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Could you make a book rec list? I'm so in the mood to read but I don't know what to read and I love your taste in books.

I THOUGHT YOU’D NEVER ASK ANON. literally i am all about the book recs!!!! Disclaimer, disclaimer these are my personal tastes and may not be for everyone yada yada

So I am an equal opportunity reader and read both M/M and M/F (and F/F but im still on the hunt for a book that I really connect with.) The ones I am going to rec (because I really only blog about them, so I’m assuming you are with it are my M/M books. They have sex in them. Warning!) And these are only a very few of them. honestly if you want to be more specific to your tastes, hit me back up (or anyone hit me up– I promise I have a book for you!!)

Also: I’ve read and love the tumblr darlings: Captive Prince, Song of Achilles, The Fox Hole Court, Ari and Dante, and The Raven Boys. I love them all very very much, but everyone on this site has heard about them, I’ll steer clear.

Adult M/M-

Him (and the sequel Us) by Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen (this is the one I recc-ed yesterday!) You can find the post about it right HERE.

This is one of my favorites. It has hockey, dumb college age boys who basically played gay chicken, only freak out when it gets too real and reunite years later when they are both professional players. And on opposite teams too.  

Cut and Run by Abigail Roux (Find Edits HERE and HERE and HERE )

this bad boy i just finished last week. And it was a roller coaster. It’s like a buddy cop movie, but 10X hotter. Zane and Ty are very different cops with very different styles who get paired together to try and stop a serial killer. So So much stuff happens in here, but their banter and them growing together is some good shit.  

Let the Wrong Light In by Avon Gale

OO this one kills me. The protagonist is so fucking snarky and bratty– even as he is an adult male working for an incredibly successful architecture firm. His boss is a world-renown stoic, asshole (or IS HE?). But they have… similar tastes… if ya know what I mean ;) but its discovered on accident and just- their journey is great.

Just a Bit Obsessed by Alessandra Hazzard

Look Christian and Alexander? Gah. So basically Alexander is an uptight, very straight, controlling dude. His girlfriend decides one day that she wants to spice up their relationship by having a threesome. Cue Christian. This is the second in the straight guys series (but you don’t need to read the first as its not the series best and they are all standalone.)

Just a Bit Wrong by Alessandra Hazzard

Honestly you will probably end up reading all of the series, but out of all of them, this is my favorite. Gabriel is a soccer phenom who just got an injury. To the world he’s a golden boy. To everyone who truly knows him, he is a spoiled brat. Then Zach is his new physical therapist who DOES NOT TAKE HIS SHIT. Their relationship evolving is literally one of the best things. and it’s very… hot. k bye!

Out in the Open by AJ Truman

Another couple of college boys in this one! Ethan is a shy, not necessarily boring, but reserved college Sophomore who is interested in the hipster, ultra cool Preston. He gets into a law class and accidentally sits down next to Greg who is the Fraternity golden boy. Greg and Ethan mouth off to each other and then basically mouth on to each other and shenanigans ensue. This one is great because there is a great discussion on college stereotypes and Slut-shaming all throughout the novel. 

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Hi guys!

Some of us here at @somuchkdrama loved the drama exchanges that @jungeums used to run over at @dramaexchange so much that we’ve decided to run our own little mini version of it. 

If you’re not familiar with the concept, basically you get matched up to another Tumblr user, and have to pick a drama for them to watch. You then need to blog about the drama you were recommended by your match. 

We’ll share the commentary on our blog, and it’s a great way to discover new shows, see what other people think about some popular dramas, and generally just meet some cool, like-minded people along the way.

For nitty gritty details, you can check out this page, where you can also find a sign up link - don’t worry, we’ll only ever use your email address to send you details about your match and recommendations.

The round will run through the month of June*, so registration closes on the 28th, GMT. 

*Not March. Oops. Thanks @triangularlily!


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so that timed quest

did i ever show you this edit i made

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This is my first time on your blog buddy and im not criticizing you for a blog but about posting random shit about your life, is there something lacking that creates the need to share pointless events with strangers? Also, blogging publicly opens you up to comments. I commented, from the rest of your blog you don't seem immature unlike that tag. Its pretty on par with "mess with me and my daddy will sue you" "hit me and I'll own your stupid school" What would you actually have done to the school

This seems to be your first time on the Internet. Welcome! The particular website you are on is Tumblr dot com, a “microblogging site”. A blog is a series of separate, updated posts by one individual or organization, typically informal, often written as a kind of journal. Some blogs have particular themes, while others may contain content that is only loosely related. Blogs usually describe the sort of content one can expect from them in an “about” section, with phrases like “This is ultimately a personal blog - I post about my life and things that interest me.” It is reasonable to expect that the owner of that blog will likely post about their life and things that interest them.

If that sort of content alarms or upsets you, do not despair! There are many other types of websites. There are forums on which you can discuss a single subject of interest to you with strangers, sites and apps for browsing beautiful photographs, and wikis that contain publicly-editable encyclopedia entries on a nearly unfathomable breadth of topics. There are even countless websites devoted to hosting pictures, videos, and fiction broadly considered sexually arousing.

With a few exceptions, all of these websites are accessible to you to visit at your leisure. Chances are you’ll find something you like - if you’re having trouble, search engines like will help you find content relevant to your interests by searching for key words or phrases. And if you don’t like the content you find on one site? Leaving is as easy as closing the page. This freedom of passage means that interpersonal interaction is entirely voluntarily, so, if you were so inclined, you could have exclusively constructive or meaningful conversations with people.

If you decide that blogging is something you like and wish to spend more time on Tumblr dot com, you’ll eventually encounter other individuals constructing posts exclusively using words. These are called “text posts”. Even if you follow a blog, you don’t have to read these unless they interest you. If you * do* decide to read them, you should know that humans use certain writing conventions to convey ideas and feelings through typed words. They may employ common devices such as hyperbole, sarcasm, and rhetorical questions to express an emotion or make a point. You can almost always discern whether these things are meant literally using context clues. For example, because time seems to move in a linear fashion, it may be understood that a statement akin to “you wanna fucking go?” in reference to a subject that is not present or in the intended audience of the question, in response to a situation now in the past, is not a literal invitation to a violent physical contest.

Dramatic overstatements and absurdity are used on the Internet for comedic effect. For example, other bloggers might make comments like “call my goldfish cishet and I will literally throw you into the sun”. This is, of course, not meant to be understood literally - humor is derived from the preposterous imagery. If someone were to respond to this statement by unironically and hostilely explaining that goldfish do not have complex theories of gender and the original poster would not have the strength to throw someone forcefully enough to break Earth’s gravitational pull, that would be humorous for a very different reason. Someone would likely make a second response using a photograph of the character Dwight Schrute from the American television series “The Office”. Another example of absurdity-as-comedy you might encounter on Tumblr dot com is someone jokingly taking an insincere and aggressive question at face value and answering with a lengthy, overly-detailed explanation.

Just a reminder that Dan Harmon himself, Co-Creator of Rick and Morty, is, in fact, Autistic and has spoken before about how its influenced his characters, the importance of accurately representing Autism in said characters, and being aware of which of his characters have been “claimed,” so to speak, by the Autistic community and how he consciously makes a concentrated effort to not misrepresent or disappoint us.

Just, you know, for those of you who feel angry or uncomfortable at the thought of your faves (hint: Rick and Morty, but especially Morty) being perceived as Autistic. Just some Food For Thought™. Just—just a Memo Note on your dash. He isn’t Bigfoot, folks, that link is in high quality and Right Up There ↑ . All the proof you need. And I’m just handin’ it out for free. Free of charge, no payment necessary, no shipping and handling fees. Watch it.


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Did you and Rumlow have a sexual relationship?

since brock rumlow is a helicarrier-sized douchecanoe, and there is mercy in the universe, no. we did not.
please. i do have some taste.

The hilarious, big-hearted, observant, down to earth, and adorable duo!

guys…. you do realize the voice actors literally have NO say on what gets written into the show, right?