and body


it’s tay and my body has been described by every somewhat round fruit/veggie in the book, what about you?

♡ what is? ♡

basically a meetup to celebrate a body type that generally goes under appreciated ! to remind people that fat bodies are deserving of love too !

♡ when is? ♡

thursday, july 27th, starting at 12 PM PST and ending at 11:59 PM PST! 

♡ who can participate? ♡

anyone who has been described as plus size/fat/overweight/chubby ! this is to celebrate bodies that are typically shamed ! let your cellulite free babes! 

♡ how do i do? ♡

just simply post your selfies that make you feel happy in the tag #plussizephandommeetup ! make sure to interact with other plus size babes and share the love, because we all deserve it ! 

♡ are there any rules? ♡

keep your posts positive and safe for work ! it’s okay to talk about your journey with self love (obviously) but don’t put down other body types to make yours seem more valid ! no nudity - this meetup is for all ages !! and no body shaming in any way !!!


Explaining some of my favourite books badly

Raven Cycle: A bunch of teenagers repeatedly accidentally stumble upon bizarre magic in rural Virginia.

The Hexslinger Series: A Pinkerton agent meets gay cowboy wizards and it’s all downhill from there.

Watership Down: Bunnies are waaaayyyy more complicated than you think.

Jane Eyre: Strong independent woman routinely gets fucked over by rich people, broody men, and life.

Wuthering Heights: Everyone is horrible.

Frankenstein: What part of this was a good idea?!

Dracula: Vampires are sexy.

Captive Prince: Royal gay smut.

Carry On: Canon drarry fanfiction.

Warm Bodies: Zombie Romeo and Juliet with a surprising amount of philosophy.

The Iliad: Gods play god.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Children kill gods.


The Reality of Body Mass Index

> Body Mass Index does not take into account muscle mass, bone structure, race, nationality, pregnancy, disabilities, amputations, or fitness. As a result, everyone who is not an able-bodied white male of medium build and fitness is more likely to be labeled with an “unhealthy” BMI score.

> The BMI system was not ever meant to be used as a way to categorize individuals; it was designed to observe trends in populations with a specific caution written into its introduction that it should not be used on an individual basis under any circumstances.

> Insurance companies shrank the “healthy” weight category in 1998 in order to accommodate a third category of unhealthy weight, obesity. Overnight, millions of Americans went from being in the ideal BMI range to being considered overweight. This decision made it easier for insurance companies to deny consumers coverage.

> Generally speaking, the statistics indicate that people in the overweight BMI category (NOT the ideal weight BMI category) have the longest lifespan.

> On average, fashion models have a BMI of about 16, which is well into the medically underweight range. We are surrounded all day, every day, by images of people who are very thin and furthermore photoshopped to appear even thinner, which leads most people to perceive those of healthy weight for their height and bone structure as being too large, including ourselves.