and bobby appeared


Donghyuk, Bobby, Seungyoon (WINNER) at MOBB afterparty 

fandom drinking game take a shot every time:

  • a straight male doesn’t understand why we’re upset
  • “this is a PR move”
  • decaheda dot tumblr gets passive aggressive anons
  • clarkesquad dot tumblr gets passive aggressive anons
  • a gif of clarkes bobbies jiggling appears on ur dash
  • someone plugs FTWD
  • discourse
  • someone asks where daddylexas went

disclaimer: don’t do this or you will die

Explained: Dan Nicky your Bobbie s
There’s been discussions, but nothing has been officially said or done. Obviously, the Hawkeye relationship has to come to light at some point because it was such a huge part of Mockingbird. I don’t know if that’s just going to be referenced, or if Jeremy [Renner] is going to come on the show in the future. At some point, it’s definitely going to have to be said.
—  Adrianne Palicki, on the potential of a Mockingbird-Hawkeye relationship in the MCU now that Bobbi has appeared on Agents of Shield.

A Wild Catgirl Appears! is a game about a young, nerdy, closeted lesbian trying to find a place where she belongs. It’s a game in which your character talks about how neat the mechanics are in Life is Strange and Fire Emblem: Awakening. It’s a PC game that’s absolutely enamored with amiibos.

It’s also a bewildering visual novel in which an anime catgirl glomps you and says nyan, then asks you what eggs are. And Bobby and their boyfriend Anthony “exclamationpointman” Field are very excited about finally sharing it with everyone in their first video together