and body too


Hey gais. Tiny update as I only spent about 90 minutes on this today. I’m too exhausted to put in more work without making mistakes.

The body there is separate from the head and will have the suit attached. (unless I decide otherwise later and might make the suit just hang). A foam piece will attach the head to the body along the spine, so I can still say, twist the head around, but the distance is the same.

The hand here has some cardboard on the palm, and thick wires running through the fingers. Its strong enough to hold my tablet pen and smack it on something without dropping it, so that’ll give room for a lot of gags and stuff. And still lightweight so he can flail his arms around.

Thats, unfortunately it. Going to bed early and not pulling a 2am again. Will be able to put in a LOT of work tomorrow.

griffin and rachel's first date
rose buddies- ep. 66
griffin and rachel's first date

uhhhm…but yeah should we talk about our first date? …ye- yeah there’s just not a lot a lot happened we went to a…a fairly nice restaurant here that was known for their nice desserts yeah and then I had to..get gas on the way there and I spilled gasoline like pretty much all over my pants?? and i stank sooo bad *laughing* yeah the smell was pretty intense was very overpowering. and then we were gonna go to barton springs, right? were we? and then it got-we got rained out? we got rained out..yeah…and I don’t remember what we did I think we went to Grace and Bristol’s pool. and swam in that instead…..oh yeah! Yeah it’s ver..very romantic. and then knOW HAHA H A…YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT A H AHAHAHAHA LITTLE BIT O THAT *grunt from home improvement* AND A SOME O THAT boINGUGUGGGUUH and a little bit o that OOOooohhNOOOooo and a little bit o that *gets real close to the mic and makes mouth sounds* and a little- a wHOLE BUNCH O THAT..C O W A B U N G A DUDE!! and some of that *borat voice* uh mY WiFE…and some of that *deep breath* MUH SWAMP *breaks out into laughter* and some o that- okay..okay please stop..I was gonna *laughing* i  was gonna sit in silence until you stopped….uh but you really got me with my swamp

  • Jughead: I want complete freedom
  • Betty: I can give you partial freedom and my puppy eyes look
  • Jughead: Sold