and body

Have you guys heard about the newest adventure race craze? It’s called the Tough Mulder. Obstacles include:

  • Running through cornfields shouting “SCULLAAAAAY!” as you try to avoid helicopter searchlights
  • Programming speed dial on a several generations-old cell phone before a soda machine detonates
  • Riding a rising UFO bareback for a minimum of 8 seconds
  • Lying in a coffin for an undetermined amount of time
  • Choosing a terrible tie and tying it properly
  • Following your boo down a massive hole in the forest
  • Building a tower of dead bodies
  • Jumping on to a moving train
  • Impregnating an infertile woman
  • Outrunning a horse
  • Driving a stake through a vampire
  • Finding your sister’s clone
  • Commandeering a Sno-Cat® across the Antarctic
  • …and more!

Credit to race organizers @crossedbeams, @dangerscully, @defnotmeyo, @kateyes224, @damselindistressmya for the above (and way more, but I limited it to just the ones that made me pee myself.)

there are so many different types of girls and so many different types of beautiful.

you have your gamer girls and your makeup-loving girls and your natural girls and your skater girls and your soft girls and your science girls and your silly girls and your pastel girls and your punk girls and your musical girls and your artsy girls and your outdoorsy girls and your indoorsy girls and your tomboyish girls and your girly girls and your smart girls and your athletic girls and your sleepy girls and girls are just so cute there’s so many types of them I love them I love you

there are so many different types of boys and so many different types of handsome.

you have your skater boys and your hipster boys and your punk boys and your athletic boys and your artsy boys and your musical boys and your smart boys and your theatrical boys and your good boys and your bad boys and your feminine boys and your masculine boys and your boys with soft touches and your boys with calloused hands and your boys who love their mommas and your boys who your momma warns you about and there’s just so many types and so many aspects of attractive

whatever type of boy you are, you are attractive in your own way