;)
  • Varrick bickering about Tenzin ruining his big day because he won’t give him a glider, until Zhu Li gives him kiss on the cheek
  • Mako filling Bolin in on Korrasami and Bolin getting super excited for his friends
  • Bolin stuffing his face, and a song he really like comes on and he’s like “OH OH OPAL C'MON!!!” with his mouth still full and dragging her to the dance floor
  • Kainora pulling a Kataang and stealing the dance floor with their moves
  • Korra and Asami dancing, and Bolin letting out a loud whistle at them and fanboying off to the side.
  • Tahno taking a break from the band, and asking Ginger to dance with him.

I don’t think Bolin was used by Kuvira only to hand out food to the civilians.
He was a Corporal. I am not a specialist when it comes to military things, but I think he also had other things to do for her… maybe fight.

I messed up the design of his uniform, that’s because first I wanted to make this for my Modern AU but then I thought, naah… I haven’t drawn much for the official story of Korra for a long time :D 

headcanon: Wei tries to teach Bolin how to metal bend and it actually works out pretty well because this time he doesn’t just throw metal at his face and Bolin isn’t feeling pressured and stressed out about learning. In exchange, Bolin tries to teach Wei how to lava bend and it goes less well because Wei is convinced that Bolin should give him a “trial by fire” by pelting lava at him since Bolin’s own discovery of lava bending was a definite sink or swim moment. Bolin…is not fond of this idea.  

Things I Love About LoK

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love The Legend of Korra until I finish rewatching the series.  

#140: Bolin’s conversation with Ghazan and Ming Hua in “Long Live the Queen.”

I’ve commented before on how Bolin and his ‘arc’ (such as it is) confound me. But regardless of how I feel about his character development throughout the series, I still love him because he is hilarious. Only Bolin can pull off scenes like the one where he and Mako are in the truck with Ghazan and Ming Hua in “Long Live the Queen.”

I love Mako’s disapproval face as Bolin strikes up a conversation with their captors:

I love that Bolin has this disarming ease about him – his friendliness bring out little interesting factoids about how Ghazan and Ming Hua spent their years in imprisonment:

Bolin: So you guys were, like, locked up for fifteen years, huh? That must have been, like, crazy boring.
Ghazan: Actually, it was only thirteen years, but it felt like thirty.
Bolin: I mean, what did you do with all that time? Did you sing songs, work on crafts?
Ming-Hua: Not a lot of craft supplies in a volcanic prison cell.
Ghazan: And I must have renamed the constellations about a thousand times. When it rained, that was a big event.
Ming-Hua: Oh, I would’ve killed for some rain. Mostly I just made up stories about the guards. Who was having trouble with his girlfriend? Which one secretly wished he’d become a pastry chef?

The factoids, in turn, give us a fleeting glimpse into Ghazan and Ming Hua’s characters.  

And of course, I love Bolin’s three guesses about Ghazan:

Bolin: Ooh, okay, that sounds like fun. Let me try that on you guys. You were raised by an older sister. Your mustache grew in when you were ten. And I’m sensing- just sensing- an unspoken attraction between you two.
Ghazan: Two out of three. Not bad.
Mako: Bolin, will you stop making friends with the bad guys?
Bolin: Sorry. 

A great scene that humanizes Ghazan and Ming Hua while highlighting Bolin’s easygoing nature (and Mako’s seriousness).  


Korra Fancast/Dreamcast because why not

  • Korra - Zoe Kravitz
  • Asami - Seychelle Gabriel
  • Mako - Boo Boo Stewart
  • Bolin - Ryan Potter
mako appreciation week 1 & 2 - passion/sacrifice

Summary: Mako and Bolin are just trying to have some dinner. Problem: there’s a cranky spirit who’s also just trying to have some dinner.
Word Count: 4,200 
A/N: listen i really love mako a lot and my beautiful korra makes a cameo appearance. Likes nice, reblogs nice, comments nicest 😘 enjoy it!!

Sunset. The air is clear and dry and warm, a welcome respite from the muggy evenings so common to a Republic City summer. The colors of the sky shift in a sweeping arc from horizon to horizon, purple to orange, with Yue Bay shimmering under the setting sun like a pool of fire. Streetlights begin to flicker on, district by district, casting wide shafts of light and sending the crickets skittering into the quieter, darker shadows of alleyways. In a peaceful neighborhood on the North Shore, Mako steps off the curb and ambles across the street to the restaurant. With an offhand gesture he drops the butt of his cigarette into the bin, turning his head left and right, searching - someone taps him on the shoulder.

“Hey, sorry to bother you, but you look really familiar. In fact, you look kinda like my older brother. Tall, a face like Fire Nation royalty, always clenched up real tight. But, you know, I haven’t seen him since he got married to his job. Beautiful ceremony, I’ve never cried harder in my life - ”

Mako rolls his eyes. “I am not married to my job - ”

“Oh, right. Why would Lin buy the cowpig if she’s getting the work ethic for free? A lot of people like the five-day workweek, Mako. It’s like a reward for them. But you, on the other hand, you sleep in until noon on a Saturday,” Bolin says, jabbing him in the shoulder with one finger; “and ask why you’re being punished.”

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