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Do you think Mafia!Yurio has a kink for wearing lingerie?...Cause I cant unsee it.


That boy LOVES wearing pretty little things for Beka behind closed doors. Lots of silk and lace, lounging in his ridiculously oversized bed with a silk kimono and lingerie on. Sending Otabek photos of him in it when he’s bored and Otabek is off talking business with Yakov, just to mess with him. 

Also, you can thank @llyn-on-ice for the hc about Yuri wearing body chains too in the mafia AU because that’s infested my mind lately and must be drawn

I just wanna wrap everyone who’s hurting in a hug and give them hot chocolate and a fuzzy blanet and tell them everything’s gonna be okay

An Old Friend, A New One

For @pota-totoo. This fic was totally inspired by one of your tweets in which you said Shaw would outlive Bear. So I had to write a little something on it. But there’s a surprise for you in here and I hope you like it! 

Warning: Major character death. 


Bear was perched by her leg, his chin resting on her boot and chocolate, watery eyes wandering from person to person and dog to dog. His tail thumped happily and his tongue lolled from his mouth, getting droplets of saliva on Shaw’s shoe. He hadn’t been in a mood to chase his ball for a little bit, but Shaw could understand that. Like him, her body was slowing down too. But that didn’t stop her from going on missions and shooting bad guys and getting to blow things up. With Bear, it was a little bit of a different story. He couldn’t walk as far and slept for hours on and off during the day. He was getting arthritis in his joints. There were patches of white fur on his chest and snout and around his eyes. Shaw teased him from time to time about having grey hair and he would look at her as if to say you have some too.

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(Part 2) comes back anywhere from a few seconds to an hour later, depending on the situation. Dark, if in his own body, can respawn too, but since Mark is a human flesh boy, if he gets shot or stabbed, Dark is shit outta luck. But maybe like one day, he gets cut and then 2 hours later it's healed and dark had nothing to do with it this time, and as time passes more stuff like this happens. He can cross a room in a matter of seconds, he has developing regeneration. Dark and wilf are more...

A Love Letter To The Stars

Forgive me body.
I am a poet who uses the word ‘love’ to frequently.
I put it in as a synonym for feel and admiration and pain.
I stick it like a post it over my poetry and call myself a hopeless romantic.
Forgive me body I fall too hard.
I launch myself at the ground like it is arms that I can disappear into,
Forgive me body.
For I know the bruises on my knees don’t fade for weeks but I don’t stop falling because I love scars.
I feel scars, I admire them and they bring me pain but I do not love them.
I use 'love’ too often for a girl who is scared of being seen.
I use 'love’ too often instead of just saying what I mean.
So I guess what I mean is that I’m feeling.
I’m feeling the floor hurtling up towards me and I’m admiring the stars from my position on the concrete.
So forgive me body.
I do use 'love’ too often but thats because its keeping me floating.
The word is becoming a life vest that stops me from falling to the floor and I would rather you be scared than broken
So forgive me body.
Forgive me body because I say 'love’ too often but that doesn’t mean I don’t comprehend it.
It doesn’t mean I don’t love
Like I’m falling.

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(Part 3) curious than ever. Mark may have varying opinions on it, but what's really worrying him (and anyone he decides to tell) is whether or not he and Dark are fusing, and if he'll lose his body too. Dark has been taking control more often, but Mark isn't struggling nearly as bad for power like in the beginning of the ordeal.

i can’t decide between quoting lucky i’m in love with my best friend and lucky we’re in love in every way from this song that resonates with this picture, and my feelings, perfectly

seamus and dean you guys

  • Jughead: I want complete freedom
  • Betty: I can give you partial freedom and my puppy eyes look
  • Jughead: Sold

Let me bless your dash really quick with some pictures of one of the most precious people on this earth. The Wang and only (see what i did there ;) ), my King, Jackson Wang. Grab a water bottle and take a seat because you’re going to need to quench that thirst soon. 

Are you ready? Ok, LET’S GO Im not ready myself

Jackson with glasses + suspenders combo OMFG kick me pls

My cute King ♥

Why does he look like Jonghyun from SHINee in this pic below? lol

Look at how smol he is!!!!! Puppy King

Jackson well fed is also my aesthetic

Brown hair + glasses + smile = ♥♥♥♥

Are you still alive? …No? Me neither! :D