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omg thANK YOU Q-Q ……. i always feel like ppl who followed me for the llsif are now like, yo where is the llsif GIVE THE LLSIF NOWWW IM HONGRY

and im like cRIE S BUT I WANNA DRAW KLANCE RN .….. //////SHIELD S MYSELF///////

anyway so omg im glad you are digging it tho LOL q-q !!!!

Su critical tag exists separate from the main tag for a reason. People section off their criticisms to sideblogs for a REASON. Yall act like people are going around harassing fans of the show directly for liking it when in reality those who don’t hail it as perfect and flawless are the ones who are constantly being harrassed. If you seriously can’t handle criticism to the point where you go FLYING into a panic attack if you see someone pointing out poor fucking pallette choice or honest to god blatant racism in the show then you shouldn’t be in the tag and you shouldn’t be on people’s su critical blogs sending them whiney anons about how they’re ruining your mental health. *su Stan voice* go outside. Get a life

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can i ask, why do you hate hinata hyuuga?

Hello Anony. Well, first of I totally respect who likes her, I mean everybody has different tastes, but since I don’t like her character, I usually don’t reblog posts related to her. My reasons for not liking her, is basically because I don’t like her personality, since all her motivation and character development is because she likes Naruto. I mean, she could have had a better development, but practically all she says is something about Naruto, and I don’t like these types of characters that depends on something to achieve what they desired (and what she desired was actually Naruto himself). 

For exemple, my favorite female character from Naruto is Tenten. I think she had little character development, and she deserved better, but I really like how she is independent and everything she does and what she wants to achieve is for herself alone. 

Well, maybe my opinion is not very common for the Naruto fandom, since I know that are many people who will say otherwise, but since is a question about my opinion, I am stating it. It really pains me that are people that reblogs a post of a character they don’t like and complains about them in the tags like the last Naruto’s post I did

The New Game.

It would be inspired on the Criminal!Danny post, and slightly similar to the Fluff/Angst war.

I noticed that, as many times in the Phandom, we use to forget the secondary characters, as ghosts as humans.

Well, my idea for this game is to make a list of at least ten (more, less, doesn’t matter) secondary characters and to challenge/invite all the anons to write a fic/one-shot/draw/drabble/etc about them in the DCverse, so to keep the blog’s thematic, like “Point Dexter" by [X-Anon] and then the fic/etc, and this time, instead of just having two styles we could have more (fluff, angst, space, bromance, etc.).

So, what you say, Gaia? Will you give it a shot?

the signs as 2016 kpop releases

aries: fire by bts
taurus: all in by monsta x
gemini: lucky one by exo
cancer: only one by apink
leo: how’s this by hyuna
virgo: hard carry by got7
libra: I am you you are me by zico
scorpio: I like that by sistar
sagittarius: boombayah by blackpink
capricorn: tt by twice
aquarius: why by taeyeon
pisces: navillera by gfriend

did i ever show you this edit i made

2. blow me while you can


                                          JUNGKOOK X READER

                             SYNOPSIS: Sometimes your boyfriend                                                             is annoying when his dick is hard.

RATING: MATURE                                                                 COUNT: 1,725

“Is that a hamster eating a miniature pie?”

It was the start of the weekend and—naturally—you were watching a video about hamsters eating tiny food on tiny furniture in a tiny house made of popsicle sticks. A bowl of popcorn was situated on your boobs and you were lying comfortably on your dorm bed. Or at least you were until Jungkook all but slammed your door open and alerted your entire floor of his presence.

“I don’t tell you how to live your life, Jungkook,” you supplied, turning your head back to the brightly lit laptop screen.

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memories // panic! at the disco

psa: don’t make fun of a person’s art everyone’s still learning and working and improving at their own speed and are so brave for putting their stuff out publicly the fact that people would repost art just to belittle someone on the internet is so fucking cruel and disgusting

I’m going to confess this stupid thing, but it happens to me that from time to time, when a very good blog of this fandom follows me I’m like ’is this true? You are following me? Are you sure this is not a mistake?’ And I always wait for they to stop following me because I can not believe that someone so cool has noticed my existence.

just saw someone telling people to block them and die if they like killing/stalking and their icon was hannibal…do they know? are they aware? that he is y'know, also a serial killer?

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What would all the DAI companions' and advisors' favorite memes be?

mods decided to divide these up into two important categories:


Sera. Sera, Sera, Sera. Can recite the intro to The Bee Movie, will send the entire script via text to anyone who tells her to stop. Rides Wheelies to Hide her Feelies. 

Varric. Master of the copy pasta, can recite most of them by heart, but his favorite is the Navy Seals one.

The Iron Bull. Very skilled at bofa, leaving the Chargers absolutely refusing to clarify anything he says, and tragically trying to stop anyone else from doing the same. 

Leliana. A fan of the classic rickroll, excellent at hiding urls so no one can tell what it is, intersperses the rickrolls with actual informative posts, so no one realizes what is going to happen to them. 

Dorian. Big fan of the nihilistic meme, completely deadpan about them. Also runs a badnecromanytips blog full of dead puns. 

Josephine. Only posts Wholesome Memes about loving her friends and enjoying life. It’s too sweet-hearted and no one can deal with it.

Blackwall. Posts near incomprehensible tragic yet hilarious memes. Sometimes posts farming memes?? Everyone is mildly concerned for him, but as Sera’s bbf (bearded best friend) he is aware of All the memes.

Cole. Really likes Spongebob memes?? He doesn’t really understand the humor, he just thinks they are cute. Sometimes will make those tag yourself memes as different characters representing his friends. He is showing his love for them.

Cassandra. Is delighted by Sword and Shields in-joke memes and posts them thinking no one understands, but Varric knows… he started them.

Vivienne. No one, absolutely no one expects her to have knowledge of memes, until one day Dorian makes a Mistake, and Vivienne replies with, “Blood orange, really? How pretentious. It’s red.” 

non-memers who sera and friends torment:

Cullen. Doesn’t really “get” most memes because the levels of humor go over his head, but features in a lot of Sera’s snapchats with his hair steaming and chopstick stickers everywhere.

Solas. Believes himself to be above memes. Sera interrupts him before every sentence to go, “you, an intellectual”. 


Some of the fair folk from Elsewhere University - Anna Monday, the Foxy Lady, Jimothy, and the Rose Prince! More about each of them on the Elsewhere U blog.

The further down this whole rabbit hole I go, the more I’m realizing that my idea of fairies is much more in line with Lovecraft’s writings, than, say, Tolkein’s.


Love is a many splendored thing, love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love! 

I’m unbelievably happy about this whole episode, but I’m so,so happy for Michelle and Maureen. 

It was so nice to see Michelle coming in terms of enjoying things and being happy. Even if everyone else is doing the same things, even if they don’t *understand* it, even if they do and perceive it in different ways, even if it passes through standardization and seems fake and distant, and for that it’s all confusing and frustrating to her. She has come to terms with enjoyting it all and having her unique experiences, and I’m so happy for that. 

And Maureen. I’m so happy she’s not mad anymore, and she’s valuing herself and her well-being, and being truly satisfied with it all. Despite never really feeling happiness truly before, despite always feeling bothered by other people and their actions towards her, she has come come to terms with everything that happened, forgiven everyone and is truly satisfied. 

And they are so TOGETHER, they did their toasts together,  they helped each other get to this point… and they are SUCH A CUTE COUPLE. They never abandoned their general characteristics, even with the changes, and it’s just so endearing to see them agree and pick on each other. It’s so cool.

 “Ugh, did you just say ‘cool’?”